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  • James Comey’s ABC Interview Translated by a Professional Skeptic – Part 2

    04/22/2018 3:43:31 PM PDT · by davikkm · 11 replies
    IWB ^ | LV
    Comey discusses his exoneration of Hillary Clinton The following translations of Comey’s statements are offered by a professional skeptic after hearing Ex-FBI Director James Comey’s answers to George Stephanopoulis’s questions that aired on ABC on April 15, 2018. You can read the entire transcript of the interview here: The skeptic’s satirical translations appear in italics directly after Comey’s remarks. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, you make the decision to make a public statement– July 5th. Take us inside your head. Tell us what you were thinking. JAMES COMEY: Yeah, my goal was to try to offer as much transparency as I...
  • Citizens Push for Right to Self Defense in Ukraine

    04/22/2018 12:48:19 PM PDT · by marktwain · 11 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 23 April, 2018 | Dean Weingarten
    Ukraine is considering rights of self defense and the legal rights to own weapons. Since the break up of the United Soviet Socialist Republics, or USSR, the former client states of the USSR have been struggling with numerous issues of law, including private property rights and self defense. Ukraine has little traditional law concerning the ownership of firearms. The law, as such, consists of instructions issued in 1998 by the Interior Ministry. In practice, the Interior Minister can give firearms to whom he wishes. Exactly who is eligible, and who is not, tends to be a matter of personal...
  • The Need for Accountability

    04/22/2018 11:25:36 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04//22/18 | James A. Lyons, Jr. Admiral, USN (ret)
    When you want to take a country down, the first thing you do is weaken its military When former President Barack Obama announced five days before he took his oath of office that he would be “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” not many Americans understood what that meant. However, it soon became very clear. His declaration to fundamentally change America was both un-American and anti-Western, as well as pro-Islam, pro-Iranian and pro-Muslim Brotherhood. In short, it was treason! When you want to take a country down, the first thing you do is weaken its military. That’s what the...
  • Valerie Jarrett’s Daughter Laura Now On The Get-Donald-Trump CNN Team

    04/22/2018 11:16:48 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 23 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/22/18 | Judi McLeod
    Why would CNN hire the daughter of Barack Obama’s top adviser Valerie Jarrett to go after the President of the United States of America. In political life, attorney generals sometimes “recuse” themselves even when it leaves a knife in the back of a newly elected president. In March of 2017, Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigation into the 2016 presidential election, including the so-called Russia probe, after the Washington Post reported he had met with Sergey KIslyak at least twice in 2016, contacts he was accused of failing to disclose during his heated confirmation hearing.
  • ‘Poontronage’: When Kamala Met Willie

    04/22/2018 11:14:53 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 17 replies
    American Greatness ^ | 21 Apr 018 | Lloyd Billingsley
    She is brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough,” said the president of the United States in 2013. “She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general in the country.” That would be former California Attorney General Kamala Harris, daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, and now the state’s junior U.S. senator. As it happens, Barack Obama was not the first prominent Democrat to be dazzled by the UC Berkeley beauty. As speaker of the California State Assembly from 1980 to 1995, Willie Brown was by far the Golden State’s most powerful shot-caller. In 1994...
  • McCabe Sues Trump for "Wrongful Termination" [semi-satire]

    04/22/2018 10:04:31 AM PDT · by John Semmens · 4 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 22 Apr 2018 | John Semmens
    Fired for “lack of candor,” former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is set to sue the Trump administration for “wrongful termination.” Michael Bromwich, McCabe’s lawyer, cited former FBI Director James Comey’s book—A Hired Loyalty—as confirmation that “my client getting fired for lying contradicts the Agency’s ethical standards so clearly laid out by Mr. Comey.” In his book and interviews since its publication, Comey has admitted “lying when circumstances require it. Everyone in the DOJ has lied when necessary to nail a criminal for which we lacked the evidence to prosecute or to protect confidential sources. Take current Special Counsel Bob...
  • Trump Is Not a Threat to a Free Press Despite Inflamed Rhetoric, Obama Administration and DNC’s...

