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  • Supreme Court Rules States Can Bar Judicial Candidates From Soliciting Donations

    05/01/2015 5:36:08 PM PDT · 7 of 7
    sarasmom to GIdget2004

    How to judge the judges?

    As a Florida voter, I face it every time a retain/not retain a judge appears on the ballot.

    How can I, a generally law abiding citizen, with little to no experience in state criminal and civil court cases, even attempt to formulate an educated opinion on competence and/or merits of a judge?

    Other than the likes of the obviously odious Judge Greer (who I never got a chance to vote against) it’s just a useless exercise of ignorant power.

    Appoint them to a limited term, or randomly draft from a select group of qualified legal professionals for a limited term.

    I generally vote against retaining judges.

  • 'Only a miracle can save it’ Russian spacecraft 'hurtling towards Earth' as contact lost

    04/29/2015 5:30:49 PM PDT · 23 of 25
    sarasmom to McGruff
    Thank you for the thread.
    If I understand it correctly, it will take about 10-14 days before any accurate estimates of landfall/potential danger areas will be available.

    I hope you will keep us informed.

    Off topic, by my own experiences, JimmyJohns (Florida) is “scary fast” on delivery service.I've got a Subway and a McDonalds within three blocks, and there is no way I could procure any “fast food”, faster than ordering delivery of JimmyJohns!

  • Please pray for my Mom

    04/23/2015 4:27:48 PM PDT · 54 of 143
    sarasmom to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    Prayers sent.

  • Marin Nuns Walk Out of School to Protest Gay-Rights Group

    04/22/2015 8:28:01 PM PDT · 13 of 29
    sarasmom to icwhatudo

    It’s one of life’s mystery to me.

    I know why I, personally, don’t join and/or become involved in specific religious denominations.

    Why those same denominations allow open unbelievers to claim fellowship, membership and/or communion is beyond me.

  • Police Union Head Accuses Assistant Chief of Disrespecting U.S., Maybe Being Muslim

    04/22/2015 8:11:11 PM PDT · 9 of 18
    sarasmom to markomalley

    She stood up, respectfully.

    Cops are not under the jurisdiction of the Federal DOD/UCMJ.
    ALL cops are civilians.

    As a civilian, she is under no obligation, and in no breach of protocol, by not holding her right hand over her heart during a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Frankly, I view the very existence of “police unions” and all other government employee unions, entirely and intentionally, disrespectful to the USA.

  • DUmmie FUnnies 04-18-15 (DUmmies Trash Talk Skinner's Cash Cow)

    04/18/2015 6:58:32 PM PDT · 4 of 11
    sarasmom to PJ-Comix


  • Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Email 2 Years Ago

    04/18/2015 6:54:54 PM PDT · 35 of 37
    sarasmom to Uncle Miltie

    Ding Ding Ding!


  • Walter Scott shooting: Officer Slager refused to speak to investigators on scene

    04/15/2015 7:41:52 PM PDT · 79 of 80
    sarasmom to dragnet2

    I’m referring to “everything” about this “case”.

    A man is dead, and a cop is in jail.

    I have zero confidence that the media and the government are at all interested in fact finding, truth or justice.

    Prayers sent to the families of both men, because they are now all just minor players in a noxious game that has no logical rules, and all their suffering is just beginning!

    I’m going to give it a few months for ALL the facts to emerge.

  • Walter Scott shooting: Officer Slager refused to speak to investigators on scene

    04/14/2015 7:51:17 PM PDT · 43 of 80
    sarasmom to dragnet2
    The media/government are going to have to retract a lot of false “facts” and explain their reasons for running with political memes, and ignoring the ugly truth.

    Seems to be an ongoing pattern of false propaganda to support a particular meme...

    I'm reserving judgment, because I don't have enough facts yet.
    It's hard to glean facts from the numerous and politically coordinated, intentionally misleading reports, from both media and government sources.

    Mr. Scott is dead.
    Mr. Slager killed him.

    We know the who, how and the when.
    The what and the why are still not clear.

  • U.S. Senator Rubio says he's running for president in 2016: AP

    04/13/2015 8:53:26 PM PDT · 92 of 115
    sarasmom to Blackirish
    Rubio is one and done in the Senate, and he knows that.

