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  • Mark Kirk: ‘Hell of a wrongful death suit’

    07/18/2014 10:01:35 AM PDT · 5 of 8
    RonF to DoodleDawg

    Has it occurred to this guy that this would mean the U.S. would be liable to be sued if, say, the Israeli army or anyone else uses U.S. weapons?

  • Miss USA Contestants Blasted for Actually Giving Reasonable Answers This Year

    07/18/2014 10:00:17 AM PDT · 56 of 57
    RonF to longtermmemmory

    Simple. If an alleged rape is turned over to the police, then criminal prosecution standards will apply. Evidence is gathered, testimony is obtained and - most importantly - a presumption of innocence applies.

    This leads to what the proponents of these alternative proceedings believe is an insufficient number of convictions. Accusers could have to continue to see the people they have accused on campus, with no sanctions taken against them. And legal proceedings do not comply with the Title IX directives handed down from the Obama Administration, which says that the standard should be “a preponderance of evidence” - 50% + - rather than “beyond reasonable doubt” in such cases. So to apply this lower standard and to raise the number of convictions and penalties against the accused, these alternative proceedings are being used.

    Fortunately, there are more and more accused who, once having been sanctioned by such proceedings, are using Title IX itself to sue the schools - and win. It seems that Title IX says that you cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. It had not occurred to anyone that such language means that you cannot discriminate against men anymore than you can discriminate against women. That seems an unnatural concept to them - but the courts say differently.

  • Obama Calls Out ‘Millionaires’ to Pay for Student Loans

    06/10/2014 7:47:06 AM PDT · 46 of 56
    RonF to LucianOfSamasota

    Notice how all these solutions do everything they can to ensure the money keeps flowing without cessation to the schools and without any accountability or responsibility on the schools’ part. God forbid they might have to fire an Associate Dean for Diversity.

  • Miss USA Contestants Blasted for Actually Giving Reasonable Answers This Year

    06/10/2014 7:37:14 AM PDT · 33 of 57
    RonF to txrefugee

    “... and get arrested for it because they slept with someone as drunk as they were.”

    That’s not the problem. The problem is that they DON’T get arrested. What the colleges do is have a Star Chamber proceeding and expel the male student involved regardless of what he says or what witnesses say. The student is not allowed to have legal counsel and is often not allowed to face or question his accuser. Sometimes he doesn’t even get to be present. At least one school has it as official policy that if both students are drunk and have sex, it is automatically the male’s fault.

    Male students are fighting back. It has been noticed that Title IX is sex-neutral - it says that schools cannot treat the two sexes differently. It does not say that females always get preference. Male students who have been expelled in such proceedings are filing Title IX suits - and winning.

  • 11 Top CEOs Write Congress: Pass Immigration Reform

    06/10/2014 7:31:59 AM PDT · 13 of 30
    RonF to Paul46360

    That’s right. They’re indispensible to them so that they can continue to make massive bonuses while paying their employees lousy pay.

    And the funny thing is that the Democrats - who normally are the ones pushing for higher wages, unions, etc., will go along with this - because getting more people into this country that buy into “It’s the government’s job to take care of me” is more important than everything they SAY they’re for.

  • Pamela Anderson recalls gang-rape during high school: ‘I just wanted off this earth’

    05/20/2014 8:30:26 AM PDT · 11 of 116
    RonF to IronJack

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what happens. My theory is that a lot of celebrities have had something like this happen to them, and that’s what has sparked them to enter the performing arts - it gives them a way to act out anger, sadness, etc. while not actually being themselves.

  • McConnell will have to pivot after likely Kentucky primary win

    05/19/2014 3:31:56 PM PDT · 6 of 28
    RonF to mdittmar
    ... anti-immigration ... stance ....

    Reuters, eh? How much should I bet that this man has never voiced any opposition to immigration in his life, but that he has opposed citizenship for illegal aliens?

  • Beware of American Socialist Pushing Economic Solutions

    05/09/2014 11:45:42 AM PDT · 7 of 7
    RonF to Kaslin

    Push the minimum wage to $26? Great idea. I think California should do just that. That should force businesses out of the state, followed by their workers. The number of House representatives from California and their looniness would then drop.

