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  • Startegy Ad Idea Aimed at Obama and Statists of All Stripes

    07/24/2015 3:59:17 PM PDT · by Secret Agent Man · 25 replies
    My idea is to take Obama's idiotic "You didn't build that" and slam it back in their faces. Have ads focusing on a specific business owner, showing their actual business growth/extension plans and ideas. Explaining the bottom line in more employees they will need, expected growth of their business, etc. Then end with the person saying some kind of statement: We had all this planned and ready to go, but Mr. President, we didn't build it, because of you and how your policies have negatively affected our business. A whole damn series of ads like this could be created, the...
  • Earthquake Gilroy/Hollister

    12/02/2013 2:10:41 AM PST · by Vendome · 10 replies
    Vanity | 12/2/2013 | Vendome
    Whoopsie!!!! Decent double tremor. Specially when you are on the second floor. Probably a lame attempt to scare me. I'm guessing 3.1 Going back to sleep.
  • How Free Are You?

    08/15/2013 8:40:17 AM PDT · by MosesKnows · 11 replies
    August 15, 2013 | MosesKnows
    How Free Are You I have always enjoyed the many quotes Peter McWilliams included in “Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do” The book examines the folly of consensual crimes. I was researching a particular quote regarding freedom the other day when I heard of the NAACP insistence that the Federal government penalize the state of Missouri because of the actions of a rodeo clown. The quote I researched was : The real freedom of any individual can always be measured by the amount of responsibility which he must assume for his own welfare and security. ROBERT WELCH However, in the...
  • Dove Real Beauty Sketches

    05/01/2013 6:06:24 PM PDT · by Vendome · 23 replies
    Mods, please don't move this. It's an important exercise for those who see it and I'd like as many people to see as possible. It may be helpful to their emotions, psyche, spirit and how they see themselves. Thank you in advance. Women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. So, we decided to conduct a compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see....
  • Let The REDEEMED of The Lord " SAY SO " !!!

    03/28/2013 11:09:09 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 3 replies
    bible, the joshua chronicles ^ | 3-28-13 | jedediah
    More and more My children shall begin to "KNOW" Me and My righteousness for I have already rebuked the destroyer and it is My Blood poured out to you in an Eternal manner that cries out "REDEEMED" ! For I AM your Virtue and Saving Grace . So ( (( Become)) ) a TRUE part of the Kingdom of Zion through ( ((My Resurrection Power)) ) I call Grace for you are redeemed as you cry out My name ( (( JESUS )) ) now and forever more . Now My children it is time to walk in your GOD...
  • EXCLUSIVE - U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

    03/13/2013 6:30:59 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 44 replies
    Reuters ^ | 3/13/13 | Emily Flitter and Stella Dawson and Mark Hosenball
    (Reuters) - The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters. The proposed plan represents a major step by U.S. intelligence agencies to spot and track down terrorist networks and crime syndicates by bringing together financial databanks, criminal records and military intelligence. The plan, which legal experts say is permissible under U.S. law, is nonetheless likely to trigger intense criticism from privacy advocates. Financial institutions that operate...
  • New Lyrics: A Change (Would Do You Good)

    10/11/2012 3:41:21 PM PDT · by ExxonPatrolUs · 1 replies
    Rage | Today | Me
    Woman voter sings ... 4 years living on a lack of scratch, Dodging, smilin', he's a Cheshire cat. He's a marxist canary, drinkin' White House Beer, A leftist tool, and a rented sneer, Food stamp pushing buccaneer, Grade school tofu pioneer. Take The Pill and go to screwl. Make another Julia BamBam's fool. A change would do you good. A change would do you good. Occupy's rants were an epic fail. Pussy Riot's rottin in a Russian jail. Taxing, spending, Jekyll and Hyde, Making green jobs on the inside. King of free range Kobe beef, Dinner with a six figure...
  • Obama's Joke: 'If I Told You I'd Have to Kill You'

    03/22/2012 2:36:48 PM PDT · by Nachum · 19 replies · 1+ views
    CNSNews ^ | 3/22/12 | staff
    ( - Giving a speech on energy policy at Maljamar, New Mexico, President Obama joked that his helicopter had landed at Roswell, New Mexico. Roswell is famous among conspiracy theorists owing to their belief that an alien spacecraft crashed near there in the late 1940s and that the federal government has been covering it up ever since.
  • Japan's lost libido and America's asexual future

    03/12/2012 9:22:02 AM PDT · by Mrs. Don-o · 150 replies
    Asia Times ^ | March 13, 2012 | Spengler
    [According to] a Japanese government study: Almost a third of Japanese boys aged 16-20 and three-fifths of girls say that they have no interest in sex. The hormones of late adolescence evidently rage in vain against some cultural barrier that makes young Japanese "despise" sexual relations, according to the Japan Family Planning Association's report [1]. It turns out that the ultimate victim of sexual revolution is sex itself. What makes the Japanese hate sex? The same things that make a growing proportion of Americans hate sex. Joan Sewell's 2007 book I'd Rather Eat Chocolate became the manifesto of American women...
  • Family Feud Womanyzer: Cheater? Don't blame the host.

