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Keyword: antisemtism

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  • Mayor Garcetti Calls Downtown L.A. Mural ‘Shameful Act of Anti-Semitism’

    02/27/2019 12:15:15 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 37 replies
    KTLA ^ | 02/27/2019
    A mural that depicts a Grim Reaper wearing a cloak covered with Stars of David, holding what appears to be a dead baby and a missile, was blasted by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office as a “shameful act of anti-Semitism.” The mural is painted on a brick building that’s home to the Vortex, a 400-person event space in downtown Los Angeles.
  • Report: Fearing Attacks, Jews in German Town to Stop Wearing Yarmulkes

    11/29/2017 5:23:09 AM PST · by C19fan · 16 replies
    Breitbart ^ | November 29, 2017 | Simon Kent
    Attacks and insults on German Jews driven by Muslim youths have together forced a Jewish community to cease wearing the traditional skullcap, according to a local report. Members of a small Jewish community in the industrial city of Bochum will no longer wear individual kippahs (yarmulkes) because they draw attacks from Muslim youths, they announced earlier this month.
  • Convicted Palestinian Terrorist’s Wife to Speak at Clinton Global Initiative Dinner

    09/20/2016 4:30:59 PM PDT · by blueyon · 7 replies
    thewashingtonfreebeacon ^ | 9/20/16 | Cameron Cawthorne
    Palestinian teacher Hanan al-Hroub, who is scheduled to speak at a Clinton Global Initiative dinner on Tuesday, is receiving backlash from Republicans because her husband was convicted of participating in a terrorist attack in 1980 that killed six Israelis. Al-Hroub’s husband, Omar al-Hroub, was convicted for being an accomplice to a 1980 bombing that killed six Israelis who were walking home from Sabbath prayers on a Friday night. At the time, Omar was a chemist and helped provide chemicals to make the explosives. He went on to serve as a senior Palestinian official, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. After...
  • Anti-Semitic Bank Card Emerges in Norway

    09/02/2015 4:35:19 AM PDT · by SJackson · 8 replies
    Jewish Press ^ | September 2nd, 2015 | Hana Levi Julian
    A nasty anti-Semitic image turns up on a VISA debit card issued by the largest bank in Norway. Anti-Semitic DNB card sent in 'error' from Norway's A cartoon bearded Jewish man with a long hooked nose wearing yarmulka and a blue and white tallit (prayer shawl) is seen chuckling with hands held to his cheeks in mirth. The caricature is set against a background of golden coins gleaming like treasure on the entire rest of the card. The message is very clear: Jews control money. An Australian citizen living in Norway who ordered the card claims that when he received...
  • Syrian Commentator: Zionists Burned Jordanian Pilot, Just Like They Knead Passover Matzos with Blood

    02/14/2015 2:10:32 PM PST · by DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis · 36 replies
    MEMRI TV ^ | Feb 6, 2015 | Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)
    Syrian commentator Hussam Shoei'b recently said that the immolation of the Jordanian pilot was "a clear demonstration of the barbarity of the Zionist entity," adding: "In the past, they used to knead [Passover] matzos with human blood and eat them." The statement was made on Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV on February 6, 2015. Hussam Shoei'b: "What is being done by all these criminal gangs - ISIS Jabhat Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham, and all these groups with their Islamic names - cannot even be labeled 'Israeli.' It is downright Talmudic. The immolation of the Jordanian pilot is a clear demonstration of the barbarity...
  • Caroline Glick Just Made Sure that Every European Ambassador Will Think Twice...

    12/17/2014 9:45:15 AM PST · by Impala64ssa · 11 replies
    ...Before Opening Their Mouth Glick’s Senior Contributing Editor responds resolutely to the Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr’s statement that Israel is better than the Palestinians and therefore being judged by different standards. It almost sounds like a compliment until Ms. Glick takes apart his premise and expalains why his statement is profusely antisemitic. We need more advocates like Caroline Glick. More young people need to learn the facts and continue to defend Israel knowledgably.
  • Obama will end Zionist control of America, declares Jesse Jackson

