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  • F-35 beaten in a dogfight by F-16

    06/30/2015 12:38:28 PM PDT · 45 of 77
    drbuzzard to MCF

    Are you implying that missile technology in the late 50s was comparable to what it is now? Seriously?

    In the Gulf War, every kill on an Iraqi aircraft was done with a BVR missile.

    Dogfights are what happens when you screw up. Heck, the guns simply don’t carry enough ammunition to make dogfighting anything but a last resort.

  • F-35 beaten in a dogfight by F-16

    06/30/2015 12:09:53 PM PDT · 14 of 77
    drbuzzard to LeonardFMason

    The F-22 has thrust vectoring, the F-35 does not.

    Truthfully the F-35 isn’t meant to be a dogfighter, and truth be told if you end up in a dogfight in current air to air fights, you’ve messed up.

    The F-16 was always known to be extremely maneuverable.

  • The Best War Movies — Tanks for the Memories

    05/31/2015 5:50:17 AM PDT · 49 of 144
    drbuzzard to N. Theknow

    Nobody has mentioned Longest Day (unless I missed it).

    Great film about the D-Day invasion with an amazingly star studded cast. John Wayne, Richard Burton, Sean Connery, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda, and a bunch of others you’d recognize as major stars of the time.

    Covers the battle from generals on down to privates. Same director and writer as A Bridge too Far.

    Quite a long movie at 178 minutes.

  • Alabama Senate Passes Bill to Effectively Nullify All Sides on Marriage

    05/29/2015 7:21:18 PM PDT · 81 of 90
    drbuzzard to Rock N Jones

    While I certainly accept that the notion of marriage as an institution (which has been around for most of human history) exists mostly for the purpose of raising children, that does not make it exclusive to couples who can/wish to/do raise children, and as such it doesn’t give it a legal leg to stand on. Of course gay marriage at the federal level hardly has a leg to stand on since marriage is not a constitutional right, but SCOTUS has a history of inventing rights if they think it is trendy, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

    It seems pretty apparent that much of the push for gay marriage is simply for the destruction of traditional morality in general. They have been making steady progress on this for ages, and I don’t see anything stopping it here.

    Probably the most ironic fact I consider is that if you think back to ancient Greece, where homosexuality was socially preferred (at least by the upper classes), they also had wives and marriages because they understood that was how you produced the next generation. The bizarre notion of gay marriage didn’t even occur to them.

  • Alabama Senate Passes Bill to Effectively Nullify All Sides on Marriage

    05/29/2015 8:32:52 AM PDT · 21 of 90
    drbuzzard to Rock N Jones

    They have done that in many places. I imagine you never heard to ‘Civil Unions’. That wasn’t good enough anywhere it was tried and the gay lobby continued to push for ‘full marriage equality’ even in the face of such laws.

    Better that the state simply has no part in marriage whatsoever so the heavy hand of the state not be used against those who only want traditional(real) marriage.

  • BUSTED: Paul Krugman removed 20 yrs of data from chart to show correlation that wasn't really there

    05/21/2015 8:40:19 AM PDT · 5 of 26
    drbuzzard to wattsgnu

    They gave O a Nobel prize for breathing. Do you really imagine the award committee has any standards whatsoever?

  • Weekly Cooking (and related issues)Thread

    05/15/2015 5:32:22 AM PDT · 104 of 157
    drbuzzard to Jamestown1630

    I have a bunch of food fanatic friends who like upscale cooking and the associated gadgets. A number of them started talking about Sous Vide cooking a couple years ago.

    This is a process where you take your food item (usually a meat), seal it in a waterproof bag (or vacuum pack), and then put it in circulating water which the Sous Vide maintains at a very fixed temperature (variance under 1 degree I believe). Then you leave it in there for an extended time to get it exactly to the temperature you want (can’t beat convective heat transfer from circulating water). Once it has been in there long enough to attain thermal equilibrium, you take it out and brown the outside (in a pan or with a torch) and you are done.

    This means if you want a steak perfectly medium rare, you sous vide it to 130F for 30-40 minutes, take it out, brown it quickly (so you don’t dump in extra heat) and you get your steak medium rare throughout. No uneven cooking or such.

