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  • See Where the Obamas Are Living After the White House

    11/14/2016 8:15:41 AM PST · by Daffynition · 112 replies
    HarpersBizarre ^ | May 27, 2016 17.7k | Erica Gonzales
    When the first family leaves the White House in January at the end of Barack Obama's presidency, they are reportedly moving into a cozy 8,200-square-foot mansion close by. According to Politico, the Obamas will be leasing the property, which is situated in Washington D.C.'s Kalorama neighborhood.
  • The Fermi Paradox Is Not Fermi's, and It Is Not a Paradox

    02/02/2016 1:30:21 AM PST · by LibWhacker · 81 replies
    Scientific American ^ | 1/29/16 | Robert H. Gray
    Two big ideas often come up in discussions about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI. One is the Drake Equation, which estimates the number of civilizations in our Galaxy whose signals we might be able to detect--potentially thousands, according to plausible estimates. The other is the so-called Fermi paradox, which claims that we should see intelligent aliens here if they exist anywhere, because they would inevitably colonize the Galaxy by star travel--and since we don't see any obvious signs of aliens here, searching for their signals is pointless. The Drake Equation is perfectly genuine: it was created by astronomer...
  • Fox News Pundit Stephen Hayes Badgers Donald Trump over McCain Comments

    07/18/2015 12:30:30 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 85 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 07/18/2015 | Alex Swoyer
    Stephen Hayes, of The Weekly Standard and a Fox News contributor and pundit, bombarded GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump at a press conference following Trump’s speech at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa on Saturday—controlling the media availability and yelling as he argued with Trump. Breitbart News captured part of the exchange on video, and it turns out Hayes was the pundit badgering Trump about his comment on McCain.
  • Terror Threat Intelligence Not New, Agencies knew of threat to embassies, officials for months

    08/05/2013 4:18:37 PM PDT · by Nachum · 24 replies
    Free Beacon ^ | 8/5/13 | : Bill Gertz
    Intelligence regarding al Qaeda plans to attack U.S. embassies, officials, and interests last Sunday was known for months by U.S. intelligence agencies but was used only recently to trigger the closure of embassies and issuance of public warnings of impending attacks. Al Qaeda “chatter” about coming terrorist operations, mainly against 22 U.S. embassies and consulates, and threats to attack or bomb officials in the Middle East and elsewhere was widely reported in classified intelligence reports over several months. The report said an attack was planned for Sunday, although no attack was carried out. The intelligence was based on electronic surveillance...
  • Genuine, World-Class Computer Expert Evaluates Obama’s Birth Certificate PDF

    09/27/2012 9:45:53 PM PDT · by Tex-Con-Man · 57 replies ^ | September 26, 2012 | John Woodman
    (There is a lot preceding this section, but it's mostly about previous claims and counter claims regarding the Cold Case Posse. I start where he introduces the expert.) ... As I examined patents and technical papers written on MRC compression, one name in particular seemed to pop up again and again — that of Ricardo de Queiroz. Ricardo de Queiroz is one of the primary fathers of this entire technology. The very first “mixed raster content” patent in the United States was granted to Leon Bottou and Yann Andre LeCun… But the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 13th patents...

    04/26/2012 11:40:58 AM PDT · by DesertRenegade · 169 replies
    GLAAD ^ | 4/26/2012 | Aaron McQuade
    As support for gay mom and former Boy Scout troop leader Jennifer Tyrrell contines to pour in from across America, it's important to reflect on those who have been saying all along that moms like Jen should be allowed in the Boy Scouts. Including Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who said in a 1994 debate: “I believe that the Boy Scouts of America does a wonderful service for this country. I support the right of the Boy Scouts of America to decide what it wants to do on that issue. I feel that all people should be able to participate...
  • What many names does the president have ? (White House passport image raises further questions)

    08/18/2010 8:47:17 PM PDT · by RobinMasters · 42 replies · 2+ views
    WND ^ | August 19, 2010 | Jerome R. Corsi
    How many different name is President Obama legally authorized to use? Is his legal name Barack Hussein Obama II, Barack Hussein Obama (without the designation "II" indicating Barack Obama Jr.), Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah? All of these names appear in various documents produced since 2008 regarding Obama's life story and his passport records. The White House has refused to release Obama's long-form birth certificate filed at his birth that lists the hospital where he was born and the name of the physician who attended the birth. Also, the White House has refused to disclose to the public...
  • Climate Scientists Claim McCarthy-like Threats