    I'm not sure why he acts like he thinks he has a shot at POTUS.

  • Marco Island may increase sex offender buffer zone

    04/11/2015 5:25:10 PM PDT · 8 of 16
    sarasmom to Vigilanteman
    “The molester need to go away from society; maybe a tent city on the southern border. The guy who tinkled outdoors should not even be in the system once he pays a nominal fine”

    I agree with that.
    But the rapist and/or child molester is allowed/encouraged to plea bargain down to indecent exposure what?

    It's not just the libtards alone who defined deviancy down....

  • Prayer Request For Freeper My Favorite Headache

    04/11/2015 11:59:42 AM PDT · 65 of 89
    sarasmom to My Favorite Headache

    Prayers sent.

  • ‘Warm blob’ in Pacific Ocean linked to weird weather across the U.S.

    04/09/2015 8:56:45 PM PDT · 4 of 33
    sarasmom to BenLurkin

    I don’t guess anyone is going to bring up Japan’s destroyed nuclear power plant...

  • Dad Who Beat Child Molester Responds Perfectly To Sentencing

    04/09/2015 8:12:14 PM PDT · 32 of 35
    sarasmom to Romulus

    “Anyone who celebrates prison rape is disgusting.
    Put the pervert in jail, but don’t queer the justice system.”

    I agree.

    I’ve never been a fan of cruel and unusual punishment, which is exactly what “prison rape” is.
    Those who think it is a “good thing”, need to stop and think about why societal punishments for crimes exist.

    As a society, it’s pretty sick to expect convicted criminals to commit even more crimes, in order to “serve justice”, in prisons.

  • Rick Scott Walks Back Medicaid-Expansion Support Amid Tense CMS Talks

    04/06/2015 6:34:49 PM PDT · 6 of 11
    sarasmom to SoFloFreeper
    That's my take on it.

    Scott was correct when he didn't rush to expand Medicaid under obamacare, in round one.

    This is round two,and sometime in June I guess we will see if he was also correct in not setting up a “state exchange”.

    Tallahassee is not in love with Rick Scott, because he is not a partisan party player, he is more interested in governing.

    Which is why we citizens elected him in the first place.

  • Great Question:If It Was You Facing The Reporter At Memories Pizza,How Would You Have Answered?

    04/03/2015 5:24:21 PM PDT · 50 of 74
    sarasmom to Cruz_West_Paul2016

    NEVER speak on camera to an uninvited reporter without a media release form giving yourself final edit approval rights!(that means never)

    If you feel you must speak, record the entire interview yourself, in it’s entirety.

    When you enroll your child in school, do not EVER sign off on any blanket release form, allowing “anyone” to conduct interviews or take photos of your minor child, especially media, absent your permission in each specific situation.

  • [snip] Apt Building’s Policy Barring Low-Paying Tenants From Using Gym May Be Discriminatory

    04/03/2015 3:26:31 PM PDT · 12 of 14
    sarasmom to BenLurkin

    I must be missing something here....
    (Not unusual for me in articles about “NYC rent control”.)

    Was there always a gym, and suddenly the “rent controlled” people were not allowed to use it?

    Or is it a new feature, not included on the old leases?

  • It Hits the Fan When a Military Vet Spots a Homeless Man in Uniform with a Badge That Gives Him Away

    04/01/2015 9:14:16 PM PDT · 56 of 60
    sarasmom to Rides_A_Red_Horse

    If you can get them to go. Some won’t, no matter how often you try to help them get help.Some already get a little help, but prefer to remain primarily on the streets.

    I’ve given cash, food, a jacket,and packs of smokes to a local panhandler I had “vetted”. He was the the only one out of hundreds in the area.

    Very few panhandlers are military veterans.

    Oddly enough, most panhandlers in Florida aren’t even poor, or homeless.
    It’s a well known cottage industry scam, around here.
    Particularly in the larger tourist trap areas.

    It comes in waves...usually seasonal.

  • Ten Years Ago Today, Terri Schiavo Lived Her Last Day. Then She Was Starved to Death

    03/31/2015 6:01:54 PM PDT · 36 of 84
    I am still unable to forgive anyone who advocated for the cruel and inhumane state ordered execution by forcible starvation and dehydration of a USA citizen.