    So, in the interest of sowing a future Christmas present for myself, I bought one for my sister since the price has come down on them to rational from ‘Good Lord that’s steep!’.

    She put it to limited use, then decided to move and take very little with her, so she shipped it to me to use. I have been putting it to good use. I am particularly taken with how it does a pork chop. Traditionally I’ve always ended up with overdone dried out chops, and hence I’ve avoided them. With the sous vide, you can get them to an internal of 140F, pan fry them in some butter and you get a damned good, juicy pork chop. Best if you season it in advance before you do the immersion. The nice thing is that pork chops are only about $2/lb in bulk at Sams when even hamburger is around $4/lb these days.

    Mind you, these are not cheap devices, and work best if you also have a vacuum sealer. However the results are really quite amazing.

  • N.J. tree that survived Revolutionary War, Sandy chopped down on Earth Day

    05/14/2015 4:06:18 PM PDT · 3 of 41
    drbuzzard to Theoria

    If the municipality wanted to save the tree they should have put their money where their mouth was and bought the land.

    They didn’t, so tough. Otherwise it would be a takings.

  • Your Team Cheats* * The definitive guide to NFL cheating

    05/11/2015 5:02:39 PM PDT · 26 of 72
    drbuzzard to SSS Two

    The page appears to be made by a Pats fan as the ratings for a given form of cheating seems to vary by team, with the Pats getting knocked less for a given offense. None of the Pats offenses are deemed serious.

    The Steelers are nailed hard for juicing, and the Patsies get half the knocks for the same offense.

    Worthless page.

  • Saudi Arabia sends ground forces into Yemen

    05/03/2015 10:18:57 AM PDT · 21 of 24
    drbuzzard to ROCKLOBSTER

    does long pork count?

  • Saudi Arabia sends ground forces into Yemen

    05/03/2015 7:39:33 AM PDT · 17 of 24
    drbuzzard to Popman

    Yeah, it is surprising in that sense. I lived in the UAE a long time ago, and I’m used to the ‘lazy native’ attitude.

    However from what I understand in Saudi, the military is where the few of them with any drive go to accomplish something. They do a lot of training with our people and buy state of the art western equipment.

    I think when Iraq took Kuwait in a walkover it put the fear of Allah into them. They really got on the ball after that.

  • Saudi Arabia sends ground forces into Yemen

    05/03/2015 7:12:32 AM PDT · 12 of 24
    drbuzzard to Popman

    Actually after the Israelis, the Saudis have one of the better militaries in the region. They spend quite lavishly on it.

    I imagine if they are not sending in copious troops, it is because they got burned doing it before in the past. They did an intervention in Yemen a few decades back and it didn’t go well for them. Rather a quagmire from what I understand.

  • Why Do So Many People Hate the Sound of Hillary Clinton's Voice?

    05/03/2015 6:48:35 AM PDT · 3 of 140
    drbuzzard to lbryce

    ‘our collective sexist tendencies’

    It’s always amazing that people are actually paid to write drivel.

  • Rand Paul is right — toppling Saddam hurt America

    05/02/2015 6:57:00 PM PDT · 81 of 162
    drbuzzard to PGR88

    Way I see it the invasion of Iraq was the act of setting up a bug zapper. All the folderol about freedom, and draining the swamp was all well and good, but a simple glance at the logistics of fighting a war in Afghanistan dictates that it’s bloody stupid to make that a big focus. Hence you pick another location to draw off the jihadis where you get to pick the battlefield. Logistically Iraq was a piece of cake with plenty of ability to ship equipment and supplies and an already established forward post in Kuwait.

    After 9/11 the jihadis were on the march. Sure we toppled the Taliban pretty quickly, but eventually they would have filtered into there and made a big mess. Instead we diverted them into Iraq which for the purposes of slaughtering them was pretty ideal.

    The very act of basically planting a flag in the Arabian peninsula and saying, ‘come and get it’ meant we were able to slaughter the jihadis from all over in droves. Had we not done it in Iraq do you think they would have just gone home and played cards?

    The mess there, as said by many others, is a product of the traditional Democrat means of losing a won war. You pull out prematurely, and abandon an ally and you will get a mess. This is not exactly rocket science.

