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    12/06/2016 7:43:49 PM PST · by granada · 41 replies
    The Inquisitr ^ | December 6, 2016 | Christine Beswick
    A fury to stop Donald Trump from becoming the next President of the United States has been in place since Election Day. It’s not just happening at the general population level either. In addition to the multiple petitions, multiple international protests, there are protests happening at the Electoral College level. This week, two Electoral College members from Texas have gone public to say they can not in good conscience vote for Donald Trump when the Electoral College meets on December 19. The New York Times published an Op-Ed from one this week, with Republican Christopher Suprun writing, “I am asked...
  • Westboro Baptist Church Leader Fred Phelps a Democrat

    03/19/2014 12:58:04 PM PDT · by celmak · 45 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | 03/18/2014 | Paul Bois
    The founder of Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, notorious for leading hateful protests against gay rights, is actually a Democrat with long history of endorsing Democratic candidates. On Tuesday, Politico provided some background on Phelps' political history, most of which saw him endorsing Democrat candidates and running for office a number of times as a Democrat. In the 1990's, Phelps ran in three Kansas Democratic primaries for Governor in 1990, 1994, and 1998, receiving only 15% of the vote. He also ran for Senator in 1992, receiving 31% of the vote, and for mayor of Topeka in 1993 and 1997....
  • Clinton campaign sends legal warning on ads claiming she's 'under investigation'

    11/07/2016 12:26:28 PM PST · by Hadean · 44 replies
    CNN Politics ^ | Nov. 7, 2016 | Evan Perez, CNN Justice Correspondent
    (CNN)Hillary Clinton's campaign sent cease-and-desist letters to broadcasters advising that they shouldn't air ads from pro-Donald Trump PACs that include the claim that Clinton is "under investigation by the FBI." The letters were dated Sunday, the same day the FBI announced that it was sticking by its conclusion that no charges were recommended against Clinton following completion of a review of recently discovered emails belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedin. "These ads falsely claim Secretary Clinton is under investigation by the FBI," said the letter from Marc Elias, general counsel for the Clinton campaign. A copy of the letter was...
  • BREAKING: Ex-Apprentice #SummerZervos Paid $500,000 By @GloriaAllred To Accuse Trump (trunc)

    11/03/2016 12:45:23 PM PDT · by Truth29 · 117 replies
    GotNews ^ | November 3, 2016 | Charles C. Johnson
    The Apprentice loser and Trump “fake rape” accuser Summer Zervos was bribed $500,000 by Democrat fundraiser and lawyer Gloria Allred to make her accusations against Donald Trump, a deal that was shopped around to other ex-Apprentice contestants too, according to anonymous sources familiar with the matter. GotNews’ source tells us that Zervos’ sexual harassment accusation against Trump is a “completely fabricated hoax.” Zervos was paid half a million dollars by Gloria Allred, which is being paid out “slowly over time” according to our source.
  • BREAKING: In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks

    10/17/2016 9:18:56 AM PDT · by WmShirerAdmirer · 80 replies
    Project Veritas Action James O'Keefe ^ | October 17, 2016 | mes O'Keefe Project Veritas
    BREAKING: In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign. The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called birddogging. A shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton's Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations are revealed. A key Clinton operative is on camera saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherf---er.
  • Fake Groping Victim Used Velvet Underground Song to Describe Trumped-Up Attack

    10/13/2016 5:03:25 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 93 replies ^ | 10-13-2016 | Jim Hoft
    REMEMBER: NEVER – EVER TRUST THE MAINSTREAM DEMOCRAT MEDIA! The hacks at The New York Times released a hit piece on Donald Trump tonight. (Gee, who could have seen that coming!?!)In their article a woman says she was groped by Donald Trump.In his 70 years of being in the media spotlight Donald Trump HAS NEVER been accused of groping or assaulting a woman. But their candidate Hillary needs some assistance.So The New York Times ran with the hit piece, anyway.Too bad they got punked.The woman in their story fed them lines from a Velvet Underground song. Oh-My-God!Via Mike Cernovich:She took...
  • The Democrats are in mega-panic mode

