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  • Patent reform: Big government’s latest comprehensive debacle

    03/14/2015 9:08:09 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 2 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | 03/14/2015 | Carly Fiorina
    The following excerpts are from a March 4 speech by Carly Fiorina, chairwoman of the American Conservative Union Foundation and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, at the Inventing America Conference.My story, a young woman sort of with no plans, not a great resume, getting the opportunity to go from secretary to CEO of the largest technology company in the world. That story is only possible here. And I’ve traveled and lived all over the world, done business all over the world, and it is still true that my story is possible here and only here. And it is because truly of...

    08/21/2014 7:51:45 PM PDT · by MeshugeMikey · 86 replies
    Breitbart ^ | Aug 21, 2014 | Tony Lee
    After meeting with a "bevy" of big-business groups, President Barack Obama is reportedly considering granting them up to 800,000 additional guest-worker visas via executive actions.
  • Lockheed cuts ties with Boy Scouts

    12/19/2013 1:07:21 PM PST · by madprof98 · 123 replies
    Marietta (GA) Daily Journal ^ | 12/19/13 | Jon Gillooly
    The Lockheed Martin Corp. is cutting ties with the Boy Scouts of America because the group does not allow gay Scout leaders, officials told the MDJ on Wednesday. “While we applaud the mission of the Boy Scouts and the good things they do in our communities, their policies that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and religious affiliation conflict with Lockheed Martin policies,” said Lockheed spokesman Gordon Johndroe. The reference to “religious affiliation” has to do with the Boy Scouts’ ban on atheist members.
  • Obama Orders Regulators to Root Out ‘Patent Trolls’

    06/05/2013 9:19:55 AM PDT · by indthkr · 28 replies
    The New York Times ^ | June 4, 2013 | EDWARD WYATT
    ... Senator Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat who is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and who was a primary sponsor of the 2011 law, said he backs the president’s effort to suppress patent trolls. “The United States patent system is vital for our economic growth, job creation, and technological advance,” Mr. Leahy said in a statement. “Unfortunately, misuse of low-quality patents through patent trolling has tarnished the system’s image.” ...
  • A Conspiracy So Immense: What will it take for the MSM to cover the progressive movement?

    01/20/2013 11:04:47 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 49 replies
    The Washington Free Beacon ^ | January 11, 2013 | Matthew Continetti
    Let’s pretend that in the spring of 2012 Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, John Engler of the Business Roundtable, Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity, and Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association began to organize an assembly of right-leaning groups. Let’s pretend that in the months since there had been not one but two meetings where these luminaries joined with representatives of Christians United For Israel, the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Tea Party Express, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and the American Petroleum Institute to discuss strategy and promote a series of “structural...
  • Nashua, NH Chick-Fil-A To Sponsor NH Pride Fest [barf]

    08/01/2012 11:26:47 AM PDT · by kevcol · 44 replies
    CBS Boston ^ | Aug 1, 2012 | local news
    NASHUA, NH (CBS) – A Nashua Chick-Fil-A restaurant will be sponsoring New Hampshire Pride Fest. Ryan Manseau, the senior director of Pride Fest, told WBZ-TV he was handing out fliers at the Pheasant Lane Mall recently to promote his event and noticed a man who appeared to be a Chick-Fil-A manager holding one. . . Manseau said he approached the man, bracing for a verbal confrontation. He turned out to be the franchise operator, Anthony Piccola, who agreed to help sponsor the event and to serve Chick-Fil-A sandwiches there.
  • Video: Say, why is the USDA attacking meat-eating?