    Ok, and on the WMD issue, if someone is going to try and argue they weren’t there, the NYT (Yes, that bastion of conservatism</sarc>) basically came out with a story confirming the existence of WMD in Iraq and that W had covered it up to protect the troops. You can google that up. The story only came out last year or the year before.

  • Why Nothing, Especially Chicken, Tastes Like It Used To

    04/26/2015 10:41:44 AM PDT · 4 of 149
    drbuzzard to nickcarraway

    As they say, you can pick to out of three:

    though when it comes to raising animals for food, the first two are so intertwined, that you can’t really separate them so the third loses.

  • What the News Isn’t Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies ( Sharyl Attkisson )

    04/25/2015 7:18:34 AM PDT · 14 of 118
    drbuzzard to originalbuckeye

    It was always autism, but the definition was very narrow. The classic definition, iirc, is the cases where the person is basically wholly non responsive. Those cases are pretty rare. The new definitions has expanded in all kinds of directions, thus adopting more and more cases.

  • What the News Isn’t Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies ( Sharyl Attkisson )

    04/25/2015 6:46:29 AM PDT · 5 of 118
    drbuzzard to Zhang Fei

    The elephant in the corner is that the definition of autism changed right about the same time there was a spike in autism cases. If you provide a more inclusive definition, of course you will have more cases. This is hardly rocket science.

  • Oklahoma approves execution by nitrogen gas as a backup to lethal injections

    04/20/2015 6:27:09 AM PDT · 12 of 32
    drbuzzard to refermech

    Actually, no, CO2 wouldn’t work well. Your body can actually detect high concentrations of CO2 and reacts to it in a negative fashion. Hence using a CO2 chamber would likely work up the ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ angle. Nitrogen is the vast majority of the air we breath, so people are made to ignore it in high concentrations.

    The reason I’ve been in favor of the nitrogen chamber for quite a while now (after reading an article with the suggestion some years ago), it is that is simply works, is cheap, and gets rid of any negative spectacle. The point of the death penalty is to put the perp down permanently, not to engage in any kind of cruelty. Nitrogen does this cleanly and cheaply. Honestly I’m amazed at how long it has taken for someone to adopt this. Considering how much more bother lethal injection actually is, there’s just no logic in it having taken this long.

  • The FRiday Night Movie - The Final Countdown (1980)

    04/10/2015 8:30:29 PM PDT · 17 of 46
    drbuzzard to DemforBush

    I can even remember seeing this one in the theater way back when. A fun movie.

  • The Mosin-Nagant Never Stopped Fighting

    04/10/2015 11:58:51 AM PDT · 60 of 72
    drbuzzard to archy

    Interesting. Had never heard of those. The article doesn’t indicate they were deployed a whole lot, but it would seem the classic assault rifle definition of lower powered cartridge firing with select fire option.

  • The Mosin-Nagant Never Stopped Fighting

    04/10/2015 10:13:45 AM PDT · 54 of 72
    drbuzzard to archy

    That’s fair. Pulling off what they did with a rimmed cartridge was good work.

    I conceded it was revolutionary for the Russians, though the French and Germans had already pioneered the technology.

    I cite the Garant and STG-43 as revolutionary because they were the pioneers (yes, there were semi-auto rifles before the Garand, but none were reliable enough for widespread deployment). The STG-43, of course, was the first assault rifle.

  • The Mosin-Nagant Never Stopped Fighting

    04/10/2015 9:36:05 AM PDT · 48 of 72
    drbuzzard to mountainlion

    The Russians had crap leadership until Zhukov was put in charge, and honestly I think even he is very overrated. Stalin had purged the leadership of the Red Army in the 1930s and it was very evident when the Germans invaded. That’s why they got plowed early on and lost so many men. Then even with Zhukov in charge, they didn’t really follow a tactical style which cared much about casualties. Zhukov was pretty happy to trade blood for victory, which was unlike either the Allies or the Germans.

    The Mosin Nagant is really nothing special as rifles go. It’s another bolt action firing a powerful cartridge (quite comparable to the Mauser K-98 or the Springfield 03). Honestly I don’t see that it can be either credited or discredited all that much. It worked for the job at hand. It wasn’t revolutionary like the Garand or STG-43.

  • The Mosin-Nagant Never Stopped Fighting

    04/10/2015 9:30:33 AM PDT · 46 of 72
    drbuzzard to mountainlion

    Do you need me to provide a comparison of how many divisions were committed on which fronts?

