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  • Is This How Straw Polls are won? (Mitt folks buying votes?) [As are the Paultards]

    04/09/2010 10:06:17 AM PDT · by Bigtigermike · 75 replies · 1,175+ views
    CBSNEWS ^ | Friday April 9, 2010
    NEW ORLEANS -- I just wrote about "Evangelicals for Mitt," a group of evangelical supporters of Mitt Romney who are pressing people to support Romney at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll. Afterward, I spoke to a young female delegate who said she planned to vote for Romney in the poll. I asked her how she had ended up at the conference. She said "Evangelicals for Mitt" had contacted her and offered to pay for her to have a limited-access ticket -- so long as she agreed to vote for Romney in the straw poll. Asked how "Evangelicals for...
  • Ohio GLitch gave Bush extra votes

    11/08/2004 5:04:56 PM PST · by sjaccarino · 243 replies · 5,705+ views
    CNN ^ | 11/8/04 | Stephanie Jaccarino
    An error with an electronic voting system gave President Bush 3,893 extra votes in Columbus, Ohio. According to Franklin County’s unofficial results Bush received 4,258 votes compared to Kerry’s 260 votes in a precinct in Gahanna. However, records show only 638 voters cast ballots in that precinct. Bush actually only received 365 votes in that precinct. If this had repeated elsewhere in Ohio, it could have affected the outcome of the election. Workers checked the cartridge in the machine and each showed that 115 people voted for Bush on that machine. With other machines the total for Bush added up...
  • Liberal Bloggers Say Election is 'More Depressing' Than 9/11

    11/05/2004 2:24:13 PM PST · by kattracks · 59 replies · 1,596+ views ^ | 11/05/04 | Nathan Burchfiel
    ( - Bloggers on the liberal Democratic Underground website have overwhelmingly labeled Nov. 3, 2004, the day after Election Day, "more depressing" than Sept. 11, 2001 in a poll of online members. Seventy-two percent of poll takers said they believed the day Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) conceded defeat in the presidential election was more tragic than the day more than 3,000 Americans were killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and on a hijacked plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field. One member, "Big Blue Marble," said "I have...
  • ZOT!! Tough to be a Republican (But hey! How would I know)

    08/05/2004 3:41:53 PM PDT · by ZapLiberals · 75 replies · 2,118+ views
    8/5/2004 | zero
    It's tough to be a Republican. It's tough to be a Republican in 2004, because you are expected to somehow believe all of this. Religion George W. Bush is a Christian, and Christians believe that lying is a sin, but it is okay for George Bush to mislead the public. A president lying about an extramarital affair is an impeachable offense. A president lying about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction to enlist support for an unprovoked, undeclared war, in which tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians die, is "defense". Christians believe in charity toward the poor, but...
  • What is up with the spam FReepmail??? (Vanity)

    02/26/2004 12:02:39 PM PST · by Jim Noble · 109 replies · 223+ views
    self | February 26, 2004 | Jim Noble
    I am getting spam FReepmail about my support (not) of rapes of American servicewomen. I don't even post on those threads. How is this happening, and how can it be stopped?
  • Zot! What is a Troll?

    02/19/2004 7:05:47 PM PST · by omnix · 572 replies · 511+ views
    Thoughts From a Patriot | 02/19/04 | Omnix
    What is a Troll???? I was taught as a young child that a troll is a hideous creature that live under a bridge that wants to harm children. Apparently, there are a few subscribers to Free Republic that consider themselves the Troll Patrol. Some authors of Posts to the Free Republic website are accused of being "Trolls". These people, whom call themselves the Troll Patrol, are trying to intimidate Americans who are wanting to express their thoughts and concerns to keep their thoughts to themsleves. This is an attempt to enforce censorship or pressure someone not to express themselves. I...
  • Kerry Aides: Secret Service Discussions Beginning ('04 Fall Campaign)

    02/11/2004 11:29:07 AM PST · by irgn · 98 replies · 250+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | February 11, 2004 | Healy
    John Kerry's aides say they have begun talking to the Secret Service about protection for the Democratic nomination frontrunner. (Healy, Boston Globe 2/11)
  • ZOT! "Democrats love George Bush!""Democrats Love George Bush!"

