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  • Leaked document from major polling organization tells a different story: Donald is killing it!

    08/19/2016 10:44:01 PM PDT · by · 76 replies
    Oops! This leaked document from a major polling organization tells a different story. The Donald is killing it! Check out this leaked Public Policy Polling document describing the truth regarding what is really happening in the presidential race, in this case in Florida, which is a vitally important battleground state. The testimonial for PPP in the upper right hand corner of their website should tell you all you need to know about the biased, screwed up polling that has been going on in this race. The major polling organizations are clearly in the business of being paid to make a...
  • Alvin Toffler, 'Future Shock' Author Who Predicted Disconnection of Modern World, Dies at 87

    06/29/2016 10:45:30 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 47 replies
    NBC News ^ | JUN 29 2016 | Alex Johnson
    Alvin Toffler, the far-seeing futurist who predicted humanity's rising anxiety with digital and technological progress in his hugely influential 1970 book "Future Shock," has died at the age of 87, his consulting company confirmed Wednesday. Toffler ó who is also credited with having coined the term "information overload" to describe people's struggle to keep up with exponentially expanding data ó died Monday night at his home in Los Angeles, Toffler Associates said in a statement it released at the request of Toffler's widow, Heidi Toffler. No cause of death was given. Alvin Toffler during a talk at the Astrobiology Roadmap...
  • FrancisChurch Dogwhistle Words

    01/03/2016 10:27:14 PM PST · by Arthur McGowan · 25 replies
    Barnhardt ^ | 2 Jan 2016 | Ann Barnhardt
    You may have noticed that pretty much everything Jorge Bergoglio says is a meaningless pastiche of drooling nonsense, punctuated by a core vocabulary of dogwhistle words, and for those of you who have actually heard him speak, the gutteral, slackjawed verbal tick, ‚ÄúEehh?‚ÄĚ You can tell who his drooling sychopants are, because they pick up and conspicuously litter their speech and writing with these dogwhistle words and phrases. For me, these words are now ruined ‚Äď rendered totally unusable by Bergoglio and his fag toadies. Just as no more boys can ever be named ‚ÄúAdolf‚ÄĚ (Sorry Coors family!), these words...
  • Ben Carson says the Terri Schiavo case was ‚Äėmuch ado about nothing‚Äô

    11/13/2015 5:19:57 PM PST · by markomalley · 199 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 11/13/15 | Ed O'Keefe
    Leading Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson believes that federal and state official overreacted in the case of Terri Schiavo, a Florida woman who died in 2005 as her husband and family battled over whether to keep her alive despite her vegetative state.The case roiled the state of Florida and sparked an emotional national debate about the ethics, politics and spiritual significance of her life and death.(snip)After speaking at a Republican Party conference here on Friday, a reporter asked Carson what he thought of the infamous case -- one that Bush speaks about occasionally as he mounts his own presidential campaign."We...
  • The Immigration Solution

    09/25/2015 4:36:16 PM PDT · by brucedavis · 9 replies
    Liberty News Online ^ | 09/25/2015 | Bruce Davis
    Immigration issues have varying effects on the residents of the host countries. I'd like to visit a few of these effects and hopefully get some feedback. One thing that should be made clear is that the current migrant issue is not one of "people seeking asylum". We're talking about millions of people. This is not a family being perecuted and wishing to be exiled, this is much larger than that. Politicians/Religious Leaders keep referring to this issue as an Immigration Issue but that is not what this is at all. Immigration is when someone applies to another country for citizenship....
  • Jim Geraghtyís Off-Kilter 2016 Rundown: Who Really Counts as a Top-Tier Candidate

    01/28/2015 6:22:16 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 27 replies
    National Review ^ | 01/28/2015 | Jim Geraghty
    The First Tier: Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Forget everything youíve heard about him being uncharismatic or a boring speaker ó he wowed the crowds in Iowa this weekend. Heís in the sweet spot, serious and accomplished enough for the ďEstablishment,Ē and indisputably conservative enough for the grassroots. (Rush Limbaugh just declared, ďScott Walker is the blueprint for the Republican party if they are serious about beating the Left.Ē) Heís been tested like few others in the field; the Left threw everything it had at this guy and heís still going strong. Florida senator Marco Rubio. Watch him tear into the...
  • Why Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice Doesn't Mean Climate Change Isn't Happening