    10/09/2016 5:35:14 AM PDT · by cotton1706 · 66 replies ^ | 10/9/16 | Arnold Cusmariu
    Why did senior Clinton campaign officials order their dirty tricks team to release the Trump tape this past Friday instead of the Friday before Election Day? Dr. Lifson answers: The leak of an old hot mic recording of a private conversation between a TV host and Trump probably was originally scheduled for the Friday before Election Day. But the Wikileaks revelations about Hillary could not be allowed to dominate the weekend pre-debate chatter. An alternative explanation: The Clinton campaign believes that waiting to release the tape until the Friday before Election Day would be too late. The campaign believes that...
  • (Vanity) Trump Under a Microscope? Let’s Do the Same for JFK, LBJ, and BJ

    10/09/2016 5:11:56 AM PDT · by canuck_conservative · 25 replies*/index ^ | Sunday, October 9, 2016 | cc
    See what a difference selective media coverage makes to your perception? At least Trump was only talking. How many women were actually used, molested, raped, their lives ruined by three Democratic Presidents that continue to be portrayed as heroes? And Clinton's still doing it, hanging around pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his Orgy Island, but Big Media won't cover that. Or the 800-lb. gorilla that is Hillary's long list of documented lying, lawbreaking, and contempt for the public. No, moral outrage is only reserved for Republican candidates.
  • GOP Paying Legal Bills of Bush Official

    08/11/2005 2:04:30 AM PDT · by Leroy S. Mort · 14 replies · 605+ views
    AP ^ | Aug 11, 2005
    WASHINGTON (AP) - Despite a zero-tolerance policy on tampering with voters, the Republican Party has quietly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide private defense lawyers for a former Bush campaign official charged with conspiring to keep Democrats from voting in New Hampshire. James Tobin, the president's 2004 campaign chairman for New England, is charged in New Hampshire federal court with four felonies accusing him of conspiring with a state GOP official and a GOP consultant in Virginia to jam Democratic and labor union get-out-the-vote phone banks in November 2002.A telephone firm was paid to make repeated hang-up phone...
  • NY Attorney General sends cease and desist order to Trump Foundation

    10/03/2016 10:06:19 AM PDT · by DCBryan1 · 66 replies staff | @CNBC ^ | 1202 CST 03 OCT 16 | staff | @CNBC
  • Newsweek's Trump-Cuba Story Lacks Perspective

    09/30/2016 2:37:13 AM PDT · by blueplum · 10 replies
    Newsmax ^ | 30 September 2016 | Mauricio Claver-Carone
    This morning, Newsweek published a rather sensationalist (and hypocritical) story on Trump's involvement with a consulting firm that took a scouting trip to Cuba in 1998. Here's the gist. Trump's company apparently hired a consulting firm, Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corporation ("Seven Arrows"), to do a scouting trip to Cuba in 1998. Months after, Seven Arrows billed Trump's company over $68,000 for the trip. In the late 1990s — like today — the Bill Clinton Administration was licensing and encouraging U.S. companies to take scouting trips to Cuba, with the hope they would return and lobby Congress to ease...
  • Anti-Trump Republicans to launch swing-state ad buy

    08/27/2016 9:34:51 PM PDT · by Ray76 · 100 replies
    Politico ^ | Aug 27, 2016 | Kyle Cheney
    Anti-Trump Republicans are preparing to launch a broadcast TV ad in a handful of swing-state suburbs urging Donald Trump to quit the presidential race so the party can replace him with a more electable nominee. The ad, titled "Keep Your Word," features footage of Trump during the Republican primary in which he suggested he'd drop out if he saw his poll numbers decline. The 30-second spot is marked for a limited run on broadcast networks in suburban Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Michigan, according to Regina Thomson, a Colorado Republican activist and leader of Free the Delegates, the organization that failed...
  • Trump blasts ANOTHER fire marshal for 'political' interference

