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Priority 1: Remove Specter from the Judciary (Day 2)
11-4-04 | Always Right

Posted on 11/04/2004 5:54:36 AM PST by Always Right

In Day One we established the need to remove Specter from the Judiciary. To sum it up:

1. Specter is in line to become Chairman of the Judiciary.
2. Specter yesterday showed he expects to obstruct Bush in nominating conservative judges.
3. Specter’s vision of a ‘balance court’ is the exact same rhetoric of Senator Kerry.
4. Specter will do whatever it takes to see the courts do not become conservative. Read his books.
5. Specter is a huge proponent of Rov v. Wade.
6. Specter was not elected President, but has threatened the President should he nominate conservative judges.
7. As Chairman, Specter has the power to kill Bush’s judicial nominations.

Now in Day 2, we must take action. Today’s goal is to create some BUZZ. We need to contact the conservative media, like Rush and Hannity and other radio talk shows. Contact FoxNews, Brit Hume, Tony Snow. Here’s an example:

Senator Specter’s remarks yesterday concerning Bush’s judicial appointments were disturbing. If nothing is done, Senator Specter is in line to be Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. We need a Chairman who supports our President and his judicial nominations in that position, not someone who is on record as wanting to obstruct the President’s judical appointments. This is a very critical position, and allowing Specter to become chairman would be no different than appointing Senator Kennedy. Specter’s vision of the court is 180 degrees off of President Bush’s. President Bush will have a difficult time enough getting appointments through, but it would be an insult if the biggest obstruction is getting past one liberal GOP Senator, especially one who Bush helped.

Also, provide them with links to yesterdays’s story, Specter warns Bush on high court nominations or the same story posted here on FreeRepublic, Specter warns Bush on high court nominations

We must not allow this back-stabbing liberal to veto President Bush’s victory.

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To: Joe Brower


251 posted on 11/04/2004 1:57:47 PM PST by glock rocks (FoxNews... you drank the kool-aid when it really counted. Balanced? Nope. Shame. Shame on you.)
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To: snopercod
Ping for phone number bookmark.

Call Frist's office right now. Nashville office of Senator Frist 615-352-9411 Washington Office is a voice mail 1-202-224-3344 (fax in WA. is 202-228-1264)
252 posted on 11/04/2004 2:12:58 PM PST by redgolum (Molon labe)
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To: snooker
If the MSM can plant the story, foster the lie that the conservatives are trying to get the people to do something the public is not prepared for, they got us -- again.

So, maybe the thing to do is work on this thing "behind the scenes" as in "WRITE YOUR SENATOR, FRIST, ETC" but don't make a big public display about it.

If, due to circumstances unknown to the public, Specter decides to "pursue other interests" the MSM will only have a conspiracy theory -at best- to pursue.

Personally, I think that any senator coming out and stating that he will personally ensure that his party is unsuccessful on *any* endeavor, is due for a whoopin by the leadership. Whether it be RVW or drilling in ANWR, it is not proper for a member of a party to say they will personally disrupt the party's objectives.
253 posted on 11/04/2004 2:34:35 PM PST by Paloma_55
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To: smokeyb
I am not blaming You there in the state.........I'm blaming the state. Too many liberal sellouts, Rhinos, idiots or what have you. You have to face it, your state chose Kerry.
Fraudulently or non fraudulently it chose Kerry. A fitting response would be to sack Spector. That's all I'm saying.
I know how you feel though. We in SD have had to endure the fact that our state kept electing Daschle.
254 posted on 11/04/2004 2:37:57 PM PST by SolomoninSouthDakota (Daschle is gone.)
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To: Always Right
SPECTER COMMENTS ON THE JUDICIAL CONFIRMATION PROCESS Washington, D.C. - Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) made the following comments today on the judicial confirmation process. “Contrary to press accounts, I did not warn the President about anything and was very respectful of his Constitutional authority on the appointment of federal judges. “As the record shows, I have supported every one of President Bush’s nominees in the Judiciary Committee and on the Senate floor. I have never and would never apply any litmus test on the abortion issue and, as the record shows, I have voted to confirm Chief Justice Rehnquist, Justice O’Connor, and Justice Kennedy and led the fight to confirm Justice Thomas. “I have already sponsored a protocol calling for a Judiciary Committee hearing within thirty days of a nomination, a vote out of Committee thirty days later, and floor action thirty days after that. I am committed to such prompt action by the Committee on all of President Bush’s nominees. “In light of the repeated filibusters by the Democrats in the last Senate session, I am concerned about a potential repetition of such filibusters. I expect to work well with President Bush in the judicial confirmation process in the years ahead.” In other words if The DEMOCRATS dont like the JUDGE then "Chairman" Specter will block the nomination in order to avoid the "filibuster"... I say filibuster for the next four years if thats what it takes to get a vote on President Bush's nominations ..
255 posted on 11/04/2004 3:11:34 PM PST by davidosborne (
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To: Always Right
Another article about Specter's possible appointment to Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and why that would be a bad thing. This one is from 26 December 2003 and it was in the Washington Times:

Conservatives work to deflect Specter

By Charles Hurt

Sen. Arlen Specter's prospects of becoming chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee if he wins a fourth Senate term in Pennsylvania is making him a target of some conservatives.

"You put a person like that in charge of the Judiciary Committee, and we won't see many of President Bush's nominees get through," says Connie Mackey of the Family Research Council. "With regard to social issues, he is a poster child of NARAL and NOW."

NARAL Pro-Choice America, formerly the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, and the National Organization for Women are two leading abortion-rights groups and vigorously lobby the Judiciary Committee to defeat conservative judicial nominees.

Because of Republican-imposed term limits on chairmanships, Sen. Orrin G. Hatch of Utah is expected to relinquish his committee position after the 2004 elections. Based on seniority, Mr. Specter is the next Republican in line. He will inherit a deeply divided committee, which is the venue of some of the Senate's most bitter, partisan fights over issues such as abortion and homosexual "marriage."

Mr. Specter, who favors abortion rights, publicly has expressed reservations about several of Mr. Bush's judicial nominees and, according to some Republicans, has worked behind the scenes to block others. And some Republicans never have forgiven Mr. Specter for his opposition to President Reagan's nomination of Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court.

"It will be just awful," says one Republican member of the Judiciary Committee. "Arlen will go off with [Democrats´] agenda more often than he'll go with ours. Many of President Bush's nominees just won't get through."

It's an issue that Mr. Specter's Republican primary opponent, Rep. Patrick J. Toomey, has seized on to raise money outside of Pennsylvania.

"Republicans recognize that Arlen Specter has spent his career obstructing everything Republicans stand for," Mr. Toomey said last week on his way to a fund-raiser in New York City. "But the most palpable fear among Republicans is what would happen if Arlen Specter is re-elected and becomes the next chairman of the Judiciary Committee. It's a frightening prospect."

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, a Democrat on the Judiciary Committee from New York, last summer suggested that Mr. Bush break the impasse over his judicial nominations by nominating Mr. Specter to the federal courts. Mr. Specter, he said, would get unanimous support from Democrats.

Ralph G. Neas, president of the liberal People for the American Way, says Mr. Specter once was known as an "independent Republican," but in recent years has become "an increasingly reliable vote for Republicans." Asked whether his group would support a Specter nomination, Mr. Neas paused, and declined to say.

"Senator Specter is not here to be a rubber stamp," Specter spokesman Bill Reynolds says. "He's going to look at the record of each nominee."

But he noted that Mr. Specter has not cast a vote against a single Bush nominee.

"There's a lot of rhetoric out there," Mr. Reynolds says. "But just look at what President Bush has to say about Senator Specter."

Mr. Bush, who has named Mr. Specter as one of the state chairmen for his re-election campaign, said recently: "I look forward to working with him as the chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the United States Senate to make sure my judges get through and appointed."

Republican strategists say Mr. Bush doesn't want to upset what in the past has been a comfortable Republican seat. In 1998, Mr. Specter won re-election with 61 percent of the vote — much of that support coming from Democrats and independents supportive of abortion rights. Pennsylvania casts 21 votes in the Electoral College, and only four states have greater weight there.

Some Republican strategists say a liberal Republican such as Mr. Specter, who appeals to Democrats and others, can attract independents and Democrats to the Republican ticket, while a conservative Republican such as Mr. Toomey cannot.

