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Keyword: mullahs

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  • Carly Fiorina repeats after girl: ‘Donald Trump’s a moron’

    01/16/2016 1:49:51 PM PST · by COBOL2Java · 65 replies
    ABC Radio ^ | 16 January 2016 | ABC Radio
    (NEW YORK) - In New Hampshire in an election year, even young children aren't afraid to share their views with politicians - as Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina saw firsthand Friday night. "Do you think Donald Trump is taking away our rights by not letting Muslims in the country because there's some terrorist attacks?" Harrison Golden, an eight-year-old Fiorina supporter, who is Muslim, asked the businesswoman after a town hall event she held in southeastern New Hampshire. "I think Donald Trump says a lot of things that are crazy," Fiorina responded. Harrison's sister, Zahra, who is 10 years old,...
  • The Mullahs Thank Mr. Obama

    01/03/2016 7:43:07 AM PST · by Libloather · 4 replies
    President Obama imagined he could end his second term with an arms-control detente with Iran the way Ronald Reagan did with the Soviet Union. It looks instead that his nuclear deal has inspired Iran toward new military aggression and greater anti-American hostility. The U.S. and United Nations both say Iran is already violating U.N. resolutions that bar Iran from testing ballistic missiles. Iran has conducted two ballistic-missile tests since the nuclear deal was signed in July, most recently in November. The missiles seem capable of delivering nuclear weapons with relatively small design changes. The White House initially downplayed the missile...
  • Good intentions not good solution

    10/06/2009 9:08:49 PM PDT · by ancientart · 3 replies · 359+ views
    Aberdeen American News ^ | October 2, 2009 | Art Marmorstein
    In the wonderfully funny movie Mom and Dad Save the World, one of the heroes admits that his people are not so bright. But what we lack in brains, he says, we make up for in ...good intentions. Gentle mocking here of the frequent appeal of the incompetent for tolerance of their mistakes: How can you blame us if our intentions are good? The trouble is that much of what's really rotten in the world is due to people who thought that their good intentions would ensure a favorable result. Maybe the best example of this: former president Jimmy Carter....
  • Schumer May Save the Democratic Party

    08/23/2015 3:56:39 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 39 replies
    Politico ^ | 08/23/2015 | PATRICK H. CADDELL and DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN
    The Iran deal has potential, both because of public opinion and the way the administration is positioning itself, to hurt Democrats in much the same way that the Iranian hostage crisis did in 1980 and 1981. Should New York Senator Chuck Schumer succeed in killing the deal, he will be saving the Democrats from what appears to be a grave political mistake. President Obama has branded opponents of the deal as either ideological extremists or ignorant. In his speech at American University, he compared the agreements opponents with Iranian extremists chanting death to America. He pointed out that most of...
  • Barack Obamas inability to grasp reality

    08/11/2015 5:59:08 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 25 replies
    Washington Times ^ | August 10, 2015 | Wesley Pruden
    The latest refinement of tone is his assertion that its his way or the highway, that war with Iran lies at the end of that forbidden highway. But who would start such a war? He doesnt say. As crazy as the mullahs are, the craziness lies in a distorted theology, not in statecraft. The mullahs are smart enough not to believe everything they say, and go to war against the United States. We logically conclude that Mr. Obama is afraid that he might be the one to start the war. Who else does he think it could be? His its...
  • Jindal: Obama Declared War on Trans Fats and a Ceasefire With [Iran]

    08/07/2015 8:01:27 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 4 replies
    CNSNews.com ^ | August 4, 2015 | Melanie Hunter
    (CNSNews.com) During a voters first presidential forum in New Hampshire on Monday, GOP presidential candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal criticized President Barack Obamas deal with Iran, saying he declared war on trans fats and a ceasefire with the largest state-sanctioned sponsor of terrorism. This is a bad deal. Hes declared war on trans fats and a ceasefire with the largest state-sanctioned sponsor of terrorism, said Jindal regarding the nuclear deal with Iran. As CNSNews.com previously reported, the Food and Drug Administration ruled in June that trans fat is not generally recognized as safe for use in food and gave...
  • Iran-Kerry and a World Turned Upside-Down

