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  • Just took The Freepathon over the top. . . but that doesn't mean YOU have to stop giving!

    03/04/2015 3:56:38 PM PST · by Swordmaker · 9 replies
    March 4th at 3:50PM | Swordmaker
    HOORAY!!!! Freepathon now at $80,002 and it's OVER THE TOP. . . but don't stop giving. JimRob needs every penny, dollar, and c-note to keep our favorite site going strong.
  • Getting the Wrong Story with the Headline on the Latest Post thread

    02/21/2015 11:59:53 AM PST · by dila813 · 5 replies
    Freerepublic ^ | Today | me
    West Coast ports negotiators reach settlement 2/21/2015, 11:48:58 AM · by Citizen Zed San Jose Mercury News ^ | 2-20-2015 | Pete Carey GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — A group of Guatemalan musicians is on a mission to breathe life into a pre-Columbian language and heritage through a thoroughly modern genre: hip-hop. Calling themselves Balam Ajpu, which means Jaguar Warrior or Warrior of Light, they rap in the ancient Mayan Tz'utujil language with the goal of making it cool for kids and teaching them their ancestors' stories and ways. Their debut album, "Tribute to the 20 Nawuales," or spirits, is set...
  • FREEPER HANDLES (vanity)

    01/09/2015 12:16:22 AM PST · by eastforker · 34 replies
    eastforker ^ | 01/09/2015 | me
    I have been here going on 15 years. I have seen many freepers come and go, including myself a time or two. I have always retained my handle yet I see names dated from way back when I do not remember ever seeing back then. Is it possible to change your handle and yet keep your sign up date?
  • How do you do a self search for only articles you have posted?

    12/13/2014 1:17:37 PM PST · by big bad easter bunny · 18 replies
    Thanks in advance.
  • Free Republic's Facebook Page: Out of Control

    11/25/2014 12:12:57 PM PST · by DaveLoneRanger · 48 replies
    I'm appealing to Jim, John or any of the mods to come clean things up a bit on the Facebook group. We have a large number of unrestricted trolls posting spam, conspiracy theories and nonsense. I run one or two groups as large as this, and would be happy to be a moderator, but a lot of the members are getting pretty frustrated with the lack of moderation. A little help? Thanks.
  • What Executive Orders Will You Impose? Should This Now Be The #1 POTUS Debate Issue?

    11/22/2014 11:03:13 AM PST · by zencycler · 49 replies
    self | 11/22/2014 | self
    Maybe the best way to fight the Obama power grab is to show how it opens up the floodgates. So maybe all the GOP candidates should now start talking about what executive orders they would impose. After all, if we establish the precedent that the POTUS can flout the will of Congress by using EO's, then we would naturally start expecting presidents to use that to pursue their agenda, and we would want to know in advance for which issues they would likely consider using that new found power. So let's put that out there! If this precedent gets established,...
  • Fighting Obama's Immigration Action - What Can Red States Do?

    11/21/2014 4:42:00 PM PST · by zencycler · 23 replies
    self | 11/21/2004 | self
    Everyone's talking about what Congress might be able to do to fight Obama's recent executive order, but I was wondering whether any of the Red states could do something at the state level. For example, Hawaii's used to have a residency requirement for anyone who wanted to work in that state, which got thrown out because it put an unconstitutional restraint on the right of citizens to freely travel between the states. But such protection is not afforded to non-citizens. So how about a residency requirement that said only those who were qualified to work in the country - under...
  • Where do I post a thread asking for help? (vanity)

    10/12/2014 1:49:06 PM PDT · by Great White Buffalo · 103 replies
    I remember reading this site 10 years ago and the format has changed completely. I want to ask about buying a Ted Nugent t-shirt. Which forum and which topic do I post to? TIA.
  • Google reporting malware Free Republic thread re:ussjallao site US Submarine site ??

    09/18/2014 2:33:04 PM PDT · by free_life · 49 replies
    Got a google malware report when I opened a FR thread on 'U.S. Submarines: Run Silent, Run Deep...On Diesel Engines?' Never seen a warning like this before. Was using Chrome browser. Malewarebytes and Avast did not warn me of this. False positive maybe? Malware on FR or Google playing nasty with us or what? Went to thread in Pale Moon just now and no warning.
  • Is FreeRepublic Pro Harry Reid?