256 posted on 11/04/2004 3:15:44 PM PST by Spiff (Don't believe everything you think.)
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To: Paloma_55
So, maybe the thing to do is work on this thing "behind the scenes" as in "WRITE YOUR SENATOR, FRIST, ETC" but don't make a big public display about it.

Organizing activism on a conservative internet forum is not "making a big public display about it."

257 posted on 11/04/2004 3:16:56 PM PST by Spiff (Don't believe everything you think.)
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To: Spiff

Does anyone have a transcript of Specter's victory speech after he was announced the winner?

I'd like to have a copy of it. Also, we need to get a copy of it to Frist and ask him if this is the kind of guy you want in the number two position in the Senate. There is no doubt that we will be naming some SC justices in this term and we want the BEST man possible in the catbird's seat. This is too important of a position to fill based on some archaic unwritten customs.

258 posted on 11/04/2004 3:35:23 PM PST by IrishBrewer
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To: Spiff
Another Article - this one again from The Washington Times and it is dated 18 November 2003:

The Specter problem

By Timothy P. Carney

The 30-hour marathon in the Senate last week did not get a single judge confirmed or even sway one Democrat to drop his filibuster vote against a Bush nominee. Republican Senate staffers will admit privately that the debate, while incapable of moving the hardened hearts of Senate Democrats, is aimed at swaying voters.

Specifically, the Republican Party hopes the spectacle will make the conservative base realize that judges are important, and President Bush's nominees cannot get fair treatment in the Senate as long as there are 48 Democrats (plus liberal independent Jim Jeffords there).

The task force managing the debate includes freshman Republican Sens. Jim Talent of Missouri, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia and Norm Coleman of Minnesota. Exit polling in all three states last year showed that these men, all anti-abortion, won on the strength of voters who identified abortion as their most important issue.

The judge debate is now, and has been for the past 30 years, about Roe vs. Wade. Democrats are not allowed to run for president, unless they worship at the altar of NARAL — see flips by Joe Lieberman, Dick Gephardt and Dennis Kucinich for cases in point.

The show on the Senate floor was about both parties sending a message back home to their bases: For our side to win on abortion, it is critical you elect more of us to the Senate.

This brings us to a fact troubling for pro-lifers: Expanding the Republican majority in the Senate and re-electing Mr. Bush still leaves the confirmation process in the hands of the pro-Roe forces — specifically, in the hands of Arlen Specter.

Mr. Specter is in line to chair the Judiciary Committee after the 2004 elections. The current chairman, Sen. Orrin Hatch, Utah Republican, must surrender the gavel because of GOP term-limits on committee heads. Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, is second in seniority on the panel, but he runs the Finance Committee, and his staff has said he will not give up that panel for the Judiciary chairmanship.

Next in line is Arlen Specter. Mr. Specter is well-known in Washington as a liberal Republican with a long record of derailing tax cuts, shilling for Big Labor and acquitting President Bill Clinton (citing ancient Scottish Common Law principles). To be sure, his record has improved this year in the light of a primary challenge from the right.

With the manifest importance of judges and Roe, Mr. Specter's record on that issue deserves examination. Mr. Specter this year, as he has in the past, voted for a resolution by Sen. Tom Harkin, Iowa Democrat, declaring that Roe vs. Wade was correctly decided and "should not be overturned."

Even pro-abortion legal scholars agree that Roe was jurisprudentially unsound. Yet, Mr. Specter repeatedly goes on record supporting it. If a Supreme Court vacancy occurred, the White House would have a hard time confidently putting up any judge who disagreed with Mr. Specter — meaning we would get another Justice Souter.

There should be no doubt about Mr. Specter's willingness to derail conservative Supreme Court nominees. "To Bork" is now a verb in Washington thanks, in part, to Mr. Specter, who played a central role in sinking Robert Bork's nomination. The Senator from Scotland, as Hill staffers refer to him, explained in his memoirs that "Bork's narrow approach is dangerous for constitutional government." Mr. Bork, he argued, failed to grasp that the Constitution is "a living, growing document, responsive to the needs of the nation."

In other words, Mr. Bork's sin was that he believed in strict interpretation of the Constitution.