  • Sonia Quotamayor: Product of Affirmative Action

    04/30/2014 11:48:08 AM PDT · 14 of 14
    RonF to Sacajaweau

    I take issue with your phrase “reverse racist”. Racism is giving preference or attributing certain characteristics to one race over another. Which race you’re talking about and what the race is of the person doing the talking is immaterial.

    Mathematically I would say that racism is a scalar vector (”You’re going 100 miles an hour.”) vs. a vector one (”You’re going 100 miles an hour due north.”). The discrimination is the issue. The direction doesn’t matter.

  • Is There a “Right” to Birth Control? (what the administration really wants)

    03/27/2014 7:55:23 AM PDT · 17 of 30
    RonF to NYer

    The way I see it, there’s a right to be able to buy and use birth control - but there’s no right to force me or anyone else to pay for it.

  • President Barack Obama meets Pope Francis...Pope KICKS HIM....

    03/27/2014 7:53:17 AM PDT · 16 of 21
    RonF to tomkat

    I don’t know. That’s a pretty small target to hit.

  • The Scandal That Is Eating the Heart Out of the Catholic Church in America

    03/27/2014 7:51:29 AM PDT · 16 of 36
    RonF to G Larry

    I always go back to the story about the adulteress who was to be stoned by the mob. Jesus stopped them from condemning her to death and stoning her. But he told her to go and sin no more.

    Many on the left read the words “neither do I condemn you” and use the modern definition to read it as “neither do I criticize you”. Then they leave out “go and sin no more” entirely. He didn’t tell her that what she was doing was no longer a sin now that he had come into the world to save it.

    This is also the answer to those who say “Well, if we are to apply Biblical law to homosexuality, why don’t we sell our daughters into slavery if they have extra-marital sex?” It’s because we are to condemn the sin but not the sinner. Forgive them - but tell them that it’s still sinful and they need to stop.

  • (Northwestern) NLRB decision very well-reasoned

    03/27/2014 7:41:16 AM PDT · 21 of 45
    RonF to T-Bird45

    The schools have whored themselves out to TV money and fame. Now they’re getting called on it. Note that this would only involve Division I schools. Division II and III schools, who really do put the “scholar” in “scholar-athlete” first are unaffected. Dump athletic tuition waivers (I refuse to call them “scholarships” since there is no actual scholarship involved) and this problem goes away. So do coaches making $1,000,000 a year, of course, and the NFL and NBA have to create their own minor leagues (like baseball and hockey), but too bad for them.

    I wonder if this will cause any schools to drop from Division I to Division II or III?

  • Why I Am In Solidarity with Mireille Miller-Young (huge barf alert!)

    03/24/2014 1:46:39 PM PDT · 19 of 25
    RonF to Impala64ssa
    Here's something a lot more chilling in the comments. The writer is responding to someone who invoked the right of the protestors to do so under the First Amendment and states that the academic involved thus violated those protestors' Constitutional rights:

    If you can read, please pick up a copy of the United States constitution- that, or just do some simple web search. The first amendment guarantees U.S. citizens the right to free speech without direct government intervention. Citizens are guaranteed the opportunity to voice their opinions on public property- like the free speech area at UCSB. But private citizens also have the right to evaluate “free speech,” and if needed, remove its platform and speaker under the first amendment. In other words, “freedom of speech” ONLY pertains to direct government intervention. Mireille acted as a private citizen, in the defense of other private citizens. There isn’t a case here.

    So apparently the commentor believes that private citizens have a right to prevent other private citizens from speaking in a public space if in their judgement removal of the speaker and the platform they are using for speech is "needed".

    That's what you get from the radical left these days.

  • NBC's 'Today' Finds It 'Surprising' Obama Not On List of Greatest Leaders

    03/20/2014 11:45:41 AM PDT · 38 of 64
    RonF to servo1969
    Tell you what, though, there may be some talk about one leader who did not make the list, the leader of the free world, President Obama.

    On Wednesday, what did he do? He went out and taped an appearance on Ellen.