    12/06/2014 9:05:00 AM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 134 replies
    Business Insider ^ | December 4, 2014 | by CHELSEA HARVEY
    Antarctic sea ice reached a record high this year, topping 20 million square kilometers (nearly 8 million square miles) in September ó a milestone it hadn't touched since 1979. It's a fact climate change deniers are fond of repeating. If the planet is warming, shouldn't sea ice be melting away rather than growing? It's true that the phenomenon is a confusing one ó but it's no proof that climate change isn't happening. In fact, scientists believe that climate change is actually responsible for the strange events down in the Antarctic. The first thing to note is that sea ice and...
  • Photoshopper Needed, Idea for a new "Coexist" type sign ~ Vanity

    06/19/2014 1:05:43 PM PDT · by GraceG · 26 replies
    So I need someone with a good eye for photoshop. I want to make a BS (Bumper Sticker) that shows our annoyance with the current political crap in DC and mock those stuipid Coexist stickers out on every dumb ass liberal's car. Here is my idea: DRIVEL D - The Democrat Logo D. R - The Republican Elephant shaped into an R. I - The Capital Dome, but a slight bit skinnier. or a teleprompter. V - (not sure on this one Ideas needed) E - The Weird E thing from the Coexist sticker L - The Loser sign using...
  • Obama's Greatest Achievement - Re-Establishing the Soviet Union

    04/22/2014 5:05:01 AM PDT · by moneyrunner · 11 replies
    The Virginian ^ | 4/17/2014 | Moneyrunner
    People who see the world through the lens of domestic politics label ObamaCare as Barack Obamaís signature achievement. They are wrong. Obama has had a much greater, and more ominous achievement in the geopolitical arena. What did Obama really have in mind when he told Medvedev that after his re-election he would have greater flexibility? As he assumed office, the world was uni-polar and the US was the sole superpower. Five years into his Presidency, Iraq is reverting to sectarian warfare and becoming an Iranian client state. Afghanistan is slipping away as fast as American troops are leaving. Egypt was...
  • Poor Paul's Almanac

    04/04/2014 12:25:05 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | April 3, 2014 | Paul Greenberg
    (With apologies to Poor Richard's Almanac -- and a colonial printer named Ben Franklin.) How to cook pasta: The trick is to keep stirring. Whether it helps the pasta is a secondary consideration. The primary purpose is to clear the mind. It gives the cook one simple thing to concentrate on after a day spent dealing with trivia. All of that goes away as you watch and wait for the water to reach a rolling boil before adding the pasta and then slowly, gently whirling it, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then back to ... and all things extraneous evaporate, like...
  • I'm still not convinced Romney is "now" pro-life.

    10/17/2012 11:32:38 AM PDT · by fishtank · 63 replies
    10-17-2012 | me
    Sorry. I am NOT convinced that Romney is "now" pro-life. When Obama led with this statement yesterday: "In my health care bill, I said insurance companies need to provide contraceptive coverage to everybody who is insured. Because this is not just a -- a health issue, it's an economic issue for women. It makes a difference. This is money out of that family's pocket. Governor Romney not only opposed it, he suggested that in fact employers should be able to make the decision as to whether or not a woman gets contraception through her insurance coverage. That's not the kind...
  • The "Obama Phone" Lady vs. Angry White Men with Guns

    10/03/2012 8:00:57 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 37 replies
    Salon ^ | October 2, 2012
    ..............In the Right-wing's dreamworld, the Obama Phone Lady is a "surplus" person with no place in an Ayn Rand fantasy, what is the Tea Party GOP's dystopian soon-to-be made true reality. Culture is also transmitted through historical memory. The white gun shop owner who believes that Obama is a socialist usurper represents a type ofwhiteness that is not benign. While white folks imagine themselves through the lens of white privilege (where they are kind, innocent, and good). For others, Whiteness (and by implication, white people) has been a harbinger of violence, death, destruction, and exclusion. White men with guns who...
  • Steve Jobs: The Secular Prophet

