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  • Apple applies for patent to kill jailbroken devices

    08/24/2010 8:10:39 AM PDT · 44 of 57
    GeraldP to Erik Latranyi

    There is quite a bit of unwarranted extrapolation in this article; probably a result of the writer’s own bias and his desire to elicit an emotional response.

    Here is the one fact I read in the article: Apple is using their device’s hardware and software to come up with ways of protecting that device from unauthorized use.
    Here is the writer’s spin: Apple is trying to flag down jailbreakers and brick their iDevices. Apple is trying to be Big Brother.

    Personally, I don’t see that the latter follows from the former. This need not be anything other than an extension of their “locate my phone” feature, which has enabled some to recover their stolen iPhones. Note that this feature is optional with a mobileme subscription (I don’t have it). There is absolutely no reason to believe that the “unauthorized user” feature would be the mandatory and pernicious program this writer is making it out to be. Chances are if I want to jailbreak my future iPhone, I will be able to do so and not subscribe to the ‘unauthorized user” feature. On the other hand, I can see where corporate users might be want to be able to promptly locate and recover a stolen device, and to make sure it is not accessed by someone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gray Powell had something to do with this patent.

    I do agree that this needs to be raised as an issue and I’m sure it will be if Apple does include this patent in a future iOS update. However, the leap made here, that the patent means Apple is going after jailbreakers, is not warranted by the patent.

  • FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa - Day 14 - Live Thread

    06/24/2010 8:23:06 AM PDT · 51 of 124
    GeraldP to dfwgator

    That may be a trip worth making. Need a little excitement between the World Cup and SEC football (Geaux Tigers!).

  • FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa - Day 14 - Live Thread

    06/24/2010 8:15:38 AM PDT · 48 of 124
    GeraldP to dfwgator

    Inter is my second favorite club team, but as you pointed out they really were very inter-national. Euro2008, Confederations Cup and so far this World Cup, Italy has played terrible.

  • FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa - Day 14 - Live Thread

    06/24/2010 8:08:43 AM PDT · 45 of 124
    GeraldP to dfwgator

    Italian calcio seems to be in a bit of a slump at the moment.

  • FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa - Day 14 - Live Thread

    06/24/2010 7:54:43 AM PDT · 39 of 124
    GeraldP to darkside321

    Not looking good at the moment. As a Juve fan, I had a bad feeling about this team, but I hoped they would pull it together in the Azzurri uniform.
    Forza Italia!

  • Why dolphins are the best calamari chefs in the ocean

    01/30/2009 12:46:45 PM PST · 14 of 14
    GeraldP to Lorianne

    So long and thanks for all the calamari
    So sad that it should come to this
    We tried to warn you all but oh dear?

    You may not share our intellect
    Which might explain your disrespect
    For all the natural wonders that
    grow around you

    So long, so long and thanks
    for all the calamari

    The world’s about to be destroyed
    There’s no point getting all annoyed
    Lie back and let the planet dissolve

    Despite those nets of tuna fleets
    We thought that most of you were sweet
    Especially tiny tots and your
    pregnant women

    So long, so long, so long, so long, so long
    So long, so long, so long, so long, so long

    So long, so long and thanks
    for all the calamari

  • 11 Billion Year-Old Massive Gamma Ray Burst Recorded (2 to 3 times older than our planet)

    01/13/2009 2:32:01 PM PST · 37 of 43
    GeraldP to adorno

    >>>and the average lifespan of a star is something between 4 and 8 years (like our sun)...

    Our sun is considered a small star, whereas gamma-ray-bursts are mostly result from the collapse of a much more massive star. Such a massive star has an accelerated life cycle when compared with a sun-mass star. A sun-like star’s life is measured in billions of years, but a massive star’s (the type that would emit GRBs) is measured in millions of years.

  • USC Ya Later”: What’s Next for College Football?

    09/27/2008 12:33:38 PM PDT · 79 of 82
    GeraldP to Positive

    >>>So I’ll say it...the best team I’ve seen play so far this season was the one who scored the most points in the second half against Auburn last weekend.

    I don’t know about you, but that’s the way I prefer it. Let the Purple-and-Gold be overlooked by the Gameday talking heads until all the USCs and the OUs have fallen. If the Jarret Lee we saw in the 2nd half of the Auburn game is the one to take over, LSU has a great chance for an SEC championship and then the other game.

