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  • Wikileaks Just Exposed The Racist Term Dems Use For Latinos and It's Bad

    07/25/2016 4:47:07 PM PDT · 58 of 60
    Zionist Conspirator to All; GraceG

    "Did somepony say 'tacos?'"

  • NC Congressman Fights Back After NBA Blames Bathroom Law, Moves All-Star Game

    07/22/2016 4:28:49 PM PDT · 15 of 29
    Zionist Conspirator to SoFloFreeper
    I'm sure the Blacks of North Carolina are absolutely incensed that their pervert brethren are being discriminated against.

    Seriously, considering their imperishable commitment to the Left no matter what, I'm really sure they are.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/22/2016 4:20:06 PM PDT · 146 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to imardmd1; metmom; familyop
    imardmd1: Hebrew is the first and original human language. The entire universe was created from the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, It was spoken by Adam and Eve, Noah, and all humanity until the confusion at Babel in the 1996th year of creation. Granted you're probably some sort of atheist evolutionist who thinks all this is silly, but I guarantee you that the world wasn't created out of German. No Bible Belt Fundamentalist, however much they may disagree with Judaism, would ever call the Holy Tongue a "dirty dog language" or whatever it was. I look forward to the day when Trump is inaugurated and all you alt-righters find out he's much more pro-Israel than Obama and Hillary ever were. Maybe it will stop your mouths.

    While I have no authority whatsoever here on FR, it is my understanding that it is a "conservative forum," not a "gentile forum." Only a slimy Nazi would run around telling Jews to keep off of "gentile forums." That being the case, I am quite elated to find you a thorough Bible-hater. At least you're someone the liberals can't use to blame anti-Semitism on the "ee-vil" Bible.

    Metmom: mark well whom you are quasi-allying yourself with. However much you disagree with Judaism, you surely don't think the Holy Original Language is a "dirty dog language," do you?

    I'm so very sorry this thread has degenerated. But at least some folks have been exposed.

  • The NBA Is the National Bullying Association

    07/22/2016 11:07:20 AM PDT · 28 of 35
    Zionist Conspirator to Dilbert San Diego
    How many “transwhatever” people are big basketball fans? And how many fans in the seats at a typical NBA game are “trans” type people, who are allegedly now being discriminated against????

    Yeah, but Blacks are big fans, and everyone knows that Blacks are all down with cross-dressing. The NBA has to accommodate the perverts to show that they aren't "uncle toms."

  • Police pepper spray and arrest 17 Communist protesters trying to burn the flag

    07/22/2016 11:03:43 AM PDT · 36 of 36
    Zionist Conspirator to Libloather
    Never forget that flag burning is an ol' time professional rasslin' heel gimmick used to antagonize the fans. America's "Communists" (unlike those in every other country of the world, who all pose as nationalists and super-patriots, never mind governing as social conservatives when they're in power) aren't trying to appeal to the American people, but to alienate and manipulate them.

    Makes one wonder what they're really after, doesn't it?

  • RNC protesters are getting vile (BLM, KKK & Westboro throw urine at each other)

    07/21/2016 10:41:04 AM PDT · 48 of 49
    Zionist Conspirator to 2ndDivisionVet
    Members of the KKK, Black Lives Matter, and Westboro Baptist Church reportedly threw urine at each other and police had to step in in an attempt to keep the peace, a police spokesperson told KPLC.

    They should have let them destroy one another.

    Meanwhile, things will be calmer outside the DNC next week because all the freaks will be inside.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/21/2016 8:29:26 AM PDT · 84 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to metmom
    One final point:

    Earlier I noticed a post (can't find it now) where you asked me where in the Bible the Noachide Laws may be found (yet another issue between Protestants and Catholics that has nothing to do with the claims of Judaism).

    Where do you think the vowels and punctuation in the Hebrew Bible come from? Because there certainly aren't any vowels or punctuation in the written Hebrew Bible as dictated/inspired by G-d. The vowels and punctuation are instead part of the Oral Torah, just as are the Noachide Laws and hundreds of other things.

    If you are going to reject everything not in the written Bible, you're going to have to deal with a list of consonants with no vowels or punctuation. And since all translations of the Bible are based on an acceptance of the trustworthiness of the Oral Tradition when it comes to vowels and consonants, then I guess you're going to have to get rid of all your Bible translations, since every single one of them is based not on the pure list of consonants alone, but on the "doctrine and commandments of men" which vocalizes and punctuates them!

    Can't Protestants realize that not every opponent is Roman Catholicism and that anti-Catholic apologetics do not apply universally to arguments with other religions?

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/21/2016 8:22:44 AM PDT · 83 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to boatbums
    Re your post 59 (which I have just found).

    I do wish you could criticize the Noachide position without resorting to quoting an anti-Semitic web site.

    Have you ever read the Hebrew Bible? You realize that the people weren't chrstians, right? They didn't go around handing out tracts to each other or listening to Blackwoods Brothers records. Have you noticed that the society authorized by the Hebrew Bible is a Theocracy with "liberal application of the death penalty?" (Not really, because the criteria for actually executing the death penalty made it very difficult, but nevertheless there were a wide swath of sins that were punishable by death.)

    You need to understand that Jews and Noachides believe that the religion practiced in the Hebrew Bible (not its "fulfillment" in the "new testament") is still the One True Religion. We look forward to the day when the Temple will stand again, the offerings will be made, a king will rule in Jerusalem, and all the ancient laws will be once again functional. And that means no "religious freedom" as understood by eighteenth century deists and rationalists.

    How can anyone in one breath condemn Jews for being too liberal and wimpy and in the next claim they're bloodthirsty religious fanatics who want to put the fear of G-d into everyone? I for one sincerely hope they get around to the latter soon, because I'm tired of "Jewish liberalism!" And if Judaism is the True Religion, it cannot be judged by any standard external to itself. No religion that claims to be true can allow itself to be judged by standards outside itself. That's like judging G-d!

