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  • Why criticizing ethical vegans and animal rights activists will soon become a hate crime.

    08/02/2015 11:10:33 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 19 replies
    DC: Infowarrior ^ | June 2, 2015 | DC: Infowarrior
    As many of you know, so-called “fat pride” activists have launched an all-out attack on anybody who advocates fitness, erects billboards promoting health and fitness, or merely asks why there is an obesity epidemic by labeling any dissenting viewpoints on obesity as “hate speech” and even reporting obesity skeptics to police for “hate crimes.” Now I have learned that there is a possibility that ethical vegans – vegans who convert to veganism not for health reasons, but for animal rights reasons – will take a cue from the fat pride activists and have any dissenting viewpoints on ethical veganism and...
  • CSPI's resident GMO shill Gregory Jaffe is a LAWYER, not a scientist!

    11/15/2010 10:24:02 AM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 3 replies
    Freedom and Linux ^ | November 15, 2010 | Freedom and Linux Gregory Jaffe: Last and perhaps most concerning, the committee’s supposed consumer advocate is a lawyer (not a scientist) representing the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an organization that favors the use of agricultural biotechnology. Like Van Eeenennaam, he has served on AC21, from 2004 to 2008. His views can be seen in a paper he wrote called “Creating the Proper Environment for Acceptance of Agricultural Biotechnology.” In it he states CSPI’s unequivocal support for agricultural biology and his belief that genetically engineered crops have increased productivity and farmer income while reducing pesticide use, and that GE crops...
  • Member of CSPI's NANA coalition partly-funded by McDonald's and Coke.

    07/31/2010 11:38:26 AM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 1 replies · 1+ views
    Freedom And Linux ^ | 7-30-2010 | darthchaosofrspw
    While CSPI is busy suing McDonald's for Happy Meal toys and Coca-Cola for "deceptive" claims about its VitaminWater products, they are allowing the American Diatetic Association - a group partly-funded by McDonald's and Coca-Cola - to act as a steering committee member on its National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA) nutritional advocacy coalition. Can you say, "Hypocrisy?"
  • £10 government permit plan to deter smokers

    02/17/2008 3:05:56 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 9 replies · 91+ views
    The Guardian ^ | February 15 2008 | John Carvel
    A ban on the sale of cigarettes to anyone who does not pay for a government smoking permit has been proposed by Health England, a ministerial advisory board. The idea is the brainchild of the board's chairman, Julian Le Grand, who is a professor at the London School of Economics and was Tony Blair's senior health adviser. In a paper being studied by Lord Darzi, the health minister appointed to oversee NHS reform, he says many smokers would be helped to break the habit if they had to make a decision whether to "opt in".
  • NY orders calories posted on chain menus

    01/22/2008 12:28:56 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 19 replies · 114+ views
    CNN ^ | Jan 21 2008 | Nkechi Nneji
    NEW YORK (CNN) -- The New York City Board of Health voted unanimously Tuesday to require all city chain restaurants to post calorie data on their menus. Chain restaurants already must make the calorie counts of their menu items publicly available, but beginning March 31 they will have to put the numbers on menu boards and menus. The change will affect restaurants with 15 or more outlets -- roughly 10 percent of all city restaurants, according to a news release from the city's health department.
  • [NANNY STATE] Boston moves toward trans fats ban, Rule to take effect later this year if OK'd

    01/14/2008 11:53:58 AM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 38 replies · 94+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | January 11, 2008 | Stephen Smith and Tania deLuzuriaga
    Following the lead of New York City and Brookline, health regulators in Boston last night took the first step toward banning artery-clogging trans fat from French fries, doughnuts, and other food sold in restaurants and corner stores. more stories like this The Boston Public Health Commission voted unanimously, after little discussion, to give preliminary approval to a ban that would take effect late this year if it receives another thumbs-up in the spring. Commission members were spurred to action by scientific evidence linking artificial trans fat to heart disease in humans and to diabetes and obesity in animal studies. Brookline...
  • Another Unbelievable Outrage in San Francisco

