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Torricelli-Lautenberg-DNC Switcheroo Scheme Not 1st Foray into Virtual Reality
Rutgers Focus | 10-19-02 | Mia T

Posted on 10/19/2002 8:13:15 PM PDT by Mia T

Torricelli-Lautenberg-DNC Two-Step Not 1st Foray into Virtual Reality

NJ Senators Tested "RUNet 2000," DNC Switcheroo Scheme Precursor, in 1998

By Mia T

October 19, 2002



Cn 1998, the New Jersey democrat machine christened its virtual-reality election-fraud scheme "RUNet 2000," seeming to miss the infamous mark by two years.

At that time, U.S. Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Torricelli bravely risked--if not life--certainly limb (see below) during the virtual-reality scheme's trial run at Rutgers University.

Despite the much ballyhooed Rutgers début, RUNet 2000 was, in fact, concocted elsewhere. A standard issue clinton-McAuliffe scheme, RUNet 2000 was intended to provide the DNC with a comprehensive, advanced infrastructure for circumventing the Constitution and the will of the people by creating virtual-reality candidates.

RUNet 2000 was originally hatched for hillary 2000 you know clinton, the DNC's first virtual-reality candidate...which explains the apparent 2-year error in the designation. (Goto THE HILLARY, YOU KNOW, CLINTON TRANSCRIPT: Analyzed and Annotated)

Sen. Torricelli (foreground) and Sen. Lautenberg try out the virtual-reality glove developed at Rutgers. RUNet 2000 allows the clintonized DNC to circumvent the Constitution by creating virtual-reality candidates.

"This virtual-reality scheme is a classic example of the clinton-McAuliffe democrat machine working on behalf of the New Jersey democrat machine," said President Francis L. Lawrence of Rutgers at a Nov. 24 news conference at the Center for Computer Aided Election Fraud (CAEF) to announce the scheme's trial run.


Among those participating in the news conference announcing the comprehensive electronic network for creating virtual-reality candidates, (from right) Sen. Frank Lautenberg, Sen. Robert Torricelli and President Francis L. Lawrence.

Lautenberg was visionary when he described the virtual-reality scheme as "the kind of ploy democrats need to make in our state if we want to continue running empty suits and cardboard cutouts while disinforming the electorate in the 21st century. We've got to have systems like RUNet 2000."

He added that he was glad to work with Torricelli, notwithstanding the mutual animus. "We put aside our differences to make this happen, and we absolutely intend to continue working together to defraud the electorate," he said.

Torricelli said RUNet 2000 keeps the democrats on the cutting edge of corruption and added, presciently, that it will allow corrupt candidates around the state to make stealthy campaign exits when cornered.

"The fact that the louse--er Laut-- and I came together with this whole university community is a recognition that we all, in our own way, understand the potential" of RUNet 2000, he said.

"The doors of democrat party control of the electoral process are being flung wide open with the use of this extraordinary technology," he a rare instance of Torricelli restraint, as it turns out.

Copyright. Mia T 2002

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Extended News; Front Page News; Government; News/Current Events; Political Humor/Cartoons; Politics/Elections; US: New Jersey
KEYWORDS: clintoncorruption; dnccorruption; lautenberg; torricelli; voterfraud
Thou art arm'd that hath thy crook'd schemers straight.

Cudgel thy brains no more, the clinton plots are great.

Mia T, On Neutered and Neutering,

by Mia T and Edward Zehr (EZ)



it won't s-p-i-n


Q ERTY2 "There isn't a shred of evidence."

HILLARY, YOU KNOW, KnowNothing Victim Q ERTY4 double bagel,

W I D E B O D Y. low-center-of-gravity Dim Bulb, Congenital Bottom Feeder


Q ERTY3 zipper-hoisted

(clinton zipper vitiated by obvious spilth)


Humpty Dummies

Q ERTY6 utter failure

Helen Thomas Syndrome: THE SYMPTOMS

4th-Estate Malfeasance (DEATH BY MISREPORT)

rodham-clinton reality-check BUMP!