    08/01/2016 1:30:33 PM PDT · by SkyPilot · 63 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 1 Aug 16 | David Martosko
    Trump blasts ANOTHER fire marshal for 'political' interference after thousands are left outside his rally despite massive empty spaces inside Fire marshal in Columbus, Ohio cut off Donald Trump's crowd at 1,000 Cavernous exhibit hall was only half-used, and massive empty spaces remained insideTrump claimed he was being discriminated against 'purely for political reasons ' and asked if the mayor is a Democrat 'We could've had four, five, six thousand people. They’ve all been turned away. It's a disgrace,' he added Trump also slammed a fire marshal in Colorado last week for shutting the door on him and forcing people...
  • Leaked Emails Show DNC Officials Planned Anti-Trump Protests (Sent Interns To Staff Them)

    07/24/2016 3:34:56 AM PDT · by Strac6 · 83 replies
    Dailly Caller ^ | Alex Pfeiffer
    The release of Democratic National Committee emails by WikiLeaks Friday reveals that DNC officials planned anti-Donald Trump protests. In multiple emails DNC officials sign off and acknowledge the existence of two anti-Donald Trump protests in South Bend, IN. and Billings, MT. The release of nearly 20,000 emails is the first in a WikiLeaks “Hillary Leaks” series. On April 29, a DNC press staffer, Rachel Palermo, alerted Eric Walker, deputy communications director, about a Facebook page for an anti-Trump protest on May 2 in South Bend. “Whoo! Thanks to our interns for finding this out.” Walker replies, “I like it, as...
  • No, The Primary System Is Not Rigged

    04/26/2016 10:52:16 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 98 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 04/26/2016 | George W. Ford
    For the past month, a media narrative has taken hold that something must be done to reform, simplify, streamline, and democratize the delegate selection system of the Republican presidential nomination process. Is our GOP presidential primary system rigged, meaning it is corrupt because it favors the establishment? Is it convoluted, arbitrary, arcane...and too often "voteless"? Is it wrong to allow "Trojan horse" delegates to change their vote on the second ballot of the national convention? Why do we have a separate election for delegates after we vote for candidates? The system is not rigged, convoluted, arbitrary, arcane, or voteless. It...
  • WARNING--CRUZ LACKEYS Are Posting Fake Trump PA Delegate Lists on Twitter

    04/24/2016 11:36:54 AM PDT · by smoothsailing · 102 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | 4-24-2016 | Jim Hoft
    Donald Trump posted an OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN LIST of Trump Pennsylvania delegates on Twitter on Saturday.Voters in Pennsylvania MUST VOTE ON THESE CONFIRMED TRUMP DELEGATES In their district.BUT BE WARNED: There are Cruz vampire lists popping up on Twitter. Be careful of Cruz vampires putting fake lists up. This comes from #Trump website. Check Hannity website too.— susie smith (@gs777gs777) April 24, 2016 This one list from KellerForDelegate website includes candidate Gabriel Keller who is not the original list.Be alert for fake Trump Pennsylvania delegate lists.
  • Stone: Even If Trump Wins 1,237 Delegates, Cruz Could Use "Procedural" Means To take...

    04/21/2016 4:28:44 AM PDT · by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies · 160 replies
    RealClear Politics ^ | April 20, 2016 | Tim Haines
    Trump strategist Roger Stone tells NJ 101.5 radio that even if Donald Trump wins a majority of pledged delegates to the Republican convention, Cruz will utilize "Trojan horse" delegates (who are bound to vote for Trump only on the first RNC nomination ballot) to vote on "procedural" matters in the Rules Committee or Credentials committee to block or disallow certain votes. ROGER STONE: Unfortunately just because Donald Trump gets the 1,237 [delegates needed to win], doesn't mean we aren't going to have a brokered convention. My sources, who are pretty good in the Republican Party, indicate to me that Ted...
  • The return of Roger Stone

    04/19/2016 4:49:36 AM PDT · by markomalley · 34 replies
    CNN ^ | 4/19/16 | Dylan Byers
    Roger Stone loves resilience. It's why the former body builder had Richard Nixon's face tattooed on his broad back. "It's there to remind me that in life, when things don't go your way, you get back in the game," Stone said in an interview with CNN. "Nixon said, 'A man is not finished when he's defeated, he's only finished when he quits.'" When it comes to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential bid, things did not initially go Stone's way. He had one vision for the campaign; Trump had another. But after leaving in August, Stone is back, in a manner of...
  • 2016 Republican Delegate Allocation: WYOMING/ 66% less voted than 2012!

