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    10/05/2009 4:25:48 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 10 replies · 1,430+ views
    L.N. Smithee's REACTOR ^ | October 4, 2009 | L.N. Smithee
    Details are emerging about David Letterman's sexcapades with women in his employ other than his acknowledged longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko, mother of his now five-year-old son Harry. CBS News producer Robert J. "Joe" Halderman, the man who was arrested for allegedly attempting to extort $2,000,000 out of Letterman by threatening to write a screenplay detailing uncomfortable aspects of Dave's dalliances, is a former boyfriend of Stephanie Birkett, a former Letterman personal assistant. I have already gone on record as saying that after watching Letterman going back to my days working graveyard in the eighties, I gave up on him and...

    01/27/2009 6:29:49 PM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 23 replies · 745+ views
    L.N. Smithee Blog ^ | January 27, 2009 | L.N. Smithee
    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the "bluest" metropolitan region in the United States of America. Do those of you living elsewhere think you're surrounded by Obamamania? Within the city limits, you cannot walk or drive more than half a block before you see the ubiquitous (yet brilliantly conceived) Obama campaign logo or some sort of poster, sign, or t-shirt lauding his existence or victory. People here are still in the moment that began last November, hanging on their own personal sweet love hangover. For all of us who don't buy into the hype, it's difficult to express...
  • BARACK OBAMA: 'MAD MAN' WITH A TAN (What B.O. Has In Common With Don Draper)

    10/27/2008 5:20:19 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 5 replies · 630+ views
    L.N. Smithee Blog ^ | October 27, 2008 | L.N. Smithee
    An October 24, 2008 Associated Press story detailed how the cultural influence of the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning TV drama Mad Men has been far more extensive than its surprisingly low ratings might indicate. Within the article, there was this observation about its “elite” and “intellectual” fan base: Fashion designer Michael Kors cited "Mad Men" as an inspiration. The show's beautifully retro-styled stars are on magazine covers. A "Mad Men" DVD was spotted at the elbow of Barack Obama aboard his campaign plane. Being a regular viewer of the program myself (despite the fact I am still on the street...
  • Christo Buckley's 'Yada Yada Yada': Why Elaine from "Seinfeld" Makes More Sense

    10/21/2008 12:45:01 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 35 replies · 1,621+ views
    October 17, 2008 | L.N. Smithee
    In his now-infamous I'm-running-away-from-home note to National Review posted on the cyberpages of leftist publisher Tina Brown, Christopher Buckley, conservative legend William F. Buckley Jr.'s writer/novelist son, clearly stated reasons why someone like him would -- under normal circumstances -- utterly refuse to vote for someone like Barack Obama (words in italics are Buckley's): “He [Obama] is … a lefty. I am not." We'll take "Christo" (as his friends call him) at his word, for the moment. His essay is subtitled "The conservative case for Obama," but for reasons I illustrate below, I think it should be instead "A conservative's...
  • Is That GEORGE SOROS In the Front Row At VP Debate? You Decide!

    10/05/2008 8:31:38 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 46 replies · 3,085+ views
    Don Emmert Pool Photo ^ | October | L.N. Smithee
    I got the San Jose Mercury News Friday morning (as a matter of principle, I have refused to pay for the San Francisco Chronicle for years - I only read it second-hand), and saw this panoramic photo of Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden at center stage. They were exchanging greetings in that moment when the debate organizers brought up the house lights temporarily so that the audience could be seen as they cheered.
  • Jeremiah Wright Joins With Clinton Pal Tyson, Gets Own Brand of Chicken

    04/29/2008 9:11:27 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 6 replies · 67+ views
    L.N. Smithee blog ^ | April 29, 2008 | L.N. Smithee
    CHICAGO (LNS) — Controversial pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright has just admitted that the rumors are true, and that he is now in cahoots with the Clinton campaign. In a statement released this afternoon, Wright admitted that he grew tired of the fawning over Barack Obama “as if he was some sort of some sort of new savior! I only have one black savior, and that is Jeeezus!” The final breaking point came when in a private meeting, the Obama campaign refused to allow for any sort of cabinet position for Wright. “He said I could not be his right hand...
  • S.F. Supervisor Sandoval ['USA should have no military'] to run for Superior Court

    02/01/2008 10:36:52 PM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 11 replies · 201+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | February 1, 2008 | Marisa Lagos
    Sandoval, who represents the city's Excelsior district as the supervisor for District 11, will challenge Judge Thomas Mellon, who has served on the bench since 1994. Mellon, 65, was appointed by then-Gov. Pete Wilson, a Republican. Sandoval, a supervisor since 2000, was a deputy public defender in San Francisco and previously worked for former Mayor Art Agnos.
  • Stem Cells and the President - An Inside Account (MUST READ!)