1 posted on 10/19/2002 8:13:16 PM PDT by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Vedy interdesting !!!!!!!!
2 posted on 10/19/2002 9:28:02 PM PDT by timestax
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To: Gail Wynand; looscannon; Lonesome in Massachussets; Freedom'sWorthIt; IVote2; Slyfox; Registered; ..



October 19, 2002 -- IT'S more than a little ironic. On the same day it was announced that Saddam Hussein has been "unanimously" re-elected, the only two senators preventing a unanimous vote in the Senate on the election-reform bill were New York's own Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

Why? "This would make it more difficult to vote in New York. It's designed to suppress minority voting participation," said Sen. Clinton.

The "this" Sen. Clinton is referring to is the new anti-fraud provisions in the bill. They require that every person wanting to vote show a driver's license, Social Security number or other approved ID in order to cast a ballot.

Clinton and Schumer preferred a system where a potential voter merely had to sign his or her name.

So who is it exactly that this bill is "suppressing"? U.S. citizens have all the requisite ID - no matter what their ethnicity. Could it be that Clinton and Schumer are "sensitive" to some of the leftist fringe groups in this country who are clamoring for the right of illegal aliens to vote?

It is no secret that New York is home to thousands of undocumented "residents" - who would vote overwhelmingly Democratic if they could just get past these darn ID requirements.

New York's dynamic duo have a lot more 'splainin' to do on this one.


Q ERTY4 double bagel REALITY CHECK


Don't lose
Your head
To gain a minute
You need your head
Your brains are in it.
--an old roadside ad, Pushme-Pullyou

3 posted on 10/19/2002 9:53:33 PM PDT by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Mia! Haven't heard from you in a while.

Nice work as always!
4 posted on 10/19/2002 10:00:20 PM PDT by Incorrigible
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To: Mia T
Hiya Mia, thanks for the ping!
5 posted on 10/19/2002 10:07:20 PM PDT by firewalk
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To: Mia T

Thanks for the ping.
Your posts are Awesome!!!
The graphics and brilliant humor.

(Tonight we have all been tied up on a 2000-post thread with the snipers in our backyard area).

The NJSC decision is indeed stupefying...

6 posted on 10/19/2002 10:11:55 PM PDT by edwin hubble
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To: Mia T
She's baaaaaack...Mia T emerges from the silence....she must be from Loch Ness :)
7 posted on 10/19/2002 10:17:33 PM PDT by FlyVet
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To: Mia T
Great post Mia.
8 posted on 10/19/2002 10:20:54 PM PDT by Registered
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To: Mia T
It's so good to see you again, Mia ...
My reading is set for the evening ...
I thoroughly enjoy your work ... thanks!

9 posted on 10/19/2002 10:21:12 PM PDT by Pegita
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To: Mia T
"Hillary thinks that Tipper is an unintellectual nice lady who doesn't have a brain in her head"...

As if Queen Hillary! can talk. Snicker...snicker....LOL! This stuff is priceless. Welcome back, Mia T.

10 posted on 10/19/2002 10:33:34 PM PDT by FlyVet
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To: Mia T; firehat
All my favorites are here---especially you...

and you have some new ones(sax boy)---'goodies' too!

11 posted on 10/20/2002 2:12:12 AM PDT by f.Christian
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To: Mia T
Thanks, Ma! BTW because of your "Hillary On Tracks", I can picture Helen Thomas on tracks!
12 posted on 10/20/2002 2:41:50 AM PDT by 185JHP
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To: Mia T
Mia T??????
13 posted on 10/20/2002 4:26:33 AM PDT by FryingPan101
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To: Mia T

A fine DemoRATic tradition.......

14 posted on 10/20/2002 4:41:57 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP
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To: Mia T
Wow! Is Toricelli's suit out of The Godfather or what? I went to Rutgers and RUNet2000 was a big flop, they were supposed to high-speed wire the whole campus by 2000 and by the time the year was over, they still hadn't come close.
15 posted on 10/20/2002 4:45:48 AM PDT by AmishDude
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To: Mia T
TOO COOL! Glad to see your work back where it belongs!
16 posted on 10/20/2002 7:21:50 AM PDT by OKSooner
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To: Mia T
the only two senators preventing a unanimous vote in the Senate on the election-reform bill were New York's own Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

Hey, they both know how they fraudulantly got their votes. They just don't want their boat rocked.

