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Lib/Dem/Soc/Commies -- You’ve Forgotten the Lessons of 9/11
ChronWatch ^ | 09/11/2006 | Doc Farmer

Posted on 09/10/2006 10:10:18 AM PDT by DocFarmer

Lib/Dem/Soc/Commies -- You've Forgotten The Lessons Of 9/11

Written by Doc Farmer

Monday, September 11, 2006

Author's Note: This is a request to most of my conservative, patriotic readers. Please don't read it with yourself in mind. Instead, send it along to every lib/dem/soc/commie discussion board, mailing list or group you can find. Send it to every lib/dem/soc/commie media outlet. Call every lib/dem/soc/commie talk show with it. This message is for them, and it's high time they heard it.

Five years. It's not that long a time, when you consider the history of our nation. It's a mere blink of an eye in the recorded history of mankind. When events of monumental scope occur, it usually changes people for a very long time. Lifetimes, even histories, can transform in a mere moment, forever affecting the course of nations and the lives of men.

Assuming, of course, that men pay attention to those moments and have the strength to learn from them.

Sadly, such is not the case for a large portion of our nation. At least, when it comes to the morning of September 11th, 2001.

Most Americans knew from the moment that second plane hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center that we were under attack. That it wasn't an accident. That it was war. Not a difficult concept for most people to grasp, considering the death and destruction that occurred that terrible day. Nevertheless, five years later, an uncomfortably large section of our population have simply decided that everything that happened that day was our own fault. Or, more accurately, that it was the President's fault. That all the bad things that had occurred in the world before and after that clear, cool morning was all because of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States.

Almost all of these people are of one political group -- lib/dem/soc/commies -- and because they didn't get "their" candidate into office or "their" ideas into law, they've done everything possible to actually help the people who committed those heinous acts of terrorism and murder. They've trashed our military, lied about the attacks, supported terrorists in manners direct and indirect, lied about the steps leading up to this war, obstructed our ability to defend ourselves, lied about the previous administrations lack of action, openly and shamefully slandered our current President and his administration, lied about the sponsors of their "peace" movements, and gave our enemies every opportunity to achieve victory in the media when they were (and continue to be) losing in the battlefield.

President Bush has prosecuted this war against global terrorism in a manner that no other President (short of the great Ronald Wilson Reagan) could have. He has led our nation, and our armies, to the liberation of over 50 million innocents. He has defended this nation with honor. I may disagree with Bush on issues of immigration or curbing government spending, but I have always tried to do so respectfully. I certainly have never, ever tried to undermine his authority as Commander in Chief, or to undermine our brave troops.

The lib/dem/soc/commies cannot say the same thing. Not honestly, anyway. So to you I address this epistle.

President Bush says that he will not question the patriotism of those who disagree with him. However, I DO QUESTION YOUR PATRIOTISM. Why? Because you've not demonstrated ANY patriotism to America. You've demonstrated your support of the United Nations, the Cheese-Eating-Surrender-Monkeys, the Rooskies and the Krauts and the Sprouts, who were actually profiting from terrorism and its support. You've demonstrated your disdain for the truth when you covered up all the mistakes of political idiots like Carter and Clinton, and laid the blame for everything from the 9/11 attacks to hangnails on Dubya.

You're not patriots. You're quite the opposite. You are traitors to this nation. And yes, I know EXACTLY what I'm saying. You are supporting our enemies with your actions, your inactions, your lies and your slavish support of a concept that plays into the hands of terrorists. You embolden them with your appeasement mentality -- more of a lack of mentality, actually. You show yourselves to be weak -- just what the enemy wishes you to be. You care more about the needs or the "rights" of potential terrorists than you do about the security of your own nation, and the free world at large.

You're not patriots. You are scum. Moreover, you sicken the heart of every REAL American. Bush won't say this, because he's trying to be a uniter, not a divider. You, on the other hand, wish only to divide, to fracture, to destroy this great nation. You aren't even smart enough to understand that if you get your wish and we lose this war, that you'll be the first people lined up against the wall and shot by the very terrorists you're trying to help.

Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said in a recent floor debate, "The Leader of the Opposition's constant companion is the white flag." Sadly, in America, it's not just the leaders of the lib/dem/soc/commies who are sitting with surrender every moment. It's EVERY lib/dem/soc/commie who speaks out against our Nation. It's EVERY lib/dem/soc/commie who marches in the streets demanding "peace" while we are at war with an enemy who will not stop until we are destroyed. It's EVERY lib/dem/soc/commie who sits by and stays silent while others in their party lie or obfuscate or slander our President, our troops or our nation.

Liberals. Democrats. Socialists. Communists. The so-called "left" is made up of these core political constructs. And they are as great an enemy to this nation as any Al Qaeda cell or Hamas homicide bomber.

You lib/dem/soc/commies have the audacity to say that your protest is proof that you're patriotic. Patriotic? No. You are traitors. You are complicit in trying to win this war for the BAD guys. And no, the bad guys aren't Dubya, Cheney, Rummy, Condi, et al. The bad guys are the ones who flew planes into our buildings, who shoot at our troops, who build bombs that they can wear or drive. Yet, for some reason unfathomable to genuinely patriotic Americans like myself, you sons of bitches are helping the REAL bad guys.

The worst part of it all is, you refuse to accept the truth of this. You live in some fantasy utopia where you all sing Kum-Ba-Yah around the campfire. Well, some of the people you're sitting with want to throw us INTO the fire. You can't seem to see that when they throw us in, you'll burn as well.

It's time for lib/dem/soc/commies to wake up. You're assuring not only our destruction, but also your own. Personally, I have no problem with your wanting to destroy yourselves. But don't take this nation -- and the free world -- down with you.

If you're protesting on this day -- a day of solemn remembrance -- then you are not deserving of the honorable title "American." You may have been born in this country, but you have not learned its lessons or appreciated its freedoms. Freedoms won for you with the blood of our best. You spit on their sacrifice.

Well, I spit on you.

Your political leaders undermine our defense. Your "entertainers" believe they are geopolitical experts when they have NO clue about much of anything. Your propaganda arm (the so-called "mainstream" media) ignore important information about American progress and instead emphasize (and sometimes falsify) reports in order to make us look bad and the enemy look sympathetic. Your grass roots marchers are supported and handled and financed by known socialist, communist, and even terrorist groups bent on undermining and destroying America. Your idiot fringe elements (which have become a lot more "mainstream" in your political structures) waste time with wild conspiracy theories, even when the facts scream out at them from multiple independent sources.

In the 1940s, America was embroiled in World War II. Franklin Roosevelt, our 32nd President, took steps to defend this nation. He monitored phone calls and mail. He had saboteurs tried and executed -- quickly and efficiently. He had over 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry sent to internment camps because of the potential security risk they posed to ALL Americans. He carpet-bombed the snot out of Japan and Germany, killing millions of their civilians in order to protect ours. He authorized the development of an Atomic bomb (and Truman, his successor after his death, authorized its use), in order to win the war. Lib/dem/soc/commies praise FDR as a great and wonderful President.

Yet when Bush by comparison takes much milder and cautious steps to prosecute a world war against Islamofascists bent on our destruction, doing everything possible to limit the loss of civilian life, doing everything he can to protect the lives of our troops, you lib/dem/soc/commies compare him to Hitler or Stalin or Tojo. In doing so, you strengthen the position of the enemy.

Can you not see this? Can you not understand the damage you have caused in the 1,826 days which have passed since that terrible morning when so many innocent Americans were slaughtered by an enemy you're doing everything in your power to help?

If there was ever a day for lib/dem/soc/commies to reflect on their folly, their stupidity, their arrogance and their treason, this would be it. I doubt very much, however, that you have the intellectual capacity or the spiritual strength to do such a thing.

So, for today, I call upon lib/dem/soc/commies everywhere to do all of America, indeed all the free world, a favor:

Shut the «F-word» up.


Today and every day, may God Bless America. And may God damn all of our enemies. Especially those within our shores.


