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  • Newly Declassified Iraqi Testimony Shows Why Saddam Had to Be Removed (There you go, Bush was right)

    10/11/2010 7:37:22 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 52 replies · 1+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | October 11, 2010 | Ryan Mauro
    Recently declassified documents focusing on the testimony of Tariq Aziz, Saddam Hussein’s deputy prime minister, reminds us why Saddam had to be removed from power. September 11, 2001, taught us that it is too costly to allow a leader with a history of aggression and stated intent to harm the U.S. to maintain links to terrorist groups and acquire weapons capabilities to act upon that sentiment. Newly declassified documents about the testimony of Tariq Aziz, Saddam Hussein’s deputy prime minister, reminds us why Saddam had to be removed from power. Contradicting Saddam Hussein’s testimony where he claimed he actually wanted...
  • On That Dastardly Saddam-al Qaeda Connection (600,000 captured Iraqi documents)

    *** ..... In 2008, the Institute for Defense Analyses released a more thorough report on Iraq's involvement in terrorism between the two gulf wars that was based on more than 600,000 captured Iraqi documents. The report says, "In December 1998, the IIS developed a new resource in the form of a small, radical Kurdish-based Islamist movement. In a series of memoranda, the IIS, the Iraqi Intelligence Service, reported being impressed with the new terrorist organization's 'readiness to target foreign organizations . . . . Iranian border posts, and Kurdish parties." *** In addition to the IDA report, which I think...
  • Update on Saddam Hussein-era Iraq documents

    08/19/2009 10:37:26 AM PDT · by ikez78 · 16 replies · 909+ views
    Regime of Terror, DOD ^ | 08/19/09 | M. Eichenlaub
    Aseel Kami, recently reported for Reuters that some officials in the current Iraqi government are making a push for the return of millions of Saddam Hussein-era Iraq documents (previously the subject of Congressional inquiries and public controversy) that were seized by the U.S. government and other non-government entities following the former regime's fall in 2003. Kami wrote: The files include intelligence papers on Iraqis kept by Saddam Hussein's feared secret police, information on weapons arsenals, detailed plans of massacres of the regime's enemies and even tapes of songs praising Saddam, officials said. Some of these files have been made public...
  • Former Interrogator Reveals Saddams Regime DID Have Close Ties to Al-Queda

    07/11/2009 9:41:57 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 18 replies · 993+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 07-11-09 | Scott Malensek
    This is one of those articles that I really REALLY hope people will read before just commenting on the headline or the quoted sections. In fact, I think it's one of the best articles I've seen on this subject in half a decade. Yes, it's long, detailed, and forces many readers to question their previously held beliefs about regime ties to the Al Queda terrorist network, but it's not the typical anti-Bush/anti-war piece or a woohoo-Bush-was-right piece either. It is EXACTLY why: members of the 911 Commission, Sen Intel Com, as well as others (and why every investigation into the...
  • Bush Was Right About Iraq's Quest For Uranium

    04/16/2006 4:38:57 PM PDT · by tcrlaf · 67 replies · 2,973+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | April 16,2006 | Jon Leo
    Bush Was Right About Iraq's Quest For Uranium By John Leo In a surprising editorial, The Washington Post deviated from the conventional anti-Bush media position on two counts. It said President Bush was right to declassify parts of a National Intelligence Estimate to make clear why he thought Saddam Hussein was seeking nuclear weapons. And the editorial said ex-ambassador Joseph Wilson was wrong to think he had debunked Bush on the nuclear charge because Wilson's statements after visiting Niger actually "supported the conclusion that Iraq had sought uranium." In the orthodox narrative line, Wilson is the truth-teller and the Bush...
  • Tony Blankley: Obama Lied; The Economy Died

    03/03/2009 10:14:54 PM PST · by CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC · 6 replies · 932+ views
    Washington Times ^ | March 3, 2009 | Tony Blankley
    ...... George W. Bush didn't lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He was merely mistaken. Whereas President Obama told a whopper last week when he claimed he was not for bigger government ......... [Obama]: "We have already identified $2 trillion in savings over the next decade." But, lamentably, a few days later, The Washington Post reported: "A senior administration official acknowledged yesterday that the budget does not contain $2 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade. Instead, the figure represents Obama's total efforts at deficit reduction, including tax hikes [of more than $1 trillion] on families making...
  • Video- FReeper Interview Joseph Shahda translator of captured Iraqi documents: Part 1 and part 2

