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  • White al Qaeda in Bosnia

    12/03/2006 6:42:40 AM PST · by Schweinhund · 34 replies · 3,462+ views
    <p>"No general had the authority to command us, former Quaida activist Ali Hamad reports about his time as commander of a Mujaheddin unit in the war in Bosnia. In the Interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE the former terrorist warns of a sleeper network in the Balkan.</p>
  • What About Clinton and Kosovo? Get Over 'Bush Lied' Nonsense

    11/30/2006 8:30:00 PM PST · by Reagan Man · 51 replies · 1,557+ views
    Human Events ^ | December.1, 2006 | Larry Elder
    The White House -- finally -- began pushing back against irresponsible charges that Bush "lied" to the American people in making the case for war. The garrulous Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., made many "Bush lied" accusations: "There was no imminent threat. This was made up in Texas, announced in January [2003] to the Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud." And Kennedy later intoned on the Senate floor, "Before the war, week after week after week after week, we were told lie after lie after...
  • Balkans: Kosovo Catastrophe Coming

    11/25/2006 12:29:56 PM PST · by SunkenCiv · 44 replies · 879+ views
    StrategyPage ^ | November 25, 2006 | unattributed
    November 19, 2006: The United Nations Mission in Kosova (UNMIK) will probably leave Kosovo sometime in 2007. The UN intends to reach (or force) a decision on Kosovo's ultimate status. Serbia vehemently rejects Kosovo independence. The Kosovar government is demanding independence. November 17, 2006: Kosovo has decided to court the Russians. The Russians have objected to Kosovar independence from Serbia. Kosovo has decided to send a delegation to Moscow. Analysts have suggested that Kosovo intends to assure the Russians that Kosovo independence will not set a precedent for other independence movements in Europe. However, various ethnic groups and independence movements...

    11/21/2006 8:42:47 AM PST · by Bokababe · 73 replies · 2,882+ views
    Adnkronos International ^ | November 21, 2006 | VPR
    Pristina, 21 Nov. (AKI) - An explosive device went off early on Tuesday morning in a Serbian elementary school in the central Kosovo village of Ropotovo, but there were no casualties, police said. Kosovo police spokesman Veton Elsani said the device was placed in a storage cupboard. Fortunately, the classroom, which can hold up to 200 pupils, was empty, because the teacher didn’t show up for the classes and, apart from material damage, there were no injuries, he said. “By chance, due to the teacher’s absence, the fifth grade classroom in which the explosion took place was empty and the...
  • Stars & Stripes: What GIs need to know about Kosovo

    11/14/2006 6:46:18 PM PST · by Bokababe · 64 replies · 1,306+ views
    Stars & Stripes ^ | November 12, 2006 | Stella Jatras
    The Nov. 6 article “Training helps Guardsmen get Kosovo-savvy” deserves a response. The Stars and Stripes reporter states that ethnic Albanians in Kosovo make up 90 percent of the population. Actually, a more precise number is 97 percent. It is also necessary for your readers to understand just how the Kosovo (Muslim) Albanians became the majority — considering the Christian Serbs were once the majority until hundreds of thousands of them were either ethnically cleansed or killed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi troops, followed by the communist Josip Broz Tito, who, in his hatred for the Christian Orthodox Serbs, encouraged Albanians...
  • ‘Missing’: The real question is: why? (Kosovo non-Albanian missing)

    11/13/2006 7:06:50 AM PST · by joan · 15 replies · 393+ views
    apisgroup ^ | November 13, 2006 | Danijela Slavnic
    Are the cases of missing persons in Kosovo science fiction or consciously closed files? Unexpectedly for many Kosovo crisis observers, proliferation of terrorism and violence resulted with huge number of cases of missing and kidnapped civilians, mostly non-Albanians (especially Serbs): in the summer of 1998, spring 1999 and during 2000. Actually, last reported kidnappings occurred in 2004. Although such acts of terror were well known to local population and local authorities, eccentric doubts could be summarized with only one question: If victims were held in hidden prisons and if after some time they were executed, where are the bodies? Searches,...
  • Minister: We warn states against recognizing Kosovo

