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  • Lincoln Chafee exploring 2016 run

    04/09/2015 11:47:06 AM PDT · by BigEdLB · 23 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 4/9/15 | Philip Rucker
    Hillary Clinton might have a new headache. On the eve of her presidential campaign launch, Lincoln Chafee, a former U.S. senator and governor from Rhode Island, announced Thursday that he is exploring a run for the Democratic presidential nomination. And unlike other potential Clinton challengers, Chafee appears to be spoiling for a fight.
  • 48 Years Ago Today - Apollo I Fire and the Deaths of Grissom, White, and Chaffee

    01/27/2015 2:45:48 AM PST · by Ready4Freddy · 45 replies
    Jan 27, 2015 | Own
    January 27, 1967 The Apollo I fire R.I.P.
  • 1967: Three astronauts die in Apollo 1 tragedy [RIP 47 years ago today]

    01/27/2014 8:32:09 AM PST · by Ready4Freddy · 61 replies
    BBC ^ | January 27th, 1967 | Various staff
    1967: Three astronauts die in Apollo 1 tragedy Three American astronauts have died after fire swept through the Apollo spacecraft designed for a manned flight to the Moon during rehearsals at Cape Kennedy. It is thought an electrical spark started in the area holding oxygen supplies and other support systems. The fire spread quickly in the oxygen-filled atmosphere of the capsule, killing the crew within seconds. The space crew, flight commander Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee, were taking part in a test run for the launch of the first Apollo mission. Navy Lieutenant Commander Chaffee, aged 31, had...
  • Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Pro-Life, Pro-Adoption License Plate Measure

    07/20/2013 12:04:03 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 21 replies
    The New American ^ | 7-20-13 | Dave Bohon
    Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee (shown) has vetoed a bill that would have authorized the state to offer a “Choose Life” license plate to raise funds for a faith-based crisis pregnancy center in the state. The governor cited the First Amendment's supposed separation of church and state mandate that he insisted prohibited the state government from involving itself in such a campaign. The measure, which was approved by the Democrat-controlled state legislature earlier this month, would have allowed half of the $40 cost of the vehicle plates to go to Providence-based CareNet, a Christian crisis pregnancy center. Supporters said the...
  • RI Governor Insists On 'Holiday Tree'

    11/29/2011 7:21:22 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 21 replies · 1+ views
    NewsCore ^ | Nov. 29, 2011
    (NewsCore) - A Rhode Island lawmaker is calling Gov. Lincoln Chafee "Governor Grinch" for defying politicians and deciding that the state would have a "holiday tree" instead of a "Christmas tree." The governor defended his decision by arguing that it is in keeping with the state's founding in 1636 by religious dissident Roger Williams as a haven for tolerance -- where government and religion were kept separate. Chafee, an independent, said in a statement issued Tuesday that his stand was a continuation of past practice, "and does not represent a change of course on my part." But Rep. Doreen Costa,...
  • Mountain lion chases dog through doggie door trapping family inside home

    03/06/2010 5:32:06 AM PST · by JoeProBono · 78 replies · 2,342+ views
    examiner ^ | March 5 | Penny Eims
    Salida, CO - Fox31 KDVR reports of a dramatic mountain lion encounter on Thursday afternoon in Chaffee County. Around 4 pm, a malnourished mountain lion chased a small dog into the home of Michele Bese and her two young children. The lion entered the home through a doggie door leading to the outside yard. When the lion first entered the home, Michele was unable to tell if it was a coyote or a mountain lion. She made the mountain lion determination after one of her 5 dogs confronted the animal. Michele was able to secure her children in a bedroom...
  • Mountain lion killed after mauling dogs in Salida home

