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  • Cuba accused of slavelike labor deal

    10/28/2006 4:31:44 PM PDT · by cll · 16 replies · 643+ views
    The Miami Herald ^ | 10/28/2006 | Frances Robles
    The Cuban government conspired with a Curacao ship repair company to provide practically slave labor fixing up vessels, including Miami-based cruise ships, and kept workers under harsh conditions, a lawsuit filed in U.S. District court in Miami alleges. The civil suit filed before Judge James Lawrence King alleges that up to 100 Cuban shipyard workers are forced to work against their will at Curacao Drydock Co., a ship repair company with an agent in Delray Beach, Klattenberg Marine Associates. The suit, filed by three workers who escaped and now live in Florida, alleges they were ordered to work 16-hour shifts...
  • Slavery is a business reality, and it’s up to companies to stop it

    10/31/2014 11:33:02 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 49 replies
    Toronto Globe And Mail ^ | Oct. 29 2014, 1:59 PM EDT | (Reuters)
    There are more slaves now than at any point in history, and companies need to look closely at their supply chains to ensure their products or services aren’t coming from operations that force people to work with no pay, a U.S. writer and private-equity executive said during a recent financial and risk summit in Toronto hosted by media and information firm Thomson Reuters. […] People often think of slavery as a thing of the past, but today there are an estimated 27 million slaves worldwide—most of them toiling for nothing more than a meager daily meal, (Benjamin) Skinner said. He...
  • Russian Inmates to Build Bridge to Crimea

    07/23/2014 5:40:04 PM PDT · by lodi90 · 6 replies
    The Moscow Times ^ | 7/23/2014 | Moscow Times
    Russia's Federal Penal Service said that the country's inmates would soon be contributing to public works including the construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge to Crimea and a cleanup operation in the Sochi region, the Kommersant newspaper reported Wednesday.
  • Conservative groups press for immigration reform

    10/29/2013 1:31:22 PM PDT · by jimbo123 · 27 replies
    Politico ^ | 10/29/13 | SEUNG MIN KIM
    More than 600 conservative-friendly officials and activists are descending on Capitol Hill Tuesday for a lobbying blitz targeting a wide range of House lawmakers, primarily Republicans, on immigration reform. The effort spans lawmakers from about 120 congressional districts in about 40 states, said Josh Breisblatt, the advocacy and policy associate for the National Immigration Forum. It’s meant to make the conservative case for immigration reform to lawmakers by bringing business experts, religious leaders and law enforcement officials to the Hill. -snip- “Failure to come up now with a solution to immigration reform is a sign of weakness, not of strength,”...
  • EU Parliament Report: Europe Has 880,000 Slave Laborers

    10/14/2013 8:23:26 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 1 replies
    Der Spiegel ^ | October 14, 2013 – 04:51 PM
    A European Parliament report seen by Spiegel estimates that 3,600 international organized crime organizations operate within the EU. The damage done to European economies by organized crime totals hundreds of billions of euros according to a European Parliament special committee investigating crime, money laundering and corruption. The CRIM committee estimates that around 880,000 slave laborers live in the EU, of whom 270,000 are victims of sexual exploitation. Human trafficking alone generates profits of around €25 billion, while the illegal trade in human organs and wild animals makes for a further estimated profit of between €18 and €26 billion annually. …
  • A Call for Fair and Realistic Immigration Reform

    09/05/2013 8:12:16 AM PDT · by haffast · 36 replies
    Pennsylvania Catholic Conference ^ | 9-3-2013 | Pennsylvania’s Catholic Bishops
    A Call for Fair and Realistic Immigration Reform A Statement from Pennsylvania’s Catholic Bishops Most Pennsylvanians have immigrant roots. Each family has a unique story, but so many stories include hard working, faith-filled ancestors who came to America to pursue a dream and worked hard to fulfill it. Immigrants have significantly contributed to the growth of our country. The Catholic Church has always provided spiritual and social services to immigrants out of a strong belief that immigrants deserve the same basic rights and freedoms owed to every child of God. Our Church is an immigrant Church, built by our ancestors...
  • Admit it. You love nice, cheap clothes. And you don't care about child slave labour