    07/17/2015 7:39:49 PM PDT · by jfd1776 · 5 replies
    Illinois Review ^ | July 17, 2015 A.D. | John F. Di Leo
    There has always been a rule an overriding rule in the common law, in the criminal justice system and in the insurance industry that society must not allow you to profit from a crime you committed. For example, if you file an insurance claim on your house, and its proven that you burned it down yourself, you get imprisoned for arson and the insurance company gets all the money back. Or if you file for the life insurance on your parent or spouse, and its proven that you murdered him or her for the insurance money, you get...
  • Obama turns a smiling face to Israel. Biden: Iran has enough material for 8 nuclear bombs

    05/02/2015 1:17:23 PM PDT · by Diogenesis · 13 replies
    DEBKAfile ^ | May 2, 2015
    Obama turns a smiling face to Israel. Biden: Iran has enough material for 8 nuclear bombs "pRes_ _dent Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have gone out of their way in the last fortnight to shower friendly gestures on Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and even Ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer. .... on April 23, Biden was the keynote speaker at the Israeli embassys Independence Day reception. ... Biden went on to warn: Lets not kid each other. They already have paved a path to a bombs worth of material. Iran could get there now if they walked away...
  • The Lausanne deal: Exercise in spin and counter-spin

    04/04/2015 4:34:50 AM PDT · by Diogenesis · 3 replies
    DEBKAfile ^ | April 4, 2015
    The Lausanne deal: Exercise in spin and counter-spin "Tehran countered with its own version the next day, after the lead Iranian negotiator Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, dismissed the American accounting as spin." The Iranian version departs substantially from President Barack Obamas assurance of a deal that meets our core objections ... ..... "Irans version of the Lausanne deal: Irans nuclear program including enrichment will continue. None of Irans nuclear facilities or related activities will be stopped or shut down or suspended and activities will continue at Natanz, Fordow, Isfahan and Arak..... The Iranians say: The Arak heavy water research...
  • Clintons Received Money from 'Front for the Government of Iran'

    03/26/2015 9:48:59 AM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 22 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 3-26-15 | Daniel Halper
    As President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry close in on a nuclear deal with Iran, it's worth remembering that the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation received money from "a front for the government of Iran" called the Alavi Foundation. The front gave the Clintons $30,000 between April 2005 and March 2006, according to tax forms. This occurred years after law enforcement officials tied the group to Iranian radicals. The center is funded by the New York-based Alavi Foundation, which law enforcement officials say is closely tied to the mullahs who dominate Iran, the Washington Post reported...
  • Watch: Michelle O Just Reached Out To Islamic Iran With A Big White House PartyAnd Said THIS!

    03/12/2015 12:46:13 PM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 25 replies
    Western Journalism ^ | 3-12-15 | Norvell Rose
    On more than one occasion, President Obama has praised Muslim immigrants for their contributions to American history, though the extent and significance of those contributions have been questioned by many. The Washington Examiner reminds us of Obamas effusive shout-out to Muslim Americans: Throughout our history, Islam has contributed to the character of our country, and Muslim Americans, and their good works, have helped to build our nation. Now, as the president reaches out to the mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, intent on making a controversial deal on their nuclear weapons development a deal that would admittedly not...
  • Holy Sees statement to cowardly terrorists, calls out mullahs, imams (Fr. Z)

    08/13/2014 2:44:36 PM PDT · by Mrs. Don-o · 22 replies
    Fr. Z's Blog ^ | 12 August 2014 | Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    [Fr. Z's comments in brackets and italics.]Bolded sections are from the document, Fr. Z's emphasis.The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue released a statement about the wave of terror washing across Syria and Iraq. The statement was in French. HERE Here is an English translation: The whole world has witnessed with incredulity what is now called the Restoration of the Caliphate, which had been abolished on October 29,1923 by Kamal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey. Opposition to this restoration by the majority of religious institutions and Muslim politicians has not prevented the Islamic State jihadists from committing and continuing to commit...
  • Rubio: Iran Nuclear Negotiations a Disaster

