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  • The media will do anything to bash Trump — and now they’re hurting

    06/27/2017 8:01:26 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 21 replies
    The New York Post ^ | June 27, 2017 | Michael Goodwin
    It was many years ago, but the memory lingers of the first time I was embarrassed to be a journalist. It was a steamy summer afternoon and reporters and photographers were shoe-horned into a small Manhattan apartment for a civic group’s announcement. As we waited, a photographer wearing a “press” card in his battered fedora picked up a bud vase from a table, pulled out the rose and drank the water in one gulp. The hostess was horrified and shrieked, “What are you doing?” He looked at her as if she were nuts and said simply, “It’s hot in here...
  • [AntiFA) attack conservative columnist Andrew Bolt ... thugs weren't expecting him to fight back.

    06/08/2017 4:32:15 AM PDT · by Mechanicos · 13 replies
    Twitter ^ | Jube 7, 2017 | Rita Panahi
    Leftist fascists attack conservative columnist Andrew Bolt. Pathetic thugs weren't expecting him to fight back. (Video)
  • Fishwrap: Newspaper circulation at 77-year low

    06/02/2017 5:44:38 AM PDT · by simpson96 · 16 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 6/1/2017 | Paul Bedard
    Circulation of daily newspapers has dropped to a 77-year low, signaling an end to print and a shift to all-digital delivery, according to a new industry review. The Pew Research Center said that circulation has reached a new low of 34.6 million, six million less than papers sold in 1940.
  • #covfefe - The Power of Trump Fu

    05/31/2017 5:50:34 PM PDT · by Dajjal · 61 replies
    Nationalist Pundit ^ | May 31, 2017 | Andrew Zarowny
    Every morning I wake up before 5am Eastern and switch on the TV to watch the early version of ″Fox & Friends″. Aside from enjoying my breakfast with the lovely Heather Childress, I learn what the ′Big News′ item is for the day ahead. The big topic this morning was a Midnight tweet on Twitter by President Donald Trump. The story is that he allegedly misspelled the word ′coverage′ when he wrote ′covfefe′ instead in a tweet about the negative press. As a Shaolin Master Abbott of the Temple of Trump Fu, I saw the true purpose of the...
  • Caution: No Reality Ahead

    05/28/2017 5:12:02 AM PDT · by NOBO2012
    MOTUS A.D. ^ | 5-28-17 | MOTUS
    Only in the land of a seditious press…could the U.S. President go abroad and Call out terrorismReaffirm our support for Israel while calling for peace in the Middle EastCall out NATO countries for not meeting their financial obligationsDecline to pledge support for the Paris climate agreement and generate the following headlines at home: Melania swats her husband’s hand awayTrump shoves Monrovian Prime Minister out of his wayThe Pope trolls Trump by giving him a copy of his encyclical on climate change. NATO leaders snicker at Trump We shall see who gets the last schoolboy laughGive yourselves a big round of...
  • Mainstream media errors (lies) in the Trump era:

    05/25/2017 7:30:54 PM PDT · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 5 replies
    http://www.washingtonexaminer ^ | Feb 9, 2017, 5:08 | Becket Adams
    We didn't get to the point people find the press less credible than the Trump administration by some freak accident. The one thing that these reports have in common is that they fail to provide readers with a clear and indisputably accurate picture of what is really going on at White House. The press's most important role is to shine a light on those in power. Bad reporting only muddies the waters, and it gives powerful people more room to do as they please. After all, whom are you going to believe: the guy at the top or the...
  • Vanity-a modest proposal for the press

    05/25/2017 2:11:09 PM PDT · by Sertorius · 11 replies
    5/25/2017 | Sertorius

    05/23/2017 6:40:22 AM PDT · by Bua ar la · 8 replies
    The journalists of the White House Correspondents' Association have been awarded DW's 2017 Freedom of Speech Award. DW said the WHCA had established a new benchmark in holding US leadership accountable.
  • Charting the Liberal Media Leaks: No Valid Sources, Many Invalidated, Possibly Just Made Up Lies

    05/21/2017 10:24:28 AM PDT · by Mozilla · 29 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | 5/21/17 | Jim Hoft
    Per an analysis of a dozen of the most recent so called ‘leaks’ being reported and repeated by the liberal mainstream media (MSM) involving President Trump, the probability that these ‘leaks’ are just plain lies is very high. An analysis of the most recent leaks clearly shows that the leaks are being reported by very biased liberal MSM outlets that were adamantly opposed to the election of President Trump. These ‘leaks’ in all cases are not supported with any names of so-called sources. Former FBI Director James Comey reportedly made some statements in the ‘leaks’ but to this date he...
  • Media fair to Trump? Harvard says no.

    05/20/2017 2:23:49 PM PDT · by Trump20162020 · 8 replies
    The Chicago Tribune ^ | 05/19/2017 | John Kass
    Whenever I mention the news media leans ridiculously far to the left, that it has lost half the country with its attitude and that the tone of the coverage of President Donald Trump is over-the-top hostile, I get the same darn reaction. The eye-roll. That big Anderson Cooper CNN eye-roll, often accompanied by a few theatrical sighs. And when I leave the newsroom, it gets even worse on social media. But now Harvard University's Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy has come out with a study of media coverage of the Trump White House in its first 100...
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders is Filling in for Sean Spicer — But Who is She?

