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  • Evidence of early medieval Muslim graves found in France

    02/27/2016 1:48:27 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 13 replies
    Archaeological and genetic analysis may indicate that three skeletons buried in medieval graves in France may have been Muslim, according to a study published February 24, 2016 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Yves Gleize from the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap) and University of Bordeaux, France, Fanny Mendisco from University of Bordeaux, France, and colleagues. The rapid Arab-Islamic conquest during the early Middle Ages led to major political and cultural changes in the Mediterranean. Although the early medieval Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula is well documented, scientists have less evidence of the Muslim expansion...
  • The Children of Hannibal (MICHAEL J. TOTTEN)

    12/17/2012 11:22:08 PM PST · by neverdem · 5 replies
    City Journal ^ | Autumn 2012 | MICHAEL J. TOTTEN
    The rich heritage of Tunisia, maybe the only place where the Arab Spring stands a chance Modern-day Tunisians, more Westernized than most Arabs, see themselves as descendants of the great Carthaginian general who invaded Italy. The Arab Spring began in Sidi Bouzid, a small Tunisian town, at the end of 2010. In a desperate protest against the corrupt and oppressive government that had made it impossible for him to earn a living, food-cart vendor Mohamed Bouazizi stood before City Hall, doused himself with gasoline, and lit a match. His suicide seeded a revolutionary storm that swept the countryside and eventually...
  • There They Go Again, Those Arab Racists

    11/17/2006 5:18:23 PM PST · by Fred Nerks · 19 replies · 644+ views
    Arutz Sheva website ^ | Jul 15, '04 / 26 Tammuz 5764 | by Ariel Natan Pasko
    There they go again. The story is so old already. Arab militia or Arab army or Arab terrorist attacks non-Arab. Or was that Muslim fanatic attacks non-Muslim? This time, it's happening in Sudan. While we're sitting and talking, probably a few hundred more black Africans in Sudan have starved to death, or been brutally killed, raped, enslaved, or simply pushed off their land by 7th century Arab imperialist invaders, or more rightly "Arab settlers". Oh yes, that's right. "Arab settlers". Like the ones Saddam Hussein brought into Kurdistan - i.e., the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq - in the 1970s...
  • 'Arab Spring': The chilly cruel winter reality of Arab racism and Islamic bigotry

    10/23/2011 2:57:37 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 15 replies
    'Arab Spring': The chilly cruel winter reality of Arab racism and Islamic bigotry Not that ethnic racism and religious bigotry weren't rampant before the so-called "Arab spring" sprung about. But the intolerance tide seems to be only worsening, and without an Arab dictator to "hold" various factions together, vulnerability expand, risks rise. --- RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY: As the D.B. puts it: "Violence Against Egypt's Copts in an Intolerant Arab Spring.. The elephant in the room of the Arab Spring is now the mistreatment of minority communities—Christians and others—across the Arab world." FPM asks: Hillary Clinton Promises to Save Egypt's Christians? ......
  • Libyan Berbers cherish shared history with Jews-Jews are welcome to return to the new Libya

    07/25/2011 5:01:26 PM PDT · by SJackson · 20 replies
    AFP ^ | 7-25-11 | Deborah Pasmantier
    YAFRAN, Libya — For centuries, Jews lived among the Berbers of Yafran, observing the Sabbath at the synagogue of Ghriba, but they suddenly left 63 years ago, and their land in Libya remains untouched. Every hamlet around Yafran bears the mark of the Libyan Jews, who arrived in the country 2,300 years ago and, until their departure soon after Israel's creation in 1948, constituted half the city's population. Everywhere, the ruins of their homes still cling to the mountainside. Some were lived in, others subsumed by the Berber population. Time has taken its toll, but the houses remain untouched and...
  • 12 years for Algerian musician's alleged killers

    07/22/2011 2:50:12 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 3 replies
    Google News ^ | July 18, 2011 | AFP
    ...12-year jail terms to two men convicted of killing popular Algerian singer Lounes Matoub, an avid Berber campaigner... gunned down aged 42 near the Kabylie region's capital Tizi Ouzou... June 25, 1998... their lawyers, along with the singer's family, demanded the "real" perpetrators be identified... the artist's sister Malika Matoub... demanded that Hassan Hattab, a leader of the armed extremist Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, who claimed responsibility for the killing, appear in court instead... Matoub's murder caused an uproar in Algeria and came during a civil war between Islamic extremists and the security forces. Matoub's widow Nadia has...
  • Non-Arab and/or non-Muslims in the "Arab" world [Racist Arabism and bigoted Islamism]

    05/07/2009 5:36:49 PM PDT · by Masti · 270+ views
    Non-Arab and/or non-Muslims in the "Arab" worldOne key element missing from the discussion is the question of non-Arab and/or non-Muslims in the "Arab" world.  The Arab nationalists have succeeded in establishing some 23 non-democratic, ethnically (Arab) and religiously (Islam) defined nation-states in over 1 million square miles of territory, often at the expense of non-Arabs, such as the Kurds (Muslims, non-Arabs), Assyrians (Christians, non-Arabs), Copts (Christians, non-Arabs), southern Sudanese (Christian and pagan non-Arabs), Maronite Lebanese (Christian and mostly identified with their Phoenician ancestors) and Mizrahi Jews.  Arab nationalist ideology claims all this territory exclusively as "Arab" despite the legitimate claims...
  • [An Islamist propagadnist "activist" asks:] 'Berbers, Where Do You Stand on "Palestine"?