We need to work hard to make sure they are unceremoniously dumped in the water.

17 posted on 10/20/2002 7:27:38 AM PDT by Slyfox
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To: Mia T
Long time, no see. I've been missing your work.

Welcome back!
18 posted on 10/20/2002 7:31:34 AM PDT by TC Rider
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To: Mia T
19 posted on 10/20/2002 7:38:19 AM PDT by Leisler
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To: Mia T
20 posted on 10/20/2002 9:11:09 AM PDT by Ms. AntiFeminazi
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To: Mia T
I sure have missed your unique take on the issues of the day!
Excellent observations on Torricelli/Lautenberg.
I thought of you when the congressional report came out documenting
over a million dollars of unreported loot being housed at the clinton liebrary
(including the designer handbags that Hillary! denied receiving).
21 posted on 10/20/2002 9:17:43 AM PDT by MamaLucci
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To: AmishDude

Wow! Is Torricelli's suit out of The Godfather or what? I went to Rutgers and RUNet2000 was a big flop, they were supposed to high-speed wire the whole campus by 2000 and by the time the year was over, they still hadn't come close.

15 posted on 10/20/02 4:45 AM Pacific by AmishDude

RUNet2000 will be a big flop for the DNC, too. The Bush Justice Dept. -- and, at long last, the GOP -- are aggressively pursuing democrat election fraud. All of the dems' useful idiots had better think twice before voting twice or otherwise voting illegally this time. They may very well land in the slammer.
Someone ought to tell the Torch that the zoot suit and sartorial elegance are mutually exclusive constructs...But then, perhaps Torricelli was thinking pachuquismo, not GQ.
Did you catch the imported pinstripe suit in the animation (along with the Rolex and antique grandfather clock)?
Like the kleptocratic clintons, the Torch believes he is entitled; and like the kleptocratic clintons, he simply helps himself to our goodies. And like the kleptocratic clintons, his tasteless lack of restraint betrays his dubious background... I'm sure his tall case clock is not a Simon Willard...
It was Robert Torricelli…right before his eyes
It was Robert Torricelli…who's quite small in size
He had poured much money into his campaign
But now what he was seeing's quite insane
It was Robert Torricelli…that worthless lump
It's Robert Torricelli…it's Robert Torricelli
It's Robert Torricelli…that worthless lump

----doug from upland



by the late (great) Edward Zehr,

Scene: Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li's suite in the Senate Office Building.