    03/06/2010 7:11:36 AM PST · by Uri’el-2012 · 32 replies · 1,305+ views
    Denver Post ^ | 03/05/2010 | Howard Pankratz
    Wildlife officials killed a mountain lion yesterday that invaded a home near Salida, attacking five dogs and trapping a mother and two children. The mountain lion entered the home nine miles northwest of Salida about 4 p.m. Thursday after it chased a small dog through a pet door. Michelle Bese, 27, and her two children, ages two and five, were inside with four of her five dogs.
  • Iraq spending hearing dependent on Byrd’s health, sources say

    04/15/2008 3:15:25 PM PDT · by mdittmar · 15 replies · 123+ views
    The Hill ^ | 4/15/08 | J. Taylor Rushing
    All eyes will be on Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) Wednesday. The 90-year-old senator is expected to chair a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on an Iraq war spending bill and his appearance should send “an important signal” as to whether he can continue as chairman. But that may not happen. At least two Democratic sources said Tuesday that Byrd’s health remained a question and that staffers had taken the extremely rare step of holding off scheduling a time for the hearing. A notice finally went out at the end of the day, announcing the hearing would take place at noon on...
  • NASA Marks 40 Years Since Apollo Deaths

    01/27/2007 3:27:53 PM PST · by WestVirginiaRebel · 37 replies · 1,451+ views
    CBS & AP ^ | January 27, 2007 | MIKE SCHNEIDER Associated Press Writer
    <p>IT was supposed to be a routine launch pad test.</p> <p>But from the Apollo 1 command module at Pad 34 came a panicked voice saying, "Fire in the cockpit."</p>
  • Divided Nations (great article about Bolton)

    12/05/2006 10:36:35 PM PST · by CyberAnt · 15 replies · 686+ views e-mail ^ | 12-6-06 | Rich Galen
    Elections have consequences. The Democrats will control the US Senate, so, the President had to choose between either getting Robert Gates confirmed for Secretary of Defense or John Bolton confirmed for Ambassador to what is officially, if erroneously, called the United Nations. Interestingly, it was Senator Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island who was defeated last month in his re-election bid, who doomed Bolton's confirmation. Bolton is officially, if erroneously, a Republican. But he determined he would not vote to confirm Bolton which effectively killed any chance of confirmation because the Democrats in the Senate were not going to be helpful....
  • Bolton's Goodbye: Bowing to the Inevitable (CHAFEE SAYS "PICK GEORGE MITCHELL")

    12/04/2006 2:13:29 PM PST · by MadIvan · 125 replies · 2,402+ views
    Time ^ | December 4, 2006 | ADAM ZAGORIN
    Some opponents were softening, but the controversial U.N. ambassador's resignation is yet another sign of the changed political landscape after Nov. 7 The resignation of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations marks another acknowledgement by the White House of the political consequences of the Nov. 7 Congressional elections. .... Chafee, who was defeated for reelection, issued a statement reiterating his opposition. " Mr. Bolton did not demonstrate the kind of collaborative approach that I believe will be called for if we are to restore the United States ' position as the strongest country in a peaceful world,"...
  • (Vanity) Why Was the Hearing on John Bolton's Nomination Canceled Today?

    09/26/2006 8:57:52 PM PDT · by Howlin · 140 replies · 2,442+ views
    Free Republic ^ | September 26th, 2006 Why was this hearing canceled, does anybody know? Without linking the (dreadful) sites that are reporting this, they are saying (hoping) that today was the last day that Bolton could be confirmed and it's over for him. Has anybody heard anything about this?
  • Hardball: 'Moderate, Bi-Partisan' Chaffee vs. 'Hard-Line Conservative' Laffey

    09/12/2006 5:29:38 PM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 50 replies · 1,170+ views
    Hardball/NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    by Mark Finkelstein September 12, 2006 - 20:16 What would you call someone who within the last six years has received a 100% rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood and a 0% from the National Right-to-Life Committee? A 100% rating from the ACLU. A 0% rating from Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum. A 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters and a 0% rating from the conservative Family Research Council? Oh, and someone who voted against George W. Bush for president in 2004, against the confirmation of Sam Alito to the Supreme Court, and who demands the withdrawal of US...
  • To Hold Senate, G.O.P. Bolsters Its Most Liberal

