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  • Wait—I’m Not Quite Through

    07/30/2013 11:54:38 PM PDT · by servo1969 · 12 replies ^ | 7-31-2013 | Neal Boortz
    Yesterday published a column by yours truly that, by all accounts, was well received by Townhall readers. The topic was the leftist attack on McDonalds over minimum wage issues. You can read that column here. Usually I take a hike for a while after submitting column to Townhall. Too much of my insensitivity can cause emotional problems among proggies, and I am, after all, a compassionate man. Besides, I don’t want to wear out my welcome here. Well, here we are .. the day after .. and I just have to chime in with more on this McDonald’s minimum...
  • The Zimmerman Verdict (Neal's Nuze)

    07/15/2013 8:18:29 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 3 replies ^ | 7-15-2013 | Neal Boortz
    Not that my opinions here mean anything more than anyone else’s, but I did want to put as many of my thoughts on the George Zimmerman trial down on paper (so to speak) before we all get caught up in the next controversy. So here goes ……. First, I want to share the perspective I bring to this. We each have a unique story, but you may find mine a bit unusual. I grew up in a military family; Marine brat. Right up until my junior year in high school I lived on a Marine Corps air station, or in...
  • Why the Benghazi Cover-Up is Not the Next Watergate

    05/08/2013 10:03:39 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 54 replies
    Townhall ^ | 05/08/2013 | Neil Boortz
    Here we go. The House Oversight Committee hearings on Benghazi begin today, and do you know what we’re going to learn? We’re going to learn that 0bama and Hillary Clinton were informed almost immediately that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was being waged by Islamic jihadists connected to al Qaeda. Then we’re going to learn that 0bama and Hillary immediately went into protective mode … protecting 0bama’s reelection efforts and Hillary’s chances for 2016. 0bama had a narrative to protect. His diplomatic efforts in the Middle East had brought about a new era of cooperation and peace, right? Al...
  • Obama Fail!

    04/18/2013 3:30:29 PM PDT · by servo1969 · 12 replies ^ | 4-18-2013 | Neal Boortz
    You know what it comes down to, Barry-0? People don’t trust you. Simple as that. Oh … certainly you do have your supporters. It’s not that NOBODY trusts you .... just most productive Americans above the median IQ. The moochers, leaches and parasites still trust you … they trust you to keep forking over the government checks. When the checks stop coming … when they find that a change of regimes in Washington will necessitate their actually becoming marginally productive again … their fealty to their long-gone here, the great and powerful 0bama, will fade to resentment and scorn. Your...
  • Former 'Superintendent Of The Year' Could Go To Prison For 45 Years

    04/03/2013 6:49:07 AM PDT · by blam · 38 replies
    TBI ^ | 4-3-2013 | Rebecca Baird-Remba
    Former 'Superintendent Of The Year' Could Go To Prison For 45 Years Rebecca Baird-RembaApril 2, 2013, 6:13 PM Dr. Beverly Hall arrives for her last school board meeting in 2011. Thirty-five Atlanta educators were indicted last week for allegedly participating in a cheating conspiracy involving one of America's most storied school superintendents. Retired Atlanta schools chief Beverly Hall was named "National Superintendent of the Year" in 2009 and had previously headed troubled school districts in New York and Newark. She was credited with rescuing the struggling Atlanta school system and helping it meet testing standards set by the Bush-era No...
  • Will President Obama Sit Down With Me To Discuss the FairTax?

    02/08/2013 8:17:59 AM PST · by Kaslin · 24 replies ^ | February 8, 2013 | Neal Boortz
    When someone says “First Amendment” you immediately think about your right to free speech, or perhaps freedom of religion. The First Amendment actually goes beyond that. For those of you who attended government schools, it’s time for a refresher. Here’s the actual wording: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Most people have a handle on the free speech, freedom of religion...
  • Now playing the role of George Washington… Neal Boortz?