[Enter Clinton]
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: [pinching his cheek] Beely-boy, paisano, howa-
you-doin' uh?
Clinton: [kisses his ring] My respects, Don Torricelli.
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: [speaking in a hoarse, high-pitched whisper]
You know-a da boys here -- "Dungheap" Harkin an' "Doofus" Dodd, da
lowa half-a da waitress samwich. [Head jerks in their direction].
Da uddah half couldn' make it ta-day.
Clinton: I keep tellin' him not to mix booze and coke.
"Doofus" Dodd: [muttering] No respect -- evah since dat aftanoon
at La Brasserie I don't get no respect.
"Dungheap" Harkin: What a pile-a dung! I tole ya ta keep ya paws
offa-da help till afta hou-was, ya big doofus.
[Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li casts a stern look in their direction --
the two wiseguys pipe down].
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: So, what bringa-you here to see you old
God-Fatha, huh? [playfully mussinng his hair] You in trouble over
la ragazza again? Huh? Uh? [leers knowingly]
Clinton: [looking worried] I'm worried, Godfather. They're talking
to Monica again. They've got six Jane Does warming up in the
bullpen. Six! Whatamigonnado, Godfather, whatamigonnado?
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: [looking VERY annoyed] HEY! hey -- whats
alla dis whatamigonnado, whatamigonnado? Whatta you God-Fatha
teacha YOU, huh? You KNOW whachu gotta do. You senda wiseguy around
ta break bot-a dere legs. Ya remembah how we take care-a dat
mout'piece in Liddle-Rock -- da one wid' da tapes-a you at Gennifuh's
Clinton: B-but, but . . .
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: But? BUT? Hey look, paisan' -- I know you gotta
position ta uphold. You gotta image ta considah. Dis is a matta
f'la famiglia. You tella you God-Fatha da problem -- we
fixa f'you, Okay?
Clinton: But you can't break all of their legs -- how would it
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: [looking grievously wronged] BEELY, Beely,
Beely -- what great wrong did I doa-ta you, dat you treat me wid
such disrespect? Now you gonna teacha me my bidniss -- huh?
[in a cold tone of voice] You remembah Vin-CHEN-zo, right?
Clinton: [looking scared] Yes, Godfather.
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: He hada biga mout'. He gonna talka
bout da blood-a-drive, right?
Clinton: Yes, Godfather.
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: We fixa f'you, okay? No blood-a-spatta, no
broken-a-teeth, no crime-a-scene photos, no x-a-ray. We provide-a
da drop-a gun. (No charge). We laya him out nice & neat -- very
professional, very discrete. You gotta complaint?
Clinton: No, Godfather.
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: Good. You do-need-ta worry about no Jane Does.
I make-a-dem an offa dey cannot refuse, capish?
Clinton: Yes, Godfather.
Don Tor~r~-i-CHE-li: [pinching his ear] You-a goodboy, Beely.
Give-a my regards ta-da wife.
Clinton: [kisses his ring and withdraws].


22 posted on 10/20/2002 11:34:33 AM PDT by Mia T
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To: MamaLucci





BILL and Hillary Clinton's abuse of gifts in the closing days of their
administration is only half the story.
Hillary Clinton got many expensive and personal gifts during her eight
years as first lady and never disclosed them, as required by law...
Yet, she did receive gifts. For example, Judith Leiber, designer of
expensive and easily recognizable evening bags, has said publicly that
Hillary had three or four of her creations.
Leiber said her first gift to Hillary was around the time of the
1993 inauguration.
In July 1995, Leiber said she received a thank-you note from Hillary for
a second Leiber bag, describing it as "another tour de force."
Asked about these bags, the White House said Mrs. Clinton would
disclose the bags. But they do not appear on any of the disclosure
forms in the public record.
One of the bags featured a dazzling beaded image of Socks, the
now-discarded Clinton family cat. An inquiry to the Bergdorf-Goodman
Judith Leiber counter showed that a generic cat bag, to say nothing of a
Socks customized one, sells for $3,500. According to Leiber, another of
the bags Hillary received was a beaded rose. That bag retails for
These bags alone, none of which appear on the Clintons' disclosure
forms, would cost a total of more than $10,000, clearly gifts that
should have been disclosed by the first lady.

Clinton called the claims by former presidential adviser Dick Morris
"false," saying she and her husband followed the same rules for
disclosing gifts as other outgoing presidents.
"See, there's a very specific system. If you don't keep something, you
don't disclose it. It goes to the National Archives. And if it's below
a certain value, you don't disclose it," she said.
Clinton spokesman Peter Kauffmann later added that she was clearly
stating that all personal gifts she received while in the White House
were disclosed as required by law.
Kauffmann ran down a list of the reported gifts, confirming that Clinton
did receive several expensive purses from designer Judith Leiber,
including one that was decorated with the likeness of former First Cat
But he said the Socks purse was given to Clinton during the transition
in late 1992, before her husband took office. A second purse was
reported on the 1994 disclosure forms, he said. All the others went to
the archive

COMMENT: Whew! Am I relieved to hear from this purveyor of the truth, congenital kleptocrat, wizened Waco-wiz and depraved predator that she and her similarly inclined rapist-husband complied fully and precisely with U.S. law regarding gifts.

