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Republicans increasingly see Mitt Romney as the 'inevitable candidate'
Washington Post ^ | Oct 12, 2011 | Philip Rucker and Perry Bacon Jr

Posted on 10/13/2011 2:33:09 AM PDT by Clairity

Buoyed by a series of strong debate performances, Mitt Romney is suddenly attracting new support from major donors and elected officials, some of whom had resisted his previous entreaties, as people across the GOP grow more accepting of the presidential contender as the party’s standard-bearer.

On Wednesday, Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) and former House speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) became the latest in a string of current and former elected officials who have announced their support for Romney over the past week. Former Republican National Committee chairman Jim Nicholson, hedge fund manager Paul Singer and Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone are among the major Republican fundraisers supporting the candidate.

"It's all coming together for him," said Cochran, who formally endorsed Romney on Wednesday. "People are beginning to be impressed with him and his thoughtful comments about the issues."

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TOPICS: Politics/Elections
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To: Clairity

Cain IS the inevitable candidate.

61 posted on 10/13/2011 5:09:39 AM PDT by fieldmarshaldj (Rick Perry has more red flags than a May Day Parade)
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To: PastorBooks
Thank you! What I’ve been saying over and over on FR, just better said.

I pray that the people of this USA will fall on their knees, and plead for God to raise up a Godly leader. It is our only hope.

62 posted on 10/13/2011 5:16:29 AM PDT by Coldwater Creek (He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty Psalm 91:)
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To: Clairity
You want to spoiler, who will help Romney be the nominee, support Cain.

The choice is yours...

Yes, the choice is ours, and it doesn't rely on your expert analysis, telling us how our support of Herman Cain will help romney.

Why don't all of you perrywinkles back Cain, and stop he'pin' romney?

63 posted on 10/13/2011 5:20:47 AM PDT by USS Alaska
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To: Essie
I have had it with the lying. Rick Perry is not for amnesty. Get your facts straight.

Why bother with amnesty, Ricky just gives the ILLEGAL ALIENS cash money and preferences over American citizens and they can stay safe and ILLEGAL at the University.

Facts straight enuff?

64 posted on 10/13/2011 5:28:34 AM PDT by USS Alaska
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To: catfish1957

I am with you. The only way republicans will learn is if their rinos keep loosing. They think they can steal dem votes, when all they are really doing making it impossible to vote republican.
Not more rinos.

65 posted on 10/13/2011 5:35:01 AM PDT by LevinFan
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To: sklar
Hi Sklar, as a Palin supporter, I took what Sarah Palin said very seriously. When she said she wasn't going to run, it hurt, but I took that seriously, too.

She doesn't want this. Not now at least. We need to move on.

All the same, good luck. If you can get people to convince her I'll jump right back and support her.


66 posted on 10/13/2011 5:38:01 AM PDT by Caipirabob ( Communists... Socialists... Democrats...Traitors... Who can tell the difference?)
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To: ForAmerica

Romney appears to be highly moral, as the Mormons I know are. Morality counts more than a profession of religion, I think.

I’m not voting for Romney because he is not a conservative.

67 posted on 10/13/2011 5:38:54 AM PDT by jch10 (I stand with Herman Cain)
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To: Clairity

How does this happen? I have not talked to one person who wants Mitt Romney so who is making this decision? There is one person on that stage that is capable, vastly intelligent, and immediately ready to lead this nation and he doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell.

68 posted on 10/13/2011 5:46:46 AM PDT by Toespi
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To: Clairity
Let us look at what we can expect from a Romney Presidency.

When Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts, he had the same position on every issue that he has today. He was squishily Pro-Life, though nobody believed him. He opposed a government takeover of health care, though he favored some form of government intervention). He favored lower taxes, but he had a laundry list of things he wanted to spend money on. And he claimed to be for regulatory reform.

Then once he was in office as Governor, he partnered with the Democrats and went back on these positions, every single one.

Now, history does not necessarily repeat itself, but it does rhyme... We can expect that by the time President Romney lifts his hand off the Bible on Inaugeration Day, he will already be thinking about ways to reach across the aisle to partner with Democrats to solve the nation's problems...

A Romney Presidency would be more damaging to the country than a second term for Barack Obama. Right now, Obama is marginalized. He is a national joke, and cannot get anything done. Since almost everything he would like to do is damaging to the country, the fact that the President can't get anything done is a good thing. He would be even more ineffective in his second term, as opposition in Congress solidifies.

But Rommey would be able to fracture Congressional opposition and accomplish many of the Democrat's goals. And don't think for a minute that he would not be eager to do so.

You may think I'm being overly dramatic, but if it came down to Romney vs. Obama in November 2012, I would probably march into the voting booth and pull the lever for Barack Obama, because he would be the least bad of the two options.