    Terri Schiavo was a disabled woman whose artificial “life support” consisted of tube feedings of food and water.

    Perhaps God can forgive them, if asked.

  • BREAKING - 7.7 Earthquake 54km SE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea (Tsunami Warning)

    03/29/2015 5:50:50 PM PDT · 22 of 51
    sarasmom to tcrlaf

    Thank you for posting!

    Prayers sent, that the people in the danger areas get notified.

  • Supreme Court may hear case on school barring American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo

    03/29/2015 5:22:39 PM PDT · 21 of 33
    sarasmom to PROCON
    “The amazing thing is that wearing an American flag T-shirt in America is controversial at all”

    It was pretty controversial in the 1960’s, as I remember, it was widely viewed as completely disrespectful.
    Times changed, and now it rarely merits a raised eyebrow.

    In this particular case though, it appears that a majority of the local students were of Mexican descent, and the public school administration actively discriminated against a minority of students, who were not.
    I wondered at the time if a French flag T-shirt wearer would have been seen as “inflaming” the situation? It seemed to me that might have caused a ruckus, but perhaps none of the Mexicans knew what it looked like, so just assumed the USA flag T-shirt wearers were the “enemy”.
    In the USA, at a USA public school.

    I do understand why the USSC decided to hear the case.
    Can you imagine ISIS flag T-shirt wearers in USA schools on 9/11/2015?
    Is that going to be considered acceptable or objectionable?
    What if certain students don't want to tape their mouths shut on gay-days?
    Or wear pink shirts to support breast cancer awareness?

    When and how does the crap end?

  • Obama, consumer board to announce new regulations on payday lending

    03/26/2015 7:39:53 PM PDT · 21 of 22
    sarasmom to Chainmail

    I’ve already expended more time than I consider worthwhile, correcting you on the other thread.

  • Everyone is furious about this photo of kids climbing on a Vietnam memorial

    03/26/2015 7:26:21 PM PDT · 88 of 90
    sarasmom to Chainmail
    Despite your private emails and public posts on an unrelated thread, I'm going to attempt to reply to you as politely as possible.

    During my active duty USAF years, 1977-1986, I worked with and associated with many Vietnam war veterans, both combat and those simply combat era.
    Not a lot of “Stolen Valor” attempts were going on during those years.
    I met my friend Sue in 1982. At that time she was the “dependent spouse” of an active duty USAF TSgt.
    I saw photos of her in uniform, numerous scars on her body, and had no reason to doubt any of her “war stories”, because she didn't talk about it often, and I knew by then not to ask ANY combat vet for more details than they cared to freely offer.
    My dependent husband (former USAF) drove her on two occasions to the nearest VA hospital for treatment, bypassing the base hospital.
    She was the correct age, her conversations with me, as an active duty USAF NCO neighbor in base housing, and her general attitude and demeanor added up to the point that I accepted her consistent “war stories”.

    I wouldn't call her a “lady” in same sarcastic way your snarky little comments have added up at this point.

    I am, however, extremely familiar with the attitude.

    My mother actually owned combat boots during the Korean war.
    Both she and my father both wore them on active duty in the USAF in Greenland, where they met. He was an MP, she was a radio operator. Neither called themselves combat veterans.

    I am not a combat veteran.I've also never claimed to be a combat veteran.
    But I am a military veteran.From a family with a long history of proud military service.

    You sir, may take your little hissy fit games elsewhere.

    I have now reached the upper limits of my ability to be polite.

  • Obama, consumer board to announce new regulations on payday lending

    03/25/2015 7:37:56 PM PDT · 17 of 22
    sarasmom to Extremely Extreme Extremist
    It's not a racial thing.

    A quick trip to Amscot can solve a multitude of “liquidity issues” for those who live paycheck to paycheck, as about half the population of the USA does.

    The interest rate is a straight up 10%, plus $1.00.

    Say you need $300.00 to pay your rent, but an unexpected doctors visit or car repair bill cleaned out your tiny savings cushion.
    Kiting a check could get you charged with a crime, fines, and possible jail time, in addition to the bank's insufficient funds fee of $35.00.
    Not to mention the rental late payment fees.