    10/08/2011 6:15:38 PM PDT · by Recovering_Democrat · 39 replies
    WSJ ^ | 10/8/11 | Andy Crouch, editor at Christianity Today
    Steve Jobs turned Eve's apple, the symbol of fallen humankind, into a religious icon for true believers in technology. But can salvation be downloaded? For every magical thing Steve Jobs revealed in his Apple keynote addresses, there were many other things he concealed. Like the devices he created, his life was more and more opaque even while becoming more and more celebrated. So his death this week came as a shock for nearly all of us, even though we knew that only grave illness could be keeping him from the company he co-founded and loved. He told us almost nothing...
  • Confessions of an Ex-Moralist (I worked with this guy, he's as bad as you think)

    08/25/2011 4:01:38 PM PDT · by KosmicKitty · 5 replies
    The New York Times ^ | 8/21/2011 | Joel Marks
    blah, blah, blah Then there is another kind of motive for doing ethics, more practical in nature. So-called applied ethics seeks to find answers for the pressing moral problems of the day. Can abortion ever be justified? Capital punishment? Euthanasia? War? In my case the plight of nonhuman animals at human hands became the great preoccupation. I could think of no greater atrocity than the confinement and slaughter of untold billions of innocent creatures for sustenance that can be provided through other, more humane diets. blah, blah, blah
  • Live Thread: POTUS to speak to country at 1730 ZULU concerning S&P downgrade

    08/08/2011 8:31:48 AM PDT · by DCBryan1 · 794 replies · 2+ views
    08 AUG 11 | dcbryan1
    CNBC just broke in and told the audience that the President has requested airtime and will speak to the nation at 1300hrs EST (12 noon central, 10 AM PST) on the US national debt downgrade.Developing...
  • Wisconsin Power Play

    02/21/2011 8:40:59 PM PST · by Beave Meister · 24 replies
    New York Times ^ | 2/20/2011 | Paul Krugman
    Last week, in the face of protest demonstrations against Wisconsinís new union-busting governor, Scott Walker ó demonstrations that continued through the weekend, with huge crowds on Saturday ó Representative Paul Ryan made an unintentionally apt comparison: ďItís like Cairo has moved to Madison.Ē It wasnít the smartest thing for Mr. Ryan to say, since he probably didnít mean to compare Mr. Walker, a fellow Republican, to Hosni Mubarak. Or maybe he did ó after all, quite a few prominent conservatives, including Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Rick Santorum, denounced the uprising in Egypt and insist that President Obama should have...
  • Pseudoconservatism - The Zot That Endures

    08/07/2010 3:32:59 PM PDT · by fifthcolumnist · 70 replies
    p m carpenter's commentary ^ | 8/6/10 | P.M. Carpenter
    Genuine conservatives would have restrained, as best they could, Democratic proposals to cure what ails us, for genuine conservatives are of course genuinely wary of too much change, too fast. But they would not have made a political game of uniform obstructionism; they would not have toyed with, of all things, unemployment benefits; and they most decidedly would not be advocating trillions in extended tax cuts while in the grips of such looming debt.
  • The "Big Ideas" of Gen. Petraeus (Diana West zings Petraeus of Arabia)

    05/10/2010 11:36:06 AM PDT · by Mister Ghost · 22 replies · 876+ views
    The Death of the Grown-Up ^ | Monday, May 10, 2010 | Diana West
    He did discuss COIN principles, which begin with "securing and serving the people." Not the American people, mind you; but local populations within and of the Islamic world. It is the disastrous vacuousness of COIN doctrine that it ignores the existence of Islamic culture, Islamic law, as I've written many, many times, but it is the disastrous vacuousness of COIN doctrine that now, by the general's telling, influences all US military thinking. Worse than thinking, however, is how COIN doctrine manifests itself in unconscionable rules of engagement predicated on "courageous restraint" as a means, COIN theory goes, to make them...
  • Fantasies old and new (Gene Lyons paraphrased: "American people are stupid" barf alert)

