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Ten Neo-Confederate Myths
March 9, 2013 | vanity

Posted on 03/10/2013 8:19:44 AM PDT by BroJoeK

Ten Neo-Confederate Myths (+one)

  1. "Secession was not all about slavery."

    In fact, a study of the earliest secessionists documents shows, when they bother to give reasons at all, their only major concern was to protect the institution of slavery.
    For example, four seceding states issued "Declarations of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify Secession from the Federal Union".
    These documents use words like "slavery" and "institution" over 100 times, words like "tax" and "tariff" only once (re: a tax on slaves), "usurpation" once (re: slavery in territories), "oppression" once (re: potential future restrictions on slavery).

    So secession wasn't just all about slavery, it was only about slavery.

  2. "Secession had something to do with 'Big Government' in Washington exceeding its Constitutional limits."

    In fact, secessionists biggest real complaint was that Washington was not doing enough to enforce fugitive slave laws in Northern states.
    Mississippi's Declaration is instructive since it begins by explaining why slavery is so important:

    It goes on to complain that the Federal Government is not enforcing its own Fugitive Slave laws, saying that anti-slavery feeling:

    In fact, the Compromise of 1850 shifted responsibility for enforcing Fugitive Slave laws from northern states to the Federal Government, so this complaint amounts to a declaration that Washington is not powerful enough.

  3. "A 'right of secession' is guaranteed by the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution."

    In fact, no where in the Founders' literature is the 10th Amendment referenced as justifying unilateral, unapproved secession "at pleasure".
    Instead, secession (or "disunion") is always seen as a last resort, requiring mutual consent or material usurpations and oppression.
    For example, the Virginia Ratification Statement says:

    James Madison explained it this way:

  4. "In 1860, Abraham Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery in the South."

    In fact, the 1860 Republican platform only called for restricting slavery from territories where it did not already exist.
    And Lincoln repeatedly said he would not threaten slavery in states where it was already legal.

  5. "Abraham Lincoln refused to allow slave-states to leave the Union in peace."

    In fact, neither out-going President Buchanan nor incoming President Lincoln did anything to stop secessionists from declaring independence and forming a new Confederacy.
    And Buchanan did nothing to stop secessionists from unlawfully seizing Federal properties or threatening and shooting at Federal officials.
    Nor did Lincoln, until after the Confederacy started war at Fort Sumter (April 12, 1861) and then formally declared war on the United States, May 6, 1861.

  6. "Lincoln started war by invading the South."

    In fact, no Confederate soldier was killed by any Union force, and no Confederate state was "invaded" by any Union army until after secessionists started war at Fort Sumter and formally declared war on May 6, 1861.
    The first Confederate soldier was not killed directly in battle until June 10, 1861.

  7. "The Confederacy did not threaten or attack the Union --
    the South just wanted to be left alone."

    In fact, from Day One, Confederacy was an assault on the United States, and did many things to provoke and start, then formally declared war on the United States.

    From Day One secessionists began to unlawfully seize dozens of Federal properties (i.e., forts, armories, ships, arsenals, mints, etc.), often even before they formally declared secession.
    At the same time, they illegally threatened, imprisoned and fired on Federal officials -- for example, the ship Star of the West attempting to resupply Fort Sumter in January 1861 -- then launched a major assault to force Sumter's surrender, while offering military support for secessionist forces in a Union state (Missouri) .
    And all of that was before formally declaring war on the United States.

    After declaring war, the Confederacy sent forces into every Union state near the Confederacy, and some well beyond.
    Invaded Union states & territories included:

    In addition, small Confederate forces operated in California, Colorado and even briefly invaded Vermont from Canada.
    You could also add an invasion of Illinois planned by Confederate President Davis in January 1862, but made impossible by US Grant's victories at Forts Henry and Donaldson.

    In every state or territory outside the Confederacy proper, Confederate forces both "lived off the land" and attempted to "requisition" supplies to support Confederate forces at home.

    Secessionists also assaulted the United states by claiming possession of several Union states and territories which had never, or could never, in any form vote to seceed.
    So bottom line: the Confederacy threatened every Union state and territory it could reach.

  8. "The Union murdered, raped and pillaged civilians throughout the South."

    In fact, there are remarkably few records of civilians murdered or raped by either side, certainly as compared to other wars in history.
    But "pillaging" is a different subject, and both sides did it -- at least to some degree.
    The Union army was generally self-sufficient, well supplied from its own rail-heads, and seldom in need to "live off the land."
    In four years of war, the best known exceptions are Grant at Vicksburg and Sherman's "march to the sea".
    In both cases, their actions were crucial to victory.