    04/16/2016 10:20:05 AM PDT · by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies · 16 replies
    FHQ Frontloading Headquarters blogspot ^ | December 27, 2015 | Josh Putnam U. of GA professor
    This is #16 in a series that examines the Republican delegate allocation rules by state. The main goal is to assess the rules for 2016 -- relative to 2012 -- in order to gauge the potential impact the changes to the rules along the W-T-A/proportionality spectrum... The RNC recalibrated its rules, cutting the proportionality window in half, but tightening proportionality rules. Those alterations will trigger subtle reactions, other rules changes, particularly the new binding requirement, will be more noticeable.... ...Changes since 2012: As FHQ argued at the outset of the... plan to allocate delegates for 2016, there are only so...
  • Could Donald Trump surrogate Roger Stone be charged with ‘menacing’ GOP convention delegates?

    A conservative activist best known as a crusader against violent video games is lobbying the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) prosecutor’s office to consider a criminal menacing charge against Donald Trump surrogate Roger Stone after he threatened to publicize the hotel room numbers of Republican National Convention delegates who vote for presidential candidates other than Trump. Jack Thompson, who has appeared on “60 Minutes” touting a connection between real-world violence and games like “Grand Theft Auto,” sent a letter on Thursday to prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty, contending that Stone might have violated Ohio laws against menacing and aggravated menacing. The GOP convention...
  • Report: Trump Upset With Aides Over Delegate Failures

    04/02/2016 7:07:48 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 73 replies
    Townhall ^ | April 1, 2016 | Guy Benson
    telling insight into yesterday's speculation-igniting, closed-door meeting between Donald Trump and top officials at the Republican National Committee -- via the New York Times: (GRAPHIC-AT-LINK) It's almost as if surrounding yourself with unsuccessful people actually isn't a wise way to run a presidential campaign, a realization that may belatedly be dawning on Trump. Turning to a new Politico report, is the Republican frontrunner aware of these realities? The math is difficult as it is -- particularly if he loses Wisconsin and especially if his South Carolina delegate haul is actually in some danger. And as we've discussed previously, Team Trump...
  • 5 Reasons Why the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Story Won't Go Away

    04/02/2016 6:34:46 AM PDT · by CreviceTool · 179 replies
    Roll Call ^ | April 1, 2016 | Stephanie Akin
    Despite no proof and lots of denials, the story refuses to die...It’s been a week since the National Enquirer reported that “pervy Ted Cruz” was “caught cheating” with five unnamed women. Cruz and two of the women who have since been identified have vehemently denied the allegations, and no one has presented any evidence. Yet the sordid story has made its mark, even in this sordid campaign season.
  • Trump Ally Roger Stone: ‘The Big Steal is On,’ Tells Supporters to Protest at RNC

    03/31/2016 5:22:49 PM PDT · by drewh · 114 replies ^ | 7:10 pm, March 31st, 2016 | Sam Reisman
    Roger Stone encouraged Trump supporters to rally at the RNC convention in July to prevent the party from stealing the nomination from Trump. “The big steal is on,” Stone averred. Stone, the onetime campaign manager for Donald Trump, continued: “Go to Cleveland. Come to Cleveland. Don’t let the big steal go forward without massive protest. Peaceful, nonviolent protest. So, as they used to say, don’t wait for orders from headquarters. Ride to the sound of the guns. I don’t mean to imply violence on that. I mean: Ride to where the action will be. We have to let the Republican...
  • Roger Stone, blasted by Ted Cruz, working for Kelli Ward?