    02/12/2004 5:53:29 PM PST · by UCryBabys · 157 replies · 445+ views
    Hehehe....The Republicans can really dish it out but can't take it. They cry like little "Wussies" when they are told the truth! Maybe you guys can support your buddies the Republicans by supplying them hankies for when they start to cry. Oh. Your posts sound more and more like "Fagot Republican Bush Supporters" with your silly comments. I guess Kerry's got you boys squirming now. Ha!Ha!Ha! Now the sorry Republicans are trashing Kerry for being friends with Jane Fonda. Kerry could care less what you clowns think of him.
  • FReep this Time/CNN poll...

    02/09/2004 10:49:45 AM PST · by veronica · 43 replies · 254+ views
    Time Magazine ^ | 02-09-04 | Staff
    Does Bush Have a Credibility Problem
  • ZOT! - An Open Letter from Donald to Saddam

    02/05/2004 1:36:09 PM PST · by NC Yippie · 91 replies · 502+ views
    Dear Saddam, Remember when we first met on that magic night in Baghdad in 1983? You were gassing those wacky Iranians with chemical weapons and having a grand old time, but Ronnie and I just said hey, 'dictators will be dictators' - know what I mean?!! Hahaha. It's a good thing we sold you all those weapons and military equipment that you used in crushing your own people. Lord knows what might have happened if we hadn't stepped in to help you out. What a time it was too! We sold you all kinds of fun things - anthrax, VX...

    01/19/2004 10:47:52 AM PST · by EggsAckley · 75 replies · 2,678+ views ^ | 1-19-2004 | John Wagner
    KERRY APOLOGIZES FOR "DIAPERS" REMARK (01/18/04) U.S. Sen. John Kerry called U.S. Sen. John Edwards late Sunday night to apologize for suggesting Edwards might have been in diapers when he returned from Vietnam, aides to Edwards said. While campaigning in Iowa Sunday, Kerry was asked how he differed from Edwards. Kerry touted his foreign policy experience and said that when he returned home after serving in Vietnam in 1969, "I don't even know if John Edwards was out of diapers." Edwards responded Sunday evening before a stop in Mason City that drew an overflow crowd. "I honor his service in...
  • Stocks Soar on Improved Demand for Kitten Chow

    01/05/2004 7:01:41 AM PST · by Joseph Stix · 87 replies · 769+ views
    wilmington journal ^ | Hazel Trice Edney
    Despite recent reports of an improved economy, hunger and homelessness are on the rise, according to a study of 25 major cities by the U. S. Conference of Mayors. “This survey underscores the impact the economy has had on everyday Americans,” says conference president, Mayor James E. Garner of Hempstead, N.Y. “The face of homelessness has changed and now reflects who we least suspect.” For example, 61 percent of people requesting emergency food assistance in the cities surveyed held jobs. The annual “Hunger and Homelessness Survey,” released in late December, reports that requests for emergency food assistance increased by an...
  • ZOT: Hahahaha! This is too much fun

    01/03/2004 9:27:33 PM PST · by I could start typing anything · 251 replies · 1,796+ views
    Nørsk Fåmily Clåssics ^ | Ingrid Kittensdotter
    <p>It's me Timothy J Toler again. I just keep getting in here don't I? I am like an annoying little bug that you can not destroy. You can ZOT me all you want. I am limitless in this town. You would have to shut down the voicings of the entire conservative redneck city I live in just to stop me.</p>
  • Rush using DU posts to blast Dems

    12/15/2003 10:30:26 AM PST · by Grig · 51 replies · 298+ views
    Rush is reading from DU posts to rip Dean supporters and Democrats as the anti-USA kooks they are. Gotta love it.
  • Rush shuts down DU again!