    01/14/2013 5:39:34 PM PST · by Starman417 · 5 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 01-14-13 | Vince
    Neal Boortz will be calling it quits this week after 42 years in the radio business. He timed his exit to ensure that if Barack Obama was reelected he (Obama) would not have another dollar of his (Boortz’s) income tax dollars to spend. As he rides off into the sunset to play golf, drive around in the Boortzmobile, and most importantly, visit Disney World, we are all left to wonder what the future might hold. If you’ve ever listened to him, you know that Neal can be acerbic, pointed, and frankly, sometimes downright mean. But at the same time he...
  • Farewell, Mr. Boortz

    01/10/2013 12:48:35 PM PST · by Kaslin · 35 replies ^ | January 10, 2013 | Matt Towery
    For my money, the single most talented voice in the modern history of talk radio is retiring later this month. Not "one of" the most talented -- the most talented. Neal Boortz began his career in radio while in college at Texas A&M, but his long stint in commercial radio started as one of the many individuals he would, over the years to follow, continually cut off: opinionated callers. Boortz in the late 1960s was a frequent caller to a local Atlanta talk show, and when the host died unexpectedly, he went from brash caller to brash host. But Boortz's...
  • If I Were The Speaker Of The House

    01/03/2013 7:46:17 AM PST · by sheikdetailfeather · 15 replies ^ | Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013 | Neal Boortz
    And as we get into this, let’s remember that if frogs had wings they wouldn’t bump their ass every time they jumped. Got it? OK ….. We learned yesterday from Jamie Dupree that there is no Constitutional requirement for the Speaker of the House to actually be a member! In other words, the Republicans could make Jessica Simpson the Speaker today if they wished to .. and frankly she would probably do a better job than the weak-kneed man we have in there right now, and attendance at her press conferences would certainly go up. But Jessica is pregnant and...
  • We Have a Problem -- A Real Problem

    12/14/2012 9:19:17 AM PST · by NotchJohnson · 19 replies
    Nealz Nuze ^ | 12/14/2012 | Neal Boortz
    No .. I’m not talking about the fiscal cliff, nor am I talking about the almost $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities we face as a nation. Iran and a nuke? Yeah .. that’s serious all right, but I’m told that we are messin’ with Iran right now in ways that you couldn’t even imagine – ways that could derail their nuclear plans for some time to come. Is the real problem our sagging economy? An oncoming second recession? The growth of government dependency? Sure … all of those are problems and all are difficult to deal with … but they...
  • Nealz Nuze Exclusive: Election Prediction

    11/01/2012 11:52:24 AM PDT · by NotchJohnson · 76 replies
    Nealz Nuze ^ | 11/01/2012 | Neal Boortz
    NEALZ NUZE EXCLUSIVE: My Prediction For The Election In less than one week we’re going to know who won the election. My prediction is – and I’m sorry to say it – that next Wednesday, productive, freedom-loving Americans are going to be faced with the reality of four more years of Barack Obama. That’s my prediction. I hope I’m wrong. But I fear that I won’t be wrong because the entitlement mentality is so strong in this country, and the Democrats have been working so hard for four years to create as much government dependency as they could: We’ve been...
  • Boortz Final Bow--Campaigning For Obama?

    10/13/2012 9:38:41 AM PDT · by Happy Rain · 41 replies
    In his final days, icon radiomouth Neal A. Boortz is doing his best to go out without class. Last night he spent some time insulting pro-life conservatives with the same homicide rationalizing talking points we hear ad nauseum from the misanthropic Left--gee, do you think anyone who listens to his pro abortion rants are tempted to vote for the GOP ticket? Is Obama on his knees under his desk? Or is senility finally taking it's toll?
  • National Radio Legend Neal Boortz Passes the Torch

