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  • It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too (extreme barf alert)

    05/26/2015 8:16:31 AM PDT · 13 of 13
    albie to Zakeet

    Yeah. They sacrifice so much. Like keeping their calendars free of work and anything constructive so they can protest at a moments notice. Living in their Mom’s basement and sometimes getting up as late as 2pm to join an anti war demonstration. ~sarc

  • It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too (extreme barf alert)

    05/26/2015 8:16:29 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    taxcontrol to Zakeet

    Weakness and appeasement does not end wars, it starts them.

  • Do we really love those that hate Christ Jesus

    05/26/2015 8:16:27 AM PDT · 4 of 4
    circlecity to Chauncey Uppercrust
    "Jesus/God is Love absolutely dont get me wrong."

    Certainly the bible tells us "God is love". But too many people use that to try and define God by their own notions of what love is rather than defining love by what the bible tells us of God.

  • PacSun’s upside down American Flag T-shirt considered offensive (POLL TO FREEP)

    05/26/2015 8:16:25 AM PDT · 22 of 22
    catbertz to bravo whiskey

    I felt the same way abt the flag raising image. It speaks of soldiers back in civilian life still being team players, getting things done and being competitive.

  • It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too (extreme barf alert)

    05/26/2015 8:16:25 AM PDT · 11 of 13
    ETL to Zakeet
    "...if the United States were to set a date for withdrawal the prisoners of war would be returned."-J.F. Kerry

    "Under questioning from the Committee, Kerry referred to the democratically elected government of South Vietnam -- our allies -- as a "dictatorial regime, the Thieu-Ky-Khiem regime," while respectfully calling the North Vietnamese communist regime we were fighting by its oxymoronic official name, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and the murderous Viet Cong's political arm by their preferred "Provisional Revolutionary Government.":

    June, 1970 -- Kerry joins Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), a national veterans group that is part of the Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice. The PCPJ is a broad coalition of local and national organizations, including the Communist Party, USA, "committed to conducting demonstrations aimed at ending the war in Indochina, and poverty, racism and injustice at home." The VVAW, CCI and PCPJ all have headquarters at 156 Fifth Avenue in New York City. VVAW Executive Secretary Al Hubbard, a former Black Panther, is also on the coordinating committee of the PCPJ. Hubbard soon appoints Kerry to the VVAW's Executive Committee, bypassing the normal election process.

    Fact: The Black Panthers were revolutionary communists...

    From the Maoist Internationist Movement:
    [1960s/original] Black Panther Party [BPP] Archives
    From the article: REVOLUTIONARY HEROS

    "On May 1st, May Day [1969], the day of the gigantic Free Huey rally, two of Alioto's top executioners vamped on the brothers from the Brown Community who were attending to their own affairs. These brothers, who are endowed with the revolutionary spirit of the Black Panther Party defended themselves from the racist pig gestapo [i.e., the police].

    Pig Joseph Brodnik received his just reward with a big hole in the chest. Pig Paul McGoran got his in the mouth which was not quite enough to off him.

    The revolutionary brothers escaped the huge swarm of pigs with dogs, mace, tanks and helicopters, proving once again that "the spirit of the people is greater than the man's technology."

    To these brothers the revolutionary people of racist America want to say, by your revolutionary deed you are heroes, and that you are always welcome to our camp."

    Source: Maoist Internationist Movement
    Article: REVOLUTIONARY HEROS (May 11, 1969):

    November 22, 1970 -- During a fund-raising tour for GI deserters, Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the Black Panthers, Jane Fonda is quoted in the Detroit Free Press as telling a University of Michigan audience:

    "I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would someday become communist," and "The peace proposal of the Viet Cong is the only honorable, just, possible way to achieve peace in Vietnam."

    John Kerry and the VVAW--Hanoi's American Puppets?
    "Two recently discovered documents captured from the Vietnamese communists during the Vietnam War strongly support the contention that a close link existed between the Hanoi regime and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) while John Kerry served as the group's leading national spokesman."

    Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) Complete FBI files:


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Photograph of Madame Binh and Jane Fonda
    Displayed in the Women’s Museum, Saigon, May 28, 2004


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Source for both:

  • It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too (extreme barf alert)

    05/26/2015 8:16:23 AM PDT · 10 of 13
    Buckeye McFrog to AndyTheBear

  • When seas rise, will your home be under water? Website helps Miami...

    05/26/2015 8:16:22 AM PDT · 57 of 57
    HotHunt to MrB
    Hey, watch it. I live in Florida! Albeit in north central Florida, not southern Florida where the climate change freaks claim will be under water. :-)
  • Fraudulent Gay Marriage Study Dupes the Media

    05/26/2015 8:16:18 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    Albion Wilde to Fido969
    "The mainstream media have some egg on their face today"

    That implies that they have shame. Which isn't the case.

    Yep. More like grafitti on their wall, soon overpainted.

  • It's The Duke's Birthday

    05/26/2015 8:16:17 AM PDT · 18 of 18
    Georgia Girl 2 to Phlap

    He was a great role model for our generation as we grew up.

  • How to Alienate Moderate Muslims

    05/26/2015 8:16:16 AM PDT · 27 of 27
    onedoug to Biggirl

    Anyone who would put religious stock in the ravings of a pedophile, thief and murderer must subscribe to such lunacy themselves.

    PC be damned too.

  • How to Alienate Moderate Muslims

    05/26/2015 8:16:07 AM PDT · 26 of 27
    a fool in paradise to Eric in the Ozarks

    They are indoctrinated that way.

  • Josh Duggar Cracks Molestation Joke Dating Family Is What We Do!

    05/26/2015 8:16:02 AM PDT · 25 of 25
    Organic Panic to ilovesarah2012

    We now know the one issue democrats will hammer republican candidates until Nov 2016. They will never let this go.

  • Charter announces plan to buy Time Warner Cable and Bright House

    05/26/2015 8:15:39 AM PDT · 15 of 15
    oh8eleven to bolobaby
    Worrying about the cable companies is like wringing your hands over “Ma Bell.”
    And just what happened to Ma Bell?
  • Ten Thoughts on the Irish Debacle

    05/26/2015 8:15:38 AM PDT · 13 of 13
    Poison Pill to skeeter
    There will be a global backlash.

    There will be pockets if vocal dissent. Then grudging resignation. There won't be a backlash.

  • It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too (extreme barf alert)

    05/26/2015 8:15:25 AM PDT · 9 of 13
    V_TWIN to AppyPappy

    “Who stopped a war?”

    Neville Chamberlain did it........wait, never mind.

  • Biker shootout libs going wacko over race in Waco

    05/26/2015 8:15:16 AM PDT · 5 of 5
    Uversabound to BenLurkin

    ITs good to see the numbers. Truth usually wins, maybe takes time, but usually wins.

    Geeze this piece of crap Pres was just waiting to run the race card. Turns out he and his wife could not wait.

    How dumb does that make them look. Shelly, you are black and in the WH. America is not a Racist country, wake up.

  • It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too (extreme barf alert)

    05/26/2015 8:15:16 AM PDT · 8 of 13
    Buckeye McFrog to Zakeet

    I note the author failed to mention the War of 1812, which was started mainly to prop-up the political fortunes of the Democratic Party.

  • Millionaire Ex-Presidents Can Pay Their Own Way

    05/26/2015 8:15:15 AM PDT · 11 of 11
    FiddlePig to pgyanke

    But... but... the Clintons “care” for the middle class and will “topple” the eeeveel 1%.

  • Opinion: Capitalism is killing America’s morals, our future

    05/26/2015 8:15:09 AM PDT · 24 of 24
    savagesusie to stars & stripes forever

    Yep-—without Virtue there is no Freedom. (Socrates) Without Freedom, there is no civil society-—just slavery.

    That is why ALL true Justice Systems only promote “public virtue” (Montesquieu). Promoting Socialism (slavery/theft) and promoting Vice (sodomy/theft/Marxism (groups)) and punishing Virtue (progressive tax,) will collapse civil society.