    07/28/2013 7:34:27 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 76 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 07/28/2013 | Gethin Chamberlain
    Until three years ago I did not believe in magic. But that was before I began investigating how western brands perform a conjuring routine that makes the great Indian rope trick pale in comparison. Now I'm beginning to believe someone has cast a spell over the world's consumers. This is how it works. Well Known Company makes shiny, pretty things in India or China. The Observer reports that the people making the shiny, pretty things are being paid buttons and, what's more, have been using children's nimble little fingers to put them together. There is much outrage, WKC professes its...
  • Sweden: where only 3% of the population uses cash

    04/08/2013 1:44:05 PM PDT · by WesternCulture · 83 replies ^ | 04/08/2013 | WesternCulture
    Sweden really is annoying. We've made both Germany and Russia look like fools on battle fields. We haven't experienced war for two centuries by now, but we're prepared for the next one. We once were poor, but today, we enjoy a standard of living that clearly is better than that of the average American or any other country on Earth for that sake. Few Americans could afford a car like the Volvo V70 (best selling car in Sweden) and only a small percentage of the American population own second homes (very common in Sweden). Furthermore, my Sweden is more technologically...
  • Halloween decorations carry haunting message of forced labor

    12/24/2012 2:03:16 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 24 replies
    The Oregonian ^ | December 23, 2012 at 9:00 AM, updated December 23, 2012 at 10:56 PM | Rachel Stark,
    Keith, a 42-year-old vehicle donation manager at a southeast Portland Goodwill, at one point considered donating the unopened $29.99 Kmart graveyard kit. It was one of those accumulated items you never need and easily forget. But on a Sunday afternoon in October, Keith pulled the orange and black box from storage. She intended to decorate her home in Damascus for her daughter's fifth birthday, just days before Halloween. [?] That's when Keith found it. Scribbled onto paper and onto paper and folded into eighths, the letter was tucked between two Styrofoam headstones.
  • For Gingrich, Amnesty No Impediment to Nomination

    01/27/2012 5:26:34 PM PST · by rmlew · 63 replies ^ | 1/27/2012 | Linda Chavez
    One thing was missed in Newt Gingrich's victory in the South Carolina primary: Conservatives embraced a pro-amnesty candidate without batting an eyelash. This should come as a wake-up call to those who've been pushing a hard-line anti-illegal immigrant position in the Republican Party. Granted, Gingrich didn't spend a lot of time discussing his position, which favors amnesty for those illegal immigrants who have been here for a long time, have deep family and community ties, and have paid taxes and avoided breaking other laws. But that's the point. He didn't have to spend a lot of time defending his position...
  • Video: Santa’s Workshop – Inside China’s Slave Labour Toy Factories

    Sometimes we have no choice, we work till dawn. When you work all night you become dizzy and your eyes hurt because you can’t take any breaks. SANTA’S WORKSHOP takes you to the real world of China’s toy factories. Video: Santa’s Workshop – Inside China’s Slave Labour Toy Factories
  • Rick Santorum Hits Newt Gingrich on Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

    11/29/2011 10:31:21 PM PST · by Fred · 18 replies
    ABC ^ | 112911 | Shushannah Walsh
    Just days after Newt Gingrich won the endorsement of the New Hampshire Union Leader, one of his rivals sat down with another Granite State newspaper. Rick Santorum met with the editorial board of the Nashua Telegraph Monday for an hour and was asked about Gingrich’s comments on immigration at last week’s CNN and American Enterprise Institute debate. At the debate, Gingrich voiced a moderate approach to illegal immigration saying he would not remove all illegal immigrants that are currently in the country. “I do not believe that the people of the United States are going to take people who have...
  • Solving the illegal alien problem.

    11/26/2011 7:33:39 PM PST · by nomad · 111 replies · 1+ views
    There has been a great deal of discussion over the issue of illegals and amnesty. Some have accused the majority of calling for "cattle cars" to "brutalize" the poor illegals. I never thought I`d hear such demogoguery here on Freerepublic, and simply to support a favored candidate. Be that as it may, I`d like to issue this challenge to all who claim to support Conservatism: With the e-verify system, an admitedly imperfect but very improvable system, we can begin to verify who is and who isn`t legal to work in America; Therfore, since it is a federal law (immigration) thats...
  • Rep. King denounces Gingrich immigration plan as 'amnesty