  • JPMorgan Chase Acquires Banking Operations of Washington Mutual

    09/25/2008 7:52:49 PM PDT · 14 of 35
    GeraldP to snarks_when_bored

    >>> For most of the day, the bid size was significantly larger than the ask size, sometimes as much as 10 times larger

    I am not going to say that there is not some degree of manipulation to the PPS at any given time. What I do want to point out though, is that when you are looking at the Bid/Ask board, what you see is the limit orders that have been placed. Those trades will not be executed unless someone decides to buy at the ask limit or sell at the bid limit. So... while the number of bid orders may be much higher than ask orders, the bids may very well be much more resolute about the price they’re looking for. So it is not so much supply and demand as the price the balance of the orders is willing to settle upon at any given time.

    The price jumped at the outset of the news break because people did not fully read the release and assumed it was the buyout they were waiting for.

  • 20 Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows

    09/12/2008 11:27:19 AM PDT · 25 of 215
    GeraldP to Borges

    What about the longest-running sci-fi show... Stargate SG-1. I cannot believe it didn’t even make the top 20. And Lost.. come on it’s a great show, but how can you put it in the top 10 of the sci-fi genre?

  • (Vanity) 18 Questions on The Civil War

    07/18/2008 9:09:17 AM PDT · 120 of 134

    I am just finishing Harry Turtledove’s “Settling Accounts: In at the Death”, which is the 11th and (presumably) final book in his “Timeline-191” ( ) series. The series starts with the fictional “Second Spanish War”, which is a second war between the states over the Confederate States’ aqcuisition of Mexican states Chihuahua and Sonora. The series then goes through World War I (the Great War series), the intra-war period (the American Empire series), and World War II (the Settling Accounts series).

    It is, of course, a work of fiction, but the historical nuances thrown in make it absolutely fascinating. It can be a bit slow at times, but I highly recommend it to anyone that has even a slight curiosity about the Civil War and interested in what-might-have-beens.

  • Official Euro 2008 Thread

    06/06/2008 12:32:09 PM PDT · 8 of 35
    GeraldP to dfwgator

    Forza Azzuri!!

  • Apple iPhone SDK downloads surpass 100,000 in first four days

    03/13/2008 6:08:58 AM PDT · 9 of 10
    GeraldP to Swordmaker

    I have a feeling the final SDK along with the plethora of apps that will follow, will have an even more profound effect than even Apple had imagined.

    For one thing, this could be the “Open Sesame” of gaming as far as Apple goes. A lot of people have been clamoring for Apple to be more open to gaming. You saw at the SDK roadmap event and even further, with game developers in this last week, that there is great anticipation for this new platform. And where there is a platform there will be an ecosystem. An ecosystem of new apps, and games, and lots of new adopters.

    Oh yeah, you also need a Mac to develop for the iPhone. How many developers will buy a Mac, just to develop for the iPhone? Having invested in a Mac, and having become familiar with Xcode and Cocoa development, how many of those developers will become osX developers and users?

    Perhaps this will be nothing, but perhaps it could really be something.

  • **THE Official FR College Football Live Thread Week 10**

    11/04/2007 5:45:56 PM PST · 249 of 254
    GeraldP to Positive

    >>> Of course the Ohio State Stinking Fruits have to beat Illinois and Michigan....

    That’s hilarious... until now I had never taken the time to find out what a Buckeye actually was.

    Wouldn’t it perfectly epitomize this season though... if Michigan were to hand OSU its first loss?

  • **THE Official FR College Football Live Thread Week 10**

    11/04/2007 3:47:05 PM PST · 247 of 254
    GeraldP to Positive

    >>> BCS rankings offically out...LSU #2, control their destiny I think.

    I would like to think so also. But... if Kansas goes undefeated and beats #6 Mizzou and then #5 Oklahoma, the possibility exists they would jump us. I find this unlikely, they’re undefeated because they haven’t played anybody.

    As for Arkansas, I certainly hope we get that W... I already got my tickets for ATL.

  • **THE Official FR College Football Live Thread Week 10**

    11/04/2007 12:15:47 PM PST · 243 of 254
    GeraldP to Positive

    Ahhh... please, please you’re being way too negative Positive! Don’t question the mad genius of Les. Actually, I called him and asked him to do that, I married into a die-hard Bama family, and my father-in-law was threatening to withdraw his blessing if LSU embarrased the Tide too badly.

