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  • Canada PM Trudeau faces PC backlash over 'peoplekind' comment

    02/06/2018 6:35:21 PM PST · by Trump20162020 · 36 replies
    BBC ^ | 02/06/2018 | Staff
    The young woman ended her question by saying: "Maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind." Mr Trudeau waved his hand and said: "We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind. It's more inclusive."
  • Justin Trudeau’s edict to call ‘Mankind’ ‘PEOPLEKIND'

    02/06/2018 9:16:54 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 33 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/06/18 | Judi McLeod
    Meanwhile, rump bites notwithstanding, Justin-Justine’s getting to be one of the world’s biggest drags ‘Mankind’ was always mankind until silly, frilly Justin-Justine Trudeau came merrily prancing down the primrose path to christen it as ‘PEOPLEKIND’. But how was to know that the truth might come along to bite him right in his fastidiously preserved royal rump? While all deplorables remain in the ‘mankind ‘category, North American Liberals are graduating cum laude to ‘Peoplekind’.
  • Former DA Earle running for Lt. Gov. [Texas]

    12/20/2009 12:30:43 PM PST · by deport · 37 replies · 933+ views
    American Statesman ^ | 12-18-09 | Kate Alexander
    Former DA Earle running for Lt. Gov. By Kate Alexander | Friday, December 18, 2009, 06:36 PM Former Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle is running for lieutenant governor of Texas. Earle, who retired last year after more than three decades as district attorney, filed paperwork with the Texas Democratic Party late Friday to seek the party’s nomination for the statewide office. The winner of the Democratic primary in March will probably face the Republican incumbent David Dewhurst next fall. At this point, Earle is the sole filer for the party’s nomination, but Austin deli owner Marc Katz is...
  • The Case of the Missing Ancestor: DNA from Russia adds a mysterious new member to the human family

    07/04/2014 8:40:28 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 15 replies
    National Geographic ^ | July 2013 | Jamie Shreeve
    In the Altay Mountains of southern Siberia, some 200 miles from where Russia touches Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan, nestled under a rock face about 30 yards above a little river called the Anuy, there is a cave called Denisova. It has long attracted visitors. The name comes from that of a hermit, Denis, who is said to have lived there in the 18th century. Long before that, Neolithic and later Turkic pastoralists took shelter in the cave, gathering their herds around them to ride out the Siberian winters. Thanks to them, the archaeologists who work in Denisova today, surrounded by...
  • Anatomically Modern Humans Left Africa Earlier Than Previously Thought, Suggests Study

    05/21/2014 12:18:44 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 25 replies
    Popular Archaeology ^ | April 21, 2014
    An international team of scientists conducting an analysis of the genetic diversity and cranial measurements of 10 African and Asian human populations conclude that anatomically modern humans may have dispersed out of Africa earlier than previously thought, and in more than one stage: initially into Asia by taking a southern route through Arabia as much as 130,000 years ago; and later into Northern Eurasia on a more northerly route 50,000 years ago. The timing and nature of early modern human dispersal out of Africa has long been disputed among scholars, with competing theories or models about how and when it...
  • The History of Mankind

    04/18/2013 9:37:09 PM PDT · by DennisR · 46 replies
    4/18/2013 | DennisR
    As one who believes that God created the universe and all things therein, including man, just wondering how long the evolutionists on FreeRepublic believe man has existed on the earth and why.
  • Course on Grace: Grace considered Extensively, Grace to Adam [Catholic and Open]

    06/13/2012 10:09:53 AM PDT · by Salvation · 40 replies ^ | 1998 | Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.
    Course on Grace by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PART ONE: GRACE CONSIDERED EXTENSIVELY I.  Why Grace? II.  What Is Grace? III.  Grace to the Angels IV.  Grace to Adam V.  Grace in the Old Testament VI.  Grace to Christ VII.  Justification in the New Testament Chapter IV. Grace to Adam Deiform Man. What graces were given to Adam in the state of original justice? The array of graces that made him supernatural man: the Indwelling Trinity – sanctifying grace – infused virtues – gifts of the Holy Spirit. What kind of man may we now call him?...
  • The History of Mankind

