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  • Vanity question about the senate presenting a budget to the president

    12/14/2014 6:59:49 AM PST · by InvisibleChurch · 13 replies
    It's been such a long time since the Senate has offered up a budget to the president. This 1.1 trillion thingy just passed, how does that affect what the Senate is supposed to do?
  • Vanity - the greatest made-up word I've discovered on Free Republic

    10/02/2014 7:04:06 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 21 replies
    Perhaps I need to see Dr. Sigmund Freud about this but i woke up this morning and the first word that popped in to my head was "presidue", late of the Clinton presidency. After my initial confusion I sat and thought, What a great word!
  • 'Don't take me to the elevator': Screaming prankster dragged kicking from Goodell's presser...

    09/20/2014 9:09:05 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 12 replies
    ukmail ^ | 9 20 14
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's tense press conference this afternoon was interrupted by a prankster who was dragged kicking and screaming from the room. Benjy Bronk, a writer on The Howard Stern Show, was forcibly removed when he began screaming: 'What are you doing?' Don't take me to an elevator!' Bronk, who has pulled pranks before, was referring to the video of NFL player Ray Rice attacking his then-fiancee in an Atlantic City elevator.
  • Burger King's new all-black burger has black buns, cheese, and sauce

    09/11/2014 3:15:16 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 93 replies
    sploid ^ | 9-11-14
    Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft reports on the new all black burger at Burger King Japan, a sandwich with black buns, black sauce, and black cheese darker than a black hole (seriously, the cheese is extremely black.) It looks kind of gross—but I really want to try it. How is this black cheese so dark, you ask? It isn't plastic—although it looks like it.
  • Twiggy. Iman. Kendall?! Jenner Sister Drops Last Name for Modeling Career

    08/29/2014 5:49:41 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 24 replies
    yahoo ^ | 8-29-14
    Call her what you will on the catwalk, just don't call her by her last name. Kendall Jenner, the eldest daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner, is apparently a "Jenner" no more — at least not when she's on the runway. Popular style site Racked first noticed Thursday that she's simply called "Kendall" on her modeling agency's website. And it's not just a typo on The Society Management's landing page — over on her personal page, it's even more clear that she's dropped her identifying moniker. The move by the 18-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is understandable. While...
  • The Double Barrel Pistol by Arsenal Firearms, Italy

    07/26/2014 7:12:15 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 34 replies
    This is the type of pistol we could see a James Bond villain using (a hint to filmmakers of the new Bond movie "Skyfall"). The AF2011-A1 "Second Century" incorporates the legendary John Browning M1911 design in both look and function. The Italian manufacturer, Arsenal Firearms, states that the pistol will remain both ergonomic and easy to fire for anyone who can handle a regular 1911 pistol. A little bit of background info on the company: formed by a firearm designer Nicola Bandini and gun miniature master Dimitry Streshinskiy (Russia). Arsenal owns a popular shotgun company Zanotti 1625, which has a...
  • The books many start, but few ever finish: Survey reveals the reads nobody reads (HRC 1.9%)

    07/08/2014 6:44:44 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 87 replies
    ukmail ^ | 7-8-14
    It's the cultural crime we don't dare admit - starting that big, high-brow book with the best intentions before leaving it half-read down the back of the sofa. So those who give up on tough reads will be relieved to hear they're not alone. A mathematics professor has singled out which books are our most 'unread' - and intellectual big-hitters are far and away the worst culprits. Readers in their droves gave up on Hillary Clinton's memoirs, Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time and Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century before they were even a tenth of the...
  • Ian Anderson and the best of Jethro Tull - HELPING THE HEROES

    06/24/2014 7:59:50 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 12 replies
    Join the Global Campaign against IED’s on Sunday, October 5, 2014 for a special night with Ian Anderson to honor our veterans, first responders, and to raise awareness of the global threat from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). All proceeds from the concert go to support programs helping our heroes and responding to the threat from IEDs. There will be a pre-show VIP reception, special guests, and other events honoring our heroes. You can even snap a photo with “the man himself” after watching the show from your private backstage box if you enter and win “The Ultimate Fan Experience with...
  • Vanity - Southeast Asia travel recommendations needed