    I suggest that these two things are not unrelated.

  • Kerry: ‘I Don’t Know Anybody Who Says You Ought to Go to War over Crimea’

    03/20/2014 11:38:42 AM PDT · 25 of 41
    RonF to Nachum
    Kerry: ‘I Don’t Know Anybody Who Says You Ought to Go to War over Crimea Israel

    Coming soon ....

  • Florida Supreme Court Says Tampa Immigrant Can't Get Law License

    03/07/2014 6:51:59 AM PST · 14 of 18
    RonF to Iron Munro

    This may not be a popular viewpoint here, but - I do think it’s reasonable to treat the case of someone who was brought here at the age of 9 by his parents differently than the case of someone who came here as an adult illegally. I’m certainly glad to see that the Florida Supreme Court understands that their role is to follow the law, not write new law.

    My view on this kind of thing would be that if a child is brought here by their parents they - but not their parents - would have some kind of defined path to citizenship that would include steps to ensure that the child has successfully integrated into and adopted American culture (which would disqualify having graduated from college being considered a positive step in any such law). Military service (yes, it’s perfectly legal for a non-citizen to join the U.S. Military), facility in English (both conversational and written), a work history, lack of criminal history, etc.

    I strongly oppose ANY path to citizenship by anyone who came here illegally at the age 18 and over, regardless of any of the above criteria (except possibly military service).

  • Conservatives: GOP needs to stand on principle

    03/06/2014 11:12:27 AM PST · 4 of 4
    RonF to Olog-hai

    Conservative principles or GOP principles? Because the latter principles are basically “Get re-elected however you can”.

  • Discrimination and My Brother’s Keeper: In some cases, race does — and should — matter.

    03/05/2014 6:27:25 AM PST · 6 of 19
    RonF to SeekAndFind

    I’m waiting for a definition of “person of color”. Usually when I ask I don’t get a definition, I get my motives attacked for asking. I’ve got a great-great-grandmother and a great-great-great-grandmother of African origin. Am I a “person of color”? According to the “one-drop” rule, I am.

  • Why don’t as many men go to church as women?

    12/04/2013 3:13:01 PM PST · 30 of 83
    RonF to Jeff Chandler

    Us Episcopalians are glad to continue to use the music that the Catholics abandoned. I’m in the choir in my parish and I’ve sung Bach, Beethoven, Tallis, Mozart, Bird, Palestrina, etc., etc.

  • Mike Tomlin fined $100K; NFL could still punish Steelers with draft pick penalty

    12/04/2013 3:05:22 PM PST · 18 of 42
    RonF to DallasBiff

    The returner should have run right into him. They might well have given him the touchdown, or at least assessed a penalty.

  • First Lady Michelle Obama’s Garden Rotting

    10/15/2013 11:32:49 AM PDT · 48 of 67
    RonF to navysealdad

    I’m sure that she could find any number of food pantry volunteers to pick those vegetables - that is, if she wanted to feed poor people rather than provide a photo op.

  • Republican Party’s Favorability Sinks to Record Low

    10/10/2013 8:10:32 AM PDT · 37 of 43
    RonF to Qbert

    I’d rate them low, too. They’re doing a lousy job of telling the public what’s going on. There should be a bill in the hands of the Senate right now appropriating the money for making all necessary payments on Treasury bonds and the rest of the public debt. The GOP leadership should be going on all the news shows, talk shows, late night shows and telling people all about it. Examples of the bills passed in previous years that Democratic Congresses have killed should be publicized. They’ve got a golden opportunity here and they’re completely blowing it.

  • Obama: 'At Some Point the Government Will Run Out of Money'

    08/22/2013 6:17:29 PM PDT · 31 of 45
    RonF to Nachum

    Given the trillion dollar deficit I’d say the government ran out of money some time ago.

  • Canning issues: I forgot to add lemon juice to tomatoes!

    08/22/2013 6:15:10 PM PDT · 5 of 94
    RonF to goodwithagun

    Lemon juice? I never put lemon juice in canned tomatoes. In fact, I never even heard of it, and I’ve canned my share of tomatoes.