    And Shmuley Boteach is not a standard Chassidic Jew. He is a disgusting liberal who wouldn't force morality on a flea. You may have a lot of things to worry about, but the only thing you have to worry about from Shmuley Boteach is that he'll launch a tirade against religious fundamentalists.

  • Nero Fiddles, Twitter Burns

    07/21/2016 8:11:53 AM PDT · 7 of 15
    Zionist Conspirator to Kaslin
    CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted, "Twitter stands for freedom of expression, speaking truth to power

    Way to go, Dorsey! You stick it to those world-ruling trailer parks! [/sarcasm]

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/21/2016 8:08:15 AM PDT · 81 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to metmom
    Re your post no. 74: may I ask you a question?

    Why are you so surprised to learn that Jews believe J*sus was wrong? You understand that they reject his authority as messiah or the notion that he was "G-d in a human body" (G-d forbid!). Is it really so outrageous that they would think he was a deceiver and a heretic? You may disagree, but surely you must see that if they did not believe this about him that they would have accepted his claims. I will never cease to be amazed at how shocked chrstians are at the fact that Jews reject J*sus and therefore don't believe he was a nice guy.

    Why do you think they reject him? Because they believe "we're supposed to wait till the 'second coming?'" Chrstians really need to stop reading their beliefs into Judaism.

    What's the difference between Jewish criticism of J*sus and Catholic criticism of Martin Luther or the Protestant Reformation? I certainly don't see any.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/21/2016 8:02:17 AM PDT · 79 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to metmom
    On the contrary. Please show us where the NT is not a fulfillment of the OT. There are many places, as you probably well know, where the writers of the NT and Jesus Himself, stated that certain events are/were fulfillment of OT prophecies.

    Metmom, you know that I respect you. I hope you know that. But do you have the slightest idea of how fallacious your reasoning is?

    In an argument such as this, there are two points: the antecedent and the consequent. Our argument is yes or no, given A, therefore B. A is the Hebrew Bible/"old testament" (specifically the Torah). B is the "new testament." A was already around. A was already known to be the Word of G-d. You and I both agree on A. B is new. B is an innovation. The burden is on the innovation to justify itself. Your claim that I am obligated to prove that the "new testament" isn't the fulfillment of the old is no different from the claim that the burden is on chrstians "prove" that the koran or the "book of mormon" aren't true. There is absolutely no difference. I'm sorry, but if all you can say is "prove that it isn't what it says it is," then you have shown the utter bankruptcy of your position. You are implying that every new claim of any kind must be accepted at face value unless proven otherwise!

    There are many places, as you probably well know, where the writers of the NT and Jesus Himself, stated that certain events are/were fulfillment of OT prophecies.

    As you know, there are many places in the koran where it claims to be the fulfillment of all the "old" and "new testament" prophecies. Wow. It says that about itself? I guess we all have to believe it then, unless we can prove otherwise! Because that's your argument for the "new testament."

    I have yet to see a single argument for chrstianity that doesn't simply assume its truth from the outset . . . kinda like so many arguments for evolution.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/21/2016 7:52:57 AM PDT · 78 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to metmom
    I suspect that you probably are either not interested in hearing from the NT

    Would you be interested in hearing from the "book of mormon?"

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/21/2016 7:51:26 AM PDT · 77 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to metmom
    1)You are quoting, and assuming the authority of, the "new testament." This is the point in dispute. To prove the point in dispute, you can't invoke it. You can only prove the point in dispute by appealing to the part of the thesis we both hold in common, ie, the authority of the Torah.

    2)Your "one sin damns eternally, forcing G-d to create a loophole by incarnating and vicariously damning Himself" is a classic Protestant (especially Calvinist) argument against Catholicism. Unfortunately, Protestantism is not an authentic, historical version of chrstianity (being a converted Catholic I know you don't want to hear that, though I'm not really sticking up for Catholicism). For fifteen hundred years chrstians lived their lives doing extreme penances, praying, fasting, etc., in order to avoid hell. Why didn't they understand what the "new testament" actually said? Why did it take fifteen hundred years for someone to get it right?

    I am not arguing for Catholicism but for Judaism. You need to stop imposing the Protestantism vs. Catholicism argument here because it has nothing to do with it. Unlike Catholicism, Judaism doesn't claim to be a "salvational" religion. It is a statutory religion. Catholicism is hypocritical because it made an antinomian argument against the Law of Moses and then turned around and dropped it when it developed its own "laws." Judaism has never made an antinomian argument against anything and is free of the hypocrisy of Catholicism.

    Sincere Protestants see the Pharisees as the Catholic clergy of their day and J*sus as Martin Luther. I understand that. But that argument only holds water against Catholicism. I understand that when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail, but please . . . .

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/21/2016 7:42:39 AM PDT · 76 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to daniel1212
    Christ is the promised Messiah

    According to the "new testament." You say the "new testament" is Divinely inspired and part of the Bible? I have a great and simple idea: prove it.

    and even if you reject that, the fact is that the Christ of the Scripture which Christians are to look to was Jewish, and prioritized the welfare of the Hebrew people

    Not according to chrstianity as it existed for 1600 to 1800 years.

    as did His apostles, and those who most strongly esteem Scripture as the wholly inspired and accurate word of God are the strongest supporters of Israel, and conservative morality. All of which evidence is contrary to your charge.

    First of all, no it isn't. If the "new testament" is an imposture, then it is an imposture, regardless of how pro-Israel some chrstians might be.

    Second of all, what is there about the article that isn't "pro-G-d?" Judaism was around a thousand years before chrstianity and it was pretty darn pro-G-d.

    Are you saying that Jewish apologetics should be disqualified from a conservative web forum? That's pretty ironic considering that chrstianity is the new idea and has the burden of defending itself.

    What's the difference between Catholic apologetics and Jewish apologetics? Why is the former all right and the latter not? Catholics, after all, are the ones who go around promoting evolution and higher criticism.

    If you're implying that Americans are supposed to subscribe to "the American religion," you are denying both monotheism and objective religious truth.