    04/22/2018 6:13:30 AM PDT · by davikkm · 5 replies
    IWB ^ | Bob Shanahan
    America’s mainstream media continues to blow President Trump’s words and threats out of proportion while giving the Obama administration a pass for its actions against press freedom and forgetting Bush’s jailing of a New York Times reporter. Trump’s tweets putting an untrustworthy media in its place are far from “unprecedented.” I’m not pretending Trump is a saint at all. He is far from perfect. Though he has certainly said some alarming things, he has not taken any significant action against the media or attacked the First Amendment in any way. Sure, Trump suggested journalists be sent to jail, as we...
  • Who's the Fake?

    04/22/2018 5:56:30 AM PDT · by Sir Napsalot · 9 replies
    PJ Media (Belmont Club) ^ | 4-22-2018 | Richard Fernandez
    The fight for the control of Washington, after a ton of preliminaries and battlespace preparation, is now underway in earnest. As Robert Mueller seeks a path toward linking Donald Trump to collusion with the Russian government, the president is trying to frame the investigation as a conspiracy hatched by the former administration's intelligence bosses and secret policemen. It's a clash between the irresistible force and the immovable object. The start of this war can be dated to January 5, 2017 according to Andrew McCarthy's research. At this meeting the outgoing president made key decisions on how to investigate his successor...
  • Oregon Standoff: New Light Shed On LaVoy Finicum Killing...Grand Jury Transcripts In FBI Agent Case

    04/22/2018 5:56:03 AM PDT · by Nextrush · 25 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 4/21/2018 | Nextrush/Self
    Mainstream media organizations in Oregon have obtained transcripts of the grand jury testimony that led to charges against FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita for lying about shots he fired just before Oregon State Police troopers killed LaVoy Finicum on January 26, 2016. It turns out that the FBI sent out its own Shooting Incident Review Team in February 2016 that was unable to determine if Astarita or the other FBI agents at the scene fired any shots. But the Oregon shooting team led by the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office along with the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General and...
  • New York Times And Washington Post Share Pulitzer For Unearthing "Russia Ties"

    04/22/2018 4:41:28 AM PDT · by gaggs · 36 replies
    R.I.P. JOURNALISM : Falling New York Times and Washington Post share Pulitzer for unearthing "Possible Russia Ties"Unearthed possible ties? Even they know it's Bullshit! If we get awards for the reporting, it makes the story true, right? Right?!? Unbelievable.
  • Jeff Sessions Allows Big Pharma Use Of Synthetic Marijuana But Deprives Natural Plant From Public...

    04/21/2018 2:06:26 PM PDT · by davikkm · 19 replies
    IWB ^ | Ruby Henley
    The American people should be becoming very suspicious of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as he could be blamed for this ridiculous situation revolving around President. President Trump has begged Sessions to step in and do his job numerous times. I would love to know who encouraged Trump to appoint him as Attorney General. I know that Sessions appointed Rosenstein. Rosenstein set Trump up to fire Comey, as he put out the memo Comey should be fired. Nothing makes sense anymore, and I feel like I am being tossed around in a storm without a compass. When Sessions was appointed as...
  • NY Guv Has Identity Crisis [semi-satire]

    04/21/2018 12:20:40 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 6 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 22 Apr 2018 | John Semmens
    Nervous that left-wing loon and former "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon will oust him in the Democratic primary this coming September, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to convince voters that he is all things to all people. In saner eras, the standard Democratic ploy was to promise an array of government-funded goodies to constituents. Now, though, Cuomo seems determined to persuade the gullible that he is "a Muslim, a Jew, a gay, a woman, a transgender, a criminal, an undocumented immigrant—I am every person, except a straight white male, and am the most perfect candidate to represent this...
  • The Week in Radical Leftism, 4/20/2018

    04/21/2018 9:35:30 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 5 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-21-18 | Brother Bob
    Welcome back everyone - straight to the crazy! 4/12 - Government of Canada launches Expert Panel to help Canada tap into trillion-dollar opportunity from clean growth and climate actionFor some reason this press release showed up in my LinkedIn feed. In other words, governments authorize a scam to transfer wealth from the productive segment of society into their pockets 4/13 - Polar Opposite: NY Times Outraged by Climate ‘Denialists’ Pointing Out Polar Bear Population IncreaseUsing facts, reality, and science to make an argument? How dare they! 4/13 - Laura Ingraham Advertiser Comes Back With Tail Between Its Legs…I guess that...
  • Meanwhile in Sweden: Shootings And Grenade Attacks Are So Common, the Media Doesn’t Bother to...