    05/12/2010 11:08:20 AM PDT · by csd · 26 replies · 491+ views
    Liberty and Pride ^ | May 12, 2010 | Conservative American
    The recent scandals surrounding the climate change debate and the science behind climate change have prompted politicians and law makers across the country to order climate scientists to hand over the data that represents their findings.  In some cases, climate scientists have even been threatened with criminal charges if it is found that data was intentionally altered for the purposes of furthering a pro-climate change agenda. 255 members of the National Academy of Sciences have responded to these charges in an open letter entitled Climate Change and The Integrity of Science.  The letter denounces the charges made against them by...
  • New evidence supports 19th century idea on formation of oil and gas

    11/04/2009 11:55:29 AM PST · by decimon · 51 replies · 1,755+ views
    American Chemical Society ^ | Nov 4, 2009 | Unknown
    Scientists in Washington, D.C. are reporting laboratory evidence supporting the possibility that some of Earth's oil and natural gas may have formed in a way much different than the traditional process described in science textbooks. Their study is scheduled for Nov./Dec. issue of ACS' Energy & Fuels, a bi-monthly publication. Anurag Sharma and colleagues note that the traditional process involves biology: Prehistoric plants died and changed into oil and gas while sandwiched between layers of rock in the hot, high-pressure environment deep below Earth's surface. Some scientists, however, believe that oil and gas originated in other ways, including chemical reactions...
  • A Visitor From Another Planet Wonders About Weasels

    10/14/2009 12:22:50 PM PDT · by fiscon1 · 10 replies · 447+ views
    Watcher of Weasels ^ | 10/14/2009 | Watcher
    I were a visitor from another planet I’d wonder how a nation filled with so many weak minded fools managed to achieve the greatness that grabbed my attention in the first place. Certainly I would never have expected that people that visited the moon would have so many flat earthers when it comes to believing the lie called anthropomorphic climate change. These same fools that attack the concept of God on a daily basis have accepted the laughable premise that the CO2 we expel as part of our respiratory process, the same CO2 that plants need to grow and thrive,...
  • Why Rush Limbaugh Is Good for the Republicans

    03/12/2009 8:40:58 AM PDT · by EagleUSA · 13 replies · 704+ views
    Yahoo / Time ^ | 03/12/2009 | EagleUSA
    Obama aides Rahm Emanuel and Robert Gibbs knew what they were doing when they declared Rush Limbaugh the leader of the Republican opposition. They were putting Republican politicians in a trap. Repudiating Limbaugh would mean alienating millions of conservatives and declaring Limbaugh's plainspoken conservatism - which many of those politicians share - outside the lines of the national debate. But neither could Republicans allow the insinuation that they take orders from a radio host stand. If voters got that impression, they would look weak. Worse, the polls show more people dislike Limbaugh than like him. The Republicans escaped this trap...
  • Should we increase taxes to fund a war?

    02/16/2009 9:04:09 PM PST · by WheresMyBailout · 13 replies · 507+ views
    I was doing some introspection on the Bush (II) Presidency. Personally, I believe that he should be regarded as a top President for being only one of two Presidents to have created a foreign democracy (the other President was Harry Truman - my favorite socialist, I mean Democrat). However, I believe George Bush also created a fiscal nightmare by both increasing war spending and domestic spending at the same time while cutting taxes. Of course, a bit of calculus will show that cutting taxes can increase revenue at certain rates. And raising taxes always creates a deadweight loss, discouraging activity...
  • What I Teach My Children About Charles Darwin - On the Bicentennial of his Birth

    02/12/2009 10:12:42 PM PST · by XR7 · 22 replies · 1,008+ views
    VisionForum ^ | 2/12/09 | Doug Phillips
    In 2009, the eyes of the world will turn to commemorate the anniversaries of the births of the two most influential men of the last one thousand years — the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin, and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. No two men of the past millennium have done more to shape the thoughts of mankind or to affect the political and social destiny of nations than Calvin and Darwin — the former for the glory of God, and the latter for unimaginable evil. The following is a synopsis and excerpt...