    BELGRADE -- Aleksandar Popovi? says Ahtisaari’s postponement of Kosovo status due to Serbia’s elections is an excuse. “Ahtisaari’s plan to secretly, working behind our backs, draft a paper on Kosovo’s independence fell through. The real reason why it fell through is Russia’s firm and principled position that UN Charter cannot be breached, and it would appear Ahtisaari understood the Russian ‘no’ quite clearly”, science minister Aleksandar Popovi? says. Popovi?, of prime minister Koštunica’s Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), believes that the best option Martti Ahtisaari has at this time is to step down and let an impartial and objective international...
  • Tadic: Martti Ahtisaari's (Delay Kosovo Status) decision useful

    11/12/2006 12:05:36 PM PST · by Bokababe · 2 replies · 272+ views
    Radio Television Belgrade ^ | 11/10/06 | RTS Staff
    In a statement for FoNet news agency, Serbian president Boris Tadic assessed the decision by United Nations special envoy for Kosovo status Martti Ahtisaari to publish his proposal for resolving the status of Kosovo after parliamentary elections in Serbia as useful. "This whole time I have supported the position that artificial deadlines are something that does not contribute to either a solution for Kosovo and Metohija or the stabilization of the situation in Serbia," said Tadic. According to Tadic, Ahtisaari was influenced by the fact that Serbia is to hold parliamentary elections but also the fact that there are different...
  • Martic Witness Says UN Favoured Croats

    11/10/2006 3:43:57 PM PST · by joan · 5 replies · 284+ views
    IWPR ^ | November 10, 2006 | Katherine Boyle
    The trial of the former leader of the rebel Serb authorities in Croatia Milan Martic this week heard testimony from a witness who accused the UN of favouring the Croats over the Serbs and claimed that the US and Germany were instrumental in providing Croatian troops with weapons during the bloody Balkan wars. Patrick Bariot, a former UN Protection Force, UNPROFOR, soldier, strongly defended Martic and the Serbs, portraying the Serb population in the self-proclaimed Serbian Autonomous District of Krajina, SAO Krajina, as victims of an aggressive Croatian government and military and an international community that intentionally ignored their pleas...
  • Here Comes Kosovo

    11/10/2006 4:48:19 AM PST · by tgambill · 25 replies · 616+ views
    Washingtonpost.com ^ | November 10, 2006
    A decision to make the Serb province independent is near. Will Serbia and Russia obstruct it? THE SERBIAN parliament formally adopted a new national constitution on Wednesday, following its narrow approval by voters in a referendum last month. The document was a necessary replacement of the previous charter, which was adopted during the rule of nationalist warlord Slobodan Milosevic. But it may have won acceptance only because it included a preamble that would have warmed Mr. Milosevic's heart: a declaration that the province of Kosovo, which Serbia in effect lost seven years ago, is an "integral" and "inalienable" part of...
  • Kosovo: Ethnic Albanians 'Ready To Declare Independence'

    11/09/2006 11:52:42 AM PST · by Bokababe · 21 replies · 615+ views
    Adnkronos International ^ | November 9, 2006 | VPR
    Pristina, 9 Nov. (AKI) - Ethnic Albanian leaders in the breakaway Serbian province of Kosovo have said they are ready to unilaterally declare independence if the United Nations Security Council postpones a decision on the future status of the province, which has been under UN control since 1999. Most of Kosovo's overwhelmingly ethnic Albanian majority want independence, which is opposed by Belgrade and by the tiny minority of Serbs remaining in the province. Members of the ethnic Albanian negotiating team on the status issue told Kosovo television Wednesday night that they were ready to activate the so called 'Plan B'...
  • The Trial of Milosevic - Hatred Fuelled By Soros and Ignatieff

    11/08/2006 12:45:28 PM PST · by kronos77 · 10 replies · 704+ views
    It took years of hatred-propaganda by NATO, the US and the EU to have a puppet regime installed in Serbia. It was also facilitated by the months long bombing of Serbia by NATO planes. And during this bombing they managed, by riding roughshod over the Serbian Constitution, to arrest Milosevic and bring him to The Hague. When I saw the picture of this not young man, shuffling across the tarmac in handcuffs, I felt that he would not emerge alive. Too much hatred had been spilled from the pens of the enemy, from the pens of people like Michael Ignatieff....
  • Nikiforov: Unauthorized interview (Srebrenica massacre, Int. Community involved?)