    10/16/2007 11:42:57 AM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 41 replies · 41+ views
    FOX News ^ | Bill O'Reilly
    Another outrage in San Francisco and this one is very hard to believe. As you may know, San Francisco is run by far left secular-progressives who despise the military, traditional values and religion. Not everybody in San Francisco feels that way, but certainly the power structure does. Time and again, we have brought you stories of outrageous behavior on the part of militant people living in that city. Now, things have reached critical mass, no pun intended. Last Sunday, at the Catholic Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, Archbishop George Niederauer was celebrating mass. As part of that ritual, holy...
  • The Tragic Legacy of the Center for Science in the Public Interest

    09/24/2007 9:30:48 AM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 34 replies · 97+ views
    The Weston A. Price Foundation ^ | Fall 2003 | Mary G. Eniq, PhD
    Oh Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who's the most revisionist of us all? Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) provides the classic example of chutzpah, like when the child who murders his parents pleads for mercy in court because he is an orphan! In this case, the crime is the complete ruination of the food supply with the replacement of healthy traditional saturated fats with partially hydrogenated soybean oil, and the victim is the unsuspecting public, suffering from ever-increasing rates of cancer, heart disease, infertility, impotence, asthma, allergies, learning disabilities, bone problems, digestive disorders, diabetes and obesity. On...
  • It's super V-chip to the rescue of kids

    08/03/2007 7:37:38 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 14 replies · 371+ views
    Reuters ^ | Aug 2 2007 | Brooks Boliek
    WASHINGTON (Hollywood Reporter) - The Senate Commerce Committee approved legislation Thursday asking the Federal Communications Commission to oversee the development of a super V-chip that could screen content on everything from cell phones to the Internet. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., the sponsor of the Child Safe Viewing Act, claims that the new law is necessary because content is no longer confined to the TV or radio, and he contends the same technology that allows content to increasingly migrate from device to device also can be used to empower parents. "It's an uphill battle for parents trying to protect their kids...
  • sides with Microsoft, basically tells Free Software Movement "take a hike"

    08/03/2007 7:30:49 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 10 replies · 1,259+ views
    Free Software Magazine ^ | Jul 31 2007 | Bridget Kulakauskas
    Kevin Rose founded Digg in late 2004. It was the beginning of something phenomenal... to be precise, the Digg phenomenon. Digg was all about the tight-knit community of techies who wanted to get in there, share relevant tech news, vote for it, and talk about it. And what a fabulous idea it was. So fabulous, in fact, that according to an article about Digg, Kevin and co literally had potential investors beating down the doors, offering fantastic quantities of money to them because of their potential. They accepted a couple of million in late 2005 and the rest, as they...
  • Microsoft's Protection Racket? [Yet another Linux vendor sells out to Microsoft.]

    06/07/2007 10:27:53 AM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 33 replies · 1,042+ views
    Forbes ^ | June 4 2007 | Brian Caulfield
    Microsoft should have admitted that Linux matters sooner. For years, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant seemed to be in denial as the open-source operating software made gains against its Windows franchise. But now a series of deals is finally allowing Microsoft to argue that it's ahead of the curve--with the entertaining upside of making some of the open-source community's truest believers even angrier. Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) announced a pact with Linux software distributor Xandros Monday that will the offer tiny company's customers so-called "patent covenants," protecting them from the threat of litigation from Microsoft. So...
  • Junk it! Bill would ban fatty, sugary snacks in Mass. schools

    06/05/2007 11:49:47 AM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 29 replies · 428+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | May 30 2007 | Jessica Fargen
    Junk food will head to the junk heap in Bay State schools if a bill to be pushed by top health experts on Beacon Hill today succeeds in banning fatty and sugary foods from school vending machines, bake sales and fund-raisers. Backers of the junk food bill say it sets statewide standards, forces students to eat better and cuts down on ads kids see each day. “These are habits that last a lifetime,” said Eric Weltman, spokesman for the Massachusetts Public Health Association, one of the backers of the bill, which would also ban corporate food and soda marketing inside...
  • Microsoft Funds Anti-Hunting Movement; Sportsmen nationwide called to take action