    12/27/2007 12:09:42 AM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 13 replies · 500+ views
    Commentary Magazine ^ | January 2008 | Jay Lefkowitz
    On August 9, 2001, President Bush announced a compromise decision on the contentious question of whether the federal government should provide financial support for research into the curative properties of human stem cells extracted from embryos. Bush’s compromise allowed funding for research into embryonic stem cells that had already been harvested. At the same time, he disallowed funding for procedures that would collect stem cells from frozen (but still living) embryos, since doing so would require their destruction. In the case of those already collected, he said, “The life-or-death decision has already been made.” But that life-or-death decision would not...
  • Stanford's Harbaugh still believes USC one of best teams ever (41 PT. UNDERDOG BEATS #2 USC @ HOME)

    10/06/2007 7:49:51 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 89 replies · 1,819+ views
    ESPN ^ | October 6, 2007 | ESPN
    Here's the game preview from LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh is sticking to his preseason assessment that No. 2 Southern California might just be the greatest college football team ever. "There is no question in my mind that USC is the best team in the country and may be the best team in the history of college football," Harbaugh said this week. "As a sort of college football historian, there's no question that this SC team ranks right up there." Chances are good that his opinion won't change Saturday, when the struggling Cardinal (1-3, 0-3 Pac-10)...
  • SF News Anchor: Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Should Marry His Stepmother"

    09/20/2007 12:49:16 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 7 replies · 263+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | September 20, 2007 | L.N. Smithee
    A popular San Francisco news anchor inexplicably made a joke on a Wednesday evening newscast suggesting NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. “should marry his stepmother.” First, some background: Preceding the quip by KPIX news anchor Dana King was a flawed report from sports anchor Dennis O’Donnell about the unveiling of the stock car Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be racing with his new team next season. Dale Jr., son of the late NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr., is in his final season with Dale Earnhardt Inc., the racing team his father founded and left to Dale Jr.’s stepmother, Teresa Earnhardt. Dale...
  • Freeper Review: “Incredible” Values Shine Through In Pixar’s “Ratatouille”

    06/29/2007 7:46:33 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 48 replies · 1,223+ views
    June 29, 2007 | L.N. Smithee
    SPOILER ALERT! Ratatouille, a Pixar Animation Studios film distributed by the Walt Disney Company, is about a rat that wants to be a French chef. It doesn’t sound impressive, and on its face doesn’t seem like something that would come out of Pixar, which has a twelve-year winning streak (Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Cars) made more remarkable by the nation’s declining interest in anything other than the biggest-budgeted Hollywood blockbusters – and, of course, their inevitable (and seemingly endless) sequels. Personally, I had a touch of skepticism about Ratatouille...
  • ABC News Serenades Ann Coulter With "The Bitch Is Back"

    06/28/2007 3:15:39 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 115 replies · 4,576+ views
    ABC World News Now | June 28, 2007 | L.N. Smithee
    I was just about to flip off my TV set when I did a cursory spin around the channels to see if there was something happening I would want to TiVo for tomorrow when I came across ABC's World News Now broadcast, a hodgepodge of previously aired ABC News stories read by minor league anchors getting their first taste of national network exposure (Anderson Cooper began his career on this show). The anchors had just finished a replay of refugee Jake Tapper's story on the Coulter-Edwards kerfuffle, which contained Tapper's trademark leftward spin. After it was finished, the male...
  • NC-17: FATALLY FLAWED (When a film as violent as Hostel: Part II can get an R...)