    THE HAGUE -- The Hague prosecution spokesman says Paris Match has published an unauthorized interview with Carla Del Ponte. ”We have received the interview for authorization and made several corrections. Unfortunately, the unauthorized version was not published”, Anton Nikiforov said. He denied the chief Hague prosecutor said there was evidence international community was involved in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre. ”Judging by the Paris Match version, we have evidence on the involvement of the international community in the Srebrenica massacre. We have no such evidence, there was speculation, but we have no proof. If we had such evidence, we would have...
  • Future of Kosovo in question (new nightmare on Balkans begins)

    10/31/2006 2:32:45 PM PST · by kronos77 · 13 replies · 501+ views
    PRISTINA, Kosovo All expectations are that, in the next few months, Kosovo will claim an internationally sanctioned independence, concluding a titanic struggle by the United Nations and Western governments to close a chapter that began with its bloody ethnic war. But it is unlikely to be the conclusion the United Nations hoped for, after having invested seven years supervising the enclave at a cost of about $1.3 billion a year. That is because it seems increasingly evident that the West will need to retain far greater responsibilities than it wanted. "I think the EU is going to be in for...
  • Serbia snubs UN with vote to keep Kosovo

    10/31/2006 3:17:01 AM PST · by kronos77 · 8 replies · 380+ views
    Serbia set itself against the international community and Kosovo's ethnic Albanians yesterday by endorsing a new constitution declaring Kosovo for ever part of Serbia, only a few months before it is expected to lose the province. The new constitution, Serbia's first as an independent state since 1918, was rushed through by the nationalist prime minister, Vojislav Kostunica, to pre-empt a UN security council decision on the status of Kosovo due by the end of the year. US, EU and Kosovo Albanian officials dismissed the vote as irrelevant, but Mr Kostunica insisted the new constitution would safeguard Serbia's "territorial integrity". "We...
  • Germany planning to pull out of Bosnia (Endgame)

    BERLIN -- Less than a week after he urged the German Army to play a more active role in resolving regional conflicts and fighting terrorism, Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said Germany would begin as early as December to withdraw troops from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a former republic of Yugoslavia that was ravaged by civil war from 1992 to 1995. Article Tools Printer friendly E-mail to a friend World RSS feed Reprints & Licensing Save this article powered by Del.icio.us More: Globe World stories Latest world news It is the first time Jung has publicly raised the idea of pulling...
  • Serbia approves new constitution reasserting claim over Kosovo

    The Belgrade-based Center for Free Elections and Democracy said their sample count after polls closed in the two-day vote indicated the draft charter secured a 51.6 percent of voters' support. Related news Serbia votes to keep breakaway Kosovo Serbian voters narrowly approved a new constitution reasserting Serbia's claim over the breakaway Kosovo province, according to independent observers. The Belgrade-based Center for Free Elections and Democracy said their sample count after polls closed in the two-day vote indicated the draft charter secured a 51.6 percent of voters' support. The group estimated the turnout among Serbia's 6.6 million electorate was 53.5 -...
  • Kosovo falls hostage to big power rivalry

    Diplomats and politicians on all sides expect a messy and inconclusive outcome, and fear further ethnic violence in Kosovo with peacekeepers from Nato caught in the middle. Few believe that Martti Ahtisaari, the former Finnish president acting as UN mediator, can broker a compromise. This weekend Serbian voters are likely to approve by referendum a new constitution reaffirming Kosovo as part of Serbia, while the province’s ethnic Albanian majority overwhelmingly aspires to, and expects, full independence. As Russia reasserts itself on the world stage, the US and Europe are wondering what price President Vladimir Putin will exact at the UN...
  • Petty crime and terrorism meet in Bosnia