    06/17/2014 4:55:22 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 23 replies
    My wife is going to Bangkok in August for work. She has 4 free days to spend touring. She's interested in going to Cambodia or Vietnam. What would you recommend that's unique and doable in a short time?
  • She's so "deep" (vanity)

    06/10/2014 4:49:32 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 7 replies
    Hillary Clinton in @GMA interview on book release: 'The reason I called this book 'Hard Choices' is because that's what any president faces' - @brianstelter
  • Heres a picture coca cola probably regrets

    06/06/2014 9:30:13 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 54 replies ^ | 6-7-14
  • Veterans scandal risks engulfing Obama

    05/16/2014 7:44:20 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 27 replies ^ | 5-16-14
    May 16, 2014 5:40 pm Veterans scandal risks engulfing Obama By Geoff Dyer in Washington ©AFP Amid contrived outrage over Benghazi and the improving fortunes of its healthcare reform, the Obama administration could be facing a genuine scandal about its treatment of military veterans that has the potential to attract broad political condemnation of its competence. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is facing mounting evidence that some of the hospitals it runs have been keeping two sets of books to make it look as if they were reducing waiting times to see a doctor. More damning, the department is...
  • Terrifying moment father-to-be, 24, was shot dead in morning mugging (indianapolis)

    04/03/2014 6:21:48 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 39 replies
    mail online ^ | 4 3 14
    A 24-year-old man, shot dead during an early morning walk in Indianapolis on Tuesday, had been excitedly awaiting the arrival of his first baby. Nathan Trapuzzano was shot in the stomach during what police believe was an attempted mugging outside a tire shop at 5.50am. As police intensified their search for two suspects, seen on security camera footage running from the scene, it was revealed that Mr Trapuzzano's wife, Jennifer, is due to have a baby girl next month. Mr Trapuzzano, a computer programmer for Ivy Tech Community College, was found injured outside the Tron Tire Shop, Fox 59 reported....
  • North Korea: Students required to get Kim Jong-un haircut

    03/26/2014 3:51:48 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 33 replies
    bbc ^ | 3 26 14
    The state-sanctioned guideline was introduced in the capital Pyongyang about two weeks ago, Radio Free Asia reports. It is now being rolled out across the country - although some people have expressed reservations about getting the look. "Our leader's haircut is very particular, if you will," one source tells Radio Free Asia. "It doesn't always go with everyone since everyone has different face and head shapes." Meanwhile, a North Korean now living in China says the look is actually unpopular at home because people think it resembles Chinese smugglers. "Until the mid-2000s, we called it the 'Chinese smuggler haircut'," the...
  • Navy SEALs 'took turns dumping HUNDREDS of bullets' into Osama bin Laden's dead body, report

    03/15/2014 6:16:24 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 137 replies
    ukmail ^ | 3 15 14
    Special operations sources have claimed that the terror leader was shot more than one hundred times in the fatal 2011 raid. A new report from a website known within the intelligence and armed services community claims that the sheer number of times that Osama bin Laden was shot is the reason why the government has never released photos of his dead body. Citing two confidential sources, The Special Operations Forces Situation Report tells how 'operator after operator took turns dumping magazines-worth of ammunition into Bin Laden’s body'. The site goes on to argue that while the Navy SEALs may have...
  • vanity : question about miltary time . What time is it during war time?

    03/10/2014 5:17:56 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 16 replies
    3 10 14
    When the military is involved with fighting, is there a central time used to coordinate maneuvers or is the local time where the action is based used?
  • Pilot in another plane was flying 30 minutes ahead of MH370 (had contact w lost plane)

    03/08/2014 7:31:30 PM PST · by InvisibleChurch · 149 replies ^ | 3-9-14
    'INTERFERENCE': Pilot in another plane was flying 30 minutes ahead of MH370 SEPANG: A BOEING 777 pilot, who was flying 30 minutes ahead of the missing Malaysia Airlines     aircraft, said he established contact with    MH370  minutes  after  he   was    asked to do so by  Vietnamese air traffic control. The captain, who asked to not be named, said his plane, which was bound for Narita, Japan, was far into Vietnamese airspace when he was asked to relay, using his plane's emergency frequency, to MH370 for the latter to establish its position, as the authorities could not contact the aircraft. "We managed...
  • The Blackmail Paradox