    06/18/2007 11:32:51 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 2 replies · 495+ views
    Entertainment Weekly ^ | June 15, 2007 | Mark Harris
    By Mark Harris Jack Valenti has gone to that great screening room in the sky, but his legacy persists — for better and for worse — in the form of the movie ratings system. Back in 1968, Valenti's ratings replaced a capricious code of self-censorship with labels designed to help parents make choices. That's still a worthy idea — at least, it would be if it were applied with anything resembling sanity. Last weekend, Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II opened. According to the raters, it contains ''sadistic scenes of torture and bloody violence, terror, nudity, sexual content, language, and some...
  • Hillary Event Flunks Spelling Bee ("T-O-M-M-O-R-R-O-W")

    05/31/2007 5:23:28 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 127 replies · 61,862+ views
    AP Photo ^ | May 31, 2007
    I can't believe this got by everybody. What a travesty. I thought Republicans were the dumb ones!
  • Dishonest Harry Reid Calls Bush Joke An Attack on Obama

    03/10/2007 3:25:47 AM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 17 replies · 2,488+ views
    March 10, 2007 | L.N. Smithee
    BACKGROUND: This is my response post to a story on the hot new site The Politico. Written by Ryan Grim, it said that the Nevada State Democratic Party excluded Fox News Channel from hosting and televising a scheduled Democratic Presidential debate (per the demands of the MoveOn/Daily Kos types) after Roger Ailes, FNC's CEO, "jokingly compared Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, to Osama bin Laden..." This report by Ryan Grim is a prime example of the reason why Fox News Channel is necessary. Wrote Grim above: "But [Nevada party chairman Tom] Collins and [Senate...
  • BULL CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES - NCAA Division 1-A Football is Sports' Biggest Fraud

    01/09/2007 2:27:09 AM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 47 replies · 2,213+ views
    January 8, 2007 | L.N. Smithee
    It's the major college football conferences' morbid fear of the equity the nation embraces and celebrates every March that makes NCAA Div 1-A football the biggest fraud in American sports. College basketball fans fondly remember the Davids that slew the Goliaths, even though most of those teams didn't win it all; Valparaiso, Hampton, Gonzaga (now recognized as a perennial power), George Mason, an 11th-regional seed that defeated TWO 1-seeds to make it to the Final Four last year, and Villanova, which did defeat mighty Georgetown (led by Patrick Ewing) to win a real national championship. Villanova won ON THE COURT...
  • San Francisco school board votes to dump JROTC program

    11/14/2006 11:40:21 PM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 99 replies · 2,040+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | November 15, 2006 | Jill Tucker
    After 90 years in San Francisco high schools, the [JROTC] must go, the S.F. school board decided Tuesday night. The board voted 4-2 to eliminate the popular program, phasing it out over two years. ...JROTC cadets at the board meeting burst into tears or covered their faces after the votes were cast. [snip] Their position was summed up by a former teacher, Nancy Mancias, who said, "We need to teach a curriculum of peace.'' The board's move to dismantle the popular program was led by board members Dan Kelly and [gay] Mark Sanchez with support from Sarah Lipson and Eric...
  • Is Cruz Bustamante Running For Office, or "The Biggest Loser"?

    11/04/2006 11:54:28 PM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 20 replies · 1,248+ views
    November 4, 2006 | L.N. Smithee
    As a news junkie, over the years I have seen a lot of political campaigns. Some were brilliant, some pathetic, some nasty as all get out. But I have never seen anything like this: A major party candidate trying to get elected by mostly talking about how much weight he has lost. That's right -- current California Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante, a Democrat, who is running against liberal Republican high-tech billionaire Steve Poizner for the state Insurance Commissioner post, is battling a multimedia blitz portraying him as in the pocket of the insurance industry by talking about his 70-pound weight...
  • FLASH: Kerry Shoots Self in Foot, Applies For Purple Heart

    11/01/2006 12:15:48 PM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 7 replies · 515+ views
    November 1, 2006 | L.N. Smithee
    After an assessment by Democratic Party physician Howard Dean confirming that John Kerry has seriously injured any chance he will be elected President with his remarks Monday evening, the Massachusetts Senator has been deemed eligible to receive yet another Purple Heart. Details to follow (not!) -30-

    11/01/2006 1:55:03 AM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 9 replies · 313+ views
    October 31, 2006 | L.N. Smithee
    I was dreary-eyed and slumping in my chair as I saw the news about John Kerry's outrageous statement to graduating students, and how they need to be "smart" or else they would end up "stuck in Iraq." Having heard the audio from the John Ziegler show page on the KFI radio website, I wondered how in the world the Democrat suck-up MSM would spin it to minimize the damage. I couldn't think of anything, but I knew they would. What I didn't expect is this: one of the most reliably slanted newscasts on television, ABC News' Nightline, didn't take the...
  • Damon Smith of the Boston Globe Is Full of It. Here's Why. (DixChix Pic)