    11/12/2008 2:04:27 PM PST · by Amityschild · 47 replies · 3,008+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | November 12, 2008 | Pamela Geller
    This is like a Grisham novel. A tangential but delicious point -- it may very well be in Clarence Thomas's hands. When the Mansourian plant was asked on Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Political Forum, who he would not have nominated for Supreme Court Justice, Obama said "Clarence Thomas". He then went on to denigrate Thomas's intellect ("not a strong enough legal thinker or intellect"). The plant is not fit to wipe Thomas's boots. I hope the plant is sweating. Bwahhaahahahahahaha. BTW, I found Obama's racism against Thomas (he calls everyone against him a racist so why can't I do the...
  • Experts See a Need for Punitive Action in Bailout

    09/23/2008 3:09:52 PM PDT · by politicket · 95 replies · 301+ views
    New York Times ^ | 9/23/2008 | Peter S. Goodman
    Excerpt: Not simple loans, but complex investments created by pooling millions of mortgages together and then slicing them into pieces. These were the investments that Wall Street bought, sold and borrowed against in cooking up the money it poured into housing. ...
  • Obama - Not Born in the USA?

    07/01/2008 1:03:52 PM PDT · by Red Steel · 280 replies · 1,361+ views
    MacRanger Radio Show ^ | Jun 29, 2008 | Jack Moss
    Fellow Blog Talk Radio compadre David Zublick over at Heading Right says, “Maybe Not“. I noted back here that when Kos produced - not a birth certificate - but a certificate of live birth there were several discrepancies noted that pointed to the fact - aside from the convenience - that the document was most likely forged. Since Obama has failed to produce a birth certificate, in-spite of several calls to do so, is telling indeed. I was born in 1958 in the State of Florida and I can get a birth certificate for ten bucks. I doubt Hawaii was...
  • Health Care In America: How Do We Fix It?

    05/29/2008 12:24:14 AM PDT · by B-Chan · 62 replies · 191+ views ^ | 2008.05.29 | Bruce Lewis
    [How to fix health care? When it comes to the current state of heath care services in the United States, there are no easy answers. However, most people I've spoken to — both within and without the industry — agree that the way we are providing health care services in America now just isn't working, and that something must be done. Both Democrat presidential candidates are touting a public/private system of universal health care; the Republican candidate favors tinkering with the current system. Other proposals include getting rid of all government involvement in the health care industry, full-on British/Canadian-style socialized...
  • Doctor: Killing flawed at start

    02/12/2007 7:47:47 PM PST · by Graybeard58 · 52 replies · 1,472+ views
    St. Petersburg Times ^ | February 12, 2007 | Chris Tisch
    TAMPA — A doctor told a panel reviewing Florida’s lethal injection procedures that executioners “did the worst thing they could do” during the botched killing of condemned inmate Angel Diaz last year. The testimony came from Mark Heath, a Columbia University anesthesiologist who has testified on the behalf of death row inmates in about 20 states. But despite such testimony, the key question of whether Diaz suffered pain during the execution remained murky. Heath said the execution team “did exactly 100 percent the wrong thing” during the Dec. 13 execution of Diaz, who was condemned for the 1979 shooting death...
  • Muslim Leader Blames Senator Boxer for a Death Threat Against Him

    01/06/2007 6:16:07 PM PST · by West Coast Conservative · 56 replies · 1,377+ views
    KCBS ^ | January 6, 2007
    The executive director of the Sacramento chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said he believes a death threat against him was fueled by Senator Barbara Boxer’s actions. Boxer had commended Basim Elkarra’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for the group’s efforts to improve relations between Christians, Jews, minority groups and the FBI. Her officer later rescinded the award after investigating an on-line report that accused Elkarra’s group of terrorist sympathies. While investigating the accusations, Boxer learned two former CAIR members were sentenced to prison for crimes related to terrorist groups, according to her communications director, Natalie Ravaitz....
  • Save America with the ‘Fair Tax Act’