    10/26/2006 6:41:04 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 2 replies · 158+ views
    In an exclusive interview with ISN Security Watch, one of the men charged in Bosnia's first-ever terror case describes how his life of petty crime led him to mix with Muslim extremists. By Anes Alic in Sarajevo for ISN Security Watch (26/10/06) A former boxer, petty criminal and drug addict-turned-radical Muslim, Amir Bajric, a 28-year-old Bosnian from the Sarajevo suburb of Hadzici, never expected to find himself a key player in a terror plot against foreign installations in Bosnia. But his decision to sell explosives to a group of Muslim extremists of various origins meeting in Bosnia has landed him...
  • Behind Kosovo's Facade

    10/24/2006 3:48:18 PM PDT · by Celebratelife008 · 19 replies · 654+ views
    Serbianna ^ | Sept 25, 2006 | Russell Gordon
    Arrogantly strutting around the opulent OSCE restaurant, on an upper floor of its Pristina headquarters, Richard Holbrooke cut an imposing figure. The “Balkan peace negotiator” whose bloody legacy stretched from Vietnam and Indonesia to Belgrade minced no words about US policy for the region. In front of the five heads of UNMIK he bellowed: “Forget multi-ethnic Kosovo. Forget Resolution 1244. We only signed that to get rid of the Serbs.”

    10/24/2006 2:31:24 PM PDT · by Bokababe · 5 replies · 485+ views
    Adnkronos International ^ | October 24, 2006 | VPR
    Novi Pazar, 23 Oct. (AKI) - Encouraged by Serbia’s breakaway southern province of Kosovo's drive for independence, Muslims in the neighboring Sandzak region have taken steps towards regional autonomy. On the initiative of Sandzak mufti Muamer Zukorlic, five Sandzak Muslim political parties at the weekend signed a declaration demanding from Belgrade authorities to "start a dialogue to solve the status of Bosniacs (Muslims) in Serbia and the status of Sandzak region. " Kosovo Muslims, who call themselves Bosniacs since neighboring Bosnia, with majority Muslim population, gained independence in 1992, complain they were neither consulted about nor participated in the drafting...
  • Clintons CIA prisons, prior 9/11!

    10/13/2006 8:27:18 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 11 replies · 1,278+ views
    Secret CIA prisons were used by Bill Clinton PRIOR to 9/11. They were used for captivity of two Serbian soldiers (Boban Milenkovic, Sesko Tairovic) during Clintons agression on Serbia in support of muslim uprising in Kosovo in 1999. Translation: Two soldiers were captured by KLA (Islamic terrorists) and than turned over to US troops. Then they were transfered to Manheim US base in germany to "Coleman Barracks". POWs were kept in "D-Block" for 72 hrs on miniature cells, 1,8x2,50 meters dimensions, says German Weekley "Stern" Serbian Daily "Politika" Adds names of the two Serbian captured soldiers, adding that two of...
  • Evangelicals Fight Against an Independent Kosovo

    Guy Dinmore, of the Financial Times, reports on the new mission shared by US evangelicals and Serbia's Christian Orthodox Church: quashing US support for an independent Kosovo. Leading evangelicals, such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, have called on their supporters to pressure the United States to not permit independence for this Muslim-majority province. Along with Bishop Artemije, Kosovo's most senior Orthodox cleric, Robertson and Falwell are concerned that an independent Kosovo will become a new haven for Islamic terrorism. For those of you in need of a refresher on US-involvement in Kosovo, Jurist gives a brief and useful overview...
  • Back to Balkans (Arab Praise The Clinton)

    SERBIA remains firmly stuck in the past, paying little attention to the changes taking place all around it. The country has presented a serious challenge to the UN and world community by adopting a new constitution that claims Kosovo as its own. Now Kosovo is currently being administered by the United Nations. The UN was forced to enter Kosovo in the 1990s when the marauding Serb army (then Yugoslavian army) unleashed what has come to be known as the ethnic cleansing against the ethnic Albanian people of Kosovo. Tens of thousands of ethnic Albanians were hunted and killed like animals....
  • Bosnia elects men with clashing visions of future (Radical Muslims Rulez Again!)