    06/05/2007 11:44:35 AM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 46 replies · 1,330+ views
    U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance ^ | May 31 2007 | unknown
    (Columbus) – Microsoft has rejected a U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance request to abandon its partnership with the nation’s leading anti-hunting organization. Microsoft, the software giant, will make a $100,000 donation to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and is partnering with the group on a pilot program called the i’m Initiative. Through the new program, whenever a Windows Live Messenger user has a conversation using i’m, Microsoft will give a portion of the program’s advertising revenue to one of ten organizations selected by the user. The HSUS is one of the choices, and there is no limit to the...
  • House rejects microchip implants for violent criminals

    05/30/2007 12:22:36 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 14 replies · 561+ views
    Associated Press ^ | May 29 2007 | Tim Talley
    House rejects microchip implants for violent criminals AP | May 29, 2007 Tim Talley Legislation that would authorize microchip implants in people convicted of violent crimes was sent back to a committee for more work Wednesday after state House members questioned whether the proposal would violate constitutional civil liberties. The measure, approved by the Senate, authorizes microchip implants for persons convicted of one or more of 19 violent offenses who have to serve at least 85 percent of their sentence, including murder, rape and some forms of robbery and burglary, while prohibiting government from requiring microchips implants in anyone else....
  • Dems Make Excuses for Neoliberal Pelosi Sell Out [KURT KIMMO KOOK ALERT]

    05/30/2007 12:08:19 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 4 replies · 499+ views ^ | May 28 2007 | Kurt Nimmo
    I remain flabbergasted over folks, and there appears to be no shortage of them, who believe there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans, who declare the Democrat party to be the anti-war party—or incipient anti-war party, provided the right degree of activism and populist wizardry turning the conscience of the Democrat leadership and thus Congress—no matter the Iraq occupation is still in motion even though the Democrats regained control of Congress more than six months ago. “Having won the leadership of both houses of Congress in the 2006 congressional elections thanks to a groundswell of antiwar sentiment, the Democratic...
  • Rosie O'Donnell & Charlie Sheen Bail: Big Hit for Conspiracy Theories

    05/28/2007 1:46:35 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 10 replies · 1,419+ views
    Natiuonal Ledger ^ | May 27 2007 | Julie Pike
    Rosie O'Donnell was quit 'The View' this week after an on air brawl with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Now Charlie Sheen may bail on the 9/11 documentary "Loose Change" according to a new report. It was a double dose hit for the conspiracy theorists, at least among recognizable names that might have been able to get their message out on network television. Rosie had been ready to have William Rodriguez and the "Loose Change" crew on the ABC morning talk show. They were scheduled for a Thursday appearance which would have been a day after the huge fight Rosie had with...
  • Genesis Communications Network (the Alex Jones network) is an ABC affiliate

    04/06/2007 4:52:10 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 3 replies · 909+ views
    WingTV ^ | June 3, 2005 | Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani
    GCN an ABC Affiliate by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani Did you know that GCN – the network which carries Alex Jones and Jeff Rense – is an ABC affiliate? Yes, ABC - as in the Disney-owned American Broadcasting Corporation – the epitome of mainstream corporate media and home of propagandists such as Peter Jennings. Now, we’re not sure how deeply ABC’s tentacles extend into the Genesis Communications Network, and we’re fairly certain that its President Ted Anderson and others will brush-off this “affiliation” and say it amounts to nothing; but here’s the way we see things. Any time there...
  • An Open Letter To Kelly Hu (Sept. 2003 - The hypocrisy of "we should be tolerant" Hollyweirdos)

    03/30/2007 12:34:34 AM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 11 replies · 1,572+ views
    Model Minority ^ | September 2003 | Julia Oh
    An Open Letter To Kelly Hu Date: Wednesday, October 15 @ 10:00:00 EDT Topic: Media By Julia Oh September 2003 Dear Kelly Hu, I don't know you all too well, but I do know some things. I know that you were once crowned as Miss Teen USA. As a young Asian girl at the time, I was ecstatic. To see an Asian woman stand tall in front of a sea of blond hair and blue green eyes was both refreshing and empowering. I also know that you starred in "Growing Pains", "Sunset Beach", "Nash Bridges", and "Martial Law". I...
  • Editor's Note: Whose Rules, Free or Proprietary? (Shuttleworth & Ubuntu Sell Out to Linspire)

