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  • Hayward men get six months for BB gun hate-crime shooting (Muslims go on Rampage with BB gun)

    04/26/2010 12:51:35 AM PDT · by Maelstorm · 53 replies · 1,595+ views ^ | 04/22/2010 | By Eric Kurhi
    SAN FRANCISCO — Three Hayward cousins have pleaded guilty to shooting a man in the face with a BB gun because they thought he was gay, and were sentenced to six months in jail. Mohammad Habibzada, 24, Shafiq Hashemi, 21, and Sayed Bassam, 21, also will be on probation for three years and must complete as much as 400 hours of community service, including 40 hours of hate-crime sensitivity training, according to the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. Police said the men went to San Francisco on Feb. 26 armed with an air rifle and video camera, targeting people who...
  • 3 Held in Alleged Anti-Gay BB shooting in S.F.

    03/04/2010 3:22:41 PM PST · by Cindy · 26 replies · 946+ views
    SAN FRANCISCO ^ | Thursday, March 4, 2010 | Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer
    SNIPPET: "(03-03) 17:42 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- Three cousins from Hayward have been charged in San Francisco with a hate crime and assault for allegedly firing a BB rifle at the face of a man they believed was gay, an attack the men videotaped, authorities said Wednesday." SNIPPET: "Mohammad Habibzada, Shafiq Hashemi and Sayed Bassam, all 24, are scheduled to be arraigned today in San Francisco Superior Court. They are free on $50,000 bond apiece." SNIPPET: "Investigators believe the assailants chose the victim because he appeared to be gay. When the men were pulled over, police found a video camera...
  • Senior Al Qaeda and Afghan Taliban leaders meet with Baitullah

    06/22/2009 4:50:08 PM PDT · by Cindy · 18 replies · 1,014+ views
    LONG WAR ^ | June 21, 2009, 2:02 am | Bill Roggio
    Senior al Qaeda and Afghan Taliban leaders are reported to have met with Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud to advise him to move his group's operations into Afghanistan and halt attacks against the Pakistani state. Several meetings were said to have been held last week after an 11-man delegation of al Qaeda and Taliban heavy hitters arrived in Waziristan to deliver a request from Mullah Omar, the Amir al Mumineen, or the leader of the faithful in Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to a report in The Nation. The Taliban dispatched Sirajuddin Haqqani, the powerful military commander of the Haqqani Network,...
  • Some blame fall in apps on Hashemi ( Yale suffering from their Taliban )

    02/09/2007 9:45:08 AM PST · by george76 · 18 replies · 860+ views
    yale daily news ^ | February 9, 2007 | Kimberly Chow
    Critics of Yale’s decision to admit former Taliban diplomat Rahmatullah Hashemi have suggested that the ensuing controversy was partially to blame for the decrease in applications to Yale this year... Applications to Yale for the class of 2011 decreased 9.7 percent ... While Yale administrators blamed the decline on last year’s record-low acceptance rate and natural year-to-year fluctuations, critics of the University have argued that high school students may have been disillusioned by Hashemi’s enrollment. Hashemi took classes at Yale through the Nondegree Students Program from the summer of 2005 through the end of the 2006 academic year, gaining national...
  • Iran: Parliament shortens Ahmadinejad's term

    12/03/2006 8:31:42 PM PST · by BigFinn · 120 replies · 5,974+ views
    YNET NEWS ^ | December 3, 2006 | Dudi Cohen
    Vast majority of Iranian lawmakers vote to move up presidential elections by 18 months, final say on matter up to Ahmadinejad's arch-rival. Will Ahmadinejad's term be cut short? The Iranian parliament voted on Sunday to unite the presidential elections with the upcoming parliamentary ones, this according to the official Iranian news agency. The proposal, which passed with a surprising 80 percent majority, may cut the term of sitting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by 18 months. The bill must still be ratified by the Iranian constitutional committee, which is headed by former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Ahmadinejad's arch-rival, a fact which many...
  • A Taliban Past, and a Cloudy Yale Future