    09/03/2006 5:18:40 AM PDT · by Man50D · 1,145 replies · 6,374+ views
    The Courier ^ | August 31,2006 | Gordon Bishop
    Abolish the federal income tax! No more taxes on savings and investments! A "Fair Tax" can completely fund the federal government, Social Security and Medicare! You control how much you spend! So what are we waiting for? You, the taxpayers of America burdened with an income tax that is costly, wasteful and sinking America into inevitable bankruptcy. All current forms of federal taxation would end! You would keep 100 percent of your paycheck. You control how you spend your paycheck. It's your money. You make the decisions as to how you want to spend your money. The Fair Tax would...
  • President Bush Approves Over the Counter Early Abortion Pill, Pro-Life Base Decries Move

    08/21/2006 1:50:58 PM PDT · by Pyro7480 · 324 replies · 4,734+ views
    LifeSite ^ | 8/21/2006 | John-Henry Westen
    President Bush Approves Over the Counter Early Abortion Pill, Pro-Life Base Decries MoveBy John-Henry Westen WASHINGTON, August 21, 2006 ( - For his pro-life supporter base, President George W. Bush stepped into one of the biggest political landmines of his Presidential career today with his approval of over the counter status for the abortion-causing morning after pill Plan B. A press release by Human Life International underscored the seriousness of the move as it was titled, "President Bush Files for Divorce with Catholic Base." Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president of Human Life International commented, "President Bush's implied support for the...
  • Jewish family flees Delaware school district's aggressive Christianity

    07/05/2006 5:01:07 PM PDT · by HayekRocks · 53 replies · 1,183+ views
    JewsOnFirst ^ | June 28, 2006 | unspecified
    A large Delaware school district promoted Christianity so aggressively that a Jewish family felt it necessary to move to Wilmington, two hours away, because they feared retaliation for filing a lawsuit. The religion (if any) of a second family in the lawsuit is not known, because they're suing as Jane and John Doe; they also fear retaliation. Both families are asking relief from "state-sponsored religion." The behavior of the Indian River School District board's behavior suggests the families' fears are hardly groundless. The district spreads over a considerable portion of southeast Delaware. The families' complaint, filed in federal court in...
  • Student fights write-up for showing U.S. flag [Unfreakin' Believable Alert]

    04/13/2006 6:52:13 AM PDT · by conservativecorner · 35 replies · 2,030+ views
    Sign On San Diego ^ | April 13, 2006 | Greg Moran
    A small American flag, tucked into the back right-hand pocket of her pants. And for that, the Fallbrook High School sophomore was stopped by a security officer, taken to an assistant principal's office and written up in an incident report that was placed in her student file. Malia Fontana, a sophomore at Fallbrook High School, received an incident report in her student file for tucking a small American flag in the pocket of her pants. She says her right to freedom of speech was violated. Malia, who is an honors student, said she was shocked, then dismayed at what she...
  • Harris Calls on Nelson to Defend Sanctity of Marriage

    06/06/2006 3:05:36 PM PDT · by JulieRNR21 · 72 replies · 1,029+ views
    Harris Campaign Press Release ^ | June 6, 2006 | Katherine Harris
    Harris Campaign Calls on Nelson to Defend Sanctity of Marriage For Immediate Release June 6, 2006 Contact:  Chris Ingram   (813) 288-8400 (Tampa, Fla.) - The Katherine Harris for U.S. Senate campaign called on Senator Bill Nelson to support the Marriage Protection Amendment today. "I believe the majority of Americans strongly support the preservation of traditional marriage. We must never undermine the uniqueness of an institution that continues to serve as an essential thread in the fabric of our society. I support the passage of the Marriage Protection amendment being debated in the Senate," Congresswoman Harris said. Campaign spokesman Chris Ingram...
  • Most Oppose Gay Marriage; Fewer Back an Amendment

    06/05/2006 9:54:35 PM PDT · by Sunsong · 41 replies · 812+ views
    ABC News ^ | June 6, 2006 | GARY LANGER
    An ABC News poll finds that most Americans oppose gay marriage but markedly fewer — especially those outside George W. Bush's core supporters — would amend the U.S. Constitution to ban it. Opponents, however, are far more likely to call it a make-or-break issue in their vote for Congress — a finding that explains Bush's renewed push for a gay marriage ban. Among all Americans, 58 percent say gay marriage should be illegal, but fewer, 42 percent, say it rises to the level of amending the U.S. Constitution. Among conservative Republicans and evangelical white Protestants, though, opposition to gay marriage...
  • Romney Stands Firmly in Support of Marriage Potection Amendment