    02/25/2010 9:15:48 AM PST · by DCBryan1 · 12 replies · 385+ views
    Fantasies old and new Gene Lyons The first great rule followed by all American politicians and most journalists is to flatter the people about how smart and savvy they are. The reality, of course, is that much of the electorate is so poorly informed that itís a wonder our political system works as well as it does, which many think is hardly at all. Last week, CNN released a poll showing that 86 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. government is ďbroken.Ē I admit my first reaction was to wonder subversively, ďHow would they know?Ē A contemporaneous Pew survey...
  • An Economist's Invisible Hand

    11/30/2009 1:28:08 PM PST · by the invisib1e hand · 298+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 11/28/09 | John Cassidy
    The winner's name, however, turns out to be much less familiar: Arthur Cecil Pigou (pronounced "Arthur See-sil Pig-oo"). Stepping from the wings, a strapping Englishman with fair, wavy hair and a luxuriant moustache, smiles awkwardly and accepts his prize. A contemporary of Mr. Keynes at Cambridge University, Mr. Pigou was, for a long time, the forgotten man of economics. In the years leading up to his death, in 1959, he was a reclusive figure, rarely venturing from his rooms at King's College. His novel ideas on taxing polluters and making health insurance compulsory were met with indifference: Keynesianism was all...
  • Nothing to fearóyet (Fox News is not a news organization)

    10/29/2009 7:33:12 AM PDT · by DCBryan1 · 18 replies · 936+ views
    Nothing to fearóyet Gene Lyons Nobody should be surprised to see the nationís esteemed celebrity news media align with FOX News against the White House, although even a cynical observer like me found the unanimity mildly shocking. Donít they remember what journalism was supposed to be? Supposedly, the press regulates its own behavior. In reality, thatís been a joke for two decades. ďClaiming the moral authority of a code of professional ethics it idealizes in the abstract but repudiates in practice,Ē I wrote in 2003, ďtodayís Washington press corps has grown as decadent and self-protective as any politician or interest...
  • Black Republicans/Conservatives Have Mental Vitiligo

    08/20/2009 12:27:56 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 21 replies · 1,533+ views
    Vitiligo is a skin disorder that gained notoriety for being the cause of Micheal Jacksonís loss of skin color. I think I have discovered a condition that a lot of Black Republicans/Conservatives seem to have, Mental Vitiligo(M.V.).
  • Told Ya: Baby Mama Bristol Palin Will Remain Single Mother, Splits with Baby Daddy

    03/12/2009 9:12:34 AM PDT · by steve-b · 322 replies · 6,118+ views
    Hate to say it in this instance, but . . . . I told you so. When I wrote a column about how Bristol Palin remains a single mother--a baby mama--and had no legitimate reason to prolong getting married, several worshippers at the alter of St. Sarahmessiah told me I was wrong, that these two kiddie-parents (the Palin daughter and boytoy Levi Johnston) would be married this summer. But, you see, I never believed they'd be married. In fact, I thought their engagement was a fiction put on by the Palin family to help win the Presidential election. And, unfortunately,...
  • Nothing Mobilizes Conservatives Like the Fairness Doctrine

    02/16/2009 12:49:29 PM PST · by fiscon1 · 13 replies · 591+ views
    The Provocateur ^ | 02/16/2009 | Michael Volpe
    There are some issues upon which I pay attention to polls. Universal health care is one such issue. On that issue, I believe, the polls tell the story. Conservatives want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend as though they aren't losing the debate, but the polls generally say different. On other issues, I think that polls are largely irrelevant. The stimulus is one such issue. First, polls are all over the place. Second, those that oppose the stimulus oppose it with a lot more vigor than anyone the supports it. Are we really to believe that all...
  • From Books, New President Found Voice