    09/17/2014 4:36:52 PM PDT · by Kansas58 · 915 replies
    Vanity | 9/17/2014 | Vanity
    A very disturbing number of Freepers are openly advocating, on Free Republic threads, for the defeat of Senator Pat Roberts and other good Conservative Republicans. Greg Orman, in Kansas, is a pro abortion, anti gun, tax and spend Liberal Democrat who has given tens of thousands of dollars to Obama and Pelosi and the Democrat Party and Harry Reid. I am called an "idiot" for supporting Roberts. However, I think that those on Free Republic who support Harry Reid and Greg Orman should be ZOTTED, kicked off the site. I have had enough of there hate filled, vindictive, misguided trash.
  • FR side bar too wide

    08/29/2014 1:54:23 PM PDT · by knarf · 41 replies
    self | August 29, 2014 | knarf
    different computer with W7 , Chrome, FR sidebar is too wide and I cant "catch" it to shrink the widthSide bar covers a lot of text unless I shrink font to 90% ... waaayyy too small for me
  • Help in configuring FR

    08/25/2014 12:46:28 PM PDT · by SandRat · 12 replies
    May I have some advice on how to set it up to show more than the Article Headline on there forum grouse page.
  • Anyone else seeing ads on FR?

    08/14/2014 7:35:30 PM PDT · by Blood of Tyrants · 127 replies
    8/14/14 | Self
    Tonight for some strange reason ads began popping up in the upper right corner of the main index page. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Just Has A Post On 10 Commandments Declared Unconstitutional Pulled With No Reasons Given

    08/08/2014 3:31:02 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 35 replies
    August 9, 2014
    This keep occurring with increased frequency.
  • Are FreeRepublic jackets still sold?

    07/30/2014 11:49:04 AM PDT · by Varmint Al · 11 replies
    Varmint Al Hunting Page ^ | 7/30/2014 | Al Harral
    The zipper finally gave out on my FreeRepublic jacket and I would like to buy a new jacket with a "Varmint Al" patch.
  • [Vanity] Why was the "Cruz to meet Beck at the Border" thread pulled?

    07/18/2014 5:42:38 PM PDT · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 29 replies
    Why was this thread pulled?
  • Amnesty at Free Republic?

    06/18/2014 8:50:05 PM PDT · by Plutarch · 246 replies
    Whoa, I've been banned at FR since...what was it, 2011? I take a glance at FR to see if there are any interesting articles posted, and it says I have mail, which I don't think I had access to. No messages to me from FR. But when I go to post, no more rude comment informing me my posting privileges are revoked. Was there a general amnesty or something? I was banned (apparently) for my stubborn backing of the the eventual 2012 GOP Presidential nominee.
  • A Serious Question

    04/22/2014 9:01:43 AM PDT · by Gay State Conservative · 52 replies
    Self | Self
    Just wondering...many websites,it seems,allow posters to amend their posts after hitting "submit".I know FR offers the spell check feature (which is great) but why not offer an "amend" feature as well? Not being a web designer I don't have the first clue how difficult,or expensive,it is to install and maintain such a feature.If it *is* difficult and/or expensive that's surely a good reason not to do it.But if,by chance,it's not...why not give it a try? If that happens I know that some of *my* posts will be more coherent.
  • BLM 444

    04/19/2014 7:03:35 AM PDT · by gd8man · 1 replies
    Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone Technical Note 444 is a farse...... Why you ask? Because it doesn't answer a simple question....what happens when the "Dry Lake" is no longer dry????
  • Would you know of the thread re a former CIA Agent?

    03/25/2014 7:38:44 AM PDT · by LouAvul · 12 replies
    He was talking about the systematic destruction of America by seen and unseen forces. Thanks.
  • What happened to 2ndDivisionVet?

    03/25/2014 7:35:59 AM PDT · by Cringing Negativism Network · 218 replies
    (just wondering) | 3/25/14 | Me
    Hi sorry I just realized, 2ndDivisionVet was banned? What happened?
  • Possible Theory on Flight 370 Location.

    03/13/2014 8:59:02 PM PDT · by Trueblackman · 123 replies
    Vanity | 3 March 2014 | Trueblackman
    I have a possible theory on why no one has found flight 370. Several years ago before enlisting in the NAVY, I remember talking to a A-6 Navigator about one of the pilots in his squadron crashing into the Med after losing his awareness at night. Now come word that 4 hours after losing radar contact that the engines on Flight 370 were still transmitting data to satellites, so my theory is that the flight was in fact hijacked and the transmitters turned off as the terrorists flew the jet at very low attitude until the terrorists lost their awareness...
  • What is the Problem with Posting comments?

    03/03/2014 10:02:02 AM PST · by Shery · 63 replies
    3/03/2014 | vanity
    Why are some articles posted, but there is no way to add a comment?
  • Is there a 'do not post' list of writers & websites?