    06/04/2012 6:02:54 AM PDT · by TomServo · 69 replies
    Peach Pundit ^ | 6/4/12 | Charlie
    Neil Boortz will announce on his program this morning that he will be retiring in January. He will pass his seat over to longtime friend Herman Cain who thinks “they” think you’re stupid. WSB appears to have accidentally released the announcment on their website, where a cached version of the announcement says it is set to post at 10:07 am this morning. Of Boortz’s news, it says:Today national radio talk show host Neal Boortz announced live on his program that he’s retiring from his daily show and passing the torch to his friend and colleague, Herman Cain. His last day...
  • Texas A&M Commencement Address

    05/31/2012 1:12:11 PM PDT · by Why So Serious · 13 replies
    Neal Boortz
    Texas A&M Commencement Address - The students gave a standing ovation; the faculty were deathly silent! Neal Boortz is a Texan, a lawyer, a Texas Aggie (Texas A&M) graduate, and now a nationally syndicated talk show host from Atlanta . His commencement address to the graduates of a recent Texas A&M class is far different from what either the students or the faculty expected. Whether you agree or disagree, his views are certainly thought provoking. "I am honored by the invitation to address you on this august occasion. It's about time. Be warned, however, that I am not here to...
  • OK ... some of you are really ticked at me

    03/08/2012 6:17:49 PM PST · by SolRosenburg · 75 replies
    Neal Nuze ^ | 03/08/2012 | Neal Boortz
    Sorry .. mea culpa. Somehow I missed the memo detailing how my primary function on the radio is to say things that you will all agree with so that nobody will get mad at me. Now, from the looks of the email and Twitter, some of you don’t like me very much at all. Most of you I don’t know personally … so I’ll survive. Some of the folks that are, shall we say, royally pissed, are friends. Now that hurts. But I’ve always been honest with both my friends and my listeners on how I feel about the issues...

    01/26/2012 8:46:40 AM PST · by SWAMPSNIPER · 87 replies
    self | Jan 26,2012 | swampsniper
    I just turned Neal Boortz off, he came on ridiculing today's legal eligibility proceedings in Georgia. This isn't the first time he has pi$$ed me off but he showed his a$$ big time today.
  • Women for Herman Cain (Mrs. Cain chairs national group!)

    12/02/2011 7:44:44 AM PST · by justsaynomore · 111 replies
    Herman Cain Web Site ^ | 12/1/11 | Gloria Cain
    "Women For Cain" is an online national fellowship of women dedicated to helping elect Herman Cain as the next President of the United States. Mr. Cain has been a strong advocate for women throughout his lifetime, defending and promoting the issues of quality health care, family, education, equality in the workplace and many other concerns so important to American women. Gloria Cain is the National Chairperson for "Women for Cain" and is the very special woman who Mr. Cain devoted his life to many years ago. Mr. Cain and Gloria celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary earlier this year. The couple...
  • Republicans ... get smart

    11/29/2011 2:12:04 AM PST · by Oshkalaboomboom · 36 replies ^ | 11/28/2011 | Neal Boortz
    OK, Republicans. Since you’re so religious and all – it’s time for a little “come to Jesus meetin’”. If you’re not familiar with the term, click on the link. It’s time for a little harsh dressing down. Do you realize what we have at stake in this election next year? This isn’t just about taxes, pork spending, social security benefits and repairing bridges. This is about saving our Republic. Do you know we’re already past our life expectancy? Economies and societies built on the rule of law, liberty and economic freedom have this troubling tendency to destroy themselves at around...
  • Obama Tells Insurer Not to Raise Rates

    11/22/2011 7:41:43 AM PST · by Marathoner · 26 replies
    Neal's Nuze ^ | 11/22/2011 | Neal Boortz
    This is a prime example of what is outrageously wrong with government interference in the private economy. We now have the White House telling a private insurance company that it should not raise its rates. Pennsylvania-based Everence Insurance, a Mennonite insurer, says it needs to raise its rates by an average of 11.6% in the small-group market. We can assume that they arrived at this figure based on legitimate economic and financial research and number-crunching .. after all, what business really WANTS to raise its rates on its customers by any significant amount. So because this company wants to raise...
  • A Classic Boortz Rant (clip and save)