    02/07/2009 3:07:32 PM PST · by OldBlondBabe · 15 replies · 582+ views
    New York Times ^ | January 18, 2009 | MICHIKO KAKUTANI
    WASHINGTON ó In college, as he was getting involved in protests against the apartheid government in South Africa, Barack Obama noticed, he has written, ďthat people had begun to listen to my opinions.Ē Words, the young Mr. Obama realized, had the power ďto transformĒ: ďwith the right words everything could change -ó South Africa, the lives of ghetto kids just a few miles away, my own tenuous place in the world.Ē
  • Political Speeches (Thomas Sowell)

    01/20/2009 7:26:19 PM PST · by jazusamo · 43 replies · 1,570+ views
    GOPUSA ^ | January 21, 2009 | Thomas Sowell
    If making speeches is one of the tests of a President of the United States, then Barack Obama has passed his first test with flying colors. He has understood the varied constituencies, and the various hopes and fears he had to address. He said the kinds of things that all these constituencies wanted to hear. As a speech, it was the best inaugural address since Ronald Reagan. This is not to judge the substantive merits or demerits of what he said. Anyone who judges any political speech by its substance-- much less by what actions follow-- is likely to be...
  • O Celebration: It's Not Racism

    11/06/2008 11:09:23 AM PST · by foutsc · 21 replies · 1,100+ views
    Nietzsche is Dead ^ | 6 Nov 08 | foutsc
    Black voters turned out in force and voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. General Colin Powell endorsed him. An emotional Condoleezza Rice spoke Wednesday of how excited she was to see this historic event. Some are pointing to this as black racism. That's nonsense, and here's why.We're all aware of the history of race relations in this country. Even those of us who under no circumstances would have voted for Obama can at least breath a sigh of relief: Finally, race is no longer a barrier to the pinnacle of national and world leadership. As a bonus, we can now look...

    08/04/2008 7:25:54 AM PDT · by syriacus · 59 replies · 192+ views
    Daily News Egypt ^ | August 1, 2008 | By Naomi Wolf
    Is it possible to fall out of love with your own country? For two years, I, like many Americans, have been focused intently on documenting, exposing, and alerting the nation to the Bush administrationís criminality and its assault on the Constitution and the rule of law ó a story often marginalized at home. I was certain that when Americans knew what was being done in their name, they would react with horror and outrage.
  • For November 2008 : TO BEE, OR TO BAM ? That's the only Question !

    02/14/2008 4:23:22 PM PST · by Cluster · 16 replies · 63+ views
    USA Nov. 2008 : TO BEE, OR TO BAM ? That's the only Question ! All converging indications confirm that, in fact, the only Real Choice for November is between Huckabee and Obama, the two Charismatic, Youngest, Anti-Establishment and most Popular personalities, who are the real Revelations of 2008 US Presidential Elections. Anything else is a Waste of Time, and an obviously Unpopular Dead-End. It's a confirmed Fact that People move along that line, which can be briefly resumed by the Dillema : "To ..Bee or ..Bam ?"... In particular, GOP must avoid a sly Trap, where all Facts clearly...
  • Thre Golden Compass: Dusted (MTV Movie Review: clutter, confusion, and strangely lacks magic)

    12/07/2007 10:43:59 AM PST · by Mrs. Don-o · 57 replies · 288+ views
    MTV Movie News ^ | December 7, 2007 | Kurt Loder
    Where are Harry and Frodo when you really need them? Here is a magical-mystery movie with everything money can eagerly buy: big-name stars, boffo effects, a story pre-sold in a mass-cult fantasy novel. The only thing "The Golden Compass" lacks, alas, is magic. And its mystery is a little too mysterious. The picture looks great ó director Chris Weitz and his town-size team of digital technicians have created a fantasy world of misty cities, gleaming dirigibles and intricate steampunk gadgetry that really pops. But in attempting to cram as much as possible of Philip Pullman's 400-page novel into a two-hour...
  • Marie Osmond Collapses On 'Dancing With The Stars'