    Jokes aside, I do not seriously believe -130 yds in penalties is excused by anything. We need to thank our lucky stars, and hope team discipline makes a comeback. LSU has everything it needs for another NC, if it gets its act together. A good whipping of LaTech might be just what they need to realize they don’t have to keep fighting uphill battles.

  • **THE Official FR College Football Live Thread Week 10**

    11/04/2007 11:28:24 AM PST · 241 of 254
    GeraldP to Positive

    >>>I’m a big LSU fan, and if they ever played a mistake free game I don’t think anybody can beat them.

    It’s a secret masterplan by mad genius Les Miles. By making our opponents look good, we allow them to hang on to their rankings (Alabama dropped 1 to #18 today). Also, it weeds out the weak among the LSU fan base, those whose hearts can’t handle all the adrenaline pumped into their systems in the 4th quarter of LSU games.

  • **THE Official FR College Football Live Thread Week 10**

    11/04/2007 10:56:23 AM PST · 239 of 254
    GeraldP to dfwgator

    Good point... if we assume all wins for the three #2-contenders and OSU, it is quite possible Kansas could edge LSU edging Oregon. On the other hand, Kansas has not had any real tests so far and is more likely to falter.

  • **THE Official FR College Football Live Thread Week 10**

    11/04/2007 10:47:10 AM PST · 237 of 254

    The USAToday computer preview has Kansas at No.2, with LSU at 3 and Oregon at 4.

    The USAToday and AP polls just released, have LSU at 2 with a very narrow margin on Oregon and Kansas at 4. Methinks the BCS rankings will have LSU, Oregon, and Kansas all within a game’s reach of each other. LSU should win out, especially if they play Georgia for the SEC championship (thus avoiding the pesky “double win” factor). Doesn’t look like Oregon has anybody left to play that could propel them forward, while Kansas at #9 Missouri could push them ahead of Oregon, but probably not LSU. Sheesh... this is all too much for my brain on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Vandalism investigated at Tupac Shakur site

    10/25/2007 7:45:43 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    GeraldP to dr.zaeus
    >>>Vandalism investigated at Tupac Shakur site

    Hmmmm.... but where was the vandalism committed?

  • Mac OS X "Leopard" to Hit Stores Oct. 26

    10/17/2007 5:30:51 AM PDT · 75 of 92
    GeraldP to abt87
    Check out this OS War poll over at

    ~43% voted for Leopard, yet Mac market share is obviously nowhere near that (somewhere upwards of 6% at last guesstimate). So, what does that mean.... I say it means "Buy more Apple stock!"
  • Need Feedback by IPhone Users (Vanity)

    09/26/2007 3:37:09 PM PDT · 11 of 12
    GeraldP to Maneesh

    Yes, you use iTunes to sync contacts and calendar.
    It is my understanding, based on various apple rumor sites, that a 3G version of the iphone is in the works and would probably become available sometime around the summer of next year. Whether this happens or not depends on Jobs, apparently he thinks that current 3G chips are too battery-intensive.

    I have used the iphone in the northeast and south extensively and I find for most urban areas Edge speed is fairly uniform. I have also used it(very sparingly) in Europe and it worked very well.

    I was an early adopter and I thought it was great even at the initial price.

  • Need Feedback by IPhone Users (Vanity)

    09/26/2007 10:04:42 AM PDT · 5 of 12
    GeraldP to Maneesh

    I have an iphone and work in the Greater Boston area. My personal experience with the iphone has been nearly flawless. The reception has been as good or better than with other cell phones. Edge downloads typically are in the 200 kbps range (vs 900 kbps for WiFi). I frequently visit FR on it and have experienced no difficulty in general with surfing, save the occasional Safari crash (this happens once or twice a month and just kicks you back to the home menu, relaunching Safari results in reloading of the webpages from before the crash). Since getting the iphone, I’ve stopped carrying my laptop around and have set it up as a workstation on my desk.

    I have not synced contacts, but the calendar syncing works great.

    Battery life for me is quite adequate. If not doing extensive surfing and music listening, I charge every other night. Otherwise, I try to charge every night. I had a couple of ipod wires which I’ve set up at work and home so I can sync the iphone and charge it while working. My car FM transmitter for my ipod has turned into my car charger for the iphone.