    03/28/2016 3:47:57 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 25 replies
    The Arizona Republic | March 28, 2016 | Dan Nowicki
    Link only due to copyright issues:
  • Roger Stone Cuban Mistress Crisis AM970 Interview

    03/27/2016 7:49:24 PM PDT · by Sontagged · 141 replies
    YouTube ^ | 3/27/16 | Roger Stone
    AM970 radio interview of Roger Stone on March 27, 2016 4:30 - One of the "mistresses" goes to the Carly Fiorina campaign and soon thereafter, Carly gets a half a million dollar campaign contribution. Now Ted Despises Carly, and Carly despises Ted; can you say 'Hush money'?" 9:30 - "If lying Ted is telling the truth, WHERE is the lawsuit against the Enquirer?" 10:00 - "the allegations (against Cruz) are largely true" 11:30 - "Ted Cruz is a 'George Bush Republican'...supported NAFTA... supported TPP. You liked spending under George W. Bush?... Ted Cruz WROTE that plan. You like our current...
  • UNSTOPPABLE: The Donald Trump Phenomenon – Exclusive interview with Roger Stone

    03/19/2016 4:31:10 PM PDT · by Albion Wilde · 14 replies
    The Victory Report (precious metals and market related news) ^ | March 18, 2016 | Gary Franchi, interviewer
    Video of longtime political advisor Roger Stone. in-depth discussion of the issues in the 2016 campaign, and why Donald Trump is the best candidate for the office of President. Stone is the author of two books concerning the 2016 elections: Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family , and The Clintons' War on Women.
  • Lyin' Ted Cruz BTFO by Roger Stone on Frank Morano's The Answer | #CruzSexScandal | 03/27/2016

    03/27/2016 5:34:50 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 263 replies
    Roger Stone said he would expound on this subject on the radio at 7:05 this morning. Here it is.
  • The Dishonest Trumpeter Narrative: ... (how it works) And all he got was this ZOT!

    03/25/2016 7:57:14 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 271 replies
    FULL TITLE: The Dishonest Trumpeter Narrative: “We Switched from Cruz to Trump After Chicago!” Is a Lie ... When Trump people wage psychological warfare, we must remember that it’s phony and dishonest like the man himself — as I will prove in this post. Let’s go straight to their phony psychological warfare. Trump people have been pushing a narrative that says: “I was for Cruz until he failed to support Trump’s free speech in Chicago on March 11. Now I’m all in for Trump.” This narrative is a lie from top to bottom. First, let’s look at some of the...
  • Donald Trump’s vile response to fake #CruzSexScandal smear piece; Michael Savage responds

    03/25/2016 4:32:28 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 96 replies
    New Zeal ^ | March 25, 2015 | Renee Nal
    A disgusting article at the National Enquirer claims Ted Cruz cheated on his wife, which evidently spawned the hashtag #CruzSexScandal. The allegations, of course, are fake. And this author will eat her car if proven wrong. That is a promise.On Facebook, Donald Trump responded to the fake story by saying he did not read it, and in his typical statesman-like manner continued: “Likewise, I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence.” Not surprisingly, National Enquirer CEO David Pecker...
  • Trump Tower showdown: Thousands plan confrontation (Sat 19 Mar)

    03/18/2016 9:18:44 AM PDT · by PghBaldy · 102 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | March 17 | Dougls Ernst
    Thousands of anti-Trump activists in New York City claim they will converge on Trump Tower this weekend to protest the billionaire’s so-called “fascist policies.” A Facebook page set up by Cosmopolitan Anti-fascists has roughly 5,000 RSVPs for a protest at the 68-story building hovering over 5th Avenue. The event, which appears to be the Big Apple’s attempt to answer anti-Trump protests March 11 in Chicago, will be held Saturday at noon. Approximately 15,000 people said they are interested in attending.
  • What if?

    03/17/2016 11:00:41 AM PDT · by bboop · 15 replies
    self ^ | 317.2016 | self
    So - what if the whole Trump thing is exactly what they did to George Bush, magnified 1000%? They made him out, in the media, on TV, in the blogs - to be a terrible person that NO ONE in their right mind would support. It was part of their strategy, pre-planning if you will, to make darned sure Obama would be elected and people would be wound up. So now it's Trump this, Trump that, Trump is crazy, Trump is hated by all the leaders of all the free world -- followed by "Obama urges people to unite and...
  • The Art of the Steal… Democrats voting in GOP contests make a HUUGGEEE difference