  • Federal judge in Oklahoma finds “Anti-Sharia law” amendment unconstitutional

    08/19/2013 9:41:08 AM PDT · 8 of 29
    RonF to yoe

    Hang on - it may be that she’s got a point. If the law was simply rewritten to state that courts may not take the religious doctrines of any particular denomination and justify rulings based on them this would be covered and you’d avoid discriminating against any particular religion - as was mentioned in the article with regards to a similar law in a different state that did not call out Sharia specifically.

  • Islamic group angered over UCF professor's speech

    08/14/2013 11:29:13 AM PDT · 7 of 20
    RonF to Prov1322
    Something incoherent in this article:

    A professor at the University of Central Florida, whose comments about Muslim culture created controversy, gave a speech Tuesday night in the Board of County Commissions chamber, something that is upsetting a Florida organization. More than 130 people showed up to the monthly meeting to hear from Jonathan Matusitz, a UCF professor

    O.K. A professor at UCF spoke at the Board of County Commissioner's chamber.

    CAIR posted a video clip to YouTube from what looks to be a UCF lecture in June.
    Not from his speech in the chamber - a speech at another time and place. So how can they characterize his speech at the chamber? Or is it that once someone makes any statement that opposes them, they must be silenced in every venue?

    CAIR released this statement saying, “ACT! for America and Mr. Matusitz are free to spew their anti-Muslim hate in any private venue they choose, but offering them a taxpayer-funded platform creates the perception that county officials endorse their extremist views.”
    That's right. It's a taxpayer-funded platform. The fact that a taxpayer gets to use it doesn't mean that the county officials endorse their views. It means that taxpayers get to use it regardless of their views and regardless of what the county officials think of them. County officials have no business defining what's extremist and what's not.

    “Historically we have not taken a stand on what types of discussion groups can or can’t have in our buildings,” said spokesman Don Walker, adding that’s part of someone’s First Amendment rights.

    Holy crap! A public official that understands the First Amendment? I'm sure CAIR and other such groups will do their best to unseat him as soon as possible.

    "It’s a free country.”
    As opposed to the countries where Islamist regimes control the government.

    CAIR said if ACT! can have a meeting in the county building, then they can, too, which is something they plan to organize in the next few weeks.

    If the county can fit it into the schedule along with any previously scheduled committments they should have a perfect right to do so.

  • Jury weighing Zimmerman's fate asks question about manslaughter option

    07/13/2013 5:42:54 PM PDT · 178 of 229
    RonF to Clint N. Suhks

    “... soon after police told him not to follow the 17-year-old.”

    They did no such thing. Zimmerman never talked to the police. He talked to a civilian 911 dispatcher who works for the city, not for the police.

  • Who They Were: The ‘Granite Mountain Hotshots’ – 19 Brave Souls Who Perished in Arizona Fire

    07/01/2013 8:07:31 AM PDT · 27 of 44
    RonF to montag813

    O.K. I’ve read here more than once “These men were out of radio contact”. Something’s wrong with that. What would it cost to give these guys better radios? Most radios I’ve seen for cops, etc. are UHF or VHF bands. Would HF radios have better range or ability to overcome the terrain? What about satellite links?

  • Germany fears revolution if Europe scraps welfare model

    05/28/2013 10:14:09 PM PDT · 23 of 24
    RonF to Oldeconomybuyer

    “We have to rescue an entire generation of young people who are scared.”

    You have to rescue an entire generation of young people who think that the State owes them a living.

  • Video: Lerner takes the Fifth — or did she?

    05/22/2013 11:24:44 AM PDT · 59 of 84
    RonF to smoothsailing

    Any answer she gives to any question, and anything in the content of her statement under oath CAN be used against her. But giving the statement does not mean that she waived her right to invoke the 5th amendment to any subsequent question.

  • Video: Lerner takes the Fifth — or did she?