    06/06/2006 1:49:22 AM PDT · by Jeff Fuller · 38 replies · 791+ views
    Governor Mitt Romney has sent this letter to every member of the Senate encouraging them to Vote "Yes" on this landmark peice of legislation--the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA). A few excerpts are below: "Americans are tolerant, generous, and kind people. We all oppose bigotry and disparagement, and we all wish to avoid hurtful disregard of the feelings of others. But the debate over same-sex marriage is not a debate over tolerance. It is a debate about the purpose of the institution of marriage. Attaching the word marriage to the association of same-sex individuals mistakenly presumes that marriage is principally a...
  • Coulter Won't Buy Into Lauer's Liberal Logic

    06/06/2006 5:13:56 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 356 replies · 10,783+ views
    Today Show/NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    by Mark Finkelstein June 6, 2006 While considerable attention focuses on Ann Coulter's more superficial charms, from a conservative perspective Ann's real beauty is her absolute refusal to buy into liberal logic, no matter how pervasive. That independence of mind was on display this morning during her interview with Matt Lauer. Ann was on to tout her new book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism, released today on . . . 6/6/6 - sign of the devil and all that. The first example came in the the context of President Bush's current push for a constitutional amendment that would prohibit gay...
  • Leave the Constitution out of this (gay marriage ban)

    06/06/2006 7:32:07 AM PDT · by AZRepublican · 117 replies · 1,479+ views
    Rocklin & Roseville Today ^ | 6/6/06 | Dale McFeatters
    In a year it is wrestling with an out-of-control budget, a war going badly, and one impasse on immigration and another on its own ethics, the Senate is taking time out to debate altering the U.S. Constitution by adding the Marriage Protection Amendment. The amendment is widely predicted to fall short of the needed votes to amend the Constitution for only the 23rd time in its 217-year history _ 13th if you omit the original 10, the Bill of Rights _ and well it should. At its gravest level, the amendment would make a significant incursion into federalism and state's...
  • Activists Say Immigration Debate Shows Signs of Racism [Barfer]

    06/05/2006 9:23:52 PM PDT · by ncountylee · 21 replies · 617+ views
    AP/Fox ^ | June 05, 2006
    NEW YORK — As the fight over immigration reform drags on, an ominous undercurrent to the debate — racism — is becoming more pronounced. From muttered ethnic slurs to violent attacks, activists say an anti-immigrant backlash seems to be growing in America's neighborhoods and workplaces. A few political leaders have called proposed immigration measures before Congress "racist." "The climate has gotten demonstrably worse and it is racially charged," said Devin Burghart of the Center for New Community, which tracks anti-immigrant activity. "It's not simply a debate about immigration policy. ... It's about race and national identity and who and what...
  • Irvin's friend: 'It's my pipe'

    12/03/2005 5:35:01 AM PST · by Pokey78 · 23 replies · 1,224+ views
    Dallas Morning News ^ | 12/03/05 | BARRY HORN
    He says former Cowboy tried to help him overcome addiction PLANO – "It's my pipe," says the man sitting across the table. "All you have to do is check it for fingerprints. Mine have to be all over it." It's a favorite pipe, he adds, a sheepish smile crossing his face. "My little bowl pipe. We go back awhile." Sitting alongside the man late Thursday night in a back booth of a restaurant is his friend Michael Irvin. Mr. Irvin has arranged the exclusive interview with a Dallas Morning News reporter. There is only one ground rule for the meeting....
  • Why is the FairTax better than our current system?

    11/07/2005 10:55:20 AM PST · by Eaglewatcher · 63 replies · 1,157+ views
    Americans For Fair Taxation Website ^ | Current | Americans for Fair Taxation
    Why is the FairTax better than our current system? Our present tax system is one of the reasons that people are finding it so difficult to get ahead these days. It is one of the reasons the next generation may not have a standard of living as high as this generation. Cars replaced the horse and buggy, the telephone replaced the telegraph, and the FairTax replaces the income tax. The income tax is holding us back and making it more difficult than it needs to be to improve our families’ standard of living. It makes it needlessly difficult for our...
  • Bush: Weak terror response led to 9/11 (Bush hits back at Clinton)