    07/29/2014 4:28:07 PM PDT · by mgist · 27 replies
    Free Beacon ^ | 7/29/14 | Free Beacon Staff
    BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff July 29, 2014 12:28 pm Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) blasted U.S. nuclear negotiations with Iran Tuesday, saying the rolling back of sanctions and allowance of the worlds largest sponsor of terrorism to enrich uranium constituted a dangerous national security failure. This entire thing is a disaster, Rubio said. Its not just an embarrassing diplomatic failure. This is a dangerous national security failure, in my opinion. News broke earlier this month that nuclear talks were extended until November as the sides sought a more comprehensive deal. During that time, however, the U.S. will give Iran...
  • Family considers killing 10-year-old daughter after mullah rapes her in Afghanistan mosque

    07/21/2014 10:40:00 AM PDT · by george76 · 70 replies
    The New York Times ^ | July 20, 2014 | Rod Nordland
    It was bad enough that the alleged rape took place in the sanctity of a mosque and that the accused man was a mullah who invoked the familiar defence that it had been consensual sex. But the victim was only 10 years old. And there was more: The authorities said her family members openly planned to carry out an honour killing in the case against the young girl. The mullah offered to marry his victim instead. This past week, the awful matter became even worse. On Tuesday, local policemen removed the girl from the shelter that had given her...
  • Arming the Mullahs: Boeing and GE given export licenses to sell aircraft components to Iran.

    04/08/2014 7:26:43 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | 04/08/2014 | Michael Ledeen
    Somebody on Twitter posted an upbeat message saying the US delegation to the latest round of talks with Iranian officials was quite optimistic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a born optimist and I love optimism, but I’d rather revel in victory than hope for good news, and the Iranians have every reason to revel. The Obama crowd has just ok’d something the Tehran tyrants have desperately wanted since the eighties: spare parts [1] for their long-grounded American passenger aircraft. Boeing and General Electric were given export licenses by the Treasury Department and everyone involved has been chanting “we take...
  • Mullahs Ahoy; Pentagon to Iran: Sail wherever you like

    02/11/2014 9:34:13 AM PST · by Nachum · 32 replies
    free beacon ^ | 2/11/14 | Adam Kredo
    The U.S. Defense Department said on Monday that Iranian warships are allowed to sail into the Atlantic Ocean so long as they understand the responsibilities of cruising so close to the U.S. border. The Pentagons pronouncement comes just days after Iran announced that warships were approaching the U.S. maritime border in response to Americas naval presence in the Persian Gulf. Asked to respond to Irans pointed military rhetoric, Pentagon spokesman Bill Speaks told the Washington Free Beacon that it would not be an issue for Iranian ships to enter the Atlantic. Freedom of the seas applies to all maritime nations,...
  • Obama plan uses Hollywood to lure Iran toward peace

    12/21/2013 7:20:34 PM PST · by Steve Peacock · 25 replies
    WND ^ | Dec. 21, 2013 | Steve Peacock
    President wants to deliver American culture to Islamic regimeThe proposed easing of sanctions against Iran represents the most visible enticement by which the United States and five other nations intend to guide the Islamic regime toward peace. The Obama administration, however, has another tool in its diplomatic arsenal that it intends to leverage against Tehran. Hollywood. The responsibility of producing a California-centered news and entertainment program appealing to Farsi-speaking youth in Iran soon will be fall into the hands of a contractor working on behalf of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, or BBG, according to planning documents that WND...
  • Iran Says Obama and Kerry Are Lying About the Nuclear Deal

    11/30/2013 11:09:59 AM PST · by rktman · 34 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 11/26/2013 | Bryan Preston
    The Washington Free Beacon reports. I have no idea whom to believe. Iran and Western nations including the United States came to an agreement on the framework for an interim deal late Saturday night in Geneva. The deal has yet to be implemented The White House released a multi-page fact sheet containing details of the draft agreement shortly after the deal was announced. However, Iranian foreign ministry official on Tuesday rejected the White Houses version of the deal as invalid and accused Washington of releasing a factually inaccurate primer that misleads the American public.
  • Iran: The Ayatollahs fear home churches

