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  • Possible Errors in Exit Polls Suggest More Election Surprises Ahead

    06/14/2016 12:11:06 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | January 14, 2016 | Michael Barone
    Are the exit polls, on which just about every elections analyst has relied, wrong? That's a question raised by New York Times Upshot writer Nate Cohn -- a question whose answers have serious implications for how you look at the 2016 general election. Standard analysis is that Democrats have a built-in advantage because the electorate is increasingly non-white. The exit polls say the white percentage of the electorate declined from 77 percent in 2004 to 74 percent in 2008 and 72 percent in 2012. In that year, they said, 13 percent of voters were black, 10 percent Hispanics, 3 percent...
  • Breaking: Promising Exit Polls From PA, MD, CT

    04/26/2016 3:36:32 PM PDT · by BlackFemaleArmyCaptain · 200 replies
    <p>Exit polling from CNN looks promising for Trump. Republican voters feel candidate with most votes should WIN!</p>

    04/19/2016 5:47:29 PM PDT · by Mechanicos · 121 replies
    Drudge Report ^ | 4/19/16 | Drudge Report
  • First Exit Poll Results - Top Of The Hour (CNN)

    03/08/2016 1:39:03 PM PST · by goldstategop · 147 replies
    First exit poll results out at 5:00 PM EST.
  • ANALYSIS: Exit Polls Don't Back Rubio's Claim That New Hampshire Debate Hurt Him

    02/11/2016 12:30:49 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    ABC News ^ | 02/11/2016 | Gary Langer
    Given continued coverage of Marco Rubio's claim that his poor performance in Saturday's debate caused his fifth-place finish in the New Hampshire Republican primary, we wanted to put some data behind the point --- that the exit poll just doesn't back him up. We've got two ways to look at it, one direct, the other indirect, and neither shows any evidence that the debate harmed Rubio in terms of vote choices. Indirectly: 47 percent of New Hampshire GOP voters said they finally decided on their candidate either on Election Day itself, or in the previous few days. Twelve percent of...
  • Religion and the 2012 New Hampshire Republican Primary

    02/07/2016 6:49:39 AM PST · by justlittleoleme · 3 replies
    PewForum ^ | January 11, 2012
    Interviews conducted as voters left the polls in the 2012 New Hampshire Republican primary show that Mitt Romney – who won the overall vote by a double-digit margin – was the winner among born-again evangelical Christians as well as among non-evangelical voters. Romney’s advantage among evangelicals was smaller than it was in the electorate overall, but his performance among evangelicals in New Hampshire was better than it was among evangelicals in the Iowa GOP caucuses. -snip-In the exit polls, 22% of New Hampshire voters describe themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians.
  • Israel's Election: Exit Polls Show Netanyahu's Likud, Opposition In Tight Race

    03/17/2015 1:48:53 PM PDT · by Star Traveler · 26 replies
    NPR ^ | Tuesday, March 17, 2015 | Krishnadev Calamir, Bill Chappell
    Exit polls released after the close of voting in Israel's national election show that the race is too close to call. Israel's Channel 1 and Channel 10 both said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party and Isaac Herzog's Zionist Union secured 27 seats each in the 120-seat Knesset. Channel 2, meanwhile, have Likud 28 seats and the Zionist Union 27. The numbers were published by Haaretz. What that is likely to mean is, as NPR's Emily Harris tells our Newscast unit, Israel's new government won't be immediately known. Emily says: "The new government will need approval from a majority of...
  • TV exit polls show Netanyahu likely to retain premiership

    03/17/2015 1:14:27 PM PDT · by The_Victor · 47 replies
    Times of Israel ^ | 3/17/2015 | Jonathan Beck and Haviv Rettig Gur
    Polling stations opened at 7 a.m. on Tuesday as Israeli citizens headed for the ballots to vote for Israels 20th Knesset, bringing a heated campaign season to a close. Polls from the end of last week left options open for a tight race. TV exit polls were published at 10 p.m., as polling stations closed, after which official results began to roll in. The official final results wont be publicized until Thursday.
  • Breaking Twitter - Early exit polls show GOP wins in KY, AR, CO, IA, KS, GA