TRIPP: ''Most [White House gifts] didn't make it to the gift unit"
Transcript: Linda Tripp on 'Larry King Live'
More questions over Clinton gifts

Chair Lift

by Mia T
Among the gifts that former president Bill Clinton says he is keeping as
personal presents he accepted last year are $28,000 worth of furnishings
that documents and interviews indicate were given to the National Park
Service in 1993 as part of the permanent White House collection...
Two of the furniture makers whose donations Clinton took with him on
leaving the White House last month say they gave them to the White House
as part of a widely publicized, $396,000 redecoration of the executive
mansion and not to Clinton personally.
"When we've been asked to donate, it was always hyphenated with the
words, " 'White House,' " New York manufacturer Steve Mittman said of
his family-owned business, which gave two sofas, an easy chair and an
ottoman, worth $19,900 and listed by Clinton as part of the gifts he
took with him. "To us, it was not a donation to a particular person."

Gifts Were Not Meant for Clintons, Some Donors Say


When I created this little metaphoric musing a year ago, I hardly
imagined that she would--that they would--in real life, in real time--
actually swipe the sofa. Smaller objects, certainly, but not the sofa...

Jan. 1, 2000
hillary's "interior" design scheme
(an animated how-to)

by Mia T

copyright Mia T 2000

The White House Booty
Letters .. thanked Lee and Joy Ficks for their 1993 donation of a
kitchen set to the White House. Joy Ficks said she was surprised to
hear the Clintons are keeping the kitchen set as a personal gift.
White House Gifts List
• $19,900 two sofas, an easy chair and an ottoman from Steve Mittman,
New York.
• $3,650 kitchen table and four chairs from Lee Ficks, Cincinnati.
• $2,843 sofa from Brad Noe, High Point, N.C.
• $1,170 lamps from Stuart Schiller, Hialeah, Fla.
• $1,000 needlepoint rug from David Martinous, Little Rock.
Following are gifts the Clintons received in 2000 and are paying for:
• $9,433 china cabinet, chandelier and a copy of President Lincoln's
Cooper Union speech from Walter and Selma Kaye, New York.
• $7,375 two coffee tables and two chairs from Denise Rich, New York.
• $7,000 dining room table, server and golf club from Mr. and Mrs. Ron
Dozoretz, Washington.
• $6,282 two carpets from Glen Eden Carpets, Calhoun, Ga.
• $5,000 rug from Martin Patrick Evans, Chicago.
• $5,000 china from Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brandt, Winnetka, Ill.
• $4,994 flatware from Ghada Irani, Los Angeles.
• $4,992 china from Iris Cantor, New York.
• $4,967 flatware, Edith Wasserman, Beverly Hills, Calif.
• $4,967 flatware, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Pynoos, Beverly Hills, Calif.
• $4,787 china from Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson, Los Angeles.
• $4,920 china from Mr. and Mrs. Steven Spielberg, Universal City,
• $3,000 painting from Joan Tumpson, Miami.
• $2,993 televisions and DVD player from Paul Goldenberg, La Habra,
• $2,400 dining room chairs from Arthur Athis, Los Angeles.
• $2,110 china and jacket from Jill and Ken Iscol, Pound Ridge, N.Y.
• $1,588 flatware from Myra Greenspun, Green Valley, Nev.
• $595 pantsuit and sweater, Margaret O'Leary, San Francisco.
• $524 golf driver and golf balls from Richard Helmstetter, Carlsbad,
• $500 antique book on George Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Yorkin, Los
• $499 golf driver from Ely Callaway, Carlsbad, Calif.
• $450 leather jacket from Vin Gupta, Omaha.
• $350 golf driver, Jack Nicholson, Beverly Hills, Calif.
• $350 framed tapestry, Mr. and Mrs. Vo Viet Thanh, Vietnam.
• $340 two sweaters from Robin Carnahan and Nina Canci, St. Louis.
• $300 flatware from Colette D'Etremont, New Brunswick, Canada.
• $300 painting of Buddy, Brian B. Ready, Chappaqua, N.Y.
None of the above. Burton should zero in on the pardon for four Hasidic criminals who delivered their traditionally Republican ward to Hillary by 1400-12 even as neighboring religious Jewish communities voted overwhelmingly for Lazio. It is illegal to exchange a promise of a pardon for votes. Hillary may just have crossed the line.