    07/26/2012 5:44:23 PM PDT · by Nachum · 13 replies
    HotAir ^ | 7/26/12 | Ed Morrissey
    Yes, that would be the US Department of Agriculture, which is supposed to promote agriculture. Agriculture includes cattle ranching as well as farming (and dairies!). One of the most significant duties of the USDA is to rate the quality of meat so that consumers can be sure they’re eating healthy food. So why did the USDA send out a message to its employees discouraging the consumption of meat, using United Nations material? Senator Jerry Moran, a Republican who represents cattle-ranch-heavy Kansas, asked that question on the floor of the Senate yesterday:
  • STAND with the Boy Scouts: Say NO to pro-homosexual bully tactics & liberal media

    07/23/2012 2:37:05 PM PDT · by concernedAmerican1 · 10 replies
    TFP ^ | 07-23-12 | TFP
    Why does the homosexual movement continue to target the Boy Scouts of America with relentless protest? To STAND with the Boy Scouts, sign your petition here Two national BSA board members are pressuring the organization to abandon its morally sound membership policy which bars open homosexuals from holding leadership positions.   Groups and advocates who promote “tolerance” have also collected over 300,000 online petitions” — aided by liberal media publicity — to force the Scouts to accept unnatural vice in their ranks. However, the Boy Scouts are standing strong by their Oath:  “On my honor I will do my best...
  • CVS drops sponsorship of business-backed conservative group ALEC (Also John Deere)

    07/12/2012 6:53:08 AM PDT · by listenhillary · 29 replies
    Providence Journal ^ | July 10, 2012 | Philip Marcelo
    July 10, 2012 12:21 pm By Philip Marcelo WOONSOCKET, R.I. -- Drugstore giant CVS Caremark is among the latest corporate sponsors dropping their support of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, a business-backed national conservative group. CVS Caremark joined John Deere, MillerCoors, HP and Best Buy in deciding not to fund ALEC, according to, an organization opposed to the stricter voter-identification laws ALEC advocates for. ColorOfChange issued a news release Tuesday with this comment from Larry Burton, CVS Caremark senior vice-president for government affairs: "Over the last few weeks, we have closely followed the issues surrounding the American...
  • Freep this poll (Oreo Gay Pride Cookies)

    06/27/2012 4:28:08 PM PDT · by Signalman · 26 replies
    WaPo ^ | 6/27/2012 | Unk.
    What do you think about Oreo’s Facebook posting of a rainbow creme-filled cookie, which has ignited an Internet-wide conversation? Take the poll. (Poll middle of the page)
  • Some retailers’ efforts now include Gay Pride Month ads and events

    06/17/2012 8:11:16 AM PDT · by scottjewell · 37 replies
    Columbus Dispatch ^ | June 15 2012 | Tim Feran
    Retailers are going mainstream with ad campaigns aimed at gay customers in an effort to get their merchandise into more consumer closets. “Retailers, particularly fashion retailers, always like to be ahead of the curve,” said local retail analyst Chris Boring of Boulevard Strategies. “In 2012, supporting gay rights and accepting gays is pretty mainstream.” In one high-profile move, J.C. Penney is running an ad for Father’s Day featuring a gay Texas couple and their two children. A month ago, the retailer had an ad for Mother’s Day showing a lesbian couple with their children. The iconic retailer also has tapped...
  • CEO on Scouts' governing board opposes ban on gays

    06/13/2012 12:02:06 PM PDT · by Robwin · 33 replies
    The Associated Press ^ | June 13, 2012 | David Crary
    A high-profile member of the Boy Scouts of America's governing board says he doesn't support the Scouts' policy of excluding gays and will work from within to seek a change. Ernst & Young CEO James Turley, whose accounting firm has welcomed gays and lesbians in its own work force, becomes the first member of the Scouts' Executive Board known to publicly disapprove of the policy.
  • On Johan Santana's no-hitter, comedian Bill Maher, newly-minted NY Mets minority shareholder (WTF?)

    06/04/2012 9:53:18 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 6 replies
    New York Daily News ^ | Sunday, June 3, 2012 | Michael O'keeffe AND Justin Tasch
    Funny really is money. Bill Maher, the host of HBO's "Real Time," announced on Sunday at Citi Field that he had purchased a minority stake in the Mets earlier this year — and the sometimes controversial, always funny comedian wasn't kidding. Maher, a lifelong Mets fan, says he thinks he made a "great investment" by purchasing a share in the team. "I think people sometimes forget there's only one National League franchise in New York City, and they're not making anymore," he said. "I just thought it would be a great place, especially after I've seen some of the ways...
  • Macy's Goes On the Down Low, Hooks Up With Obama Gay Group for 'Election Year' Campaign