But there are at least four ways to keep the Judiciary gavel out of Mr. Specter's hands. The first is for Pennsylvania's Republican voters to discard Mr. Specter for conservative Rep. Pat Toomey in the April 27 Senate primary.

Many Republicans object that Mr. Toomey, unlike Mr. Specter, would be vulnerable in November, running the risk of giving a seat to the Democrats. Such "lesser-of-two-evils" calculus (arguing that Mr. Specter is better than a Democrat) may have time and a place, but it's not here.

With four and maybe five Democratic senators in the South retiring, Republican control of the upper chamber is nearly guaranteed next year. Even if Mr. Toomey were a guaranteed loser in a general election, the pro-life cause would benefit from a Specter loss.

If the choice is between 52 GOP senators with a Judiciary Chairman Specter as opposed to 51 Republicans and Chairman Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican, the decision to get rid of Mr. Specter should be a no-brainer for pro-life voters.

But even if Mr. Specter is re-elected, there are ways to block his ascension to Judiciary Chairman.

Mr. Grassley could sacrifice his control over Finance and run Judiciary instead.

The Senate GOP leadership could buy off Mr. Specter, giving him other committee chairmanships, his choice of office, or undivided support in April, as long as he passes up the Judiciary gavel.

Also, the GOP conference could buck custom and tradition, ignore seniority, and skip Mr. Specter for Mr. Kyl.

Finally, given that Mr. Hatch has been unable to do his work thanks to unprecedented filibusters, waive his term limits.

None of these measures would be easy. Any would take courage by the Senate GOP leadership. But Roe vs. Wade is not simply a matter of constitutional integrity. It is, very literally, a matter of life and death. Such a matter cannot be left in Arlen Specter's hands.

Timothy P. Carney is a reporter for the Evans-Novak Political Report.

259 posted on 11/04/2004 3:41:08 PM PST by Spiff (Don't believe everything you think.)
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To: SolomoninSouthDakota
I am not blaming You there in the state.........I'm blaming the state. Too many liberal sellouts, Rhinos, idiots or what have you. You have to face it, your state chose Kerry. Fraudulently or non fraudulently it chose Kerry. A fitting response would be to sack Spector. That's all I'm saying. I know how you feel though. We in SD have had to endure the fact that our state kept electing Daschle.

Believe me the conservatives here in PA tried to do away with Specter and we nearly did it. Pat Toomey almost won the primary with very little money and without the support of Bush and Santorum. Bush and Santorum were able to get enough Republicans to hold their noses and vote for Toomey. They weren't willing to take the risk of loosing another Senate seat and to a degree you could hardly blame them given that few thought that we would actually gain five seats. Some Republicans, including myself were willing to take that risk to get rid of Specter.

With the benefit of hindsight, I think that if you asked most conservative Republicans in PA, I think you would find that many of those who voted for Specter rather than Toomey would like to take their vote back and risk that Toomey might not beat Hoffel.

As it is, we have a greater majority in the Senate but we have to decide whether we can risk having a self described moderate and proponent of Roe v. Wade as the head of the judiciary committee. Personally, I think this needs to be avoided at all costs.

260 posted on 11/04/2004 4:23:44 PM PST by IrishBrewer
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To: Spiff

Hi all,

A little late to the conversation but here none-the-less.

The best chance we have is to implore and politely ask Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa to step down from Finance Chairman and take up the Chairmanship of the Judiiary Committee.

Two pluses.

1) He is already Chairman of Finance, so his chairmanship is also limited there, he would still be a member.

2) The Judiciary Chairmanship would guarnatee him at least two terms as Chairman vs. his limited time as Finance Chairman.

This is our best chance, I believe.

Instead of asking to demote or punish Spectar, reward Grassley, and Specter is not even an issue.

Now, Obviously, the leadership is well aware of this, (hopefully) and most likely is talking with Grassley regarding this.

This is where we come in.

I feel you all have been directing your ideas at a somewhat blocked wall, and should be using Honey on bees instead.

Write Grassley, and Frist, and other members on the Judiciary Committee with an (R) next to their name, even Specter.

Ask Specter to publically recognize Grassley as the next in line, not him.