    03/08/2014 8:42:37 AM PST · by InvisibleChurch · 37 replies
    It’s legal for me to expose your infidelity. And it’s legal for me to seek $10,000 from you in a business transaction. So why is it illegal for me to blackmail you for $10,000? “Most crimes do not need theories to explain why the behavior is criminal,” writes Northwestern law professor James Lindgren. “The wrongdoing is self-evident. But blackmail is unique among major crimes: no one has yet figured out why it ought to be illegal.”

    02/27/2014 7:33:19 PM PST · by InvisibleChurch · 30 replies
    “Our ’65 Chevy low rider convertible, flying the colors of ZZ Top’s El Dorado Bar is solidly a Texas car yet, equally at home on the streets of LA, Fresno, or Bakersfield.” –Billy Gibbons. This pic of ZZ Top has it all, in my opinion. Just checkout that custom-built Texas state Gibson guitar! The band has acquired an enviable car collection over the years, and is out and about in the custom scene. “We attend the Mooneyes Festivals in California and Japan and always make the SoCal Speed Shop summer ‘Open House’ gathering. Always a terrific time. As far as clubs...
  • Pesky reminders - Monthly bills and concrete consequences will keep the Obamacare crisis from fading

    11/27/2013 1:25:47 PM PST · by InvisibleChurch · 4 replies
    world mag ^ | 11-27-13 | Joel Belz
    I’m not sure just which president it was—most folks point to Ronald Reagan—who earned the term “Teflon President.” Whoever it was, he’s been royally upstaged over the last few years by Barack Obama. To the perpetual dismay of his political opponents, our current president’s approval ratings have seemed impervious to his blunders with the IRS, his Department of Justice, his foreign policy (including Benghazi in Libya), and other stumbles. Until now. I too have marveled over Obama’s remarkable ability to shake off even the most serious missteps. But I want to propose here that the up-front failures of Obamacare almost...
  • The NBA is attempting to end its (losing) role in ‘the greatest sports business deal of all time’

    11/12/2013 3:01:39 PM PST · by InvisibleChurch · 13 replies
    The NBA appears to be sick and tired of being on the wrong end of what many call “the greatest sports business deal of all time,” and they’re trying to rectify that. The league is reportedly in negotiations to dissolve a binding deal put together in 1976 by Ozzie and Daniel Silna, former owners of the ABA’s Spirits of St. Louis. Spurned by the NBA after merger talks helped the NBA absorb four former ABA teams, the Silna brothers decided to waive a chance at a massive buyout from the NBA, and struck a deal to receive one-seventh of each...
  • No more incandescent light bulbs after January 1

    11/08/2013 5:58:27 AM PST · by InvisibleChurch · 86 replies
    wthr ^ | 11 8 13
    Starting next year, it's lights out for certain types of light bulbs in the United States. You'll no longer be able to buy an incandescent light bulb starting January 1, 2014. Under the Energy Efficiency and Security Act of 2007, signed into law by then- President George W. Bush, light bulbs must become more efficient in terms of energy used for generated light. That means incandescent lights are phased out. And you'll reduced to choose between a compact fluorescent (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED) bulb. For example, instead of burning 60 watts when you turn on the lights, you...
  • Republicans Launch Debt Ceiling Apology Tour (2nd vote for GOPs to 'disapprove' of their first vote

    10/31/2013 1:18:43 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 11 replies
    mother jones ^ | 10.30.13 | kevin drum
    I didn't realize this, but when the Senate voted a couple of weeks ago to raise the debt ceiling, the legislation included a provision that there would be a second vote expressing approval or disapproval of the first vote. That vote was held yesterday:Twenty-seven Republican senators voted with Democrats on Oct. 16 to lift the debt ceiling and avert a catastrophic default. And each one of those 27 senators voted Tuesday to "disapprove" of their own votes. The vote Tuesday was a symbolic "resolution to disapprove" of the debt limit hike. It was mandated by the deal thanks to a...
  • Ian Anderson’s Halloween 2013 Update (Jethro Tull frontman talks guns)