    SARAJEVO (Reuters) - Bosnians have elected leaders with diametrically opposing views on how to run the country after international supervision ends next year, preliminary results of Sunday's general election showed. Former wartime foreign and prime minister Haris Silajdzic, the Muslim who wants to abolish the two-entity state in order to unify Bosnia, had an unassailable lead in the race for the Muslim seat on the tripartite state presidency. Bosnia Serb Prime Minister Milorad Dodik, who has warned of secession if Silajdzic continues to threaten the autonomy and existence of Bosnia's Serb Republic, easily won re-election. "It will be very hot....
  • Serbia's Parliament Speaker Calls for Referendum on Constitution Declaring Kosovo Part of Serbia

    10/01/2006 10:56:36 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 20 replies · 964+ views
    BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia's Parliament speaker on Sunday officially called for a national referendum this month on a new constitution that would declare U.N.-run Kosovo is part of Serbia regardless of ongoing negotiations on the breakaway province's future. Predrag Markovic set the plebiscite for Oct. 28-29, urging voters to come out in large numbers and support the new constitution, which underscores Serbia's opposition to possible independence for Kosovo. Independence, sought by the ethnic Albanian majority in Kosovo, is one of the options under discussion in U.N.-brokered talks. In Kosovo, a separatist leader dismissed Serbia's move as a "provocation." Kosovo's Deputy...
  • President dubs alleged Pearl killer MI6 spy (MI6 Support To Islamists on balkans!)

    It has been reported that General Musharraf has written in his book that while Omar Sheikh was at the London School of Economics (LSE), he was recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6, which persuaded him to take an active part in demonstrations against Serbian aggression in Bosnia and even sent him to Kosovo to join the jihad. At some point, he probably became a rogue or double agent. The local media is discussing the possibility that Omar would use evidence from President Musharraf’s memoirs to save himself from the hangman. General Musharraf appeared to exonerate Omar Sheikh in his...
  • Serbia claims Kosovo sovereignty (parlament unanimously approved)

    09/30/2006 2:49:11 PM PDT · by kronos77 · 31 replies · 670+ views
    Serbia's parliament has unanimously approved a new constitution that claims sovereignty over the UN administered province of Kosovo. The move, passed during a special session of parliament, opposes calls for the ethnic Albanian majority in Kosovo to be given independence. 'Integral part' Mr Kostunica said the country's new constitution would provide a strong legal foundation for Serbia and allow it to move closer to European standards and values. Mr Kostunica said there was no need to wait for the Kosovo issue to be settled before adopting the new constitution. Instead, he said it would "cement the truth that Kosovo always...
  • Ex-mujahedin protest in Sarajevo over Bosnia citizenship

    09/30/2006 10:52:23 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 8 replies · 564+ views
    Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa Published: Saturday September 30, 2006 Sarajevo- Some 300 Bosnian Muslims of the Arab origin protested Saturday before the government building in downtown Sarajevo against a possibility of losing Bosnian citizenship they were given during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war. Several hundred Islamic fighters, known as mujahedin, came to Bosnia from Muslim countries during the country's war to help Bosnian Muslims fight Bosnian Serbs and Croats. Even though the Dayton Peace Agreement, which ended the war in Bosnia, ordered all foreign fighters to leave Bosnia in a one-month period after the accord was signed, Bosnian Muslim authorities granted citizenship...
  • Kosovo Albanian drug-boss admits friendship with al Qaeda leader

    09/28/2006 9:08:22 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 8 replies · 543+ views
    September 28, 2006 -- A Kosovo Albanian drug-boss, Princ Dobrosi, says that he is a friend of a Pakistani-born al Qaeda leader Arfan Qaeder Bhatti who was recently arrested in Norway on charges of planning to terrorize Israeli and American embassies in Oslo, Norway. Kosovo Albanian Princ Dobrosi, left, escorted by police in this 2000 file photo. According to a Czech daily Mlada fronta Dnes, Bhatti has solicited operational help from a Kosovo Albanian drug-boss Princ Dobrosi in order to plan attacks on the Czhech capital, Prague. "We got acquainted in the Ringerike prison in Norway a few years ago,"...
  • Protecting Kosovo at the Expense of New York

    09/26/2006 6:00:14 PM PDT · by Doctor13 · 12 replies · 797+ views
    The National Interest On Line ^ | 26 September 2006 | Dimitri K. Simes
    President Bill Clinton lost control of not only his temper during his interview with FOX News’ Chris Wallace, but also some facts about American national security. The former President was right to criticize the Bush Administration for paying considerable attention to Iraq at the expense of Afghanistan and the war against al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other terrorist groups. Yet, Mr. Clinton was wrong to claim that he gave the struggle against al Qaeda and the Taliban sufficient priority during his own tenure. One of Mr. Clinton’s most striking claims was only indirectly related to the war on terror, in...