    10/30/2006 4:48:52 AM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 13 replies · 1,363+ views
    October 30, 2006 | L.N. Smithee
    In his October 29, 2006 article about the Dixie Chicks documentary Shut Up & Sing, Boston Globe writer Damon Smith’s two opening paragraphs contained a big, fat whopper born of leftist urban legend. He wrote: Just weeks after 9/11, Ari Fleischer, then White House press secretary, warned Americans to ‘watch what they say.’ Beyond alarming civil-rights advocates, who recoiled from the ominous tone of his words, Fleischer's admonition was a reminder that, in some quarters at least, any voice of dissent could be construed as anti-patriotic, regardless of content or context. Just ask Bill Maher -- or the Dixie Chicks…”...
  • My Post on the Dixie Chicks' Flick's JOKE of a Blog

    10/24/2006 6:45:47 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 6 replies · 598+ views
    HEY, DIXIE CHICKS: THIS IS *NOT* A FREE SPEECH ISSUE! Shut Up And Post [...]Now, to answer your dumb question; YES, I believe in Free Speech. The Dixie Chicks expressed their free speech. Members of Free (such as myself), the film’s apparent villain and the target of a laughable and feeble smear campaign by a Dixie Chicks’ media flack, express our free speech. The former fans of the Chicks expressed their free speech. Laura Ingraham expressed her free speech when she created the phrase “Shut Up & Sing.” Toby Keith expressed his free speech about Natalie Maines. And...
  • Bulldozed by Naiveté [WSJ Theater Critic Trashes Rachel Corrie Play]

    10/21/2006 2:26:19 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 49 replies · 1,584+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | October 21, 2006 | Terry Teachout
    NEW YORK--Politics makes artists stupid. Take "My Name Is Rachel Corrie," the one-woman play cobbled together from the diaries, emails and miscellaneous scribblings of the 23-year-old left-wing activist who was run over by an Israeli Army bulldozer in 2003 while protesting the demolition of a Palestinian house in the Gaza Strip. Co-written and directed by Alan Rickman, one of England's best actors, "Rachel Corrie" just opened off-Broadway after a successful London run. It's an ill-crafted piece of goopy give-peace-a-chance agitprop--yet it's being performed to cheers and tears before admiring crowds of theater-savvy New Yorkers who, like Mr. Rickman himself, ought...
  • Laura Ingraham Rejects Pre-Recorded Appearance on "Oprah"

    10/17/2006 6:31:54 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 46 replies · 3,451+ views
    October 16, 2006 | L.N. Smithee
    Radio talk show host and bestselling author Laura Ingraham shot back publicly Monday at an Oprah Winfrey show producer who invited her to make pre-recorded comments on videotape regarding the Dixie Chicks on the popular daytime talk show. Ingraham is the author of the 2003 New York Times bestseller Shut Up & Sing: How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the UN are Subverting America, which has just come out in paperback. The title of Ingraham's book is aimed primarily at the we're-not-country-anymore country trio the Dixie Chicks, who are among the bestselling female groups of all time. However, the Chicks...

    08/15/2006 6:04:12 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 37 replies · 1,193+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | August 15, 2006 | Matt Drudge
  • True Believers (Freeper Mentioned!)

    07/19/2006 3:39:27 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 11 replies · 563+ views
    OpinionJournal ^ | July 19, 2006 | James Taranto
    True Believers Blogger L.N. Smithee points to another example of religion masquerading as science. This time it involves "global warming." Smithee reproduces a newspaper ad for Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" that features the following text (ellipses in original, boldface ours): "An Inconvenient Truth" is already one of the top ten documentaries of all time.It has a chance to become a phenomenon.There are people in Washington today hoping that never happens, so they can dismiss this as a fringe issue. If you care . . . you can't let them.You need to take your friends and family, and make them see it.It...
  • "Inconvenient Truth" Producers' Desperate Ad: A Tract For the Religion of Liberalism