    Yesterday the Dow dropped by 419 points. So how far does it drop today? Or do we see some of yesterday’s losses reversed? And --- the big question --- what’s with this effort to make us all believe that this is just “bad luck” brought on by the earthquake in Japan or free subways in Greece? How much longer are the American people going to be expected to swallow that nonsense? Just what has happened to bring us the worst recovery since the Great Depression? Why can’t our economy get on track? Just last week 408,000 additional American applied for...
  • Ed Schultz:Americans have no right to defend themselves

    07/07/2011 2:18:59 PM PDT · by mainestategop · 29 replies
    mainestategop ^ | Mainestategop
    Hey everyone this is my first article in over six months, before I get to todays topic I want to update all my fans and readers on what has been going on. First of all as you know I have been focusing mainly on my vlog on youtube also called mainestategop and on starting a new libertarian organization based on the tyranny response team which I and many friends of mine are members. The organization is called the New England Alliance for Liberty and Free Markets. Were hoping to hold a convention next year either in Concord or Portsmouth. You...
  • I'm sick of the shared sacrifice charade

    07/07/2011 7:38:12 AM PDT · by Marathoner · 28 replies
    Nealz Nuse ^ | 7/7/2011 | Neal Boortz
    Do you notice how the Democrats are cranking up the class warfare rhetoric? The ObamaMedia, of course, is loving it, and they’ve shown their eagerness to promote the message right into the election. Just know this … the media – with exceptions of course – is dedicated to the reelection of The Community Organizer. The only real tactical question is just how obvious they are going to be about it. The dumb masses must be reeled in --- so let’s not make it too obvious. Actually … it looks like the dumb masses have already been reeled in. I cited...
  • Ed Schultz Doctored a Neal Boortz Quote to Accuse Boortz of Advocating Murder

    06/21/2011 7:56:28 AM PDT · by marktwain · 22 replies
    Erick Erickson
    My WSB colleague and guru, the Talkmaster Neal Boortz, created a bit of controversy this past week over comments he made about shooting thugs in Atlanta. The controversy actually blew up because of Ed Schultz at MSNBC who claimed Boortz was advocating the murder of urban youths in Atlanta. In fact, you can see this screen shot from the Schutlz show highlighting Neal Boortz’s controversial comment: Ed Schultz Doctors Neal Boortz's Quote There’s just one problem here. In both the screen shot and the accompanying audio, Ed Schultz doctored Neal Boortz’s quote. See, Boortz said those things, but in the...
  • [Vanity] I want to like Herman Cain, really.

    05/20/2011 9:04:00 PM PDT · by LibertarianInExile · 88 replies · 1+ views
    Vanity ^ | 5-20-11 | Libertarianinexile
    I have seen a couple of posts on here regarding Herman Cain, and heard him on Neal Boortz' show lots of times. Boortz really seems to love the guy. And I am inclined to like anyone who is pro-Fair-Tax more than someone who is for continuing the current income tax mess, which costs America far more productivity than any sales tax that replaced it ever could. But I haven't heard Cain talk about some controversial areas where I may well have concerns about his views on the Constitution. And where I have heard him talk on the issues, he's sometimes...
  • Neal Boortz .. Idiot

    04/12/2011 12:55:37 AM PDT · by freejohn · 92 replies
    What is it with "Geniuses" like Neal Boortz? Tonight and just about every other night .. The guy goes on a rant about .."Republicans are going to lose" if they continue the anti abortion rhetoric! On and on he goes about how MEN want to take away a Womens right to 'reproductive choice'! WE are going to destroy the Republican party if we keep on with the Abortion rant! (His words) A 'self described' brilliant thinker and talker (Boortz) is no better than the average Idiot who has fallen for the "Pro Baby Killers" and "Liberal/Communists<---> Democrats" (I repeat myself)...
  • To America's hot-to-protest college students

