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Science (Bloggers & Personal)

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  • Now Even The COMMON COLD Is Being Counted As A Positive COVID-19 Result, CDC Says

    07/02/2020 8:08:03 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 29 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 07/02/2020 | Eric A. Blair
    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is essentially setting policy across the country, endlessly putting out a stream of so-called facts (that they then revise or rescind).Their latest update on COVID-19, posted on Tuesday, is a real doozy. Here’s what the CDC said in a section headlined: What do your results mean? “A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such...
  • 4th Of July Buck Moon Is Third Lunar Eclipse Of 2020, Second In Weeks And First Visible In The US

    07/01/2020 1:32:41 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 7 replies
    Forbes ^ | June 30, 2020 | Jamie Carter
    ...Visible from the whole of North America, this penumbral lunar eclipse is going to be a subtle sight. What will happen is that a slither of the full Moonabout a third of it, in factwill appear to be a little dim for a few hours as it passes through Earths outer, fuzzy shadow in spaceour planets penumbra. It peaks at 4:29 UTC, which is 00:29 a.m. EDT on July 5 and 9:29 p.m. PDT on July 4. However, arguably more impressive will be the rise of the Buck Moon. Find out the exact times of moonrise and moonset for your...
  • Politicians Throughout the US Need to Look at the COVID-19 Data and Stop the Panic Porn and Insanity

    07/01/2020 9:08:38 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 07/01/2020 | Joe Hoft
    After months of panic porn and fraudulent projections and statistics about the China coronavirus and horrible unconstitutional mandates from corrupt politicians, it’s long past time to look at the data and manage according to the facts. This is what successful business people and leaders do in the real world. Since the world was first introduced to the China coronavirus the situation became political. However, some people could see right through it.We first reported on March 17, 2020, on the controversial Ethiopian politician and Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and his irresponsible and criminal fear...
  • SCIENCE AND SCIENCE: Minnesota Locked Down the State Based on a "Scientific" Model Created By Graduate Students Over a Weekend

    06/30/2020 7:17:42 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 15 replies
    Powerline Blog ^ | 06/30/2020 | John Hinderaker
    Science and “Science” Politicians love to say that they are “following the science.” To hear them talk, you would think they spend hours poring over data and they go where the numbers drive them. If only.The COVID epidemic has brought out politicians’ faux reliance on “science” in spades. As good an example as any is my state, Minnesota, where our governor, Tim Walz, has offered one tribute after another to “science” as he has driven our state off the road and into the ditch with an irrational shutdown that protected all but the vulnerable.When Walz issued his harsh shutdown order,...
  • Senior Executive at Texas ER Chain Reveals Real Reason For Spike in Coronavirus Cases

    06/30/2020 4:35:37 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 25 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 06/30/2020 | Cristina Laila
    The Democrat-media complex has been hammering Texas for its recent spike in Coronavirus cases, blaming Republican Governor Abbott for reopening too early.Radical Marxist Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo slammed Abbott during a presser on Friday and said, “The harsh truth is that our current infection rate is on pace to overwhelm our hospitals in the very near future. We opened too quickly.” But what’s really going on in Texas?A senior executive at a Texas ER chain contacted former NY Times reporter Alex Berenson and revealed the real reason for the spike in Coronavirus ‘cases.’ JB Neiman, a Managing Partner and...
  • Herd Immunity For COVID-19 May Be Closer Than It Seems, New Model From Nottingham and Stockholm Universities Shows

    06/30/2020 4:23:16 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 16 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 06/30/2020 | Eric A. Blair
    We might be closer to herd immunity on COVID-19 than we think, a new model has found.In herd immunity, enough people become infected with (and cured from) a virus, building antibodies that mean, at least for a while, they cannot catch the virus again. When enough people are included in that herd, the virus has few places to go and often dies off, or at least is greatly reduced. Now, a new study from Nottingham and Stockholm Universities suggests that such immunity might be closer than many in the mainstream media say.“According to their new mathematical model, far less people...
  • WashPost Reporter Says Climate Change Is a Racial Justice Problem

    06/30/2020 10:44:06 AM PDT · by JV3MRC · 13 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 6/30/2020 | Joseph Vazquez
    Welcome to the leftist concept of intersectionality where every agenda item is tied to every other agenda item.
  • KA-CHING: Coronavirus Drug Remdesivir To Cost More Than $3,000 For Treatments!