--Dick Morris: Probe Hillary's pardon for votes

Burton should zero in on the twelve Hasidim who didn't fall for the ganefs' shtick. I'm sure they can tell him a lot.
Additionally, Chair Lift notwithstanding, Burton ought to refocus on the corrupt harpy's $8M-->10M "book" deal.
(Her sofa swiping is to her "book" deal as petit larceny is to grand theft.)
And talking about her retrogressions into larceny of the petit kind, a credible source has informed me that throughout her tenure as White House hostess, the congenital kleptocrat habitually pilfered from the people's house's drapery fund.  

Burton ought to look into that, too...for what is more fitting than the WH drapery fund proving to be clinton curtains?


Hillary is so cheap she has been wearing those drapes lately.


BAc (Boycott Anything clinton)





Sen. Clinton made another assertion - one that is equally misleading.

She contends she was not obliged to report the first Leiber bag she received "because it was received before the Clintons entered the White House."

But this bag, valued at $3,500, was received after the election and during the transition and therefore obviously was related to the Clinton presidency.



But he said the Socks purse was given to Clinton during the transition in late 1992, before her husband took office...

TRANSLATION: An earlier example of the clinton post-election/pre-swearing-in klepto-bribery scheme...



23 posted on 10/20/2002 11:50:22 AM PDT by Mia T
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To: Mia T
24 posted on 10/20/2002 12:14:17 PM PDT by f.Christian
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To: Mia T
Thank you, Mia! No one puts it together quite like you. I'm so glad you're back and telling it like it is once again.
25 posted on 10/20/2002 1:21:15 PM PDT by Faith
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To: Mia T
I don't know where you've been, but I surely am glad to see you back!

Muchas gracias !

26 posted on 10/20/2002 4:27:31 PM PDT by IVote2
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To: Mia T
WELCOME back my friend!! I so missed your brilliant assessment of all things xlintoon. Wasn't the cardboard cutout to debate Forrester on MTP today? Didn't catch the opening segment but I doubt Timmy made mention of the bait and switcheroo lest he leave a negative impression on the minds of NJ voters.
27 posted on 10/20/2002 7:14:04 PM PDT by StarFan
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To: Mia T
Hi Mia ~

Thanks for the ping on another wonderful post

....someone from my old homestate recently called Laughtenberg the 'Rosie Ruiez' (the woman who used the subway to win the NY marathon) of NJ politics


28 posted on 10/21/2002 4:35:43 AM PDT by Elle Bee
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To: Mia T
Thanks, Mia -- it is SO good to see you again. Your creativity in connecting the dots is unmatched; your practility in providing links and news stories for us is appreciated and needed. WTC on fire + clinton playing sax nails it.

Take care. Keep eating those Wheaties! -- cynic#456,789
29 posted on 10/21/2002 10:57:18 AM PDT by cyn
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To: Mia T


30 posted on 10/21/2002 5:01:49 PM PDT by M Kehoe
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Forrester debates an empty chair as Lautenberg skips radio debate




TRENTON, October 23 - The candidates for U.S. Senate sounded familiar themes today, with Democrat Frank R. Lautenberg pumping his prescription drug plan and Republican Douglas R. Forrester pushing his national security agenda.Ý But the campaign took an interesting twist at night, when a debate was held with only one candidate.

Trenton-based New Jersey 101.5 (WKXW) went ahead with a one-hour forum that had originally been scheduled when Senator Robert G. Torricelli was the Democratic nominee.

Forrester appeared, but he was alone.Ý Lautenberg refused the station's invitations, with his spokesman pointing to what he called an anti-Lautenberg slant among the station's talk show hosts.

The Democrat's refusal to participate featured prominently in the broadcast, with moderator Eric Scott telling listeners at the start of the broadcast that a seat with Lautenberg's name on it would be available for the former senator if he had a change of heart.