    02/26/2009 10:03:23 PM PST · by Masti · 8 replies · 500+ views
    memri ^ | January 15, 2009
    'Berbers, Where Do You Stand on "Palestine"?' Moroccan Islamist Daily: "Amazighs of Morocco, Where Do You Stand on Palestine?" On January 15, the Moroccan pro-Hamas Islamist daily Al-Tajdid published a column by Hassan Bouikhf titled "Amazighs of Morocco, Where Do You Stand on Palestine?" The article took to task Berber activist groups that did not show support for the Palestinians in Gaza: February 26, 2009 No. 2262 Columnist Ahmed 'Asid: We Don't March Because Islamists and Pan-Arabists Have Monopolized the Public SphereColumnist Ahmed 'Asid responded to Al-Tajdid's accusations in the Moroccan Bayan Al-Yawm daily on January 23, 2009: "…We know...
  • Fascism in the Arab world - Pan-Arabism, etc. (Part 4)

    01/29/2009 7:24:28 PM PST · by PRePublic · 1 replies · 521+ views
    Fascism in the Arab world - Pan-Arabism, etc. (Part 4)   Colonial Citizens: Republican Rights, Paternal Privilege... by Elizabeth Thompson - 2000 - History - 402 pages...pan Syrianism... pan Arabism... najjada... Lebanese...The fascist nature of the groups   The Baath Party and FascismThe Ba’ath Party and Fascism. (Leadership Cult). ...Unity has taken the form of a pan- Arabism that envisions the elimination of artificial boundaries fixed by imperial powers after the First World War and the foundation of a single Arab State. The nationalism of the Ba'ath calls for an unquestioning faith: a questioning of reason, a doubting of Party...
  • More on devilish racist pan-Arabism - in books

    10/31/2008 4:22:51 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 1 replies · 286+ views
    The Middle East - Page 89 by Library Information and Research Service - Middle East - 1999 After Sayyid Jamal, in Arabic countries and especially in Egypt, many individuals were found who, by leaning on racism, Arabism and pan-Arabism, ... New Road for France - Page 30 by Jacques Soustelle, Benjamin Protter - Political Science - 1965 - 278 pagesIsrael and French Algeria were... two barriers against which the totalitarian wave.. embodied by Nasser... a dictatorial pseudo-state type was created in Algeria, firmly tied to a single party, dominated by the racist ideology of a Nasser-type pan-Arabism and by the...
  • Berbers claim their rights in 'Arab' Morocco

    06/21/2008 9:51:30 PM PDT · by forkinsocket · 3 replies · 78+ views
    The Earth Times ^ | 22 Jun 2008 | Staff
    Rabat, Morocco - Some years ago, a visitor to the Moroccan capital Rabat was unlikely to be reminded of the nation's Amazigh (Berber) component by other than touristic details such as water sellers in colourful costumes, with their brass cups and jangling bells. Today, however, researchers interested in the Amazigh people can visit the imposing building housing the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM) in a sign that the authorities' traditional lack of interest is giving way to a more inclusive attitude. "Amazigh culture is part of the Moroccan national heritage," IRCAM director Ahmed Boukouss says in his large office...
  • Al-Qaeda exploits anger in Algeria's Kabylie

    06/05/2008 4:21:48 PM PDT · by forkinsocket · 60+ views
    Middle East Online ^ | 2008-06-05 | Lamine Chikhi
    The mountains of northern Algeria have long sheltered outlaws, but it's not just rugged terrain that draws Al-Qaeda to ravines and forests. The local Berber people's alienation from the Arab-dominated government of the OPEC member makes the steep slopes of Kabylie a congenial base for the toughest rebel force in north Africa. That reality means blind eyes are sometimes turned to the guerrilla outsiders' presence by a population that shares little of their religious fundamentalist ideology. Diplomats say the resulting denial of intelligence to the state poses a transnational security threat that extends from Kabylie, just 90 minutes' drive east...
  • Arab-Berber clashes shake Algeria town

    05/18/2008 4:36:24 PM PDT · by forkinsocket · 7 replies · 113+ views
    Reuters ^ | 18 May 2008 | Lamine Chikhi
    BERIANE, Algeria (Reuters) - Hundreds of Algerian security forces were deployed in the town of Beriane on Sunday to try to end three nights of clashes between Arabs and minority Berbers, the worst urban unrest in the OPEC producer in months. Residents said two people, including a 67-year-old, man have been killed and dozens made homeless since the disturbances involving rival gangs of hooded young men broke out in this north Saharan town of about 35,000 on Thursday evening. "They burn our houses, steal and kill. The hatred has made them blind," Slimane Baaziz, 51, a member of the Mozabite...
  • Moroccan court bans pro-Israeli Berber party