    07/06/2006 3:30:43 AM PDT · by Pharmboy · 15 replies · 622+ views
    NY Times ^ | July 6, 2006 | ALAN FINDER
    A student at Yale University who was once a roving ambassador for the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has been denied admission to a degree-granting program at Yale, one of the student's financial supporters said yesterday. The student, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, apparently can continue to take courses at the university as an untraditional student in a non-degree program, as he did during the past academic year, said Tatiana Maxwell, the president of the International Education Foundation, which was created to raise money to send Mr. Hashemi to Yale. It was uncertain yesterday whether Mr. Hashemi, who is 27, will do so;...
  • 'Yale Taliban' May Not Meet Standards (Surprise, surprise)

    04/24/2006 5:38:41 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 27 replies · 1,128+ views
    Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi created a firestorm of controversy when it was revealed in February that the former Taliban official was enrolled as a student at Yale University. Now it appears Hashemi’s days at Yale may be numbered. In an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, John Fund writes: "The continued outrage over the news that an unrepentant former official of a criminal regime whose remnants are still killing U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan is part of the Ivy League is catching up with him. Yale is about to establish tougher standards for the program under which he is applying to become...

    04/17/2006 7:55:12 AM PDT · by george76 · 47 replies · 2,175+ views
    InstaPundit:...Opinion Journal ^ | April 17, 2006 | Glenn Reynolds...John Fund
    Yale now doesn't even attempt to claim that Mr. Hashemi has changed. In conversations with donors, president Richard Levin has fallen back on two arguments: that Mr. Hashemi currently is a nondegree student, and that the State Department issued him a visa. But Mr. Hashemi's application to become a sophomore in Yale's full degree program, the same type of program that Mr. Farivar graduated from at Harvard, is pending before Mr. Levin. That makes his continued presence at Yale especially relevant as Yale's Board of Governors, the body that supposedly runs the university, prepares to meet this week. Many in...
  • Yale wins Campus Outrage Award

    04/04/2006 11:43:25 AM PDT · by JZelle · 4 replies · 551+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 4-4-06 | Eric Pfeiffer
    The Collegiate Network has given its annual award to highlight the negative influence of political correctness to Yale University for enrolling a former Taliban official with a fourth-grade education. "Yale pursued [Sayed Rahmatullah] Hashemi's admission in the name of that sacred cow, diversity, which now appears to extend not only to people of various sexes, creeds, races, ethnicities, sexual preferences and practices, but also to enemy combatants who make war upon the United States," the conservative group said. The winner of the second-place 2006 Campus Outrage Award, also called the Polly Award -- "Polly" being an abbreviation of the term...
  • Spooky Taliban at Yale

    04/03/2006 8:17:35 PM PDT · by bessay · 14 replies · 687+ views
    The Pittsburgh Herald ^ | 4/3/06 | Rex Francis
    Having tired of yelling at my television, I have set down to write the painfully obvious: Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi, the Ivy League Mullah, is a CIA asset. His admittance to the country and his acceptance to Yale are merely payback for services rendered. Mike Hoover, Hashimi’s sponsor, was one of only a handful of journalists allowed into Afghanistan by the CIA in the eighties to observe the war against Russia. Bob Schuster, Hoover’s attorney friend, was a 1967 graduate of Yale and apparently had the connections to obtain a slot for Hashimi at the Ivy League school. Although I cannot...
  • Wow, Me Be College Boy Now! (HUMOR!)

    04/03/2006 11:27:14 AM PDT · by areafiftyone · 1 replies · 313+ views
    Vox Poplar ^ | 4/3/06
    Wow, Me Be College Boy Now! A Special Guest Commentaryby Sayed Rahmatellah HashemiGreetings American swine-dogs! It is me, Sayed Rahmatellah Hashemi the former spokesman for Afghanistan's Taliban Government, and now student at your University of Yale. I tell you I am much surprised by what my room-mate Squid calls the "buzz-killing" over my getting into your elite institution of higher indoctrination education. Sure, I have a fourth grade education and a high-school equivalency certificate from Uncle Rashid's Discount Madrassa & House of Kabob, and that might not make me qualify academically for Yale, but I bring something that is...
  • Attacking the excuses for admitting the Taliban to Yale