    12/15/2003 10:30:42 AM PST · by ConservativeMan55 · 489 replies · 1,161+ views
    Rush is quoting posters from DU again. They're server crashed! He was quoting about how posters thought Bush was more of a danger than Saddam!
  • Is anyone else frustrated by the "organization" of the various postings?

    12/08/2003 10:59:27 AM PST · by Abram · 83 replies · 226+ views
    Me | 12/6/2003 | Abram (Me)
    Things that I think should be in the political campaigns are kind of floating around in outerspace. I read a "heated discussion" among various players on the Mel Martinez for Senate string that started because he/she had not searched for like strings and posted without links/research. I like the way DU is organized so that I can find interesting strings without searching for a particular topic. I also like that they have a breaking News section...
  • THE POST: Here's what Democratic Underground didn't want you to see

    11/05/2003 12:56:43 PM PST · by swilhelm73 · 166 replies · 825+ views ^ | 11/05/03 | Andrew Sullivan
    FROM THE 'DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND': A new low for the far left: a post titled, "Why I Hope the Bloodshed Continues in Iraq." I kid you not.  DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND DECIDES TO EDIT: Hmmm. After I linked to a truly hideous posting celebrating bloodshed in Iraq, they take the page down. I should have copied the page. First CBS. Now DU. Shine a light on them and they scram. - 11:42:12 AM  THE POST: Here's what Democratic Underground didn't want you to see: I Hope the Bloodshed Continues in IraqWell, that should bring the bats out of the attic with fangs dripping....
  • ZOT! All the President's votes?

    10/15/2003 12:48:06 AM PDT · by althecat · 110 replies · 497+ views
    The Independent UK ^ | 14 October 2003 | Andrew Gumbel
    All the President's votes? 14 October 2003 A quiet revolution is taking place in US politics. By the time it's over, the integrity of elections will be in the unchallenged, unscrutinised control of a few large - and pro-Republican - corporations. Andrew Gumbel wonders if democracy in America can surviveSomething very odd happened in the mid-term elections in Georgia last November. On the eve of the vote, opinion polls showed Roy Barnes, the incumbent Democratic governor, leading by between nine and 11 points. In a somewhat closer, keenly watched Senate race, polls indicated that Max Cleland, the popular Democrat...
  • ZOT! You are being fleeced

    10/15/2003 10:02:41 AM PDT · by 847184727965B · 441 replies · 1,547+ views
    The calculator | Today | Mikhail
    Jim Robinson is taking his supporters for a huge ride. Even though he's using this ancient perl/CGI format(that has changed 3 times in 6 years), there's no way in hell it costs $260,000 a year to run FreeRepublic unless Robinson is paying himself and his family at least $225,000 a year. Monthly Expenses Bandwidth $2,700 Technical Services 4,000 Administrative 7,500 Legal Expenses 3,000 Estimated Bank Fees, Insurance, Office Expenses, Maintenance and Repairs, Supplies, Travel, misc. 2,200 $2700 a month for bandwidth? What, he has his own dedicated T1/T3 lines? $48,000 a year for "Technical Services?" You could hire three...
  • ZOT! Wisdom of the Father, Folly of the Son

    10/15/2003 1:00:08 PM PDT · by BushsWar · 103 replies · 424+ views
    Newsmax.Com ^ | Oct 11,2003 | Paul Craig Roberts
    Wisdom of the Father, Folly of the Son Paul Craig Roberts Saturday, Oct. 11, 2003 Americans will regret that Bush II did not read his father's memoirs, "A World Transformed." Written five years ago, George Bush Senior explained why he didn't go after Saddam Hussein at the end of the Gulf War: "Trying to eliminate Saddam ... would have incurred incalculable human and political costs. Apprehending him was probably impossible. ... We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq. ... [T]here was no viable 'exit strategy' we could see, violating another of our principles. Furthermore,...