    09/09/2006 8:22:19 PM PDT · by docbnj · 43 replies · 907+ views
    New York Times ^ | 10 Sep 2006 | Adam Nagourney
    With a barrage of television advertisements and the mobilization of its get-out-the-vote machine, the national Republican Party has lined up in Rhode Island to beat back a conservative primary challenge to the most liberal Republican in the Senate, Lincoln Chafee. The outcome on Tuesday could help determine whether Democrats have a shot at taking back the Senate. In an extraordinary pre-emptive announcement, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has said it will concede Rhode Island to the Democrats should Stephen Laffey, the mayor of Cranston, defeat Mr. Chafee in the primary.
  • Second time's a charm?

    09/09/2006 5:12:39 AM PDT · by YaYa123 · 9 replies · 633+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | 09-18-06 | Fred Barnes
    George Voinovich's change of heart gives U.N. Ambassador John Bolton another shot at confirmation. This was an important moment, maybe not historic but surely unusual. Voinovich had been the catalyst for the defeat of Bolton's nomination to the U.N. post in 2005. Without his unflinching opposition, Bolton most likely would have been confirmed.
  • Running Against the Big Shots (GAG!! MULPH!!! AAARRGH! PUKE! Alert!)

    08/21/2006 7:13:00 AM PDT · by .cnI redruM · 6 replies · 494+ views
    Time Gagazine ^ | Aug. 19, 2006 | Joe Klein
    Is there room left in the Senate for a courageous moderate Republican? Not if Steve Laffey, who wants to oust Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island, has anything to say about it "I just saw you on television," the elderly woman is saying from behind her screen door. "Were they attacking me, or was I talking?" Steve Laffey, a Republican running for the U.S. Senate from Rhode Island, asks. It was an ad, the woman says. About your parents. Alzheimer's, she says. Laffey's father has Alzheimer's. The ad is about the working-class modesty of the Laffey family. The candidate is going...
  • Republicans eating their own?

    07/12/2006 9:05:47 AM PDT · by aceintx · 60 replies · 1,131+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 7/12/2006 | Greg Pierce
    The campaign arm of Senate Republicans has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against the Republican candidate that they don't want in Rhode Island. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is backing Sen. Lincoln Chafee, a liberal Rhode Island Republican who is being challenged by conservative Stephen Laffey, the mayor of Cranston. The complaint focuses on a letter that Mr. Laffey sent to city property owners with their tax bills last month. In the letter, Mr. Laffey said he ran for mayor to put the city back on its feet and saved it from bankruptcy by creating a...
  • Of RINOs and DINOs

    06/30/2006 1:14:04 PM PDT · by qlangley · 10 replies · 219+ views
    Quentin ^ | 21 June 2006 | Quentin Langley
    Two US Senators face serious primary challenges this year. Neither is guaranteed victory. They are Lincoln Chafee (R, RI) and Joe Lieberman (D, CT). Except that a great many people would change the party names to RINO and DINO. That’s Republican/Democrat In Name Only. The charge of party disloyalty is easier to make against Chafee, who rarely votes with other Republicans, and even suggested that he would not vote Bush in advance of the 2004 election. Lieberman, of course, was ON his party’s Presidential ticket just six years ago. It has been said that (without much exaggeration) that Chafee casts...
  • 2006: the year of the Constitution Party?