    04/18/2008 12:39:03 AM PDT · by forkinsocket · 5 replies · 190+ views
    The Earth Times ^ | 17 Apr 2008 | Staff
    Rabat - A Moroccan court Thursday banned an Amazigh party on the grounds that the law did not allow parties based on religion, language or ethnicity, judicial sources said Thursday. The court in Rabat confirmed the earlier decision of the Interior Ministry, which had refused to recognize the Democratic Amazigh Moroccan Party (PDAM), which had been established in July. None of the other parties showed solidarity towards the PDAM, largely because the party had championed the full normalization of Morocco's relations with Israel. The founder of the PDAM, Ahmed Dgharni, sparked a scandal in December by visiting Tel Aviv for...
  • Berbers, Islam & Christianity

    01/17/2008 7:33:36 AM PST · by forkinsocket · 54 replies · 686+ views
    New English Review ^ | 17 January 2008 | Hugh Fitzgerald
    No mystery as to why Christian missionaries might be having their greatest success in the Kabyle. In Algeria, that remains the Berber heartland. It is where the Berbers, that is those who were not forcibly transformed, during the centuries of Arab rule (interrupted by 132 years of French rule) into "Arabs" (how many of those "Arabs" who now persecute the Berbers realize that they themselves are a generation, or two, or five removed from their clearly Berber origins?) The cause of the Berbers is hardly known in this country. The writer Kateb Yacine, a Berber who refused to write in...
  • Arabism - 101

    07/01/2007 2:22:03 PM PDT · by Posting · 293+ views
    Arabism Equals Racism Kurdish people in Syria has been subjected to racist Arabist policies ... social backwardness and the repression of non-Arab nations and minorities Saddam: New Middle East’s Aurora America’s lethal enemy: Pan-Arabism br>A free Iraqi, free of the mental pestilence of Pan-Arabism. He was free of any criminal intimidation expressed by any criminal bogus-ambassador of a Pan-Arabist tyranny! And the verdict was a victory for the long tyrannized peoples of that land... - at its Most Ugly“Eurabia” Defined Arab and Islamic anti-Israeli propaganda, barely disguised in academic and ... and geopolitics of Euro-Arabism; in this...
  • The myth of 'all Arabs being natives in all of the middle east' (Arabism)

    01/02/2007 6:45:54 PM PST · by PRePublic · 436+ views
    The all out myth of 'all Arabs being natives in all of the middle east'     A myth that terrorists which have far greater ambitions such as to Islamize the entire region if not the entire world or racist local Arabization, have been using it (still do) to the loss of so many lives among Israelis, 'Palestinians', but it is a tool in the wider Arab land to fuel bitterness at the entire west, (with historic colonialists like Great Britain, France, Belgium, etc. in mind).   To be true to history, the Berbers were before the other Arabs...
  • Algerian Berber Dissidents Promote Programs for Secularism and Democracy in Algeria

    10/06/2006 6:17:17 AM PDT · by Valin · 5 replies · 232+ views
    MEMRI ^ | 10/6/06
    Since the "Berber Spring" of 1980, the Kabylie region in northern Algeria has often been the center of agitation for political reform in the country. Two groups from Kabylie have recently launched ambitious programs for political reform. The Arouch Citizens' Movement, a non-parliamentary association of popular councils that arose in the aftermath of clashes with security forces in 2001, adopted, at a conference held September 21-22, the Memorandum for a Democratic and Social Republic in Algeria. The memorandum calls for democratic reform, separation of religion and state, and granting Amazigh (Berber) the status of a national language alongside Arabic. The...
  • Racist Arab & Islamic Iranian Quotes towards Africans

    09/21/2006 2:52:37 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 1 replies · 1,753+ views
    Racist Arab arab quotes Posted By: SopdetDate: 20, August 02, at 6:56 a.m. Arab/Iranian/Indian views on black Africans during the medieval era "In both Arab and Iranian Islamic writings, blacks are accused of being stupid, untruthful, vicious, cowardly, sexually unbridled, ugly and distorted, excessively merry, and easily affected by food and drink." Minoo Southgate, 1984, Negative Images of Blacks in Some Medieval Iranian Writings Arabs called African Blacks (typically East Africans) the 'Zanj'. Most Arab writers who spoke disparagingly of black Africans had never traveled to subSaharan Africa. Many of their tales were based on hearsay. In the Arab...
  • Islamofascism, the broader, deeper & wider reality - How radical Islam makes you into a fascist!

    06/17/2006 10:56:58 PM PDT · by NeoOldCon · 1 replies · 1,471+ views
    How [radical] Islam makes one into a fascist, whether you are Arab, black, etc. The broader view of the deep & wide reality of Islamofascism What do the Arab Muslim massacre in NYC WTC, The Pakistani Muslim bombing in London, the Arab Muslim bombing in Madrid, an Indonesian attack on Australians in Bali, an Arab Muslim racist attack on an ordinary Jew in Paris, Arabs' onslaught in the genocide campaign in Sudan, WW2's Bosnian Muslims attacking Christian Serbs, Jordanian Arab murderer: Zarqawi that seperated (Nazi style) between Shiite & Sunni kids on a bus, Arab slave masters in Mauritania, a...