    10/23/2007 12:27:30 AM PDT · by skeptoid · 79 replies · 246+ views
    DRUDGE Report/access hollywood ^ | October 22, 2007 | ?
    Marie Osmond collapsed during the taping of Mondayís ďDancing With the Stars.Ē After she finished the samba with partner Jonathan Roberts, Marie was listening to judge Len Goodmanís critique when she passed out and hit the floor. The show immediately cut to commercial during its East Coast airing. After being attended to, Marie came to and told the crowd she fainted because she wasnít breathing during her dance. ďI forget to breathe. Iím fine thank you,Ē she said after getting back to her feet, drawing rousing applause from the audience.
  • George Clooney: Serious Political Thinker at Large

    09/01/2007 7:09:40 AM PDT · by Mobile Vulgus · 38 replies · 918+ views ^ | 09/01/07 | Warner Todd Huston
    Sometimes, after you read a story from the MSM, you have to sit back and say to yourself, "just what in the heck that was all about?" Such is the case with the AP's latest titled "Clooney: Obama's like a rock star," a story that seems to present George Clooney's political opinion as if he is somehow a respected policy wonk, political pundit, or a well-known intellectual. There is no pretext for this story presenting Clooney's political meanderings and no sensible reason why the AP is presenting his blather as news. The AP just presents it straight forward as if...
  • Google ignores Easter (Resurrection Sunday), just like all other Christian days

    04/08/2007 8:42:04 AM PDT · by nwrep · 194 replies · 4,925+ views
    Google | April 8, 2007 | nwrep
    Once again, Google could find no special graphic to denote Resurrection Sunday. Recall it always has a special graphic for secular fad days (like Earth Day or AIDS day or Women's day).
  • Law and Order Criminal Intent shown 1/2/06 - My first vanity

    01/03/2007 3:14:37 PM PST · by Wicket · 22 replies · 428+ views
    NBC | 1/3/06 | Self
    Did anyone else see this (I turned it off in disgust). Show opens with chainsaw wielding guys threatening another person whose back is turned to the camera. A lady, dressed in slacks and carrying a small video camera, comes into the scene and says they should quit because she's recording them. They threaten her with the chainsaws and start chasing her demanding that she give them the camera. She is discovered badly beaten and dead underneath a metal sculpture of the earth that was supposedly built for a "we are the world" type expo. Long story short, chainsaw maniacs are...
  • Rudy For President

    11/15/2006 3:19:33 AM PST · by The Wizard · 360 replies · 3,282+ views
    Stardate: 0611.15
    They are beginning....the lies and the smears and the awful things that the fools think will turn good conservatives away from Rudy, but I tell you, and I am conservative, Rudy is the guy.....the Man....a leader for America who will hold our values and our heads up and not be scared away by liberals, the media or any tin horn dictator anywhere in the worldWe need a man with values and principles and that man is Rudy G..... they are going to karp about his re marriage, (so what) or the fact that he actually does not agree with every...
  • An Independent Republic Still?

    07/08/2006 11:17:37 AM PDT · by NapkinUser · 42 replies · 891+ views
    HumanEventsOnline ^ | 07/05/2006 | Patrick J. Buchanan
    Two hundred thirty years have elapsed since Jefferson's document was signed in Philadelphia, declaring the 13 colonies to be independent forever of the England of George III. In his Farewell Address, Washington defined independence in a single sentence: "It is our true policy to steer clear of any permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world." Jefferson echoed the father of his country, declaring America's policy to be one of "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none." Adams thought his greatest achievement was that he prevented a naval war with France from degenerating into...
  • 'Road to Guantanamo' is Difficult to Watch [MegaBarf Alert]

    06/23/2006 4:36:26 PM PDT · by Oshkalaboomboom · 23 replies · 499+ views
    AP ^ | 6/23/06 | David Germain
    The filmmakers behind "The Road to Guantanamo" make no effort to present a balanced chronicle of three British Muslims who were held without charges for two years at the U.S. military prison in Cuba. Given the horrifying news accounts of prisoner abuse and the recent suicides at Guantanamo, though, no one realistically can accuse the three young men of overstating the hardship, maltreatment and degradation the film depicts. "The Road to Guantanamo" is a movie that will make Americans feel ashamed to be Americans, or at least ashamed of things done in their name. Yet it's one that Americans should...
  • A Long Road Ahead in Iraq [Barf Alert]