    08/17/2008 9:52:21 AM PDT · by april15Bendovr · 59 replies · 1,612+ views
    Townhall ^ | 8/17/08 | Chris Donohoe
    "This is an interview conducted by freeper Chris Donohoe (April15bendovr) with freeper Joseph Shahda (jveritas) about Saddam regime WMD programs and their relations to terrorism based on his translations of some captured Saddam regime documents. Also he talks about some Al Qaeda-captured documents. On the WMD issue, Joseph Shahda reveals that the documents clearly indicate that the Saddam regime opted to build the precursors required to make chemical weapons rather than the final chemical weapons product. They did this for two reasons. First because these precursors are dual-use materials and Saddam could always claim that they are used for civilian...
  • In 1999, Saddam Linked To Al Qaeda ( January 1999 ABC News special )

    06/26/2008 10:06:35 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 33 replies · 401+ views
    Strata Sphere ^ | Jun 25 2008 11:27 pm | AJStrata
    One of our readers (Vince1974) reminded us of this January 1999 ABC News special on the ties between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda posted last year on Powerline.**************************See the Blog for the Video......***********************************When a liberal claims there never was any evidence of a connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda (like coordinating attacks in 2002 with AQ number 2 Ayman Zawahiri) dont believe them. They simply are exposing a deadly ignorance. 3 Responses to In 1999, Saddam Linked To Al Qaeda
  • 2002 Memo Continues to Show Saddams Regime Tied to Al Queda

    06/24/2008 5:17:33 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 16 replies · 756+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 24 Jun ,2008 | Scott
    Yet AGAIN theres another document showing that Saddams regime was not only willing to work with Al Queda groups, but in fact did so. This time, its a 2002 memo from Saddams regime to Al Quedas strategic planner (often described as the real brains of the terror group alliance).The no ties myth gets another shovel of dirt on its graveLINKHT Regimeofteror
  • MSNBC-Positive test for terror toxins in Iraq

    04/04/2003 6:15:44 AM PST · by kattracks · 76 replies · 879+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 4/04/03
    <p>SARGAT, Iraq, April 4 tests reveal evidence of the deadly toxins ricin and botulinum at a laboratory in a remote mountain region of northern Iraq allegedly used as a terrorist training camp by Islamic militants with ties to the al-Qaida terrorist network. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is conducting its own tests at the same area, but has not yet released the results, according to officials in northern Iraq.</p>
  • Positive test for terror toxins in Iraq

    04/06/2003 9:53:02 AM PDT · by kimmie7 · 40 replies · 431+ views ^ | 04-04-03 | By Preston Mendenhall
    SARGAT, Iraq, April 4 Preliminary tests conducted by indicate that the deadly toxins ricin and botulinum were present on two items found at a camp in a remote mountain region of northern Iraq allegedly used as a terrorist training center by Islamic militants with ties to the al-Qaida terrorist network. The field tests used by are only a first step in the evidentiary process and are typically followed by more precise laboratory testing that has not conducted. U.S. intelligence agents were conducting their own tests in the same area and had not yet released their results,...
  • Time to kick the tires & light the fires, folks- terrorism gathers across the World...

    02/07/2003 2:31:29 PM PST · by backhoe · 75 replies · 9,387+ views
    various links and websites | 02-07-03 | The Heavy Equipment Guy
    Friends and neighbors, there is a great storm gathering across the World- or perhaps you could call it a gathering of bonfires which threaten to join into a conflagration. When World War One began, it was said"All across Europe, the lights of civilization are being extinguised. We shall not see them relit in our time..."I suggest that now a somewhat opposite process is being started- first one fire of terrorism, then another is being lit- the question is, can we put them out?What follows are links for a quick overview- it's what I could pull quickly from my own collection,...
  • What the Pentagon Report Missed

    03/18/2008 4:59:05 AM PDT · by Renfield · 13 replies · 859+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | 3-18-08 | Richard Miniter
    When an Institute for Defense Analysis study seemed to announce that there was no connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda, the media was quick to parrot the line of Warren P. Strobel of McClatchy Newspapers. Relying on a leaked executive summary of the report, Strobel wrote that an exhaustive review of more than 600,000 Iraqi documents found no evidence linking Saddam Hussein with Al-Qaeda. Led by the Weekly Standards Stephen Hayes, the right side of the blogosphere was quick to point out that the report did contain evidence of such connections, focusing mainly on Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which merged with Al-Qaeda...
  • al-Qaedas Zawahiri And Saddam Hussein Were Planning Attacks After 9-11