    06/29/2020 10:20:54 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 30 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 06/29/2020 | Eric A. Blair
    Pharmaceutical giant Gilead has announced pricing for its coronavirus drug remdesivir, and it’s just short of an arm and a leg.Gilead said the drug will cost $520 per vial, or $3,120 for a six-vial treatment, for private insurance companies. And that’s for the short treatment. The long treatment will cost $5,720. The price will be different for government health care programs in developed countries, such as Medicare. The cost: $390 per vial, or $2,340 per patient on a short, six-vial treatment.“In normal circumstances, we would price a medicine according to the value it provides. The first results from the NIAID...
  • Science

    06/29/2020 7:57:06 AM PDT · by gaggs · 2 replies
  • WE WERE RIGHT CDC Now Estimates 22 Million Americans Infected with the China Coronavirus Making US Mortality Rate 0.6% Confirming Our Estimates from March

    06/26/2020 9:08:13 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 49 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 06/26/2020 | Joe Hoft
    We first reported on March 17, 2020, on the controversial Ethiopian politician and Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and his irresponsible and criminal fear mongering. Tedros claimed in a press conference in early March that the fatality rate for the coronavirus was 3.4% — many multiples that of the fatality rate of the common flu which is estimated to be around 0.1%. This egregiously false premise led to the greatest global panic in world history. The Director General of the WHO spoke on March 3, 2020 and shared this related to the coronavirus:...
  • Why Do American Universities Lead the World in Scientific Research?

    06/24/2020 8:45:21 AM PDT · by karpov · 27 replies
    James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal ^ | June 24, 2020 | John Staddon
    Miguel Urquiola is professor and chair of the department of economics at Columbia University. His special field is education and his book Markets, Minds, and Money: Why America Leads the World in University Research is about American higher educationits history, its relationship to higher education in Europe, and the trajectory it has followed from the first green shoots of the Ivy League. Urquiola describes how the history of American universities put them on a path different from European universities, a path where economic forces could act in ways that allowed American institutions to diverge and, in the late 20th century,...

    06/22/2020 8:57:09 AM PDT · by Mrs. Don-o · 43 replies
    Various Twitter Dens | June 22, 2020 | Mrs Don-o
    A BLM activist gal on Twitter sent a message to her Black and White followers that there are Black Voices they should definitely not be listening too. The dreaded Black Conservatives! So I tweeted the following list, pointedly telling everybody that these are the ones they extra-and-specially ought not to listen to, since they are unbought, unbossed, and insubordinate I would love it if you FReepers would share with us all your favorite Black Voices, yes, tell us who and why. I will keep tweeting them whenever I get a chance. List below
  • INVESTIGATION DOCS: Chinese Scientist Smuggled Deadly Viruses From Canadian Lab To Wuhan Institute Of Virology

    06/20/2020 8:54:27 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    Great Game India ^ | 06/15/2020
    Newly unclassified documents confirm that Chinese scientists smuggled deadly viruses from Canadian lab to Wuhan Institute of Virology. When GreatGameIndia first published the report in January, regarding this biological espionage at Canadian lab, it was viciously attacked by a section of mainstream media. The shipment was sent just months before the Coronavirus outbreak by Chinese biowarfare agent Dr. Xiangguo Qiu. Canadian authorities are still in denial about Qiu’s role in the shipment although released documents mention her by name. The authorities are also downplaying the investigation dubbing it an “administrative issue”, while heavily redacting crucial information citing national security laws....
  • The Summer of Our Gaslighting Discontent

    06/20/2020 4:36:27 PM PDT · by Rummyfan · 24 replies
    Uncover DC ^ | 19 June 2020 | Brian Cates
    Ive got some bad news for you, folks. To get to that massive Trump landslide in November, were going to have to go through an ordeal because there will be a relentless and almost overwhelming amount of gaslighting until the election gets here. A massive amount of time, effort and money will be invested by the Progressive Left to hide the real cultural shift going on in this country, as they use the legacy media to try to manufacture a fake cultural shift in the other direction. Confederate statues were the start, now in less than two weeks the mob...
  • Dr. Fauci: Americans Dont Believe Science And They Dont Believe Authority