69 posted on 10/13/2011 6:04:46 AM PDT by Haiku Guy (If you have a right / To the service I provide / I must be a slave)
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To: Clairity

He well may be. If the Republican Party Establishment, the main stream media, and too many on this forum have any say in it, he will be. If so, so be it. I am not a Republican, but a Conservative who votes for Republican candidates. That being said, I will not, under any circumstances, vote for Rommy. If the Republican Party wants four more years of obama, nominate Rommy. And I also understand that my vote, in and of itself, does not mean that much in the big picture. But I know oodles of others who feel the same way. If you think that Conservtives stayed home in 2008, nominate Rommy in 2012...

70 posted on 10/13/2011 6:13:17 AM PDT by sport
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To: Meet the New Boss

I would vote for Cain, but under no circumstances will I vote for Rommy.

71 posted on 10/13/2011 6:16:08 AM PDT by sport
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To: Clairity

The title is totally distorted.

Ruling Class Republicans increasingly see Mitt Romney as the “inevitable candidate”.

The majority of Republicans, the ones who vote and are supposed to be represented by the Ruling Class increasingly support anyone but Romney, primarily Herman Cain.

72 posted on 10/13/2011 6:18:15 AM PDT by CMAC51
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To: Biggirl

No one who opposes same sex”marriage”, abortion, gun control,obama care will accept Mitt.

73 posted on 10/13/2011 6:20:21 AM PDT by sport
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To: sport

I am getting FED UP with this push to have Romney the front runner. All this mark my words WILL BACKFIRE in the establishment BIGTIME.

74 posted on 10/13/2011 6:29:25 AM PDT by Biggirl ("Jesus talked to us as individuals"-Jim Vicevich/Thanks JimV!)
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To: sport

Correction: WILL BACKFIRE in the faces of the GOP establishment.

75 posted on 10/13/2011 6:31:16 AM PDT by Biggirl ("Jesus talked to us as individuals"-Jim Vicevich/Thanks JimV!)
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To: GlockThe Vote

Glock, I have to agree with you. I will support the GOP nominee over Obama. I understand the sentiment of those who say they cannot vote for Romney (or Cain, or Palin, etc.) I cannot let the Best be the enemy of the Better than Obama. The truth is, the best person for the office of President is an unknown who would never consider running for office because of the kind of stuff we are seeing in the media and among GOP and conservatives today. I will vote for the person who most closely agrees with my positions, or who least offends the positions I take. I have my “druthers” but I will cast my vote for the GOP in order to unseat Obama.

76 posted on 10/13/2011 6:33:24 AM PDT by NCLaw441
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To: Fiji Hill

HH also said yesterday that Perry got a total of 9 min of debate time. The moderators kept him on the bench, as they did Rick Santorum. HH said Rick S could be a real alternative to Romney.
HH made a point of saying the media focused on Romney because they want him to win the nomination and they effectively silenced all but Cain and Romney in that debate.
He also said why does the RNC allow these people to dictate to them the questions asked and to whom they are asked?
I don’t think HH was crowing at all-he was pretty steamed about this so called debate.

77 posted on 10/13/2011 6:34:15 AM PDT by pugmama
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To: catfish1957; sport; gridlock
I caught a lot of flack here in 2008, when I threatened to vote Libertarian, since their candidate was more conservative than McCain. Not this time. Two people who will not get my vote?...Barak Obama and Mitt Romney.


If it comes down to Romney vs. Obama, vote for Obama!

If you have any Libertarian leanings at all, you have to pick Barack Obama in that contest, because Obama will not be able to advance the statist agenda in a second term. He has been gang-tackled, and they will not let him up off the turf for four long years.

If those are the choices, GRIDLOCK is your friend!

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, will be able to partner with the Democrats and peel off "centrist" Republicans to enact the Democrat agenda. He will repeal Obamacare to replace it with something just as bad, and there will be no unified opposition to stand in his way. He will be forced by circumstances beyond his control to raise taxes and save the planet from the scourge of Global Warming.

If that's the choice, give me an impotent Barack Obama, any day of the week.

78 posted on 10/13/2011 6:38:09 AM PDT by Haiku Guy (If you have a right / To the service I provide / I must be a slave)
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To: Clairity
You want a conservatives with a proven conservative record (which is unfrotunately being distorted by some), who is not a debater, but a strong executive, support Perry.

You mean, "I don't have any economic plan" Perry?

Do you mean, "I'm gonna make ya'll pay for funding illegals and college is just a start" Perry?

Hey Perry, when you make the same decision as extreme liberal "Moonbeam" Brown of CA, then you are no conservative.

79 posted on 10/13/2011 6:40:21 AM PDT by CAluvdubya (Heartless4Cain.......)
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To: NCLaw441

These “More-Conservative-Than-Thou” types are sick bunch.

They would call Reagan, Ike, etc a RINO, as no one meets their standard.

They are like little babies. I dont care who wins the primary so long as they hav e a chance to beat Maobama.

We have to get this communist destroyer out of office at almost all costs.

80 posted on 10/13/2011 6:43:01 AM PDT by GlockThe Vote (The Obama Adminstration: 2nd wave of attacks on America after 9/11)
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