    06/22/2008 1:26:45 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 76 replies · 589+ views
    Strata Sphere ^ | Jun 21 2008 1:25 pm | AJStrata
    The SurrenderMedia recently misreported (theres a surprise) that Saddam Hussein had no ties to al-Qaeda, when in fact the report the SurrenderMedia was trying to cover said just the opposite. As I noted at the time the analysis showed Saddam Hussein had long time ties with Ayman Zawahiri, who at the time ran the Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. A group that was integrated into al-Qaeda when Zawahiri joined forces with Bin Laden in the 1990s. Gateway Pundit has a link to a recent news article out of Iraq showing evidence that Saddam Hussein continued his ties with Zawahiri after...
  • Saddam links to al Qaeda

    03/18/2008 5:14:58 PM PDT · by BamaFan · 6 replies · 842+ views
    Multiple ^ | March 14, 2008 | Ed Morrissey
    Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced that an investigation into over 600,000 documents captured at the end of the invasion of Iraq showed no operational links to al-Qaeda or at least, thats how the media reported it. After a strange few days in which the Pentagon delayed the report, it finally hit the internet last night and its clear that the analysis done by the media was superficial at best. If no operational smoking gun could be found, the report still shows that Saddam Hussein had plenty of ties to all sorts of terrorist groups, including radical Islamist...
  • Al Qaeda Document: Zarqawi Came to Iraq Before The War (Jveritas AQ Translated Video)

    05/03/2008 2:44:06 PM PDT · by april15Bendovr · 55 replies · 1,040+ views
    Youtube ^ | 5/3/08 | Jveritas and april15bendovr
    This is a FReeper made video based off the Al Qaeda document found and posted here at Free Republic by Jveritas. I plan to post it also at Googlevideo and Liveleak. I will present these links as they become available.
  • Saddam and al-Qaeda

    04/17/2008 12:07:43 PM PDT · by CutePuppy · 22 replies · 493+ views
    American Thinker ^ | April 17, 2008 | Debra Baker
    Return to the Article April 17, 2008Saddam and al-QaedaBy Debra Baker Claims that there were no links between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda are wrong. Documents just released by the Pentagon prove it. In March 2008, the Pentagon released a document that details some of the classified documents from Saddam's regime.  This document called the Iraqi Perspectives Project Saddam and Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents Volume 1 (Redacted) is an overview of "more than 600,000 original captured documents and several thousand hours of audio and video footage archived in a US Department of Defense (DOD) database. As...
  • Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Islam and Zarqawi?

    03/28/2008 9:30:20 PM PDT · by april15Bendovr · 21 replies · 1,087+ views
    Town Hall ^ | March 28, 2008 11:56:22 PM | April15bendovr
    The Liberal media has been focused on a so called Gaffe John McCain has made recently in the press. Example is this IPS news story POLITICS-US: McCain's Gaffes Reflect Bush's Iran-Qaeda Myth Analysis by Gareth Porter* WASHINGTON, Mar 21 (IPS) - Sen. John McCain's confusion in recent allegations of Iranian training of al Qaeda fighters in Iraq is the result of a drumbeat of official propaganda about close Iran-al Qaeda ties that the George W. Bush administration and neoconservatives have promoted ever since early 2002. Funny how the left-wing press is eager to point out a McCain Gaffe when...
  • Threat Matrix: March 2008

    03/05/2008 5:59:39 PM PST · by nwctwx · 1,515 replies · 23,048+ views
    Petraeus: Al Qaida Trying to 'Come Back In' U.S. military officials said there will be no significant reduction in coalition troops in the Baghdad area as part of an effort to stop the Al Qaida offensive in northern Iraq. They said Al Qaida was trying to reenter Baghdad and reverse its losses in 2007. "Al Qaida is trying to come back in," U.S. military commander Gen. David Petraeus said. "We can feel it and see it, and what we're trying to do is rip out any roots before they can get deeply into the ground." Read More Militants Assert...
  • 5 Years Later: Pundits Who Were Wrong on Iraq Are Silent (BARFORAMA!)