    03/14/2011 10:09:05 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies ^ | March 14, 2011 | Neal Boortz
    Not sure about you, but I was absolutely thrilled last week when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the legislation ending most collective bargaining rights for government worker unions. The more these government employee unions get slapped around by reality, the happier I am. I want to talk about the college students we saw protesting in Wisconsin ... but first, let me remind you that this whole stink wasn’t really about collective bargaining rights. The real foreign object in the punch bowl for the unions and for Democrats was the end of dues check-off; the end of the union’s ability to...
  • Hawaii Gov. gives up search for Obama Birth Certificate

    01/24/2011 4:37:33 AM PST · by IbJensen · 49 replies
    Abercrombie finds only notation in a log book. From Eric Dondero: Republican Congressman Bill Posey of Florida introduced legislation last year to require future presidential candidates provide proof of United States citizenship for the Presidency. From LR, July 2, 2009, “3 libertarian-leaning Congressman sign on to Posey bill demanding Birth Certificate for Presidential eligibility” July 9, 2009: While it may be too late to revoke Barack Hussein Obama’s hold on the Presidency, it is not too late to make the issue of his birth outside of the United States, most likely in Kenya, an issue for Campaign 2012. With that...
  • Boortz is all over the Birth Cert issue this am (vanity)

    01/21/2011 8:08:39 AM PST · by PilotDave · 131 replies
    Boortz show | 21 Jan 2011 | pilotdave
    Neil has spent the past 2 segments discussing the gov of HI's failure to produce the long form BC. He actually said there may be something to it??? He still doesn't get that there is more to being a natural born citizen than simply being born in America, but it's a start.
  • Royal Marshall, Neal Boortz’s engineer, has passed

    01/15/2011 10:31:13 AM PST · by tutstar · 50 replies
    Radio and TV talk ^ | 1/15 11 | Rodney Ho
    Raymond Royal Marshall, sidekick and engineer for syndicated talk show host Neal Boortz, has died. Pete Spriggs, program director for AM750 and now 95.5 FM News/Talk WSB, said he collapsed at his Atlanta home and was pronounced dead at Grady Hospital at about 1 a.m. early Saturday morning. Assistant Program Director Condace Pressley said it was too soon to pinpoint cause of death. He was 43. “He was a good man,” she said. “I can’t believe he’s gone.” Marshall has worked with Boortz for 17 years, according to the WSB Radio biography for Marshall. A St. Louis native and graduate...
  • Raymond Royal Marshall, sidekick and engineer for syndicated talk show host Neal Boortz, has died.

    01/15/2011 9:59:21 AM PST · by rawhide · 84 replies · 1+ views ^ | 1-15-11 | Rodney Ho
    Raymond Royal Marshall, sidekick and engineer for syndicated talk show host Neal Boortz, has died. Pete Spriggs, program director for AM750 and now 95.5 FM News/Talk WSB, said he collapsed at his Atlanta home and was pronounced dead at Grady Hospital at about 1 a.m. early Saturday morning. Assistant Program Director Condace Pressley said it was too soon to pinpoint cause of death. He was 43. “He was a good man,” she said. “I can’t believe he’s gone.” Marshall has worked with Boortz for 17 years, according to the WSB Radio biography for Marshall. A St. Louis native and graduate...
  • Erickson Taking Atlanta WSB Radio Job

    01/05/2011 9:26:27 AM PST · by Never on my watch · 27 replies
    13WMAZ TV Macon GA ^ | January 5, 2011 | Bernard O'Donnell
    Macon city councilman Erick Erickson says he plans to vacate his council seat within the next six months. He says he's leaving council to start a new full time job: hosting a daily radio talk show on Atlanta's WSB. "It at some point will become impactful to my time on council," says Erickson. His show will air Monday through Friday from 9 pm. to 12 a.m. beginning this Tuesday. He says he's been working on the deal for several months but just signed the contract last week.
  • Herman Cain filling in for Neal Boortz