    06/02/2012 10:01:59 PM PDT · by kristinn · 85 replies
    Sunday, June 3, 2012 | Kristinn
    While conservative activists have focused on the promotion of gay marriage by store chains J.C. Penny and Target, Macy's has gone under the culture radar in its partnership with the Obama-allied homosexual group, the Human Rights Campaign. The incoming president of HRC, Chad Griffin is an Obama bundler.You won't see it in Macy's weekly sales circular, and you'd be hard pressed to find it on the front page of the Macy's website, but the Human Rights Camapign is loud and proud in declaring its partnership with Macy's urging customers to purchase "election year" Vote Equality t-shirts with the proceeds going...
  • Taxed By The Boss (State Taxes pocketed by business)

    04/15/2012 1:25:10 PM PDT · by HenryArmitage · 12 replies
    REUTERS ^ | 4-12-2012 | David Cay Johnston
    Across the United States more than 2,700 companies are collecting state income taxes from hundreds of thousands of workers – and are keeping the money with the states’ approval, says an eye-opening report published on Thursday. The report from Good Jobs First, a nonprofit taxpayer watchdog organization funded by Ford, Surdna and other major foundations, identifies 16 states that let companies divert some or all of the state income taxes deducted from workers’ paychecks. None of the states requires notifying the workers, whose withholdings are treated as taxes they paid. General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble, Chrysler, Ford, General...
  • Disgruntled GMO firms start pulling out of EU market

    01/25/2012 4:18:20 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 24 replies
    EurActiv ^ | 25 January 2012
    Monsanto has announced it will scrap plans to sell an insect-resistant maize in France, the second move in a week by biotech company to retreat from the genetically modified foods market in Europe. Monsanto's announcement on Tuesday (24 January) came a week after Germany's BASF said it would suspend the development of GM crops in Europe and move its plant science arm to the United States. BASF's move is a particular blow for Europe, said Carel du Marchie Sarvaas, director of agricultural biotechnology at EuropaBio. "The BASF decision is not good for Europe because I think it is the reaction...
  • Perry Ruling: Perry Denied (only Mitt & Paul on ballot)

    01/14/2012 4:40:56 PM PST · by Texas Fossil · 74 replies
    Red State Virginia ^ | January 14, 2012 | Kurt Feigel
    A Judge has ruled that the ballot will stand as is for the Virginia primary with Ron Paul and Mitt Romney as the only candidates in the presidential primary. In a 22 page ruling the Judge basically said that the Plaintiff’s: Perry,Gingrich,Santorum,Huntsman waited too long to file their request for an injunction. The Judge said: “In essense, they played the game, lost, and then complained that the rules were unfair,” Judge Gibney pulled no punches here: “They knew the rules in Virginia many months ago; the limitations on circulators affected them as soon as they began to circulate petitions. The...
  • 22 Signs That We Are On The Verge Of A Devastating Global Recession

    01/12/2012 5:36:41 PM PST · by blam · 13 replies
    TEC ^ | 1-12-2012 | Michael Snyder
    22 Signs That We Are On The Verge Of A Devastating Global RecessionJanuary 12, 2012Michael Snyder 2012 is shaping up to be a very tough year for the global economy. All over the world there are signs that economic activity is significantly slowing down. Many of these signs are detailed later on in this article. But most people don't understand what is happening because they don't put all of the pieces together. If you just look at one or two pieces of data, it may not seem that impressive. But when you examine all of the pieces of evidence that...
  • The Bain Capital Bonfire

    01/11/2012 5:04:47 PM PST · by PAR · 53 replies
    WSJ ^ | 1/11/12 | OpEd
    About the best that can be said about the Republican attacks on Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital is that President Obama is going to do the same thing eventually, so GOP primary voters might as well know what's coming. Yet that hardly absolves Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and others for their crude and damaging caricatures of modern business and capitalism.
  • Add Bain to list of things we cannot discuss