    03/30/2006 11:50:39 AM PST · by serendipity_kate · 21 replies · 1,141+ views ^ | 30 March 2006 | Clint Taylor
    Yale is in a dilemma. It made a huge, indefensible blunder when it admitted the senior advisor to Mullah Omar as a special student, and now it’s taking hits from students, from alumni, and from the media. How can Yale spin its way out of this one? They have at their fingertips an invaluable resource, someone who made a career of defending the indefensible. In fact, this PR flack extraordinaire was so successful that he was reportedly on the fast track to become the Taliban’s next foreign minister. Unfortunately for Yale, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi isn’t talking. Others are taking up...
  • Taliban Man at Yale...The story thus far.

    03/24/2006 2:50:27 PM PST · by george76 · 27 replies · 1,287+ views
    Dow Jones & Company ^ | March 23, 2006 | JOHN FUND
    Something is very wrong at our elite universities. Last month Larry Summers resigned as president of Harvard; today Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi will speak by video to a conference at Columbia University that his regime is cosponsoring. (Columbia won't answer questions about how much funding it got from Libya or what implied strings were attached.) Then there's Yale, which for three weeks has refused to make any comment or defense beyond a vague 144-word statement about its decision to admit Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi--a former ambassador-at-large of the murderous Afghan Taliban--as a special student. The three backers of the foundation that,...
  • Foreign Exchange: Why did Yale slam the door on Afghan women?

    03/24/2006 6:39:43 AM PST · by aculeus · 11 replies · 789+ views
    Opinion ^ | March 24, 2006 | Unsigned
    A statement from Yale University, defending its decision to admit former Taliban spokesman Ramatullah Hashemi, explained that he had "escaped the wreckage of Afghanistan." To anyone who is aware of the Taliban's barbaric treatment of the Afghan people, such words are offensive--as if Mr. Hashemi were not himself part of the wrecking crew. It is even more disturbing to learn that, while Mr. Hashemi sailed through Yale's admissions process, the school turned down the opportunity to enroll women who really did escape the wreckage of Afghanistan. In 2002, Yale received a letter from Paula Nirschel, the founder of the Initiative...
  • Sen. Cornyn's Common Sense About Yale's Taliban Student

    03/16/2006 2:18:26 PM PST · by Kaslin · 28 replies · 930+ views
    Newsmax ^ | March 17, 2006 | Jerry Falwell
    Leave it to the elites of academia to come up with a novel new way to address the modern terrorist movement. Readers have probably heard by now that Yale University has added to its student body a former member of the Taliban. It's one of those stories that, no matter how many times you hear/read it, you still have to shake your head in disbelief. It seems there's no real need for America's enemies to utilize a Trojan horse in an effort to defeat us. We've lowered our defenses and have invited our adversaries with open arms. Yale's action is...
  • Expel the Yale Taliban?

    03/14/2006 6:12:11 PM PST · by Unam Sanctam · 16 replies · 768+ views
    NRO ^ | 3/14/06 | Byron York
    Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn has sent a letter to Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff about the decision to allow Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the former Taliban spokesman, into the United States to become a student at Yale. Dear Secretary Chertoff: I write to you regarding Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the former Taliban spokesman currently attending Yale University on a student visa. In 2005, Congress passed the REAL ID Act and expanded the terror-related grounds of inadmissibility. Under current law, an alien is inadmissible or removable on terror-related grounds if he is a representative of any designated or nondesignated terrorist organization. Further,...
  • Giving Yale The Finger

    03/08/2006 6:25:17 AM PST · by dson7_ck1249 · 9 replies · 1,340+ views
    Townhall ^ | 3-08-2006 | Clinton Taylor
    Since the New York Times and Wall Street Journal broke the news about the admission of Taliban official Sayeed Rahmatullah Hashemi to a special student program at Yale, we’ve received numerous emails from outraged Yale Alumni. One email stood out from the rest — "I won’t give Yale one red cent this year, but maybe I will give them a red fingernail instead!" She was referring to the Taliban’s policy of pulling the fingernails off of Afghani women who dared to wear fingernail polish. Some of these women even had their thumbs sliced off as punishment. To date, Mr. Rahmatullah...
  • Taliban Man at Yale ~ John Fund