    05/12/2017 8:56:26 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 29 replies
    MediaIte ^ | 05/12/2017 | by Aidan McLaughlin
    Deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is subbing in for Sean Spicer at today’s White House press briefing, in her first on-camera briefing with reporters.Sanders, the daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and adviser to President Donald Trump during his election campaign in January, landed a job as principal deputy press secretary for the new administration.Spicer will spend the day at the Pentagon fulfilling his Navy reservist duty. He joined the reserve in 1999, and is now a commander.Before joining Trump’s campaign, Sanders worked as a political consultant and staffer for her father’s two presidential bids.During the 2016 election,...
  • The Gray Lady’s Long History of Journalistic Malpractice

    05/12/2017 3:41:26 AM PDT · by BlessedBeGod · 15 replies
    Crisis Magazine ^ | May 11, 2017 | Jonathan B. Coe
    On February 17, 2017, President Donald Trump created a firestorm of controversy when he tweeted that the news media (The New York Times, CNN, NBC, and many more) is not his enemy, but is the enemy of the American people. In scrutinizing the Times, in relation to the culture war and major issues within the public square, the indictment, though I have many differences with the president, rings true for me, because, the vast majority of the time, I find myself on one side of an issue and theyÂ’re on the other.And, more than that, there is an overall historical...
  • The People vs. the Press

    05/04/2017 6:13:28 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | May 4, 2017 | Cal Thomas
    President Trump and I have something in common. We were both invited to last Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner and we declined. The president wasn't interested in hearing himself mocked by an industry that holds him to a different standard than his predecessor and I wasn't interested in hearing the predictable jokes denigrating all things Republican, conservative and Fox News. Beyond the less than funny standup act by the "comedian" Hasan Minhaj (I never heard of him until Saturday night), was another example of the denial that has imperiled the once noble profession of journalism. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein...
  • Ghost in the machine

    05/01/2017 5:23:39 PM PDT · by Ben Mugged · 8 replies
    My Head | May 1 2017 | Me
    Ghost in the machine The MainStream Media has become the "ghost in the machine". They were at one time a valuable leg in the three legged stool supporting our republic. They kept the government honest and reported directly to the people the facts of government and society without bias. How time and greed have corrupted that charter. Now they most commonly are the news instead of reporting it as independent assessors. They still retain a significant power protected by our constitution but now wield that sword in support of their own agenda just as a ghost in the machine. Like...
  • President gets last laugh for stiffing soiree

    04/30/2017 6:19:51 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 19 replies
    The Boston Herald ^ | April 30, 2017 | Adriana Cohen
    When given the choice between attending the White House Correspondents dinner — a swampy D.C. event brimming with uber-rich, out-of-touch media elites — or headlining a rally jam-packed with the kind of real working-class Americans who elected him to the White House, our new president chose the latter. President Trump’s bold decision proved once again that he’s not just a brilliant businessman — he also has excellent political instincts. Why should the president attend a high-profile media event aimed at giving gravitas and ratings to a hyper-partisan industry that has covered his campaign, transition and first 100 days with an...
  • Politico Poll Of White House Press Corps Includes Grand Total Of Three Republicans

    04/30/2017 3:08:55 PM PDT · by blam · 10 replies
    Washington Free Beaconu ^ | 4-30-2017 | David Rutz
    Only three Republicans are represented in Politico Magazine‘s poll of the White House press corps asking their thoughts about covering President Trump's administration. According to the fourth annual poll, 63 press corps members were surveyed, and only five percent of them were registered Republicans, the same percentage that listed "other." Sixteen percent were Democrats, 37 percent were independents, and 37 percent were non-registered. Last year, none of the 72 members of the White House press corps it surveyed were Republicans, effectively showing an uptick of three members of the GOP in the poll. Since the election, the mainstream press has...
  • For Journalists, Annual Dinner Serves Up Catharsis and Resolve

    04/30/2017 8:29:01 AM PDT · by SkyPilot · 37 replies
    The Failing NY Times ^ | 30 Apr 17 | MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM
    Toward the end of his comic opus on the press, politics and President Trump, the “Daily Show” comedian Hasan Minhaj looked out at the hundreds of journalists gathered in a subterranean hotel ballroom here on Saturday night and declared, “This has been one of the strangest events I have ever done in my life.” The lengthy laughter and applause that followed made clear that he was not the only one who thought that way. No one knew quite what to expect at this year’s edition of the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, the chummy Washington ritual that became a...
  • White House Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer

    04/11/2017 10:09:39 AM PDT · by Voluntaryist · 2 replies
    YouTube ^ | 4/11/2017 | The White House
  • White House Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer

    04/10/2017 10:44:15 AM PDT · by Voluntaryist · 9 replies
    YouTube ^ | 4/10/2017 | The White House
  • White House Daily Press Beating with Press Secretary Sean Spicer

    04/03/2017 11:01:15 AM PDT · by Voluntaryist · 10 replies
    YouTube ^ | 4/3/2017 | The White House