  • Never Trump, Now More than Ever

    07/20/2016 2:44:59 PM PDT · 87 of 100
    Zionist Conspirator to euram
    At its core, it was really about endless wars in the Middle East, open-borders and demographic warfare against white people.

    Because everyone knows that the Israelis are behind the Mexican (and moslem) invasion . . . right???

  • The New Christian Black Leadership

    07/20/2016 2:39:23 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    Zionist Conspirator to kearnyirish2
    Black “ministers” are merely the new commissars; do you see anything remotely “Christian” in the POSes they support? They followed their masters’ orders on “gay marriage” because they serve Caesar, not God. It was really exposed when two of these grifters (Jackson & Sharpton) ran for president and NOBODY raised the issue of separation of Church & state. In these clowns, there is no Church or God...


  • The New Christian Black Leadership

    07/20/2016 2:36:59 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    Zionist Conspirator to Kaslin
    As we see now in Florida, it is the black church and its pastors that now bear the mantle for courageous leadership and the change that black Americans so badly need.

    Humph. I'll believe that when I see it.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/20/2016 2:27:14 PM PDT · 54 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to imardmd1
    I'm coming into this exchange a bit late, but have some questions, if you would please respond to them:

    Of course.

    (1) Who is the "he" of "His Will" in the first post?

    HaShem (G-d).

    (2) What is your perception of what "the Noachide Laws" are?

    The Laws which bind all non-Jews just as Torah Law binds all Jews. They constitute the one true religion for non-Jews.

    (3) Are you an advocate of "the Noachide Laws" as a system of government?

    Yes I am. Although I hope you realize that they can be enforced from the local unit upward and do not necessarily require any kind of central imposition (though eventually they will be imposed by Mashiach HaMelekh).

    We need to have some kind of footing if this is your objective(s).

    Do you have your footing?

    Thank you.

    You're welcome.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/17/2016 5:39:20 PM PDT · 35 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to boatbums
    Get over yourself, ZC! Do you realize that you are disputing the EYE-WITNESS testimony of first century Jews who saw Jesus Christ and heard his words and saw his acts?

    Yes I do. Because if J*sus wasn't authorized by the Torah, then he wasn't authorized by the Torah--period. Once again you invoke miracles you would reject were they offered by a post-chrstian religion. And you still haven't read the thirteenth chapter of Deuteronomy. I can only conclude you're afraid to.

    That IS what the New Testament books primarily provide.

    Once again, affirmation of the consequent. I give up; you simply don't get it.

    If, as you contend, Jesus was NOT who He claimed to be, then why did nearly every single one of His Apostles and followers die horrific deaths because they refused to recant what they KNEW really happened?

    And once again (read my lips): it . . . doesn't . . . MATTER. If J*sus wasn't authorized by the Torah, then he wasn't authorized. He could have worked every single miracle attributed to him and it wouldn't make any difference because we go by Sinai, not by miracles. He certainly could not up and authorize himself and be declared the messiah because in hindsight, he must have the authority to negate the Torah even though the Torah didn't say this. I'm sorry.

    You make it sound like we should totally trash their writings as concocted myths yet you - by faith - believe every word Moses wrote as well as the prophets of the Jewish people's experience in their history!

    If chrstianity isn't authorized by the Torah, then it's a false religion, and the "new testament" is just as wrong as the "sacred book" of every other false religion. Besides, while you may believe in Sinai and Moses only because "they're in the Bible," that isn't why the Jewish people believe in them. They believe them because THEY WERE THERE Perhaps as many as three million people heard the Voice of G-d . . . not some person who claimed to speak in G-d's behalf (or who claimed, chas vechalilah, to "be" G-d). One apologist said it best: Jews believe in the Bible because G-d told them to; chrstians believe in G-d because the Bible tells them to.

    I know nothing I say will change your mind - only the Holy Spirit can do that - but who do you think Jesus was? Do you even believe he existed? What of the testimony of believers through the ages, are they all misguided nitwits?

    Who do you think Mohammed was? Who do you think Joseph Smith was? Who do you think Guru Nanak was? You believe faithful Jews are misguided nitwits; what's the difference? Other than the fact that they certainlyu know their own Bible better than anyone else.

    You claim you are not Jewish, yet you wear that same veil of confusion against God's anointed - something the Prophets said would be one of the signs of the true Messiah (i.e.; Isaiah 53:3; Psalm 118:22).

    And here we go again, quoting the Prophets and the Psalms as interpreted by the "new testament", assuming its authority from the outset, and completely ignoring that it is the Torah that is normative and to which all true revelations must defer. You have honestly never read a single word I have been typing here.

    You are right that my faith is within my heart - but ALL faith is. Where you err is in thinking yours isn't.

    "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?"

    I simply posted an article that contained proselytization for the Noachide Laws. You are the one who chose to be offended and to defend chrstianity only with fallacious reasoning. Chrstians proselytize; are you so surprised that other religions that believe they are true would do the same? Especially the one religion that even chrstians acknowledge as true and from G-d!

    Frankly, I am tired of making arguments that you absolutely refuse to deal with. If you're offended, just stop reading. If you feel threatened, then perhaps G-d is pricking at you, trying to open your eyes.

    Seeing that you have not read a thing I recommended or digested a single argument I have made, I am through with you.

    Good night.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/17/2016 2:18:31 PM PDT · 33 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to boatbums; Enry Iggins
    Re your post 32 to Enry Iggins:

    Do you realize what you're doing? You are "proving" that J*sus fulfilled messianic prophecies by quoting the "new testament." You do see the fallacy in that line of reasoning, I hope? You can't "prove" anything by quoting a book that your opponent rejects. You have to invoke only the books you both believe in common (the Hebrew Bible). Your arguing in this manner is no different than a mormon "proving" the mormon religion to you by quoting the "book of mormon." Do you understand this?

    Honestly . . . if you don't understand this simply principle, that invoking the point in dispute is fallacious, then there is no need in your arguing with anyone on this topic.