    02/10/2007 3:03:51 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 16 replies · 492+ views
    Linux Today ^ | Feb 9, 2007 | Brian Proffitt
    Apparently, lot of people are thrilled with the whole idea of Canonical and Linspire's technology partnership announced yesterday, citing source code consolidation, non-redundant development efforts, and just good karma about the whole deal. I, for one, am not one of those people. Initially, my big problem was worry for the Debian Project. Under the terms of the new partnership (which, for the purposes of this article I will deem "Linbutu" because I am getting lazy in my middle age), the Linspire and Freespire distributions will be based on Ubuntu, not Debian GNU/Linux. Ubuntu, in turn, gets supported access to Linspire's...
  • Government spooks helped Microsoft build Vista

    01/11/2007 1:47:57 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 15 replies · 1,070+ views
    The Inquirer ^ | Jan 9 2007 | Nick Farrell
    THE USA GOVERNMENT'S cryptologic organisation, the National Security Agency, has admitted that it is behind some of the security changes to Microsoft's operating system Vista. According to the Washington Post, the agency which was once so secret that it was jokingly referred to as 'No such Agency' has admitted making 'unspecified contributions' to Vista. Tony Sager, the NSA's chief of vulnerability analysis and operations group, told the Post that it was the agency's intention to help everyone these days. The NSA used a red and a blue team to pull apart the software. The red team posed as "the determined,...
  • [RINO Alert] Pro wrestler JBL jumps on the global warming bandwagon

    01/05/2007 12:28:22 AM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 23 replies · 1,072+ views
    World Wrestling Entertainment ^ | January 4, 2007 | Craig Tello
    Spending nearly two weeks in deep freeze, SmackDown's John Bradshaw Layfield rounded out his travel résumé of 55 different countries by visiting his seventh and final continent: Antarctica. Instead of unwrapping gifts under an energy-sucking, heavily lit Christmas tree, the SmackDown commentator spent his holiday vacation on a personal crusade against global warming. "[Antarctica] was the only continent that I had never been to," JBL explained. "I wanted to see the continent and get firsthand knowledge of global warming because there is such a divergence of opinion about what is really going on in our environment." He added, "I also...
  • ADL (Anti-Democracy Luciferians) thoughtcrime legislation may be introduced this week!

    01/02/2007 3:44:07 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 8 replies · 738+ views
    DarthChaosOfRSPW ^ | Jan 2, 2007 | Ted Pike
    With Congress back in session on January 3, the federal "hate crimes" bill could be reintroduced any time. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith introduced the same legislation last January 6, three days after Congress convened. This is the most dangerous legislation ever to come before Congress. It leads directly to an end of free speech. Once free speech is gone, there is little to prevent the loss of all our other freedoms. The new Democrat-controlled Congress has all the votes it needs to quickly run this Orwellian bill through committee in the House and Senate and pass it. Unless...
  • [FOOD NAZI ALERT] MSNBC to air PETA/PCRM-friendly "Super Size Me"

    12/28/2006 11:52:26 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 1 replies · 395+ views
    MediaBistro ^ | Nov 27, 2006 | unknown
    "MSNBC has acquired basic cable rights to Dick Wolf's 'Crime and Punishment' series and Morgan Spurlock's 'Super Size Me' to help fill the pipeline for its primetime 'doc block,'" Variety reveals. Also: Indie docs "acquired to air during December" include "Beyond Conviction," about a rape victim who confronts her attacker, and "For God and Country: A Marine Sniper's Story," about a young veteran of Iraq. MSNBC longform VP Michael Rubin says "there is really nothing in the documentary world we don't want to look at or get our hands on..."
  • A Generation is All They Need