    12/29/2010 6:48:40 AM PST · by justsaynomore · 17 replies · 3+ views
    FB | December 29, 2010 | justsaynomore
    Herman Cain is filling in for Neal this morning (Wed, Dec 29) and tomorrow (Thurs, Dec 30) Today, he is talking about the economy, energy independence, national security and more. Tomorrow he will host an on the air "town hall" meeting.
  • Vanity - Who would be up for a Neal Boortz Live Thread?

    12/01/2010 7:44:43 AM PST · by Eagle of Liberty · 23 replies
    December 1, 2010 | Eagle of Liberty
    Over the past few months, I have found Boortz' radio show to be very thought provoking and even though I have posted bits and pieces of what was discussed that day in other threads, I wanted to throw out the idea of a Boortz Live Thread. Let me know if you are interested and I will develop a PING List and will try my best to post the thread each day. Let me also know if you are willing to co-post the thread if I am unable to post on a certain day.

    11/30/2010 8:06:11 AM PST · by Eagle of Liberty · 5 replies
    Neal Boortz Show ^ | November 12, 2010 | Neal Boortz
    Here's something else the wealth envy constituency crowd will never understand. When taxes are lowered on these evil rich people, our government may actually take in MORE revenue! For example, "The CBO calculated that the post-March 2003 tax cuts would lower 2006 revenues by $75 billion, yet 2006 revenues came in $47 billion above the pre-tax cut baseline released in March 2003." Why were those CBO estimates wrong? That would be because by regulation the CBO is not allowed to take a dynamic view of the economy. By that I mean the CBO cannot consider the fact that a person...
  • Neal Boortz: 17 days away from righting our wrongs (Is Commicare™ a tax - or not?)

    10/16/2010 9:06:49 PM PDT · by Libloather · 18 replies
    AJC ^ | 10/15/10 | Neal Boortz
    Neal Boortz: 17 days away from righting our wrongsBy Neal Boortz For The AJC 7:38 p.m. Friday, October 15, 2010 **SNIP** Then we had companies like McDonald’s suggesting that they were going to drop their “mini-med” plans. Why? The mandated increases in benefits would be simply unaffordable. Obama moved quickly to offer waivers to McDonald’s and (why not?) to some of his union pals. So much for the law applying to everyone equally. Now, 17 days before the election, we have a new poll provided to me by Fox News showing that 59 percent of Americans want ObamaCare either repealed...

    10/12/2010 12:08:39 PM PDT · by Immerito · 36 replies · 1+ views ^ | October 12, 2010 | Neal Boortz
    For 16 years I've been telling you that if the Democrats gained enough power in Washington, they would attempt to seize the money you have in your 401K, IRA and private pension plans. Many of you poo-pooed me, calling me "over-the-top" or unable to back up my claims. Maybe you might be interested in knowing that just last Thursday, a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held a hearing on retirement savings and security. WebGuy forwarded me lots of emails of people asking me to prove it. So here you go. You can watch the committee meeting right here...
  • Boortz: The Education Spending Myth

    10/11/2010 7:55:40 AM PDT · by Marathoner · 6 replies
    Nealz Nuse ^ | Oct 11, 2010 | Neal Boortz
    This bumper sticker was spotted on Peachtree Street in Atlanta on the back of a beat-up SUV sporting a Harvard license frame: The world will be a better place when our schools have all the money they need and the military has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber. The principle problem with this bumper sticker - one I suspect is loss on the ignoranus driving the car -- is that national defense is specifically mentioned in the Constitution whereas education is not. But let's not confuse our liberal friends with facts. Despite the ignorant liberal logic, let's...