    05/27/2006 4:31:32 AM PDT · by FerdieMurphy · 170 replies · 2,110+ views
    Sierra Times ^ | 5/27/2006 | Tom Kovach
    As the "Big Tent" collapses, make way for the true "third" party According to research that I conducted in 1998, there were more than 400 political parties in America. (That number has grown smaller in recent years, but is still over 200 — far larger than the "mainstream" media admits.) According to research by Richard Winger, the publisher of Ballot Access News, the third-largest political party in the United States is the Constitution Party. Thus, the CP is the true third party. Statistically, the CP has more members than any political party other than the Big Two. And, statistically, there...
  • One Republican Voted Against Alito

    02/01/2006 9:37:31 AM PST · by no dems · 65 replies · 2,216+ views
    Right March PAC ^ | 2-01-06 | William Greene
    There was ONE Republican that voted against Alito. ONE Republican that caved to the Left and voted AGAINST what was RIGHT. We've told you about him before -- and we've told you that we're going to do something about him. Well, the time is now. If you guessed the supreme "Republican In Name Only" (RINO), Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island... you guessed right. SHAME ON HIM. For too long, he's voted with Democrats in the Senate, and AGAINST President Bush. I mean that literally. He voted AGAINST President Bush in the last presidential election! The man is a LIBERAL....
  • NRSC Attacks Laffey following Club For Growth Endorsement

    12/13/2005 5:35:23 PM PST · by WatchYourself · 22 replies · 546+ views
    Laffey – A Conservative Alternative?? “I don’t have a plan, no one has a plan that actually lowers taxes.”–Mayor Steven Laffey, 1/29/2003 Today, Club for Growth, a self-described conservative 527 organization, endorsed Steven Laffey for Rhode Island’s U.S. Senate seat. In a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Club for Growth Chairman, Pat Toomey, implies that Mr. Laffey will carry the Ronald Reagan torch for limited government and tax reductions. In fact, Club for Growth portrays Mr. Laffey's record as Mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island as one that highlighted hard-nosed spending cuts to correct Cranston’s troubled budget woes. That is plainly and...
  • Setting an example: Which New England RINO can we take out?

    11/25/2005 8:46:05 AM PST · by ModernDayCato · 50 replies · 1,100+ views
    My addled brain | November 23, 2005 | ModernDayCato
    I'm getting a little sick and tired about reading about the RINOs here on the east coast who keep scuttling things and throwing monkey wrenches into the progress toward holding Republican feet to the fire. Isn't there some way we New Englanders can send a message to our RINOs in Congress that we are gunning for them? Isn't there a somewhat vulnerable RINO that we can target and get rid of? Don't any of my fellow FReepers know of a good candidate out there that could be run against one of these idiots? Can't we form RINO-PAC and scare some...
  • R.I. Senate: National GOP Blasts Laffey (challenger to Chaffee)

    10/17/2005 10:57:12 AM PDT · by Stellar Dendrite · 36 replies · 850+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 10-17-2005 | Chris Cillizza
    R.I. Senate: National GOP Blasts Laffey (Again) The National Republican Senatorial Committee is up with its second ad this month attacking Cranston (R.I.) Mayor Steve Laffey, who is challenging Sen. Lincoln Chafee in next year's GOP primary. The new ad, which takes the form of a cartoon, paints Laffey as a comic-book character starring in "Laffeyland Tales." The narrator says Laffey used taxpayer dollars to soundproof his mayoral office and spent "thousands on spy cameras to spy on employees." "Bizarre...but the joke's on us," the narrator says, adding that Cranston had the highest property taxes in the state under Laffey...
  • Senators to Dump in 2006

    05/28/2005 12:11:59 PM PDT · by Citizen John · 5 replies · 422+ views 5/25/2005 | May 28, 2005 | Citizen John
    Check NEWS Max 5/25/2005 for the complete article. The PAC is coordinating the effort. Unlike the Republican Senators, Conservatives need to work together to defeat these arrogant turncoats. "Out of the seven GOP turncoats (McCain, Graham, DeWine, Warner, Chafee, Collins, Snowe), THREE of them are up for re-election in 2006. In Rhode Island, we're targeting Sen. Lincoln Chafee for defeat in the Republican primary. For the first time in years, Chafee has a likely conservative opponent: Cranston Mayor Stephen Laffey. In Maine, we're targeting Sen. Olympia Snowe for defeat in the GOP primary. We've got a great candidate to...
  • Reid calls on "Responsible Republicans" to break Filibuster