    12/11/2006 9:36:29 AM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 40 replies · 1,398+ views
    Toronto Star ^ | December 10 2006 | Kevin Haggerty
    One day we will all happily be implanted with microchips, and our every move will be monitored. The technology exists; the only barrier is society's resistance to the loss of privacy By the time my four-year-old son is swathed in the soft flesh of old age, he will likely find it unremarkable that he and almost everyone he knows will be permanently implanted with a microchip. Automatically tracking his location in real time, it will connect him with databases monitoring and recording his smallest behavioural traits. Most people anticipate such a prospect with a sense of horrified disbelief, dismissing it...
  • Rupe is in soup with troops O'Reilly rips Murdoch, book, show

    11/19/2006 9:41:12 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 24 replies · 942+ views
    New York Daily News ^ | Nov 18, 2006 | George Rush and Corky Siemaszko
    Fox News firebrand Bill O'Reilly threatened yesterday to whack Rupert Murdoch in the wallet for promoting O.J. Simpson's how-I-murdered-my-wife book. Vowing to boycott any company that advertises on Fox's two-part special hyping O.J.'s "If I Did It," O'Reilly declared: "If every American walked away from the O.J. garbage, it wouldn't happen." "I'm not going to watch the Simpson show or even look at the book," he added. "If any company sponsors the TV program, I will not buy anything that company sells - ever." Geraldo Rivera, another Fox News star, piled on and called the book "appalling." "I will bash...
  • Democrat Control Means Hate Bill Will Pass

    11/15/2006 2:42:01 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 61 replies · 3,431+ views
    DarthChaosOfRSPW ^ | Nov 15, 2006 | Rev. Ted Pike
    For the past eight years, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith has tried unsuccessfully to pass its Orwellian federal "anti-hate" bill. It has failed largely for one reason: Republican control of Congress. Repeatedly, Republican opponents of their hate bill, such as Rep. Roy Blunt and Sen. Bill Frist have been able, with Republican congressional backing, to block passage. With Democrats now in control, such freedom-saving clout no longer exists. ADL's federal thought crimes bill, "The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act," will be reintroduced soon after January 1. Since no Democrat in Congress has ever voted against the hate bill, it...
  • Mid-flight sexual play lands US couple afoul of anti-terrorism law

    11/15/2006 7:11:46 AM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 147 replies · 3,465+ views
    The News International ^ | Nov 14, 2006 | anonymous
    WASHINGTON: A couple's ill-concealed sexual play aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles got them charged with violating the Patriot Act, intended for terrorist acts, and could land them in jail for 20 years. According to their indictment, Carl Persing and Dawn Sewell were allegedly snuggling and kissing inappropriately, "making other passengers uncomfortable," when a flight attendant asked them to stop, reads the indictment filed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. On a second warning from the flight attendant, Persing snapped back threatening the flight attendant with "serious consequences" if he did not leave them alone. The comment was...
  • Speculation: Microsoft will probably start selling/distributing linux soon

    11/13/2006 1:51:43 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 209 replies · 2,262+ views ^ | Nov 13, 2006 |
    Anyone can tell you an interesting story, but when it comes to Microsoft and Novell’s recent deal Linux enthusiasts around the world have more than a couple up their sleeves. Microsoft has a long history at killing competition. They started with Novell’s Server market, they tried to do with Java, and today they are trying to do it against the Anti-Virus vendors. They succeeded against Netscape, gained significant grounds against Sony’s Playstation, and killed a thousand other products that I can’t name because I forgot about them after Microsoft obliterated them out of the market. If any of you are...
  • Brown wants to expand GPS monitoring beyond tracking sex offenders

    11/10/2006 7:33:26 PM PST · by bigdcaldavis · 28 replies · 1,026+ views
    San Francisco Gate ^ | Nov 10, 2006 | Chip Johnson
    Gunshots ring out in a neighborhood, and law enforcement's first move is to pull up a computer screen to see whether the sound came from areas equipped with electronic devices that track the source of gunfire. Then a public safety employee keys up another monitor and uses Global Positioning System technology to identify the locations of the city's worst-known violent offenders -- to determine whether any of them are in the spot where the shots were fired. Such a brave new world is coming to Oakland -- and it seems likely that it will become a reality elsewhere in California...
  • New Jersey and D.C. Catch Trans Fat Ban Fever