    10/31/2013 6:16:55 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 19 replies ^ | halloween | ian anderson
    Another US/Canada tour draws to a close as we wend our way from Edmonton to Calgary. Miles of flat farmland with all the crops long since harvested as winter approaches. The leaf season is over. At least here. Back in Maine and New Hampshire, it was just beginning when we passed through from Portland ME to Montreal. But tourists (leaf-peepers) were thick on the road in their RVs and hotels full with jacked-up prices to boot. Only another nine TAAB shows to go before it is put to bed – probably for ever. I shall miss it after the best...
  • vanity - a nation governed by laws?

    09/27/2013 6:34:13 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 4 replies
    futility closet ^ | aug 16, 2013
    So Ordered On Feb. 18, 1986, frustrated that heavy rains had prevented some jurors from reaching his court, U.S. District Court Judge Samuel King said, “I hereby order that it cease raining by Tuesday. Let’s see how that works.” California immediately entered five years of severe drought, with strict water rationing. When colleagues reminded King of his order in 1991, he said, “I hereby rescind my order of February 18, 1986, and order that rain shall fall in California beginning February 27, 1991.” Later that day the state received 4 inches of rain, the heaviest storm in a decade, and...
  • I pledge allegiance to The United States of America

    09/11/2013 5:05:20 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 17 replies
    That is all.
  • Vanity- my wife went to cvs and came home w a 41" receipt

    08/28/2013 3:41:39 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 27 replies
    I'm going to read the sports section after dinner.
  • yahoo pro football pickem freeper style returns. sign up, make picks, curse the taunting penalty

    08/24/2013 4:51:18 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 18 replies
    yahoo ^ | 8 24 13
    the ID# is 7625 password is freeper What to expect: Confidence points 17 weeks of picks with 4 extra weeks of playoffs We'll be dropping the two lowest scores throughout the season. 17 weeks of uninformed commentary and ill-advised picks join now and be mopey nfl pro pickem - join league here
  • Humiliating foreign adverts comic genius John Cleese is making to pay for his Ł12 million divorce

    08/24/2013 5:57:37 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 15 replies
    ukmail ^ | 8 24 13
    THERE comes a point in most once great showbusiness careers when a fading star is forced to take on less than stellar work simply to pay the bills. And John Cleese is no exception. While he was once feted as a comedy genius for his roles in Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers, his most recent ‘comic’ turn can be seen late at night on South African TV. Since last month, he has been starring in an advert for a budget online shopping website called Takealot, in which he appears trussed up in rope inside a box while dressed...
  • Yahoo Pro Football Pick'em is back. Join if you dare. Join if you're lonely.

    08/17/2013 5:24:43 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 4 replies
    yahoo ^ | 8.17.13
    Match picking wits with such freeper pick'em luminaries as Disco Stu, Osborne's Picks, Veggie Dog, The LA Smog, Al 4 Touchdowns Bundy (that name does NOT roll off the keyboard easily at all), Hank Kimball County Agent and many, many more! the ID# is 7625 password is freeper What to expect: Confidence points 17 weeks of picks with 4 extra weeks of playoffs! we'll be dropping the two lowest scores throughout the season. So if you carry your hangover into mid-Sunday afternoon, you can thank America's Ripest Banana for saving your miserable hide.
  • Geo. Washington, once out-ranked, now never to be (1976)

    08/10/2013 8:45:19 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 37 replies
    George Washington retired as a lieutenant general and so was technically outranked by the four- and five-star generals of later wars. Thinking this unseemly, Congress passed a resolution in 1976 arranging that Washington be promoted posthumously to “General of the Armies of the United States” and that no officer in the U.S. Army ever be considered to outrank him: Whereas Lieutenant General George Washington of Virginia commanded our armies throughout and to the successful termination of our Revolutionary War; Whereas Lieutenant General George Washington presided over the convention that formulated our Constitution; Whereas Lieutenant General George Washington twice served as...
  • Vanity - Kubrick and The Shining. Questions.