    11/24/2011 9:59:07 AM PST · by Fred · 136 replies
    The Hill ^ | 112311 | Justin Sink
    Influential congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) said Wednesday that presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's immigration plan was a "form of amnesty" and that he disagreed with it, adding to the chorus of critics from the right. In Tuesday's GOP foreign policy debate, Gingrich said he would support an immigration policy that would allow illegal immigrants who had lived in the United States for a long time, obeyed the law, and paid their taxes to become permanent residents. “I do not believe that the people of the United States are going to take people who’ve been here for a quarter of a century...
  • RINO Mel Martinez Says Illegal Alien Reporter Should Be Allowed to Stay in USA

    07/03/2011 1:10:01 PM PDT · by Borough Park · 24 replies
    Former senator says Vargas should stay in U.S. Former U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) said Sunday that Jose Antonio Vargas, the former Washington Post reporter who came out last month as an illegal immigrant, should be allowed to "become an American." "It's a difficult problem, and what we need to do is find a way in which Jose can continue to contribute to this country," Martinez said on ABC's "This Week." "He wants to be an American," Martinez continued. "This is a great thing. This is the Fourth of July. We need to talk about the fact that this is a...
  • N. Korea offers to send 2,000 female workers to China: sources

    01/19/2011 12:01:21 AM PST · by rdl6989 · 9 replies
    Yonhap ^ | January 19, 2011
    SHENYANG, China, Jan. 19 (Yonhap) -- North Korea has offered to send 2,000 female workers to work at laminated timber factories in northeastern China as part of increasing economic cooperation between the countries, sources here said Wednesday. The offer was made when North Korea's consul-general in Shenyang, Ri Ki-bom, held talks with the mayor of China's Mudanjiang City on Jan. 7, the sources said, asking not to be identified.
  • In Defense of "Sweatshops"

    07/17/2010 2:01:17 AM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 36 replies · 2+ views
    Youtube ^ | AntonBatey
    Liberals and socialists like to cry about "sweatshops" and claim they show the "failure" of capitalism. That is false. This video explains it.
  • Foxconn Suicides: iPhone and iPad Factory Under Scrutiny

    05/26/2010 4:38:08 PM PDT · by markomalley · 18 replies · 703+ views
    Time ^ | 5/26/2010 | AUSTIN RAMZY
    The massive Foxconn factory in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen is known for assembling famous electronic goods like Apple's iPhone and iPad. But in recent months it has gained a darker image, as a place where distraught workers regularly throw themselves to their deaths. The latest fatality came on Tuesday morning, when a 19-year-old employee died in a fall in the company's Shenzhen compound, according to the state-run Xinhua news service. He was the ninth worker this year to have died in a fall from factory buildings on Foxconn's properties in Shenzhen; two have survived suicide attempts, according to...
  • StarKist laying off 600-800 in American Samoa

    05/14/2010 9:31:10 AM PDT · by Willie Green · 43 replies · 1,210+ views
    KDKA ^ | May 13, 2010 | AP
    PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (AP) ― American Samoa's last remaining tuna cannery announced it is cutting its work force in the U.S. territory by an additional 600 to 800 people to keep up with global competition. Pittsburgh-based StarKist Co. said Thursday in a news release that the layoffs over the next six months will shrink its American Samoa work force to less than 1,200 employees, down from a high of more than 3,000 in 2008. StarKist President and CEO Don Binotto said in the release that it is difficult to compete when workers' wages are nearly 10 times those of...
  • George Will: Building a Wall Against Talent - Send us your Ph.D.s yearning to be free

    06/26/2008 10:40:12 AM PDT · by The_Republican · 34 replies · 76+ views
    RCP ^ | June 26th, 2008 | George Will
    PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fifty years ago, Jack Kilby, who grew up in Great Bend, Kan., took the electrical engineering knowledge he acquired as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois and a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin to Dallas, to Texas Instruments, where he helped invent the modern world as we routinely experience and manipulate it. Working with improvised equipment, he created the first electronic circuit in which all the components fit on a single piece of semiconductor material half the size of a paper clip. On Sept. 12, 1958, he demonstrated this microchip, which was enormous,...
  • China tells Olympic boss to stay out of politics