    03/26/2008 5:51:49 PM PDT · by PreciousLiberty · 24 replies · 796+ views
    Editor & Publisher ^ | 3/25/08 | Greg Mitchell
    (March 25, 2008) -- Given the current tragedy in Iraq--hell, given the past five years--you would think the many pundits who agitated for an attack on that country, largely on false pretenses, would have take the opportunity of the arrival of the fifth anniversary of the war (or the 4000 dead milestone) to drop to their knees, at least in print, and beg the American public for forgiveness. With more than 60 percent of their fellow Americans now calling the war a "mistake" and agitating for troop withdrawals--and the president's approval rating still heading south, thanks to their war--it would...
  • On Saddams Order

    03/26/2008 7:24:42 AM PDT · by ikez78 · 38 replies · 1,028+ views
    National Review ^ | 3-26-08 | Mark Eichenlaub
    The Iraqi tyrant didnt just aid anti-American terrorist groups; he explicitly ordered them to attack. By Mark Eichenlaub Links. Ties. Operational links. Sponsorship. These terms have vastly different meanings to different members of the media when they discuss relations between Saddam Husseins regime and the al-Qaeda network. This became clear yet again last week when news outlets reported on the Department of Defense-sponsored Iraqi Perspectives Project (all five volumes of which are now available here). The vast majority of news reports focused on a single sentence that was incorrectly taken to mean that no ties, links, relations or connections of...
  • Al Qaeda Document: Zarqawi Came to Iraq Before The War To Prepare The Fight Against U.S

    03/16/2008 2:49:59 PM PDT · by jveritas · 253 replies · 8,760+ views
    Al Qaeda document | March 16 2008 | jveritas
    On February 17 2008, Al-Ekhlaas which is the largest terrorist forum on the internet published an Al Qaeda document that talks about the life of Abou Musaab Al Zarqawi and indicates that Zarqawi came to Iraq before the war to prepare the terrorist insurgency against the US troops. According to the document Zarqawi arrived to the Sunni areas in central Iraq. This document was written by one of Al Qaeda top leaders called Saif Al Adel. There were many accounts about Zarqawi presence in Iraq before the war in particular in Northern Iraq with Ansar Al Islam an active Al...
  • Saddam and Terrorism: Emerging Insights From Captured Iraqi Documents

    03/13/2008 9:13:01 AM PDT · by LSUfan · 5 replies · 744+ views
    Joint Forces Command ^ | 12 March 08 | Institute for Defense Analyses
    This report will not be made available online. If you would like to obtain a copy you can request one at the URL below... When the 9-11 Commission Report came out, the media trumpeted that Saddam and Al Qaeda had no connection. But that was not actually true. If you actually READ the report, it says something very different. Then when the Iraq Survey Report came out, the media trumpeted that it said Saddam had no WMD. But if you actually READ the report, it says something rather different. When the National Intelligence Estimate came out saying Iran had shut...
  • Saddam had no operational ties to AQ: Pentagon

    03/11/2008 5:56:52 AM PDT · by jdm · 205 replies · 5,200+ views
    Hot Air ^ | March 11, 2008 | by Ed Morrissey
    A new study commissioned by the Pentagon has reviewed over 600,000 documents captured in the invasion of Iraq, and the analysis shows no evidence of operational ties between Saddam Husseins regime and al-Qaeda. It did find operational ties and more between Saddam and other terrorist groups, however, which will likely be lost in an avalanche of I-told-you-sos: An exhaustive review of more than 600,000 Iraqi documents that were captured after the 2003 U.S. invasion has found no evidence that Saddam Husseins regime had any operational links with Osama bin Ladens al-Qaida terrorist network.The Pentagon-sponsored study, scheduled for release later this...
  • Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam, al Qaida (hint to MSM, Ansar al-Islam)

    03/10/2008 8:37:51 PM PDT · by tobyhill · 47 replies · 1,238+ views
    Yahoo ^ | 3/10/2008 | Warren P. Strobel, McClatchy Newspapers
    WASHINGTON An exhaustive review of more than 600,000 Iraqi documents that were captured after the 2003 U.S. invasion has found no evidence that Saddam Hussein's regime had any operational links with Osama bin Laden's al Qaida terrorist network. The Pentagon-sponsored study, scheduled for release later this week, did confirm that Saddam's regime provided some support to other terrorist groups, particularly in the Middle East , U.S. officials told McClatchy . However, his security services were directed primarily against Iraqi exiles, Shiite Muslims, Kurds and others he considered enemies of his regime. The new study of the Iraqi regime's archives...
  • Can anyone tell me whats going on with the Pre war doc projects?