    No bank is going to loan you the money.
    But a payday lender will, and on $300.00, the cost will be $31.00.
    No late rental fees, no risking a bounced check, and no risking criminal charges and possible jail time.
    Any one of the above will typically add up to be much more than $31.00!

    Are the feds going to offer a new ultra-short term loan plan?

  • Everyone is furious about this photo of kids climbing on a Vietnam memorial

    03/25/2015 6:36:29 PM PDT · 46 of 90
    sarasmom to Ronald_Magnus

    I’m not “furious” about this snapshot.

    I personally know many male, and a one female combat veterans of the Vietnam War.

    I can very easily imagine my friend Sue, disabled while working as EOD in Vietnam, telling her grandchildren to climb up on that monument, and touch every inch of every face depicted.

    As for myself and my child, no, I would no more allow my child or grandchild to climb on any public statue, any more than I would allow her to touch a strangers car, or walk on a strangers lawn.
    Now ask me about the future grave of Jimmy Carter...and an entirely different family code of conduct would be expected to be applied.

    The children depicted were not urinating on and/or defacing the statue.

    For all anyone here knows, the older child might have just kissed the depiction of the cheek of one of her dead relatives, and the younger child was awaiting her turn.

    Odd that so many people are so very willing to react with outrage, absent any more knowledge than a single snapshot, and a headline...

    My friend Sue, wounded in Vietnam, but not officially a “combat veteran”, since women were not allowed in combat back then(LOL) is dead now, but I can easily imagine her with a double middle finger salute to those who imagine they are reverently honoring her “service” in Vietnam.

    Just stating my opinion.
    And I am certain, Sue’s.

  • 'No Blacks' Chinese Restaurant Shut Down in Kenya

    03/25/2015 5:17:09 PM PDT · 8 of 9
    sarasmom to nickcarraway

    Apparently, it’s not a licensed restaurant, in Kenya.

    No word yet on the legal immigration status of the owner and workers, in Kenya.

  • Ted Cruz Is Signing Up for Obamacare

    03/24/2015 5:57:34 PM PDT · 124 of 246
    sarasmom to PapaNew are aware of the current USSC case that should have been decided in about 15 minutes last October, right?

    The one where all the 34-36 states who intentionally “declined” to set up State “exchanges” are awaiting a decision from the nine black robed ones...on the legality of the Federal exchange/tax subsidies.

    The USSC upheld that states could refuse to expand Medicaid as envisioned under the ACA.

    The death blow to Obamacare, and possibly the IRS, is expected in June.

    Frankly I am enraged that “our elected representatives” haven't shut down the entire Federal government,with the sole exemption of the DOD, until this issue is resolved.

  • One dead, two shot in 17-person battle in Walmart parking lot

    03/24/2015 4:52:59 PM PDT · 13 of 58
    sarasmom to gaijin
    Yeah, they (the family group) appear to be fully Caucasian.

    This should be interesting.

  • College player dismissed from team following offensive Mo'ne Davis tweet

    03/24/2015 4:46:55 PM PDT · 73 of 75
    sarasmom to Hulka

    Which aircraft did you fly, during your voluntary USAF service?

  • College player dismissed from team following offensive Mo'ne Davis tweet

    03/23/2015 6:43:06 PM PDT · 71 of 75
    sarasmom to Hulka
    I refuted your point.

    You refuse to acknowledge that there existed and still exists, petty little groups of self-important bureaucrats who think they can just game candidate scores at will.

    It happens in all trades and professions.
    It's called internal corruption.
    I've seen in it action in the USAF and in both K-12 and higher education, and also in private business.
    I've heard of it happening in all walks of life, including our justice system.

    Were you personally offended that you were told to cut the crap, and make absolutely certain you and your peers did nothing to skew “her” training and test results?
    If it was not already widely known at command level that certain people in your unit were heavily suspected of playing games, and skating disciplinary action with a tiny bit of plausible denial, you wouldn't have been gathered into an auditorium as an entire unit, for a cautionary warning to do your damn job. I "annoyed" several ground crews going through IG inspections, by reporting unauthorized shortcuts and screw-ups, that directly put "my" pilots in unnecessary physical danger during peacetime flight training evaluations. I completely understand your stated position. I also reject it.