    04/13/2013 7:21:12 AM PDT · by markomalley · 10 replies
    La Stampa ^ | 4/13/13 | Marco Tosatti
    The phenomenon of Christians worshipping at home concerns the regime and the number of arrests for converting from Islam to Christianity has increased. The government of Tehran is launching a new offensive against the so-called home churches, small groups of Christians who meet in private houses to celebrate their faith because they cannon join the Churches officially recognised (and controlled) by the State, Iranian Christian news agency Mohabat reports. Khorasan, a government journal has published a long statement by Bahman Amiri Moghaddam, chief of police for the Khorasa-Ravi province, in which he says security forces had taken care of a...
  • History of Hamas Murderous Attacks

    01/26/2006 8:17:27 AM PST · by Alouette · 10 replies · 659+ views
    Israel National News ^ | Jan. 26, 2006 | Hillel Fendel
    Hamas has set the destruction of Israel as its goal. Between September 2000 and April 2004, Hamas perpetrated 425 terrorist attacks against Israel and murdered 377 Israelis - nine every month. Hamas was founded by Islamic militant extremists in the Gaza Strip in 1988, shortly after the first intifada broke out. The word Hamas is an acronym for the Arabic words for "Islamic Resistance Movement." Though it is also involved in social and welfare programs, the organization is devoted chiefly to the obliteration of Israel. Its charter states, "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate...
  • Obama's woman in Tehran (Valerie Jarrett Leads Secret Negotiations)

    11/05/2012 3:47:24 PM PST · by mojito · 41 replies
    YNet ^ | 11/5/2012 | Alex Fishman
    A Chicago lawyer is the key player behind the secret talks between the US and Iran. Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. A close friend of Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett is assisting the US government communicate behind the scenes with the representatives of Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei. Jarret, who was born in the Iranian city of Shiraz, is a senior advisor to US President Barack Obama. Last month, The New York Times reported that the US government is engaged in secret talks with Iran aimed at establishing a direct line of communication once the US presidential elections are over. The National...
  • Thinking Iran Its the Regime, Not the Nukes

    10/23/2012 8:27:26 AM PDT · by arthurus
    Right Side News ^ | 23 October 2012 | Andrew C. McCarthy
    ...the obsession over Irans nukes is a grave mistake. It implies that if we could come to some understanding about the mullahs nuclear ambitions, the groundwork would be laid for stable relations. This is delusional. Exportation of their Islamist revolution, hatred of America and, within that sweep, the destruction of Israel have been the operating premises of Khomeinist Iran since 1979. The facilitation of terrorism a barbaric way to pursue national interests has been the regimes principal means of operation. The mullahs have killed or aided and abetted in the killing of thousands of Americans, and every day...
  • Human Rights Travesty

    07/23/2007 9:42:25 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 8 replies · 539+ views
    Frontpage Mag. ^ | July 23, 2007 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    Human Rights Travesty By Kenneth R. Timmerman FrontPageMagazine.com | July 23, 2007 If human rights abuses were ranked like baseball careers, Irans ruling clerics and the mighty midget theyve installed as president would deserve honored places in the 21st Centurys Hall of Shame. On July 10, Irans Interior ministry confirmed the sentence, handed down ten days earlier by a court in the north of the country, condemning a man to death by stoning. If youve never witnessed a stoning (and most of us havent, I trust), you can get a flavor for the barbarity of this Koranic punishment from a...
  • Irans nuke victory (Zero OKs Iranian Enrichment)

    04/16/2012 9:36:37 AM PDT · by mojito · 4 replies
    NY Post ^ | 4/16/2012 | Amir Taheri
    An important reversal of Americas position! is how Tehrans government-mouthpiece daily Kayhan described the outcome of the latest talks between Iran and the 5+1 group of nations on the Islamic Republics nuclear program. The 5+1 team (the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany) was led by European Union foreign-affairs spokeswoman Catherine Ashton. High Council of National Security Secretary Saeed Jalili led the Iranian team. The talks, held in Istanbul on Saturday, supposedly tried to persuade Tehran to comply with UN Security Council resolutions it has ignored for years the key demand of which is that...
  • More than 800,000 children married in Iran