    01/11/2012 1:45:23 PM PST · by Lakeshark · 114 replies
    Legall Insurrection ^ | 1/11/2012 | William Jacobson
    Politico has a story about Newt agreeing not to go after Romney any more about Bain, and Newt was just on Hannity’s radio show on the issue. (I’ll post the audio if I can get it.) Newt said there are three or four instances where the record is really bad and Romney needs to defend it. Newt said the challenge is not to the model but how Romney acted in specific instances, and how odd it is that Romney runs on his business record but doesn’t want to discuss the record. Newt made the point that it is impossible to...
  • Obama: Republicans Want to Emulate China, Roll Back Minimum Wage, Prevent Unionization

    01/10/2012 10:51:06 AM PST · by Sub-Driver · 26 replies
    Obama: Republicans Want to Emulate China, Roll Back Minimum Wage, Prevent Unionization By Fred Lucas January 10, 2012 Subscribe to Fred Lucas's posts ( – President Barack Obama accused Republicans of wanting to make America more like China, of seeking to roll back the minimum wage and of wanting to prevent collective bargaining and said the GOP wants to “get rid” of clean air and water rules. Obama made the comments Monday at a campaign fundraiser at the Capital Hilton in Washington on the eve of the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary. “Republicans in Congress and these candidates, they think...
  • The Problem With The Occupy Wall Street Generation

    12/06/2011 6:51:16 AM PST · by Kaslin · 18 replies ^ | December 6, 2011 | John Hawkins
    Playing baseball games without keeping score. Parents not allowed to cheer for one side or the other at basketball games. Refusing to use red ink to grade tests because it's too jarring. No dodgeball. Participation trophies. Telling kids, "You're special," without their doing anything to show they're special. Newsflash: You may be special to God, your mommy, and your teacher just because you were born, but the rest of us aren't impressed. The world doesn't owe you a living, a promotion, or any special consideration at all. The people who tell you otherwise are doing it because they think you're...
  • Occupy NOLA sweep a success, Mayor Mitch Landrieu says

    12/06/2011 11:23:50 AM PST · by BBell · 15 replies
    The Times-Picayune ^ | December 06, 2011 | Brendan McCarthy
    Mayor Mitch Landrieu and other city leaders deemed the sweep of Duncan Plaza and eviction of protestors a success Tuesday morning, just hours after New Orleans police disbanded the high-profile encampment. In a move that had been forecast for days, dozens of officers fanned out across the public square in an early morning operation, forcing out more than a hundred people, some of whom were homeless, and others who identified with the "Occupy NOLA" movement.Landrieu, speaking at a City Hall news conference, said he thought the police sweep was "well-timed and well-organized." One person was arrested, while dozens of others...
  • Occupy Hartford Protesters Told To Vacate Site By 6 P.M.

    12/06/2011 9:18:24 AM PST · by Biggirl · 9 replies ^ | December 6, 2011 | Jenna Carlesso And Steven Goode
    HARTFORD —— City officials say Occupy Hartford protesters must leave their encampment at the corner of Farmington Avenue and Broad Street by 6 p.m. Tuesday. Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts said protesters camping at the area they've named Turning Point Park have been notified that they risk being arrested after the deadline passes. "I don't anticipate any trouble, but I will take appropriate corrective action," Roberts said.
  • Farm advocates encourage Sen. Bob Casey to level playing field for small farmers

    09/28/2011 8:33:12 PM PDT · by JerseyanExile · 14 replies
    The Express-Times ^ | September 27, 2011 | Lynn Olanoff
    John Place wanted to get in to the commercial milk business when he opened his dairy farm in 2007 in Moore Township but found it wouldn’t be worth it. Small-time farmers got so little back on the sale of milk that he wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. Place and his wife, Amanda, instead have developed a business selling raw milk, cheese and grass-fed beef from the Route 248 farm called Keepsake Farm & Dairy. The couple's raised awareness today to make national agriculture policy more equitable to small farmers like them. Farmers and their advocates in Bethlehem, Harrisburg...
  • Range Resources fires back in N. Texas water dispute {Nat Gas in Water}

