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    02/07/2018 4:30:12 PM PST · by Voption · 2 replies
    YouTube ^ | November 19, 2014 | Band Maid
    "I'm not interested to live in a plain world, Just breakin' new gate. Regret slips through the evil hands of this plot. It's an unmatched pleasure to continue living with thrill."
  • War and Sex: The Power of Women in the Ancient Greek play Lysistrata

    01/22/2018 11:36:01 AM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 17 replies
    For years men have waged war and, of course, sex is not a novel concept or construct. Lysistrata portrays women in a powerful role, namely in control of their sex and sex in general. They have authority over the men. When the absurdities of war have taken their men away, the women use sex as a weapon in order to obtain peace. By withholding sex, women come to essentially control their men. The men eventually succumb to the women and yield in their determination to carry out a war. This is interesting because in Ancient Greek tradition, the women are...
  • Scots wha hae wi' Wallace bled

    01/21/2018 6:24:05 AM PST · by QBFimi · 11 replies
    John Zimmerman
    Happy birthday tae Robbie Burrrrrns yesterday! OK, who among ya is sober enough tae attend the Kirkin' a the Tartans today?
  • The Three Kings Epiphany a forgotten holiday

    01/06/2018 12:35:59 PM PST · by mosesdapoet · 12 replies
    reflecting on seasonal topics as observed in a southside Chicago neighborhood during WWII
  • A Christmas Gift: Good Talk Radio With Truth In It Like This......

    12/25/2017 5:41:47 AM PST · by Nextrush · 3 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/24/2017 | Nextrush/Self
    "I am well....surprised and perhaps disappointed that the "Leavers" in the Tory Party are not being a lot louder than they are. Yes, sure Peter Bone saying things, we've got Jacob Rees-Mogg saying things but too few of them in my view are saying very much cause they don't want to cause problems for the party cause might let Labor in. And we get back to the same thing that dominates British politics. We have to support this party cause we hate the other one a little bit more. Makes it very, very difficult to get genuine change in this...
  • They Call You Racist

    11/27/2017 4:06:23 PM PST · by Richard William I · 10 replies
    RichardWilliamz.Blogspot.Com ^ | 11/27/2017 | Richard William I
    They Call You Racist When You Say HelloThey Call You Racist When You Say 'Bro'They Cal You Racist When You Say GoodbyeThey Call You Racist After You Die They Call You Racist When You Lend A Helping HandThey Call You Racist Because You Own Too Much LandThey Call You Racist When You Salute The FlagThey Call You Racist Often In The New York Mag They Call You Racist Because Colleges Told Them SoIts The Only Way Dems Can Get Every Black VoteThey Call Them Racist When The Police Are Sent To HelpBut To Snitch On The Killer, They Won't Tell...
  • Hell breaks loose in Hong Kong

    11/21/2017 6:30:13 PM PST · by SamAdams76 · 42 replies
    We are in the darkest 60 days of the year here in the Northeast U.S. This is a time of year where the sun angle is very low and on clear days there is a harsh sunlight in early afternoon. By 2PM, the sun is already starting to set and just walking down the street puts the low sun directly into your eyes. Out in the woods, with the trees all bare, the harsh sunlight filters in between the trees in what seems perpetual twilight. By 4PM, it is starting to actually get dark and a chill wind starts to...
  • Eagle's Watch

    11/11/2017 12:43:18 PM PST · by Kartographer · 9 replies
    11/11/17 | Kartographer
    The Eagle's Watch In a quiet river valley Lies a green and peaceful place, Where warriors come to rest, Having honorably met their fates. No more do they stand the watch, Their worthy service done, They've passed their duties on To other Fathers' sons. Yet flying high above them, On silent wings spread wide, Soars freedom.s embodiment And a country's sign of pride. The mighty Eagle watches o'er all, And guards their well-earned rests. For he like they, knows the feel, Of Freedom in his chest. And though he does his best to guard The fallen warriors' sleep, Still at...

    11/07/2017 6:43:55 AM PST · by DIRTYSECRET · 3 replies
    Saw it in the bookstore. The guy whose muslim son died in Iraq. Capitalizing on it. Let's say he goaded Trump into reacting. Just like the one who lost her son under Bush. You can't make this up.
  • Dear Frontline RE: Putin's Revenge

    11/02/2017 7:46:54 AM PDT · by ChinaGotTheGoodsOnClinton · 9 replies
    Dear Frontline: I'd suggest in covering this topic you seek two sides in the future. For example, ALL the intel agencies DID NOT examine the DNC server but took Crowdstrikes word for it. Also, you put on discredited hacks like James Clapper and John Brenner and others who have misled the public time after time. In addition, the DNC material metadata shows transfer speeds that indicate the DNC material was NOT hacked, but accessed by an insider and leaked. Also, Putin like most pragmatic people is not so concerned what people say but what they do. Trump's admin has lowered...
  • When Fake Russia Collusion Collides With Real Russia Collusion

    10/28/2017 6:17:31 AM PDT · by EyesOfTX · 19 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    I warned you on Monday that the leak from Robert Mueller’s staff that the Special Counsel’s office was “investigating” The Podesta Group Democrat lobbying firm was just a tactic to lend the investigation a pretense of impartiality, and likely meant that indictments would be coming down soon from the grand juries Mueller has had convened since summer. Well, sure enough, as the week wound down Friday evening, Mueller’s staff leaked to CNN the information that one of its grand juries had in fact issued its first charges in this shame investigation of the Democrat/fake news media promoted Russia collusion fantasy....
  • Replacement Declaration for the Poem at the Statue of Liberty

