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  • Main Street Patriots - Defend Trump - Defend America - Town Halls

    06/06/2017 10:40:24 AM PDT · by Az Joe · 3 replies
    Defend Trump, Defend America SCHEDULE OF: Upcoming Events: Media Protests and Congressional Town Halls.
  • Gnats and Irrelevant Nuts – The Economically Dissonant Opposition…

    05/13/2016 4:55:48 AM PDT · by Bratch · 18 replies
    Beyond the larger context of Globalists VS Nationalists, the internal opposition to Common Sense economic conservatism/nationalism can be fundamentally broken down into two categories: ♦  The first group are those who are fundamentally naive about large and historic economic issues; and how the economy was changed, forced to change, through the past forty years by financial interests who created a second, “false“, paper economy. This first group is generally young, pseudo-intellectual, and their only reference has been while formally educated within the last thirty years (they’re under 50).   Most of the oppositional (conservative) punditry falls into this category.  Important to note, this...
  • A Generation of Politically Economic Re-education: Wall Street -vs- Main Street

    02/15/2016 10:07:54 AM PST · by SatinDoll · 7 replies
    The Conservative Treehouse ^ | Feb. 15, 2015 | Sundance
    During the last Republican debate the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Stassel challenged Donald Trump on the projected revenue from his proposed tax plan. In essence Stassel claimed some economists doubted the growth factor Mr. Trump projects in his tax proposal. In a sixty second response time, it is factually impossible to explain something we have discussed here before. Specifically, one of the larger hurdles Trump faces is a need to re-educate an entire generation on a fundamentally new vision of the U.S. economy. A return to a goods- based manufacturing and industry driven economic model. Interestingly, many people have referenced...
  • REMEMBER MISSISSIPPI? – Jeb / Rubio Donors Pledge Support To Kasich “Tear Down Trump” Campaign

    11/23/2015 3:07:36 PM PST · by SatinDoll · 42 replies
    The Conservative Treehouse ^ | Nov. 23, 2015 | Sundance
    The ground effort to destroy Donald Trump begins today in Ohio where several GOPe operatives and advance teams have been positioned to drum up antagonistic protesters and coordinate activity aimed to target Trump. In addition Matt David, the spokesperson for the Kasich Super-PAC “New Day for America”, is now publicly reporting that both Team [Jeb] Bush and Team Rubio donors have pledged financial support to the effort to tear down front runner Donald Trump. The upper echelons within the Wall Street financially-dependent corporate media have also held their meeting to coordinate how they will distribute and promote the anti-Trump narrative....
  • Why Is Fed Considering Paying Banks Not To Lend To Main Street

    07/21/2014 5:39:12 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 35 replies
    IBD ^ | 07/21/2014 | Mike Cosgrove
    The Federal Reserve created a monster $4.3 trillion balance sheet, up by $3 trillion from 2008, through quantitative easing. QE ends this fall. Now the Fed is trying to figure out what to do with this monster. Their thinking seems to be that they can maintain control over it by paying banks more money to not make loans. So let's get this right. Households and businesses are attempting to borrow money from banks. But the Federal Reserve may eventually pay banks $100 billion per year not to lend to Main Street. Politicians will have a field day with that. The...
  • Top 1 percent reaps 90 percent of income gains since Obama took office

    01/14/2014 4:55:17 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 25 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 01/14/2014 | Patrice Hill
    Despite his best efforts, the president who vowed to conquer Wall Street and revive opportunity for everyday Americans on Main Street has this to show for his first five years in office: U.S. stock markets are in record territory, posting 30 percent gains just last year, and Wall Street is home once again to the biggest concentration of billionaires on earth, while wages for the middle class have barely kept up with inflation. As President Obama prepares to lay out an economic agenda to address this disappointing state of affairs in his State of the Union address this month, his...
  • Occupy Denver to Picket Colorado Walmart Distribution Center tomorrow.