    04/10/2008 10:38:53 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 23 replies · 100+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 4/10/08 | Charles Whelan
    BEIJING (AFP) - China bluntly told the world Olympics chief Thursday to keep out of politics, in a tart exchange on human rights following days of protests that have shadowed the Olympic torch around the world. International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said the Games were in "crisis" following the demonstrations, and urged China to respect its pledge to improve its rights record before the event begins in August. China fired back that Rogge should keep politics out of the Olympics, which Beijing hoped would showcase its much-touted "peaceful rise" to power -- but which have instead become a public...
  • BMW's Quandt Family to Investigate Wealth Amassed in Third Reich

    10/13/2007 2:35:45 AM PDT · by Argentine-Firecracker · 31 replies · 450+ views
    Spiegel Online ^ | October 12, 2007 | Julia Bonstein, Dietmar Hawranek and Klaus Wiegrefe
    By Germany's wealthy and reclusive Quandt family, a major BMW shareholder, has gone on the defensive. For decades the family repressed its Nazi past, but a new documentary film provides new photos of old revelations that have prompted the Quandts to confront their own history of using slave laborers in factories during World War II.It is difficult to ignore the stories of former forced laborers during the Nazi era. Their memories are painful to listen to, even when they are presented calmly and without any finger-pointing. One former forced laborer telling his story today is Carl-Adolf Soerensen, a former Danish...
  • Reaping The Fruits Of A China-Dependent Economy

    08/18/2007 6:26:49 AM PDT · by GFritsch · 40 replies · 959+ views
    TFP Forum ^ | 8/17/2007 | John Horvat II
    Reaping The Fruits Of A China-Dependent Economy For decades, American businessmen have been outsourcing production and setting up factories in Communist China. They cite a large and industrious work force with minimal labor costs as the reason that supposed allows them to manufacture a product at the lowest possible costs. American manufacturers employing American workers are hard-pressed to compete. Behind the façade of Asia’s industrial powerhouse, however, is the tragic reality of a society without morals. Chinese labor conditions are notoriously horrible with little or no provisions for worker safety. Wages are low, free trade unions not allowed and...
  • British authorities rescue 'slave labourers' (who'll pave Swedish driveways now?)

    07/01/2007 4:29:45 AM PDT · by WesternCulture · 21 replies · 688+ views ^ | 07/01/2007 | TT/The local?
    British authorities have revealed their involvement in the rescue this year of 15 teenage boys working in Stockholm as "slave labourers". A Foreign Office spokesman told the Sunday Telegraph that the boys were threatened with beatings if they made any attempt to leave the prison-like conditions in which they were kept. They are desperately underpaid and often resort to stealing from supermarkets to make ends meet. "Lots of the boys come from a weak social situation. Some were born and raised in children's homes, with no education, no parents. Some were picked up in pubs or on the street," Robert...
  • The Selfishness Of The "Chamber Of Commerce" Crowd... (NO To Corporate Fascism Alert)

    06/28/2007 9:25:56 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 20 replies · 616+ views ^ | 06/29/2007 | John Hawkins
    Those of us in the conservative movement have always been friendly to the business community. We believe in low taxes, a light touch on regulation, and we're stalwart champions of the free market. When liberals start talking about limiting CEO pay, harassing Wal-Mart, beating up on oil companies, or generally trying to place new burdens on the businesses, it's always movement conservatives who rise to their defense, even though it's sometimes not in our best political interests. Yes, we probably do fight a little harder because we view businessmen as political allies, but we genuinely, in our hearts and souls,...
  • Fast-Growing China Says Little of Child Slavery’s Role

    06/24/2007 6:47:34 PM PDT · by Dr. Marten · 8 replies · 523+ views
    NYT ^ | 06/20/07 | Howard French
    There is a certain ritualistic aspect to stories in China like the one this past week about the hundreds of people, many of them teenagers or even younger, who were forced to work under slavelike conditions in the brick kilns of Shanxi Province. First, Chinese readers are horrified by a picture of their country that many say they hardly recognize, then a villain is rounded up, and finally, after a torrent of unusually blunt and emotionally charged news reports and editorials, the matter drops from view, ensuring that the larger issue goes unresolved.
  • China Train Station Hub for Forced Labor

    06/19/2007 6:24:25 PM PDT · by JACKRUSSELL · 8 replies · 334+ views
    The Kansas City Star ^ | June 19, 2007 | By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN
    Few police are seen at bustling Zhengzhou train station in central China, where people traffickers are believed to have abducted young boys and others for use as slave laborers at brick kilns. There is no shortage of tough-looking men approaching passengers with offers of work and accommodation, offers that frequently turn out to be a ruse to entrap people into forced labor. Uneducated and grindingly poor, China's 200 million migrant workers are among the most vulnerable to exploitation by phony job offers, and they are easily picked out by the animal feed or fertilizer bags they carry as improvised luggage....