    07/20/2011 3:02:51 PM PDT · by thackney · 8 replies
    Fuel Fix ^ | July 19, 2011 | Tom Fowler
    Ft. Worth-based Range Resources’ ugly legal battle with some North Texas landowners and the EPA over alleged groundwater contamination has taken a new turn, with the firm filing a counter-claim against the landowners. In 2010, Steven and Shyla Lipsky of rural Parker County complained to the Texas Railroad Commission — the agency that oversees drilling in Texas — about natural gas in their water well. The couple believed it was caused by drilling at two nearby Range gas wells. The Lipsky’s hired a Flower Mound-based firm, Wolf Eagle Environmental, to do water and air testing. Alisa Rich, the owner, encouraged...
  • Fed’s Hoenig: Easy Money And Too-Big-To-Fail Must End

    02/24/2011 11:02:21 AM PST · by FromLori · 9 replies
    WSJ ^ | 2/23/2011 | Luca Di Leo
    Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President Thomas Hoenig on Wednesday said the U.S. central bank was risking a new financial crisis with its easy-money policies and urged regulators to break up the biggest banks. Hoenig, one of the Fed’s most outspoken internal critics, warned monetary policy should be tailored “so you don’t overshoot and cause the next crisis.” The maverick Fed official was also sharply critical of the regulatory overhaul passed last July, saying the risks to the U.S. economy from the largest financial institutions are even worse following the approval of the Dodd-Frank law. Hoenig’s remarks are likely...
  • 67% of Americans Are Dissatisfied With The Size And Influence Of Major Corporations

    02/04/2011 7:58:40 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 60 replies
    The Economic Collapse ^ | 02/04/2011 | Michael Snyder
    The American people are becoming increasingly angry about the extraordinary amount of power and influence that corporations have in the United States today. A new Gallup poll found that 67 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the size and influence of major corporations in the United States today. Not only that, the most recent Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index found that only 26 percent of Americans trust our financial system at this point. The mainstream media is acting as if this is a new phenomenon, but the truth is that a dislike of giant corporations goes all the way...
  • The socialist president plays host to capitalism

    12/15/2010 7:21:22 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 10 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | December 15, 2010 | Dana Milbank
    The titans of American industry were all assembled at the White House complex Wednesday. There was Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. There was Kenneth Chenault, the chairman of American Express. And there was Barack Obama, the sometimes owner of General Motors, Chrysler, Citibank, Bank of America, AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The president's advance team handled it like a state visit. The Secret Service shut down Lafayette Square as the CEOs huddled inside Blair House -- where foreign dignitaries often stay. The U.S. Park Police were mounted, the presidential limousines were idling, and men with scary-looking weapons stood...
  • Pressured to donate to United Way

    12/02/2010 6:54:35 AM PST · by Ro_Thunder · 79 replies
    Vanity | 02 December 2010 | Self
    So, my place of employment has been pressuring us with high-profile donation campaigns for a month or so. Now, I'm getting emails from the Chairman of the Board who has pledged a one-for-one dollar donation, and wants me to be a first time donor. I have several problems with this, mainly that the United Way nationally does fund Planned Parenthood. Now, locally they say they do not. However, United Way says you can make donations to specific charities. The issue I have with that is does United Way take something of the top for handling these donations? If so, why?...
  • 200 top American CEOs coming with Obama (on trip to India)

    11/03/2010 6:22:02 AM PDT · by autumnraine · 90 replies · 2+ views
    Economic Times India ^ | 11-03-2010 | Times India
    WASHINGTON: With trade high on his agenda, some 200 odd top US business chiefs, including soft drink giant Pepsico's India-born CEO Indra Nooyi , are expected to join US President Barack Obama on his India visit next month. Also expected are Honeywell CEO David M Cote, who co-chairs the India-US CEO Forum with Tata group chairman Ratan Tata . So is Terry McGraw, CEO of leading publishing house McGraw Hill, who took over from Nooyi as the chairman of the US Indian Business Council , representing 300 top US companies last June. Two more of 12 US forum members, Louis...
  • Jon Stewart’s rally raises questions about comedian’s role (Coca-Cola sponsors HuffPo buses)