  • Senior Cardinal Warns About Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

    07/17/2016 2:13:14 PM PDT · 66 of 78
    Zionist Conspirator to cloudmountain
    Are you now the "religion" police?

    Not at all. I was merely calling you on your false argument that until the reformation, only the Roman Catholic version of chrstianity existed. If you have any doubts about Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and the others being different religions than Catholicism, just ask one of their members (who isn't an ecumenical liberal).

    Why don't YOU knock off telling me what to believe.

    When did I tell you what to believe? Are you claiming that it isn't true that there exist to this day four separate ancient liturgical chrstian traditions?

    Even the sign of the Cross is the same but for the side of its beginning.

    Wow. If you think that is the extent of the differences among the ancient churches, then you really don't know much about them.

    The Catholic Church allows all Orthodox to receive Holy Communion in Catholic Churches. It's only a matter of time before the reverse is true.
    Though I doubt that either of us will be alive then.

    Rome regards Constantinople as in schism, whereas the Orthodox traditionally regard Rome as heretical (another difference between the two belief systems). Furthermore, this is still ignoring the other two ancient churches.

    Honestly, I don't know where you get your ideas.

    Um . . . from reality. You should try it some time.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/17/2016 2:06:48 PM PDT · 31 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to boatbums
    Oh, I'm paying attention. It is obvious that your mind is made up on this subject. You are relying upon your ability to keep Torah in order to be in fellowship with God and merit your place in His kingdom. You are no different than the Pharisees, scribes and Sadducees who also rejected Jesus as Messiah even as they observed His many miracles. Though Jesus was resurrected after they had put him to death and hundreds of people saw him with their own eyes, they refused to believe. Your eternity will be spent in their company and it will not be joyous.

    First of all, I'm not Jewish, so the Torah in its fullness doesn't apply to me. It applies to Jews alone. I (and you and every other non-Jew) am bound by the Noachide Laws.

    Second of all, the Perushim (the "Pharisees") were Torah True Jews (the Tzadduqim were not). Chrstianity's attack on them and on their faithfulness to the Divine commandments has come back to bite it in the form of radical antinomian leftists who now refer to conservatives as "Pharisees."

    Third, once again you aren't listening. The Torah is the Ultimate and Authoritative Revelation. The "new testament" does not have the authority to pop up and interpret it unless the Torah plainly says it does. It does not, as you well know. I have posted in detail on the authority of the Torah over all other Divine revelation or claimants of Divine revelation, and you persist in quoting the "new testament" as if "anyone with one eye and half sense" could "plainly see" that it is the "continuation" of the TaNa"KH (G-d forbid!). It is only to people who have never known of a bible without it and who have never had a Hebrew Bible that stood alone, as it did for a thousand years before chrstianity existed.

    Fourth, by invoking the miracles of J*sus, you engage in hypocrisy. You and I both know that if anyone were to show up, claim to found a new post-chrstian religion, and then "prove" it by miracles that every chrstian in the world would label such miracles "the work of Satan." Furthermore, I just in my last post asked you to read Deuteronomy 13 which plainly states that some miracles are a test from G-d to see if Israel will remain loyal to the Torah. I respect your sincerity, but your completely ignoring that to make the miracles argument really doesn't speak very well of you.

    Fifth, you continue to argue against Torah (and Noachide) observance from chrstian assumptions which are not true if chrstianity itself is not true. I may be wrong here, but your argument seems to be the old "you obviously think you can be perfect and sinless because you know good and well that no one who isn't perfect and sinless must be eternally damned unless J*sus were to die in his place." The Torah never demands an impossible perfection. It contains laws, principles, and teachings on repentance for sin. Furthermore, your belief that G-d must damn everyone not as holy as He Himself is (and it is inherently impossible for anything to be as holy as G-d) is a chrstian (especially Protestant) way of painting oneself into a corner so that chrstianity simply "has" to be true. The Jewish teachings on the afterlife are more esoteric than in chrstianity (the exoteric teachings are about laws and observance). You are imposing the eschatology of the "new testament" onto the Hebrew Bible. I don't suppose you would ever take a moment to consider that to argue with me you can't simply spout chrstian teachings as if they were self-evidently true?

    Furthermore, to continue part four, it just so happens that until John Calvin, no one ever taught or believed that J*sus' crucifixion was a vicarious eternal damnation creating a legal loophole that is the one and only way to escape damnation. Even Martin Luther didn't believe that. Anselm of Canterbury's "satisfaction" argument, on which it is based, is actually different (and quite disappointing). And before Anselm, there wasn't even a teaching about "satisfaction." Why do you think chrstians spent fifteen hundred years praying, doing penance, performing rituals, etc., and living their entire lives in the fear of hell? Because no one, until Calvin, ever thought that J*sus was a scapegoat. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

    Nothing you say can steal my faith from me - like someone apparently did to yours. I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ is my redeemer and God has saved me by His matchless grace through the faith He has planted in my heart.

    Ah, there we go. "Your heart." That is how you "know" religious truth. Can't you see that this is one hundred percent religious subjectivism, which paved the way for indifference and liberalism? One person's "heart" tells him to be a Baptist, another a Pentecostal, and another a Campbellite. Whose "heart" is telling the truth? Or does it not matter? Such a thing is the most subjective and untrustworthy source of religious knowledge!

    Do you know what "grace" means? It's a rough translation of the Hebrew term chen meaning worthless or groundless (such as in the phrase sinat chinnam, "groundless hatred"). "Faith" is a translation of the Hebrew 'emunah referring to steadfastness, though in modern Hebrew it is used to indicate belief. As a matter of fact, if you can't read the Bible and must trust in translations by other people, how do you know anything you believe is actually Biblical?

    I know that my redeemer lives and I am persuaded that He is able to keep me until the end and I go to be with Him. I also know that it is NOT because I earn, merit or deserve it but because of GRACE - something you have rejected.