    Seriously? The casualty numbers are pretty easy to look up, so I did that. I’ll recommend you read some actual war history if you want more data than that. Anyone who actually studies the war seriously, understands my point. The Soviets are the ones that ground down the German army. They paid dearly for it (to a good extent because Stalin was an idiot, and had gutted his officer corps right before the war, and then he refused to pay attention to any warnings about the invasion).

    The didn’t hold off the whole German army, just the vast majority between 1940 and 1944, and then ground most of the rest into dust after that.

    Once Germany invaded the Soviet Union, they were fully committed other than the rather minor front in North Africa, and that was mostly Italians under German command.

    History and the numbers speak for themselves. The U.S. can pride themselves on their logistical support for what the Russians did, but the Russians actually did it. Normandy invasion and the following Battle of France was all well and good, but even had that not happened, the Russians would have still made it to Berlin.

    The Western Front sped things up, but were in no way a tipping point of the war. The main thing they accomplished was keeping some countries out of the Soviet Sphere which is an undeniably good thing.

  • The Mosin-Nagant Never Stopped Fighting

    04/10/2015 7:31:38 AM PDT · 28 of 72
    drbuzzard to mountainlion

    While one should not discount the efforts of U.S. and allied troops in the ETO, there is absolutely no comparison as to who actually paid the cost to beat the Nazis. It’s not even vaguely comparable.

    On the Western Front after the invasion of France, the allies had 783,860 casualties, including 164,590 killed. They inflicted 836,606 casualties on the Axis including 263,000(est) killed.

    On the Eastern Front:
    Russia lost (as in dead) 10,651,000. I don’t see a general casualty figure, but things were very brutal over there and the Soviets were not the best at taking care of their soldiers.

    The Axis lost 5,178,000 dead.

    I can’t actually find general casualty counts for either side in the East.

    So just to give rough numbers, the Russians lost 80 times as many people (dead) and killed off 20 times as many Germans.

    Do still want to make some kind of case that the U.S. won the war? Now, we certainly beat Japan almost single handedly, but against the Nazis, the Russians carried the load.

    It should, however, be understood that the Russians managed this based on U.S. logistics. The majority of their transport and explosives were produced in the U.S. and shipped over. They would not have been able to make nearly as many tanks as they did without us filling in the gaps in what they needed.

    Nonetheless, they paid the butcher’s bill like nobody else.

  • Greece demands 279bn(Euros) from Germany in Nazi War Reparations

    04/07/2015 10:33:58 AM PDT · 17 of 45
    drbuzzard to Red Badger

    With a bit of research one can find that Germany already paid Greece 115M Marks back in 1960 which was accepted as compensation. Seems to me the bill has been paid.

    Greece ought to be booted from the EU and allowed to drop into third world status as they deserve.

  • The M-60 Lays Down a Lot of Lead

    04/07/2015 6:21:01 AM PDT · 16 of 49
    drbuzzard to Vaquero

    A very poor adaptation of the MG42. It gives up both reliability and rate of fire in exchange production?

  • Oh irony! With RFRA, the door swings wider to legalized polygamy (Barf alert)

    04/04/2015 8:11:00 PM PDT · 4 of 6
    drbuzzard to 2ndDivisionVet

    Actually this analysis is daft. The judicial rulings which remove the ability for states to outlaw gay marriage are grounded on the same basis that would remove laws against polygamy. You cannot be logically consistent and think that laws against gay marriage are bad, but that laws against polygamy are good.

    Now, of course I don’t expect logical consistency from the Left, but the legal system does try to make a shot at it.

  • Hillary Clinton is following the lead of America's wealthiest (Also Cruz, Paul & Rubio)

    04/04/2015 7:55:11 PM PDT · 3 of 7
    drbuzzard to 2ndDivisionVet
  • As Quakes Rattle Oklahoma, Fingers Point to Oil and Gas Industry

    04/04/2015 8:32:34 AM PDT · 3 of 64
    drbuzzard to rktman

    The thing these articles (and evidently scientists) don’t bother to consider is that any earthquake activity is a function of stresses in the tectonic plates. These stresses will be relieved one way or another since they do continue to build up, and rock is only so strong. Eventually something has to give.