    07/18/2006 11:44:04 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 11 replies · 449+ views
    L.N. Smithee ^ | July 18, 2006 | L.N. Smithee
    by L.N. Smithee July 18, 2006 Although it is far from the overwhelming box office success of Michael Moore's factually-challenged "documentary" Fahrenheit 9/11, Al Gore and producer Laurie David's glorified campaign ad/PowerPoint presentation An Inconvenient Truth is a hit...for a documentary. This is not surprising, because few documentaries have the backing that this one does: it stars a nationally known figure in former Vice President Al Gore (who, remember, got the majority of votes cast nationwide in the 2000 election), is co-produced by a well-known celebrity spouse (Laurie David, wife of professional schlemiel Larry David and a quasi-environmentalist who loves...
  • Stern daughter rudely exposed to stage world (Howard Can Dish It Out, But Can't Take It)

    01/09/2006 1:21:27 AM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 10 replies · 3,376+ views
    NY Daily News via Netscape ^ | January 5, 2006 | Lloyd Grove
    The writer-director of "Kabbalah," an Off-Off-Broadway religious satire in which cast members strip naked, yesterday blasted female lead Emily Stern as a "Jewish-American princess" for abruptly quitting the show, and called her famous father, Sirius Satellite Radio jock Howard Stern, "a psycho." Israeli-born stage maven Tuvia Tenenbom, who runs the Jewish Theater of New York, told me he canceled the run when the 22-year-old actress - who played Madonna in the show - bowed out after six weeks at the Triad Theater on W. 73rd St. because a couple of Howard Stern fan sites exposed her celebrity parentage.
  • Bush vs. The Mother ('Rolling Stone' Writer: 'Cindy's Ex 'a coward,' Crawford is 'dog s***')

    08/28/2005 10:30:12 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 71 replies · 2,426+ views
    Rolling Stone Magazine ^ | September 8, 2005 | Matt Taibbi
    Crawford, the home of President George W. Bush, is a sun-scorched hole of a backwater Texas town -- a single dreary railroad crossing surrounded on all sides by roasted earth the color of dried dog s---. There are scattered clumps of trees and brush, but all the foliage seems bent from the sun's rays and ready at any moment to burst into flames. The moaning cattle along the lonely roads sound like they're begging for their lives. The downtown streets are empty. Just as the earth is home to natural bridges, this place is a natural dead end -- the...
  • WashPost Writer's Deception: 'Bush Mischaracterized His Iraq Critics'

    08/26/2005 3:45:14 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 22 replies · 1,588+ views
    August 26, 2005 | L.N. Smithee
    Washington Post writer Dan Froomkin, in what is termed "Special to," authored an article headlined "Another Poll Finds Bush Sinking," and outlines the latest approval numbers for President Bush. Froomkin linked several sources (Wall Street Journal, Harris, Gallup polls, etc.) to detail just how bad everything is going for Bush. As I was reading Froomkin's rundown, I got the idea that he was enjoying Bush's troubles a little too much to be objective. But the numbers don't lie, and they are bad numbers. Then Froomkin stopped making reference to the polls, and started writing for himself. This is what...
  • Popular Novelist: P.C. Film Studios "Deathly Afraid" of Depicting Muslim Terrorists

    07/25/2005 8:31:44 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 8 replies · 419+ views
    L.N. Smithee Blog ^ | July 25, 2005 | L.N. Smithee
    (LNSB, July 25, 2005) A bestselling author said in an interview on the July 21, 2005 edition of the Laura Ingraham radio show that major motion picture studios have in the past rejected his popular novels for development into films because of studio executives’ leftward leanings and because they are frightened of violent reaction from Muslims. Suspense novelist Vince Flynn (Memorial Day, Executive Power, Term Limits, and the upcoming Consent to Kill), in response to a listener’s question of when one of his books would be made into a motion picture, said there has been a lot of interest in...
  • Oprah Recruits Sexual Harassment Accusers For Pro Bono Representation

    07/02/2005 7:28:28 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 14 replies · 879+ views
    O, The Oprah Magazine ^ | July 2, 2005 | L.N. Smithee
    From the article "Anita Hill's After Story" in the July 2005 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine:[Anita Hill's] moment in the news may not be over yet. An appointment to the Supreme Court is for life, so Thomas's position is safe. With Chief Justice William Rehnquist possibly stepping down after the session ends in late June, however, court watchers wonder who might replace him. When previously asked about federal judicial appointments, Bush has said he would select judges like Thomas and Antonin Scalia, indicating a preference for such conservatives. That leads people to wonder whether Thomas might get the nod...
  • CBS' "COLD CASE" CANCELLED - ON MY TV (Teen Lesbo Makeout Scene Is Last Straw)