    When children are brainwashed in the Prussian “group think” factories, Virtue is destroyed. Virtue is instilled and habituated in the Natural Family where “thinking outside the box” (like a Ben Franklin, Lincoln, Mark Twain) will be natural and self-reliance and autonomy (individualism) is learned. Schools destroy individualism and creates cogs in the wheel (group “thinkers” who actually CAN’T think). No Wisdom from real life experiences and no Knowledge of the Great Books and Great minds of Western Civ-—like Jesus, Newton, Adam Smith, John Locke-—not allowed/ banned. Only Marxist ideology and Satanism (sodomy) is allowed to be promoted to our children..

    The current “system” is unconstitutional and destroying our children and instilling vice and “group think” (dependency with no possibility of Reason and Logic-—all emotional (feelings) are embedded-—Christians are haters/bigots, etc) erase all Traditionals and all Wisdom of the Ages.

  • Opinion: Capitalism is killing America’s morals, our future

    05/26/2015 8:15:00 AM PDT · 23 of 24
    nathanbedford to Oldeconomybuyer
    As Winston Churchill once observed about democracy, capitalism is the worst method of creating and sharing goods and resources-except for all the others.

    The professor complains that America is becoming immoral because it is capitalist but America is becoming crony capitalist because it is immoral. The more America resembles a corrupt oligarchic/socialistic/non-capitalistic South American economy, the more the author blames capitalism.

    It is not inequality of wealth which is the problem rather it is the lack of economic due process in acquiring wealth which is the problem. That is much a matter of political corruption not a matter entirely the fault of the free market.

    If the free market puts a value on things the author thinks by their nature ought not to be crassly valued according to money, he ought to consider that it is by a free-market that value is democratically determined. Until Lyndon Johnson healthcare was distributed mostly by the free market but since then we have abandoned that way of allocating our health care resources and we have suffered the very distortions of healthcare delivery which this author complains of. The distortions arose because the democratic process of the free market was blocked.

    Why should not education be a function of the free market? Nathan Bedford's Maxim: "the reform for failed socialism is invariably more socialism," is being played out before our eyes today concerning college tuition just as we see it in healthcare. Why is it that universities have priced themselves beyond their value in the market? Why should they not be brought into balance by the market?

    And so it goes. When we have elitists substituting their judgment for the brutally democratic process of the free market, we end up with the Jugo, with Amtrak, or with Obamacare. To make matters right we get less freedom and ultimately tyranny.

  • you walk in MY heavenly jurisdiction " GRACE" [charismatic caucus]

    05/26/2015 8:15:00 AM PDT · 1 of 1
  • Ukraine Tries Adapting to Life Without Lenin

    05/26/2015 8:14:53 AM PDT · 9 of 9
    SunkenCiv to ETL; elcid1970


  • Millionaire Ex-Presidents Can Pay Their Own Way

    05/26/2015 8:14:53 AM PDT · 10 of 11
    drypowder to Kaslin

    if the Clintons were not in a quid pro quo speech scam, no one would want to hear anything they have to say, let alone pay them a dime for their lies

  • It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too (extreme barf alert)

    05/26/2015 8:14:52 AM PDT · 7 of 13
    AndyTheBear to Huskrrrr

    Lol same thought

  • Canada helps block UN plan to rid world of nukes, citing defence of Israel

    05/26/2015 8:14:50 AM PDT · 1 of 1
  • Obama: I Have Been Called "The First Jewish President"

    05/26/2015 8:14:43 AM PDT · 182 of 182
    JustaCowgirl to Libloather

    He’s been called a lot of things at our house, but “the first Jewish President” wasn’t among them.

  • Roman Catholicism: The One True Church?

    05/26/2015 8:14:25 AM PDT · 526 of 526
    aMorePerfectUnion to Steelfish

    Thanks for including me in your ping list.

    Two items:

    1. I have yet to see you post your claimed “sacred traditions” list of the official traditions Paul referred to. Until you do, it is just a truth claim minus the supporting truth. Ping me when you post it.

    2. You wrote this funny statement:

    “It is no insult but rather an evident truth to say that there are shoals of fish that swim in these shallow waters who are ready bait for just about any of these self-ordained pastors and preachers. Hence the swarm of Joel Osteens, “Bishop” TD Jakes and pastors of first AME Churches. This is now a lucrative vocation for all of them.”