    11/04/2014 3:05:49 PM PST · by Perdogg · 1,803 replies
    Early exit polls show GOP wins in KY, AR, CO, IA, KS, GA - if those hold, GOP Senate majority is certain. Watch VA - closer than expected. Early exit polls show GOP wins in KY, AR, CO, IA, KS, GA - if those hold, GOP Senate majority is certain. Watch VA - closer than expected.— Sean Noble (@seannobledc)
  • Exit Polls: Why They So Often Mislead

    11/04/2014 1:07:04 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 9 replies
    New York Times ^ | November 3, 2014 | by Nate Cohn
    Did you think John Kerry was poised to win the presidency? That Scott Walker was close to losing the 2012 governors recall election in Wisconsin? Do you believe that the black share of the electorate in North Carolina dropped to 23 percent in 2012, from 26 percent in 2004? If you said yes to any of those things, you probably have too much faith in exit polls. Dont get me wrong: Exit polls are an exciting piece of Election Day information. Theyre just not perfect. The problem with them is that most analysts and readers treat them as if theyre...
  • How the Faithful Voted: 2012 Preliminary Analysis [Evang. up; other Prot. + white Catholics down]

    11/08/2012 2:10:53 PM PST · by Colofornian · 31 replies
    Pew Forum ^ | Nov. 7, 2012
    In his re-election victory, Democrat Barack Obama narrowly defeated Republican Mitt Romney in the national popular vote (50% to 48%)1. Obamas margin of victory was much smaller than in 2008 when he defeated John McCain by a 53% to 46% margin, and he lost ground among white evangelical Protestants and white Catholics. But the basic religious contours of the 2012 electorate resemble recent elections traditionally Republican groups such as white evangelicals and weekly churchgoers strongly backed Romney, while traditionally Democratic groups such as black Protestants, Hispanic Catholics, Jews and the religiously unaffiliated backed Obama by large margins. Vote Choice...
  • Exit polls: Obama's winning coalition of women and nonwhites

    11/07/2012 6:52:07 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 185 replies
    WLS AM ^ | Nov 7, 2012
    NEW YORK (WLS) - A coalition of women and nonwhites helped re-elect President Obama to a second term Tuesday night. Obama has always performed better with women than with men, and with nonwhites than with whites. But on Tuesday night, those numbers were so much in his favor that they built Obama a powerful firewall against a dropoff in support from white men and independent voters. Nonwhite voters turned out to vote in higher numbers than ever. They made up 21 percent of all voters. In 1996, they were just 10 percent. That new bloc was evident in Florida, the...
  • Majority of voters see America on wrong track

    11/06/2012 4:54:13 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 2 replies
    NBC News ^ | November 6, 2012 | by Tom Curry
    As voters left polling places Tuesday, a majority told exit poll interviewers they felt the country was seriously off on the wrong track. But the mood of the electorate was markedly more optimistic than it was four years ago, when a record three out of four voters said the country was on the wrong track. In preliminary results from early voters in the national NBC News exit poll, 52 percent said America was on the wrong track while 46 percent said the nation was"generally going in the right direction."
  • 2012 exit polls to skew heavily Democratic

    11/06/2012 4:45:18 PM PST · by library user · 3 replies
    Examiner ^ | Oct. 31, 2012 | by Conn Carroll
    The media consortium that organizes the national exit poll has decided not to do full exit polls in 19 states, 16 of which are expected to vote for Mitt Romney. At least some exit polling will be done in all 50 states, and the consortium is paying for full samples in 31 states. But 19 states will only get bare bones polling to help predict the outcome of races. According to the Associated Press not enough polling will be done in these 19 states to draw narrative conclusions about the vote what issues mattered most to women voting for...
  • Some CNN exit polls announced