    05/22/2005 5:28:34 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 27 replies · 6,820+ views
    May 22, 2005 | L.N. Smithee
    WARNING: This thread contains spoilers. Back in 2004, singer Linda Ronstadt, who was romantically linked in the seventies with Democratic then-California Governor Jerry Brown but had never previously displayed any signs of traditional celebrity political activism, began ending her concerts by dedicating the song "Desperado" to Michael Moore, the blame-America-first filmmaker/author. When she did so at the Aladdin hotel in Las Vegas, a mini-riot ensued, and she and her band was escorted from the premises shortly afterward by the hotel's miffed manager. Less than a week later, Ronstadt was interviewed before an upcoming concert in San Diego about whether she...
  • Woman Who Found Finger In Chili Arrested (BREAKING: Chili Finger Figure Arrested!)

    04/21/2005 11:06:59 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 131 replies · 3,749+ views
    KGO-TV ^ | April 21, 2005 | Stacey Hendler, KGO-TV News
    Minutes ago on the 11:00 news: Ana Ayala, the woman who says she found a finger in her Wendy's chili, has been arrested at her Las Vegas home. What is known is that she will be charged with Grand Theft. The San Jose Police have scheduled a press conference tomorrow morning.
  • Rooney: 'I'm Glad Pope's Death Took Terri Off The Front Page'

    04/10/2005 8:55:40 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 84 replies · 1,368+ views
    60 Minutes | April 10, 2005 | L.N. Smithee
    Tonight on 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney's monologue was on the coverage of the death of Pope John Paul II. Rooney had newspapers from all over the globe strewn across his desk with essentially the same photograph of the Pontiff lying in state. He prattled on about the different angles of the pictures -- how some of them shot from the side, some from the bottom, how he only wore the red cape now that he had died, and was wearing brown shoes. He commented on how similar the Swiss language looked like German on the printed page. He mentioned how...
  • "Michael [Schiavo] Doesn't Want To Respond"

    03/23/2005 2:32:07 AM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 26 replies · 1,717+ views - Larry King Live ^ | March 21, 2005 | Larry King, Michael Schiavo, George Felos
    CALLER: Quick comment. I'm not understanding why a blood relative wouldn't make this decision and not a non-blood relative. My question is, if this happened 15 years ago, and this gentleman and his wife decided between them that they would pull the tube and let each other die if they were in this kind of a situation, what took him eight years to make that decision and why didn't he make it in those first eight years and has now had another seven years tacked on?KING: Michael doesn't want to respond (UNINTELLIGIBLE). George [Felos], you want to respond? FELOS: Sure....
  • Religious discrimination at the U. of Georgia (PLUS: UGA site says King David was sodomist)

    11/09/2004 1:43:54 AM PST · by L.N. Smithee · 55 replies · 1,673+ views ^ | November 9, 2004 | Mike S. Adams
    QUICK LINKS: HOME | NEWS | OPINION | MEETUP | C-LOG | ISSUES townhall.comPrinter-friendly versionReligious discrimination at the University of GeorgiaMike S. Adams (back to web version) | Send November 9, 2004Author’s note: The president of the University of Georgia is also named Mike Adams. We are not related.Dear President Adams (phone # 706.542.1214):I was recently informed about a possible case of religious discrimination against a (now former) cheerleading coach at the University of Georgia (UGA). Before I ask you a few questions about that case, I have several preliminary questions regarding the gay “safe zone” at UGA. My...
  • "If Bush Wins, I'm..."

    10/16/2004 9:29:22 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 176 replies · 7,803+ views
    SF Weekly ^ | October 16, 2004 | John Mecklin
    What will we do if George W. Bush is re-elected in three weeks? Dog Bites doesn't know, but surely Google must. We searched for the phrase "If Bush wins, I'm ...." From the 450 or so hits that were returned, here's what we learned: "if Bush wins I'm going to be living with some very unhappy Brazilians." "If Bush wins I'm gonna get drunk, drive over to the states and drop a great big dump in the middle of the peace bridge." "If Bush wins, I'm going to attempt to bring down the US government and replace it with a...
  • DULUTH PAPER, LETTER WRITER EATS CROW: False letter on Bush draft should not have appeared