    There you go with your Reformation argument against Catholicism. This argument has no place here. Unlike chrstianity, which created the "faith vs. works" dichotomy in order to discredit the Torah but then hypocritically created its own commandments and rituals, Judaism has never had to resort to such dishonest arguments. The "faith vs. works" thing among various chrstian groups will never be solved, because it was false from the beginning. The Catholic and Orthodox churches deserved Protestantism because it repeated their own argumments against them--a perfect case of middah keneged middah (measure for measure)!

    Finally, you ask why I posted the article. I did so for two reasons: The first is to make the point that we simply cannot allow Hillary Clinton to be elected President. The second is because it is growing very late and all the forces of evil have been loosed on the world. We simply cannot afford false religions any more, especially when everyone knows that Sinai must be valid while no surety exists for any other revelation in history. Furthermore half-way measures will not help. The Fifties aren't coming back. The fifties were flawed to begin with, which is one reason we're in this mess to begin with. The time has come to appeal to the True G-d, and one cannot do that through chrstianity or any other false religion. We cannot please G-d by disobeying Him, and appeals to a false "gxd" are only going to make our punishments worse, G-d forbid.

    And as I have remarked in every single post to you (to which you have refused to respond), chrstianity is as much of the problem as it is the solution. White chrstians loudly proclaim chrstianity the only solution, yet we're in this mess largely because of Black and Hispanic chrstians! They are across-the-board Reds on every issue, all while practicing the very same religion conservative chrstians claim is going to save us. What kind of religion is that? Chrstians can't even get along with each other. In fact, they hate each other, each ethnic group adopting J*sus as an ethnic "gxd."

    There's only one way to avoid this adaptation of G-d as an ethnic tribal chieftain: and that's to admit that, in the words of the Bible, "G-d is not a man."

    Believe it or not, despite my impatience, I didn't post anything to hurt or grieve any one. Surely you concede that if Catholicism and Orthodoxy can use this forum to defend themselves, Judaism, a religion acknowledged by all, logically should have the same privilege.

    I see no alternative other than to pray for each other . . . unless you want to go another round. But if so, please do me the courtesy of arguing from the Torah instead of the "new testament," which is the point at issue?

    Be well.

  • Senior Cardinal Warns About Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

    07/17/2016 1:27:54 PM PDT · 55 of 78
    Zionist Conspirator to cloudmountain
    Since Catholicism is the BASIS of all other Christian denominations and was the only Christian faith around for 1541 years, I would wonder why he would say that.

    Catholics keep saying that, but it's not true and they know it's not true. That they would engage in such dishonesty in order to make all chrstianity a choice between "authentic" Catholicism and "newbie" Protestantism doesn't say a lot for them.

    First there were all the historical "heresies"--each one of which probably thought they were the "orthodox." The fact that they disappeared may discredit their claims of orthodoxy, but they were all forms of chrstianity, and there were hundreds of them.

    Even not counting the long-gone heresies of history, there are still four separate ancient liturgical traditions, each of which claims to be the "one true original" church: Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, the non-Chalcaedonian monophysites or miaphysites, and the non-Ephesians or Nestorians. Each one of these traditions has existed since the shattering (at various times) of the apostolic line, each one has "apostolic succession," and each one sees itself as the "true" church from which all the others broke off.

    Let's please knock off the "there were only Catholics until Protestantism" rhetoric, okay? Honestly, I don't understand why Eastern Orthodox FReepers put up with it.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/17/2016 7:30:34 AM PDT · 28 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to boatbums
    Tell me, what would it take for you to acknowledge that the Tanakh DOES foretell a time and place when God would take on human flesh for the redemption of man? It looks like every Messianic prophecy (300+) that speaks to the specifics is just ignored by your sect, so how can you claim Christians are the ones who are wrong to believe in the Jewish Messiah? We’re using the SAME revelation!

    There you go again.

    You aren't paying attention. I keep explaining it to you but you keep ignoring it. How much longer are we going to play ping pong if you won't even address the issue?

    You don't believe in chrstianity because of any "messianic prophecy" in the TaNa"KH. You believe in it because your bible contains a "new testament," which you accept implicitly. The "new testament" says that the TaNa"KH is full of prophecies about J*sus, and since you accept its authority from the outset, you then proceed to find them everywhere. If you didn't already believe in the authority of the NT, you wouldn't interpret the TaNa"KH in accordance with its interpretation.

    The TaNa"KH is divided into three distinct sections. The first and most important is the Torah. Only the Torah was written directly by G-d Himself; Moses was only a stenographer. The Torah was originally written "974 generations" before the Creation, in "letters of black fire on a scroll of white fire." It is what chrstians call the "logos." The entire creation is derivative of the Torah.

    The Nevi'im (Prophets) are a step lower than the Torah. They were not written by G-d Himself. They were written by the Prophets in their own words under the spirit of nevu'ah (prophecy). They are not higher than the Torah, nor do they amend it in any way. If any prophet had ever prophesied that one day the Torah would be "fulfilled" and replaced by something else, he would have been put to death as a false prophet; and certainly his "prophecy" would not have been canonized by the 'Anshei-HaKeneset HaGedolah. Furthermore, many prophecies are conditional; ie, they may be mitigated. One example is the prophecy of Jonah. Jonah declare that Nineveh would be destroyed. He didn't say "unless you repent;" he said it would be destroyed. But the people repented (at least to a certain extent) and HaShem granted them a reprieve.

    The Ketuvim (Writings or Hagiographa) is a step lower than the Prophets. It was not written under the spirit of prophecy but under ruach haqodesh (Divine inspiration of "holy spirit"). The prophecies in the Ketuvim are even more conditional than those in the Nevi'im.

    In addition to all this, the Nevi'im and Ketuvim are only in the Bible "temporarily." Only the Torah is eternal. The books of the Na"Kh were put there by the 'Anshei-HaKeneset HaGedolah (the Men of the Great Assembly) until Mashiach would come. They are still there because he hasn't. When he does, only the Torah (and the Scroll of Esther) will still be read publicly as Scripture (though this doesn't mean we will lose the others, G-d forbid).