    04/04/2010 11:25:39 PM PDT · by CondoleezzaProtege · 156+ views
    Grace Gems ^ | July, 1777 | John Newton
    Dear sir, I have recently read "Robertson's History of Charles V", which, like most other histories, I consider as a comment upon those passages of Scripture which teach us the depravity of man, the deceitfulness of the heart, the ruinous effects of sin; and the powerful, though secret, rule of Divine Providence, moving, directing, controlling the designs and actions of men, with an unerring hand, to the accomplishment of his own purposes, both of mercy and judgment. Without the clue and the light which the Word of God affords—the history of mankind, of any, of every age, only presents to...
  • Lutheranism must triumph!

    11/21/2009 9:42:14 AM PST · by WesternCulture · 54 replies · 1,340+ views
    11/08/2009 | WesternCulture
    When I look at the world of today, I am appalled. Luckily enough, I'm also a Lutheran and know what cure there is. I'll tell you about it. My grandfather was rather "well off". Rich enough to hire people to take care of his summer houses in different parts of the country (Sweden), but instead he chose to work on those estates whenever having a little of time off, not out of a miser's love for money, but because the love of how it feels to be truly independent. Church attendence in my part of the world isn't something you'd...
  • 'Super-Predator' Humans Force Evolution in Animals

    01/14/2009 1:56:00 PM PST · by em2vn · 33 replies · 615+ views
    Foxnews ^ | 01-14-09 | Robert Britt
    Acting as super-predators, humans are forcing changes to body size and reproductive abilities in some species 300 percent faster than would occur naturally, a new study finds. Hunting and fishing by individual sportsmen as well as large-scale commercial fishing are also outpacing other human influences, such as pollution, in effects on the animal kingdom.
  • Study: Sun not linked to climate change

    04/03/2008 10:10:19 PM PDT · by melt · 80 replies · 360+ views
    AP ^ | 4/3/08 | AP
    LONDON, April 3 (UPI) -- A British study casts doubt on the theory that global warming is caused by cosmic rays rather than human activity. Climate change skeptics argue that cutting carbon emissions is futile because they believe climate change is caused not by burning fossil fuels but by changes in cosmic rays that determine cloudiness and temperature. Physicist Terry Sloan of Lancaster University and Arnold Wolfendale of Durham University said their research finds no evidence of a link between the ionizing cosmic rays and the production of low cloud cover. "This is of vast significance because if the skeptics...
  • Ancient skull dug up in Henan may bury 'Out of Africa' theory

    01/24/2008 9:39:26 AM PST · by charles m · 25 replies · 496+ views
    Mainland archaeologists have discovered a fractured but almost complete skull in Xuchang , Henan province , that they believe is from an anatomically modern Homo sapiens nearly 100,000 years old. If the estimate is correct and if the skull, broken into 16 pieces seemingly by a powerful strike, demonstrates a feature of the East Asian population, then one of palaeoanthropology's paradigms - "Out of Africa" - may be shattered. Part of the Out of Africa theory holds that anatomically modern human beings first appeared in Africa. Then, about 100,000 years ago, they moved off the continent and took over the...
  • Brit politician blames babies for global warming! ['AL'bortion Alert!]

    11/14/2007 10:16:20 PM PST · by melt · 14 replies · 333+ views
    Yahoo!NewsIndia ^ | 11/14/07 | ANI
    London, Nov 14 (ANI): A top British Liberal Democrat has proposed a solution to combat global warming - put a full stop on babies. Chris Davies has warned that halting population growth, as an answer to global warming, would prove to be far more efficient than trying to cut pollution. The North West England MEP added that families should be encouraged to have no more than one child in an effort to combat climate change. But he said he did not support "Chinese-like ideas of compulsion". "What's the single most effective thing couples can do to play a part in...
  • Human race will 'split into two different species'