    08/09/2013 6:56:54 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 77 replies
    8 9 13
    I've come across some youtube videos and some articles about how intricately made was The Shining, that it is filled with a hotel layout which doesn't make sense. And that there are clues within that supports the idea he filmed a fake moon landing. While I don't believe the lunar excursion was faked I'm convinced that Kubrick gave an awful lot of thought and effort in his movies. Are there any books or videos you might recommend about Kubrick?
  • Yahoo Pro Football Pick'em is back! It's Box Office Barfo! as we go Hollyweird.

    08/09/2013 4:09:39 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 10 replies
    yahoo ^ | 8 9 13
    What with CNN soon to be producing the Shrill Hill Bi-op Flop, we honor Hollywood with our Yahoo Pro Football Pick'em, Free Republic style. What you need to know to sign up the ID# is 7625 password is freeper What to expect: the dreaded confidence points 17 weeks of picks with 4 extra weeks of playoffs! In honor of sneaky box-office accounting methods, we'll be dropping the two lowest scores throughout the season. So if you carry your hangover into mid-Sunday afternoon, you'll thank me, America's Ripest Banana, for saving your season from your miserable hobby... or as Homer says..
  • Poor attendance at Obamacare event in Virginia (hint: larger than zero, fewer than two)

    08/04/2013 7:40:48 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 37 replies
    politico ^ | 8 4 13
    CENTREVILLE, Va. — A race to define Obamacare to the masses began today between the stacks at the Centreville Library. Over pizza in Decatur, Texas. And with a glass of wine in Naples, Fla. Dozens of communities around the country hosted pro-Obamacare events, convened by the president’s foot soldiers at Organizing for Action. The series is the first salvo in what is fixing to be a month of high-stakes health care spin. When Congress returns from its summer recess in early September, there will be less than a month until Obamacare’s most sweeping coverage programs start signing up customers in...
  • Join Now! Yahoo Pro Football Pick'em is back! Hooray for Hollyweird! Our topic this year is ...

    08/01/2013 6:00:14 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 26 replies
    yahoo ^ | 8 - 1 - 13
    Box Office Barfo! What with CNN soon to be producing the Shrill Hill Bi-op Flop, we honor hollywood with our Yahoo Pro Football Pick'em, Free Republic style. What you need to know to sign up the ID# is 7625 password is freeper What to expect: Confidence points 17 weeks of picks with 4 extra weeks of playoffs! In honor of sneaky box-office accounting methods, we'll be dropping the two lowest scores throughout the season. So if you carry your hangover into mid-Sunday afternoon, you'll thank me, America's Ripest Banana, for saving your season from your miserable hobby. Concise commentary and...
  • Owning Two of a Certain Object Indicates Your Kids Will Do Well in School. Can You Guess What It Is?

    07/18/2013 11:58:56 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 135 replies
    core77 ^ | 6 13 13
    In the original Miami Vice television series, Detective Zito is murdered in Season Three. After learning of his death, co-cops Crockett, Tubbs and Switek visit his house, where they discover Zito's collection of snow globes. They look at them in bewilderment, and the clear message delivered by their faces—in as ham-fisted a way as only '80s American television can do it—is "Wow, I guess we didn't really know this guy at all." Cue violins. An as hackneyed as that moment was, it was the first time your adolescent correspondent understood the usage of physical objects as a narrative device in...
  • TSA agents who can't tell a hero from a terrorist: wounded Iraq veteran marine treated 'shamefully'

    07/09/2013 8:22:46 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 32 replies
    ukmail ^ | 7 9 13
    A wounded war veteran has described the moment security agents treated him like a 'terrorist' on a recent trip to California because he couldn't raise his injured right arm in a full-body scanner and his dress uniform contained 'too much metal.' Cpl. Nathan Kemnitz was awarded a Purple Heart after he almost died in 2004 from an injury incurred from a roadside bomb in Fallujah, Iraq. The brave soldier recently traveled to Sacramento, California to receive another award as his district's veteran of the year. But, what should have been a celebratory experience was tainted when suspicious security workers at...
  • Fourth of July Vanity ... How did we get from that to this?