    Sarajevo, 25 Sept. (AKI) - At least three foreigners with Bosnian citizenship are on the revised United Nations list of individuals who are aiding or who belong to the al-Qaeda terrorist network, a senior Bosnian official said on Monday. Dragan Lukac, assistant director of the Bosnian state security agency, said in an interview with the daily Nezavisne Novine that three Tunisians, who are on the UN terrorist list, were granted Bosnian citizenship after the country's 1992-1995 civil war. "It's difficult to say where they are at the moment, but we can say with great certainty that they are not in...
  • UN considers problem of good and evil, God and the Devil

    09/24/2006 12:09:28 PM PDT · by kronos77 · 4 replies · 286+ views
    This week at the United Nations, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela announced to the world body : "Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world. "I think we could call a psychiatrist to analyze yesterday's statement made by the president of the United States. As the spokesman of imperialism, he came to share his nostrums, to try to preserve the current pattern of domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples...
  • Synagogue drive by suspects held (EuroIslam Terror Kosovo)

    A NORWEGIAN court placed three men in provisional detention overnight on suspicion of planning attacks against the US and Israeli embassies in Oslo, news agency NTB reported. The court set the provisional custody period at one month for two of the suspects, one of whom is of Pakistani origin, and at two weeks for the third. Authorities did not reveal the identities of the men, aged between 26 and 29 years old, whom they also suspect of spraying a synagogue with bullets last week. No one was hurt in the incident. He was then released and went to Kosovo where...
  • The Future of Kosovo from a Serbian-American Perspective

    09/23/2006 3:42:26 PM PDT · by Bokababe · 102 replies · 1,334+ views
    Glas Javnosti ^ | Saturday, September 23, 2006 | By: Michael Pravica, Ph.D.
    I first visited Kosovo in 1988 with a group of Serbian-American students who toured some of the many historic monasteries and churches of Serbia and Montenegro. Even then, it was obvious to me that there were ethnic tensions in the Serbian province as ancient Churches were desecrated with Albanian graffiti, a car with Belgrade license plates was overturned, and we had to always walk with a guard during our stay at the Patriarchate of Pec. For me, this visit was critical in solidifying my cultural awareness and pride as a Serbian-American. In that spirit, I strongly encourage the government of...
  • Osama's 9/11 anniversary (A Must Read!)

    But what does the newly released tape tell us? Was 9/11 a result of American support for Israel? Or the presence of our troops in Saudi Arabia, or the U.N. embargo of Iraq -- the grievances that bin Laden himself in 1998 cited as grounds for murdering Americans? Not according to two of the captioned "Martyrs of the Manhattan Raid," who spoke freely in this newly released tape. Saudi nationals Hamza al-Ghamdi (who helped crash Flight 175 into the South Tower of the World Trade Center) and Wail al-Shehri (who joined Mohammed Atta on Flight 11 to topple the North...
  • UN Plan for Kosovo May Be Put to Test in Northern City (Christian Stronghold)

    09/22/2006 1:28:55 PM PDT · by kronos77 · 8 replies · 299+ views
    "They [the Serbs] think that if there could be one kind of municipality with a Serb majority, they would feel more safety," he said. "So I proposed this simple plan for one city with two municipalities for an interim period of three years." But Dr. Rexhepi's plan is unpopular with both Serbs and Albanians. The Serbs want more than just an interim period of self-government and do not want to be linked to the more populous Albanian area in the south of Mitrovica. Albanians want a unified city and oppose a Serbian entity, believing it could be a first step...
  • Disinformation: Operation Serbia (Gobels lives!)