    03/14/2016 10:42:00 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 92 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-14-16 | Vince
    Back in 2008 Rush Limbaugh had a bit called “Operation Chaos” where he suggested Republicans in Ohio and elsewhere cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democrat primary. The goal was to keep Clinton in the race to blunt the lead of Barack Obama and cause more chaos on the Democrat side. Well, Operation Chaos was pretty much a failure as Obama steamrolled Clinton. While Limbaugh is not calling for an “Operation Chaos” this year, something along those lines is definitely happening… but it doesn’t have anything to do with Hillary Clinton this time, but rather, Donald...
  • John Kasich's Wall Street ties could haunt 2016 bid (2015)

    03/11/2016 12:43:09 PM PST · by jimbo123 · 6 replies
    CNN ^ | 6/8/15 | MJ Lee
    Ohio Gov. John Kasich loves talking about his record in office, his knack for balancing the budget and his controversial decision to back Medicaid expansion. But there's one part of his resume he's less inclined to discuss: the years he spent as a senior executive at Lehman Brothers. Kasich joined Lehman's investment banking division as managing director in 2001, working there until the firm's collapse in September 2008 unleashed global panic and served as the catalyst for the financial crisis. The Republican governor's past work at arguably the most deeply vilified Wall Street firm -- so despised that in the...
  • Ted Cruz Supporter Cheats on Drudge Polls? A Cruzbot Hacks Polls to Boost Cruz's Numbers Over Trump

    03/11/2016 5:24:10 AM PST · by 20yearsofinternet · 64 replies
    Inquisitr ^ | 3/11/2016 | Patricia Villaceran
    After the GOP Debate ended, Drudge Report opened up its polls to get the consensus on who people think won the 12th Republican Debate. However, it has been reported that the poll was hacked and the numbers on Senator Ted Cruz were just generated by a bot. The complaint was first submitted on Reddit, where a user posted a screenshot photo of the alleged incident. The photo showed a filtered result for users in Delaware. The report allegedly had more than 44,000 users in favor of Ted Cruz, while only 140 users voted for Donald Trump. Overall, 99.65 percent users...
  • Trump: "I Hear Rubio is Getting Out"

    03/08/2016 2:53:44 PM PST · by DrewsMum · 147 replies
    KTRH Michael Berry Show ^ | March 8, 2016 | Michael Berry
    Sound/Video Recording of Donald Trump saying he heard that Rubio is getting out of the race.
  • Rubio campaign accuses Cruz of 'dirty tricks' in Hawaii

    03/08/2016 8:00:39 AM PST · by lodi90 · 224 replies
    Politico ^ | 3/8/2016 | Eliza Collins
    Marco Rubio’s campaign is accusing Ted Cruz’s campaign of “using a bogus story from CNN to spread false rumors” that the Florida senator is dropping out of the race. "Senator Cruz is up to his dirty tricks again spreading false rumors and lies. We won't allow him to do to Marco Rubio in Florida what he did to Ben Carson in Iowa,” Rubio spokesman Joe Pounder said in a statement. “Floridians and voters across the country will reject Senator Cruz's campaign of disgusting tactics because they know a vote for Cruz is a vote for Donald Trump." Pounder is referring...
  • Another Republican Candidate To DROP OUT Of Presidential Race!?!

    03/03/2016 10:52:27 PM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyCaptain · 78 replies
    But Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) appears to be ready to drop a bombshell! With no explaination, Rubio abruptly cancelled rallies in Louisiana and Kentucky. Now, political insiders are speculating that Rubio is ready to get out of this race and perhaps throw his support behind fellow Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). As a major Kentucky newspaper noted, the Rubio campaign isn’t giving details on why a rally was cancelled: One day after winning only one of 11 GOP Super Tuesday primaries, Marco Rubio has canceled planned appearances in Kentucky and Louisiana. Tyler Glick, a spokesman for Anne Northrup, Rubio’s campaign chairwoman...
  • Exclusive Audio! Rubio Campaign Manager Plots Brokered ConventionTo Take Nomination From Trump