    By intervening via frakking or putting in repositories underground, we’re actually stopping the stress build up early yielding a minor quake instead of the eventual major one.

    I mean this shouldn’t be rocket science. Energy is energy. It can pop off in small bits, or add up to one really big hit.

  • Va. governor eliminates criminal history questions on state job applications

    04/03/2015 4:58:28 PM PDT · 2 of 63
    drbuzzard to don-o

    Maybe he’s thinking about his own job future.

  • Can Ted Cruz Play Well With Others?

    03/30/2015 3:19:21 PM PDT · 7 of 43
    drbuzzard to 2ndDivisionVet

    Rather hard for you to convince me that commanding generals lack executive experience. I can accept the JFK and Lincoln examples.

    Though Cruz did make a valid case that he was the executive for a large state agency. Obama never ran so much as a paper route.

  • "I stabbed him because he humiliated my prophet"

    03/30/2015 3:16:46 PM PDT · 10 of 25
    drbuzzard to rickmichaels

    Hard to tell if the person who got hacked up was really brave or just really stupid. Being anti-islam in an islamic country has consistently proven deleterious to your health.

    Just a feature of that peaceful religion and all.

  • AP president: Killing of journalists should be a war crime

    03/30/2015 8:15:28 AM PDT · 22 of 47
    drbuzzard to Olog-hai

    I don’t see why a journalist should be any different than other civilians. I’m reasonably sure that specifically targeting civilians is a war crime, so why the call for redundancy?

  • Gay Money Is No Good in Indiana

    03/27/2015 12:25:00 PM PDT · 56 of 56
    drbuzzard to LadyBuck

    There are a number of tactical war games based on miniatures. The most well known is Warhammer. Getting an army together from those things is not a cheap business, and on top of it the people spend hours painting the figures.

    If your ex actually wore diapers to gaming events, you are very well off to be rid of him. That’s just downright disturbing.

  • Gay Money Is No Good in Indiana

    03/27/2015 8:26:24 AM PDT · 40 of 56
    drbuzzard to LadyBuck

    Diapers? As far as I know, no. I’m much more happy not knowing for that matter.

    Though some aspects of the hobby are cheap. It depends on the games you favor. Straight up RPGs are not overly expensive unless you compulsively consume, and you don’t really need to. Miniatures will easily blow the bank for those games.

    Know one guy around here, who’s a successful software guy, and I believe he told me he had 14,000 miniatures. Yes, all those zeroes are supposed to be there. Those are the painted Warhammer types, not the cheap plastic ones.

  • Gay Money Is No Good in Indiana

    03/27/2015 7:22:58 AM PDT · 26 of 56
    drbuzzard to LadyBuck

    As someone who does go to gaming cons and is familiar with gamer funk, the number of gamers who actually qualify as the stereotypical basement dwelling social lepers is a very small percentage these days. Certainly under 10%. Heck our local cons actually have a rule against gamer funk (as in if you exhibit it, you are barred from the con). I’ve been to Gen Con in Indianapolis once. It’s quite a spectacle. Of course it is the biggest gaming con by far so it should be a spectacle.

    The characteristics I could say are common in gamers:
    A) They all think they are geniuses, especially if they are not.
    B) Most of them are pretty left wing. There are of course exceptions, but I would say the majority are certainly lefty.
    C) They have bizarre flashbacks to 80s high schools and the idea that they are somehow a put upon minority. Truth be told, nobody outside of the hobby gives two damns about what they actually do.

    While a lot of gamers like to associate the brilliant, rich, nerd niche with themselves, I know plenty of dumb as a post, poor gamers as well, so that stereotype doesn’t hold. Though likely the crowd at Gen Con is probably pretty close to that stereotype since the con is in no way cheap, so any gamer who can afford to attend is probably a well off techie.

  • Canadian Prime Minister, “Guns Important To Safety, And Slow Police Response”

    03/17/2015 10:18:11 AM PDT · 2 of 16
    drbuzzard to rktman

    It is alarming how much more I like the PM of Canada over the President of my own country.