    10/08/2006 8:38:15 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 8 replies · 361+ views
    Center for Consumer Freedom ^ | October 5, 2006 | Center for Consumer Freedom
    New Jersey and D.C. Catch Trans Fat Ban Fever The New York City Board of Health's support for a restriction on the amount of trans fat that can be used by the city's restaurants garnered them a few new acolytes today. And if the paternalistic rhetoric used by these newly inspired do-gooders is any indicator, the Big Apple's chief food scolds better load up on robes and Kool-Aid, because the gathering of true believers is only going to get bigger. As we told you yesterday, we've launched an ad campaign to act as an antidote to the trans fat ban...
  • Chicago chef first foie gras offender

    09/08/2006 2:18:47 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 98 replies · 1,729+ views
    United Press International ^ | Aug, 28, 2006 | UPI
    Chicago chef first foie gras offender CHICAGO, Aug. 29 (UPI) -- A Chicago chef is receiving national media attention for being the first caught selling newly-banned foie gras in his restaurant. The city Health Department received a 311 non-emergency report Saturday that the Block 44 was offering the pricy delicacy, three days after the city council banned it, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Chef Rick Spiros doesn't dispute the charge. "I had a couple pieces left over and I just got rid of it," he told the newspaper. He said it wasn't an act of defiance but an effort to avoid...
  • Linspire frees "Click 'N Run" software service

    08/31/2006 4:38:15 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 9 replies · 554+ views ^ | Aug. 30, 2006 | Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
    In a surprise move, Linspire is now offering its CNR ("Click 'N Run") software service at no charge to its Linspire and Freespire Linux distribution customers. In addition, the company will soon be open-sourcing the CNR Client. CNR, previously a fee-based service offered at annual subscription rates of $20 for basic and $50 for premium ("Gold") access to new programs, had been the San Diego-based company main source of income. Now, however, according to CEO Kevin Carmony, Linspire is doing well enough from selling its higher-end products and services that it can afford to offer its basic CNR service free...
  • (April 2005) Bum wrap School mistakes huge burrito for weapon, goes into lockdown

    08/27/2006 5:24:23 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 35 replies · 954+ views
    MSNBC/Associated Press ^ | April 29, 2005 | Associated Press
    Bum wrap School mistakes huge burrito for weapon, goes into lockdown Updated: 7:43 p.m. ET April 29, 2005 CLOVIS, N.M. - A call about a possible weapon at a middle school prompted police to put armed officers on rooftops, close nearby streets and lock down the school. All over a giant burrito. Someone called authorities Thursday after seeing a boy carrying something long and wrapped into Marshall Junior High. The drama ended two hours later when the suspicious item was identified as a 30-inch burrito filled with steak, guacamole, lettuce, salsa and jalapeños and wrapped inside tin foil and a...
  • OSDL Signs Up Xandros To Accelerate Adoption Of Desktop Linux

    08/10/2006 6:15:14 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 151+ views
    Linux Sys-Con ^ | August 9, 2006 | Linux News Desk
    Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and Xandros, provider of easy-to-use Linux alternatives to Windows desktop and server products, announced that Xandros is joining the Labs to help drive the adoption of desktop Linux. Xandros will participate in OSDL's Desktop Linux (DTL) working group with a specific focus on advancing standards-based usability and consistency. Analyst firm IDC has reported that Linux on the desktop will make large gains in just the next couple of years with $10 billion in annual revenues by 2008. A number of indicators are pointing to this conclusion. For example, the popular Portland Project initiated by OSDL...
  • Rumor: Hillary Clinton preps for video game tax