    08/11/2010 3:32:13 PM PDT · by SloopJohnB · 28 replies · 1+ views ^ | April 10, 2010 | Neal Boortz
    SNIP...After Arizona passed the law one Robert Sarver, the owner of the Phoenix Suns thug .. er ... basketball team spouted off in opposition of the bill. That ... according the legend ... prompted this response from Governor Jan Brewer: "What if the owners of the Suns discovered that hordes of people were sneaking into games without paying? What if they had a good idea just who the gate-crashers are, but the ushers and security personnel were not allowed to ask these folks to produce their ticket stubs, thus non-paying attendees couldn't be ejected. Furthermore; what if Suns' ownership was...
  • Neal Boortz: ObamaCare has stealth IRS bomb

    07/24/2010 10:42:41 AM PDT · by Libloather · 49 replies · 2+ views
    AJC ^ | 7/23/10 | Neal Boortz
    Neal Boortz: ObamaCare has stealth IRS bombBy Neal Boortz Opinion 9:00 p.m. Friday, July 23, 2010 Now what was it that Princess Nancy Pelosi said? Oh, yeah, I remember. It was something to the effect that we were going to have to go ahead and pass ObamaCare so that we could see what’s in it. I suppose that made sense, in a medical way; but it certainly wasn’t that smooth a move insofar as the electorate is concerned. The latest polls show that 56 percent of Americans want ObamaCare repealed. You’re about to discover yet another reason why: Do you...
  • John 14:6 For Dummies (John Adams)

    05/31/2010 8:46:34 PM PDT · by fkabuckeyesrule · 8 replies · 343+ views
    Townhall ^ | May 31, 2010 | Mike Adams
    I cannot imagine why someone would dedicate himself to a religion that provides just one of many equally valid paths to salvation. That’s why I was taken aback by my old friend Neal Boortz’ somewhat harsh treatment of a man who called his show some months ago and quoted John 14:6 as evidence that Christianity is the only path to heaven. Of course, Neal isn’t a pastor and he tends to do things just to get a rise out of people. So his comments weren’t nearly as objectionable as Joel Osteen’s sidestepping of the “How many paths to heaven?” question...
  • A CLASSIC YouTube Video:”No Muslim Outrage!”-Neal Boortz Classic Radio Broadcast(With Cartoons)

    05/05/2010 8:46:47 AM PDT · by Biggirl · 3 replies · 404+ views ^ | May 5, 2010 | annem040359
    With the most recent arrest of the Times Square SUV bomb plotter, and with Mayor Michael Bloomberg in not naming the enemy, a radical Islamic jihad terrorist. This video by talk radio show host, Neil Boortz a couple of years back, when he responded to a young adult male Muslim caller.
  • Boortz: ObamaCare “will do more damage than 9/11.”

    03/25/2010 12:41:51 PM PDT · by Bodhi1 · 7 replies · 420+ views
    All American Blogger ^ | 3-25-10 | Duane Lester
    I wish Boortz were on XM. I'd love to be able to listen to him, but the only place he's on around me in a station in Omaha during the evening.Alas, I am restricted to reading his tweets and his blog, Neal's Nuze.Today, he expands on a tweet he sent Sunday, which read: "Nancy Pelosi will be grinning and laughing this afternoon. Today will do more damage than 9/11." He's 100% right. He continues: On September 11, 2001 Americans ... ALL Americans ... knew that our country had been attacked. There was an immediate consensus that the attack would not...
  • Online Tax March is Now 150,030 Strong!

    03/07/2010 11:12:07 AM PST · by Arthur Wildfire! March · 17 replies · 138+ views
    The Online Tax Revolt is easy. While sitting at home, I'm marching with Joe the Plumber. You can see the march online [link coming up]. I heard Neil Boortz talking about this last Friday. It's compelling. You get to choose one of many leaders. Some are choosing Reagan. Others choose Boortz. You just give your name, zip, and email. I've been assured that the email remains anonymous. [Some people use their freep names, etc.] This is a revolution in activism. DC can lie about their emails, their calls, their letters -- they can even lie about how large a physical...
  • TAX PROTEST! MARCH ON WASHINGTON [Online. A revolution in Free Speech.]