    10/28/2007 7:11:09 AM PDT · by Bringbackthedraft · 59 replies · 188+ views
    Daily Mail ^ | 26th October 2007 | NIALL FIRTH
    The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist. 100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed.
  • Naked Men: The ManKind Project and Michael Scinto

    10/06/2007 5:53:22 AM PDT · by i_dont_chat · 21 replies · 1,969+ views
    The Houston Press ^ | 10-04-07 | Chris Vogel
    The organization was supposed to make him a better man. Instead, his parents say, it made him a dead one. The ManKind Project offers trainings which support men in developing lives of integrity, accountability and connection to feeling." — From The ManKind Project Web site "They had three naked men bring out two chickens that they hit with a ­hammer." — Michael Scinto in a letter to a ­Madison County sheriff's deputy. Michael Scinto was literally scared to death. On an isolated 11-acre compound down a winding, country dirt road 110 miles north of Houston, Scinto watched as the leader...
  • A Moment in Time

    06/15/2007 8:12:56 AM PDT · by Constitutions Grandchild · 11 replies · 297+ views
    UTube ^ | May, 2007 | Unknown
  • Lib/Dem/Soc/Commies -- You’ve Forgotten the Lessons of 9/11

    09/10/2006 10:10:18 AM PDT · by DocFarmer · 20 replies · 1,377+ views
    ChronWatch ^ | 09/11/2006 | Doc Farmer
    Lib/Dem/Soc/Commies -- You've Forgotten The Lessons Of 9/11 Written by Doc Farmer Monday, September 11, 2006 Author's Note: This is a request to most of my conservative, patriotic readers. Please don't read it with yourself in mind. Instead, send it along to every lib/dem/soc/commie discussion board, mailing list or group you can find. Send it to every lib/dem/soc/commie media outlet. Call every lib/dem/soc/commie talk show with it. This message is for them, and it's high time they heard it. Five years. It's not that long a time, when you consider the history of our nation. It's a mere blink of...
  • DNA Study Yields Clues on First Migration of Early Humans

    05/12/2005 9:52:10 PM PDT · by Drammach · 1 replies · 688+ views
    NY Times ^ | May 13, 2005 | Nicholas Wade
    The New York Times May 13, 2005 DNA Study Yields Clues on First Migration of Early HumansBy NICHOLAS WADE By studying the DNA of an ancient people in Malaysia, a team of geneticists says it has illuminated many aspects of how modern humans migrated from Africa. The geneticists say there was only one migration of modern humans out of Africa; that it took a southern route to India, Southeast Asia and Australia; and that it consisted of a single band of hunter-gatherers, probably just a few hundred people strong. Because these events occurred in the last Ice Age, when Europe...
  • JOURNEY OF MANKIND (The Peopling Of The World)

    04/25/2005 5:11:40 PM PDT · by blam · 41 replies · 1,838+ views
    The Bradshaw Foundation ^ | Unknown | Stephen Oppenheimer
    This is the result of a DNA study done by Professor Stephen Oppenheimer and funded by The Bradshaw Foundation. As you go on the journey, here are some things I would like you to make note of and I would appreciate your comments:1. 135-115,000 years ago, notice that the first human excursion out of Africa failed/Died out.2. 74,000 years ago Toba exploded and reduced the worldwide human population to 2-10,000. Note the (about) 10,000 year absence of humans in India, Pakistan and parts of SE Asia. Also, there are two populations of 'out of Africa' humans that are seperated from...
  • Analysis: A Promising NASA Budget?

    02/10/2005 5:29:03 AM PST · by vannrox · 1 replies · 595+ views
    Space Daily ^ | 2-8-2005 | by Robert Zimmerman
    The other project cut was the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter. JIMO - recently renamed Prometheus 1 - had been intended as the first mission under Project Prometheus, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe's pet project to encourage the use of nuclear-power propulsion to explore the outer solar system. Washington (UPI) Feb 08, 2005 Despite fears by many in the scientific community that President George W. Bush's initiative to re-invigorate the American manned space program would cause deep cuts in NASA's science budget, the administration's proposed 2006 budget - announced with great fanfare on Monday - left almost all of the agency's present...