    07/24/2006 7:42:56 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 18 replies · 497+ views ^ | July 24 2006 | Ross Miller
    Brian Crecente of the Rocky Mountain News and Kotaku* is claiming that a reliable source that Senator Hillary Clinton is getting ready to advocate a tax to video games, much like cigarettes have their own special tax. Furthermore, Clinton is seeking out concerned parents who feel passionately enough about violent games to come and speak at fundraising events press conferences. We are confident that both sides -- the pro-tax and anti-gamers -- will be represented. It would not be the first time that a game tax has been proposed (nor the first time that games have been compared to smoking),...
  • Two Year Pilot Program of Human RFID Chip Implant Underway

    07/20/2006 2:57:32 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 17 replies · 626+ views
    Wireless IQ ^ | July 20, 2006 | unknown
    VeriChip Corporation announced that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, the largest health insurer in the state, has agreed to a two-year pilot program of VeriChip's VeriMed Patient Identification System in conjunction with Hackensack University Medical Center and its physicians. In this new test program, participating patients suffering from chronic diseases would be provided with the VeriChip implantable microchip, to provide emergency room staff easy access to those patients' medical information, as well as to help avoid costly or serious medical errors. Under this trial, participating Horizon BCBSNJ members with chronic illnesses will receive VeriChip's FDA-approved, human-implantable Radio...
  • Dr.Janet Starr Hull: "Kids Eating And Snorting Aspartame To Get High"

    06/14/2006 6:25:44 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 18 replies · 481+ views
    Dr. Janet Starr Hull and ^ | June 5, 2006 | Dr.Janet Starr Hull
    Kids Eating And Snorting Aspartame To Get High By Dr.Janet Starr Hull June 5, 2006 Can you imagine discovering that your 12-year-old child is using dry, powdered forms of aspartame to get high? I recently received an email from a woman who discovered her daughter had been eating dry aspartame to get "high." "I learned months ago," she wrote, "that a friend of my 12-year-old daughter had turned her on to ingesting Crystal Lite® (with aspartame) without water to get "hyper." I consulted with our doctors, called Poison Control, and met with school administrators to see if they were aware...
  • Xandros seeks its niche as Linux hype wanes

    05/20/2006 6:36:24 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 21 replies · 265+ views
    The Globe and Mail ^ | May 18, 2006 | Jack Kapica
    TORONTO — The recent LinuxWorld trade show in Toronto was dull, but exhibitors liked it that way. Excitable younger Linux evangelists had given way to the more sober executives and IT managers. That plays into the hands of Andreas Typaldos, chief executive officer of Xandros Inc., just fine. For him, it's an opportunity. IDC forecasts that the market for new and redeployed PCs running Linux will grow to $10-billion (U.S.) and 17 million units by 2008, with an installed base of more than 42.6 million units. Mr. Typaldos is hoping to carve a niche in this growing market, offering Xandros's...
  • Report: Colombian President Would Consider Immigrant Tracking With Microchips

    05/05/2006 5:16:35 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 3 replies · 177+ views
    Report: Colombian President Would Consider Immigrant Tracking With Microchips Fox News | May 5 2006 BOGOTA, Colombia — Comments attributed to Colombia's president that microchip implants could be used to track Colombians working temporarily in the U.S. drew attention — and criticism — Thursday. T he alleged statement by President Alfaro Uribe dismayed some Colombians after it appeared in Colombian newspapers. "It would be a blatant violation of human rights," said Jorge Pinilla, 50, a lawyer in Bogota.
  • Linspire Announces 'Freespire' Version of Their Popular Linux Operating System

    04/29/2006 11:34:36 PM PDT · by bigdcaldavis · 44 replies · 365+ views
    Linspire Announces 'Freespire' Version of Their Popular Linux Operating System Freespire Community Project to Offer Unique Mix of Both Proprietary and Open Source Options in Free Linux Operating System SAN DIEGO, April 24, 2006 - Linspire, developer of the popular commercial desktop Linux operating system of the same name, today announced plans for a no-cost version of their operating system called Freespire. Kevin Carmony, Linspire's President and CEO, unveiled the Freespire project in his keynote address this morning at the 4th Annual Desktop Linux Summit, running today and tomorrow in San Diego. In his remarks, Carmony explained how Freespire is...