    By contrast, Confederate armies were forced to "live off the land" both at home and abroad.
    Yes, inside the Confederacy itself, armies "paid" for their "requisitions" with nearly worthless money, but once they marched into Union states and territories, their money was absolutely worthless, and so regardless of what they called it, their "requisitions" were no better than pillaging.
    Perhaps the most famous example of Confederate pillaging, it's often said, cost RE Lee victory at the Battle of Gettysburg: while Lee's "eyes and ears" -- J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry -- was out pillaging desperately needed supplies in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Lee was partially blind to Union movements and strengths.

  9. "There was no treason in anything the south did."

    In fact, only one crime is defined in the US Constitution, and that is "treason".
    The Constitution's definition of "treason" could not be simpler and clearer:

    The Constitution also provides for Federal actions against "rebellion", "insurrection", "domestic violence", "invasion" declared war and treason.
    So Pro-Confederate arguments that "there was no treason" depend first of all on the legality of secession.
    If their secession was lawful, then there was no "treason", except of course among those citizens of Union states (i.e., Maryland, Kentucky & Missouri) which "adhered to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort".
    But the bottom line is this: in previous cases -- i.e., the Whiskey Rebellion -- once rebellion was defeated, rebels were all released or pardoned by the President of the United States.
    And that pattern, first established by President Washington, was followed under Presidents Lincoln and Johnson.

  10. "If you oppose slave-holders' secession declarations in 1860, then you're just another statist liberal."

    In fact, lawful secession by mutual consent could be 100% constitutional, if representatives submitted and passed such a bill in Congress, signed by the President.
    Alternatively, states could bring suit in the United States Supreme Court for a material breach of contract and have the Federal government declared an "oppressive" or "usurping" power justifying secession.

    But Deep-South slave-holders' unilateral, unapproved declarations of secession, without any material breach of contract issues, followed by insurrection and a declaration of war on the United States -- these our Founders clearly understood were acts of rebellion and treason -- which the Constitution was designed to defeat.

    That leads to the larger question of whether our Pro-Confederates actually respect the Constitution as it was intended or, do they really wish for a return to those far looser, less binding -- you might even say, 1960s style "free love" marriage contract -- for which their union was named: the Articles of Confederation?

    But consider: the Confederacy's constitution was basically a carbon copy of the US Constitution, emphasizing rights of holders of human "property".
    So there's no evidence that Confederate leaders were in any way more tolerant -- or "free love" advocates -- regarding secession from the Confederacy than any Union loyalist.

    Then what, precisely, does the allegation of "statism" mean?
    The truth is, in this context, it's simply one more spurious insult, and means nothing more than, "I don't like you because you won't agree with me."
    Poor baby... ;-)

Plus, one "bonus" myth:

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To: Dysart

Oh goodie... we haven’t had a good ole’ North vs South fight.. uh, discussion for a while now. Making a fresh pot of coffee!

21 posted on 03/10/2013 8:53:01 AM PDT by momtothree
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To: ClearCase_guy

I think the bigger hit came in the progressive era of the 1910’s when senator selection was modified (yes by amendment but it lessened state power) and the tax amendment which reached into the states to the individual as well (I think prior the feds had to rely on the states largesse more). The final straw came with the interstate commerce case in the 1930s when the supremes overstepped in order to placate FDR.

22 posted on 03/10/2013 8:53:02 AM PDT by reed13k (For evil to triumph it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.)
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To: BroJoeK



It is silly to refight a bloody war when we are facing the biggest threat to the survival of the nation. Obozo and his band of Marxists are that threat.

One of my ancestors was born in TX during the Republic. Others came to Texas because they were burned out of AL during Reconstruction for resisting abuse of Federal occupation. They voted with their feet and went GTT (Gone to Texas).

Sam Houston refused to take Texas out of the Union during the Civil War and was reidiculed for doing so.

But if you think that blink obediance to the current Rogue Federal Government is the solution, YOU ARE WRONG.

Do you own guns? We do. And they have a purpose higher than for hunting.

23 posted on 03/10/2013 8:53:54 AM PDT by Texas Fossil
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To: WXRGina

Instead of being obsessed with their past, those of African roots should be pouring their time and money into spreading the Gospel in Africa.

24 posted on 03/10/2013 8:54:19 AM PDT by Ecliptic (.)
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To: WXRGina

That is the ironic truth. Many African-Americans are shunning Northern urban areas and there has been a well documented “reverse migration” return to the South. Also wasn’t too long ago that Northern blacks referred to the South as “back home.” Politically correct tales serve agendas, but rarely correlate with reality.

25 posted on 03/10/2013 8:55:00 AM PDT by allendale
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To: Ecliptic

Yes, that would be excellent.

26 posted on 03/10/2013 8:55:38 AM PDT by WXRGina (The Founding Fathers would be shooting by now.)
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To: Ditto

Placement and cost of the national capitol. The national debt and its ‘fair share’. Among other things. Politics didn’t just start today.

