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  • The ABC commentator formerly known as Fred Thompson (Thompson no longer with ABC?)

    07/05/2007 1:22:58 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 21 replies · 805+ views ^ | 7/4/07 | Jared Bridges
    The blog Fred Thompson-N-Mo points out the fact that FDT is now a former commentator for ABC Radio. That’s right, ABC News now speaks of the Fred Thompson Report in the past tense: THE FRED THOMPSON REPORT: ARCHIVES The Fred Thompson Report contained the commentaries and opinions of Fred Dalton Thompson. Mr. Thompson is a former Republican senator from Tennessee, and former ABC News Radio contributor. Fred Thompson’s commentaries included his views… Given the fact that a presidential candidate really couldn’t continue such a commentary due to equal-time constraints, I wonder what Sen. Thompson might be up to…
  • The amnesty cloture vote — in order (HotAir has video of Brownback vote switch)

    06/28/2007 12:37:33 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 27 replies · 1,158+ views ^ | 06/28/07 | Allahpundit
    Say, how come there are 47 yes votes when the roll says there were only 46? Ah, my friends, that’s because Sam Brownback turned out to be the weaseliest “no” vote of all. He voted yes right at the very beginning, during the alphabetical vote, probably thinking that cloture was going to pass. Then, when it died, he switched to a no. I almost wish he was pulling more than 1% in the presidential polls so we could hammer him into oblivion with that. As it is, I’ve captured his moment of shame for posterity on video. I think that’s...
  • Cloture Fails! Bill Dead! 53 No Votes!

    06/28/2007 11:32:01 AM PDT · by The Blitherer · 78 replies · 2,516+ views ^ | 06/28/07 | Dean Barnett
    The bill has died. Trust me, no one will be sitting shiva for it at, and not just because I’m the only one who knows what “sitting shiva” means. Actually, Medved also knows what “sitting shiva” means, and maybe he’ll be doing it on behalf of everyone else at Townhall who is instead celebrating like it’s VJ Day. (Reports that Matt Lewis surprised Mary Katherine Ham with a kiss like the one seen in the picture of above are unconfirmed.) So where do we go from here? Let’s take ‘em one by one, starting with the biggest winners and...
  • Domenici will vote against cloture tomorrow

    06/27/2007 1:11:30 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 40 replies · 1,313+ views ^ | 6/27/07 | Michelle Malkin
    3:59pm update. Vote is underway on tabling a Dodd amendment. Meantime, Noam Askew hears that Domenici will vote against cloture tomorrow. There’s buzz that Nelson and Bond are also likely no’s.
  • Tancredo wins surprise immigration vote

    06/15/2007 1:13:17 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 399 replies · 13,691+ views
    Rocky Mountain News ^ | June 15, 2007 | Chris Barge
    Washington, D.C. – The U.S. House of Representatives this morning voted to withhold federal emergency services funding for "sanctuary cities" that protect illegal immigrants. Anti-immmigration champion Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., sponsored the measure, which he says would apply to cities such as Denver and Boulder. He was elated by its passage, which stunned critics and supporters alike.
  • Night Of The Lott Long Knives? (Lott and the "problem" of talk radio)

    06/15/2007 9:34:58 AM PDT · by The Blitherer · 119 replies · 3,305+ views ^ | 6/15/07 | Hugh Hewitt
    Geez, Senator Lott is really unhappy with "talk radio" and some of his colleagues: The Republican whip, Trent Lott of Mississippi, who supports the bill, said: “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.” At some point, Mr. Lott said, Senate Republican leaders may try to rein in “younger guys who are huffing and puffing against the bill.” I think that this is a complaint that the old days were more fun for senators, and that the senators especially don't like the new media's ability to inform, inspire and direct public opinion. The end result of...
  • The GOP Plays Fredo (Lott Throws in with Kennedy)

    06/07/2007 2:30:01 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 73 replies · 1,811+ views ^ | 6/7/07 | Dean Barnett
    What an odd day. Trent Lott, our very own Senatorial Republican Whip, has essentially declared war against the Republican base. Meanwhile, Harry Reid is pleading with George W. Bush to twist enough Republican arms so McCain-Kennedy can live through the night. To offer a cinematic metaphor, McCain-Kennedy is currently Vito Corleone lying helpless in a hospital bed. Reid is begging W. to play Michael Corleone and rush to the hospital to hide the Godfather before Solazzo’s goons can finish him off. Bush would probably comply, too, but as we’ve long known, this bill’s champions are all a bunch of Fredos,...
  • Standing Up for Scooter Libby