    09/21/2006 4:13:06 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 5 replies · 384+ views
    Example of use of appropriate wording (interpretation) : In the following list, there are two different ways to describe the SAME FACT. Note that whatever formula is chosen, it can perfectly be inverted from pro- to anti-, and there is no way to be accused of lying or even distorting the truth. - Serbs are killed, Albanians are massacred or assassinated. - Serbs dig mass graves, Albanians dig tombs or communal graves. - A Serbian soldier with a Kalashnikov is a sniper, a KLA soldier with a Kalashnikov is a freedom fighter. - Serbian corpses have battlefield wounds; Albanian corpses...

    Belgrade, 19 Sept. (AKI) - Kosovo parliament president Kol Berisha has warned of an ethnic Albanian rebellion if the province is not granted independence in the near future, a Serbian newspaper reports. Belgrade daily Politika said in a front page article on Tuesday that Berisha made the statement during a visit to Slovenia on Monday. According to Politika, Berisha said he expected that the United Nations-brokered talks in Vienna on the status of Kosovo status would yield no results and that it was now up to the international community to impose a solution, granting Kosovo independence.
  • Fitzgerald: The jihad in Serbia

    09/19/2006 3:59:40 PM PDT · by kronos77 · 1 replies · 343+ views
    The jihad in Serbia is one that is obscured in a particularly vexing way. Accordingly it must be emphasized that in alerting people to attacks on the Serbs, and to the destruction of ancient churches and monasteries, and on the infiltration into the area of Arabs bringing a brand of Islam quite different from the relaxed, syncretistic local version (not exactly full-bodied Islam in practice, because that local practice was affected by the centuries of proximity to non-Muslims, and to the effect of Communism), one is not endorsing any massacres by some Serbs. One can distance oneself --most Serbs do,...
  • Bosnian Serb PM to be fired over independence hopes

    09/19/2006 3:31:52 PM PDT · by kronos77 · 12 replies · 342+ views
    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina-The top international administrator in Bosnia said he will fire the Bosnian Serb prime minister if he continues to speak of a secession referendum in the Serb-run half of the country. As part of his campaign for the Oct. 1 general election, Milorad Dodik has repeatedly called for a referendum that would enable the Serb-run ministate, Republika Srpska, to secede from Bosnia-Herzegovina. "If he continues to talk about the referendum, I will have to remove him from office," Christian Schwarz-Schilling, the international administrator, told Austrian radio in an interview Monday. The post of international administrator was established to oversee...
  • Serbian PM Says Would Block Any Kosovo Secession Move (Military Parade In Belgrade)

    BELGRADE (AP)--Serbia's prime minister pledged at a military parade Saturday that his country will never give up Kosovo, describing the province as "the heart" of Serbia and vowing to prevent its possible secession. Vojislav Kostunica spoke as fighter jets flew low over downtown Belgrade, where virtually the entire state leadership attended a grandiose graduation ceremony for about 200 cadets from Serbia's Military Academy. Kostunica didn't threaten the use of force, but said that "Kosovo has always been and forever will remain within Serbia." Kosovo has been an international protectorate since 1999 when NATO bombing forced Serbia to stop its crackdown...
  • Serbia: US to build embassy on NATO-bombed land

    09/16/2006 6:36:39 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 5 replies · 319+ views
    BELGRADE, Serbia-The United States on Friday purchased a plot of land for its new embassy in Belgrade that was flattened by NATO bombs in 1999. A US$15 million (euro11.83 million) deal for the complex of buildings that included former Yugoslav Marshall Josip Broz Tito's residences and barracks that later housed elite military guard units, was signed between U.S. Ambassador Michael Polt and the Serbian government. The area in Belgrade's plush Dedinje district was flattened in May 1999 when the Western alliance intervened to stop former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic's crackdown against separatist Kosovo Albanians. It neighbors the late Milosevic's headquarters....
  • Muslim leaders criticize Pope, demand apology

    09/16/2006 6:31:10 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 18 replies · 626+ views
    MUMBAI (ICNS) -- Muslim leaders in India have criticized a recent speech by Pope Benedict XII in which he made references to Islam. Some of them have demanded an unconditional apology from the Pope, saying his “blasphemous statement against Prophet Mohammad” has offended Islam. Shia Muslim leaders in the northern Indian city of Lucknow on Friday held a press conference condemning the Pope, and demanding an unconditional apology from him for issuing “a blasphemous statement against Prophet Mohammad.” Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawaad said that the Pope must tender an apology for running down the Prophet and thereby hurting the...
  • Kosovo Mission Accomplished?