  • College player dismissed from team following offensive Mo'ne Davis tweet

    03/22/2015 4:59:21 PM PDT · 58 of 75
    sarasmom to Hulka
    “There are many more instances of such nonsense. I am tired of such double-standards.”


    Having worked directly with operational aircrew members and ground support,I can understand why a specific base may have needed to be reminded formally that on-time and professional work was going to be critical, it was going to be watched under a microscope, and no petty sabotage bs attempts/games were going to be tolerated!

    Few men ever made the final cut.
    Exponentially even fewer women will, given the physical skills and strength requirements, not to mention the professional desire to compete for the position.

  • Possible terrorist attack at New Orleans Airport

    03/20/2015 8:50:17 PM PDT · 181 of 214
    sarasmom to sport

    That’s not true.

    It is against the law to use “it” as an offensive chemical weapon.

  • Jeb Bush Condemned Over Speech at Anti-Israel Conference

    03/20/2015 8:16:46 PM PDT · 6 of 36
    sarasmom to lowbridge

    He’s trying to block conservatives, and party platform Republicans from gaining momentum and/or the nomination for POTUS.

    He doesn’t much care about the actual outcome of the 2016 POTUS election, very much like the past two Republican candidates.

    As long as a NWO progressive wins, he and his low info supporters will laugh all the way to the bank...

  • Family Pulls Daughter from School After ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Included in Event

    03/19/2015 7:12:01 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    sarasmom to lormand
    Frankly, I don't have a problem with resetting racial politics back several generations.

    I'm pretty sure I am not alone in attempting to judge people by their character, instead of their skin color.

    There was a pretty large majority of people, of all races, who thought that was logical, fair, and something worth expending extra effort to achieve.

    I refuse to blame all my fellow citizens,some of whom are black, for the sickening antics of progressive communist Democrats.

    So 98% of black Democrats voted for a black Democrat.
    98% of white Democrats also voted for the black Democrat.
    (some say 115% of them did, but that's another story)

    Less than 50% of eligible voters, bothered to vote.

    No reliable statistical racial breakdown is ever given for the large “none of the above” non-voting group.

  • PA: Negotiations 'Only on Two-State Solution' Basis [Netanyahu & Israel]

    03/19/2015 6:38:27 PM PDT · 37 of 37
    sarasmom to A Formerly Proud Canadian

    Your reply is noted, and will be judged on it’s merits.

    Have a nice day!

  • California Announces $1 Billion Emergency Drought Relief Package

    03/19/2015 6:00:24 PM PDT · 12 of 27

    Florida went through this recently.
    It’s called a severe drought.

    It’s a continuous rolling condition, planet wide in scale.

  • PA: Negotiations 'Only on Two-State Solution' Basis [Netanyahu & Israel]

    03/19/2015 5:31:51 PM PDT · 35 of 37
    sarasmom to A Formerly Proud Canadian
    Israel is the unquestioned historical homeland for people who can trace their Jewish ancestry.

    Since 1948 through today, Jewish people from all over the world are “herded” to Israel, both by government force and by fear.

    Nobody has ever explained to me why, amidst all the tribes in the world, Europeans and Middle Easterners always tend to blame the “jews” for all human dysfunction.

  • The $5 Trillion Debt: Do white Americans owe their black neighbors for slavery?

    03/18/2015 7:58:49 PM PDT · 48 of 98
    sarasmom to 2ndDivisionVet

    They should go after their ancestors neighbors for civil reparations!
    The ones who actually sold their ancestors into slavery.
    I would be perfectly willing to support a mass taxpayer paid lot of tickets back to the scene of the original crimes, as long as it was one way, and completely voluntary.

    I think that was offered after the USA Civil War, and there were very few takers.

  • PA: Negotiations 'Only on Two-State Solution' Basis [Netanyahu & Israel]

    03/18/2015 7:29:45 PM PDT · 26 of 37
    sarasmom to A Formerly Proud Canadian

    I could support that.