About the Writer: Doc Farmer is a writer and humorist who is also a moderator on ChronWatch's Forum. He formerly lived in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but now resides in the Midwest. Doc receives e-mail at

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Author's Note: This is a request to most of my conservative, patriotic readers. Please don't read it with yourself in mind. Instead, send it along to every lib/dem/soc/commie discussion board, mailing list or group you can find. Send it to every lib/dem/soc/commie media outlet. Call every lib/dem/soc/commie talk show with it. This message is for them, and it's high time they heard it.
1 posted on 09/10/2006 10:10:24 AM PDT by DocFarmer
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To: DocFarmer

================= EXHIBIT 1 ================

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay attacked by Islamic terrorists.

================= EXHIBIT 2 ================

London attacked by Islamic terrorists.

================= EXHIBIT 3 ================

Madrid attacked by Islamic terrorists.

================= EXHIBIT 4 ================


The War for Infinite Justice MUST BE ESCALATED

================= EXHIBIT 5 ================


The War for Infinite Justice MUST BE ESCALATED

================= EXHIBIT 6 ================

Full list is pages and pages and pages and pages.

1968 Robert Kennedy assassinated
1972 Munich Olympics Sep-5,1972 (Black September)
1976 Entebbe Hostage Crisis, June 27, 1976
1979 Iran Hostage Crisis, Nov. 4, 1979 444 days
1979 Grand Mosque Seizure, Nov 20,1979
1981 Assassination of Egyptian President, Oct 6,1981
1982 Assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister, Sept 14, 1982
1983 Bombing of US Embassy in Beirut6, April 18,1983
1983 Bombing of Maring Barricks, Beruit, Oct 23,1983
1984 Hizballah Restaurant Bombing, April 12,1984
1985 Egyptian Airliner Hijacking, Nov 23,1985
1985 Rome Airport murders
1985 TWA Flight 847 hijacked, U.S. Navy diver murdered
1985 Achille Lauro hijacking, Homacidal maniac lived in saddams Iraq
1986 Aircraft Bombing in Greece, March 30, 1986
1988 Pan Am 747 Flight 103 Bombing, Lockerbie, 100's murdered
1988 Berlin Discoteque Bombing, Dec 21,1988
1992 Bombing in Israeli Embassy in Argentina, March 17,1992
1993 Attempted Assassination of Pres. Bush Sr., April 14,1993
1993 First World Trade Center bombing, February 26th, 7 Killed, Hundreds injured, Billions
1994 Air France Hijacking, Dec 24,1994
1995 Attack on US Diplomats in Pakistan, Mar 8,1995
1995 Military Installation Attack, Nov 13, 1995
1995 Kashmiri Hostage taking, July 4,1995
1996 Khobar Towers attack
1996 Sudanese Missionarys Kidnapping, Aug 17,1996
1996 Paris Subway Explosion, Dec 3,1996
1997 Israeli Shopping Mall Bombing, Sept 4, 1997
1997 Yemeni Kidnappings, Oct 30,1997
1998 Somali Hostage taking crisis, April 15,1998
1998 U.S. Embassy Bombing in Peru, Jan 15, 1998
1998 U.S. Kenya Embassy blown up, 100's murdered
1998 U.S. Tanzania Embassy blown up, 100's murdered
1999 Plot to blow up Space Needle (thwarted)
2000 USS Cole attacked, many U.S. Navy sailors murdered
2000-2003 Intifada against Israel - 100's dead and injured
2000 Manila Bombing, Dec 30,2000
2001 4 Commercial airliners hijacked, 250+ murdered
2001 World Trade Center attacked, 2800+ murdered
2001 Flight 93 murders
2001 Pentagon attacked, 180+ murdered
2002 Reporter Daniel Pearl, kidnapped and murdered
2002 Philippines American missionary, Filipino nurse killed
2002 July 4, El Al attack Los Angeles LAX, several murdered
2002 Bali bombing - 200 dead, 300 injured
2002 Yemen, French Oil Tanker attacked
2002 Marines attacked / murdered in Kuwait
2002 Washington D.C. sniper
2002 Russian Theater attacked, 100+ dead
2002 Nigerian riots against Miss World Pageant, 200 dead, dozens injured
2002 Mombasa Hotel Attacked, 12 dead, dozens injured
2002 Israeli Boeing 757 attacked by missiles, fortunately no one injured
2002 August Hotel bombing in Jakarta, Indonesia. 12 dead, dozens injured.
2003 Rusian concert bombing
2003 Phillipines airport and market bombing
2003 Foiled SAM plot in the USA
2003 UN Baghdad HQ Bombing
on and on and on and on their terrorism has gone .........