Scott, who also serves as the station's news director, said the forum is a modern tradition in statewide races, with every major party candidate participating in the last 12 years.Ý That includes Lautenberg, who appeared when he sought re-election in 1994.Ý He estimated the audience for the program at around one million listeners and said the station is consistently tops in the ratings.

After the forum, Scott defended his news operation's objectivity, saying that the content of talk programs on NJ 101.5 has to be separated from that of its news broadcasts.

"It's called a news-talk station for a distinct reason," he said.Ý "There's a news part and there's a talk part.Ý The news division has never been accused of having a bias."Ý

Forrester fielded calls from listeners for about an hour, on topics ranging from how he acquired his personal wealth to employment discrimination against gays and lesbians. While there was no opponent to challenge him, Forrester was pressed on several issues, including Lautenberg's calls for him to release his tax returns, by Scott.

Lautenberg was reported to be at a veteran's rally in Teaneck and a fund-raiser in Leonia tonight, but his campaign spokesman did not return calls seeking comment.Ý In a statement released last night, Forrester campaign manager Bill Pascoe said that Lautenberg was not at the Teaneck event.

Earlier in the day, Lautenberg appeared at a pharmacy Colonia, calling for access to prescription drugs for seniors under Medicare.Ý He also attacked Forrester's prescription drug plan as too expensive for the average senior citizen.

Forrester appeared in Teaneck at the Torah Academy of Bergen County, a private Jewish school.Ý There, he detailed his support for the Koby Mandell Act, a measure designed to aid the pursuit of terrorists around the world.Ý Ý

Afterwards, he addressed Lautenberg's decision on Tuesday to appear at an October 30 debate on News 12 New Jersey.Ý Forrester also agreed to the appearance, but in doing so his campaign took shots at the format, which includes the four minor-party candidates in the first hour of the program.

"It's too little, too late," Forrester asserted.Ý "And the fact that he had to be arm-wrestled into doing it suggests something very, very bad about his candidacy."

Forrester has accused Lautenberg of avoiding debates for weeks.Ý He said the Democrats had argued that the voters are best served with a Democrat and Republican in the race when they sought to replace Torricelli with Lautenberg on the ballot, but that they are now ignoring that reasoning.

"It's highly unfortunate that we can't get into a situation where we're one-on-one, because that was the argument that was made in court, that it was so essential," Forrester said.Ý "I don't want anyone to forget the shenanigans that were involved to get even this little bit."

The Republican added that he feels Lautenberg won't debate because he wants to avoid questions about his record on issues such as national security.ÝÝ But Forrester denied apparent suggestions in his own press releases that Lautenberg might not be alert enough to debate.

On Tuesday, Forrester's campaign issued a press release on the subject of debates, and said of Lautenberg, "He's been out of circulation so long that we have to ask: Does he even remember where he stands on the issues?"

The release went on to cite a report from the Reuters news agency that described Lautenberg's response to a question at a voter forum as "rambling", and said voters should question whether the 78-year-old Lautenberg has "the fitness to serve."

"I do not believe that age should necessarily be a limitation to serve in the United States Senate," Forrester said yesterday.Ý He added that his criticism of Lautenberg on the age issue comes from what he sees as the Democrat's hypocrisy on the issue.

In 1982, the then-58-year-old Lautenberg defeated Republican Millicent H. Fenwick in a U.S. Senate race, in part, many believe, by suggesting that at 72, Fenwick was too old to serve.

"I think he was wrong for that, and I think he should apologize," Forrester said.Ý

At an event last week, Lautenberg brushed off questions of his age, saying he felt he could "out-run" his 49-year-old opponent.

"If you look at me," Lautenberg said, "I think you'll see I'm fairly pugnacious."


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To: All

32 posted on 10/25/2002 6:12:45 AM PDT by Mia T
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To: All
See Frank run.
"It's the homeland security, stupid"
Q ERTY6 utter failure bump!


33 posted on 10/26/2002 8:05:53 AM PDT by Mia T
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