    May I remind you that a recent thread posting of statistics from CARA stated that less than 24% of Catholics even go to mass regularly in the US.

    Yet, they are “shallow” enough to call themselves Catholic.

    Those who attend services with your favorite straw men (always a logical fallacy in your posts) ACTUALLY SHOW UP SEEKING GOD.

    I submit to all reading this thread that those who seek God are not the “shallow” ones.

    Finally, aside from these two points, your post was a rehash of your favorite slogans that have already been examined and found lacking in depth multiple times.

    Really, I for one would favor a rigorous post filled with actual thought, facts, evidence and logic.

    Ironically, until you do this, you are calling others shallow while your posts are shallow. I challenge you to fix that and enter some deep waters here.


  • Obama: No, Iran Won’t Be More Dangerous with $150 Billion Dollars

    05/26/2015 8:14:22 AM PDT · 15 of 15
    SJackson to dennisw; Cachelot; Nix 2; veronica; Catspaw; knighthawk; Alouette; Optimist; weikel; Lent; GregB; ..
    Middle East and terrorism, occasional political and Jewish issues Ping List. High Volume

    If you’d like to be on or off, please FR mail me.


    Must have spent some time in the White House brewery this weekend.

  • It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too (extreme barf alert)

    05/26/2015 8:14:21 AM PDT · 6 of 13
    AndyTheBear to Zakeet

    Neville Chamberlain day?

  • Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good?

    05/26/2015 8:14:13 AM PDT · 109 of 109
    impimp to ealgeone

    Lets pretend that I am too dumb to read/understand John 6. Because we are pretending this how about we interpret John 6 the way 95% of literate people have for the past 2000 years - i.e. the Real Presence exists.

  • George Pataki to Announce Presidential Bid Thursday

    05/26/2015 8:14:10 AM PDT · 77 of 77
    1Old Pro to Bubba_Leroy
    He is running for a cabinet position.

    He's running for a paycheck and something to maintain his sense of importance.

  • Photo of eagle on Fort Snelling gravestone touches hearts, goes viral

  • Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good?

    05/26/2015 8:13:59 AM PDT · 108 of 109
    JPII Be Not Afraid to BlueDragon; ealgeone; terycarl; Salvation
    If you are going to copy/paste from elsewhere, PROVIDE A LINK!

    to be superfluous, for again -- that person asked nothing, made no inquiry.

    To say the Eucharist is not biblical, is an inquiry in my mind that needed an answer. Just because you don't believe the answer, doesn't mean Catholics are wrong, we have a reasoned faith and my answer stands as a reason to believe in the Eucharist.

    It's time that some Catholics around here began to LISTEN, instead of knee-jerk reflexively LECTURE.

    Why do I need to listen to you and just who is doing the lecturing? Listen to yourself, you sound like the liberals.

    If you notice all these attacks against the Catholic church are from sola scripture reasoned faiths. The point is you don't want to listen to our reasoned points because it is not in the bible, so you say. If we bring up a scripture you say, that's not what it means and point to some commentary somewhere to prove your point. Well, lets have a honest debate about sola scripture. If you truly believed in bible only, you would not have foot notes, commentary or anything else, because everything is supposed to be revealed to the individual by the Holy Spirit. If you then read footnotes and commentary you have put your interpretation in someone else's hand and therefore not necessarily a true interpretation. You then lose your sola scripture stance. Catholic's believe the Holy Spirit works through the church to help us come to understand what scripture means. I'll take 2000 years of deep thought and meditation on the scriptures by those who know and understand much more then I do.
  • Accepting the Reality That Hillary is Anything But Inevitable

    05/26/2015 8:13:50 AM PDT · 60 of 60
    dsc to Glock22

    “Those super-smart libs..........don’t know the difference between invoke and evoke. Yep, real smart.”

    Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself. (Sir A. C. Doyle.)

  • New Candidate Jolts Mexican Politics

    05/26/2015 8:13:49 AM PDT · 5 of 5
    headstamp 2 to jalisco555

    The “5 families” in Mexico City won’t allow it.