    11/06/2012 3:32:08 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 42 replies
    The Palm Beach Post ^ | November 6, 2012 | by Tom Peeling
    According to CNNs first exit polls, nationwide 60 percent of voters see the economy as the most important issue in the election. Only 4 percent thought foreign policy was most important. Nationwide, CNN says, exit polls showed the 51 percent believe Mitt Romney would be best at handling the economy and 47 percent think President Obama would do better. In the battleground state of Virginia, according to CNN exit polls, 49 percent of voters wanted to see the presidents healthcare plan ObamaCare repealed, while 46 percent did not want to see it repealed. Also in Virginia, exit polls...
  • Vanity:Doing some raw math off of the Exit's

    11/06/2012 3:29:45 PM PST · by aft_lizard · 8 replies
    varies | 11/06/2012 | me
    Doing the numbers you get from Drudge something is missing. He lists the locked numbers as 190-191, in favor of Romney however that's impossible as fall as I can tell if you use the states listed as toss actually come up with Obama 211-Romney 191..I hazard to guess they are giving Maine 1 to Obama. Now in order for it be the locked number that means both Minnesota and Wisconsin are toss ups as well..or some other combination(Oregon possibly?)and MN 1 goes to Romney..which is actually 190-192 Romney lead.
  • Who is voting and why from NC exit polls

    11/06/2012 3:26:43 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 6 replies
    WTNH-TV ^ | November 6, 2012
    RALEIGH, N.C. Four in 10 voters in North Carolina believe the nation's economy is on the mend, but still, six in 10 called it their top issue, according to preliminary results of an exit poll conducted for The Associated Press. Among other findings: ECONOMY IS NO. 1 ISSUE: Voters were split on whether President Barack Obama or Republican challenger Mitt Romney would do a better job handling the economy. Rising prices and unemployment were the economic issues that voters said hit them the hardest. Just more than one in five voters said they were better off now than four...
  • Exit polls: Electorate slightly more Republican than 2008

    11/06/2012 3:20:49 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 45 replies
    Washington Post ^ | November 6, 2012 | by Jon Cohen, Others
    The first wave of exit polling paints a picture of an electorate that is slightly more Republican than the one that helped elect President Obama in 2008. And, unlike in 2008, more voters oppose an active federal government than support it. But the mood of the country has improved from four years ago with much of those gains coming among Democrats. The economy remains the overwhelming top issue for most voters both in national exit polling and in the nine swing state exit polls that The Washington Post subscribes to. For all of the talk of the electorate...
  • Ohio exit poll: Split over best to handle economy

    11/06/2012 3:03:11 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 15 replies
    Channel 5 News (CBS) ^ | November 6, 2012 | By: JOHN SEEWER
    COLUMBUS, Ohio - Most Ohio voters say the economy is the top issue in this year's election, but they're evenly split when it comes to whether President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney would better handle the economy. About half of Ohioans say at least some of the 2010 health care law should be repealed, while just over four in 10 think it should be expanded or left as is.
  • Preliminary exit polls: voters here divided on health care and direction of economy

    11/06/2012 2:59:08 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 6 replies
    Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ^ | November 6, 2012 | By Craig Gilbert
    In preliminary Wisconsin exit polls, a majority of voters here named the economy the chief issue, while about one in five cited health care, and about one in six cited the deficit. Voters were closely divided between those who felt the health care law should be expanded or left intact -- and those who felt it should be repealed in full or in part. Less than a third of voters called the economy excellent or good; more than two-thirds called it not good or poor. But a narrow majority of voters said former President George W. Bush was more to...