The War for Infinite Justice MUST BE ESCALATED

================= EXHIBIT 7 ================

Islamic Terrorists (mainly from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) attack America
murdering 3000 Americans per hour [pictures censored by the MSM]

The War for Infinite Justice SHOULD HAVE BEEN ESCALATED IN 2001

================= EXHIBIT 8 ================

Russia, at Beslan, with children murdered by Islamic terrorists.

================= EXHIBIT 9 ================

=========== Documents linking Atta, Saddam, Nidal, bin Ladin ===========

Handwritten letter dated Feb. 19, 1998 linking bin Laden and Saddam Hussein
discussing arrival of a secret envoy sent by bin Laden to Iraq.
The signature beneath the letter is a codename, "MDA" - the Mukhabarat.

================= EXHIBIT 10================

=========== Islamic terrorists promising to conquer America prior to murdering all Christians and Jews therein.

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith,
but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America,
and Islam the only accepted religion on earth

--Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), San Ramon Valley Herald, July 1998

Qur’an 8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels.
So wound their bodies and incapacitate them
because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

Qur’an 8:57 “If you gain mastery over them in battle,
inflict such a defeat as would terrorize them,
so that they would learn a lesson and be warned.”


2 posted on 09/10/2006 10:14:30 AM PDT by Diogenesis (Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum)
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To: DocFarmer

They hadn't forgotten any lessons of 9/11.....they have chosen to IGNORE those lessons.


Simply because they HATE America just as much as the Islamo-fascists do.

It's really not any more complicated than that.

3 posted on 09/10/2006 10:14:41 AM PDT by Howie66 ("America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people.")
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To: DocFarmer; GMMAC; Pikamax; Former Proud Canadian; Great Dane; Alberta's Child; headsonpikes; ...


I am sending this out to the Canada ping list, and by e mail.

Thanks for writing it, and posting it here.

Canada stands beside you America.

4 posted on 09/10/2006 10:22:11 AM PDT by fanfan (Trust everybody, but cut the cards yourself.)
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To: Diogenesis

Do you want to know what really baffles me about these liberals/socialists/commies?

The fact that the Islamo-fascists IF they are allowed to prevail, will be going after these idiots with a furor before they go after anybody else simply because they are morally bankrupt and weak of character. Liberals/socialists/commies are simply going to be very easy targets and the cowardly Islamists will go for the easy target every time.

5 posted on 09/10/2006 10:28:20 AM PDT by Howie66 ("America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people.")
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To: Howie66

It is confusing, yes, but more importantly it is sickening to see such self-absorbtion. Screw the rest of the nation, or the free world, so long as THEIR sensitivities are honored. Blind, stupid people, these lib/dem/soc/commies...

6 posted on 09/10/2006 10:52:00 AM PDT by DocFarmer
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To: DocFarmer

Look at Senator Jay Rockefeller, he says the world would be better off today if the United States had never went after evil. Saddam Hussein was good the world was safer under evil. Lib/Dem/Soc/etc. are in full propaganda mode, they are apologists for evil.

7 posted on 09/10/2006 11:11:25 AM PDT by FreeRep
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To: Howie66
Simply because they HATE America just as much as the Islamo-fascists do.

I don't think they hate America. May I modify your statement just a little?

Simply because they HATE America, with President Bush and the Republicans in charge, just as much as the Islamo-fascists do.

If the lib/dem/soc/commies held the White House and both houses of Congress, I think their attitude would be very different.