    My only beef is lack of MMS, I hope this will come in a future firmware update.

    All in all I highly recommend it.

  • SG-1's Anderson Back In Saddle

    07/21/2006 6:59:32 AM PDT · 25 of 26
    GeraldP to voiceinthewind
    >>>Does Teal'c look different to you?

    He shaved part of his temple... looks a bit weird if you ask me.

  • Friday's Sci-Fi Listing (07/14/06)

    07/14/2006 8:38:21 AM PDT · 13 of 15
    GeraldP to KevinDavis
    My favorite SG-1 moment:

    Jack: ...but I do know for a fact that there's no point letting ole' Doc Fraiser examine us again.
    (scene changes, the now familar scene in the infirmary, with Fraiser yet again examining Jack's eyes)
    I ask you, what could possibly be in my eye that could explain this?

  • Chirac hails Zidane as subdued French return from World Cup loss

    07/12/2006 6:49:33 AM PDT · 20 of 23
    GeraldP to MplsSteve

    It would be next to impossible for Materazzi to have faked or dramaticized the impact of Zidane's headbutt. It's simple mechanics; if you fall forward or backwards on your own, you have to use your feet and this is noticeable as your feet have to become a pivot point for the rest of your body. Otherwise you could jump, but this would still show up as you'd have to bend your knees.

    If you watch the replay in slow motion, you'll see Materazzi pivot point is at about waist-height, meaning there had to be some external momentum imparted on Materazzi's body above waist-height. His feet are basically swept upward in what appears to be a purely rotational motion. Once again, this is impossible to achieve on your own.

  • The universe before it began

    05/25/2006 7:30:23 AM PDT · 99 of 126
    GeraldP to Gandalf_The_Gray

    >>>Observational data seems to indicate that the rate of expansion is slowing, which eliminates number one.

    Actually, the expansion seems to be accelerating (increasing rate), hence the postulation of "dark energy". Dark energy would presumably be antigravitational. If I am not mistaken, string physicists suggest this could be an effect of gravitational particles from an adjacent universe or p-brane, leaking into ours.

  • Albanian Muslims object to city's statue of Mother Teresa

    03/30/2006 8:23:12 AM PST · 32 of 85
    GeraldP to MadIvan


    Muslim Community rejects opposition to Mother Theresa’s statue
    TIRANA, March 21 – The head of the Albanian Muslim Community, the only official organization representing all Albanian Muslims, said on Monday opposition to placing a statue of Mother Teresa at the entrance of the northwestern city of Shkodra did not represent its official stance. Community leader Selim Muça also said placing the bust is within the powers of authorities and would not damage religious harmony in Shkodra. “Mother Teresa is the honor of our nation and we respect all distinguished figures of our nation” Muça said, adding the bust “does not damage religious harmony.” >>

  • ISS crew set to tee off in first open space golf attempt

    03/14/2006 6:58:39 PM PST · 11 of 18
    GeraldP to KevinDavis

    If my quick math is correct, that would send the astronaut hurtling at 0.05 mph (translation only, though the swinging motion would also give his organs some "artificial gravity")

  • ISS crew set to tee off in first open space golf attempt

    03/14/2006 6:44:27 PM PST · 5 of 18
    GeraldP to GeraldP

  • ISS crew set to tee off in first open space golf attempt

    03/14/2006 6:40:37 PM PST · 4 of 18
    GeraldP to KevinDavis
    Been there, done that.

  • Tied up in the Rat Lines

    01/20/2006 7:17:22 AM PST · 4 of 13
    GeraldP to dj_animal_2000
  • Lab fireball 'may be black hole'

    01/19/2006 2:27:31 PM PST · 64 of 199
    GeraldP to oldleft

    >>>Or are the gravitational forces exerted by bending space too great to be useful?

    As I understand it (which is not very much), the tidal forces would be too great to withstand, barring some type of Trek-ish "containment field".

  • Lab fireball 'may be black hole'

    01/19/2006 2:00:44 PM PST · 28 of 199
    GeraldP to djf

    >>>However, even if the ball of plasma is a black hole, it is not thought to pose a threat. At these energies and distances, gravity is not the dominant force in a black hole.

    Adding to the usefulness of an elusive theory of quantum gravity. If we could understand gravity at the quantum scale, we should be able to calculate at what scale a black hole becomes dangerous, n'est pas?