Ask Grassley to figure which is more important at this time in our Country, finance or Judicial Activism, and the likelihood of SCOTUS Nominations, as well as filling the current 30 vacancies.

Grassley would still retain his seat on Finance, and someone else can chair that one.

Folks, we still will need Specter's votes on other issues, and that loses one vote on the fillibuster issue unless rules are changed.

Grassley is key to this, since he is next in line. We have 2.5 Months to effect this, and I feel this is our best chance.

Grassley for Chairman on Judiciary, Since Specter is Chairman of UNITED STATES SENATE COMMITTEE ON VETERANS' AFFAIRS, write Specter and state how well you respect his work on that committee.

This is the only way I see that will be a win-win.

Let's talk about this direction, shall we, insetad of trying to dump a Republican Senator we surely will still need for Votes on the floor adn in the committee.

Folks 55 is not far from 60, but why make it 54, that would not be very good common sense.

My suggestion, Notch it down a bit, and look at what I am suggesting.


So Questions...

1) How long has Grassley been Chairman of Finance?
2) how long has Specter been Chairman of Veteran's Affairs?

If Grassley has to give up Finance, Specter has to give up Veterans Affairs, that is the in here. We need him to continue to work for our Heroes who need his help more than ever, and he is the chairman that can lead that fight.

Flame me all you want, but my logic is there, and we have 2.5 months to enact my little brainstorm...

I see no issue more important over the next two years than this.


261 posted on 11/04/2004 4:40:53 PM PST by Sonar5 ("Global Test" - 2004 = "I'm an Internationalist" - 1970)
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To: Always Right

Sent emails out earlier about this

Thanks for the ping

262 posted on 11/04/2004 4:47:59 PM PST by Mo1 (one country, one Constitution, and one future that binds us)
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To: Sonar5

Think of it this way. If Specter decides to revolt against the Republican party because he did not get the chairperson position he was expecting we will be more than glad that we didn't put that sort of person at the head of the judiciary committee. This position is too important to put someone who is not typically in line with the rest of the Republican party.

263 posted on 11/04/2004 5:30:10 PM PST by IrishBrewer
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To: SolomoninSouthDakota
Too many liberal sellouts, Rhinos, idiots or what have you. You have to face it, your state chose Kerry.

And our problem was that two of those sellouts were Bush and mostly Santorum.

And congrats on finally dumping Daschle !!!!!

264 posted on 11/04/2004 6:09:39 PM PST by smokeyb
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To: SolomoninSouthDakota
We Pennsylvanians would like to offer Philadelphia to any other state that would like it. We will pay shipping costs.

We did elect Santorum, so give us a little credit please?

Sphincter, I mean Specter, is a bastard liberal in sheep's clothing, and I will do all I can to keep him out of the judiciary chair, but really, because he is one of my two Senators, and the other one is likely to be afraid of appearing to be a back stabber, it is up to people from other states to influence their Republican Senators.

265 posted on 11/04/2004 7:22:36 PM PST by Born to Conserve
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To: Always Right
Reduce the GOP Senate majority: Barring any unexpected, last-minute developments, the GOP will have a 55-44-1 majority in Congress' upper chamber. After President Bush and Vice President Cheney helped Pennsylvania's senior Senator Arlen Specter fend off a strong primary challenge from conservative Pat Toomey, Specter has decided to bite the hand that feeds him.

Specter, as presumptive chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, suggested that he would block any Bush nominee to the Supreme Court who opposed abortion rights. Reiterating his position that a woman's right to choose is "inviolate," he said overturning Roe v. Wade today would be akin to trying to reverse Brown v. Board of Education, the court's 1954 landmark desegregation decision.

Barring unforeseen GOP objections, Specter, 74, should assume the committee chairmanship in January. He also sent an unsubtle message to the White House that he expects nominees for the federal bench to be of the highest caliber, and took a critical swipe at the stature of the current court. [emphasis added]

Well, I think that the GOP should object. Specter can switch parties if he pleases -- we don't need him. Republicans can't accept a Pat Leahy-type obstructionist on the judiciary committee.

GOP chairman Bill Frist can be contacted at (202) 224-3344 or Let him know how you feel about Sen. Specter.