    06/07/2007 12:28:23 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 25 replies · 949+ views ^ | 6/7/07 | Joseph Bottum
    Scooter Libby was sentenced on Tuesday to thirty months in jail and a $250,000 fine. And I can’t much stand the bloodsports of American politics anymore. At the time of his conviction, I wrote a small essay about my friendship with Scooter—others knew him better, but we had a genuine literary friendship, free from the politics that infects too much conversation in America these days. And I, along with many others, wrote a letter to the sentencing judge pleading for mercy. Bill Kristol has perhaps the strongest reaction to this week’s imposition of an enormous sentence. And Kristol’s furious indictment...
  • Republican Senate Whip Lott To Republican Senators And Republican Base: Drop Dead

    06/07/2007 12:01:28 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 161 replies · 4,692+ views ^ | 6/7/07 | Hugh Hewitt
    From the WaPo, word of the continuing GOP meltdown: Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott (R-Miss.) said he has told the most virulent Republican opponents that he will not tolerate a raft of amendment votes designed simply to filibuster the measure, and he castigated his own party's senators for their vote switches. "We're going to do this damned thing, and if we don't, I think we should dissolve the Congress and just go home," Lott fumed. The sooner the Republican Senate caucus can find 41 votes to declare the bill beyond repair, the better of the GOP will be. The presidential...
  • Fred Thompson Obtains The Services Of Tim Griffin

    06/06/2007 2:48:43 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 38 replies · 2,299+ views
    The Atlantic Online ^ | 6/6/07 | Marc Ambinder
    Here's an interesting addition to the growing, un-revealed, unofficial presidential campaign of Ex-Sen. Fred Thompson : J. Timothy Griffin, the former RNC research whiz and Army JAG prosecutor who served, briefly, as a U.S. Attorney in the second district in Arkansas. Griffin, you'll no doubt recall, was selected with White House input to replace prosecutor Bud Cummins in AR when Griffin returned from serving a tour of duty in Iraq. Griffin is advising Thompson on communications and message and will probably be a consultant to Thompson's presidential campaign. Griffin was a very early, very informal adviser to AR Gov. Mike...
  • McCain Opts Out Of Ames, Too (I smell fear!)

    06/06/2007 2:45:24 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 13 replies · 929+ views
    The Atlantic Online ^ | 6/6/07 | Marc Ambinder
    A statement from campaign manager Terry Nelson: "In light of today's news, it is clear that the Ames Straw Poll will not be a meaningful test of the leading candidates' organizational abilities, so we have decided to forego our participation in the event." Not a surprise. Why would McCain want to spend $3 million? Mitt Romney's in a big bind. He'll do well after winning Ames only if there's an expectation that he might not do well or if the field is competitive.
  • Thompson Raises $220K Online in 18 Hours

    06/06/2007 11:47:08 AM PDT · by The Blitherer · 160 replies · 2,635+ views ^ | 6/6/07 | Patrick Ruffini
    Sources close to the Thompson campaign have passed along the following first-day results for Averaged close to 1,500 people per hour signing up as friends Averaged $12,000 per hour in contributions Raised more than $220,000 dollars via the website Seen just under half of the Friends send a message to others asking them to sign up or give. We'll see what traffic measuring services like Alexa say in a day or so, but this has to be considered a powerful shot across the bow.
  • Pirates 3

    05/25/2007 9:17:01 AM PDT · by The Blitherer · 20 replies · 599+ views
    me me me | 05/25/07 | Me
    I got to see Pirates 3 last night and I'm curious if anyone else did too? It was a fun movie but they really REALLY needed to cut about 45 minutes out. SPOILERS BELOW . . .
  • A Decree from Markos

    05/22/2007 8:56:00 AM PDT · by The Blitherer · 15 replies · 841+ views ^ | 5/22/07 | Dean Barnett
    Under the headline, “Record Everything They Do,” Kos wrote yesterday: Every appearance by a top Republican official or candidate should be recorded. Every one of them. All it takes is one "Macaca" incident to transform a race or create one where one didn't exist. As the Montana incident blogged earlier today showed, a video can knock out prospective candidates before they even enter. And this is no longer about finding one big blunder to put on a campaign commercial. It's about using video and (free) technologies like YouTube to build narratives about opponents, using their own words, at their own...
  • Semantics, Misnomers, Political Correctness and Plain Old Barnyard Sweepings

