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Bomb-Making 101 -- Hamas Militant Group Provides How-to Video for Constructing Explosives ^ | June 17, 2002 | Dan Harris

Posted on 06/18/2002 1:47:40 AM PDT by TomGuy

Proud Peter. He does look pleased.

Bomb video
To train militants in the art of bomb making, the Islamic group Hamas uses a video tape that details how wood, copper, wiring and nitroglycerin come together to create an explosive. (
Bomb-Making 101
Hamas Militant Group Provides ‘How-to’ Video for Constructing Explosives

By Dan Harris

J E R U S A L E M, June 17 — A chilling 3 ½-hour videotape obtained by ABCNEWS features what the Israeli military calls "Bomb-making 101" for Palestinian militants.

The tape starts with a masked man — who says he's a member of the military wing of the Islamic militant group Hamas — giving a brief lecture on the importance of waging holy war against the Israelis, and the heavenly rewards awaiting those who make and explode bombs.

And then the lesson begins.

Standing at a white board, the bomb-making expert uses diagrams and high school-level math to explain how a bomb works.

Speaking slowly and simply in Arabic, he then shows how to cut the wood that will serve as the shell of the bomb, and the copper foil that will cradle the explosives. He repeats himself often, so as to better drive home his points.

Almost all the necessary material, he says, is easily acquired at local stores, including test tubes from a pharmacy, ball bearings from a mechanic and wiring from an electrical store.

"It's really 101 — how to make an explosive bomb by the Hamas," said Col. Miri Eisin, a senior Israeli military intelligence analyst.

She says the Israeli army confiscated the tape during an invasion of the West Bank city of Nablus last April. Nablus, she says, is known as one of the major centers for bomb-making.

‘My Brother Fighters …’

Eisin says Hamas has the most sophisticated bomb-makers. Hamas claimed responsibility for a March suicide bombing that killed 29 people and wounded nearly 100 as they celebrated Passover in the Israeli coastal resort town of Netanya.

As the tape continues, the bomb-maker says: "Now my brother fighters, we put the shrapnel in the case … It's better to use ball bearings than nuts." They're more deadly and destructive, he explains.

Then come the explosives: specifically, nitroglycerin. This is one ingredient that is hard come by — it's usually smuggled in from Egypt or stolen in Israel.

"We can only fit 7 kilos," the bomb-maker says as he loads the explosives into the bomb casing. "We were hoping to include more." There wasn't enough room.

Finally, the bomb-maker explains the electrical wiring, which includes the detonator made out of a small household drill.

"Now the bomb is ready," he says.

He even provides a list of preferred targets: cars, bus stations, markets and military bases.

He also uses a diagram to show where to place a roadside bomb in order to kill the most Israeli soldiers or settlers on a bus.

Eisin says the tape appears to be meant only for Hamas militants. It comes at a time when the Israeli army is successfully arresting and assassinating top Hamas bomb-makers.

"There are more potential suicide bombers today than there are people who know how to make explosives," said Eisin. "And that's probably why they made the tapes."

They want to make sure that their deadly expertise survives, even if they don't.  

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1 posted on 06/18/2002 1:47:40 AM PDT by TomGuy
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To: TomGuy

2 posted on 06/18/2002 1:50:27 AM PDT by Howlin
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To: TomGuy

3 posted on 06/18/2002 1:50:35 AM PDT by Howlin
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To: TomGuy
Excuse the burp!
4 posted on 06/18/2002 1:57:11 AM PDT by Howlin
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To: Howlin

5 posted on 06/18/2002 3:01:17 AM PDT by The Raven
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To: Howlin
Isn't it wonderful that ABC is so diligent that we hear ALL the news that they show the tape to all in the U.S. so that we too know how to make bombs as taught by Palestinians?

Wonder why the teacher felt the need for that horrible mask - seems he should be proud to show his face since he is such an outstanding teacher.

Do you think ABC might know who the teacher is? I'm sure they provided the information to the Israelis so that the slaughter of innocent women and children could be stopped. (/sarcasm)

6 posted on 06/18/2002 6:45:32 AM PDT by ClancyJ
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To: TomGuy
Sow the Wind; Reap the Whirlwind!

young Palestinian girl in uniform with hand grenade. REUTERS/Reinhard Krause Palestinian child holding Koran and toy rifle at anti-Israel rally - note child's non-semitic features young Palestinian girl in uniform with AK-47. REUTERS/Reinhard Krause Young boy in Gaza displays a toy gun and a Koran. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah
A Palestinian boy aims a toy rifle during a rally against Israel by Palestinian children in Gaza. Nazi theater - Arab kids act out as the terrorist Jew (with Kippa and earlocks) about to shoot a poor Arab Two Palestinian children with fake explosives strapped to their waists at the Ein el-Hilweh camp
Pali children marching in formation over the flags of the US and Israel Young Palestinian boy points rifle during basic training A six-year-old Palestinian boy holds a hand grenade during a protest against Israel in Gaza City. small Palestinian girl with toy rifle at anti-Israeli rally
Palestinian child with pistol Palestinian boy in training camp with rifle and knife
Small Palestinian boy wearing bomb belt Small Palestinian children with pistols in crowd of fighters
Thanks to TomGuy for much of the above.