    01/10/2012 7:43:45 PM PST · by rawhide · 11 replies
    youtube ^ | 6-17-11
    Pretty funny!
  • Rush to Barack: You are the Problem

    12/07/2011 12:25:36 PM PST · by sheikdetailfeather · 14 replies
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: If you were going to give a hate-filled, lie-filled class warfare speech attacking the foundations of the American system -- from which, by the way, if you're Obama, you benefit like few others in history have. And, by the way, Mr. President, you haven't contributed a damn thing to this country's prosperity! You are sure benefiting from it, but you haven't contributed an iota. It would at least be helpful, Mr. President, if you would get your straw men and your propaganda straight. May I call you "Barack"? You can't have "rugged individualism" and "socialism." Let me...
  • Video: Is Spenditol right for you?

    07/21/2011 12:01:08 PM PDT · by Nachum · 10 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 7/21/11 | Ed Morrissey
    I’m with Jim Geraghty on this new ad from Concerned Women for America — it’s awesome. The new “miracle drug, made in Washington DC,” allows users to mask pain by spending money we don’t have and pushing the responsibility to pay for it onto our children. Of course, your conscience — and your Constitution — might not be strong enough for Spenditol. If you have debt that last longer that four generations, see your Tea Party activists immediately:
  • Remove me please from unsolicited mail and pings. Thank you.

    07/16/2011 2:15:42 AM PDT · by joseph20 · 86 replies
    Past what...who thinks
  • NPR hates you

    03/09/2011 3:39:17 PM PST · by Nachum · 37 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 3/9/11 | Editorial
    Are you a white, middle class, gun-owning, church-going conservative? Then NPR hates you. This stark but unsurprising revelation came in an undercover investigative video by conservative activist James O’Keefe targeting NPR senior executive Ron Schiller. Mr. Schiller thought he was chatting up Muslim activists promising a $5 million donation to the embattled publicly funded network, and he sought to appeal to them by disparaging people who disagree with his liberal worldview. “The current Republican Party, particularly the Tea Party, is fanatically involved with people’s personal lives,” he said. They are “very fundamentalist Christian – I wouldn’t even call it Christian
  • WAVE EVENT ! ~ ~ ~

    02/20/2011 4:32:59 PM PST · by Jedediah · 42 replies
    There is a wave event coming through the sun for as a bolt of lightning strikes so a flare up shall cause a tetonic wave event rippling across these channels causing faults to buckle ,fail ,uprise ,sheer ,tear and come apart all as if a hand of God has stretched forth across the face of the earth and shall . Tetonic plates shall rise up as mountains and in places the earth shall swallow up itself in great measure ! John 4:24 24God is a Spirit (a spiritual Being) and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and...
  • Good ole Boy from Oak Cliff

    02/05/2011 7:05:38 PM PST · by waterhill · 8 replies · 1+ views
    youtube ^ | 2-5-11 | myass
    Badass ole Stevie, I miss him...
  • Dear Airline, I'm Leaving You

    11/19/2010 10:07:29 AM PST · by Nachum · 40 replies · 1+ views
    Atlantic ^ | 11/19/10 | Megan McArdle
    But don't feel too bad. It's not you, it's me. Or rather, it's the TSA. I'm not going to lie. It's come between us. If I have to let someone else see me naked in order to be with you--well, I'm just not that kinky. And deep down, I don't think you are either. I think it's the TSA making you act like this. Frankly, you haven't been the same since you started running around together. But I can't put all the blame on them. I think you went along because you thought I had to have you--that I couldn't...
  • Coons Tells O’Donnell: I’m Not You

    10/05/2010 6:29:27 PM PDT · by Nachum · 43 replies · 1+ views
    wsj ^ | 10/5/10 | Neil King Jr.
    Delaware’s Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons is trying to turn GOP rival Christine O’Donnell’s new “witch ad” against her. In the ad, O’Donnell assures voters that she’s not a witch and is just like everyone else. “I’m you,” O’Donnell says in the ad. Not so fast, Coons says in a blast email to Delaware voters. The email features a photo of O’Donnell in her own ad, and suggests that voters “Tell Christine O’Donnell: You Are Not Me.” “Unless you think the retirement age for Social Security should be raised, want to further de-regulate Wall Street, are against a woman’s right...
  • The Atheist's Constant War Against Almighty God

    09/21/2010 6:43:38 AM PDT · by kindred · 11 replies
    The atheist is always... at constant war with Almighty God in his heart (Isa. 57:20-21, Acts 9:1-5, Romans 5:10, Gal 5:7, Eph 2:1-3, Rev. 17:12,14, 19:19). If Almighty God truly does not exist, then why do these possess such a passionate hatred for Him? It is NOT that they try to seek to dismiss the ABSOLUTE REALITY of Almighty God in their minds and hearts, but rather that they are in ABSOLUTE FULL REJECTION of Him (Psalm 14: 1-3, Luke 19:14, Romans 1:18-32). It is becoming more evident to many in the creation movement of today that the evolutionary fundamentalist...
  • You Might Be A Liberal If...vol. 2