    10/29/2010 11:51:08 AM PDT · by jimbo123 · 91 replies · 1+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 10/29/10 | Michael Calderone
    Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck have a few things in common. The liberal and conservative cable hosts each described their respective rallies on the National Mall—whether to "restore honor" or "restore sanity"—as nonpolitical events. Neither walks in lockstep with Democrats or Republicans. And both often claim to simply be entertainers, while at the same time never shying away from weighty subjects like the economy and terrorism. -snip- Now the Huffington Post has lined up 212 buses leaving from the Mets Citi Field at 6 a.m. Saturday. (The buses will be equipped with snacks and drinks donated by Pom Wonderful, Stonyfield...
  • Hilarious video of sexual harassment meeting from the TV show "NCIS"
  • Former CNBC Reporter: GE CEO Immelt Meddled in Network's Editorial Coverage

    09/14/2010 1:47:36 PM PDT · by Rufus2007 · 48 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | September 13, 2010 | Jeff Poor
    This could confirm what many suspected all along - the corporate heads at General Electric (NYSE:GE) would try to use their media holdings to portray President Barack Obama and his administration in a positive light in order to gain a corporate advantage. That's how former CNBC reporter and current Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino explains it in his forthcoming book, "Bought and Paid For: The Unholy Alliance Between Barack Obama and Wall Street." According to Gasparino, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt had "helped his company feast off of the subsidies of Obamanomics," including the green energy initiatives and health...
  • Boycott Progressive Insurance

    09/13/2010 9:14:39 AM PDT · by Signalman · 38 replies
    Moonage Political Widsdom ^ | 9/10/2010 | unk.
    This is a heads up regarding Progressive Auto Insurance. You know who they are. They’re the ones with the clever television ads featuring the perky brunette actress all dressed in white. What you might not know is that the chairman of Progressive is Peter Lewis, one of the largest funders of the left in America . He’s your typical rich spoiled kid who took over the company from his father and apparently feels “guilty” for his success and now dedicates himself to making it impossible for anyone else to become wealthy. Between 2001 and 2003, Lewis funneled $15 million to...
  • Co-op refuses to serve soldier after return from Afghanistan - because he was still in uniform

    08/06/2010 11:42:41 AM PDT · by happygrl · 47 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | August 6, 2010
    A hero soldier who had just arrived home from a tour of Afghanistan was refused service at a supermarket after being told they didn't serve people in army uniform. Sapper Anthony Walls, of the 21 Engineer Regiment, popped into the Co-op in Croydon for some beers after a gruelling 34-hour journey from Kandahar. The 27-year-old, said it was his 'first hour back in the real world' after dodging Taliban bullets for the past four-and-a-half months helping build 'the most dangerous road in Afghanistan'. But when he arrived at the till to pay he was met with a blank stare from...
  • Target apologizes for donation (after gay activists go nuts)

    08/05/2010 11:22:11 AM PDT · by Maelstorm · 30 replies ^ | Aug. 5, 2010 | By BRIAN BAKST
    ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Target Corp. is apologizing for a political donation to a conservative group that angered some employees and sparked talk of a customer boycott. Chairman and Chief Executive Gregg Steinhafel wrote to employees on Thursday to say the company was "genuinely sorry" that the donation upset some employees. Steinhafel also said Target would set up a review process for future political donations. Target gave $150,000 to MN Forward, a group that is running ads for a Republican gubernatorial candidate who opposes gay marriage. Read more:
  • Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch: Pro-Amnesty.

    06/24/2010 2:05:15 PM PDT · by patriotgal1787 · 13 replies
    The Radio Patriot ^ | June 24, 2010 | Andrea Shea King
    [youtube=] Tonight on The ANDREA SHEA KING Show at 9p ET we'll be talking about it. It? Yep. Take a look... William Gheen of ALIPAC will join us at the top of the hour. Don't be late. News Owner Rupert Murdoch Pushes for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens by William Gheen President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC www.alipac.usJune 24, 2010 A big question has been answered for those of us wondering why very few of the leaders of organizations fighting against illegal immigration are on Fox News anymore. The last time I was on FOX was on Sunday...
  • 'Homo Depot'? Chain hosts kiddie crafts at 'gay' fests