    03/06/2010 11:38:54 AM PST · by Arthur Wildfire! March · 13 replies · 584+ views
    We'll make the announcement today on the show. I've never seen anything like this done before ... but the short version is that you'll be able to participate in a march on Washington for tax reform [online]. It doesn't matter whether you support the FairTax, a flat tax, or just lower tax rates. If you want to see reform they you should participate. The march will culminate with a rally in Washington on April 15th ... and yes, you can be there in person or participate * * from home * *. This will be innovative and fun ... so...
  • Best Commencement Speech by Neil Boortz, that was never delivered

    02/19/2010 11:11:31 AM PST · by etraveler13 · 11 replies · 720+ views
    9/17/2007 | Neil Boortz
    “I am honored by the invitation to address you on this august occasion. It’s about time. Be warned, however, that I am not here to impress you; you’ll have enough smoke blown up your bloomers today. And you can bet your tassels I’m not here to impress the faculty and administration.
  • Keith Olbermann Approves of 46,000 Dead Americans, Wants Even More Dead Each Year

    01/06/2010 9:19:51 AM PST · by Bodhi1 · 10 replies · 925+ views
    All American Blogger ^ | 1/6/10 | Duane Lester
    There is a vacuum on the left.  It’s where logic should be, but isn’t.  Seeing nature abhors a vacuum, it has been filled…with lunacy. For a prime example, I give you Keith Olbermann. According to Olbermann's logic, since 45,000 people a year die from a lack of health insurance and Boortz is against the current “reform” of health care,  Boortz therefore approves of the death of 45,000 Americans. While that is flawed logic, let’s use it. 
  • The Cost of Our Tax System

    Today, some 44 million Americans pay NO federal income taxes at all. Yet the top 1% of income earners pay 40% and the top 10% pay 72%! It's sad enough when a nation punishes it's most productive citizens and rewards the least productive. And astonishingly, the top 50% of American earners brought in 88% of income dollars but paid 97% of all income taxes in this country. Thus, half the American population pays almost the ENTIRETY of income taxes.
  • Socialized Health Care -- New Model (SCHIP) ( Healthcare triplex analogy )

    12/06/2009 8:59:50 AM PST · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 2 replies · 277+ views
    Religio-Political Talk Blog ^ | October 6th, 2007 | Neal Boortz via Sean G
    A great analogy that explains the dilemma of our "redistribution program" here in America (welfare, food stamps, or Medicaid, etc.) is one of a triplex. I must thank Neal Boortz for this analogy (his book, The Terrible Truth About Liberals), by the by. Our government, as our Constitution says, derives its powers “from the consent of the governed.” The idea here is that we cannot and should not ask the government to do anything for us that we cannot legally or morally do for ourselves. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? With that premise in mind, lets build the following scenario. You...
  • Chicago ... and the Radio Hall of Fame (Neal Boortz inducted)

    11/09/2009 9:49:07 AM PST · by EveningStar · 6 replies · 787+ views
    Nealz Nuze ^ | November 9, 2009 | Neal Boortz
    This bit is hard to start ... because there are so many things to say and so many people to thank. I'll keep it mercifully brief... Then there was the Hall of Fame dinner and ceremony Saturday night. I was just too nervous to eat ... which was probably a good thing. First up was Rush Limbaugh to deliver my induction speech...
  • Neal Boortz: Kinda wish cameras could shoot bullets

    11/02/2009 10:31:56 AM PST · by EveningStar · 10 replies · 1,413+ views
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | October 30, 2009 | Neal Boortz
    ...Today, let’s talk cameras. Cameras on utility polls. Cameras on the corners of buildings. Cameras following you as you walk through town, a college campus, or your own neighborhood. Upset? Seems quite a few Atlantans are...