    03/06/2006 4:30:48 AM PST · by Elle Bee · 36 replies · 1,030+ views
    Opinion Journal. ^ | March 6, 2006 | John Fund
    University officials are embarrassed--but not embarrassed enough. Monday, March 6, 2006 12:01 a.m. Are there no limits to how arrogant and out-of-touch America's Ivy League schools can get? Last week it emerged that Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, former deputy foreign secretary of the Taliban, is now a student at Yale while at the same time the school continues to block ROTC training from its campus and argues for the right of its law school to exclude military recruiters. King George's troops played the music to "The World Turned Upside Down" as they surrendered at Yorktown. Perhaps the Ivy League should adopt...
  • Yale University: Taliban Yes; US Military No

    03/03/2006 12:30:18 PM PST · by Kaslin · 44 replies · 1,789+ views
    New Media Alliance, Inc ^ | March 3, 2006 | Jim Kouri, CCP
    While most American parents can only dream of sending their kids to a first-tier university such as Harvard and Yale, a former ambassador for the oppressive and brutal Afghan Taliban is enrolled at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, even though he possesses none of the qualifications to attend such an institution for higher education. "Yale University enrolls the Taliban's former spokesman as a student, but continues to prohibit other students from organizing a Reserve Officer Training Corps chapter on campus and also seeks to deny students the right to hear from military recruiters about employment opportunities," say members of...
  • Educating A Terrorist At Yale

    03/02/2006 8:08:42 PM PST · by smoothsailing · 7 replies · 636+ views
    GOP USA ^ | 3-2-06 | Linda Chavez - Commentary
    Educating A Terrorist At Yale By Linda Chavez March 2, 2006 I thought I'd lost the ability to be shocked by anything that happened on an American university campus -- that is until I read the New York Times magazine this weekend. In an article entitled, simply, "The Freshman," author Chip Brown describes a charming tale of a young man come to study at one of the premier institutions of higher learning in the country. He might more aptly have titled his piece "God, Country, and Yale." Only in this telling, God is the vengeful Allah of Islamist fanatics, and...
  • From Afghani envoy to Buddhist ascetic, adult Yalies keep a low profile. (A Taliban at Yale)

    03/03/2006 6:30:19 AM PST · by robowombat · 3 replies · 254+ views
    Special programs welcome grown-up students to Yale From Afghani envoy to Buddhist ascetic, adult Yalies keep a low profile. BY THERESE LIM At Yale, it is commonly understood that the student next to you could be a high school valedictorian, a chess champion, or a musical prodigy; few Elis, however, would suspect their classmate to be a former Taliban official. Yet one of this year’s freshmen, 27-year-old Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi ’09, served for years as an Afghani diplomat for the Taliban government. Today he studies Political Science in WLH next to kids fresh out of Exeter. COURTESY PBS.ORG Sayed Hashemi...
  • Yale: Taliban in, ROTC out

    03/02/2006 6:26:08 PM PST · by TexCon · 55 replies · 1,498+ views
    Young America's Foundation ^ | March 2, 2006 | Jason Mattera
    Yale Alumnus Responds HERNDON, VA – Yale University enrolls the Taliban’s former spokesman but continues to prohibit other Yale students from organizing a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) chapter on campus. The University also seeks to deny students the right to hear from military recruiters about employment opportunities. On February 26, the New York Times Magazine reported that Yale admitted Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, the deputy foreign secretary of the Taliban, into a non-degree program, with a chance to gain full degree status by 2006. “In some ways I’m the luckiest person in the world,” Hashemi told the Times. “I could...
  • Ex-Taliban can learn from Yale experience

    03/02/2006 5:36:32 AM PST · by marktd · 19 replies · 701+ views
    Yale Daily News ^ | March 1, 2006 | James Kirchick
    I was more than a little puzzled to see the self-satisfied mug of Rahmatullah Hashemi '09 smiling at me from the front of the News on Monday. The last time I saw that Cheshire grin was in Michael Moore's otherwise manipulative "Fahrenheit 9/11," which, for all its demagoguery and factual errors, at least captured the Taliban's odiousness. In a clip lasting 30 seconds, an indignant woman confronts Hashemi -- who no less than five years ago was a chief spokesperson for the Islamist theocracy -- at a public event. "You have imprisoned the women -- it's a horror," she shouts,...
  • Former Taliban spokesman now in Yale (I couldve ended up in Guantanamo- Instead I ended up at Yale)