    11/06/2012 2:50:28 PM PST · by Livin_large · 13 replies
    Drudge ^ | November 6, 2012
    Drudge Banner
  • Andrew Sullivan: Beware The Exit Polls (The Left knows they're losing)

    11/06/2012 10:28:45 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 32 replies
    The Daily Beast's The Dish ^ | November 6, 2012 | Andrew Sullivan
    Blumenthal warns: [T]he initial results of the exit poll interviews have had frequent problems with non-response bias, a consistent discrepancy favoring the Democrats that has appeared to some degree in every presidential election since 1988. Usually the bias is small, but in 2004 it was just big enough to convince millions of Americans who saw the leaked results on the Internet that John Kerry would defeat George W. Bush. It didn't work out that way. The resulting uproar led the networks, beginning in 2006, to hold back the data from their news media clients in a sealed quarantine room on...
  • Obama Campaign to Supporters: Dont Panic Over Early Exit Polls

    11/05/2012 3:23:30 PM PST · by nhwingut · 110 replies
    Politicker ^ | 11/05/2012 | Colin Campbell
    In a conference call this afternoon, President Barack Obamas re-election campaign had one central message for their supporters when Election Day arrives tomorrow: They should keep calm, even if they hear snippets of information favoring Republican Mitt Romney. My warning, we need to stay calm for much of the day, Stephanie Cutter, Mr. Obamas deputy campaign manager, said, touting thousands of early ballots already submitted by voters. Weve already banked a pretty big portion of our vote. The fear, she explained, was early numbers leaking before voters have finished going to the polls, creating unnecessary panic and pessimism among Democrats.
  • Its time to lie.

    11/04/2012 2:44:50 PM PST · by prplhze2000 · 7 replies
    jackson jambalaya ^ | November 3, 2012 | Kingfish
    Hate exit polls as much as I do. Mike Royko had the PERFECT solution for them. LIE. Here is an old column of his I dug up. Enjoy.
  • Networks, AP cancel exit polls in 19 states

    10/04/2012 8:37:02 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 48 replies
    washington post ^ | 10/4 | cohen and clement
    Breaking from two decades of tradition, this years election exit poll is set to include surveys of voters in 31 states, not all 50 as it has for the past five presidential elections, according to multiple people involved in the planning.
  • Zogby: Disillusioned young voters dropping out

    06/11/2012 6:54:33 PM PDT · by dynachrome · 50 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 6-11-12 | Paul Bedard
    Nearly four years after enthusiastic younger voters poured into polling booths to help push Barack Obama over the finish line and into the Oval Office, their hope has turned to fear and pollster John Zogby says that they are ready to give up on politics. I truly am worried about today's twenty-somethings, he frets. They are our global generation and I have seen them move from hope and grand expectations for themselves and their world to anxiety and disillusionment. We can't afford to lose them, he adds.
  • Wisconsin Exit Polls Point to Romney LEAD in Wisconsin

    06/06/2012 5:57:38 PM PDT · by ex-Libertarian · 21 replies
    CBS Exit polling | 6/6/2012 | ex-Libertarian
    Remember those exit polls that came out yesterday BEFORE the polls closed and before the actual results were released? The exit polls had two main "findings": 1) Walker and Barrett were tied, and it was going to be a "long night," and 2) Obama was beating Romney by 6 As we all now know, Walker beat Barrett by 7. i.e., the exit polls overstated actual Dem support by 7 points. Since the same exit poll had Obama ahead by 6, you do the math. Romney is ahead in Wisconsin, period.
  • Return of the Bradley Effect: What if ALL the Polls Are Wrong?

    06/06/2012 6:55:27 AM PDT · by TonyInOhio · 39 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 06/06/12 | Roger L. Simon
    Many of us oldsters remember the Bradley Effect. Back in ye olde 1982, Tom Bradley, the longtime popular mayor of Los Angeles, a nice affable fellow in my recollection, ran for California governor against a fairly faceless guy named George Deukmejian. Most of the polls including exit polls showed Bradley with a significant lead. But Deukmejian won, narrowly. This was all put down to a form of covert racism. People didnt want to admit they wouldnt vote for a black man. As an ex-civil rights worker, I remember being hugely depressed by Bradleys defeat. Times have changed. These...
  • Early Wisconsin recall exit polls: 60 percent say recalls are only for official misconduct

    06/05/2012 5:47:38 PM PDT · by Zakeet · 18 replies
    CBS News ^ | June 5, 2012 | Kevin Hechtkopf
    Sixty percent of Wisconsin voters in today's recall election say recall elections are only appropriate for official misconduct, according to early CBS News exit polls. Twenty-eight percent said they think they are suitable for any reason, while nine percent think they are never appropriate. Today's recall election in Wisconsin pits Republican Gov. Scott Walker versus Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, in a rematch of their 2010 race. According to the early exit polls, 6 percent say they decided on their candidate in the last few days, with 93 percent saying they made up their minds before that. The recall effort...
  • Are the Dems voting for Santorum to diminish Romney?