    10/07/2004 1:25:30 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 12 replies · 961+ views
    Duluth News-Tribune ^ | October 6, 2004 | Roger Parsons, Duluth News-Tribune staff
    This letter appeared in the Letters To The Editor column in the Duluth News-Tribune Tuesday, October 5, 2004: Bush, Rumsfeld trying to reinstate military draft If you are a parent of or are close to someone between the ages of 18 and 26, please consider the following: There is pending legislation in the House and Senate (companion bills: HR163 and S89) to implement a renewal of the military draft as soon as next June. The Bush administration is quietly trying to get these bills passed now, while the public's attention is on the elections. Information can be found in detail...
  • George Harrison's Sis Robbed of Beatles Pics at Clinton Library: She sez Slick is "Beatle President"

    10/05/2004 1:25:58 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 49 replies · 1,466+ views ^ | October 5, 2004 | CBS/AP (caveat emptor)
    Pictures of former Beatle George Harrison were taken from his sister's car Sunday while she was donating memorabilia to the Clinton Presidential Library. Lou Harrison says someone shattered a window of her car and stole a briefcase containing photos of her and brother and the lyrics to a number of her brother's songs. "(The items are) precious to me obviously because I don't have my brother in person any more," she told CBS News Affiliate KTHV-TV of Little Rock. George Harrison died of cancer, at the age of 58, in November 2001. Lou Harrison says she had driven from her...
  • 49ers' Stadium Renamed "Monster Park"

    09/28/2004 6:20:14 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 18 replies · 285+ views
    Monster Cable ^ | September 28, 2004 | Monster Cable Press Release
    SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS AND MONSTER CABLE JOIN FORCES TO RENAME STADIUM MONSTER PARK Naming Rights Agreement Helps San Francisco Parks and Recreation Programs September 28, 2004 Monster Cable, a San Francisco-based company founded by native San Franciscan Noel Lee, was selected by the 49ers as the new naming partner for the stadium at Candlestick Point, it was announced today. The stadium will be renamed Monster Park effective immediately. The deal will provide a much needed revenue boost to the City of San Francisco's Recreation and Park budget. The four-year, multi-million dollar naming rights agreement will provide at least $3 million...
  • TIME MAG: 'THE BLOGGERS-HOW TO KNOCK DOWN A STORY' (Print Version Includes Buckhead Pic)

    09/21/2004 4:16:55 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 167 replies · 7,043+ views ^ | "Posted September 27, 2004" | Joshua Macht, et al
    Posted Sunday, September 27, 2004 Having caught the scent of a juicy story from the MSM (mainstream media) to bite into, the bloggers were waiting to pounce like a pack of hounds behind the butcher shop. On Sept. 7, the day before the CBS broadcast, left-leaning blog announced that 60 Minutes was to air "documents that shed light on Bush's guard service or lack thereof." The following afternoon, bloggers at, a conservative website, began anticipating the coverage with comments such as, "CBS should have to register as a Democrat [campaign organization]." Minutes into the broadcast, another Free Republic...
  • TIME OUT! Teresa's Potty Mouth Revealed on Eve of Kerry Kid's "No Name-Calling Day"!

    09/20/2004 2:10:50 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 28 replies · 2,052+ views; New Yorker ^ | September 20, 2004 | L.N. Smithee
    In an interview of Teresa Heinz Kerry ("The Candidate's Wife," written by Judith Thurman) posted September 20, 2004 at, we learn a little more than we previously knew about Ms. Kerry's habit of letting insults fly without restraint or apology. Her angry retort to a reporter from a perceived "right-wing" Pittsburgh newspaper (" shove it!") is the stuff of Presidential campaign legend. Courtesy of Ms. Thurman, we now have this additional nugget: [Heinz Kerry] dismissed voters skeptical of her husband’s health-care proposals as “idiots,” and, in a television interview with a Pittsburgh anchorwoman, employed the word “scumbags” to describe...
  • JOHN GLENN FLASHBACK, c. 1988: Skeptics Put Glenn, NASA, Under Microscope ('Payoff' Shuttle Flight)