    05/22/2013 11:20:48 AM PDT · 56 of 84
    RonF to smoothsailing
    "You don’t get to tell your side of the story and then not be subjected to cross-examination." Actually, you do. You can certainly pick and choose which questions you answer and which ones you invoke your 5th Amendment rights for and refuse to answer. The mistake was for the committee to permit her to make a statement without responding to any questions.
  • The Senate Does the Bullying for the IRS

    05/22/2013 11:16:08 AM PDT · 6 of 13
    RonF to Kaslin

    The thing is, this is not news. It was well publicized a couple of years ago that Steve Jobs and President Obama met and had a discussion about various aspects of American manufacturing. President Obama asked Steve Jobs to bring that money back into the U.S. and Steve Jobs told him that the money was NEVER coming back into the U.S, and why.

  • Intel Community Slams AG Holder for Reading Boston Bombing Suspect His Rights

    04/30/2013 10:36:39 AM PDT · 35 of 42
    RonF to Nachum

    The suspect never had to say a word to them. You do not gain your right against self-incrimination when they read you your rights, you have them all along. And I find it hard to believe that someone who’s gotten to 19 years old in this country does not know that.

  • Dave Says it Depends on the Kid

    04/30/2013 10:34:14 AM PDT · 14 of 18
    RonF to Altariel

    These days you need a credit card as almost a financial ID. Try to rent a hotel room or a car without providing one - or a major power tool (say, a ditch witch). Even if you intend to pay cash, you have to leave the credit card so that if you trash the room or wreck the tool the renter has something to charge damages against.

  • Colorado to pay piper after Dems' war on guns

    04/24/2013 9:00:21 AM PDT · 23 of 26
    RonF to rktman

    As far as the people running Colorado think, I’m sure they’re figuring “Don’t let the door hit you on the rear on the way out. There go a bunch of GOP votes we don’t have to worry about anymore.” The loss of jobs and revenue likely doesn’t concern them much.

  • U.S. Boy Scouts set to end ban on gay members : spokesperson (Friday News Dump Alert)

    04/24/2013 8:58:48 AM PDT · 50 of 50
    RonF to longtermmemmory

    Ever since this news cycle started the press has presented each step of the process as meaning that the Boy Scouts are going to make a policy change. They consistently want to keep any possibility that it might NOT change out of people’s minds. And now that the proposal has come to light, the gay activists are NOT happy - as it does not require Scout units to register gay adults.

  • NRA needs to have its OWN press conference with children

    01/15/2013 6:43:22 PM PST · 2 of 7
    RonF to BushMeister

    What the NRA needs to do is to have a press conference with Melinda Herman and her kids and tell how they might have been killed if she hadn’t shot the man who broke into their home.

  • Darts fan booted out of final because he looked like Jesus

    12/13/2012 1:09:13 PM PST · 17 of 55
    RonF to MarineBrat

    The joke I heard ended “Oh, that’s God. He thinks he’s A.J. Foyt.”

  • Kroger to Slash Hourly Workers to Avoid Obamacare Penalties

    11/12/2012 12:16:31 PM PST · 24 of 177
    RonF to tobyhill

    This is no accident, folks. This was planned. This is how we get to government-run single-payer health insurance - by making it too expensive for private businesses to provide insurance to their employees.

  • “guns manufactured in usa 2011″

    10/25/2012 6:59:55 AM PDT · 2 of 4
    RonF to marktwain

    I have a related question. How many bullets/shells were manufactured over the same time period (broken out by military and civilian use if possible)? The reason I ask is because people who wish to restrict 2nd Amendment rights talk about guns as if their primary purpose or use is to kill people. I’d like to be able to show them that some figure such as 99.99% of all ammunition is used for recreation. I figure I take the number of people wounded or killed during crimes committed with the use of guns, multiply it by some fudge factor to account for missed shots (say, 1.5) and then divide that by the total amount of ammunition sold in the U.S. during that time period. I can do the same thing with guns to show that only a miniscule number of guns were used for the same purpose.