    04/14/2005 3:39:01 PM PDT · by jagrmeister · 11 replies · 424+ views
    Minority Retort ^ | 4/13/05 | Bob Chandra
    The arithmetic is fairly straightforward. Frist says he needs 51 votes to change the filibuster rule, and there are 55 Republicans in the Senate. One of those votes can come from the vice president, who as president of the Senate can vote to break a tie. That means to win the fight, Frist may be able to change the rules if he loses five senators; Democrats can win if he loses six. Two Republicans — John McCain of Arizona and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island — have said they will vote with the Democrats against the rules change. Four other...
  • Venezuela's Chavez is big trouble for Senator Nelson

    01/30/2005 3:27:30 PM PST · by Kitten Festival · 10 replies · 438+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | Jan. 30, 2005 | A.M. Mora y Leon
    Senator Bill Nelson, who accompanied Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Lincoln Chaffee on an ill-timed junket to meet Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, is in political trouble. As Richard Baehr predicted here in "Shilling for the new Castro" two weeks ago, his trip is already an issue with Florida's Latin America-savvy voters. In a panicky letter to a small local Vero Beach newspaper (a sure sign he's hearing from voters), Nelson defends his political tour in Caracas, repeatedly trying to assure Vero Beach readers that he was 'tough' on Chavez while there, and bringing up as much as he can the...
  • 1967 Apollo 1 fire kills astronauts Grissom, White & Chaffee

    01/27/2005 6:52:24 AM PST · by Valin · 92 replies · 7,199+ views
    THE FIRE "During a simulated countdown for mission AS-204 on January 27, 1967, an accident occurred in CM 012. This was a manned test with the prime astronaut crew on board. A fire occurred inside the command module resulting in the death of the three astronauts and as yet undetermined damage to the command and service modules." With these words, the nation's space program was split into two classifications: Pre-Fire and Post-Fire. 27 January 1967 The spacecraft, towering over 210 feet into the sky, sat on the launch pad at Launch Complex 34 on the Cape Canaveral Air Station. At...
  • Life After Daschle

    11/05/2004 6:13:29 AM PST · by OESY · 19 replies · 2,211+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | November 5, 2004 | KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL
    ...President Bush has won a clear mandate for his big second-term agenda, including the giants of Social Security reform and tax overhaul. Yet his ability to do anything still rests with the Senate.... Republicans [picked] up Democratic seats in both Carolinas and Georgia, as well as Louisiana and Florida. They weathered storms in Kentucky and Oklahoma, and even held Alaska. But the big daddy came with the overthrow of Mr. Daschle. That ouster... was as much a repudiation of obstructionism as it was Mr. Daschle's own record. [C]onsider not just the Republicans' numerical gains, but their ideological ones. With the...
  • Michael Savage: Get Rid of the RINO Republican Senators

    07/14/2004 7:15:20 PM PDT · by xzins · 87 replies · 1,989+ views
    Savage | 14 Jul 04 | Savage
    As I was driving home a bit ago from Wednesday night church, I turned on Savage. He was on a rant about ridding ourselves of the RINO Republicans who had back-stabbed social conservatives on the Federal Marriage Amendment. The names are: McCain (AZ), Snowe (ME), Chaffee (RI), Campbell (CO), Sununu (NH), Collins (ME) It is very clear that McCain and Campbell stabbed conservatives in the back. They are under no pressure in their states to be "more liberal." They simply chose to side with gays over their own party. The answer is as Michael Savage says. We must get rid...
  • The FReeper Foxhole's TreadHead Tuesday - M24 Chaffee Light Tank - Jul 6th, 2004