    06/18/2006 2:55:01 AM PDT · by Oshkalaboomboom · 13 replies · 332+ views
    NY Times ^ | 6/18/06 | NY Times Editorial board
    Rather than engage in a serious debate about America's future course in Iraq, President Bush and the Republican Congress have again opted for sound bites and partisanship. Yet all the choreographed posturing and a one-week flurry of good news cannot blot out the larger picture of dubious trends and dismal prospects. Not only is the glass less than half full. The water level, viewed over months rather than days, is not noticeably rising. Take the police. It is meaningless to talk about Iraq's taking charge of its own security when the police forces that patrol its cities and run its...
  • Giuliani Lays Out Energy Strategy in N.Y.

    06/13/2006 8:33:35 PM PDT · by Blackirish · 75 replies · 730+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 6/13/06 | BETH FOUHY
    NEW YORK Stepping up his political visibility as he contemplates a run for president, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani laid out an energy strategy Tuesday that calls for more use of nuclear power and ethanol. Speaking to the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, Giuliani called for a comprehensive effort to wean the nation from petroleum. The Republican said there was no national strategy to do so, but avoided criticizing President Bush and congressional leaders. In his State of the Union address, Bush also called for reducing the nation's reliance on foreign oil, in part through increased use of alternative fuels....
  • US-Russia relations deteriorating sharply, experts warn

    06/06/2006 11:22:15 PM PDT · by vertolet · 113 replies · 1,379+ views
    The Financial Times ^ | June 7 2006 03:00 | Guy Dinmore
    Relations between the US and Russia are deteriorating badly and there is a danger of conflict in the flashpoints of the south Caucasus, according to senior former officials and corporate leaders advising the EastWest Institute (EWI). EWI board members at the think-tank's annual meeting in Charleston were almost unanimous in calling for moves to prevent what one called an emerging "cold peace" between the US and Russia. John Mroz, founder and president of EWI, called the deterioration worrisome. He placed the trend in the context of growing distrust between the major powers, including China, with the world in a state...
  • Arianna Huffington censorship. Ignoring my answers to her lame 20 questions to President Bush.

    04/03/2006 8:31:26 PM PDT · by april15Bendovr · 29 replies · 988+ views
    Answering Arianna Huffingtons 20 Questions 1.) Last week, you insisted: "I didn't want war. To assume I wanted war is just flat wrong... it's simply not true." Yet source after source after source suggests otherwise, including your former Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neil, who has said that invading Iraq was a goal set out at your first National Security Council meeting, just ten days after your inauguration: "It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this.'" Mr. President, is Paul O'Neil lying? Answer-...
  • The Ten-step Marty Haugen song writing pprogram

    03/03/2006 6:02:14 PM PST · by Antioch · 7 replies · 377+ views ^ | Wednesday, March 01, 2006 | The Dumb Ox
    The ten step Marty Haugen song writing program Step one: Make sure that you write your Marty Haugen song in the right environment and setting. It will really help if you put on a Barbara Streisand or an Andrew Lloyd Webber CD; the inspiration they give will really boost your song writing ability. Many Marty Haugen wannabes claim that they personally find Kermit the Frog singing Rainbow Connection a real inspiration in their efforts to follow in the song writing footsteps of the Master. Step two: Think about things like your favourite pet. If you donít have a pet, then...
  • "Company Policy" Frank Gaffney on Port Security on NRO

    02/22/2006 3:53:16 PM PST · by DoNotDivide · 145 replies · 1,755+ views ^ | 2/22/06 | Frank Gaffney
    President Bush's announcement Tuesday that he would support the effort of a United Arab Emirates-owned company, Dubai Ports World, in its bid to take over a lease for part of the Port of New York and other major U.S. seaports ó even to the point of vetoing legislation that would block the deal ó is as regrettable as it is untenable. President Bush has dug in his heels on a fight he surely cannot win. The only political figure of note who has fully supported his position publicly seems to be former President Jimmy Carter ó a salutary reminder of...
  • Dubya and Dubai