    Now imagine a Mexico where they couldn’t use the USA as their poverty “safety valve”.

  • Obama: I Have Been Called "The First Jewish President"

    05/26/2015 8:13:38 AM PDT · 181 of 182
    SJackson to dennisw; Cachelot; Nix 2; veronica; Catspaw; knighthawk; Alouette; Optimist; weikel; Lent; GregB; ..
    Middle East and terrorism, occasional political and Jewish issues Ping List. High Volume

    If you’d like to be on or off, please FR mail me.


    I find this comment quite bizarre. The first black President is white and the first Jewish President is unspecified from Christian parents.

    Was thinking of the first Jewish President's recent commentary regarding Netanyahu and his concern that Jews live here, but not there. In the context of the State Department's definition of anti-Semitism.

    He seems to clearly fit two of the examples

    What is Anti-Semitism Relative to Israel?

    Blaming Israel for all inter-religious or political tensions

    Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation

    A ongoing campaign of criticism of Bibi and Israel, relative to the "peace process as well as their elections, yet never a word about the unelected purveyors of hate and terror they're expected to negotiate with. Nor the Mullahs, nor Assad, nor the leaders of any terror group. Heck, we're working militarily in support of both Iran and Hizbollah.

  • It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too (extreme barf alert)

    05/26/2015 8:13:36 AM PDT · 5 of 13
    Huskrrrr to Zakeet

    National Neville Chamberlain Day?

  • Baltimore Bloodshed Continues; 28 Shot, 9 Dead Over Holiday Weekend

    05/26/2015 8:13:36 AM PDT · 31 of 31
    Lionheartusa1 to MeshugeMikey

    Baltimore is living proof that black lives really don’t matter to the politicians .

  • The Left Raves and Froths 'Biblical Law is THE threat to the USA'

    05/26/2015 8:13:19 AM PDT · 9 of 9
    Fester Chugabrew to lifeofgrace

    “Whenever the unclean spirits saw Jesus, they would fall down before Him and shout, ‘You are the Son of God! But He earnestly warned them not to tell who He was.” Mark 3:11-12

    Unclean spirits inhabit bodies, because it is bodies that fall down and shout. Those who do not have the Holy Spirit have an unclean spirit. There is no “Semi-Clean Spirit.” The proper confession and praise of God belongs in the hearts and on the lips of the sons of men who have the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is they who are given earnestly to confess who Jesus is. They do not fall down before Him and shout, but they bow down before Him and worship in reverence because He has redeemed them not with gold or silver, but with His holy, precious blood; His innocent suffering and death.

    Can the unclean spirits be numbered? Yes, because they are finite. Is their number increasing or decreasing? The Holy Spirit testifies by the Apostles and Evangelists that there will be an increase in unrighteousness in the latter days, so it stands to reason in general that unclean spirits will increase in number as well.

  • Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good?

    05/26/2015 8:13:12 AM PDT · 107 of 109
    RnMomof7 to impimp; metmom
    Still think it is fake magic?

    yep it is Hocus Pocus ..that cracker is still a cracker.. it is a fake magic show that has the audience convinced that it is real

    " this in memory of me.”

    The this was changing the passover from a remembrance of the Jews escaping slavery ( a type of Christ) to a remembrance of its fulfillment in Christ ...

    John 6 also deals with the passover Jesus and the Jewish crowd were on its way to the passover ..

  • While Rick Santorum Whines About Rules, Carly Fiorina Steps Up To GOP Debate Challenge

    05/26/2015 8:13:06 AM PDT · 28 of 28
    Georgia Girl 2 to Kaslin

    I don’t think anybody should be allowed on the debate stage who has not officially announced their candidacy. Hopefully by August 6th that won’t be an issue. If you have not announced by then you are not running.

  • George Pataki to Announce Presidential Bid Thursday

    05/26/2015 8:13:06 AM PDT · 76 of 77
    1Old Pro to nickcarraway
    Ignoring the polls and pundits, former New York Gov. George Pataki plans to announce Thursday that he’s joining the crowded Republican field for president.