    12/11/2011 3:59:46 PM PST · by Trteamer · 37 replies
    Occupy Denver ^ | 12-11-11 | trteamer
    In response to rumors, lies, and hearsay that have circulated regarding the 12/12 Walmart Action, we, as the General Assembly of Occupy Denver and the planners of the action in Loveland, hereby reaffirm that the 12/12 Action is and has always been a non-violent action, and that we do not and have never condoned or sanctioned violence of any kind or the destruction of property.......
  • Second Hand Dealer Law

    10/19/2011 4:15:35 PM PDT · by BfloGuy · 24 replies
    KLFY-TV (Louisiana) ^ | October 18, 2011 | Unattributed
    Cold hard cash. It's good everywhere you go, right? You can use it to pay for anything. But that's not the case here in Louisiana now. It's a law that was passed during this year's busy legislative session. House bill 195 basically says those who buy and sell second hand goods cannot use cash to make those transactions, and it flew so far under the radar most businesses don't even know about it. "We're gonna lose a lot of business," says Danny Guidry, who owns the Pioneer Trading Post in Lafayette. He deals in buying and selling unique second hand...
  • 'Main Street' More Pessimistic on Economy than 'Wall Street'

    09/20/2011 7:44:01 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 4 replies
    CNBC ^ | 09/19/2011
    Nearly half of CNBC's audience expects the Federal Reserve to announce another quantitative easing program , a much higher proportion than the number of Wall Street professionals who think that's likely. 'Main Street' is also more pessimistic than 'Wall Street', with a majority expecting the U.S. to fall back into a recession . For the first time, CNBC viewers and users were able to answer some of the same questions we've been putting to the pros in our monthly CNBC Fed Survey. Almost 5000 people took the opportunity to share their forecasts. In our unscientific online survey, 48 percent...
  • Fourth of July Parades; Bad Harbinger for Liberals

    07/04/2011 4:17:03 PM PDT · by Bowtie52 · 12 replies
    7/4/11 | Bowtie
    It’s a fun, yet quiet community, just west of Tampa, Florida. It is probably best known as the home of the Safety Harbor Spa. Safety Harbor was the site of a small Fourth of July parade that can only be called perfect homespun Americana. Residents lined up on Main Street in rows that were, in some places, 15 and 20 deep. Some sat in lawn chairs while others stood and all were sincere as they paid their respects to the July 4th date as well as the flag. Patriots, one and all stood to salute the colors as they passed....
  • Herman Cain Bets On Main Street

    04/13/2011 7:26:28 AM PDT · by justsaynomore · 7 replies
    Townhall Finance ^ | 4/13/11 | John Ransom
    If some think that Donald Trump and Mitt Romney best represent the hopes of Wall Street for America, some think that if Herman Cain is elected president he will best represent the interests of Main Street. Cain is the host of “The Herman Cain Show” broadcast out of Atlanta, although he’s taken a hiatus from the show as he explores a run for the White House. Cain is also a retired C-level executive who’s worked for Pillsbury, Coca-Cola, Burger King and Godfather’s Pizza. He’s known as a hands-on manager, who is not afraid to get into the details of business....
  • What's the Matter With Main Street?

    09/12/2010 8:47:53 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 20 replies ^ | September 12, 2010 | Salena Zito
    BIG BEAVER, Pa. – Voters throughout river towns like this one, from the Mid-Atlantic through the Mid-West and into the Deep South, are frustrated with Washington. Most are working-class Democrats and independents who placed their trust in Democrats in the past two election cycles. Interesting, then, that with all of the poll numbers and focus groups available to it, Washington’s ruling class still does not understand Main Street. In fact, it wants to know what is wrong with Americans. President Barack Obama, his advisors, congressional leaders and even many of the D.C. Beltway’s elite pundits collectively believe that voter anger...
  • (Obama and Giannoulias) Banking on Corruption In The Windy City

    03/09/2010 4:34:10 PM PST · by raptor22 · 3 replies · 571+ views
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | March 9, 2009 | Investor's Business Daily staff
    Politics: Another bank failure is nothing new these days — except if the bank is run by the family of a U.S. Senate candidate who profited handsomely and lent millions to a convicted felon. But then, that's the Chicago way. 'I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat-cat bankers on Wall Street," President Obama said in a recent interview with "60 Minutes." Speaking to those bankers, he said: "You guys are drawing down 10, 20 million dollar bonuses after America went through the worst economic year that it's gone through in — in decades,...
  • Too Green To Fail?

    05/21/2010 5:38:14 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 316+ views
    IBD Editorials ^ | May 21, 2010 | Investors Business Daily staff
    Scandal: Sometimes banks are too small to fail, such as when they are in the president's hometown, deal with the president's friends and serve the president's agenda. Or should we perhaps say too connected to fail? ShoreBank's Web site boasts: "Van Jones saves at ShoreBank so his money fights for green jobs just like he does." It proudly notes, "According to former Vice President Al Gore, 'Van Jones demonstrates conclusively that the best solutions for the survivability of our planet are also the best solutions for everyday Americans.' " That may tell us all we need to know about ShoreBank...
  • Renacci(OH-16)funded by liberal MainStreet PAC-Boehner and OH GOP behind RINO not the conservative?