    09/04/2004 4:39:59 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 25 replies · 1,142+ views ^ | June 1998 | John Christiansen
    ATLANTA (CNN) -- Not everyone is enchanted with NASA's plan to send a 77 year- old astronaut-turned-politician into space this fall. In fact, the news conference last January at which NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin announced that U.S. Sen. John Glenn was returning to space had barely gotten into the question-and-answer phase when the sniping began. "There's been some suggestion that this assignment is a political payoff of some sort," an aviation reporter said to Glenn. "That your performance at the Senate hearings on campaign finance reform impressed the White House and that this is a reward for that performance,...
  • DON’T GET SPUN! Part 2: Bush's Emphasis Error; ‘I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV’

    08/31/2004 5:44:37 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 5 replies · 1,139+ views
    MSNBC, Rush Limbaugh | August 31, 2004 | L.N. Smithee
    Did you hear the news? After saying over and over and over again that America will win the war on terror, President Bush admitted that we probably can’t! Oh my God! That’s the way that you might have reacted if you hadn’t heard or seen the Bush interview by Today co-host Matt Lauer conducted on the Bush-Cheney campaign bus Monday morning. If you have heard the President speak since the campaign began with unshakeable resolve (or, if you don’t like him, mule-headedness) about the ability of America to be victorious over those who would bring Middle Eastern terrorism to the...
  • FREEP KRON-TV! "Do You Think Attacks On Kerry's Military Service Have Gone Too Far?"

    08/25/2004 5:45:38 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 14 replies · 937+ views
    KRON | August 25, 2004 | KRON-TV
    In a news story about the Max Cleland/Jim Rassmann stunt this afternoon, the news babe mentioned Ginsburg's resignation, and the rules about 527's, but didn't mention that the overwhelming majority of the funds donated to 527's are dedicated to Bush-bashing ads. Video of the vet sent out to meet with the media surrounding Cleland was shown. They will be reading emails during the 6:30 broadcast, to the best of my memory. The bias is the air so thick, you can almost choke on it. I'm sick of fuming alone.
  • DON'T GET SPUN! Part 1: True Context of 2/15/00 Bush-McCain Clash In Kerry Smear Ad

    08/22/2004 10:40:16 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 75 replies · 1,502+ views
    CNN ^ | February 15, 2000 | CNN Transcripts; Bush, McCain, Keyes, Larry King
    MCCAIN: You should be ashamed -- you should be ashamed of sponsoring an event with that man there who had attacked your own father. BUSH: The man was not speaking for me. If you want to know my opinion about you, John, you served our country admirably and strongly, and I'm proud of your record, just like you are. And I don't appreciate what he said about my dad, either. But let me say something, if you're going to be -- hold me responsible for what people for me say, I'm going to do the same for you. And let...
  • NBC NEWS' BIG LIE: 'Nightly News' Graphic Calls Group "Swift Boat Veterans For BUSH"

    08/22/2004 3:14:03 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 73 replies · 4,096+ views
    Media Resource Center ^ | August 6, 2004 | Andrea Mitchell, Tom Brokaw
    <p>NBC Nightly News didn't lead with Kerry's Thursday blast, but their story did include the show's first playing of any audio from the ad by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.</p> <p>In the program's only previous story, back on August 6, NBC was far more concerned with suppressing the out of control free speech than in exploring the specifics of the charges. Anchor Tom Brokaw rued then that "a harsh political ad attacking Senator John Kerry's Vietnam war record is putting the spotlight back on the independent organizations which are called 527's. They're raising money and running ads separate from the campaigns and the parties themselves. And as NBC's Andrea Mitchell tells us tonight, the campaign finance law supposed to fix the system left this very big loophole."</p>
  • Jerome Corsi LIVE on KSFO w/Brian Sussman

    08/20/2004 6:13:08 PM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 8 replies · 969+ views
    KSFO Radio San Francisco ^ | August 19, 2004 | Jerome Corsi
    He just said that the Kerrorists have gone straight from Fahrenheit 9/11 to Fahrenheit 451!
  • Flashback: Howard Dean Called Bush a "Book Burner" During Demo Convention

    08/20/2004 9:18:58 AM PDT · by L.N. Smithee · 13 replies · 861+ views
    Washington Times; Cybercast News Service ( ^ | July 29, 2004 | Greg Pierce; Marc Morano
    Apparently former Vermont governor and failed presidential candidate Howard Dean didn't get the memo about toning down the hate speech during the Democratic National Convention, or perhaps that only applies to speakers on the podium. Mr. Dean, during a "Take Back America" event Tuesday, accused the Bush administration of being "book burners," in an apparent effort to compare Republicans to Nazis.