    01/12/2012 11:56:55 AM PST · by bayouranger · 15 replies
    mohabatnews.com ^ | 1-9-12 | Not Listed
    The latest statistics on the marriage of Iranian children shows that under-aged girls are married more than under-aged boys. Freedom Messenger ) - [According to statistics] 24,506 married girls under the age of 14 and 5,519 boys married between the ages of 10 to 14, shows that more girls marry older men. There are 848,000 married children between the ages of 10 to 18 in Iran... The number of child mothers which is 6.5 percent more than child fathers shows that 85 percent of married girls between 10 to 18 years of age have become the wives of men over...
  • EDITORIAL: Tehrans moment of truth

    12/28/2011 6:13:57 PM PST · by jazusamo · 15 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | December 28, 2011 | Editorial
    The mullahs are playing with fire in Strait of HormuzThe leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran continue to rattle their scimitars, threatening a crisis in the Strait of Hormuz. Bring it on. Iran is under increasing pressure to abandon its nuclear program. The United States is about to ban commerce with Iran's central bank. The European Union is considering a new round of economic sanctions and joining the U.S. oil embargo against Iran. Saudi Arabia has decided to increase production to fill the gap should Europeans stop buying Iranian oil. In response, Tehran is threatening to stop all Persian...
  • North Korea threatens 'sea of fire' (again)

    11/23/2011 7:56:13 PM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 13 replies
    UKPA ^ | 11/24/11
    North Korea threatens 'sea of fire' (UKPA) 17 minutes ago North Korea is threatening to turn South Korea's presidential Blue House into a "sea of fire". North Korea's military made the threat one day after South Korean troops conducted military drills near the island where North Korean staged a deadly artillery attack a year ago.
  • Iran says it will triple uranium production capacity (Trying to build a bomb as fast as possible)

    06/08/2011 11:00:22 AM PDT · by mojito · 9 replies · 1+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 6/8/2011 | Staff
    Iran will shift its production of higher grade uranium to an underground bunker and triple its production capacity, it said on Wednesday in a defiant response to accusations it is trying to produce atomic bombs. "This year, under the supervision of the (International Atomic Energy) Agency, we will transfer 20 percent enrichment from the Natanz site to the Fordow site and we will increase the production capacity by three times," the head of Iran's atomic energy agency, Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani, told reporters after a cabinet meeting, the state broadcaster IRIB reported. Iran only disclosed the existence of the Fordow site, in...
  • Of Sorcerers and Magicians: The Lunacy in Iran

    05/09/2011 8:33:30 PM PDT · by TheConservativeCitizen · 41 replies
    Conclub ^ | 05-07-11 | The Rat
    And we thought these guys couldnt get any crazier? While were all too familiar with the loony antics of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the zealotry of the ayatollahs, things have taken an extra screwy turn for the nut jobs in Iran. I know, you didnt think these clowns could get any crazier. Me neither. All is not well between President Mahmoud and Irans supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. As is the case with political power struggles in general, accusations and charges of undue influence abound. However, this battle has crazy Iranians written all over it: The supreme leader has accused our pal...
  • Meanwhile, Iran keeps gaining ground

    03/22/2011 4:11:27 AM PDT · by Scanian
    NY Post ^ | March 21, 2011 | Benny Avni
    'I am with you," President Obama said Sunday in his now-annual address for Nowruz, the Persian New Year. This time, however, he sidestepped the ruling ayatollahs he once tried to lure into "engagement" and instead urged "the young people of Iran" to imitate others in the region and rise up against their oppressors. Better late than never? Obama must realize that he's now in the regime-change business. Yes, that same enterprise he has dismissed so cavalierly since becoming a US senator. Deferring to the United Nations as he launched a Libya airstrike over the weekend only obscured his flip. Yes,...
  • DFU YouTube SING-ALONG: That's Sharia (Come As You Are from Nirvana)

    03/06/2011 8:47:41 PM PST · by doug from upland · 7 replies
    dfu via YouTube ^ | 3-6-11 | dfu
    This one just kind of fell in place. Instead of "memoria," we have "that's Sharia." Hope you enoy the YouTube. THAT'S SHARIA (Come As You Are)
  • Why Bahrain blew up: An ill omen for the Saudis