But as it stands, they are truly blinded by their rage at George Bush. This started when he stole the election in 2000 and escalated sharply when he was reelected in 2004.

If they fail to take either the House or the Senate this fall they're really gonna go berserk. Maybe start killing themselves or other people. Their rage is more than I can understand. But it's there and it's double strong.

Time to buy more ammo :)

8 posted on 09/10/2006 11:26:41 AM PDT by upchuck (Q:Why does President Bush support amnesty for illegal aliens? A:Read this:
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To: FreeRep

You just know that the Islamo-fascists would LOVE to separate Jay's "brain housing group" from his body, simply because he is such a total putz!

9 posted on 09/10/2006 11:28:33 AM PDT by Howie66 ("America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people.")
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To: DocFarmer

Absolutely spot on, Doc. It's what I've been saying since 9-12-01, when it finally hit me what had happened.

I've sent this out to all my Conservative Mailing Lists, and to all other lists I maintain. Thanks again.

10 posted on 09/10/2006 11:32:41 AM PDT by butternut_squash_bisque (The recipe's at my FR HomePage. Try it!)
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To: upchuck

"Time to buy more ammo"

I am very well-stocked (100k rounds) and ready for whatever happens.

11 posted on 09/10/2006 11:36:45 AM PDT by butternut_squash_bisque (The recipe's at my FR HomePage. Try it!)
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To: upchuck

"I don't think they hate America."

I disagree. Look at their track record during the Vietnam years, with a democRAT administration. Take another look at the years that Carter was president and what they did to lay waste to our economy, our national psyche, and our standing in the world in general.

If you aren't convinced by their actions alone, then you can examine their very public pronouncements over the past 5 years, President Bush not withstanding. Keep in mind that Presidents Reagan, H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford et al, have all been painted as bumbling dolts that were the personification of evil as our current President Bush is.

You are correct in that were the RATs in charge of our country today, they would be singing a different tune. Unfortunately that tune would likely be something gleaned from the Koran.

Thank God that the Blame America First crowd is still in the minority. Let's hope and pray that they stay there.

12 posted on 09/10/2006 11:38:58 AM PDT by Howie66 ("America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people.")
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To: butternut_squash_bisque

You guys should see some of the vitriol I'm getting from lib/dem/soc/commies. I subscribe to a number of Yahoo groups, but one in particular ( has been spouting the same tired old talking points combined with hate and threats.

If it weren't for the fact that this nation is in mortal danger, and that these scumbags were helping the enemy, their stupidity would almost be funny.

13 posted on 09/10/2006 12:00:33 PM PDT by DocFarmer
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To: DocFarmer

Liberalism should be mocked, denigrated, treated with contempt, and ridiculed at every turn.

14 posted on 09/10/2006 12:21:08 PM PDT by Disambiguator (Don't mess with Israel.)
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To: Disambiguator

I think it's time that they start being arrested as well. For providing aid and comfort to the enemy during a time of war.

15 posted on 09/10/2006 1:04:29 PM PDT by DocFarmer
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To: fanfan

There is terrorism in the world because for more than three decades western leaders have surrendered to terrorists. Terrorism survives because terrorism works. Terrorism feeds on appeasement.

16 posted on 09/10/2006 3:19:21 PM PDT by Fair Go
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To: Fair Go

Everybody who can get a chance should join this group and just blow the lib/dem/soc/commies out of the water there. These folks are so F'ed up, brain-wise, that it beggars belief!

17 posted on 09/10/2006 4:32:24 PM PDT by DocFarmer
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To: DocFarmer

Have done.

18 posted on 09/10/2006 4:38:22 PM PDT by Fair Go
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To: Fair Go

Oh, man, they're realy steamed! You should see the venom they're spewing. I'm giving it right back to those bastards.

19 posted on 09/11/2006 8:14:24 AM PDT by DocFarmer
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To: DocFarmer


This is a thing of beauty. I'll be sending this on. This is sobering and true.

20 posted on 09/11/2006 8:21:36 AM PDT by DarthVader (Conservatives aren't always right , but Liberals are almost always wrong.)
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