    06/24/2010 12:39:14 PM PDT · by surroundedbyblue · 43 replies · 1+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 06/23/2010 | Chelsea Schilling
    Is Home Depot seeking to introduce children to the homosexual lifestyle? The home-improvement giant has sponsored yet another "gay" pride event and provided children's craft workshops "in the midst of loud and boisterous gay activities" at the 2010 Southern Maine Pride Festival in Portland, Maine, according to the American Family Association. Home Depot logo spotted in numerous locations at 2010 Southern Maine Pride Festival in Portland. (Photo: Southern Maine Pride public Facebook page)
  • Macy's department store showcases drag queen in downtown store for "gay pride week" fashion show

    06/18/2010 10:41:29 AM PDT · by massmike · 20 replies · 570+ views ^ | 06/18/2010 | n/a
    Macy's Department Store in Boston has broken new ground in its cutting-edge support of "gay pride" and the homosexual / transgender movement. As an official "Gay Pride Week" event, Macy's downtown Boston store held a fashion show MC'd by a well-known Boston drag queen. "Jujubee" is a man who dresses as a woman and performs at various drag queen and cross-dressing events. (And it's been holding similar celebratory events in 16 cities nationwide, according to a company spokesman in our video!) The event was open to the public, held in the men's department of the downtown Macy's store, and widely...
  • Despite Content Purge, Pornographic Images Remain on Wikimedia (George Soros funds Wikipedia)

    06/08/2010 8:06:55 PM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 4 replies · 58+ views
    Fox News ^ | May 10, 2010 | Jana Winter
    Despite efforts by Wikipedia's parent company to rapidly purge porn from its servers over the weekend, the original images that the online encyclopedia's co-founder reported to the FBI are still up on the site — along with an entire category called “nude children” and other photos of naked children. Last week, asked dozens of Wikimedia Foundation’s corporate donors — including Microsoft, Google, Best Buy, Ford Foundation, Open Society Institute, USA Networks and Yahoo! — for comment about the vast pornographic content on the company's educational servers. (The Wikimedia Foundation is the tax-exempt nonprofit behind Wikimedia Commons and its Wiki...
  • NFL confiscates jerseys from Laurel Mall store

    06/08/2010 8:14:43 AM PDT · by Born Conservative · 27 replies · 43+ views
    Officials with the National Football League's Licensing Department removed jerseys from the Laurel Mall store where an autograph session involving four Philadelphia Eagles players was abruptly canceled Saturday, according to the store owner's wife. "The licensing department came in and took some jerseys," Eva Argo said Monday. "They took jerseys that people had sent to us - vendors and customers. No charges have been filed, as far as I know." However, there is "an ongoing, joint investigation under way" by Pennsylvania State Police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement into The Sports Scene, according to Frank Medvesky, a spokesman for the...
  • NBC Partners With Castro's Intelligence

    06/03/2010 7:50:38 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies · 310+ views ^ | June 2, 2010 | Humberto Fontova
    Three times last week CNBC aired an hour-long special titled “Escape from Havana. “  “Between 1960 and 1962, more than 14,000 Cuban children were secretly flown to the United States to escape Fidel Castro, “reads the catchy CNBC teaser.  “Today, many of the Pedro Pans have thrived in America… Each has walked a long road and fought to overcome profound obstacles on their way to the American dream.  In our documentary, you’ll meet a big-city mayor, an accomplished author, a singer, an activist, a professor, and a business leader. They were all part of a secret and improbable plan to...
  • Fiorina Approvingly Cites Her Work With Jesse Jackson

    06/01/2010 8:10:46 PM PDT · by pissant · 17 replies · 458+ views
    American Spectator ^ | 1/22/10 | Phil Klein
    Via Red State, I find disturbing audio of California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, speaking in glowing terms about Jesse Jackson, who she did work with while at Hewlett Packard. Here's what she had to say: "And I thought about something that the Reverend Jesse Jackson said to me several years ago. He very graciously came to the offices of Hewlett Packard to visit me, because we were doing some work together for his Rainbow Coalition. And he said to me, 'You know, Carly, every game is better when everybody gets to play.' And I thought it was such a...
  • Ex-gay makes speech at PepsiCo shareholders meeting:"Stop funding hateful gay activist group!"