    03/02/2016 9:17:28 PM PST · by onyx · 96 replies
    Exclusive Audio - Rubio Campaign Manager Plots Brokered Convention In Manhattan Donor Meeting To Take Nomination From Trump Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is plotting to take the Republican nomination away from Donald Trump using surreptitious tactics at a so-called “brokered convention,” according to an audio recording of his campaign manger in a private meeting with high dollar donors in Manhattan obtained exclusively by Breitbart News. Last Wednesday evening in NYC, according to CNN, Rubio campaign manager Terry Sullivan met privately with a group of supporters, top donors to chart Rubio’s path forward heading into Super Tuesday after abysmal performances...
  • Cruz: Trump will 'bargain away' rights

    02/29/2016 10:15:41 AM PST · by SoConPubbie · 17 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 2/28/16 12:08 PM | Daniel Chaitin
    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says he will not "bargain away" certain rights in order to cut deals with Democrats in Congress if he is elected president. "We've had too many deals in Washington. It's why we're bankrupting our kids and grandkids," Cruz told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. That's an attempt by Cruz to distance himself from Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman who says he will cut deals if elected to the White House. "I am not going to compromise on the Bill of Rights," Cruz said. "I'm not going to bargain away your religious liberty. I'm...

    02/28/2016 10:38:01 PM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 186 replies
    Face book ^ | February 28, 2016 | Ben Sasse
    To my friends supporting Donald Trump: The Trump coalition is broad and complicated, but I believe many Trump fans are well-meaning. I have spoken at length with many of you, both inside and outside Nebraska. You are rightly worried about our national direction. You ache about a crony-capitalist leadership class that is not urgent about tackling our crises. You are right to be angry. I'm as frustrated and saddened as you are about what's happening to our country. But I cannot support Donald Trump. Please understand: I'm not an establishment Republican, and I will never support Hillary Clinton. I'm a...
  • Behind Ted Cruz’s Campaign Manager, Scorched Earth and Election Victories

    02/29/2016 6:38:21 AM PST · by McGruff · 33 replies
    NY Times ^ | February 23, 2016 | MATT FLEGENHEIMER
    For weeks, the labels have hung over Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign like dirty laundry: Deceitful. Cynical. Willing to do anything to win. The attacks from Mr. Cruz’s Republican rivals have challenged his core campaign promises of integrity and conservative purity, cresting on Monday when he dismissed his communications director, Rick Tyler, for spreading a misleading video about Marco Rubio’s views on the Bible. “There is a culture in the Cruz campaign, from top to bottom,” a Rubio spokesman, Alex Conant, said, “that no lie is too big and no trick too dirty.”
  • The man behind Ted Cruz’s tricks

    02/29/2016 6:00:47 AM PST · by McGruff · 30 replies
    POLITICO ^ | February 29, 2016 | SHANE GOLDMACHER
    Ted Cruz likes to say “personnel is policy” but the single most important personnel decision he’s made on the 2016 presidential campaign has become his most controversial. Cruz has carefully built his brand on trustworthiness — he stands almost daily in front of signs that read “TrusTED” — but in selecting his campaign manager, Cruz tapped a take-no-prisoners operative well practiced in political dark arts. Those who have crossed Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe, say things like he’s “mean” and a “master of sleazy politics.” He’s also an indisputably talented tactician who has guided Cruz from an asterisk early in...
  • Cruz Accuses Chris Wallace Of Using Trump Oppo Research File, Sparks Fly

    02/28/2016 9:43:27 AM PST · by WilliamIII · 172 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 2.27.16 | Daily Caller
    on Sunday accused Fox’s Chris Wallace of using a Donald Trump opposition research file highlighting what some have described as “dirty tricks” used by Cruz’s campaign against opponents. “Your campaign has been involved in a series of incidents that people are calling dirty tricks,” Wallace said on “Fox News Sunday.” Read more:
  • Man dressed in 'KKK endorses Trump' shirt thrown out of Trump rally

    02/27/2016 2:12:14 PM PST · by dirtboy · 37 replies
    MSN ^ | 2/27/2016
    A man was thrown out of a Donald Trump rally in Oklahoma City after being spotted wearing a shirt with the slogan "KKK endorses Trump". The man wore a white shirt with the slogan crudely written on it, prompting chants and booing from the crowd.
  • The ‘Stump for Trump’ Girls Just Said That Marco Rubio Had ‘A Gay Lifestyle’ In the Past