  • David exposes Goliath(Charlie Madigan, Chicago Tribune)

    10/05/2012 5:32:50 PM PDT · 4 of 5
    RonF to marktwain
    People like Mr. Madigan often cite the number of deaths that involve the use of guns. But what they don't cite is a very-well conducted study by Professor Gary Kleck of Florida State University here which shows that there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of uses of guns for self-defense every year. This was NOT funded by the NRA or similar organizations, and Prof. Kleck is a very accomplished researcher in the field.
  • Gay Boy Scout, Bullied by Troop, Denied Eagle Rank

    10/05/2012 1:00:11 PM PDT · 100 of 106
    RonF to Vigilanteman

    “When I was in Scouts, our most popular form of hazing was swiping the clothes of fellow scouters, tossing them up in a tree then seeing the owner climb up after them.”

    When I was a Scout the deal was to grab clothing that had been left where it should not have been left and running it up the flagpole at night, where it would be discovered by the Troop when they assembled for flag raising the next morning.

  • Gay Boy Scout, Bullied by Troop, Denied Eagle Rank

    10/05/2012 12:57:24 PM PDT · 99 of 106
    RonF to Stonewall Jackson

    Eagle projects do not have to involve the entire Troop. They don’t have to involve anyone from the Troop, although it is certainly customary. They do have to involve enough other people that the Eagle candidate has to demonstrate leadership of those people, as opposed to doing all or the majority of the work himself.

  • Gay Boy Scout, Bullied by Troop, Denied Eagle Rank

    10/05/2012 12:49:53 PM PDT · 98 of 106
    RonF to Zakeet

    I’m a little suspicious of “His Scoutmaster refused to sign off on his project” as well. If the project was completed the Scoutmaster should sign off on the project workbook’s completion form. However, after the project is completed the Scoutmaster would then - as part of the standard requirements for Eagle - have a Scoutmaster conference with the Scout to review his progress and accomplishments to that point and then sign off that the Scout fulfills the Scout Oath, Law and Spirit in his daily life on the Eagle Scout Rank application. THAT I can see the Scoutmaster in this case would not sign.

  • Gay Boy Scout, Bullied by Troop, Denied Eagle Rank

    10/05/2012 12:43:38 PM PDT · 97 of 106
    RonF to ScubieNuc

    The B.S.A.’s policy is that “avowed homosexuals” are not to be registered in Scouting. Basically, if you come out publicly you are not longer eligible to be in the B.S.A. The policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is strictly enforced; there is at least one instance of a Scout having been asked, tossed out, and then reinstated by National. But what we see here is that this young man put it in writing to his Scoutmaster that he was gay. At that point he became ineligible - but not before.

    Eagle Scouts do not automatically become an adult leader on their 18th birthday, nor does any Scout. They have to fill out an Adult application just like anyone else. It’s pretty common, though, that Scouts who have stayed in their Troop through their 18th birthday are encouraged to become Assistant Scoutmasters.

  • Gay Boy Scout, Bullied by Troop, Denied Eagle Rank

    10/05/2012 12:39:05 PM PDT · 95 of 106
    RonF to norcal joe

    The reporters probably don’t know the difference between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and are way too left-wing to bother to check facts and find out something about Scouting before they write their report.

    That “tolerance wall” doesn’t look like much of a project. What kind of leadership and planning effort did he have to put into it?

  • Intel pulls funds from Boy Scouts over policy barring gay scouts and leaders

    09/24/2012 1:35:18 PM PDT · 29 of 76
    RonF to Neoliberalnot

    Actually, the dancers in the Elton John bit were dressed as Cub Scouts, not Boy Scouts. For what it’s worth, it’s possible for young men in the Boy Scout program to be over the age of consent - but not children in the Cub Scout program.

  • Draghi Helps Out Obama Campaign [Defers EU meltdown until after election]

    09/07/2012 8:44:08 AM PDT · 14 of 20
    RonF to PapaBear3625

    The EU is effectively bankrupt. That will affect us not only because they are a major market for us but because we have bought a lot of their debt. What I would ask my banker is, “Why did you buy their debt”?

  • Poll to FReep: Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention. Did you like it?

    08/31/2012 10:39:23 PM PDT · 127 of 166
    RonF to AZ .44 MAG

    See, I figure that they missed a bet with the empty chair. It should have been an empty suit!