    02/18/2011 2:08:12 AM PST · by Scanian · 13 replies
    NY Post ^ | February 16, 2011 | Amir Taheri
    Bourguiba Square in Tunis, Tahrir Square in Cairo, Azadi Square in Tehran -- and now Pearl Square in Manama, capital of Bahrain. For the last four days, thousands of protesters, encouraged by other popular uprisings in the Middle East, have been demonstrating against what they call "the despotic rule of minority over majority." On Monday, police killed two protesters and injured 11 others. At least 50 were arrested. The sudden explosion has surprised many observers. Bahrain, the smallest of the 21 Arab states, is often deemed a success story -- the only Persian Gulf Arab state to have made its...
  • Jihad in WWII - The clear 'holy war' within the Muslim world [Historic truth]

    12/05/2010 10:17:19 PM PST · by PRePublic · 24 replies
    The following are examples of the clearly 'Holy War' jihad in WW2:Whether by Islamic leaders, Mullahs and "activists" or even by the general public in the Muslim world who Islamicized Hitler in its glorification. ISLAMICIZING HITLER"The closed circle: an interpretation of the Arabs," David Pryce-Jones, Ivan R. Dee: 2002 (ISBN 1566634407, 9781566634403), p. 201Preposterously, Hitler himself was Islamicized on the radio and by word of mouth as "Abu Ali," and in Egypt at least was referred to as "Muhammad Haidar." As such, he was prayed for in every village, ...http://books.google.com/books?&id=VCQXAQAAIAAJ&dq=muhammad+haidar"The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini," Chuck...
  • 'Iranian power has swung from mullahs to Ahmadinejad'

    10/20/2010 7:04:25 PM PDT · by combat_boots · 7 replies
    J Post ^ | 10/21/2010 | By HERB KEINON
    Conference of Presidents head Malcolm Hoenlein says many now waking up to Irans drive for regional power; tells Post fundamental US Mideast policy wont change following Novembers elections. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejads visit to Lebanon last week was a watershed that rammed home for many in the Arab world the realization that the Iranian leader does indeed have hegemonic designs in the region, Malcolm Hoenlein told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, said at a briefing with the Posts editorial staff that Ahmadinejads Lebanon visit was a...
  • American woman freed by Iran is grateful, humbled

    09/14/2010 11:11:22 AM PDT · by Enchante · 95 replies
    AP via Yahoo News ^ | 09/14/10 | NASSER KARIMI
    TEHRAN, Iran The American woman released by Iran on Tuesday after more than a year in prison said she was humbled and grateful to Iran's president for her freedom shortly before she boarded a flight to the nearby Gulf sultanate of Oman where her mother was awaiting her. Iran freed Sarah Shourd, 32, after a $500,000 bail was paid to win her freedom.
  • Iran report: Cigarettes implicated in Western plot

    07/30/2010 5:08:57 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 9 replies · 1+ views
    Associated Press ^ | July 30, 2010
    TEHRAN, Iran -- An Iranian official says cigarettes smuggled into Iran have been tainted with pig blood and nuclear material as part of a Western conspiracy. The semiofficial Mehr news agency quotes Mohammad Reza Madani from the Society for Fighting Smoking as saying contraband Marlboros have been contaminated with pig hemoglobin and unspecified nuclear material.
  • Closed fist v. limp wrist

    06/12/2010 3:23:27 AM PDT · by Scanian · 10 replies · 334+ views
    NY Post ^ | June 12, 2010 | Editorial
    No one seriously believes the new round of sanctions against Iran, which the UN Security Council im posed Wednesday, will halt the mullahs' mad quest for nukes. A more pressing question: How much harm will they do to US interests? The sanctions are aimed at "heavy" weapons and financial transactions, particularly those linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which oversees Iran's nuke program. President Obama called them "the toughest sanctions ever faced by the Iranian government." Yet even the prez -- after wasting a year and a half on futile talks with Iran -- concedes the sanctions' limited value....
  • An Edict for Senior Mullahs to get out fo Iran