    The Torah (from which the Prophets and Writings derive all their authority) warns over and over and over not to deviate from it one iota to the left or to the right. Horrible punishments are prophesied for failing to keep it, and these prophecies have been fulfilled. Not once does the Torah warn about the consequences of "rejecting the messiah." Not once. All punishments are for deviating from the Torah. Parashat Ki-Tavo' (Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8) contains a long portion of warnings precisely about the current Exile. The consequences of deviating from the Torah are blood-curdling. And you want Jews to replace the Torah with something else? Something "new?" The chrstian claim that the Torah is "kept" by violating it and "violated" by keeping it is one of the most oxymoronic and counterintuitive teachings in the religious world. There isn't even a mitzvah (commandment) to "accept the messiah!" Because when he comes it will be obvious; no "faith" will be required. (I also recommend that you read Deuteronomy 13, which many authorities claim is a specific prophecy/warning about the coming of chrstianity.)

    Every year just before Shavu`ot I bump this article which explains simply, logically, and irrefutably why no other religion has the absolute certainty that Judaism does. I don't know if you've ever read it, but there it is if you care to. Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi has also refuted chrstianity's claims many times; at one point in a debate with a Catholic priest the latter was forced to admit that he had lost but that his "heart" still told him to be a chrstian. Many of these videos are available on YouTube (though I don't know if that particular one is).

    Shall we continue this game of ping pong or shall we just pray for one another?

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/16/2016 7:12:29 PM PDT · 25 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to boatbums
    I said my post would probably do no good. It didn't.

    Quoting the "new testament" to someone who doesn't believe it is just about as useful and quoting the "book of mormon" to a non-mormon.

    The Revelation at Sinai is the only self-verifying claim of religious revelation in history. As such, it sits in judgement on all later claims of revelation. That includes chrstianity. If the Torah did not authorize its "fulfillment" at a theoretical time when G-d would (chas vechalilah!) "incarnate" Himself and begin a "new testament," then the "new testament" cannot authorize itself. Neither can J*sus authorize himself. The sure and certain Revelation of G-d sits in judgement on it.

    Considering (as I said) the fact that most of our enemies are chrstians ("Blacks and Hispanics"), I fail to see how chrstianity is the answer. It seems everyone has his own version, and on every side of every issue as well.

    May it be His Will to enlighten you.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/15/2016 8:28:18 AM PDT · 23 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to familyop; boatbums
    "...America was a CHRISTIAN nation..."

    Not according to the founding documents and the Constitution. George Washington also wrote some warm letters to congregations of Jewish Sephardim.

    Culturally and population-wise, it was a chrstian country. I'm sure that's what boatbums meant.

    But at any rate, the traditional religion of the United States has absolutely nothing to do with determining the One True Religion. It's totally irrelevant. If you don't care what the One True Religion is and only want to be a "good American" it has significance, but not otherwise.

    Unfortunately, the Old Sefaradim were very liberal, almost proto-Reform, and eventually most intermarried and disappeared.

    Thanks for the support, familyop!

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/14/2016 8:51:16 AM PDT · 17 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to boatbums
    BUT...I completely reject yours and the author's opinions that Jesus is a pagan/man-god and that Christianity has "failed". It is ironical to me how it is extolled that America has been such a friend and protector of Jews and Israel while missing completely the FACT that it is/was because America was a CHRISTIAN nation that she had these responses to Jews. Our Christian faith includes the same canon of Scripture as the Jews (re: the Old Testament) and our acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Messiah and the incarnate Son of God is precisely because of the ancient witness of the Jewish prophets of Almighty God.

    Having once been where you are and believed what you believe, I know that there isn't much I can say that you will listen to. Your arguments seem to be based on two points:
    1)America is a chrstian nation.
    2)Chrstianity is true because it is authorized by the Bible.

    As to the first argument, it literally does not matter which religion is the traditional American religion, any more than it matters what the traditional Irish, Burmese, Peruvian, or Eskimo religion is. Saudi Arabia is a moslem country founded by moslems; that does not mean that Saudis are "supposed to be" moslems. Unless one follows national, ancestral "gxds," the religion of a nation's founders have exactly zip to do with anything.

    2)I am well aware of the fact that the chrstian scriptures include the TaNa"KH--and the patronizing attitude that comes with it. Yes, chrstians (some of them; certainly not the ancient historical churches) are philo-Semitic, but this is based on chrstian, not Jewish thinking (and being chrstian, this is only natural). Such chrstians consider Judaism to be pre-incarnation chrstianity and today's Jews as a sort of museum piece of what pre-incarnation chrstianity was like. And again, believe me, I've been there. That was once exactly my way of thinking. It was a starting point, but unless one moves on from there it is nothing but a dead end.

    You think Jews should appreciate that chrstians acknowledge the Jewish Bible. And to a certain extent, perhaps that's true. But please don't be hypocritical. Mormons scriptures include your Protestant bible along with the "book of mormon," D&C, and "pear of great price." Do you appreciate that? Do you feel flattered? Do you feel "grateful" that they deign to accept your scriptures but don't regard them as sufficient? Most Fundamentalist Protestants hate and despise mormonism, call it a "demonic" religion, and constantly attack it. This is exactly the situation Jews find themselves in with regard to chrstians. Your bible includes theirs. Theirs does not include yours. And they react to the notion that other books and doctrines had to be added exactly as you react to mormonism.

    Since a storm is coming up, I'll end quickly with two points:
    1)You believe chrstianity because your bible contains a "new testament." You assume from the outset that it is the "fulfillment" of the "old." You interpret the "OT" prophecies "about J*sus" the way you do because you accept the "new testament" from the outset. In other words, in order to accept the "new testament" as the "fulfillment" of the "old testament," you have to already believe in the "new testament." Period.
    2)The fact that you were born into a chrstian family/nation/civilization is irrelevant to the question of whether or not chrstianity is true. So are "personal experiences" or feelings in your heart or that you "know that you know that you know that you know." All of that is faith. All of that is belief. The Revelation at Sinai is a fact of history for which faith is not even necessary. It is the Supreme Revelation. It sits in judgment on all other claims of revelation. To automatically allow the "new testament" the right to interpret that Revelation is a logical fallacy known as "affirmation of the consequent."