    10/15/2008 6:39:06 AM PDT · by Victory111 · 14 replies · 543+ views
    Cross Action News ^ | 10-15-08 | Israel Today Staff
    Controversial US religious figure Jesse Jackson on Tuesday told the first World Policy Forum in France that if elected president, Barack Obama will throw off the shackles of what he called “Zionist” control of American policy. In remarks carried by The New York Post, Jackson claimed that powerful “Zionists” and “Zionist” lobbies have for decades forced consecutive US governments to “put Israel’s interests first” when forming policy regarding the Middle East.
  • Human Rights Nightmare

    Mr. President, Six decades ago, in the aftermath of the Nazi horrors, Eleanor Roosevelt, Réné Cassin and other eminent figures gathered here, on the banks of Lake Geneva, to reaffirm the principle of human dignity. They created the Commission on Human Rights. Today, we ask: What has become of their noble dream? In this session we see the answer. Faced with compelling reports from around the world of torture, persecution, and violence against women, what has the Council pronounced, and what has it decided? Nothing. Its response has been silence. Its response has been indifference. Its response has been criminal....
  • Mary, 'Palestinian refugee'

    Mary, 'Palestinian refugee' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: December 30, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern By Joseph Farah -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © 2006 When it comes to the politicization of the Christmas story, I thought I had seen it all. But the London Independent's shameless mischaracterization of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as "a Palestinian refugee" takes the proverbial cake. The story by Johann Hari published Dec. 23 begins: "In two days, a third of humanity will gather to celebrate the birth pains of a Palestinian refugee in Bethlehem – but two millennia later, another mother in another glorified stable in this rubble-strewn, locked down...
  • McKinney Staffer Claims He Was Fired for Being Jewish

    08/18/2006 9:29:14 PM PDT · by LdSentinal · 20 replies · 1,287+ views
    FOX News ^ | 8/18/06
    This is a partial transcript from "Hannity & Colmes," August 17, 2006, that has been edited for clarity. SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: In the wake of losing her congressional seat to challenger Hank Johnson, last week Cynthia McKinney supporters and staff erupted in violence and anti-Semitic rage outside of her campaign headquarters. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mother (expletive deleted) crackers. Go on in there. You got what you damn wanted. You got your Uncle Tom. Go put the cameras on him. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You ain't in Israel. This ain't no Lebanese people that's going to back on up. You're going...
  • The Jihad Against Joe ( jews ONLY care about the welfare of other jews)

    08/09/2006 4:31:57 AM PDT · by IrishMike · 17 replies · 1,267+ views
    NY Sun ^ | August 9, 2006 | Editorial
    As these columns went to press last night, it was still too early to call a victor in Connecticut's Senate primary. One thing is sure despite the outcome, however: Senator Lieberman confronted more than just a hard-fought campaign. He was up against a jihad. If Mr. Lieberman is celebrating a victory this morning, it's a sign that there is still room for moderation in the Democratic Party. But any celebration will be clouded by the vitriol, resembling a perverse kind of religious fervor, he had to overcome. The portent for the party's future will be only more troubling if Senator...
  • The new anti-Semitism

    08/04/2006 8:28:14 PM PDT · by LdSentinal · 138 replies · 1,859+ views ^ | 8/4/06 | Linda Chavez
    Actor and director Mel Gibson is in trouble with the Jewish community again. In 2004, Gibson produced a movie based on the death of Jesus, The Passion of the Christ, which was both highly successful and controversial. Many people felt the movie depicted Jews in hateful stereotypes and would stir up anti-Semitism among Christians, who were the film's target audience. But even for those who rejected claims that The Passion was anti-Semitic (as I did when the film came out), Gibson's vicious tirade against Jews a few days ago when he was arrested for drunken driving leaves little doubt about...
  • 52 Reasons To Stop Mowing (Zot a la Gallagher)

    07/25/2006 6:58:41 AM PDT · by fruitarian108 · 420 replies · 6,084+ views
    Fruitarian Network ^ | 1973 first version | Nonmowing Coalition
    52 REASONS NOT TO MOW 37 WAYS TO HELP TREES Please download with 100% cotton, rice, recycled, or scrap paper Ron Howard, director of A Beautiful Mind and many other films,made his first film at age 8.. an anti mowing film which showed the nature of mowers' attacks on lawns. Art Buchwald: People shouldn't be judged by the length of their grass. In 2003 through now, the world has seen floods, famine, fire, mudslides, hurricanes, tornados and other disasters created by the unprecedented destruction of trees around the world. Trees are nature's weather stabilizers. We need trillions of trees.. new...
  • Hi - I'm new here and like to post random items I receive in email, please don't ZOT me.