    04/27/2007 2:27:52 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 12 replies · 606+ views ^ | 4/27/07 | Charlie Daniels
    I think it was Shakespeare who said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Well political correctness and the stuff we shovel out of the barnyard after the bulls have spent the night have a similar odor. For instance, tell me what is the difference between an Islamic terrorist who gets on a bus in Jerusalem with a suicide vest and blows up a load of innocent women and children and an Islamic terrorist who sets a bomb on a train in London or Madrid? What differentiates between an Islamic terrorist who runs a plane loaded...
  • (Hugh Hewitt) Thursday's Show: Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and The War

    04/26/2007 3:44:00 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 6 replies · 658+ views ^ | 04/26/07 | Hugh Hewitt
    In addition to Thursday's regular heavy hitters Mark Steyn and James Lileks, I'll be joined by Stephen Hayes to discuss his big spread on big Fred and Romney's speech at Yeshiva University --see Dean's excerpt below. I'll also talk with Max Boot about his recent trip to Iraq and his Weekly Standard article about it. For ease of refernce, Boot's two most recent books are War Made New: Technology, Warfare, And The Course of History: 1500 To The Present, and The Savage Wars of Peace.
  • Bush Suggests More Targets For Congressional Probes

    04/26/2007 9:02:03 AM PDT · by The Blitherer · 7 replies · 811+ views
    ScrappleFace ^ | 04/26/07 | Scott Ott
    (2007-04-26) — White House sources say President George Bush has given Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi a list of administration officials who would make good targets for Congressional probes as part of Mr. Bush’s strategy to keep Democrats preoccupied with investigations and thus distracted from implementing their legislative agenda. The news of the Bush strategy comes as Congressional committees have called for additional testimony from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice over the pre-Iraq War claim that Saddam Hussein sought uranium from Niger, and from Justice Department deputy Monica Goodling, over claims that the Bush administration fired eight political...
  • VT Shooting (Yoni, an American-Israli's perspective)

    04/17/2007 1:24:09 PM PDT · by The Blitherer · 6 replies · 332+ views
    yonitheblogger ^ | 04/17/07 | Yoni Tidi
    America has created sheep pens in our schools where students and teachers are just ripe for the slaughter. In this world of ours their are just some simple facts, that in order to grow up you must face. Evil existing in this world. Get over it and now figure out how to deal with it. You have two choices you can kneel down and take a bullet to the back of the head or you can be prepared and fight. If I were a student I would get a back pack with two compartments. One for my books and school...
  • Ramallah isn't Warsaw (Catholic officials compare Israel to Nazi Germany)

    03/09/2007 12:20:56 PM PST · by The Blitherer · 5 replies · 363+ views
    ynet ^ | 03/08/07 | Eldad Beck
    German Church's comparison of Israel to Nazis clear anti-Semitic expression BERLIN: How much chutzpa, insensitivity, and foolishness is there in a person that dares compare the situation of the Palestinians in the Territories to the state of the Jews at the Warsaw Ghetto in World War II? This is even more so when we are talking about the leaders of Germany's Catholic Church. Nobody is attempting to claim the living conditions of Palestinians in the Territories are ideal, but nobody has a right to exaggerate the descriptions of those difficult conditions to the point of comparing the Nazis' systematic imprisonment...
  • Poll: If elections held today, Olmert would be thrashed by his rivals

    03/07/2007 12:19:53 PM PST · by The Blitherer · 2 replies · 222+ views
    Haaretz ^ | 03/07/07 | Gideon Alon
    If elections were held today, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would suffer a resounding defeat at the hands of a number of political rivals, according to a Channel 10 poll broadcast Wednesday. When asked who would be their preferred prime ministerial candidate, 30 percent of those polled said Netanyahu, while 18 percent picked Labor MK Ami Ayalon. Former prime minister Ehud Barak (Labor) came in third with 12 percent, followed by Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman (7 percent), Olmert (3 percent) and Defense Minister Amir Peretz (1 percent). According to the poll, 57 percent of Israelis say they want immediate elections,...