    04/29/2010 10:37:32 PM PDT · by Paul Kib · 3 replies · 405+ views
    Ohio businessman Jim Renacci, whom national Republican officials prefer as their nominee against Democrat John Boccieri in the Canton-area 16th district, was the source for most of the money his campaign raised in the final three months of 2009. In a filing to the Federal Election Commission on Thursday, Renacci said that he had loaned his campaign $120,000, or nearly 60 percent of the $211,000 he raised overall. Renacci made the loan on Dec. 31, the last day of the reporting period. Renacci raised about $79,000 from individual donors and another $11,500 from political committees, including $5,000 from the centrist...
  • HOW THE BIG BANKS ARE LOOTING MAIN STREET USA (This isn't capitalism. It's nomadic thievery)

    04/06/2010 2:10:57 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 32 replies · 1,230+ views
    Liberty News Online ^ | 04/06/2010 | Matt Taibbi
    This article is about how the nation's biggest banks are ripping off American cities with the same predatory deals that brought down Greece. The article is long but well worth reading. If you want to know what life in the Third World is like, just ask Lisa Pack, an administrative assistant who works in the roads and transportation department in Jefferson County, Alabama. Pack got rudely introduced to life in post-crisis America last August, when word came down that she and 1,000 of her fellow public employees would have to take a little unpaid vacation for a while. The county,...
  • Obama to pitch "cash for caulkers" in Georgia

    03/02/2010 4:19:08 AM PST · by Cheap_Hessian · 33 replies · 930+ views
    Reuters ^ | March 2, 2010 | Patricia Zengerle
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will announce details of an estimated $6 billion program on Tuesday to generate jobs by providing incentives for Americans to make their homes more energy efficient, the latest step in his bid to convince Americans he can ease their economic woes. The plan, which must be passed by Congress, is intended to prompt Americans to invest in everything from insulation or new windows to overarching energy upgrades of their homes, creating construction and manufacturing jobs, and boosting energy efficiency. "The current thinking is that the program would be in the range of $6 billion,...
  • CNN Money : Why Main Street isn't hiring

    12/03/2009 5:16:13 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies · 1,185+ views
    CNN Money ^ | 12/3/2009 | Catherine Clifford
    With unemployment at its highest rate in a generation, Washington's policymakers are zooming in this week on a thorny part of the problem: Starved for credit and sales, small companies aren't hiring. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees cut another 68,000 workers in November, according to a report released Wednesday by payroll processor ADP (ADP, Fortune 500). Small companies have collectively shed 2 million workers over the last 12 months. That's a sizeable chunk of the 5.3 million jobs lost this year, according to ADP's estimates. The rate of job cuts has slowed, but economists don't anticipate a pickup in...
  • Bedford Falls, USA

    11/29/2009 6:27:59 AM PST · by Kaslin · 28 replies · 1,464+ views ^ | November 29, 2009 | Salena Zito
    INDIANA, Pa. – Turn the corner onto Philadelphia Street in this small Western Pennsylvania town, and you might be on the main street of Bedford Falls, the mythical town in Frank Capra’s Christmas classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life. “This is a town where you hear people tell each other ‘Merry Christmas’ without ever considering if it is politically correct,” said Chris Carter of Dayton, Ohio, here for the day on business. Earlier Carter, 30, posed for a picture with the statue of Jimmy Stewart, Indiana’s hometown everyman. Carter thinks places like Indiana or his hometown of Dayton are overlooked...
  • Why Wall Street Isn't Main Street

    11/12/2009 2:49:57 AM PST · by Scanian · 6 replies · 518+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | November 12, 2009 | Jeffrey R. Carter
    The Obama administration has taken great pains to blame Wall Street for the woes of the financial system. Representative Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd have held numerous hearings, pointing fingers at greedy capitalists and unchecked, unregulated risk-taking. What they should be doing is pointing their fingers at the American financial regulatory system that the committees oversee. The rules of the game need to be changed so that the playing field is actually competitive. Structures need to be altered, and regulations written, so actual risk is being assumed or transferred when money is invested. Goldman now makes millions of dollars...