    06/08/2010 2:58:23 AM PDT · by FARS · 48 replies · 68+ views
    AntiMullah ^ | 6/8/10 | Alan Peters
    A few months ago. for their own safety, a slew of middle level clerics/mullahs, aghast at the Green Iranian demonstrations against the regime "emigrated" out of the holy Iranian city of Qom and fled to the holy city of Najaf in Iraq, home to the most senior Shia Moslem in the world, Grand Ayatollah Sistani.
  • Report: Iran's IRGC posing challenge to the mullahs' authority

    05/02/2010 7:59:12 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 1 replies · 233+ views
    Geostrategy Direct ^ | 5/02/2010 | Geostrategy Direct
    Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has been increasingly defying its clergy sponsors, according to a new report. The American Enterprise Institute asserted that IRGC was ignoring the directives and policies of Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei. In a report by analyst Ali Alfoneh, AEI said IRGC has become a force in Iranian politics as well as a state within a state. "Despite ideological congruity between Khamenei and the IRGC leadership, this could prove dangerous for Khamenei, who may find it difficult to subject the guards to his will while the IRGC develops into a state within the state and Khamenei...
  • The Mullahs of Iran have British blood on their hands and must be made to pay

    03/23/2010 5:23:47 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 4 replies · 354+ views
    Telegraph ^ | March 23rd, 2010 | Nile Gardiner
    To all intents and purposes Britain is already at war with the Iranian dictatorship, and has been for several years. This weekends disturbing report in The Sunday Times merely confirms what we have known for some time that Iran is actively training the Taliban in Afghanistan, and is directly involved in the killing of British, American and Allied forces. (See also Con Coughlins excellent analysis here.) Tehrans direct intervention in Afghanistan follows in the wake of the Iranian-backed insurgency in southern Iraq, which led to the deaths of more than a hundred British troops. Just last week, General David...
  • Ayatollahs desert Iran's besieged regime

    01/13/2010 9:06:36 AM PST · by nuconvert · 16 replies · 915+ views
    The Australian ^ | January 14, 2010
    -excerpt- The rift between the clerical establishment and the regime has significantly widened during the past six months. Slowly but surely, even some of the most conservative ayatollahs began to distance themselves from both. Last month, grand ayatollah Javadi Amoli, who performs Friday prayers in Qom, announced his resignation. In his departure statement, he expressed his frustration with the lack of listening on the part of the Supreme Leader: "When the Friday imam articulates the problems that people face and those problems are resolved, it is evidence that he has expressed them well. But if the problems are not resolved,...
  • TRAITORS and MULLAS of IRAN Bank Account Info in foreign countries

    01/08/2010 4:58:01 PM PST · by nuconvert · 10 replies · 986+ views
    A brief report on Bank accounts of the heads of the Islamic republic of Iran in foreign countries: (With special thanks to one of the Green supporters who is working in on of Malaysia's Banks) 1- Gholam Hossein Elham: 25 M USD at Dubai, 13 M USD at Turkey, 17 M USD at Swiss, 0.7 M USD at Beirut 2- S.H. Panahian: 11 M USD at Islamic Bank of Sharjeh, 4 M EU at Malaysia, 3- Masoud Kazemi: 45 M EU Germany, 4.2 M USD at Dubai 4- Ali Hashemi Bahramani: 5.2 M USD at Kuwait, 11 M EU at...
  • Iran to Surge to a Hegemonic Position in the Middle East Without a Major War

    01/03/2010 4:25:10 PM PST · by staffjam · 13 replies · 830+ views
    OilPrice.com ^ | 01/01/2010 | Yossef Bodansky
    Despite the lingering demonstrations and disorder in Tehran, Irans ruling mullahs are confident anew in their countrys ability to surge to a hegemonic position in the Middle East without a major war. The main reason for the mullahs confidence is their interpretation of the appeasement policies of the US Barack Obama Administration. Most significant is the undeclared yet widely projected profound change in US policy regarding Irans nuclear program. Tehran and all other regional governments are convinced that the US now strives to contain a nuclear Iran rather than continue the declared objective to prevent the nuclearization of...
  • O's day of reckoning: Iran deadline just plain dead