    04/04/2012 6:39:19 AM PDT · by bjc · 29 replies
    Fox News ^ | 4/3/2012
    How do you feel about the way Scott Walker is handling his job as governor? Total Romney Santorum Approve 79% 50% 37% Disapprove 21% 19% 36%
  • No exit polls, please

    01/31/2012 4:19:25 PM PST · by Sidebar Moderator · 67 replies
    People are still voting. Polls don't close for another hour. Please, refrain from posting any exit polling data.
  • Now Meet The Most Employed Person In America [& the Most Unemployed Person in America]

    12/14/2010 8:40:00 PM PST · by fight_truth_decay · 23 replies
    Business Insider ^ | Dec. 14, 2010, 2:00 PM | Gus Lubin
    Yesterday we introduced you to the most unemployed person in America. We identified him using simple data from the BLS.Now meet the most employed person.Firstly, it's a woman: 8.9% unemployment rate. Secondly, she's white: 8.9% unemployment rate. Thirdly, she's got a college education: 5.1% unemployment rate. Put it all together and you've got: a thin college-educated white female professional in Bismark, N.D. Click here to see the demographic factors behind this claim
  • Nevada voters don't want Harry Reid, re-elect him anyway

    11/03/2010 5:56:25 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 108 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | Nov. 3, 2010 | Byron York
    LAS VEGAS At polling places across Nevada Tuesday, researchers conducting exit polls asked voters one fundamental question about Harry Reid: Do you approve or disapprove of the way he has handled his job as senator? The results were terrible for the Senate Majority Leader. Fifty-five percent of voters disapproved of the job he has done, while 44 percent approved. Such numbers might seem a sure indicator of defeat, and yet by Tuesday night, Reid was leading his supporters in a victory celebration. The exit pollsters also asked whether Reid, running for a fifth term in the Senate, has been...
  • Morning Jay: Special "The Morning After" Edition

    11/03/2010 5:26:36 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 6 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | Nov. 3, 2010 | Jay Cost
    As of this writing, the GOP has been declared the winner in or is winning in 243 House districts. If this number holds, it would exceed any Republican majority since 1946. The exit polls portray an electorate that is broadly dissatisfied with the performance of Barack Obama to date. 54% of voters say they disapprove of President Obama's job performance, and they broke 85-11 for the Republicans. The 45% who approve of Obama's job performance broke 85-13 for the Democrats. The economy dominated voter concerns, and those who were most concerned about the economy voted heavily Republican. Disapproval of Obama...
  • Exit poll: Economy dominates voters' worries (40% of voters identify with tea party)

    11/02/2010 3:12:25 PM PDT · by NYRepublican72 · 4 replies · 1+ views
    Yahoo! ^ | 11/2/2010 | AP
    Only about a quarter of voters in Tuesday's House races blamed Obama for the nation's economic troubles. But about half think Obama's policies will hurt the country. About four out of 10 voters said they support the tea party movement, and they overwhelmingly voted Republican.
  • Exit polls - At least a glimpse of the Senate race in Mass.