    06/17/2007 10:46:25 AM PDT · by pissant · 13 replies · 594+ views ^ | Dec 15, 2000 | Duncan Hunter
    Washington, D.C. – Before adjourning for the year, the U.S. House of Representatives today unanimously passed legislation authored by Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-52) and Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) that provides assistance to former American POWs who were forced to endure slave labor in Japan during World War II. S. Con. Res. 158 expresses the sense of Congress that U.S. government agencies should work on behalf of these veterans in their efforts to receive compensation from Japanese businesses which profited by forcing POWs to perform slave labor under inhuman conditions. Several of these businesses have become prominent multi-billion dollar companies, including...
  • Bill Gates: Remove limits on H1-B visas

    03/08/2007 9:47:42 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 124 replies · 2,582+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 3/8/07 | Nancy Zuckerbrod - ap
    WASHINGTON - Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told Congress on Wednesday that overhauls of the nation's schools and immigration laws are urgently needed to keep jobs from going overseas. "The U.S. cannot maintain its economic leadership unless our work force consists of people who have the knowledge and skills needed to drive innovation," Gates told the Senate committee that oversees labor and education issues. Gates, whose charitable foundation has given away more than $3 billion since 1999 for educational programs and scholarships, noted that about 30 percent of U.S. ninth-graders fail to graduate on time. "As a nation, we should start...
  • Inmates Will Replace Migrants in Colorado Fields

    03/04/2007 1:24:23 PM PST · by backtothestreets · 49 replies · 1,279+ views
    New York Times ^ | March 4, 2007 | DAN FROSCH
    DENVER, March 3 — As migrant laborers flee Colorado because of tough new immigration restrictions, worried farmers are looking to prisoners to fill their places in the fields. In a pilot program run by the state Corrections Department, supervised teams of low-risk inmates beginning this month will be available to harvest the swaths of sweet corn, peppers and melons that sweep the southeastern portion of the state.
  • Growers say fruit's ready, but workers are scarce

    08/30/2006 11:14:35 AM PDT · by SJackson · 226 replies · 2,753+ views
    Seattle Times ^ | 8-30-06 | Joe Mullin
    WAPATO, Yakima County — Heinz Humann was late this year. Later than he's ever been. His workers finished thinning out apple and pear trees to prepare for the harvest in mid-August. But they should have been finished a month earlier. The past few months, it's been tough for Humann to find enough workers for what he can afford to pay. He's had plenty of work, he says. But it seems there's no one willing to do it. Add to that the other issues that hurt his bottom line, such as taxes and environmental regulations, and "I can see the writing...
  • iPod 'slave' claims investigated - (newspaper report then -- now has reporters disciplined )

    08/30/2006 9:02:21 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 19 replies · 695+ views
    BBC ^ | Wednesday, 14 June 2006, 12:22 GMT 13:22 UK | BBC staff
    Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 June 2006, 12:22 GMT 13:22 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version iPod 'slave' claims investigated Designed in California. Made in China. Apple is investigating a newspaper report that staff in some of its Chinese iPod factories work long hours for low pay and in "slave" conditions. The article in the Mail on Sunday alleged that workers received as little as £27 a month, doing 15-hour shifts making the iconic mp3 player. Employees at the factory lived in dormitories housing 100 people and outsiders were banned, the paper said. Apple said it did not...
  • Red Chinese Slave Labor Floods NAFTA Marketplace With Cheap Goods