    That is probably the only “solution” that has a real chance, given the region and populations involved.

    From my distinctly USA mixed raced citizen viewpoint: Israel is the designated “reservation” where the Jewish people were forcibly herded, from all over the world.

    Unlike other similar (from my viewpoint) tribes, they flourished in a desert, against all odds.
    And they continue to succeed in a seemingly never ending fight for their basic human rights.

    If other people stopped attacking them, there wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Three killed in Stockton drive-by shooting are identified

    03/18/2015 5:45:36 PM PDT · 3 of 6
    sarasmom to artichokegrower

    Another Obama “shovel ready jobs program” ?

    Justice News
    Department of Justice
    Office of Public Affairs
    Thursday, March 12, 2015
    Attorney General Holder Announces the First Six Pilot Sites for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice

    As part of the Department of Justice’s ongoing commitment to strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve and protect, Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday announced the first six cities to host pilot sites for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice. This $4.75 million initiative will seek to assess the police-community relationship in each of the six pilot sites, as well as develop a detailed site-specific plan that will enhance procedural justice, reduce bias and support reconciliation in communities where trust has been eroded.

    The six pilot sites announced Thursday are Birmingham, Alabama; Ft. Worth, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Stockton, California.

    “The Department of Justice is committed to using innovative strategies to enhance procedural justice, reduce bias and support reconciliation in communities where trust has been eroded,” said Attorney General Holder. “By helping to develop programs that serve their own diverse experiences and environments, these selected cities will serve on the leading edge of our effort to confront pressing issues in communities around the country.”

    Attorney General Holder also announced that the Department of Justice is providing additional training and technical assistance to police departments and communities that are not pilot sites. Through the Office of Justice Program’s Diagnostic Center ( [external link]), police departments and community groups can request training, peer mentoring, expert consultation and other types of assistance on implicit bias, procedural justice and racial reconciliation. Additionally, the initiative launched a new online clearinghouse that includes up-to-date information about what works to build trust between citizens and law enforcement. The clearinghouse can be found at [external link].

    “Restoring trust where it has eroded is one of the defining public safety challenges of our day,” said Assistant Attorney General Karol V. Mason of the Office of Justice Programs. “Trust-building is the responsibility of the police and the community, and the National Initiative’s goal is to build the bridge that will define a new era in public safety.”

    The Justice Department established the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice as part President Obama’s groundbreaking launch of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which seeks to create opportunities for all young people in this country—regardless of their background—to improve their lives and reach their full potential.

    The three-year grant has been awarded to a consortium of national law enforcement experts from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Yale Law School, the Center for Policing Equity at UCLA and the Urban Institute. The initiative is guided by a board of advisors which includes national leaders from law enforcement, academia and faith-based groups, as well as community stakeholders and civil rights advocates. In a holistic approach, the initiative simultaneously addresses the tenets of procedural justice, reducing implicit bias and facilitating racial reconciliation. The initiative complements and is advised by other Justice Department components such as the Office of Justice Programs, the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, the Office on Violence Against Women, the Civil Rights Division and the Community Relations Service.

  • (FL) Bill allowing guns on campus one step closer to law *FREEP THIS POLL!*

    03/17/2015 6:06:31 PM PDT · 9 of 9
    sarasmom to George from New England
    OTOH, by virtue of my previous military service, should I ever deign to apply for a CCW “permit”, I am exempt from the requirement to have a weapons training class. LOL!

    Since I am over 50, I also remember a time when it was legal for me to “drink alcohol” in my home state, as a civilian, but it became illegal to drink “off base”, in other states where I was stationed, before I was 21 years old.

    Different States,different laws.
    Even at 19 years old, I understood that concept.

    As to CCW permits: bars, banks, government offices/courts/prisons and post office's are generally places where legal CCW holders were “forbidden” to carry concealed weapons.
    I've always had a schadenfreude type reaction because of those “legal proscriptions”.
    As if any normally law abiding citizens who exerted themselves to the point to get an actual permit to conceal carry weapons were threats to those places.


  • Pope Francis Asks Churches Worldwide to Offer 24-Hour Confession This Friday

    03/13/2015 5:59:12 PM PDT · 24 of 24
    sarasmom to livius; ottbmare

    Thank you both, for your replies.