Frist fax:
202 228-1264 (DC FAX)
615 352-9985 (NASHVILLE)
202-224-3344 (DC OFFICE)

We can't let Spector get away with this. Please call and/or write Senator Frist. If we should contact someone else as well, please post that information, thank you!

See also:

266 posted on 11/04/2004 9:23:28 PM PST by Agitate (
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To: Genoa

How do we know they read them ?

267 posted on 11/04/2004 10:57:49 PM PST by Orlando (, (Support Fathers/Veteran Rights)
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To: Orlando

Call these numbers:

Frist's DC Number: 202-224-3135
Santorum's DC Number:202-224-6324

268 posted on 11/04/2004 11:54:30 PM PST by GeneralHavoc (Want to Help Pat Toomey? Join Toomey Meetup!:
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To: jriemer
How much does seniority play into who gets what in the Senate? Senate seniority is #1. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

Not always. If it was Bill Frist would not majority leader.

The President and karl Rove stepped all over a fine long term man who was next in line behind Trent Lott.

Don Nichols of Oklahoma.

He was seen as too firm for the Democrats and so the administration ignored his senority, his experience and his hard work as majority whip and pushed for the more moderate new man Bill Frist.

It cost us one of the best and sharpest conservative leaders in the Senate.

He retired when his term was up. I don't blame him.

269 posted on 11/05/2004 12:01:54 AM PST by mississippi red-neck (John Kerry is Catholic. John Kerry supports Abortion and Gay Marriage. Flip flop,flip flop.)
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To: Republican Red
According to Rush, Specter is transcribing his audio tape of the actual interview. It seems that the AP put words in his mouth that he didn't say. Imagine that, the AP may have lied.

Audio? What I seen it was on TV and he was standing out side of a building, a conference.

I saw part of what he said.

This is not word for word, he said the president had "better not send" anyone up for confirmation whose views might interfere with "a womans reproductive rights or her right to choose".

The words in quotations are almost word for word especially the "better not" part which shocked me and made me stop as I was walking through the room where the TV was.

270 posted on 11/05/2004 12:31:40 AM PST by mississippi red-neck (John Kerry is Catholic. John Kerry supports Abortion and Gay Marriage. Flip flop,flip flop.)
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To: Always Right

Here's some news.

Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) legacy may be chair of Judiciary Committee
Various in Iowa. Petitions under way.

Chuck Grassley On the Issues

271 posted on 11/05/2004 1:58:35 AM PST by familyop (Essayons)
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To: Always Right; editor-surveyor; Agnes Heep; agrace; Aliska; amdgmary; A-plus; atruelady; attagirl; ..
{name here}, PLEASE SAY NO to "Scottish Law" Specter for Judiciary Chairman. LOUDLY please. We NEED U.S. of A. Constitutional judges. NOTHING else will do.

I think{?} Specter may be setting up a "straw man" arguement with his "no anti-abortion judges" statement in order to intimidate those who would keep his "Scottish Law" ass out of that seat. Peace and love, George.

Guys,Above is an e-mail I sent to the President, Frist, and other Republican leaders I found at The Republican leadership page. Specter is as slimey as they come. Peace and love, George.
272 posted on 11/05/2004 4:09:38 AM PST by George Frm Br00klyn Park (FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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To: George Frm Br00klyn Park

Here are the numbers for all the GOP Senators on that committee:

Hatch (202) 224-5251
Grassley 202.224.3744
Kyl (202) 224-4521
DeWine (202) 224-2315
Sessions (202) 224-4124
Graham (202) 224-5972
Craig 202/224-2752
Chambliss (202) 224-3521
Cornyn 202-224-2934

273 posted on 11/05/2004 4:51:56 AM PST by GeneralHavoc (Want to Help Pat Toomey? Join Toomey Meetup!:
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To: Always Right

We cannot take any chances. We must not take the Risk that he will pull a Jeffords. He was lucky to get Bush's endorsement and that is the only thing that enabled him to win back his Pennsylvania seat. A big mistake as we all know. But now action must be taken.

I am so dissapointed in the Republicans for not being tough and creative and persistant...with our liberties and our Conservative values.

We have a very short window to erase decades of Socialism and encroaching Communism. We have to take this oportunity and act on it. No excuses are permitted. You are either with us or you are against us. PERIOD!