  • Kosovo: Religious Intrigue as Rugova Declines

    01/07/2006 9:34:47 AM PST · 12 of 15
    GeraldP to Christopher Lincoln

    The 30/70 ratio of Muslims to Christian in Albania proper is more of a myth. If it ever was true, it definitely is not true any longer. No census has been taken since the fall of communism, however various organizations (Britannica, Encarta) have placed the ratio at about 35/35, with the rest being "nonreligious", no doubt as a result of three decades of state-enforced atheism. Most of the nonreligious group would identify themselves closer culturally to Christianity.

    In Kosovo itself, the (traditional) Catholic numbers are at about 5-10%. In recent years, many ethnic Albanians in Kosovo (similarly to their ethnic kin in ALbania) have started a trend of "reclaiming the religion of the forefathers". There is a collective memory of (mostly) forced conversions to Islam within the last couple of centuries, and many nominally-Muslims are of the opinion that now that the Oriental culture has receded, it is time to go back to Christianity. Ibrahim Rugova is one excellent example of this from Kosovo. From Albania proper, the internationally recognized writer Ismail Kadare is the best example.

  • Tonight's Sci-Fi Listing (01/06/06)

    01/06/2006 8:44:07 AM PST · 15 of 34
    GeraldP to KevinDavis

    What's that, like ... 20 ft rims?
  • Travel to Mars in 3 hours (Air force studies Trek tech)

    01/05/2006 9:58:00 AM PST · 74 of 170
    GeraldP to KevinDavis

    Space ping material?

  • Explosive Device Thrown At Albanian Embassy In Belgrade

    01/04/2006 2:21:52 PM PST · 16 of 20
    GeraldP to montyspython

    Just scroll up to Post#9 for example:

    "No ambiguity about it, the idiots that attacked the bus in Maliseva are a combination of thugs/criminals and should be locked away for good, as should be anyone who attacks any Serb in Kosovo."

    Now, what's it going to be?

  • Explosive Device Thrown At Albanian Embassy In Belgrade

    01/04/2006 1:46:42 PM PST · 14 of 20
    GeraldP to montyspython

    >>> Gerald wouldn't raise an eyebrow if the situation were reversed

    And you know this how exactly? What makes you think you know how I would react to any particular event or situation? Mrs. Cleo... is that you?

    I condemned the Maliseva bus attack, and I have on a number of occasions condemned antiSerb violence in Kosovo. Call it "grandstanding" if you will, the words are still there. In contrast, I have yet to see a single Serb on this thread that condemns this act of terrorism, you included. Come on, are you going to use your next post to say what needs to be said or are you going to retort with your usual petulance and hostility?

  • Explosive Device Thrown At Albanian Embassy In Belgrade

    01/04/2006 7:41:37 AM PST · 9 of 20
    GeraldP to dj_animal_2000

    >>>...and in your perfect world...this must be "legal" then...????

    Are you asking me how I feel about the bus attack? No ambiguity about it, the idiots that attacked the bus in Maliseva are a combination of thugs/criminals and should be locked away for good, as should be anyone who attacks any Serb in Kosovo.

    >>>I guess, Albanians can't handle it, when people in Serbia are happy for one day...

    And I guess some Serbs still can't get past the denial mentality. I see not the slightest acknowledgement or hint of condemnation in your posts.

    The saddest part is that this "why have an Albanian Embassy in Belgrade?" idiocy seems to be more common than I thought. Surely... I thought, surely most Serbs would realize the absurdity of attacking the Albanian ambassador's residence.

  • Explosive Device Thrown At Albanian Embassy In Belgrade

    01/03/2006 5:56:58 PM PST · 6 of 20
    GeraldP to FormerLib

    I've got $10 that says it was Carla del Ponte, Paddy Ashdown, and William Walker; all in full ninja gear.

  • Explosive Device Thrown At Albanian Embassy In Belgrade

    01/03/2006 2:58:32 PM PST · 3 of 20
    GeraldP to joan

    >>>Giving the Albanians a little taste of their own medicine.