    WHY? Because his invitations to join high paying corporate Board of Directors is drying up and his sense of self importance and his bank account need a lift. And of course he has no chance.

  • Millionaire Ex-Presidents Can Pay Their Own Way

    05/26/2015 8:13:00 AM PDT · 9 of 11
    pgyanke to Kaslin

    Do away with political pensions. There is no justification whatsoever for elected politicians to ride on the backs of their constituents for the remainder of their lives. None.

    Do some research on the history of Presidential and Congressional pensions and see how far we have fallen.

  • Accepting the Reality That Hillary is Anything But Inevitable

    05/26/2015 8:13:00 AM PDT · 59 of 60
    Attention Surplus Disorder to nathanbedford

    Very well said all around. I hope & pray you are right.

  • Roman Catholicism: The One True Church?

    05/26/2015 8:12:56 AM PDT · 525 of 526
    redleghunter to Steelfish; aMorePerfectUnion; WVKayaker
    The contradictions in these responses are apparent on their face. First we are told that there is no such thing as a “Protestant belief.” Although each one of the contrarian posts in essence gives his/her variant of scripture. kayaker is kind. He calls “Catholics” cultist. I wonder what term he’d use to describe the vapid rot spewed by the likes of David Koresh, Joel Osteen, Billy Graham and the rest of the crowd? Compared to this mudslide of “Protestant” beliefs the term cultist would be embraced by the early Church fathers, the saints, and martyrs who followed Petrine authority for eleven centuries before the heresy unleashed by the Reformation of 1517 that, like a cancel{sic} cell, has self divided itself into some 30,000 sects and is still keeps subdividing itself.

    You like to lump everyone not you onto the David Koresh band wagon. Here's an example of your approach.

    Sister Magdalena of the Cross -The nun who made a pact with the devil

    The renowned Franciscan nun who made a pact with SatanSister Magdalena of the Cross (Magdalena de la Cruz) was born in Córdoba (Cordova) in Andalusia, Spain in 1487. Named after the mystic St. Mary Magdalene, the one whom Church tradition remembers as the great "..sinner from whom Jesus had cast out seven demons.” (Mark 16:9), and who was also known for her extraordinary repentance. As for herself, Magdalena of the Cross too would one day become an extraordinary mystic, and later a repentant sinner, doing severe penances for her sins. Not even the great Saint Teresa of Avila would ever have as much prestige across Spain in her lifetime as Sr. Magdalena of the Cross! Her (apparent) outstanding piety and the miracles that she performed were known throughout Spain, and even much of Europe. So much so, that even the Emperor Charles V, the sovereign ruler of the Roman and Spanish Empire asked for a piece of the habit of Magdalena of the Cross to wrap around the future Prince Philip II at his birth, to give his royal son the "assistance of a living saint from birth, to envelop him in Divine grace." Incidentally, prince Phillip II later became the King of Spain in 1556.

    Little Magdalena's first visionBut for now, little Magdalena is just 5 years old, and she is already known in town for her remarkable devotion, which is out of the ordinary for a girl of her age. Not long after her fifth birthday, she is praying in Church when she hears music of remarkable sweetness. Then a beautiful young man, with thick, black hair appears to her, wearing a mantle so brilliant that she has to close her eyes. Hearing the story, some believe it to be Jesus. News of this event spreads throughout Córdoba, and many want to see little Magdalena.

    Sorting out the heavenly apparitions from the demonic onesThe difficulty that we will now have in sorting out Magdalena's early life story is that as with all the mystics and their mystical graces, there is often the influence and appearence of the demonic along with the heavenly apparitions. Like in the case of the Biblical Job, God allows the devil to tempt and even attack the mystics, to test their faith, love and devotion. This is the case with most every mystic. And with Magdalena, the task of discernement of her obvious mystical gifts and graces is even more difficult in her early years, because there definitely was a period where Magdalena demonstrated authentic piety and deep devotion, with the sincerity and simplicity of a child. But we know that she made a pact with the devil, so there must have been a point where the heavenly apparitions slowed or even ceased altogether, and the diabolic apparitions took over.