    03/01/2006 9:40:40 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 40 replies · 1,017+ views
    Middle East Times ^ | February 27, 2006
    WASHINGTON -- A former spokesman for the Taliban, Rahmatullah Hashemi, has enrolled as a student at America's prestigious Yale University where he has taken a class on terrorism, The New York Times Magazine reported on Sunday. The ex-Taliban spin doctor and "roving ambassador", who has spent time in the presence of Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, is now a Yale "freshman" improving his English through a special nondegree program. Hashemi, who once publicly defended the Taliban, told the magazine, however, that he started having serious doubts about its harsh moral codes as early as 1998 when women were being...
  • Taliban diplomat at Yale bridges gap (get a bucket)

    02/28/2006 8:05:02 AM PST · by BillyBonebrake · 22 replies · 845+ views
    The New Haven Register ^ | February 28, 2006 | Mary E. O'Leary
    NEW HAVEN — Talk about a cultural divide. Five years ago, Afghan Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi appeared in a debate at Luce Hall at Yale University as the foreign spokesman for the extremist Taliban. Now, the 27-year-old is a special student at the university, living off campus in New Haven with a roommate and taking a full course load at the Ivy League institution. ... He was immortalized in Michael Moore’s documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" as the spokesman for the hated regime. But that was a lifetime ago, before his friend, Mike Hoover, a CBS producer, who has traveled in and out...
  • The Freshman (bin Laden protégé, former Taliban spokesman reflects on 1st year at Yale)

    02/27/2006 8:54:29 AM PST · by presidio9 · 28 replies · 1,101+ views
    The New York Times Magazine ^ | February 26, 2006 | CHIP BROWN
    Sometimes walking up College Street, when the bells were ringing in Harkness Tower and the light on the gabled dorms and leafy quads made the whole campus seem part of some Platonic dream, he could almost forget that there were people back home who would be happy to kill him. His formal introduction to the terrain of the Western mind came in July at the start of the summer term; most of the class of '09 would not arrive until the fall term. He was glad for the chance to get his bearings. The direction of Mecca he knew from...
  • Jihadi Turns Bulldog.The Taliban's former spokesman is now a Yale student.

    02/27/2006 6:07:10 AM PST · by finnman69 · 27 replies · 773+ views
    Opinion journal ^ | 2/27/06 | John Fund
    Never has an article made me blink with astonishment as much as when I read in yesterday's New York Times magazine that Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, former ambassador-at-large for the Taliban, is now studying at Yale on a U.S. student visa. This is taking the obsession that U.S. universities have with promoting diversity a bit too far. Something is very wrong at our elite universities. Last week Larry Summers resigned as president of Harvard when it became clear he would lose a no-confidence vote held by politically correct faculty members furious at his efforts to allow ROTC on campus, his opposition...
  • Former Taliban Foreign Envoy now a member of Yale freshman class

    02/27/2006 10:45:04 AM PST · by Calpernia · 7 replies · 273+ views
    February 27, 2006: Former Taliban Foreign Envoy now a member of Yale freshman class The Yale Bulletin and Calendar for March 23, 2001, announced a debate between a young Afghan man, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi and Yale law professor Harold Hongju Koh. According to the Bulletin: Hashemi has represented Afghanistan in several European conferences and countries over the last two years. He has spoken on such topics as his country's three-year drought, the continuing 22-year civil war in Afghanistan and U.N. sanctions against the region, emanating from human rights grievances, drug trafficking and the decision of the Taliban government to offer...
  • Taliban's former spokesman is now a Yale student. Anyone see a problem with that? ~ John Fund