    03/01/2008 12:27:44 PM PST · by DrBombbay · 13 replies · 295+ views
    Does anyone have any new insight as to the status of the projects? Once they disappeared I never head about them again.I found them fascinating.
  • Refresher on Al Qaeda in Iraq Pre War

    02/19/2008 11:12:11 PM PST · by stickman20089 · 10 replies · 1,189+ views
    abc report [url][/url] 1/14/1991 Just before the outbreak of war [in 1991] Iraq sent hit squads around the world to attack diplomats and government officials of Coalition nations. Western intelligence agencies and their collaborators picked this up, and as ambassador Id seen reports about this in Bangkok. I went to my office, where I was handed urgent papers from a collectivity of intelligence organizations. They revealed that an Iraqi terrorist group had assembled in Bangkok with rocket-propelled grenade launchers and an array of other weapons, with which they planned to attack the U.S., Israeli, and Australian embassies. Later there were...
  • Shattering Conventional Wisdom About Saddam's WMD's--What top secret Iraqi files disclose.

    11/16/2007 5:06:24 AM PST · by SJackson · 108 replies · 2,628+ views ^ | November 16, 2007 | John Loftus
    We live in an age of documents. There are no more secrets, only deferred disclosures. Saddam Hussein's secret documents are measured by the shelf-mile and stored inside a secure but dusty facility near U.S. Central Command Headquarters in Doha, Qatar, and in several subsidiary sites. Armed guards protect the unread dossiers. Three shifts of two hundred translators each work around the clock. Perhaps 5% of these captured documents have been studied so far, but their contents are about to shatter much of the conventional wisdom concerning Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. The absolutists on either side of the WMD debate...
  • Documents Shed New Light On Holy Land Trail

    08/26/2007 6:20:28 PM PDT · by ricks_place · 14 replies · 1,011+ views
    CBS Dallas Fort Worth ^ | Aug 26, 2007 | AP
    DALLAS Prosecutors have produced scores of documents, audio and video tapes, and intercepted phone calls in their attempt to prove that a Muslim charity based in a suburban Dallas office park was actually a fund-raising arm of Middle Eastern terrorists.Much of the evidence has surfaced before in books, newspaper articles and previous trials. But those who track terror-financing say the document haul from the trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development has also produced new information.They say the documents shed light on a web of related organizations of militant Palestinian supporters in the United States, some of...
  • Little Big Attack on Cyber-Jihad("Spiegel" on Freerepublic, jveritas work against Cyber-Jihad)

    08/18/2007 8:44:56 AM PDT · by SolidWood · 119 replies · 2,231+ views
    Der Spiegel ^ | 16. August 2007 | Yassin Musharbash
    Groangriffchen auf den Cyber-Dschihad Von Yassin Musharbash Am 19. Juli rief "jveritas" im Internet dazu auf, von ihm identifizierte Pro-Terror-Websites auszuschalten. Seine Idee war simpel: Die Hostingfirmen mit massenhaften Beschwerde-Mails dazuzubringen, die Seiten zu sperren. Und sie funktionierte auch - ein bisschen. Seit einem Monat herrscht im dschihadistischen Internet ein kleines Erdbeben. Ein knappes Dutzend prominenter Websites (so weit ich zhlen kann) ist ihm bereits zum Opfer gefallen. Das Qaida-nahe Diskussionsforum "Das Paradies": bis auf weiteres geschlossen. Die Bekennerschreibenabwurfseite "Welt-Nachrichten-Netzwerk": eine Cyber-Ruine. Das Terroristen-Blog der englischsprachigen "Globalen Islamischen Medienfront": nicht mehr existent. Abgeschaltetes Blog von Terrorsympathisanten: Unter neuer Adresse schon...
  • Secret documents reveal U.S. concern about Pakistan's backing of Taliban before 9/11 attack

    08/16/2007 7:10:17 PM PDT · by HAL9000 · 18 replies · 1,139+ views
    Excerpt - ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Newly declassified intelligence documents reveal the depth of U.S. officials' concern that Pakistan was providing funds, arms and even combat troops to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan for years before the Sept. 11 attacks. They also show rising frustration at what U.S. officials called Pakistan's "resistance and/or duplicity" toward Washington's repeated requests for help in getting the Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden. A top official at one point said hauling Pakistan before the U.N. Security Council should be considered. The documents, released under a Freedom of Information Act request by George Washington...
  • Hundreds of members of Saddam Husseins regime found working with al Qaeda in Iraq

    07/23/2007 8:42:20 AM PDT · by ikez78 · 66 replies · 3,869+ views
    Regime of Terror ^ | July 23, 2007 | Mark
    These captures and kills demonstrate the ideological divide between secular Baathists and Islamic extremists was not so distantMany analysts of the insurgency in Iraq are currently debating its makeup and strength, among other things. Regardless of what percentage is currently claiming allegiance to what ideology or group, the past few years of reporting have slowly revealed that at least one deadly aspect of the insurgency in Iraq has been the cooperation of some members of Saddam Hussein's regime (though not all) and Islamic militants, particularly al Qaeda in Iraq. Below is a list, compiled from a number of media reports...
  • al Qaeda video documents Hussein era training in Northern Iraq