27 posted on 03/10/2013 8:55:41 AM PDT by MestaMachine (Sometimes the smartest man in the room is standing in the midst of imbeciles.)
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To: BroJoeK

Yankee defenders here used to be so much smarter. I’ve tangled with the best ones and this post is amateur.

28 posted on 03/10/2013 8:56:10 AM PDT by stainlessbanner
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To: allendale

I’ve long heard from people who have lived around the U.S. that blacks are treated much better in the South than in the North and other “non-South” states. Hmmmmm...

29 posted on 03/10/2013 8:57:23 AM PDT by WXRGina (The Founding Fathers would be shooting by now.)
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To: BroJoeK

In this “list”, I don’t see where the UNFAIR TARIFFS or the opening of the flood gates to immigrants in the 1830’s were mentioned.

Oh, they were DISCONNECTED from the issue, right?

I think not. Northern industries found out that immigrants were cheaper than slaves, so they opened up the flood gates and let bunches in. You could pay them pennies a day and let THEM feed themselves, cloth themselves, house themselves, etc.etc.

But only after they loaded your “16 Tons.”

30 posted on 03/10/2013 9:01:11 AM PDT by ConradofMontferrat (According to mudslymz, my handle is a HATE CRIME. And I HOPE they don't like it.)
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To: BroJoeK
In fact, neither out-going President Buchanan nor incoming President Lincoln did anything to stop secessionists from declaring independence and forming a new Confederacy. And Buchanan did nothing to stop secessionists from unlawfully seizing Federal properties or threatening and shooting at Federal officials. Nor did Lincoln, until after the Confederacy started war at Fort Sumter (April 12, 1861) and then formally declared war on the United States, May 6, 1861.

Moronic on its face. How does the Union "do nothing to stop independence" and yet still lay claim to military forts in South Carolina, and defend them with soldiers, months after South Carolina declared independence? This alone shows the list to be farcical at best.

31 posted on 03/10/2013 9:02:13 AM PDT by Teacher317 ('Tis time to fear when tyrants seem to kiss.)
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To: Dysart

That is funny as hell. Well Played!

32 posted on 03/10/2013 9:02:42 AM PDT by sean327 (God created all men equal, then some become Marines!)
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To: stainlessbanner

I guess for the sake of discussion, maybe it would be better to point out precisely where the OP is wrong. What did he say that is a blatant falsehood?

33 posted on 03/10/2013 9:02:49 AM PDT by VanDeKoik
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To: BroJoeK

We are all slaves of the federal apparatus now
Honest Apes legacy is all around us
Cant wait to see it come crashing down
The 2nd American Republic will not allow universal suffrage and exclude territories occupied by marxists and large cities comprised of parasites

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To: BroJoeK

Well, let’s not get wrapped up in a blanket of Yankee self-righteousness. We should remember that slavery existed in the North as well as in the South, and that there was still a small number of slaves in New Jersey as late as 1860.

You have to wonder why Yankees hold the South in such comtempt, yet continue to flood down here like locusts, bringing their destructive liberal ways with them and stripping the stores and delis of pastrami.

Oh, well. Southerners will do what we always do when confronted with Yankees who think they know it all. We’ll laugh at you and make fun of you behind your backs.

35 posted on 03/10/2013 9:05:12 AM PDT by CatherineofAragon (Support Christian white males---the architects of the jewel known as Western Civilization)
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To: Texas Fossil

I agree

when the civil war(war between the states, war of northern aggression,etc) was going on, my forebears were either bending spaghetti or boiling I had no horse in that race.

suffice it to say(very simply) ....Slavery Bad....States Rights Good.

I vacillate between whether or not the 1861-1865 debacle was necessary or not. But I know one thing. the current regime is a threat to the Constitution and America.... and it most be blocked or stopped or overcome in whatever way necessary. those who can not see that at this time are either blind, stupid, or brainwashed.

hopefully we can do this by blocking the POS in the whitehouse at every turn, and not resort to a less peaceful method.

36 posted on 03/10/2013 9:05:16 AM PDT by Vaquero (Don't pick a fight with an old guy. If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you.)
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To: momtothree

Indeed. A good CW debate is a delightful way to start any lazy Sunday.

37 posted on 03/10/2013 9:05:19 AM PDT by Dysart
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To: humblegunner

Yours is the simplest and best reply of all.

Deo Vindice!

38 posted on 03/10/2013 9:07:55 AM PDT by Road Glide
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To: BroJoeK

I don’t agree with the conclusions of the author in 5,6 or 7. I believe the others are correct for the most part.

39 posted on 03/10/2013 9:08:35 AM PDT by dinoparty
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To: BroJoeK

Written by a yankee liberal. Full of more poop than a christmas goose.

Since yankee liberals HATE the South so much, then why not just go ahead a not oppose secession?

40 posted on 03/10/2013 9:09:48 AM PDT by CodeToad (Liberals are bloodsucking ticks. We need to light the matchstick to burn them off.)
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