    06/19/2020 8:19:09 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 80 replies
    Summit News ^ | 06/19/2020 | Steve Watson
    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the polarising director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, slammed everyday Americans for refusing to go along with authority on medical matters, and accused people of amazing denial when it comes to truth. Speaking on a podcast called Learning Curve, produced by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Fauci charged that unfortunately, there is a combination of an anti-science bias that people are for reasons that sometimes are, you know, inconceivable and not understandable they just dont believe science and they dont believe authority. So when they see someone up...
  • FDA Terminates Hydroxychloroquine Emergency Authorization for COVID-19 despite therapeutic successes around the world, and significant usage by many doctors

    06/19/2020 7:52:31 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 21 replies
    Covexit ^ | 06/18/2020
    Despite therapeutic successes with hydroxychloroquine around the world, and significant usage by many doctors in the US, who regularly report success in using the drug, and despite the support for the drug by the US president, the Food and Drugs Administration today revoked its emergency authorization for COVID-19. The decision relies on “recent results from a large randomized clinical trial in hospitalized patients.” UPDATE: It appears the announcement will not prevent prescriptions of HCQ outside hospital settings. Check this video: FDA action today makes hcq MORE available to doctors and patients in outpatient setting. TREAT EARLY AND LIVE. ⁦Posted...
  • Coronavirus Mortality Study Continues to Confirm Overall Mortality Not Much Different Than a Bad Seasonal Flu

    06/18/2020 9:16:49 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 21 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 06/18/2020 | Joe Hoft
    On March 17, 2020, we were the first to identify that the WHO and the WHO’s Director General Tedros were pushing fraudulent numbers regarding the expected mortality of the coronavirus. The WHO over-stated the mortality rate of the virus by at least 20 times the actual number. We then followed up with multiple posts on the subject. Next we reported on June 7, 2020, a study showed that when looking at the mortality rates for all causes this flu season, things aren’t much worse than a bad flu. More current data today supports this observation. Dr. Richard Cross, PhD, provided...
  • Anthony Fauci: Americans Dont Believe Science and They Dont Believe Authority

    06/18/2020 4:49:17 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 112 replies
    Breitbart ^ | June 18, 2020 | Joshua Caplan
    Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, served up harsh criticism of Americans on Thursday, asserting that the country suffers from what he described as an anti-science bias problem. One of the problems we face in the United States is that unfortunately, there is a combination of an anti-science bias that people are for reasons that sometimes are, you know, inconceivable and not understandable they just dont believe science and they dont believe authority, Fauci told the Learning Curve podcast, which is produced by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)....
  • What Spike? Hospitalization Data Show No Indication of a Second Wave For Covid-19

    06/17/2020 8:02:15 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 21 replies
    AIER ^ | 06/17/2020 | Stephen C. Miller
    Are we on the verge of a second wave of coronavirus infections? Is there a spike in infections in states that reopened first?The only way to answer that question is to watch as the data roll in. Arguably the best data to look at to see if a second wave is beginning are the hospitalization numbers. The media frequently reports the biggest and most dramatic numbers, often devoid of context. The number of cases has been reported regularly since the early days of the pandemic, and yet we know that the number of cases can be misleading.As more people are...
  • Oxford University to decolonize math and science degrees, give more lenient grading to those affected by Black Lives Matter furore

    06/16/2020 6:17:49 PM PDT · by kevcol · 61 replies
    Twitchy ^ | June 16, 2020 | Brett T.
    The comments to the tweet seemed to show that scientists preferred their science to be based on science, but now Oxford University has announced its intention to decolonize its science and math degrees, as well as offer lenient grading to anyone affected by the Black Lives Matter movement. "Oxford University has revealed plans to decolonise its maths and science degrees and will allow students of any subject who have been affected by the Black Lives Matter furore to seek lenient marking."