    07/19/2007 5:24:30 AM PDT · by ikez78 · 82 replies · 2,187+ views
    Regime of Terror ^ | 7-17-07 | Joseph Shahda
    by Joseph Shahda Saddam In April of 2007 the media wing for al Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State in Iraq, Al Furqan, released a video documentary about their Kurdistan Units in Northern Iraq. The video training and also conducting an attack on a Kurdish militia vehicle. The video documentary (click images to view) is titled "Al Awda Ila Al Jibal" or "The Return To The Mountains." According to the jihadist websites (World News Network) and forums who posted copies of the video the footage was shot somewhere between 2002 and early 2003, when al Qaeda was moving fighters...
  • Former Fedayeen Saddam officer became coordinator for Zarqawi, al Qaeda in Iraq

    07/15/2007 2:17:12 PM PDT · by ikez78 · 56 replies · 1,667+ views
    Regime of Terror ^ | 7-15-07 | Mark E.
    An interview published in Saturday's Washington Post, with a member of the Iraq insurgency, reveals another example of the deadly postwar cooperation between members of Saddam Hussein's former ruling party and al Qaeda in Iraq. In the piece, written by Joshua Hartlow, the insurgent identifies himself as "Abu Sarhan" and revealed that he "had been an officer in the Fedayeen (pictured right via, the black-clad paramilitary force of the ousted government of Saddam Hussein." "Sarhan" told his interviewers that he had risen to the level of "'general coordinator' between al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Omar Brigade, an insurgent group...
  • Former DIA analyst challenges George Tenet's account on Iraq/al Qaeda intelligence

    07/02/2007 1:29:42 PM PDT · by ikez78 · 27 replies · 1,890+ views
    Regime of Terror ^ | 7-2-04 | Mark
    In a recent Washington Post Op-Ed former DIA analyst Christina Shelton discussed her intelligence work analyzing links between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's Iraq and countered some of the conventional wisdom on the subject while taking issue with the way her background and work were depicted in former CIA director George Tenet's recent book "At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA."Responding to Tenet's charge that she claimed the debate over Iraq - al Qaeda links was "open-and-shut" and in no need of further analysis Shelton wrote: I said the covert nature of the relationship between Iraq...
  • Naming names: The Saddam-al-Qaida connection

    06/06/2007 6:14:12 AM PDT · by ikez78 · 78 replies · 2,813+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | June 6, 2007 | WND
    WASHINGTON It has been denied, downplayed, overlooked, forgotten, disregarded and omitted from the public record. But a thorough review of open-source material demonstrates conclusive and widespread cooperation between former members of Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime and terrorists from the Iraqi al-Qaida network. Dozens of former Saddam Hussein loyalists captured by U.S.-led coalition forces in Iraq were found to be working with al-Qaida or linked to their operations.
  • In last months Saddam Hussein praised "militant jihadist Iraq," claimed responsibility for...

    05/31/2007 7:33:34 PM PDT · by ikez78 · 29 replies · 1,464+ views
    Regime of Terror ^ | 5-31-07 | Mark Eichenlaub
    Examining Saddam Hussein's last words (دراسة صدام حسين الكلمات الاخيرة In the months and weeks before his death Saddam Hussein (Uruknet photo on left) produced a number of communications to the world beyond his cell through speeches, letters and interviews. Some of these communications have been made public and reveal additional insights into the former Iraqi leader's personal beliefs and motives, particularly Hussein's views on jihad and the use of terrorism. In his July 7, 2006 letter to the American people, Hussein (via Uruknet) referred to the insurgency in Iraq as "heroic Mujahideen, in glorious, virtuous, militant, jihadist Iraq. So...
  • An Al-Tikriti (Saddam Hussein's clan) speaking for al Qaeda cell in Europe?