    02/22/2006 4:05:26 PM PST · by J. Neil Schulman · 25 replies · 681+ views
    Rational Review ^ | February 22, 2006 | J. Neil Schulman
    Here's what I think is going on with the Dubai Ports World deal to operate five American ports.United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in the Middle East right now, trying to get Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia to force the new Hamas-led government of the Palestinian authority to sign onto the "road map for peace" which would require Hamas to accept a two-state solution recognizing the legitimacy of Israel and renouncing terrorism.† Israel has cut off millions of dollars in funding to the Palestinian Authority because of the Hamas election victory, and Hamas is...
  • On the Question of Free Trade (look who also loved free trade, the enemy of capitalism, Marx)

    01/05/2006 9:44:26 AM PST · by jb6 · 160 replies · 1,123+ views ^ | 9 January 1848
    Works of Karl Marx 1848 Speech to the Democratic Association of Brussels at its public meeting of January 9, 1848 [246] On the Question of Free Trade Gentlemen, The Repeal of the Corn Laws in England is the greatest triumph of free trade in the 19th century. In every country where manufacturers talk of free trade, they have in mind chiefly free trade in corn and raw materials in general. To impose protective duties on foreign corn is infamous, it is to speculate on the famine of peoples. Cheap food, high wages, this is the sole aim for which English...
  • I am an American, of Chinese ancestry, who moved here 3 years ago...

    11/03/2005 1:02:24 PM PST · by Iratus discipulus · 272 replies · 2,198+ views
    November 3, 2005 | A FED UP college student
    I am the odd loner in my community who enjoys hearing tales of our American founding fathers, our heroes and was always completely fascinated by the letter of Sullivan Ballou by the civil war, the human struggle for an ideal they, themselves perhaps know little of... I would not go into detail what promted me to write this, perhaps I needed a channel to spout out my intense discomfort after having to constantly listen to and deal with professors in my college and their utter hypocrisy. I Love this country, I love it personally. I love the people; I love...
  • The Subject Supposed to Loot and Rape: Reality and fantasy in New Orleans

    10/30/2005 6:05:33 AM PST · by billorites · 16 replies · 1,108+ views
    InTheseTimes ^ | October 20, 2005 | Alavoj Zivek
    According to a well-known anecdote, anthropologists studying "primitives" who supposedly held certain superstitious beliefs (that they descend from a fish or from a bird, for example) asked them directly whether they "really" believed such things. They answered: "Of course not--we 're not stupid! But I was told that some of our ancestors actually did believe that." In short, they transferred their belief onto another. We do the same thing with our children by going through the ritual of Santa Claus. Since our children (are supposed to) believe in him and we do not want to disappoint them, they pretend to...
  • Celine Dion on CNN Larry king it's Bush's fault

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    Celine Dion is hysterical!!
  • Intelligent Design Revisited (D Limbaugh)

    08/24/2005 10:47:29 AM PDT · by joyspring777 · 358 replies · 3,076+ views
    Human Events Online ^ | 8-22-05 | David Limbaugh
    On those rare occasions that I write a column touching remotely on science, especially if I depart from the conventional wisdom of the greater scientific community, the contemptuous e-mails fill my inbox. Such was the case a few columns ago when I broached the subject of Intelligent Design (ID) after President Bush indicated his receptiveness to ID theory being taught alongside evolution in the public schools. The hostile e-mailers pointed out what a consummate idiot and criminal trespasser I was for treading on their real estate. They demanded I stick to law and politics, not because I know much more...
  • Harry Potter and the Lavender Brigade

    07/23/2005 6:56:25 AM PDT · by ppaul · 452 replies · 9,582+ views
    VisionForum ^ | 7/23/05 | Douglas Phillips
    As well as being extraordinarily popular, the [Harry Potter] books have encouraged millions of children to start reading for the first time.... For those who have a problem with the idea of fantasy and alternative universes alongside ours, we need to recognize that almost all children play imaginative games in their minds starting at a very young age and have no difficulty whatsoever in distinguishing between fantasy and reality.... Additionally, the Harry Potter books send a strong message about moral order. There are beautiful and enjoyable human relationships among the characters, and there is a depth of commitment and service...