    08/21/2006 10:15:55 AM PDT · by hedgetrimmer · 113 replies · 1,755+ views
    HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE ^ | Aug 21, 2006 | Jerome R. Corsi
    The NAFTA marketplace unrestrained in the pursuit of cheap labor has driven an increasing volume of manufacturing off-shore to Communist China, where slave prison camps offer a cost of labor that is hard to beat. Chinese made goods ranging from electronics to toys and clothes are daily sold in mass marketing retailers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, K-Mart, Target, Lowes, and dozens of other U.S. corporations. Cheap goods from Communist China increasingly line the shelves of the NAFTA marketplace under marquee product trade names that bear no relationship to the Chinese slave labor that manufactured, produced, or otherwise assembled the...
  • Push to pay WWII POWs renewed(World War II veterans captured by the Japanese)

    08/17/2006 8:32:28 PM PDT · by Marius3188 · 15 replies · 546+ views
    The Hill ^ | 18 Aug 2006 | Roxana Tiron
    Just before leaving for the August recess, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) introduced separate bills to compensate World War II veterans captured by the Japanese and used as slave laborers in several factories. The legislation, introduced with little fanfare, will likely stoke a decades-old and at times painful debate over how those veterans should be repaid for their sacrifice. In the past, attempts to compensate these veterans have failed in Congress. While Hatch is calling on the Pentagon to provide financial compensation to the prisoners of war (POWs), Hunter, the chairman of the House Armed Services...
  • Woman gets two months in jail in slavery case

    08/01/2006 3:49:32 PM PDT · by Graybeard58 · 34 replies · 913+ views
    Denver Rocky Mountain News ^ | August 1, 2006 | Associated Press
    CENTENNIAL — A Saudi woman was sentenced to two months in state jail Tuesday for theft after essentially stealing the services of an Indonesian woman whom prosecutors said was held as a virtual slave for four years. Sarah Khonaizan, 35, also was ordered to pay $90,000 in restitution and ordered not to have any contact with the 24-year-old woman. The judge credited her for 15 days of jail time already served. Last week, a federal judge sentenced her to five years of probation and ordered to pay $26,275 in restitution after pleading guilty to harboring an illegal immigrant. Her attorney,...
  • Cuba's "revolutionary" tourists pick fruit, haul rock

    07/06/2006 10:48:21 AM PDT · by DigitalVideoDude · 80 replies · 1,940+ views
    Reuters ^ | Thu Jul 6, 2006 10:08am ET | Esteban Israel
    CAIMITO, Cuba (Reuters) - They do not come to Cuba for the beaches and tropical mystique that draw more than 2 million other visitors each year. Instead they come to spend their vacations working in the countryside under a blazing sun, eating rice and beans and sharing a room without air-conditioning or toilet with seven others. They are so-called revolutionary tourists who arrive each year from about 50 countries for a "total immersion" in one of the world's few remaining socialist countries. "I call it a revolutionary vacation. I dedicate my free time to doing something concrete for the Cuban...
  • iPod gulags (Chinese slave labor)

    06/24/2006 1:43:00 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 120 replies · 2,730+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 6/23/06 | Joseph Farah
    Does your kid have an iPod? Does he or she want one? Don't even answer that question. Every kid in America either has one or wants one. The demand for these little devices is amazing – and so is the price, between $200-$300. "What's wrong with that?" you ask. "Commerce is good for America. It creates jobs and stimulates the economy." Jobs? Stimulated economy? Do you know where your iPod was made? Do you know by whom? The London Sunday Mail wanted to find out. It sent reporters to "iPod City," where most of the Apple music players are...
  • Toyota Rolls Out First Made-In-China Camry-(Despite wages of about $2 an hour)

    05/23/2006 4:36:53 AM PDT · by Flavius · 33 replies · 819+ views
    ap ^ | 5/23/06 | Elaine Kurtenbach
    ANSHA, China (AP) -- Toyota Motor Corp. on Tuesday rolled out its first made-in-China Camry from a new factory that the Japanese automaker hopes will help it to catch up with rivals in the world's fastest-growing car market. click here Hundreds of Japanese and Chinese dignitaries were on hand for an elaborate ceremony as the Camry, the best-selling car in the United States and a top import in China, rolled off a line at Toyota's 3.8 billion yuan ($475 million) plant in Nansha, north of Hong Kong. The company says the spic-and-span facility brings its most advanced technology to China...
  • George W. Bush on Immigration (A Man that Delivers on what he Says)

    05/19/2006 2:53:23 PM PDT · by catholicfreeper · 119 replies · 1,476+ views
    issues2000 ^ | 2006(updated) | issues 2000
    George W. Bush on Immigration President of the United States, Former Republican Governor (TX) Our economy could not function without the immigrants We hear claims that immigrants are somehow bad for the economy, even though this economy could not function without them. All these are forms of economic retreat, and they lead in the same direction, toward a stagnant and second-rate economy. Source: 2006 State of the Union Address Jan 31, 2006 Support a humane guest-worker program that rejects amnesty Keeping America competitive requires an immigration system that upholds our laws, reflects our values and serves the interests of our...