An honorable, moral solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Isn't the only honorable way to "solve" the Arab-Israeli conflict through the use "ethnic cleansing?" (And by that term I mean the polite, but forceful removal of all 3 million Pali from Eretz Yisrael -- which is not "genocide", as some on the Left misuse the term.) Let me explain.

The current wave of "suicide" bombers (a misnomer, since their primary goal is not suicide but the mass murder of civilians) is unprecedented and unrelenting. But it should not be unexpected. It is the direct (and obviously planned) result of brainwashing that started with Pali children as young as kindergarteners. Look at the faces of the babies in the pictures above. What vomitous horror - visiting this upon their heads. What unspeakable evil.

The Palestinian descent into barbarism and insanity does not have some dimly-lit origin. These suicidal homicidal-bombers are not some unforseen phenomenom that sprung forth from the "hopelessness" of the populace (as the PA "leaders" would have us believe). They are part and parcel of the war machine created by the PA to wreak systematic havoc on Israel. Someone paid to have the Pali youth trained -- or more accurately, brainwashed -- in "martyrdom". Someone paid to have the explosives acquired and the bombs made. Someone paid to have surveillance put on weak spots in Israeli defenses. Someone paid to have these weapons stored and then distributed to the homicidal-bombers. Someone paid to have videotapes made of the bombers' farewell messages. Someone paid to have these homicidal-bombers transported across security lines. Someone paid to have the deeds of the homicidal-bombers favorably publicized. Someone paid the family tens of thousands of dollars specifically for the "martyrdom" of their children. And, as we are now learning, those paymasters include Yassir Arafat, Saddam Hussein and the Saudi elite.

The PA has not been preparing its people for peace, but radicalizing them for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. The PA has appointed militant clerics who preach hate and "martyrdom". By doing so, they have knowingly turned this into a religious war, one in which compromise is heretical. And in doing so, the Palestinians have rejected the Oslo premise that the conflict is about borders, about which compromise is required. Indeed, as Henry Kissinger has noted: The result of Arafat's strategy of hatred is now known: Pali society cannot co-exist in peace with Israel. Recent polls tell the story clearly. Over 87% of the Palis support the murder of Israeli men, women, and children, even babies. Given these numbers and the underlying religious fervor, there is NO POSSIBILITY of a negotiated settlement that would be honored by the Palis within their lifetime. Arafat has filled the Palis with visceral hate to prepare them for unrelenting war. He has brainwashed an entire generation of youngsters to become terror-bombers. He has unleashed almost 10 years of official "judeo-nazi" indoctrination on the Pali people. Arafat has committed crimes not only against the entire populace of Israel, but against Palestinians and their children as well. Truly, these are Crimes against Humanity.

Current conditions make ethnic cleansing not only justified, but morally required. As antithetical as it sounds to liberal ears, ethnic cleansing is literally the only humane solution. To pursue a negotiated settlement is akin to locking a tiger and a human with a gun in the same cage. Assign the roles to whomever you wish, but the result is the same. Someone in the cage is eventually going to be killed, maybe both.

The world community's role in this to date has been to create this inhumane spectacle, this caged, semitic death match. The world community's response going forward ought to be the equivalent of an "Allied invasion of Nazi Germany" because nothing less will suffice to rid the world of this monstrosity. Eject all Arab peoples from Gaza and the West Bank (because once you remove the terrorists, their supporters and their families, virtually nobody is left). Then round up the PA "leaders" (including "clerics" and "teachers"), and put them on trial for their Crimes against Humanity. If they are found guilty, hang them in public.

And to the extent that this PA policy was conducted, funded, supported, promoted, or otherwise enabled by their Arab bretheren (notably Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia) then it is incumbent upon these countries to pay for their sins by taking in the Palis. Arabs created this mess. Let Arabs bear the toll for the human misery they created.

Even Tom Friedman of the New York Times has come around, finally grasping the global ramifications of Arafat's evil: What is needed is the elimination of this cancer on humanity. End it quickly before more innocent lives are lost. End it now or it will escalate to Weapons of Mass Destruction. End it clearly and with finality so that there is absolutely NO ambiguity that Western civilization finds this abhorent. If nothing else, as a sop to liberal sensibilities, end it for the children. Moral clarity demands nothing less.

a young boy with a bomb belt fearful little boys with big guns A six-year-old Palestinian boy holds a hand grenade during a protest against Israel in Gaza City.

Ruh Roh!
It looks like this idea is picking up some steam!
GOP leader: Palis should move to unsettled Arab lands
Dick Armey: Israel should expel West Bank Palis
Human Rights Watch
Calls suicide attacks a Crime Against Humanity

I know! Instead of "Ethnic Cleansing" let's call it "Repatriation".
Doesn't that sound better? Let's help the Palis go home, back to Egypt and Jordan.
A mother helps her son with his toy suicide belt. "I hope to get 14 or 15 when I explode myself" - Gaza City Boys at an armed rally His bandana reads: "Friends of the Martyrs"

7 posted on 06/18/2002 9:40:52 AM PDT by My Identity
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To: TomGuy
Israel should immediately flood the market with fake videos which cause premature detonation.
8 posted on 06/18/2002 10:31:16 AM PDT by redhawk
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To: TomGuy
I think it's time we seriously considered Sterilizing all arabs. This way they will stop whelping out more heathens. They are sub-human pigs. We should bomb their mosques and burn their unholy koran.
9 posted on 06/18/2002 11:26:17 AM PDT by Jaysin
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