    05/17/2007 1:04:10 PM PDT · by ikez78 · 27 replies · 1,475+ views
    Regime of Terror ^ | 5-17-07 | Regime of Terror
    Abu Hafs Al-Tikriti threatens France on behalf of Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigades (النسخه العربية) Within days of the French election results being announced a self-described al Qaeda cell in Europe, Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigades, warned France of a “bloody jihad attack” in response to their electoral decision. The threat, posted on Islamist websites and translated by MEMRI, was signed by "Abu Hafs Al-Tikriti, The Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigades, European Division."The Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigades, who al Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri has claimed responsibility for, has a history of threats and claimed attacks in multiple European countries, including claiming responsibility for...
  • Iraqi Document: Planning of a Meeting Between Al Zawahiri and Saddam Regime in 2002 (Translation).

    05/09/2007 7:38:37 PM PDT · by jveritas · 41 replies · 2,448+ views ^ | May 9 2007 | jveritas
    This supposedly Saddam Intelligence Service document was published today on an Iraqi news site called Buratha news and it talks about a scheduled meeting between Saddam Intelligence Service and Al Qaeda number 2 Aymen Al Zawahiri on December 14 2002 and per the request of Saddam Presidential Secretary to discuss an operation called Revenge inside Saudi Arabia that they refer to as the territories of the two holy shrines. Also according to the document Aymen AL Zawahiri was supposedly working for Saddam Intelligence Service as a source and his number was 1000. Below is the translation of the document...
  • "More Than Enough Evidence" What George Tenet really says about Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda.

    05/01/2007 8:09:06 AM PDT · by ikez78 · 60 replies · 2,874+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 5-1-07 | Thomas Joscelyn
    GEORGE TENET'S JUST released book, At the Center of the Storm, has created quite a stir. Over the past few days, a myriad of news accounts have referenced various snippets of the former director of Central Intelligence's self-serving collection of remembrances. But here is something you probably have not heard or read about Tenet's book: it confirms that there was a relationship between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda. And, according to Tenet, "there was more than enough evidence to give us real concern" about it too. Tenet devotes an entire chapter to the question of Iraq's ties to al Qaeda...
  • Captured Al Qaeda Document Shows Bin Laden Deputy Aymen Al Zawahiri Visited Iraq.

    04/29/2007 1:24:13 PM PDT · by jveritas · 99 replies · 7,974+ views
    <p>Document which is still up on the Harmony Data Base website is a captured Al Qaeda document in Afghanistan and shows without any doubt that Aymen Al Zawahiri who is the Bin Deputy and the so called Al Qaeda Brain had visited Iraq as well as he had visited Iran. The document does not indicate which year he did the visit but it is for sure after the year 1995 based on the context of the document. Other reporting from different sources said that there is an indication that Zawahiri visited Iraq in 1998, and this document confirms that he indeed visited Iraq. The document refers to him as Aymen but it is very clear he is Aymen Al Zawahiri because document mentioned that Aymen was the leader of Jihadists in Peshwar Pakistan and indeed Aymen Al Zahiri left Egypt in 1985 after his release from prison and went to Peshawar Pakistan to organize and lead some islamic terrorists there.</p>
  • Saddam Terrorist Regime: Finding and Analysis Based on Captured Iraqi Documents.

    04/25/2007 12:45:12 PM PDT · by jveritas · 42 replies · 2,519+ views
    April 25 2007 | jveritas
    One thing that became very clear from many captured Iraqi documents is that most intelligence agencies, politicians, and analysts have greatly underestimated Saddam strong relations to terrorism. In fact, there is no shadow of doubt based on these documents that Saddam regime was a prime Terrorist Regime . Saddam Intelligence Service Meeting with Bin Laden Imagine that before the Iraq war, President Bush presented the nation with the irrefutable proof that Saddam regime met with Osama Bin Laden at least once if not more and the impact that this would have on the public support for the war. Only a...
  • Saddam and 9/11

    04/25/2007 3:37:47 AM PDT · by drzz · 3 replies · 1,464+ views
    VIDEO ^ | 04 25 2007 | drzz
    See the video linked
  • Saddam Regime Document Dated May 1999 Reveals Plans for Terrorist Attacks in Europe (Translation).

    04/24/2007 7:11:23 AM PDT · by jveritas · 152 replies · 7,731+ views
    Docex/FMSO/Pentagon Iraqi documents Website | April 24 2007 | jveritas
    Some of you may have read an article by Stephan Hayes of the Weekly Standard where he wrote about terrorist operations planed by Saddam regime in May 1999 to be conducted in Europe and elsewhere. The code name of the terrorist operations was called Blessed July. The operations were planned by Uday Saddam Hussein who was in charge of Saddam Feedeyeens and they called him as well the Supervisor or the Commander as you will read in the translation below. This Iraqi document ISGZ-2004-01894 is yet another powerful proof that Saddam regime was heavily involved with terrorism and President...
  • Saddam WMD: Findings and Analysis Based on Captured Iraqi Documents (Part I)