    01/19/2010 12:41:17 PM PST · by jcsjcm · 20 replies · 2,832+ views
    Since they will not be showing exit polls very well in Massachusetts, take a look at 2010 senate results at link provided. On the right column you will see Pollwatcher and under that it states this: poll reports from readers. Click on that link. Now pick a city/town to view reader results. I checked my town and every town around me and the overwhelming majority is for Brown. I was very excited to see this! Pick a town and give results if you want. Should be interesting to see what is really happening by voters!
  • Why There Won't Be Exit Polls in Massachusetts

    01/19/2010 11:25:33 AM PST · by tennmountainman · 11 replies · 1,576+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 1/19/2010 | John Fund
    The Massachusetts Senate race was a complete snoozer until January 5, when pollster Scott Rasmussen released a survey showing Republican Scott Brown trailing Democrat Martha Coakley by only nine points. That surprised many, but still wasn't a true wake-up call that the race would be a barnburner. As late as January 10, the Boston Globe carried a headline trumpeting a poll showing Ms. Coakley with a 15-point lead. Mr. Brown's surge was so sudden that many of the usual accoutrements of closely-contested elections are missing in the Bay State.
  • No Exit Polls [in Massachusetts]

    01/19/2010 10:30:21 AM PST · by Chet 99 · 51 replies · 6,901+ views
    No Exit Polls [Robert Costa] John Fund of explains: The Massachusetts Senate race was a complete snoozer until January 5, when pollster Scott Rasmussen released a survey showing Republican Scott Brown trailing Democrat Martha Coakley by only nine points. That surprised many, but still wasn't a true wake-up call that the race would be a barnburner. As late as January 10, the Boston Globe carried a headline trumpeting a poll showing Ms. Coakley with a 15-point lead. Mr. Brown's surge was so sudden that many of the usual accoutrements of closely-contested elections are missing in the Bay State. One...
  • (Vanity) Does anyone know of *any* news outlet showing Mass voter exit interviews?

    01/19/2010 10:09:28 AM PST · by DGHoodini · 25 replies · 1,780+ views
    Tues, Jan 19, 2010 | DGHoodini
    Is *any* news org showing updating voter exit interviews?
  • '09 Exit Polls : Vast Economic Discontent Spells Trouble for Dems in 2010

    11/03/2009 5:06:24 PM PST · by RobinMasters · 24 replies · 1,235+ views
    ABC News ^ | November 04, 2009 | GARY LANGER
    Vast economic discontent marked the mood of Tuesday's off-year voters, portending potential trouble for incumbents generally and Democrats in particular in 2010. But in Virginia, where polls closed at 7 p.m., Creigh Deeds' main problem looks to have been Creigh Deeds. The Democratic gubernatorial nominee fell short on several measures in connecting with Virginia voters: They divided evenly in preliminary exit poll results on whether Deeds "shares your values" 48 percent yes, 49 percent no. His Republican opponent, Bob McDonnell, scored better; 60 percent said he shares their values. Similarly, just 42 percent in Virginia saw Deeds as "about...
  • First Exit Poll Data Shows McDonnell Way Ahead in Virginia; New Jersey Deadlocked

    11/03/2009 3:24:53 PM PST · by Federalist Patriot · 42 replies · 2,005+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | November 3, 2009 | BrianinMO
    Pajamas Media is reporting the first exit poll data out of New Jersey and Virginia: First exit polls from Virginia: McDonnell 54.5, Deeds 45. And from New Jersey: Corzine 47, Christie: 47 with third-party candidate Daggett "barely registering."If Daggett is "barely registering, it should help Chris Christie.
  • NJ court reinstates ban on voting site exit polls

    10/01/2009 8:17:53 AM PDT · by Pessimist · 11 replies · 618+ views ^ | 9/30/09 | Beth DeFalco
    <p>TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - The New Jersey Supreme Court has reinstated a ban on exit polls, surveys taken of people as they leave their voting places.</p> <p>It also has kept in place a ban on distributing leaflets or other materials within 100 feet of polling places. It said Wednesday prohibiting such activities will ensure voters feel no obstructions to casting their ballots.</p>
  • The Collapse of the Israeli Left, the Return of Likud