    03/24/2006 8:06:11 AM PST · by Willie Green · 11 replies · 544+ views
    NEW YORK POST ^ | March 24, 2006 | V.A. MUSETTO
    MARDI GRAS: MADE IN CHINARunning time: 74 minutes. Not rated (nudity). At the Cinema Village, 12th Street, east of Fifth Avenue. ONE of the more kinky aspects of New Orleans' Mardi Gras involves young women exposing their breasts (think "Girls Gone Wild") in exchange for colored necklaces. It seems like innocent fun until you learn the tacky trinkets are manufactured in sweatshops in China. David Redmon's revealing documentary "Mardi Gras: Made in China" - shot pre-Katrina - takes us inside one of those factories, where teenage girls work 12-hour shifts, six days a week (sometimes even seven), for all of...
  • Bush Calls For 'Rational, Humane' Guest Worker Program

    02/01/2006 12:04:11 PM PST · by Icelander · 239 replies · 2,861+ views
    AP ^ | Feb 1, 2006 | AP
    Advocates on both sides of the immigration debate said President Bush missed an opportunity in his State of the Union address Tuesday night to direct Congress on immigration reform, weeks before Senate lawmakers begin to tackle the divisive issue. Breezing by the issue in just a few sentences, Bush endorsed a program that would allow foreigners to work temporarily in this country, saying the nation needs orderly and secure borders but that the economy couldn't function without immigrants. His brief mention drew a disappointed rebuke from Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., who has led an effort to tighten the nation's borders...
  • 25 undocumented migrants 'held hostage' in California: US agents

    12/29/2005 3:12:46 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 20 replies · 656+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 12/29/05 | AFP
    LOS ANGELES (AFP) - US immigration authorities said they discovered 25 undocumented migrants from Latin America being "held hostage" by human smugglers in a Los Angeles neighborhood. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents went to a home in Riverside, some 90 kilometers (56 miles) east of downtown Los Angeles, where they found 25 migrants crowded into two of the upstairs bedrooms. The migrants, who came from Ecuador, Guatemala, and El Salvador, said they had been held for more than a month and fed only once a day, said ICE spokesman Virginia Kice. "They make people enter the US illegally,"...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 11-23-05 ("Why do some people (DU'ers too) think that Communism is the worst?")

    11/23/2005 8:40:49 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 106 replies · 2,185+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | November 23, 2005 | DUmmies and PJ-Comix
    Have you ever noticed how self-righteously outraged liberals become if you DARE to accuse them of being sympathetic to communism? They will accuse you of trying to smear them as well as go into a "How dare you question my patriotism?" mode. However, if you actually READ what the DUmmies and their leftist cohorts actually say to each other on the subject of communism, you will see not only sympathy but flat out LOVE for communism as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Why do some people (DU'ers too) think that Communism is the worst?" As usual,...
  • Firestone Accused of Using Slave Labor

    11/17/2005 6:26:00 PM PST · by wagglebee · 35 replies · 955+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 11/17/05 | AP
    LOS ANGELES -- A federal lawsuit filed Thursday accuses tire maker Bridgestone Firestone of employing slave labor and child labor on its massive rubber plantation in Liberia. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court, seeks class action on behalf of 12 adult workers and 23 children who work and live on the "Firestone Plantation" in Harbel, Liberia. The suit claims the workers are trapped in a "gulag of misery" and forced to work under conditions that have changed little since the plantation was founded in 1926. "The plantation workers are modern day slaves, forced to work by the coercion of...
  • US Senate gives nod for increasing H-1B visa quota