    02/27/2006 12:06:23 AM PST · by Elle Bee · 54 replies · 2,217+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | February 27, 2006 | John Fund
    The Taliban's former spokesman is now a Yale student. Anyone see a problem with that? Monday, February 27, 2006 12:01 a.m. Never has an article made me blink with astonishment as much as when I read in yesterday's New York Times magazine that Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, former ambassador-at-large for the Taliban, is now studying at Yale on a U.S. student visa. This is taking the obsession that U.S. universities have with promoting diversity a bit too far.
  • 'NYT' Sunday Preview: Former Taliban Spokesman Finds New Haven--at Yale

    02/26/2006 8:00:44 AM PST · by george76 · 94 replies · 2,610+ views
    Editor and Publisher ^ | February 24, 2006 | E&P Staff
    The Taliban’s former spokesman, Rahmatullah Hashemi, is now an undergraduate at Yale University, The New York Times reveals in a lengthy cover story by Chip Brown in its Sunday magazine this weekend. The cover line reads, “He was the Taliban’s spin doctor. So what’s he doing at Yale?" In fact, the story shows, Hashemi was at Yale once before—in 2001, appearing at a forum representing the Taliban, a few months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A small clip of Hashemi appears in Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” film. “In some ways,” Hashemi, 27, says today, “I’m the luckiest person in the...
  • World energy security dependent on Iran: Rafsanjani

    08/09/2005 8:09:59 PM PDT · by F14 Pilot · 15 replies · 373+ views
    Tehran Times ^ | August 10, 2005
    TEHRAN – Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here on Tuesday that maintaining energy security in the world is not possible without Iran. “Iran is in a powerful position in view of its resources, geographical location and scientific capability; this power should be introduced to the people and those who favor the Islamic Revolution worldwide,” he said in a meeting with heads of the external branches of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) network. Referring to the recent events concerning Iran’s nuclear issue, Rafsanjani noted the country will soon face a wave of propaganda against its nuclear activities...
  • Ganji’s Moment; The world watches as the “Iranian Havel” presses on

    07/19/2005 12:13:58 PM PDT · by F14 Pilot · 12 replies · 389+ views
    National Review Online ^ | July 18th, 05 | Rachel Zabarkes Friedman
    Akbar Ganji is the Iranian journalist and dissident who for over a month now has been on hunger strike in Iran’s most infamous prison. Arrested in 2000 and ultimately sentenced to six years in jail for criticizing the regime, most notably in a series of articles he wrote implicating former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in the murders of several dissidents and intellectuals, Ganji has become a symbol both inside Iran and out of the Islamic Republic’s techniques of repression and Iranians’ resistance. He published a powerful letter from prison after starting his hunger strike, and is reported to have recently...
  • In Iran, presidential hopefuls talk of restoring relations with U.S.

    06/11/2005 3:50:04 PM PDT · by F14 Pilot · 8 replies · 378+ views ^ | Jun. 11, 2005 | BY EVAN OSNOS
    TEHRAN, Iran - (KRT) - Confetti littered a street throbbing with dance music. It was 10 p.m., and humid young men and women were packed together, shouting, dancing and wandering in unbridled celebration of a victory by the Iranian national soccer team. Very little of that scene last week was lawful in the Islamic Republic of Iran. But it's campaign season here, and candidates are aiming to please. Even the campaign office for the 70-year-old Muslim cleric and presidential front-runner, Hashemi Rafsanjani, lofted a disco ball above the road and teenage boys break-danced in its rainbow swirls of light. "Disco...
  • Tapping the Hornet's Nest

    12/13/2004 8:40:27 AM PST · by forty_years · 2 replies · 1,319+ views ^ | December 13, 2004 | Michael Rubin
    Editor's note: Readers may also be interested in Iran: The Invisible Revolution. During the U.S. presidential campaign, debate over Iran policy received unprecedented attention. The reasons are multifold. With Iran on the verge of developing both nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile capability, Washington policymakers can no longer ignore the Iranian threat, especially when confidants of Supreme Leader Ali Khomenei lead televised chants of "American will be annihilated," as Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati did last June. American concern over a nuclear Iran is multifold. The danger is not necessarily that Iran would conduct a nuclear first strike, although former president Ali Akbar...