    02/15/2014 8:37:25 AM PST · by logi_cal869 · 32 replies
    self | 2/15/2014 | me
    I came across a thread that had been pulled. When I clicked on the story and read it and further researched the author, I'm confused. The author/writer seems pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-conservative (and seemingly Conservative himself), anti-big-government & on and on, but the thread was pulled specifically citing the author's name, Warner Todd Huston. Even his Facebook page & web search didn't turn up anything I found to be anti-conservative (though I will cite a lack of religion in his publications...just an observation given the topic). I looked & looked (adminlectureseries, etc., including "How to post a thread and other...
  • I will be on RT's Thom Hartmann Show tonight at 7pm EST

    02/14/2014 2:40:04 PM PST · by Trueblackman · 20 replies
    Vanity | 14 Febuary 2014 | Trueblackman
    I will be a guest of the Progressive Host Thom Hartman on the RT Network this evening at 7pm EST.
  • Why are my posts being deleted?

    02/09/2014 7:09:17 PM PST · by MuttTheHoople · 77 replies
    Vanity | February 9, 2014 | Mutt the Hoople
    Why are my posts about Maureen Dowd being deleted? Was posting a picture of Katherine Zeta-Jones now forbidden?
  • Can anyone recommend any good books on American foreign policy?

    02/05/2014 7:55:55 PM PST · by Ennis85 · 22 replies
    February 5, 2014 | Ennis85
    About a year ago, I posted a thread asking for recommendations for good republican memoirs. Since then I've complied quite a reading list. Going on the recommendations that were given to me(which I'm pretty grateful for), I got a few Richard Nixon books(No more Vietnams, The real war, Leaders) George Bush and Dick Cheney's books and others. I'm still to get through the last two, but I've finished reading through No more Vietnams and currently getting through the other Nixon books. But No more Vietnams really quite impressed me by how well detailed and informative it was and this...

    01/26/2014 8:18:53 PM PST · by Howie66 · 82 replies
    Self | 26 January 2014 | Self
    Okay, who gives a Rats Arse about the 2014 Stupor Bowl? I sure don't.
  • How many of you knew there was a "four hour rule"?

    01/20/2014 8:04:42 PM PST · by DManA · 70 replies
    How many of you knew there was a four hour rule? It is a duplicate thread. You must wait 4 hours to re-post the same article for it not to be automatically pulled as a duplicate. Find a similar article or wait 4 hours.
  • DOJ tells schools to ease up on discipline, especially for black students

    01/09/2014 7:35:58 AM PST · by IbJensen · 83 replies
    January 9, 2014
    I see where this was removed from FREE Republic with the reason given by the 'moderator' as it being a rip off. That's just not true. In fact it's a barefaced lie! Do you people do any research before your arbitrarily remove an article of importance? This was posted on GOP's site and credit was given to AP for writing the artucle, it then excerpted. I'm developing an opinion that some of you faceless censors qualify for a position with the central socialist government.
  • Since when does a chat item need a link?

    01/03/2014 2:33:06 PM PST · by djf · 41 replies
    Some info has come out just recently and I posted it to chat. It got pulled with a comment by the Admin Moderator "No link, no dice" Since when does a chat item require a link? If all a sudden, an earthquake happens, can we not post it because of no link yet? Honestly I can't see posting any breaking news with these types of undefined rules. But it's ok if some Korean guy gets eaten by dogs and we get 14 threads about it... Comments? Does anybody know the rules?
  • Sen. Ted Cruz on C-SPAN

    10/25/2013 5:12:38 PM PDT · by skinkinthegrass · 32 replies ^ | 10-25-2013 | S-SPAN
  • Ho do I stop the article index from updating?

    10/17/2013 3:54:54 PM PDT · by 1raider1 · 16 replies
    frustration | October 17, 2013 | 1raider1
    I need help. This started about a week ago. I click a headline to read the article and when I return to the article index it has updated to a different place and loads all article headlines that have posted while I was reading. Can anyone tell me how to stop this and make it the way it was? i. e. return to where I left.
  • I just posted a "Black mob on rampage fractures cop's skull" (and it got pulled?)

    08/25/2013 4:56:35 PM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 116 replies
    What gives? Why not pull the offending posts instead of a valid article. Has FR succumbed to Political Correctness? Have Jesse and Al and Barky complained? That's OK if that what Jim wants...but I know him to prefer the truth to PC.
  • FR Still Having Issues?