    07/06/2004 12:00:27 AM PDT · by SAMWolf · 102 replies · 9,827+ views
    Lord, Keep our Troops forever in Your care Give them victory over the enemy... Grant them a safe and swift return... Bless those who mourn the lost. . FReepers from the Foxhole join in prayer for all those serving their country at this time. ...................................................................................... ........................................... U.S. Military History, Current Events and Veterans Issues Where Duty, Honor and Countryare acknowledged, affirmed and commemorated. Our Mission: The FReeper Foxhole is dedicated to Veterans of our Nation's military forces and to others who are affected in their relationships with Veterans. In the FReeper Foxhole, Veterans or their family members should feel...
  • NEVER VOTE FOR THESE REPUBLICANS AGAIN (Repost from 1999 - Guess who made the list?)

    04/24/2004 1:34:29 PM PDT · by BillyBoy · 108 replies · 1,252+ views
    NEVER VOTE FOR THESE REPUBLICANS: THE UPDATED STORY When I first started lurking on FreeRepublic in late ‘98/early ’99 during the Clinton impeachment, one of the big threads was a piece from Freeper “Dead” entitled “NEVER VOTE FOR THESE REPUBLICANS”. It listed the names and titles of the Republicans in Congress who had given Clinton a free pass on every charge during impeachment. I was inspired to join FR because I too felt the rage over those Republicans who were more concerned about tearing down their own party than doing their duty to hold Clinton accountable. And I also...
  • CAPTION THIS: Grinning effette RINO Sen. Chaffee Visiting Our Troops

    04/24/2004 1:45:10 AM PDT · by Notwithstanding · 24 replies · 203+ views
  • RINO Sens. Chaffee & Snowe say Rick Santorums comments 'unfortunate' and 'dont represent party'

    04/25/2003 4:56:01 AM PDT · by ewing · 24 replies · 258+ views
    National Journal's 4 O' Clock 'Last Call' and CNN ^ | April 24, 2003 SGT | Johnathan Karl
    Senators Olympia Snowe and Lincoln Chaffee critized Sen. Rick Santorums comments as 'unfortunate' and said that 'they don't represent the ideals held by their party.'Attributed to CNN Interview
  • Anti-war senator to run Iraq-war subcommittee? (Dangerous RINO Alert)

    01/27/2003 11:29:06 PM PST · by FairOpinion · 6 replies · 256+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | Jan. 28, 2003 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    As Senate committee assignments were being handed out last week, Kansas Republican Sam Brownback thought he was well placed to win the chairmanship of the Foreign Relations subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs. Last Thursday, Brownback thought the deal was in the bag when Rhode Island Republican Lincoln Chaffee stepped forward and asked Committee Chairman Dick Lugar, R-Ind., for the job. Chaffee never had expressed an interest in the Middle East except once last October, when he was the only Republican to vote against the War Powers Resolution authorizing the president to use military force against Iraq. (Just...
  • Antiwar Senator to Run Iraq War Subcommittee?

    01/27/2003 2:21:41 PM PST · by HAL9000 · 4 replies · 197+ views ^ | January 27, 2003 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    As Senate committee assignments were being handed out last week, Kansas Republican Sam Brownback thought he was well-placed to win the chairmanship of the Foreign Relations subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs. A conservative who supports the president's efforts to win public support for disarming Iraq and liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein's dictatorship, Brownback was the ranking minority member of the subcommittee when the Democrats were in control. He has focused on regional issues since first coming to the Senate in 1996. His former staffer, Christina Rocca, became assistant secretary of state for South Asian...
  • Administration Predicts Stimulus Plan Will Help Create More Than 1 Million New Jobs

    01/08/2003 3:26:05 PM PST · by Jean S · 15 replies · 202+ views
    AP ^ | 1/8/03 | Martin Crutsinger
    WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush's economic plan will help create 1.1 million jobs over the next two years, his administration predicted Wednesday in the face of criticism from Democrats that the proposal costs too much and favors the wealthy. Many private economists also said it was likely to boost short-term growth only slightly and carried a hefty price tag in later years when the economy will not need such government intervention. In an early sign moderate Republicans might balk, GOP Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island indicated he plans to support freezing the top income tax rate at its current...
  • Lott Awaits a Foe (Lincoln Chaffee Withdraws Leader's Resignation Call}