  • Switzerland, America and New Zealand: The Kiwi is low-hanging fruit

    03/16/2015 6:13:05 AM PDT · 14 of 37
    drbuzzard to Leaning Right

    There’s also the fact that the writer of the article did minimal research. I like the Swiss model and all, but they were actually conquered by Napoleon, so any claim that they have never been invaded is false.

    Also the Swiss have a lot more in the way of defenses than just rifles in each house. They also have an extensive series of fortifications and all their roads, bridges, and avalanche shields are set up to be wrecked in case of invasion.

    Yes, the armed citizenry is a serious help, but they go far beyond that to make themselves an undesirable target.

  • David Horowitz: The Left’s Destruction of Inner-City Communities

    03/13/2015 6:46:10 AM PDT · 8 of 8
    drbuzzard to mrsmel

    Yes, nobody forced them into the culture they are currently in, but incentives matter, and the welfare incentives are such that out of wedlock births are encouraged. When you make a certain lifestyle the path of least resistance, you will increase the amount of people living that lifestyle.

  • John Kerry: Iran deal 'not legally binding'

    03/11/2015 1:43:13 PM PDT · 9 of 27
    drbuzzard to SeekAndFind

    How the heck did Lurch get any position beyond janitor? I mean why the heck would anyone bother with negotiations which have no ability to be enforced? What utter lunacy.

  • Study: Earth’s Orbit Causes Global Warming Today And Climate Change 1.4 Billion Years Ago

    03/11/2015 1:23:37 PM PDT · 12 of 36
    drbuzzard to who_would_fardels_bear

    Yeah, exactly. Gotta maintain proper obeisance to AGW theory or the money spigot and any ability to publish will vanish in an instant.

  • Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014

    03/03/2015 6:54:27 PM PST · 17 of 27
    drbuzzard to EveningStar

    I actually liked Legend of Hercules.

    Watched I, Frankenstein on Netflix. Definitely a grade B flick at best, but there’s plenty of worse movies out there.

  • The stunning 'boltholes with airstrips' in New Zealand being bought by the world's super-rich

    01/30/2015 7:23:44 AM PST · 24 of 72
    drbuzzard to spokeshave

    Yeah, I was about to mention that. New Zealand decided that they could just live on protection from the US and Australia.

    As if that will still be there when it all goes in the pot.

    Guns laws aren’t too awful there by world standards, but I don’t know that I would like to put up with them.

  • The Dark Urges Of Chris Kyle's Haters

    01/23/2015 6:28:58 AM PST · 7 of 23
    drbuzzard to mplsconservative

    Yeah, there was not a peep in my theater when I left. Amazing movie.

  • The Moocher Hall of Fame Is Getting Crowded

    01/19/2015 7:32:30 AM PST · 3 of 20
    drbuzzard to Kaslin

    On the plus side, at least they will end up on the other side of the sod soon enough with that kind of blubber load.

  • Elizabeth Warren Says She Is Not Going To Run For President

    01/13/2015 3:28:53 PM PST · 69 of 77
    drbuzzard to Nervous Tick

    I would not demean dogs by the comparison. I like dogs.

  • Elizabeth Warren Says She Is Not Going To Run For President

    01/13/2015 1:35:26 PM PST · 7 of 77
    drbuzzard to Libloather

    I feel a tremor in the force, as if a million moonbats all cried out in agony.

  • A Confused Brit’s View of Basketball: Why’s It So Easy to Score?

    01/11/2015 8:34:30 AM PST · 7 of 73
    drbuzzard to MinorityRepublican

    The confused Brit didn’t bother to do much research. He might have realized that only man to man defense is permitted at the pro level to encourage more scoring. There is zone defense permitted at the college level, so scores are generally lower (assuming a fair matchup).

    Personally I don’t much care for either soccer or Basketball (both extremes in scoring).

  • Bill Gates: From stinky poop to fresh water – Omni Processor

    01/08/2015 9:58:29 AM PST · 25 of 62
    drbuzzard to Brad from Tennessee

    Article doesn’t mention a peep about how much maintenance it requires. In a place like Africa, that would mean is runs splendidly until it breaks down once, then it is a curious bit of sculpture.

  • North Stars great J.P. Parise dies at 73

    01/08/2015 9:12:34 AM PST · 4 of 7
    drbuzzard to God luvs America

    Zach Parise (the son) is a current member of the Minnesota Wild NHL team