    02/10/2009 2:29:06 PM PST · by Jbny · 35 replies · 1,813+ views
    Commentary Magazine ^ | February 10, 2009 | David Hazony
    As soon as weve caught our breath regarding Kadimas hairline win (according to exit polls only), the real story that emerges is the utter gutting of the Israeli Left, and the return of Likud. Of the four major parties today, three of them are Likud and its spin-offs: Kadima was founded by Ariel Sharon and is mostly made up of former Likudniks; Yisrael Beitenus chairman cut his teeth as the head of the Likuds central committee.
  • Sarah Palin Demurs on 2012 Presidential Bid, Exit Polls Show McCain Help

    11/05/2008 12:44:27 PM PST · by julieee · 73 replies · 4,443+ views ^ | November 5, 2008 | Steven Ertelt
    Washington, DC -- Sarah Palin become an overnight rock star on the conservative side of the political spectrum and motivated pro-life voters who were anemic in their support of John McCain. Hours after McCain's election loss, the Alaska governor demurred on her own potential presidential bid in 2012.
  • Today's Exit Polls Differ Drastically from Actual Results! (Fox News reports)

    11/04/2008 6:05:36 PM PST · by RightFighter · 62 replies · 7,425+ views
    FoxNews | 11/04/2008 | RightFighter
    Someone on Fox News (Jim Engle, I think) was just on saying that they are seeing a large amount of "WPE" (Within Precinct Error) in the exit polling, meaning that the actual results reported by the precincts are much lower for Obama than the results that the exit pollsters gathered. In Pennsylvania, I think he said that this number was 10.4%, meaning that Obama was exit polling 10.4% better than the actual results being reported. In Florida, they reported that it was a difference of 3.4 or 3.9%. Also significant in NC, VA, and other places.
  • Virginia: Full Exit Poll Results

    11/04/2008 4:31:20 PM PST · by Smogger · 60 replies · 9,044+ views
    ABC News ^ | 11/04/2008 | ABC News
    Gender (2,369 Respondents) Obama McCain Male (46%) 52% 46% Female (54%) 56% 44% Age, four categories (2,371 Respondents) Obama McCain 18-29 (21%) 62% 37% 30-44 (30%) 54% 45% 45-64 (38%) 53% 46% 65+ (11%) 46% 53% To which age group do you belong? (2,371 Respondents) Obama McCain 18-24 (11%) 65% 33% 25-29 (10%) 59% 41% 30-39 (19%) 55% 44% 40-49 (23%) 51% 48% 50-64 (26%) 54% 45% 65 or over (11%) 46% 53% Race (2,337 Respondents) Obama McCain White (69%) 41% 58% Black (21%) 92% 8% Hispanic/Latino (5%) 67% 32% Asian (3%) Other (2%)

    11/04/2008 3:38:24 PM PST · by mapmaker77 · 5 replies · 444+ views
    I Made This Up. | 04NOV08 | mapmaker77
    ***BREAKING NEWS*** According to our sources embedded deep in their campaigns, the moles have determined that .......... Yes! ALGORE has won it yet again!!!!! It was grotesqly and unfairly stolen from him 8 long years ago and now he gets his revenge.
  • FLASHBACK!!Report Acknowledges Inaccuracies in 2004 Exit Polls

    11/04/2008 3:31:53 PM PST · by Pacothecat · 5 replies · 676+ views
    LETS FIGHT BACK !!!! Email this link to DRUDGE
  • Hmmm . . . Interesting Exit Polls

    11/04/2008 3:30:42 PM PST · by Bill Dupray · 6 replies · 3,961+ views
    The Patriot Room ^ | November 4, 2008 | Bill Dupray
    I think we can assume that the Obama blowout, at least in these states if, if, if these polls are accurate, aint gonna happen.
  • Ignore the Exit Polls and Go Vote!

    11/04/2008 3:21:28 PM PST · by sheikdetailfeather · 447+ views
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you what to look for. I'll tell you what I'm looking for today. In the first place I'm getting all kinds of reports from all over the country about turnout, and in some places it's low. For example, the Upper West Side of Manhattan, no lines whatsoever, which is unusual. My spy for the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I mean that's Moscow, folks, Moscow on the Hudson, the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and you would figure there would be lines out the wazoo up there to vote...