    04/21/2018 6:44:57 AM PDT · by davikkm · 34 replies
    IWB ^ | Chris Black
    The news from Europe and especially from Sweden are becoming more Orwellian and depressing by the day. The case in point is Sweden for today’s piece of reality, a country that decided a few decades ago to commit cultural suicide and to abandon all the principles used by their founding fathers to build one of the most prosperous and advanced countries (both culturally and economically) in the world. Since the 70s, Sweden has become increasingly statist and multicultural, and now, a country with less than 10 million natives opened its gates to unchecked mass immigration from Africa and the Middle...
  • A Farewell to Carson's, and the Assignment of Blame

    04/20/2018 6:13:02 PM PDT · by jfd1776 · 62 replies
    Illinois Review ^ | April 20, 2018 A.D. | John F. Di Leo
    For over a century, Chicagoans grew up with a signature memory: special days downtown, shopping at Marshall Field’s and Carson’s, the great rival retail giants down the block from each other on State Street. (shown here: Carson's longtime downtown landmark by Louis Sullivan, sold off years ago). Smaller stores came and went, but Field’s and Carson’s were the giants, the dominant figures in Midwestern retail for generations. Macy’s bought out the struggling Field’s chain over a decade ago and cremated the brand name while keeping the stores. Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. wasn’t so lucky; its current holding company, Bon-Ton,...
  • OAN’s Pearson Sharp Refutes Mainstream Media Reports Of Alleged Syrian Chemical Attack

    04/20/2018 6:05:19 PM PDT · by Amerisraelhere · 15 replies
    One America News ^ | 04/20/2018 | Pearson Sharp
    The people of Syria are speaking out against media reports which suggest the Assad government has planted informants to deny the alleged chemical attack in Douma. One America’s Pearson Sharp is in Syria and has this exclusive report.
  • Dems Sue Trump for "Wrongful Election Victory" [semi-satire]

    04/20/2018 5:54:26 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 7 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 22 Apr 2018 | John Semmens
    Unsatisfied with the lack of results from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's year-long investigation of Trump-Russia collusion to steal the 2016 presidential election from Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee filed a lawsuit demanding billions of dollars in damages and a "rectification" of the election results. In addition to Trump, the suit also named Russia and Wikileaks as co-conspirators in what DNC Chairman Tom Perez called "an act of unimaginable treachery." While not part of the suit, per se, Perez expressed "our profound disappointment with the actions of our government. We counted on them to prevent the election of Trump as...
  • Warfare: Where It’s Been And Where It’s Going

    04/20/2018 4:18:55 PM PDT · by davikkm · 10 replies
    IWB ^ | Daniel Carter
    “War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.” – Cormac McCarthy It doesn’t take a biologist to see that mother nature has cruel and violent tendencies. Consider some of the fiercest competitors in the animal kingdom, such as apes, crocodiles, bears, snakes, hippos and many others. These creatures’ natural instincts are to resort to violence when it comes to the pursuit of power, territory and resources. Humans are playing the same game but on a much higher level. In the early days of human evolution, humans were not far ahead...
  • Democrats Sue Trump Campaign, Russia, And Wikileaks – They Cannot Take The Blame For What THEY DID!

    04/20/2018 12:52:53 PM PDT · by davikkm · 20 replies
    IWB ^ | Ruby Henley
    I am very frustrated to report all the Democrats have to do with their time and energy is to sue the Trump Campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks. First of all, are they not afraid what will come out about the DNC? Sure their party was destroyed by Trump, Russia, and Wikileaks- they had nothing to do with it – the Awans were not hired by the DNC in the IT Department, and they did not send intelligence to Pakistan – no, that did not happen – think again, it did! The Democrats came apart from within – they destroyed themselves. Ask...
  • The Core Right To Self-Defense Is Under Attack – US Gun And Taser Laws – Europe’s Knife Laws

    04/20/2018 9:42:34 AM PDT · by davikkm · 11 replies
    IWB ^ | Ruby Henley
    On April 14, 2018, the cream of the crop in law-abiding American citizens rallied together in state capitals across this Country. Honorable in their endeavor to protect the United State Constitution, Patriots shook hands and spoke out. There was not one incident that occurred in any of the 50 rallies that disturbed the peace, and that is why I call them “the cream of the crop in law-abiding citizens.” Democrats are working together to mow down the Right To Bear Arms, which is given in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Every human being has the right to protect themselves,...