    04/23/2007 11:00:26 AM PDT · by jveritas · 201 replies · 11,926+ views
    April 23 2007 | jveritas
    It was clear that there is another branch committee from the Industrial Committee headed by Dr. Mahdi Shakr Ghali that currently evaluates the Researches That Cannot Be Declared, Researches with relation to the previous Prohibited Programs... This is an important subject and it is dangerous in case this information is leaked one way or another.. That was a quote General Housam Ahmad Amin, one of Saddam regime top officials on September/16/1998 talking about secret programs related to WMD according to Iraqi document CMPC-2003-002284. Below is part I of my findings and analysis based on the captured Iraqi documents that...
  • Secular Baathist/Islamic extremist divide overcome repeatedly in Iraq

    04/08/2007 12:59:05 PM PDT · by ikez78 · 15 replies · 2,023+ views
    Regime of Terror ^ | 4-8-07 | Mark Eichenlaub
    For a regime long said to be sharply opposed to radical Islamic groups the secular Baath Party that formerly ruled Iraq has seen a conspicuously large number of its members caught in close collaboration with al Qaeda and other Islamic groups in post-invasion Iraq. A recent arrest in Mosul identified a former Saddam Fedayeen leader as an insurgent leader responsible for al Qaeda/foreign fighter camps in Syria. On March 23, the Tactical Report, an online Middle East intelligence service, reported that a former Saddam Hussein officer was appointed as an al Qaeda leader to set up attacks on Iraqi oil...
  • Doug Feith Found INNOCENT-Pentagon Inspector General

    04/07/2007 8:49:16 AM PDT · by ikez78 · 20 replies · 1,717+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 4-6-07 | Scott Malensek
    A few months ago, a long-awaited investigation into former Undersecretary of Defense, Doug Feith and his Office of Special Plans was finally concluded. (Dept of Defense Inspector General Report) The Department of Defense had been asked by Democrats in Congress to see if Feith and/or his office had done anything illegal in their investigation and reports regarding the depth of ties between Al Queda and Saddam Husseins regime. The Department of Defenses interim Inspector General said essentially that Feith and his office had acted inappropriately by giving the impression that they were an intelligence agency, but that they had not...
  • New evidence against Van Anraat (supplying chemicals to Saddam)

    04/06/2007 3:28:30 PM PDT · by knighthawk · 1 replies · 1,224+ views
    Radio Netherlands ^ | April 04 2007
    The Kurdish Halabja Centre CHAK has submitted new and possibly incriminating evidence in the appeal case against Dutch businessman Frans van Anraat. The documents were reportedly supplied by the Iraqi tribunal that sentenced former dictator Saddam Hussein to death. In December last year, Frans van Anraat was sentenced to 15 years in jail. The court in The Hague found him guilty of supplying materials for chemical weapons to the Saddam Hussein regime in the 1980s. He was acquitted of complicity in genocide because he reportedly did not know that Saddam Hussein intended to use poison gas on the Iraqi population....
  • The Truth On The Iraq/al-Qaeda Connections

    04/06/2007 1:12:41 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 11 replies · 1,898+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 04-07-07 | Curt
    This latest MSM piece is just one more in a long line of half truths and misinformation on the connections between Saddam and al-Qaeda. Captured Iraqi documents and intelligence interrogations of Saddam Hussein and two former aides "all confirmed" that Hussein's regime was not directly cooperating with al-Qaeda before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, according to a declassified Defense Department report released yesterday. The declassified version of the report, by acting Inspector General Thomas F. Gimble, also contains new details about the intelligence community's prewar consensus that the Iraqi government and al-Qaeda figures had only limited contacts, and about its...
  • Hussein's Prewar Ties To Al-Qaeda Discounted

    04/06/2007 5:05:24 AM PDT · by RDTF · 35 replies · 2,378+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | April 6, 2007 | R. Jeffrey Smith
    Captured Iraqi documents and intelligence interrogations of Saddam Hussein and two former aides "all confirmed" that Hussein's regime was not directly cooperating with al-Qaeda before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, according to a declassified Defense Department report released yesterday. The declassified version of the report, by acting Inspector General Thomas F. Gimble, also contains new details about the intelligence community's prewar consensus that the Iraqi government and al-Qaeda figures had only limited contacts, and about its judgments that reports of deeper links were based on dubious or unconfirmed information. The report had been released in summary form in February. The...