    06/10/2006 4:25:12 PM PDT · by concernedcitizenusa · 95 replies · 6,860+ views
    snopes ^ | 6-10-2006 | ConcernedCitizenUSA
  • Malvo and the War Debate (ZOT!!! Why not to go off antipsychotic meds without a doctor’s guidance)

    05/29/2006 6:48:25 AM PDT · by DanPride · 80 replies · 4,217+ views
    Me | Today | Dan Pride
    I am curious why none of the media covers the most important aspect of the Malvo shootings. If you look at Newspapers on the dates when the shootings are underway you discover something I find quite interesting. The shootings begin to dominate the news the day before the debate on the Iraq war starts and they catch them the day after the declaration of war??? If you ask most people "do you remember the debate about starting the second Iraq war", they will all answer "yes of course". But if you followup with the question "name one point in the...
  • What is a FReeper? (zot)

    05/30/2006 12:41:24 PM PDT · by Uddercha0s · 183 replies · 7,024+ views
    5/30/06 | Uddercha0s
    I recently received a reply to a post that stated: "This should be beneath a "freeper". Sad." So I asked.. what is it that makes a FReeper? My reply (and I will admit was tasteless) was also questioning. It stirred controversy and was removed? Why Moderators? Can you not tell me? Did it not meet with your "FReeper" mentality? According to all posted guidelines it should be listed but no, you chose to delete it. Yes.. I'm the first one IBTZ, I'm sure you'll nick me for speaking up..
  • Communism and human nature (Bolshie Mod sez, Arise ye kittens of the earth!)

    04/05/2005 10:50:57 AM PDT · by Sammy sam · 153 replies · 8,234+ views
    Many argue that communism will never be possible because of "human nature". The essence of this false argument is the belief that a communist society would consist of an all-powerful central government that would tell everybody what to do--and would therefore undermine the creative initiative of individuals and the search for happiness. • This argument is based on two false assumptions: (1) It assumes that a communist society will look like the former Soviet Union, or the current China, North Korea, etc (ie: corrupt police states with a feudal-style ruling class) (2) It assumes that people will only work in...
  • why do you guys keep banning me? (Zot! Because we can) (Juwish modz totally rewl!)

    06/30/2004 10:19:24 AM PDT · by jj_fate · 65,602 replies · 239,374+ views
    why do people keep banning me everytime I put up interesting articles? I work for a website I think some of you are familiar with called phantirath weekly world news and each time we put somthing up on FR no matter how conservative it is it keeps getting banned. Whats the matter with it?! Damn man what are you marxist socialists communists? I just got a call this mroning from a Juwish friend of mine who said that you banned an important article about Zionism and Noam Federman and about how we were to support israel. I thought you guys...
  • Remember Rachel (Corrie's back from the dead Alert!!)

    03/24/2004 11:31:25 PM PST · by PeaceCorpsGuy · 50 replies · 424+ views
    Arab-American Institute ^ | March 19, 2004 | James Zogby
    Remembering Rachel A year ago, Rachel Corrie was killed while defending Palestinian homes from destruction in Gaza. The world was shocked. A resolution has been introduced in the House of Representatives commemorating her death, expressing sympathy for Rachel’s loved ones, and calling for an independent investigation, but it is stalled. On the anniversary of her death this week, newspapers around the nation featured editorials commemorating Rachel Corrie. The exception was the Wall Street Journal… Simply Disgraceful An appalling piece in the Wall Street Journal this week written by Israeli translator, editor, and writer Ruhama Shattan. Its sole purpose is to...
  • House bill stalls calling for probe of Corrie's death

    03/17/2004 5:00:26 AM PST · by veronica · 53 replies · 1,175+ views
    <p>Today, more than 27 cities across the United States -- including Olympia and Seattle -- will host events to remember and celebrate Rachel Corrie's life and work.</p> <p>WASHINGTON -- Chances seem dim for a U.S. investigation into the death of The Evergreen State College student Rachel Corrie, who was killed trying to stop an Israeli Army bulldozer from demolishing a Palestinian home last year. The Israeli government called her death an accident and ruled out charging the soldiers involved in Corrie's March 16, 2003, death.</p>