    But for now, little Magdalena is living a simple life with her family who were poor artisans, and while Magdalena remains of exemplary modesty and conduct, the visions continue, one after another, and as time goes on this attracts the attention of many; so much so that one day she flees her home to take refuge in a nearby cave, where she once again falls into ecstasy. When she awakens, she discovers that she has been miraculously transported back to her bed by her guardian angel.

    Miraculous cures. Soon, a person whom she believes to be Jesus appears to her and asks her to somewhat moderate her asceticism, so as not to compromise her fragile childhood health. He informs her that a great destiny awaits her, and that she will need her strength. She flies to the church to thank Jesus and on the way meets a man with a severe limp who asks her to lend him her hand to climb the Church steps. He has hardly climbed a few steps when he stands erect and with great surprise and excitement he dashes through the whole town crying out that he is healed!Magdalena herself goes into Church then falls into a deep ecstasy. Soon, someone comes in looking for her and realises that she is seeing a vision. Looking closely at her eyes, she sees in the reflection in her eyes the heavens and what seems to be the Holy Trinity surrounded by the Communion of Saints. Soon afterwards, like Jesus after the cure of the blind man, Magdalena is subjected to all sorts of interrogations to discover any subterfuge, none of which can apparently be found. Not long afterwards, a mute person also allegedly receives his speech through her intercession.

    Magdalena attempts to crucify herself. In 1497 at the age of ten, Magdalena is already quite beautiful, and in her purity she is very cautious to hide herself under long black dresses and skirts. Even so, she still finds herself too beautiful, and one day for penance she tries to crucify herself on the wall of her bedroom. She starts by nailing her two feet, then her left hand. Blood flows, and she faints from the atrocious pain. Her flesh tears and, falling heavily onto a chest, she breaks two ribs. Her parents call the doctor and he bandages all of her nail wounds, yet she is burning with desire to suffer terribly for the reparation of sins, and she repeatedly takes off the bandages, so as to suffer more. But this soon makes her very ill. -

    See more at:

  • How to Alienate Moderate Muslims

    05/26/2015 8:12:46 AM PDT · 25 of 27
    Buckeye McFrog to Biggirl
    How to Alienate Moderate Muslims

    Both of them??

  • When They Come for the Smaller Groups. . . .

    05/26/2015 8:12:42 AM PDT · 57 of 57
    truth_seeker to null and void

    Joseph Columbo started the “Italian-American Civil Rights League” as a means to have the public at large provide respectability, and cover for crimes by his organized criminal families.

    The membership at peak reached 100,000.

    Nonetheless Columbo was gunned down in public by a competing crime family member at a League event.

    Law Enforcement stayed focused on the criminal familes.

    I think it is naïve for non-criminal biker groups to voluntarily associate and therefore provide cover, respectability to the criiminals.

    Bandidos = criminal
    Cossacks = criminal

    Guess what? That was KNOWN before the confab, which police discouraged the restaurant owner from hosting.

    IOW law enforcement tried to avoid trouble. They next came to observe the event, for they continued to expect that there MIGHT be trouble.

    When they came for the Mafia, the other Italian Americans said “take them, all of them, they are not us.”

    The good biker groups should likewise say “take the criminals. Take them all. They are not us.”

    But apparently the good guys are so intimidated, they seemingly feel compelled to give the outlaws credibility, respectability and cover.

    What if they........stood up to the criminals?

    But, no articles like this suggest the cops are wrong, when it is the criminals that are wrong.

  • Self-driving trucks hit Nevada roads (video)

    05/26/2015 8:12:39 AM PDT · 8 of 8
    George from New England to RoosterRedux

    Sounds like it might be really easy to hijack or steal these type of trucks. !!

  • Mansions of the Lord -- West Point Glee Club

    05/26/2015 8:12:18 AM PDT · 23 of 23
    healy61 to afraidfortherepublic

    I thought I had seen this before. I had not. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good?

    05/26/2015 8:12:13 AM PDT · 106 of 109
    impimp to ealgeone

    At one time he was a Catholic priest, but then he became a heretic and then finally an apostate. At least that is what I think the record clearly shows.