    Gotta go now. You have done your chrstian duty. May HaShem open your eyes.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/13/2016 7:52:42 PM PDT · 13 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to Gluteus Maximus
    Um . . . did you just refer to Christianity as “higher paganism?”

    The author of the article did. I am not the author. But I do agree with him.

    As I said, the article contains proselytization for the Noachide Laws. And what's wrong with that? Why is that any different from Catholics putting down Protestantism or Eastern Orthodox putting down Catholicism?

    Chrstianity has failed. Look at how white and Black chrstian "co-religionists" hate each other's guts. A common religion doesn't bring the two groups together or protect either one from the other. White chrstians worship a "white chrstian American patriot" J*sus. Black chrstians worship a jive-talking, down-with-the-struggle, pro-homosexual J*sus. And don't forget angry Hispanic "La Raza" J*sus, taking back the holy land of Mexico from the accursed gringo. It has never worked. It never will. Time to move on. The Fifties ain't comin' back.

    There is no hope other than the Objectively True G-d and His Objectively True Universal Laws. And I'm sorry to offend anyone, but fcol, look. The "indefectable" Catholic Church has defected. Even Fundamentalist Protestantism is nothing like it used to be.

    I know chrstians don't like to hear it. But people . . . chrstianity didn't always exist. There was already a religion. G-d had already spoken. And the TaNa"KH had already been written and canonized.

    It doesn't matter what "the American religion" is. It only matters what the TRUE religion is.

  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/13/2016 3:53:09 PM PDT · 2 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator to hlmencken3; rmlew; Nachum; dervish; Yehuda; Ancesthntr; TorahTrueJew; Yomin Postelnik; ...


  • ‘President’ Hillary Clinton: Definition of a Nightmare

    07/13/2016 3:51:52 PM PDT · 1 of 167
    Zionist Conspirator
    WARNING: This column contains proselytization for the Noachide Laws! Anyone offended by that should not read it.

    This is the first column of its kind I have ever seen in a mainstream publication. It may be one of the most important columns of our time.

    May it be His Will that somewhere a heart is touched!

  • A funeral service for Philando Castile will be held at the Cathedral of St. Paul July 14.

    07/13/2016 7:04:35 AM PDT · 40 of 42
    Zionist Conspirator to WENDLE
    You mean that crip that yelled “I GOTS A GUN” and got blown up? I can’t care. Acquittal!!

    You sound like an advocate of gun control.

  • First Russian Orthodox Monastery Could be Opened in US Capital

    07/13/2016 7:01:10 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    Zionist Conspirator to Samogon
    Where did you see me condemning all Orthodox Christians? Russian “church” is an FSB department, tasked to brainwash sheeple in hatred towards anything not-Russian.

    The church in the article is the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, which is not under the FSB-front Moscow Patriarchate. Anti-Communist Russians formed ROCOR because they recognized the Soviet-controlled Moscow Patriarchate for what it was.

  • Top 10 Most Insane & Mysterious Broadcast Interruptions

    07/11/2016 5:26:59 PM PDT · 5 of 10
    Zionist Conspirator to exDemMom; Salamander
    Y'all are welcome.

    Unfortunately it doesn't contain the weird call in about the Bermuda Triangle to the Florida radio station back in the 70s that was featured on "In Search Of . . . ," but just do a YT search for "millionth council" and you'll find a couple (including the original full "In Search Of . . . " episode).

  • Top 10 Most Insane & Mysterious Broadcast Interruptions

    07/11/2016 4:32:34 PM PDT · 1 of 10
    Zionist Conspirator
    Just for fun--in the spirit of my recent thread on the old days of shortwave radio.
  • Pro-Palestinian group: Israel behind US police killings

    07/11/2016 8:57:34 AM PDT · 21 of 23
    Zionist Conspirator to Eleutheria5
    New York University's chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine shared a post on its Facebook page claiming that "the same forces behind the genocide of black people in America are behind the genocide of Palestinians."

    That's funny; the David Dukes of the world believe Israel is behind "Black Lives Matter."

  • The Ark Encounter Opens To The Public

    07/11/2016 8:46:14 AM PDT · 11 of 28
    Zionist Conspirator to BipolarBob; elcid1970
    I hate atheists for the smug, arrogant, intolerant bastards they are. It’s their way or the highway. F’em!

    I love your gentle Christian demeanor. It is so refreshing.

    I'm not a chrstian, and I agree completely with elcid1970.

    Not being chrstians, the ancient Israelites could dispose of whole nations with a clear conscience. I eagerly await the day when, on G-d's orders, they return to this practice.

    And since I'm not a chrstian, you can't be sarcastic towards me.

    Elcid1970, please consider the Noachide option.

  • Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne: Muhammad "instrument of God's mercy" [Chrislam in Church]

    07/11/2016 8:38:35 AM PDT · 49 of 54
    Zionist Conspirator to Ann Archy
    You are ignorant if you think that Catholics don’t study the Bible

    With higher critical commentary.

  • Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne: Muhammad "instrument of God's mercy" [Chrislam in Church]

    07/11/2016 8:35:42 AM PDT · 48 of 54
    Zionist Conspirator to Jan_Sobieski
    Christians and Jews who follow the Bible, believe in YHWH, the God of the Bible that is a triune God (father, son, and spirit.)

    Jews who follow the Bible do not believe in a "triune 'gxd.'"

    I've always admired Fundamentalist Protestantism's philo-Semitism (it's where I started). Unfortunately, I realize that this philo-Semitism is based on the belief that Judaism is merely a museum-exhibit relic of "pre-incarnation chrstianity." As I said, I've been there.

    But sometimes Fundamentalist Protestants get carried away, as this statement that "Jews who follow the Bible believe in a 'triune gxd.'"

    What's next? David HaMelekh sang Southern gospel music???