    Ah yes, let's bomb the civilian representative of the country that has as a majority the same nationality as that of a breakaway minority in our country. It makes perfect sense joan. /s

  • Albanians celebrate Flag Day (Steady creep of Islam, more TROP land grabs)

    12/02/2005 7:19:38 AM PST · 17 of 18
    GeraldP to montyspython

    Monty... your spy skills appear to be sharper than ever. But be careful or Mark might turn you into a "newt".

  • Albanians celebrate Flag Day (Steady creep of Islam, more TROP land grabs)

    12/01/2005 3:03:05 PM PST · 15 of 18
    GeraldP to mark502inf

    Mark, I regret to inform you that we will no longer be able to pay for your services, since anonimity is necessary for the position of "paid shill for the Albanians".


  • Albanians celebrate Flag Day (Steady creep of Islam, more TROP land grabs)

    12/01/2005 2:55:43 PM PST · 14 of 18
    GeraldP to edwin hubble

    >>>70 percent of Albania is muslim.

    That figure is from the 1930s, and as incorrect as out of date. Recent estimates put Muslims and Christians at about 35% each (the rest is atheist/agnostic from the 30+ years of ban on all religion).

  • Apple gearing up for OS war(Is Apple ready to fight the evil empire?)

    11/09/2005 7:23:04 AM PST · 2 of 32
    GeraldP to Halfmanhalfamazing

    >>>That is that a patent has been discovered that allows Apple to protect the installation of the Mac OS X to just Apple-produced hardware. The patent describes a process whereby users would be able to load one of three operating systems as their primary OS and then load a secondary operating system as their secondary OS

    So Apple will allow Windows (and Linux?) to be installed on their hardware, but OS X cannot be installed on any hardware than Apple's.
    Seems like a brilliant idea to me, it ought to bring into the fold the people who have been on the brink of switching, but have been held up because of software availability.

    Apple will probably even make dual-booting a fool-proof process (iBoot?).

  • UN administartion Kosovo: Stoping all non-Albanian property claims

    11/07/2005 7:36:11 AM PST · 4 of 6
    GeraldP to kronos77

    2 entries found for stoping.
    stope ( P ) Pronunciation Key (stp)
    An excavation in the form of steps made by the mining of ore from steeply inclined or vertical veins.

    tr.v. stoped, stop·ing, stopes
    To remove (ore) from or mine by means of a stope

    So... are you implying, that non-ethnic Albanians in Kosov@ have buried their properties deep in the ground, and now the UN administration is excavating them out?

  • Albania's Prime Minister stresses Iran's nuclear rights

    10/29/2005 7:44:25 PM PDT · 7 of 10
    GeraldP to Alex Marko

    The Iranian report was denounced in forceful terms by the Albanian government, forcing them to retract the report that is the centerpiece of this thread. The office of the prime minister (Berisha) released the text of the message Berisha gave to Iran as being (translated by yours truly):

    "Albania desires that Iran, in agreement with international treaties it is party to, be completely open and transparent in the field of nuclear energy utilization".

    Subsequent to the denial, the prime minister issued another declaration in the severest of tones denouncing the Iranian's President remark on "wiping Israel from the map"

    The Albanian press was up in arms today about this. Noone in Albania wants anything to do with Iran and their Islamist government. If the US were to send troops in Iran tomorrow, I guarantee that there would be an Albanian contingent alongside the American troops, just as was the case for Iraq.

    My interpretation, and the interpretation of the Albanian press, is that this was a bs report where the Islamic dictatorship's propaganda machine thought they could get away with putting a spin on a quite routine diplomatic statement. They forgot that Albania is one of the staunchest US backers. Any move by Berisha to change this stance would land him in deeper shiite than he was in 1997 (I wish the bastard would have left politics then)
    The preceding link shows the updated IRNA release on the meeting.IRNA basically retracted their earlier report.

  • FBI: Albanian mobsters 'new Mafia'

    10/24/2005 9:22:11 AM PDT · 81 of 91
    GeraldP to mark502inf

    What can I say mark... you know I have a high tolerance for this bs, but even I could not just stand by and let this charade continue without throwing in a small dose of sanity.

  • Planet Venus 'Fell prey to Global Warning'!!!

    10/18/2005 2:07:10 PM PDT · 70 of 96
    GeraldP to Dr._Joseph_Warren
    Venus fell prey to an energy-farming alien civilization.

    Seriously though... I seem to recall that Venus is right at the edge of Sol's habitable zone, drifting in and out of it during its elliptical orbit.