    07/04/2013 10:23:44 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 17 replies
    7 4 13
    ... How did we get from that ..................................... to this?
  • Live coverage of Tahrir Square protests

    07/03/2013 7:02:40 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 16 replies
    watch live coverage, no commentary ... really, it's just a bunch of yelling, but still fascinating
  • Incredible Vietnam War photos show the moment American troops unleash hell on a Viet Kong sniper

    06/20/2013 4:48:03 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 39 replies
    mail online ^ | 6 20 13
    A Vietnam War veteran has released incredible night-time photographs he took of American troops opening fire on a Viet Kong sniper who had been firing on a U.S. Army camp. For more than four decades, photographer James Speed Hensinger kept these incredible photographs to himself, not releasing them to the public until now. Hensinger was just a 22-year-old paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in April 1970 when a Viet Kong sniper began spraying automatic rifle fire on Hensinger's base in Phu Tai, near the coastal city of Da Nang. 'We were pissed off at taking Viet Cong sniper fire...
  • vanity - Still Looking For Lauren Spierer, a missing Indiana University student

    06/03/2013 11:52:11 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 15 replies
    Find Lauren ^ | june 3, 2013
  • vanity - movie trailer of the century - Machete Kills

    05/31/2013 12:57:24 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 8 replies
    thedropkings ^ | 5 31 13
    Machete Kills
  • Eleanor Roosevelt’s pistol licence (1957 pic)

    05/29/2013 5:33:42 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 26 replies
    retronaut ^ | 5 29 13
  • 2 Schools in Moore, OK leveled by Tornado (on the Weather Channel)

    05/20/2013 1:53:10 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 48 replies
    5 20 13
    The devastation is incredible. The Weather Channel is carrying local news from a helicopter. i can only pray the kids had been released before then.
  • No link. Boston bomber says bombings retaliation for American attacks in Afghanistan. CZnB

    05/16/2013 6:15:04 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 33 replies
    Note on my phone says what the title says. Note found in the boat.
  • Video of looters looting marathon garb

    04/16/2013 6:50:34 AM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 64 replies
    Liveleak ^ | 4 16 13
    looters looting marathon garb
  • Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten attacks hate mobs celebrating Baroness Thatcher's death as 'loathsome'

    04/11/2013 1:01:48 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 11 replies
    ukmail ^ | 4 10 13
    Former Sex Pistol John Lydon says those now celebrating Margaret Thatcher's death are 'loathsome'. Lydon, famously known as Johnny Rotten when he was the singer in Punk icons The Sex Pistols back in the 1970s as Maggie was rising to power, added: 'I'm not going to dance on her grave.' He said: 'I was her enemy in her life but I will not be her enemy in her death.' He also denied being a mysogynist and a Nazi following a controversial appearance this week on Aussie TV show, The Project. During the interview he told presenter Carrie Bickmore: 'Shut up....

    04/09/2013 3:14:22 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 28 replies
    A P ^ | 4 9 13
    <p>TUPELO, Miss. (AP) — Authorities say a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus elephant was hit by a bullet in a drive-by shooting in Tupelo, Miss.</p> <p>Circus spokeswoman Melinda Hartline says the elephant was not seriously hurt Tuesday. She says no other animals were harmed.</p>
  • Hyper-vanity: why is a Congress necessary if predidents can issue executive orders?

    04/04/2013 12:21:25 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 15 replies
    Seems like congress is just a jobs program for 535 people at a time.
  • Private-sector salary for public employee (CA cty admin receives +$400,000 per year for life)

    03/26/2013 2:52:00 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 9 replies ^ | 3 26 13
    Working for the public good has also worked well for one California county administrator’s bank account. According to reports by several newspapers, Alameda County, in the San Francisco Bay Area, is paying its County Administrator Susan Muranishi, north of $400,000—for life. This includes a generous base salary of $301,000, plus taxpayer-funded deferred pension plans paid for by the county. The pension accounts are set by a formula that multiplies years of service by 2 to 3 percent of the top salary to calculate the benefit, the San Jose Mercury News reports. With 38 years of service under her belt, the...