  • Onward Christian Pansies

    07/08/2016 11:27:27 AM PDT · 84 of 108
    Zionist Conspirator to Kaslin
    He could always go to a white church.

    Just sayin' . . .

  • Anthony Weiner on Republican Primary Voters: ‘Mouth-Breathing, Hunched Over, One-Tooth’

    07/07/2016 6:03:45 PM PDT · 36 of 80
    Zionist Conspirator to governsleastgovernsbest

    And yet we’re all rich and rule the world! Go figure!


    07/06/2016 8:08:04 AM PDT · 28 of 29
    Zionist Conspirator to MountainYankee
    We need a Meir Kahane now more than ever !



    07/06/2016 8:06:39 AM PDT · 27 of 29
    Zionist Conspirator to SaraJohnson
    Is the Jewish Defense League still around?

    Muslims are Democrats, and are not Christians, silly.

    Under its founder Rabbi Me'ir Kahana' (zt"l; Hy"d), JDL was very right wing. It almost exclusively protested leftist groups such as Black and Hispanic militants. Unfortunately, the late Irv Rubin took it in a different direction (see my post above). Perhaps you were thinking of the Anti-Defamation League?

    Ironically, there was a time when Arabs/moslems had very different political allies (the KKK, the National States' Rights Party, the Liberty Lobby, etc.) than they do now. Back then liberals (who thought they were being consistent when they supported Israel and North Vietnam simultaneously) wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.


    07/06/2016 8:01:00 AM PDT · 26 of 29
    Zionist Conspirator to The Sons of Liberty
    Florida Muslim Leader ‘Likes’ Killing of Jews

    Is the Jewish Defense League still around?

    The JDL is nothing like it used to be. After Kahana''s (zt"l, Hy"d) murder and the imprisonment of Chaim Ben Pesach it fell into the hands of Irv Rubin, a secular Jew who called himself a "conservative" and a "libertarian" but who cut back on the opposition to leftist groups to concentrate on right wing boogiemen (this didn't save him from mysteriously "committing suicide" in prison, however). Then his widow took over, refused to criticize whichever Israeli government happened to be in power at the time (something Kahana' did constantly), and bashed white Southerners. It has only splintered further since that time.

    Chaim Ben Pesach, Kahana''s second in command, now runs an organization called Jewish Task Force (I won't link to it because at one time it was so controversial that its content was not allowed to be posted here). You can find them online, however, and at one time they had a detailed series of articles on just what happened to the JDL. It's really sad.

  • My Life and Shortwave Radio

    07/06/2016 7:30:43 AM PDT · 144 of 145
    Zionist Conspirator to Married with Children

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what is “skip?”

  • My Life and Shortwave Radio

    07/05/2016 6:17:50 PM PDT · 142 of 145
    Zionist Conspirator to Married with Children
    CB radio is still pretty big too (of course nothing like it was in the late 60’s-80’s).

    I honestly thought that CB radio was totally dead. I assumed that the Internet and cell phones had made it completely obsolete. Wow.

    My old ten band had a CB band on it, but by the time I had replaced it I had already fallen pretty silent.

  • My Life and Shortwave Radio

    07/05/2016 6:29:52 AM PDT · 140 of 145
    Zionist Conspirator to justlurking
    To me it sounded more like a helicopter than a woodpecker.

    I think that's because it was mixed with the WWV signal.

    I wasn't referring to the sample at Wikipedia but to the sound itself. Even when I used to pick it up I thought it sounded like a helicopter.

    And that was WWVH. The voice was female.

  • Sen. D’Amato Drops Bomb: Hillary Allowed Russia to Take Ownership of US Uranium to Sell to Iran

    07/05/2016 6:22:56 AM PDT · 57 of 85
    Zionist Conspirator to moovova
    If this woman is allowed to escape justice for her previous illegal and treasonous actions, and then, as President, allowed to continue her unabated sellout & destruction of America, this country will be North Korea in eight years.

    Except North Koreans don't hate themselves or their country, have a huge military, and have not the slightest intention of melting into a borderless world.

    If we allow this to happen, we deserve it.


  • Sen. D’Amato Drops Bomb: Hillary Allowed Russia to Take Ownership of US Uranium to Sell to Iran

    07/05/2016 6:17:08 AM PDT · 56 of 85
    Zionist Conspirator to Enlightened1
    Unfortunately, no one in the media cares what Hillary has done, is doing, or may conceivably do in the future. The Establishment has anointed her, and that's all that matters to them.

    This is absolutely the scariest election in my lifetime. Hillary scares me more than Obama at this point.

  • Shapiro's Fiery Speech At Western Conservative Summit: People Who Sacrifice Conservatism On The

    07/05/2016 6:14:24 AM PDT · 42 of 49
    Zionist Conspirator to Greetings_Puny_Humans; Nachum
    This filthy midget calls Palestinians worthless, including the women and children (directly saying so!), and has called for the mass expulsion of Palestinians.

    He then turns around and calls Trump's Muslim immigration moratorium unethical and wrong.

    You mean, kinda like you in reverse?

    This tells you all you need to know about what kind of a wormy pile of crap Shapiro is. When it suits him, he throws red meat at conservatives, calling for genocide of Muslims.

    Oh yes. All True Americans everywhere are very much against the "genocide" of moslems (unless they're our moslems).

    But when it comes to Donald Trump, which attacks the wallet of his sponsors, the prick is worst than a social justice warrior.

    I hear he is personally in charge of Lowering the Moral Standards of Our White Youth, water fluoridation, and Creating Money Out of Nothing. [/sarcasm]

  • Shapiro's Fiery Speech At Western Conservative Summit: People Who Sacrifice Conservatism On The

    07/05/2016 5:53:50 AM PDT · 40 of 49
    Zionist Conspirator to savagesusie
    But then, he is troubling in his irrational stance on homosexuality-—thinking it is natural and a Natural Right from God.

    Shapiro says homosexuality is a "Natural Right from G-d?" Since when??

    If that is true then I am very disappointed in him.