    08/04/2017 6:36:15 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 11 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/04/17 | Greg Penglis
    The Restored Republic Let the light of the Statue of Liberty always live in your heart, and never be taken from you “Never in the course of human endeavor, has one nation risen up to declare that every citizen is their own sovereign, where the powers of government, are subservient to the rights of the individual. Liberty is the light to freedom in a world of darkness and oppression. Liberty has a home, it’s called the United States of America.
  • Donald Trump’s Grandchildren Charm Chinese President With Their Performance

    04/08/2017 5:43:12 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 21 replies
    San Diego Jewish World ^ | April 8, 2017 | Shreesha Ghosh, International Business Times
    President Donald Trump expressed Friday how proud he was of his grandchildren for their performance in honor of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Madame Peng Liyuan's official visit to the U.S. The president retweeted his daughter Ivanka Trump's tweet in which she had posted a video capturing her children, Arabella and Joseph Kushner's performance for the Chinese president and his wife. Trump's grandchildren, Arabella and her brother Joseph were seen singing a Chinese folk song "Jasmine" and reciting verses from the "Three-Character Classics" as well as Tang dynasty poems to the two presidents in the video, while Melania Trump, Ivanka...
  • The Life and Death of Julius Caesar

    03/15/2017 10:52:52 AM PDT · by TBP · 6 replies
    MIT ^ | circa 1599 | William Shakespeare
    ACT I SCENE I. Rome. A street. Enter FLAVIUS, MARULLUS, and certain Commoners FLAVIUS Hence! home, you idle creatures get you home: Is this a holiday? what! know you not, Being mechanical, you ought not walk Upon a labouring day without the sign Of your profession? Speak, what trade art thou? First Commoner Why, sir, a carpenter. MARULLUS Where is thy leather apron and thy rule? What dost thou with thy best apparel on? You, sir, what trade are you? Second Commoner Truly, sir, in respect of a fine workman, I am but, as you would say, a cobbler. MARULLUS...
  • First press briefing leaves media feeling just a tad bit decapitated

    01/23/2017 7:10:52 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 11 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 01/23/17 | Dan Calabrese
    Because Sean Spicer ripped their heads off We’ll have two pieces on this today, with the upcoming one dealing with the subsequent media meltdown over it. My criticism of Spicer’s performance here would be this: He had a point about the fixation on the crowd size, but the actual facts are arguable. On the MLK bust question, Spicer had the media dead to rights. He could have ripped them a new one on that issue and that issue alone, letting them know that from now on they would pay a very high price for such malfeasance and incompetence, then dropped...
  • Trump's Farewell to Real Estate Speech: Text

    01/18/2017 2:19:14 PM PST · by poconopundit · 9 replies
    Speech at Old Post Office in Washington (YouTube) ^ | October 26, 2016 | Donald J. Trump
    FReepers, we're at a truly historic tipping point.  The next American Revolution will begin in two days when Trump, Pence, and their magnificent Cabinet of doers take power. So before we hear Trump's Inaugural speech, which I'm sure will be great, I wanted to hark back to another speech Trump made on October 26, 2016 at the Grand Opening of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. Trump short speech was poetic.  His tone was very subdued.   And he used a metaphor comparing the American people's potential to the old Post Office that was neglected and not taken care...
  • Sorry, That's Not Really Donald Trump's Inauguration Poem (One I posted earlier)

    01/17/2017 5:22:59 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 3 replies
    US News & World Report ^ | January 17, 2017 | Lylah Alphonse
    It's really something, though. Though it's been touted – and slammed – as the official inaugural poem of Donald Trump, there's no sign the heavily gilded and long-winded ode to a Scottish hero who saves the United States from tyranny was commissioned by the incoming Trump administration or slated to be read at the inauguration on Friday. "Pibroch of the Domhnall" describes the president-elect as a "braw gallant man" who "with purpose and strength ... came down from his tower / To snatch from a tyrant his ill-gotten power." It goes on to lavish praise on "the handsome Trump clan"...
  • Inaugural poem for Donald J. Trump revealed

    01/15/2017 5:00:45 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 21 replies
    The Scotsman ^ | January 16, 2017 | Diane King
    The Society of Classical Poets today published their poem for the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Donald J. Trump. The poem draws on Trump’s noble Scottish roots and is written by New Mexican native and decorated poet Joseph Charles MacKenzie. The inspiration behind the poem is to touch on the classical poetry existing throughout American history, and the inauguration poem marks important moments in US political history. Traditionally, the poem began with President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration in January, 1961, the inaugural poem and has, until now been a purely Democratic Party tradition. “ The Society’s...
  • World-wide, global trash fires are the Inheritance of all liberals

    12/12/2016 7:28:18 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 12/12/16 | Jeffrey A. Friedberg
    Ridicule them. Mock them. Challenge them, call them liars, call them names of shame and blame. But don’t—EVER—for one thin moment or instance, EVER believe them I think Democrat, Liberal, Progressive fanatics are funny. They are funny to watch melting down over Trump’s win. They are hilarious to watch as they flail and scrabble to invent the next Fake News lie to try and harm or take down their arch-enemy. It’s like in some 1941 serial cliffhanger—the heroic Captain Trump, “strange” visitor from another planet, vs The Evil Dark Scorpion.
  • The coming sanctuary cities crackdown

    12/09/2016 9:44:22 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 22 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 12/09/16 | Matthew Vadum
    Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel begs President-elect Trump for leniency Chicago is one of the best places to live in America if you’re one of the millions of illegal aliens present in the country — and free-spending, lawbreaking Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying his best to keep it that way. Emanuel (D), who used to be a congressman and then President Obama’s chief of staff, dropped by Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday to urge President-elect Donald Trump to abandon his campaign promise to crack down on sanctuary cities.