    12/19/2002 7:48:21 AM PST · by ewing · 204 replies · 403+ views
    Roll Call ^ | December 19, 2002 | Paul Kane
    United States Senator Lincoln Chafee (Republican-Rhode Island) became the first GOP Senator to suggest that Majority Leader Trent Lott (Republican-Mississippi) should resign during a radio interview in Providence.But he then backed aaway from the statement when he said the only way that would happen is if the White House officially told Lott do to so [resign the Majority Leaders Post in the US Senate] -something White House Spokesman Ari Fleisher said would not happen.'The White House does not choose sides in a political leadership race,' Fliescher said Wednesday at a White House briefing.
  • Columnist Broder Sees Potential Party Switches by Senators McCain and Chaffee

    11/18/2002 5:55:44 AM PST · by Theodore R. · 71 replies · 1,816+ views
    The Washington Post | 11-18-02 | Theodore R.
    I cannot post the article. It is on the editorial page of the Laredo Morning Times, and that page cannot be copied and pasted. The current Broder article is not on the WA Post website yet. At any rate, veteran liberal columnist David Broder said there is a real chance that Senators John McCain and Lincoln Chaffee will switch parties to allow Tom Daschle to remain as Senate Majority Leader. However, their scenario is dependent on the reelection of Senator Mary Landrieu, D-LA, in that state's Dec. 7 senatorial general election. However, if Republican Suzanne Terrell unseats Landrieu, the two...
  • Sen. Chaffee: I May Switch if GOP Regains Control [Flashback- a year and a half ago]

    11/06/2002 6:08:26 AM PST · by Behind Liberal Lines · 66 replies · 374+ views
    Source: | Published: 6/12/01 | Carl Limbacher and Staff
    The GOP's chances of regaining majority status in the U.S. Senate dimmed considerably Tuesday morning when Sen. Lincoln Chaffee publicly threatened to jump ship if Republicans pick up another Senate seat. In an interview with the Providence Journal's M. Charles Bakst, the Rhode Island Republican revealed he's considering torpedoing his own party's prospects. Says Bakst: "On Sunday's Channel 12 News Makers, [Chaffee] said [Vermont Sen. James] Jeffords' defection enables Democrats to 'slow down' some of the more conservative initiatives of the Bush administration. He seemed to say he might jump ship if [New Jersey Sen. Robert] Torricelli had to leave...
  • Paul Begala Hints that Chaffee will Switch Parties

    10/31/2002 1:30:43 PM PST · by xzins · 77 replies · 601+ views
    700, WLW Radio (Jim Scott Show) | 0600, 30 Oct 02
    In an interview with radio host Jim Scott in the morning slot on WLW700 in Cincinnati, Begala was asked if there were others who could affect the election by switching parties. Begala's comment was, "Linc Chaffee" just might do so. I was struck by the use of "Linc." I meant to post this yesterday, but just remembered. Begala did not give much credibility to McCain switching.
  • GOP Fears 'Republican' Sen. Chafee Will Pull a Jeffords

    10/22/2002 4:11:27 PM PDT · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 62 replies · 320+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 10/22/02 | Limbacher
    "Republicans need to gain one seat to regain control of the Senate, but some Republicans, fearing another defection like the one by Sen. James M. Jeffords of Vermont in 2001, say they must gain two seats to assure control," the Washington Times noted today. The speculation centers on Sen. Lincoln Chafee, RINO-R.I. "Republicans will be waking up the day after the election on Chafee watch," said Scott Reed, a GOP strategist. Some also think that Bush-hating Sen. John McCain of Arizona could defect, but he opposes abortion, and the Democrats are anti-choice on standing up to the rich and powerful...