    09/22/2005 12:50:55 PM PDT · by Uncle Joe Cannon · 405 replies · 16,125+ views
    UPI ^ | 9/22/05
    Bush: Weak terror response led to 9/11 Sep 22, 2005, 19:00 GMT WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- President Bush said withdrawing from Iraq would be a mistake that would embolden terrorists just as U.S. responses to other attacks led to 9/11 hijackings. Speaking Thursday at the Pentagon after an update on the war on terror, Bush said a pullback would be seen as weakness and make the United States less safe. 'The terrorists saw our response to the hostage crisis in Iran, the bombings in the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the first World Trade Center attack, the killing of...
  • List of Schiavo Donors Will Be Sold by Direct-Marketing Firm

    03/29/2005 4:25:48 AM PST · by MississippiMasterpiece · 92 replies · 6,574+ views
    The New York Times ^ | March 29, 2005 | DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK and JOHN SCHWARTZ
    WASHINGTON, March 28 - The parents of Terri Schiavo have authorized a conservative direct-mailing firm to sell a list of their financial supporters, making it likely that thousands of strangers moved by her plight will receive a steady stream of solicitations from anti-abortion and conservative groups. "These compassionate pro-lifers donated toward Bob Schindler's legal battle to keep Terri's estranged husband from removing the feeding tube from Terri," says a description of the list on the Web site of the firm, Response Unlimited, which is asking $150 a month for 6,000 names and $500 a month for 4,000 e-mail addresses of...
  • Hillary Goes To Bat For Kerry (But For One Reason)

    10/09/2004 8:46:36 AM PDT · by My Favorite Headache · 60 replies · 2,058+ views
    Fox,C-Span | 10-9-04 | my favorite headache
    I am just checking to see if anyone else heard last night and this morning the story coming out from certain sources and Dick Morris that Hillary Clinton has made a behind the scenes promise NOT to run for President in 2008 if a President Kerry appointed her to the Supreme Court. This is apparently getting legs as a story in and around D.C., and a behind the scenes agreement between Kerry and the Clinton's.
  • BUSH'S PAYROLL RECORDS FOUND!!! Pentagon Releases Bush's Guard Records

    07/23/2004 1:34:41 PM PDT · by areafiftyone · 347 replies · 21,136+ views
    DRUDGE ^ | 7/24/04
    <p>WASHINGTON - The Pentagon (news - web sites) on Friday released payroll records from President Bush (news - web sites)'s 1972 service in the Alabama National Guard, saying its earlier contention the records were destroyed was an "inadvertent oversight."</p> <p>The records cover July through September of 1972, when Bush was working as a campaign volunteer in Alabama. The future president had been transferred from the Texas Air National Guard to the Alabama unit so he could stay in Alabama.</p>
  • Key West targets homeless camps in wetlands - says action is pro-environmental, not anti-homeless

    02/19/2004 5:15:29 AM PST · by Elle Bee · 27 replies · 616+ views
    Key West Citizen and Bait Wrapper ^ | February 18, 2004 | TIMOTHY O'HARA
    Key West targets homeless camps in wetlands City says action is pro-environmental, not anti-homeless; SHAL to count homeless today BY TIMOTHY O'HARA Click for larger view. ROB O'NEAL/The CitizenA group of homeless citizens is drawn to the warmth of a compfire Tuesday at an encampment in Key West's salt ponds area. About 40 homeless camps have sprung up in the wetlands near the Bridle Path. KEY WEST — A group of transients were hunkered around a small fire in the mangroves Tuesday, trying to keep warm during the cold snap that blew through the Florida Keys. They were nestled...
  • Freedom of Speech Does Not Mean Guaranteed Popularity for Celebrities

    04/18/2003 7:55:19 AM PDT · by Stand Watch Listen · 41 replies · 1,114+ views ^ | April 18, 2003 | John Nowacki
    As actor and left-wing activist Tim Robbins complains about how unfairly he and Susan Sarandon are being treated these days, you can almost hear the world's smallest violin playing in the background. Until it was abruptly canceled, Robbins and Sarandon were scheduled to appear at a Baseball Hall of Fame salute to their movie Bull Durham. The Hall's president decided to can the whole event, saying the couple's opposition to the war in Iraq undermined the U.S. position and "ultimately could put our troops in even more danger." It's not the first time their anti-Operation Iraqi Freedom statements have...