    12/31/2009 3:05:13 AM PST · by Scanian · 11 replies · 783+ views
    NY Post ^ | December 31, 2009 | Ralph Peters
    It's showtime, folks! Today's the deadline President Obama imposed on Iran's leaders to give up their nuclear ambitions and be nice. Not sure if the deadline expires at midnight in Tehran or on Washington time, but the mullahs and President Mahmoud "Mighty Mouse" Ahmadinejad aren't scrambling to give Obama a New Year's Eve smooch. Rather than cave in to our president's mighty rhetoric, the Tehran tyrants took a break from killing protesters in the streets to attempt to import more than 1,300 tons of make-a-nuke uranium ore from Kazakhstan.
  • Iran: 100s of Thousands Take to Street in Support of Mullahs

    12/30/2009 11:11:14 AM PST · by Islaminaction · 12 replies · 668+ views
    Logan's Warning ^ | December 30Th, 2009 | Christopher Logan
    After protest after protest by the opposition, the Mullah supporters have taken it to the streets of Iran in a counter protest. I dont believe that this regime is as weak as many people make them out to be, and it will take a civil war to remove them. Iranian regime followers stage show of strength By Laurent Maillard TEHRAN Hundreds of thousands of government supporters took to Irans streets on Wednesday in a show of force against the opposition, with a senior cleric telling their leaders to repent or be declared enemies of God and face death.
  • Why the Mullahs Are Vulnerable

    12/30/2009 7:08:30 AM PST · by nuconvert · 10 replies · 492+ views
    Six months after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's hotly disputed election victory, the Green protest movement led by Mir Hossein Mousavi, the defeated candidate for the presidency, shows no sign of abating. As a result, the Iranian regime finds itself once more resorting to the tactics of repression it has relied on for more than 30 years. Eight people were killed in nationwide protests on Sunday, including Seyed Ali Mousavi, the nephew of Mr. Mousavi. Yet rather than being quelled by the regime's brutal responseas happened during the antigovernment protests of 1999 and 2003the protestors' resolve has been strengthened. In the past...
  • Irans Regime Fears The Dead

    12/29/2009 2:22:44 PM PST · by Slyscribe · 4 replies · 498+ views
    IBD's Capital Hill ^ | 12/29/2009 | Ed Carson
    When the mullahs are not only seizing protesters, but their bodies too, its probably not a sign of strength.
  • Iran making new model centrifuges

    12/18/2009 3:01:15 PM PST · by Flavius · 2 replies · 249+ views
    ap ^ | 12/18/09 | ap
    rans nuclear chief said Friday the country has started making more efficient models of centrifuges for nuclear program by early 2011. The official, Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi, said Iranian scientists are still testing the more advanced models before they will be put to use at Irans enrichment facilities. The statement underscores Irans defiance to U.N. demands to have Tehran halt its controversial enrichment program a defiance that has not wavered amid recent signals of possible new sanctions over the issue. Tehran has been saying since April that it is building more advanced centrifuges capable of enriching uranium with...
  • Will Obama speak out for Protesters in Iran? (He said he would)

    12/07/2009 3:08:44 PM PST · by Peter Andrew Conservative · 2 replies · 333+ views
    ConservativeAmerican.org ^ | 12/7/9 | Peter Andrew
    "President Obama promised last week that America will speak out on behalf of those who live under the dark cloud of tyranny. Okay. Thats nice. So, thousands of those people living under the dark Iranian cloud of tyranny are protesting in Iran today. What exactly will Obama do to speak out on their behalf?... OBAMA AT WEST POINT: " And we must make it clear to every man, woman and child around the world who lives under the dark cloud of tyranny that America will speak out on behalf of their human rights, and tend to the light of freedom,...
  • My Secret Plan to Overthrow the Mullahs

    10/29/2009 3:05:03 PM PDT · by thisisthetime · 2 replies · 476+ views
    It was late February 2003, a few weeks before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and President George W. Bush's administration still lacked a real strategy for the would-be regional hegemon next door. As the Iran desk officer in the office of the secretary of defense, I felt desperate. We were about to invade Iraq without a definitive policy toward its most bitter foe. I feared a repeat of Vietnam and saw in Iran a new Ho Chi Minh Trail -- the enemy lifeline that snaked through Laos and Cambodia and helped dash U.S. hopes for Southeast Asia. I knew that...