    05/13/2010 12:21:05 PM PDT · by massmike · 24 replies · 857+ views ^ | 05/13/2010 | n/a
    The ex-gay movement is gaining momentum. Last week Greg Quinlan, a former homosexual and one of the leaders of PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays), gave a powerful speech before the PepsiCo Board of Directors at the at the Pepsi's shareholders meeting. Greg told PepsiCo to stop funding homosexual activists groups that promote hate against people like him and organizations like PFOX. PepsiCo is one of the nation's major funders of the radical homosexual movement. In particular, they fund PFLAG, which is a hardcore group that organizes across the country in liberal churches and also targets children in...
  • Recruiting 101: How Target Attracts Women, Black Talent

    05/06/2010 8:18:36 AM PDT · by flowerplough · 25 replies · 680+ views
    DiversityInc ^ | 3 May | Zoppo
    With about 1,700 stores spread across 49 states, the talent-acquisition team at Target might say it's difficult to recruit underrepresented groups in regions where whites are the majority—especially at its headquarters in Minneapolis. They don't. In fact, women, Blacks, Latinos and associates from other underrepresented groups made up 22 percent of Target's nearly 28,000 salaried positions in the United States last year. That's because Alicia Petross, diversity team talent manager at Target (No. 40 on The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity® list), and her staff take a methodical approach to talent acquisition that ensures the company attracts the best...
  • Democrats haunted by corporate ties

    04/21/2010 10:46:46 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 20 replies · 610+ views ^ | April 21, 2010 | JONATHAN ALLEN & EAMON JAVERS
    President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats are promising a climactic clash with Wall Street, but there’s a complication in their battle plan: The Democratic Party is closer to corporate America — and to Wall Street in particular — than many Democrats would care to admit. Former White House counsel Greg Craig has just signed on as an institutional Sherpa for Goldman Sachs, the iconic financial firm facing fraud charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Former House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt lobbies for Goldman Sachs, Visa and the coal industry. Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle — Obama’s first choice...
  • United Way Question (Vanity)

    10/06/2009 10:19:09 AM PDT · by South Hawthorne · 74 replies · 1,988+ views
    None | Oct. 6, 2009 | Owl_Eagle
    Hi folks, I’m sure some of you can help me out with this problem: My jerk boss has appointed me to help collect donations for the United Way, and there’s really not a way out of it. I was hoping to collect information related to the wonderful things they do, like misuse of charitable funds, black listing the Boy Scouts because they wouldn’t allow homosexual men to take boys on overnight camping trips, etc. Does anyone have more info that might be helpful in me driving my unit’s pledge total to $0 this year?
  • Ice cream company fetes gay marriage

    08/31/2009 10:15:32 PM PDT · by ConservativeStatement · 53 replies · 2,019+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | September 1, 2009 | Jerry Kronenberg
    Ben & Jerry’s is temporarily renaming popular “Chubby Hubby” ice cream “Hubby Hubby” beginning today to celebrate the start of legalized gay marriage in its home state of Vermont. “The legalization of marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Vermont is certainly a step in the right direction, and something worth celebrating with peace, love - and plenty of ice cream,” Ben & Jerry’s CEO Walt Freese said in announcing the sugary switch.
  • Corporate Shills for Hope and Change

    08/21/2009 10:03:15 AM PDT · by khnyny · 4 replies · 664+ views ^ | August 21, 2009 | Michelle Malkin
    Money from pharmaceutical firms and health care companies is dirty, evil, and corrupting – except when key members of Team Obama are pocketing it. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs derides grass-roots opponents of socialized health care as industry-funded lackeys with questionable motives and conflicts of interest. But what about the corporate shills at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Two weeks ago, the White House embraced $150 million in drug industry ads supporting Obamacare. This week, Bloomberg News reported that White House senior adviser and chief campaign strategist David Axelrod’s former public relations firm, AKPD Message and Media, has raked in some $24...