    02/26/2016 9:08:20 AM PST · by springwater13 · 94 replies
    You know those "Stump for Trump Girls, Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson? Well, in case you don’t follow them on Twitter and didn't get the memo, they were on CNN this morning. As usual, the sisters caused quite a stir with the few minutes they were given. They were invited on to talk about last night's debate, which was a pretty explosive affair. While there, they told Carol Costello that they were fairly sure that Donald Trump's rival Marco Rubio was gay, at least in his past, if not now. Diamond said, "When I look at Marco Rubio,...
  • How Cruz Could Win

    02/26/2016 3:36:16 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 102 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | February 24, 2016 | Jeffrey H. Anderson
    GOP voters are in a fighting mood. They aren't much interested in business-as-usual, political niceties, or even conservative purity. They want someone who will take it to Washington--someone who will go there and fight for change. Unfortunately for the rest of the Republican field, the candidate who voters overwhelmingly think will bring change to Washington is Donald Trump. South Carolina exit polling found that, among the large subsection of GOP voters who most want a candidate who "can bring change," a whopping 45 percent supported Trump, compared with only 19 percent for Ted Cruz and 16 percent for Marco Rubio....
  • Cruz Exposed Trump's Biggest Weakness in a Race Against Hillary

    02/26/2016 1:13:51 PM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 258 replies
    EIB ^ | February 26, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: In terms of substance? I disagree with Chris Wallace. I think there was substance in this debate last night, and depending on what you want -- depending on what you were hoping to see and then what you think going forward -- there's really only one candidate in this debate last night which was chock-full of genuine policy-oriented substance, and that was Cruz. And I happen to know, folks... I hear from people constantly, as you can imagine, and I hear from you even on the phones. But there have been people during the entirety of this campaign who...
  • Ted Cruz torches Donald Trump for 9 minutes in a post-debate interview

    02/26/2016 8:30:40 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 197 replies
    Business Insider ^ | February 26, 2016 | Pamela Engel
    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz kept attacking his rival Donald Trump after they faced off onstage at CNN's Republican presidential debate on Thursday night. In an extended interview on Fox News, Cruz went after the Republican frontrunner. "I think that what became very clear is that Donald Trump is not the right candidate to go head-to-head with Hillary Clinton in November," Cruz said. "That on policy issue after policy issue, his position is identical to Hillary." Cruz cast Trump's policies as in line with those of "liberal Democrats." Trump has previously called himself a Democrat before running for the Republican presidential...
  • Reid mocks Romney over Trump's taxes

    02/26/2016 6:45:30 AM PST · by WilliamIII · 18 replies
    Politico ^ | Feb 25 2016 | BURGESS EVERETT
    Harry Reid spent months attacking Mitt Romney in 2012 for not releasing his tax returns. Now the Democratic leader is at it again, after Romney suggested this week there could be a "bombshell" in Donald Trump's tax returns. An incredulous Reid mocked Romney's statements about Trump's taxes when the Nevadan was asked about them on Thursday. "Ha, ha. (Romney) never gave us his tax returns. Who was the brainchild that got him to do that?" Reid said at a news conference."He gave us a summary. He never gave us his tax returns." Read more: Reid spent months attacking Mitt...
  • A Respectful Appeal to Trump Supporters

    02/26/2016 5:55:06 AM PST · by Kaslin · 167 replies ^ | February 26, 2016 | David Limbaugh
    As a Reagan conservative this is a particularly difficult primary season. We finally have what many of us consider a near-perfect candidate on the issues at a perfect time in our history, but obstacles persist. Admittedly, it's not like America got in this desperate condition accidentally. For decades, we have been electing leaders who have been undermining the American dream, and in the last two presidential elections the majority has virtually furnished what could be the final nails in the nation's coffin. Thankfully, Obama had reverse coattails. His agenda was decisively rejected in both the 2010 and 2014 congressional elections,...