    08/19/2013 6:14:39 AM PDT · by Old Sarge · 63 replies ^ | 19 AUG 2013 | The Old Creepy-a$$ Cracker
    After yesterday's server constipation, we now see THIS: Server error The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly. Here are some suggestions: Reload this webpage later. HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.
  • From the yellow bellied coward admin at not Free Republic

    08/05/2013 4:12:24 PM PDT · by ABrit · 226 replies
    Myself | August 5th , 2013 | ABrit
    This Martha Trowbridge thread has been pulled. Pulled on 08/05/2013 4:02:08 PM PDT by Admin Moderator, reason: Do not post from sources requiring registration. Okay What, you mean? Like Traitor Republic?
  • Trayvon's parents continue to blame laws, demand changes

    08/05/2013 6:09:57 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 25 replies
    Why, Mr. Moderator, is this article found to be objectionable by you? Removing legitimate news articles from legitimate sources should not be the rule here on Free Republic. And, incidentally, it's not free as I contribute to the website on a regular basis.
  • How to send Private Mail to Moderator?

    07/31/2013 4:34:58 PM PDT · by Portcall24 · 61 replies
    Sorry for the use of bandwidth but can someone please tell me how to send a private email to a moderator. I've tried a couple addresses but don't think they are going through. Thanks
  • Question

    07/15/2013 3:11:15 PM PDT · by ealgeone · 38 replies
    self | 07/15/13 | vanity
    Do we have a way to catalouge all of the reports of "knockout" games, flash mobs, etc where there is black on all other ethnics so these could be easliy referenced as rebuttal when the leftists go ape about how unfair the "system" is?
  • Should FR continue to blacklist Infowars articles? [JimRob reply at 47]

    07/01/2013 11:31:10 AM PDT · by grumpygresh · 46 replies
    Sources such as NYT, Wapo, Politico are permitted on FR and those organizations are not exactly unbiased or accurate. Generally speaking, I think Infowars presents a libertarian and constitutionalist perspective and has cleaned up its act over the last couple years.
  • Fifty Awful Things About The Moderators

    06/30/2013 5:04:32 PM PDT · by Focault's Pendulum · 201 replies
    Admin Moderator ^ | Admin Moderator
    There are many moderators, with different kinds of secret knowledge. Anything you might say about them (including this) will be false for some of the Moderators, but true for others, which only adds to the confusion and mystery. The Moderators infiltrate and take over cliques of all kinds, from drug warriors to libertarians to chatters, and turn them to their own ends. And, just as a black joke, some of their secret cliques advertise themselves as Secret Cliques. They have agents and "sleepers" planted everywhere. Many of these people have no idea who they are really reporting to. Others are...
  • FreeRepublicUSA: FreeRepublicUSA is out!

    06/27/2013 4:41:48 AM PDT · by B-52 Vet · 31 replies
    uh, you need to get rid of the porn photo! FreeRepublicUSA: FreeRepublicUSA is out!
  • How do I post pictures?

    06/19/2013 5:18:09 PM PDT · by PatriotCJC · 57 replies
    Need help in posting some pics I took today? Thanks!
  • Did the IRS every ask FR for member lists?

    05/18/2013 7:24:12 PM PDT · by 7thOF7th · 148 replies
    Did the IRS ever strong arm FR and demand member lists?
  • How do I get sidebar to display on FR page?

    04/23/2013 7:39:51 AM PDT · by NRA1995 · 36 replies
    Sidebar is no longer on my FR page. How do I get it back?
  • What's happening on my FR Forum page? (vanity)

    04/07/2013 8:07:46 AM PDT · by Baynative · 20 replies
    My confusion ^ | 4/7/13 | Baynative
    When I go to the Forum page, (on the left side) I get the last post entered on the topic threads instead of the intro post.
  • Proper use of the FreeRepublic facebook page (Vanity)

    03/27/2013 2:26:29 PM PDT · by Celerity · 14 replies
    Hello All, Throughout the day I've been running into more and more significant articles and media happenings that I tend to share out on my Facebook page. I see that FR also has a facebook page. I get about 20 of these significant articles and pieces of state legislation (I track about 6 state's legislatures). Instead of creating a post to detail each one, I usually pick out of the significant ones and post maybe one or two on FR itself. Would it be in the spirit of FR to continually deluge the FB page with my findings ? What...
  • Is there a way to donate from an Ebay sale?

    03/14/2013 5:24:07 PM PDT · by big bad easter bunny · 5 replies
    I have an item I am selling and I wanted to donate half the proceeds to Freerepublic and we don't seem to be listed.
  • Post removed

    03/08/2013 1:01:35 PM PST · by Thurifer the Censer · 121 replies
    I just had a post removed. Does anyone know where I can find out why. Thank you
  • Ok I have a question for Messrs Robinson and the Mods...

    03/07/2013 8:57:34 AM PST · by US Navy Vet · 53 replies
    07 March 2013 | US Navy Vet
    With Ammo getting REALLY scarce. Could we PLEASE set up a FreeRepublic Ammo "exchange"?