    09/15/2006 5:50:36 PM PDT · by Doctor13 · 13 replies · 449+ views
    Harpers Magazine ^ | 15 September 2006 | Ken Silverstein & Sebastian Sosman
    Kosovo: Mission Accomplished? Condi shakes hands with yet another unsavory ally. Any visitor to the Balkans knows that to sit down for coffee or throat-rasping rakia with a person from any ethnicity in the region is to risk a not so quick, uninterruptible, vitriolic five-hundred-year history lesson so skewed that it doesn’t deserve the name of history . . . real history just about ceased to exist within Albanian and Serbian discourse. It has largely been replaced by monologues of myth and prejudice. It is now a weapon of survival. So wrote Matthew McAllester in Beyond the Mountains of the...
  • Congressional adviser increases volume on warning: Terrorists from Balkans could reach into Europe

    09/13/2006 1:23:22 PM PDT · by Bokababe · 79 replies · 1,378+ views
    WorldNetDaily.com ^ | 9/13/06 | WorldNetDaily.com
    A U.S. Congressional adviser is turning up the volume on his long-standing warnings that terrorists who have set up camps in the Balkans now easily can reach into Europe, telling reporters in Serbia that the idea now has a name – "Balkans 2020." Congressional adviser Yossef Bodansky, director of the U.S. House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare since 1988, told Slovenian Finance that the goal of the campaign is to set up terrorist camps in Bosnia, Kosovo, Sandzak and Croatia. He said at least five intelligence agencies now are working to track people and arms arriving...
  • US Office In Kosovo: Islam as a Constructive Force in Kosovo (Stolen Christian land by Clintons)

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    December 03, 2002 As-Salaam ah-laikum. Dr. Rexhep Boja, members of the Islamic Community of Kosovo, esteemed Hoxhas, students of the Madressa, and political party representatives. Thank you for joining us tonight at this Iftar dinner -- you honor us greatly by your presence in these closing days of Ramadan before we all come together to celebrate the high holy day of Eid al-Fitr. It is gratifying to me to look around this table and see representatives of so many of Kosovo's ethnic communities, as well as the different faith communities that make up today's Kosovo and today's world. As an...
  • Al Qaeda in Kosovo

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    By M. Bozinovich "It's not true there were mujahideen in Kosovo. That is a figment of your imagination." Sabit Kadriu, Albanian ‘human rights’ activist in Kosovo while testifying against Milosevic at the Hague At the April's international police conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria reiterated that Islamic terrorism is creeping up in the Balkans. Speaking at a regional police anti-crime conference, Bulgarian General Boiko Borisov urged for "joint efforts to fight the global terrorism network" calling on the participants from the likes of Germany, Albania and Turkey to join efforts in limiting militants' access to financing and to enhance security of...
  • Serbia: Striking a Deal with Washington on Kosovo

    Summary The United States appears to be attempting to strike a deal with the Serbs over the future of Kosovo and the Serbian government. The ultimate success of the deal is a long shot, but it is the best middle-ground option presented yet. Analysis Serbian President Boris Tadic visited the United States on Sept. 5-6. Serbian newspaper Blic reported Sept. 13 that, during his visit, Tadic was told that if Serbia can turn wanted war criminal Ratko Mladic over to the International Criminal Court in The Hague by November, the U.N. decision on Kosovo's independence from Serbia would be postponed...
  • Serbia toughens its stand on Kosovo

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    BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia toughened its stand on Kosovo Tuesday as parliament decided that a planned new constitution would refer to the disputed province as an "integral" part of Serbia, regardless of U.N.-led negotiations on whether to grant it independence. The parliamentary vote effectively ruled out Belgrade's consent if the international talks decide in favor of the majority ethnic Albanians who want the province to be independent. The talks began this year to try to resolve the future of Kosovo _ a province about the size of Connecticut that has been run by the United Nations since NATO launched a...