274 posted on 11/05/2004 5:37:27 AM PST by vannrox (The Preamble to the Bill of Rights - without it, our Bill of Rights is meaningless!)
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To: floriduh voter

Ping on Spector report

275 posted on 11/05/2004 5:53:52 AM PST by amdgmary
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To: Spiff
Organizing activism on a conservative internet forum is not "making a big public display about it."

Perhaps my post did not make it clear, but I totally agree with you.
276 posted on 11/05/2004 5:58:12 AM PST by Paloma_55
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To: vannrox

Also keep in mind that if we keep him off the Judiciary committe and he revolts by pulling a 'Jeffords,' we will be damn glad that we did not have someone who would even consider such a thing at the number two position in the Senate.

It could be argued that the person heading up the Judiciary committee is even more important than the Senate majority leader in this term.

277 posted on 11/05/2004 6:07:54 AM PST by IrishBrewer
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To: editor-surveyor

Thanks for the ping, ed! I called Frist's office this morning, but couldn't get through. Mailbox full!! Love it. GO FREEPERS.


278 posted on 11/05/2004 7:09:35 AM PST by viaveritasvita (God poured His love out on us! Romans 5:5-8)
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To: viaveritasvita

Don't just call Frist --- call your own Senators. If you have only Dim Senators, call the members of the Jud. Comittee:


Hatch (202) 224-5251
Grassley (202)224.3744
Kyl (202) 224-4521
DeWine (202) 224-2315
Sessions (202) 224-4124
Graham (202) 224-5972
Craig 202/224-2752
Chambliss (202) 224-3521
Cornyn 202-224-2934

Get your senator's phone number/e-mail from the directory at

279 posted on 11/05/2004 7:37:48 AM PST by MeanWestTexan
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To: MeanWestTexan

I'd planned to call all those mentioned in your post. Thanks for the ready reference to the members of the Judiciary Cmte. Will use that info in a private email to my personal distribution list.

FYI: Toll-Free # to the capitol = 877-762-8762


281 posted on 11/05/2004 9:30:48 AM PST by viaveritasvita (God poured His love out on us! Romans 5:5-8)
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To: Always Right; All

Stop Specter Bump

282 posted on 11/05/2004 10:22:19 AM PST by Agitate (
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To: Orlando

They count them at least. And I suspect they have staffers lurking here.

283 posted on 11/05/2004 10:52:30 AM PST by Genoa
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To: Always Right; All
Looks like our voices are being heard!
The people rule!

Conservative wing raises fuss over Specter's views
Carl Hulse, New York Times
November 6, 2004
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Angry conservatives flooded Senate phone and fax lines Friday demanding that Republicans prevent Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., from presiding over the Judiciary Committee for saying two days earlier that judicial nominees who strongly oppose abortion might be rejected.

Republican senators and their aides, speaking privately for the most part, said the uproar posed an impediment for Specter, who is in line to succeed chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, atop the committee that examines judicial nominees. It was likely that he would still get the post, they said, but not certain. "He is not out of the woods," said one aide.

Stop Specter!

Offices of Senator Frist:

Washington, D.C.
Office of Senator Bill Frist, M.D.
461 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-228-1264 (fax)

28 White Bridge Road
Suite 211
Nashville, TN 37205
615-352-9985 (fax)

James Building
735 Broad Street, Suite 701
Chattanooga, TN 37402
423-756-5313 (fax)

200 East Main Street
Suite 111
Jackson, TN 38301
731-424-8322 (fax)

10368 Wallace Alley Street
Suite 7
Kingsport, TN 37663
423-323-0358 (fax)

Twelve Oaks Executive Park
Building One, Suite 170
Knoxville, TN 37919
865-602-7979 (fax)

5100 Poplar Avenue
Suite 514
Memphis, TN 38137
901-683-3610 (fax)


See also:
United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary
Find & Write your Senators Here
Senator Frist Web Form

284 posted on 11/06/2004 11:24:42 AM PST by Agitate (
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To: sandalwood

Are you nuts? You don't "reach across the aisle" when you've won a great victory. You kick them while they are down!

285 posted on 11/06/2004 3:09:24 PM PST by TommyC1
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