    11/04/2005 9:44:55 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 36 replies · 1,091+ views
    Hindustan Times ^ | November 4, 2005
    In a major boost to information technology professionals from India hoping to emigrate to the US, the Senate has voted in favour of increasing the cap on H-1B visas by 30,000 to 95,000 from next year. The Senate has also voted to increase the number of legal immigrants besides increasing the cap on H-1B visas favoured by Indian IT specialists, as part of a broad budget deficit cutting bill that was passed on Friday by a margin of 52 to 47 votes. With a view to meeting its deficit reduction target, the Senate Judiciary Committee had last month called for...
  • Chinese worker dies after 24-hour shift

    11/03/2005 5:25:36 AM PST · by OpusatFR · 48 replies · 1,227+ views
    UPI ^ | 11/03/05 | not given
    GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 3 (UPI) -- A woman died of exhaustion after working a 24-hour shift at a Chinese handicraft factory, following weeks of 15-hour days, state media reported Thursday. The 30-year-old migrant worker, He Chunmei, fell into a coma and died last Friday after working for 24 hours at the Guangzhou Huaxin Handicraft Factory in southern Guangdong province, China Daily reported. A co-worker said factory employees had been ordered to work 15 hours a day since Oct. 24, to complete orders ahead of a planned move to a new location. He's brother, He Maojun, who also works at the...
  • Lawsuirt targets Wal-mart work conditions

    09/13/2005 9:40:53 PM PDT · by voletti · 13 replies · 366+ views
    Business Week ^ | 9/13/05 | Gary Gentile
    ET A lawsuit filed Tuesday accuses Wal-Mart Stores Inc. of failing to monitor labor conditions at overseas factories that allegedly maintained sweatshop conditions. The suit seeks class-action status and claims Southern California grocery workers were harmed because Wal-Mart's low prices -- made possible by alleged substandard overseas factories -- force competing grocery chains to cut wages and benefits. Beth Keck, a Wal-Mart spokeswoman, said the Bentonville, Ark.-based company had not seen the lawsuit but had begun researching the issues it raises. "It's too early for us to talk in detail about this case," Keck said. "It's complex." The lawsuit was...
  • Do You Yahoo? - The Chinese Secret Police Evidently Do

    09/06/2005 8:52:24 PM PDT · by atomic conspiracy · 26 replies · 685+ views
    Roger L. Simon ^ | 9-06-05 | Roger L. Simon
    Greed is apparently infecting some of our best known American-based internet and computer comnpanies to the extent they may be becoming the enablers of fascism. First we learned Microsoft was cooperating with Chinese authorities in suppressing words like "democracy" in Microsoft's new blogging software. Now we learn the once-trendy Yahoo may be also helping out the Beijing Apparatchiks in an even more insidious manner. According to Reporters Without Borders, they have been aiding the Chinese government in revealing the identities of dissidents! The text of the verdict in the case of journalist Shi Tao - sentenced in April to 10...
  • Importing Poverty: The Cheap Labor Trap

    09/06/2005 10:35:51 AM PDT · by Willie Green · 125 replies · 1,733+ views ^ | Monday, September 05, 2005 | William R. Hawkins
    For education and discussion only. Not for commercial use. Even with the economy adding jobs last year, the number of Americans who fell into poverty in 2004 rose to 37 million, up 1.1 million from 2003, according to Census Bureau figures released August 29. It marks the fourth straight increase in the government's annual poverty measure, indicating that the recovery from the 2000 recession has not "trickled down" to everyone. Indeed, the Census Bureau also reported that "2004 marked the second consecutive year in which real median household income showed no change." These new statistics put a damper on the...
  • The Burden of Free Markets - (ChiComs' ominous expansionism; a different perspective)

    07/23/2005 7:50:42 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 2 replies · 412+ views
    AMERICAN SPECTATOR.ORG ^ | JULY 22, 2005 | J. Peter Freire
    Engaging in philosophical economics can be very exciting for those with the right charts and graphs, which is why it can be vexing for those who only care about bottom lines. Your ability to explain the superiority of supply-side whatever will only go so far with a businessman whose eye is fixated on his ledger. Moral arguments, let alone nationalistic ones, won't register. Which is why China's attempt to purchase UNOCAL, an American oil company, is such an interesting story. Who for a moment could believe that our good friend China (good enough to have high trade status with, anyway)...