    As I previously stated, I am not a Catholic.

    It seems that the Catholic Church has changed a great deal from my admittedly limited knowledge of it, as a close friend of a few self-professed devout followers, spanning several decades.

  • Pope Francis Asks Churches Worldwide to Offer 24-Hour Confession This Friday

    03/12/2015 4:01:57 PM PDT · 13 of 24
    sarasmom to Cicero

    Thank you for your reply.

    I had false assumptions, regarding the nature of Catholic confessionals.I thought is was more a 24/7 type spiritual opportunity.

  • State, county police take over Ferguson protest security after shooting

    03/12/2015 3:49:39 PM PDT · 17 of 32
    sarasmom to fwdude

    Certain people will be watching to see who signs on as replacements.

    It’s not like “they” can actually keep it secret, right? LOL!

  • Prayer Request

    03/12/2015 3:43:48 PM PDT · 10 of 42
    sarasmom to US Navy Vet

    Ask the current cleaning contract staff members.

    The majority of them are probably still current low level active duty and/or former high security clearance holders, and they know where all the best/worst hiding places are...

    You can deem it a miracle, later...

  • Pope Francis Asks Churches Worldwide to Offer 24-Hour Confession This Friday

    03/12/2015 3:33:10 PM PDT · 11 of 24
    sarasmom to Cicero

    I learn something new every day!

    When did the Catholic Church begin strictly scheduling “confession” ?

    (I’m not Catholic, nor am I bashing it, I ask to cure my ignorance)

  • Trigonometry Is Racist!

    03/12/2015 3:15:59 PM PDT · 158 of 159
    sarasmom to Chainmail

    I read it.

    Did you have a point that ties back to this topic, and my comments on it?
    I vote in every instance there is a local, state and federal opportunity to do so.

    The abysmal numbers in voter turnout for “local” elections, which include district school board members and administrators, is one reason I tied myself to the TEA party.

    In my own city of several tens of thousands of voters, mere hundreds turn out to vote on these very basic and important elections regarding the direction of local public schools.

    If really you care, vote.

  • Feminist Desperation

    03/09/2015 6:26:09 PM PDT · 11 of 15
    sarasmom to Kaslin

    “The “leftist” feminist movement” is a useless and toothless organization.

    Generations of women fought hard for equal human civil rights in the USA.
    We won!

    The vast majority of the daughters and grand daughters of those women have assumed their positions as free and equal citizens, and have carried on to live their lives.
    Raising our daughters, and also our sons, to assume their free rights, duties, and responsibilities as equals, under the law, in our society.

    A certain segment of people will become leftists.
    I can’t explain it other than as a mental disorder.
    It seems to equally affect males and females, and is generally about 30% of any given population in the USA.

    Most eventually grow out of it.

    But I refuse to grouped into a minority, as a woman, just because a tiny group of ineffectual and useless leftists claim to have my support.
    They do not.
    Any more than any one group can claim to be the male party!

  • Students Fill Wisconsin Capitol to Protest Robinson Shooting

    03/09/2015 5:39:51 PM PDT · 29 of 40
    sarasmom to VideoDoctor
    Because it's being ginned up by “students” at local colleges?

    Almost all of the cops killed in the line of duty in my county in Florida have been killed by young black males.
    (As have most of all the old and young males and females, white, black and other)

    We the people, tend to wait a few weeks, around here, for more information, before anyone starts to “protest”.
    Unless the feds and/or the BGI smell a political gain, and try to subvert the course of justice.

    And even then, they have to pay to bus the rich yankee college students in for the protests!

  • Q-poll: Fox News Edges Other Networks in Trustworthiness

    03/09/2015 4:53:08 PM PDT · 5 of 11
    sarasmom to Kaslin

    Fox has two channels/slots on my local cable system lineup.

    There is a huge difference between FNC- the 24 hour entity with all the talking heads and political pundits, and the local FOX news affiliate, with scheduled local and state news and weather coverage, with a dash of national and international news.

    As a news junkie, I have my own preferences for straight talk on various news topics, based on experience with the various sources.

    I have a remote control, and I frequently use it! LOL