    06/13/2010 2:38:58 PM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 20 replies · 670+ views
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 6-11-2010 | Jared H. McAndersen
    (Check out volume 1 from last March here.) If... Your child confesses to living a double life that's 3 letters and starts with G, and you hope it's G-A-Y and not G-O-P... You think the only way to keep all of Obama's czars straight is to appoint a Czar Sorting Czar... You think the popularity of Che Guevara t-shirts is a great example of how free-market capitalism works... You're a hippie that wants to do your part by buying energy efficient light bulbs, now all you need is a home to use them in... You're from Florida, you voted...
  • How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

    05/13/2010 5:09:15 PM PDT · by Ready4Freddy · 59 replies · 2,350+ views
    Funny stuff
  • How The Health Bill Would Affect You

    03/22/2010 2:26:11 PM PDT · by Nachum · 9 replies · 771+ views
    kaiser health news ^ | 3/22/10 | staff
    Kaiser Health News has a Q & A for consumers, detailing who would have to get health insurance, what programs are available to help them afford it and how the legislation would affect seniors and young adults (Galewitz, 3/21). In a separate article, KHN details the immediate effects of the bill. "The provisions, which could just as easily be called the 'Democratic Incumbents' Protection Plan,' suddenly are everywhere—touted on liberal blogs, on the Rachel Maddow Show, in talking points by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. They're designed to counter Republican denunciations that the legislation is a government takeover...
  • Political Poster of 2009

    01/04/2010 11:20:12 AM PST · by syc1959 · 4 replies · 758+ views
    syc1959 | Jan 4, 2010 | syc1959
    Here is a political poster of the best Political shout-out in 2009. Hope this carries on in 2010. To all the Patriots out there!
  • Department of Homeland Security Is Coming To See You!

    11/21/2009 2:24:33 PM PST · by UnBubba · 57 replies · 2,834+ views
    The Internet ^ | 11-19-09 | The Department of Homeland Security
    I hold an executive position at a private corporation located on Long Island, NY (250+ employees). On Thursday, November 19, 2009, two casually dressed gentlemen showed up at our facility (unannounced) and asked for the Human Resource Manager.They, unilaterally, determined that our company had a connection to the public safety and national security concerns of the United States. As such, they are requiring us to provide them with 100% of the Form I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verifications for all our current employees and employees who have been terminated within the past 12 months.The purpose of the form is for an...
  • Breaking, Obama Named "Da Man!!"

    10/09/2009 11:18:00 AM PDT · by FlipWilson · 1 replies · 200+ views
    God | 10/09/09 | FlipWilson
    Much to Tiger Woods chagrin, no longer will he hear that clever phrase "YOU DA MAN!!" shouted at him after each and every golf shot he hits. That is because today, Barak Obama has been named "DA MAN" by whoever the hell it is decides such important things. When asked if he would share that title with Tiger Woods, Obama scoffed at the idea. "What the hell has he ever done" was Rham Emmanuel's immediate response. Tiger looked on the bright side of things, however, when he said, "hey, at least I will still get to hear "get in the...
  • Houston Chronicle story on heckling of Obama pulled

    09/11/2009 4:48:45 AM PDT · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 27 replies · 1,394+ views
    The Houston Chronicle ^ | 11 September 2009
    One of the "Most Commented" stories on the Houston Chronicle was the story about Joe Wilson shouting "You lie!" during Obama's speech. The story appears as a "Most Commented" story in the right hand column on the website. Upon clicking on that link, the story is "Access forbidden" and is not found. Interesting.
  • VIDEO: "This Is My Town Hall For You", (won't allow student to video), Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN)

    09/07/2009 5:23:32 PM PDT · by Nachum · 57 replies · 2,566+ views
    The Atlantic ^ | 9/7/09 | Chris Good
    That's what Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN), the policy leader of the conservative/moderate Blue Dog coalition, explained to a journalism student at a town-hall meeting Wednesday night who asked why she wasn't allowed to videotape the event for a school project. "This is my town hall meeting, and I set the rules, and I've had these rules," Hill responded, in an authoritative tone. "Let me repeat that one more time. This is my town hall meeting for you. And you're not going to tell me how to run my congressional office. Now, the reason why I don't allow filming is that...
  • Holder to Appoint Special Prosecutor to Probe Terror Suspect Interrogations

    08/24/2009 2:46:33 PM PDT · by yoe · 32 replies · 1,798+ views
    Fox News ^ | August 24, 2009 | Mike Levien, Catherine Herridge, I. Griffin
    The Justice Department's ethics office had recommended pursuing alleged prisoner-abuse cases, which could expose CIA employees and contractors to prosecution for their treatment of terror suspects. DEVELOPING After months of consideration, Attorney General Eric Holder plans to appoint a special prosecutor to examine allegations that terror suspects were abused at the hands of their CIA interrogators. The decision, confirmed by FOX News, comes as the Department of Justice releases a 2004 report from the CIA's inspector general detailing allegations of harsh interrogation practices. Several details in the review had already been reported. FOX News confirmed over the weekend that the...

    08/05/2009 2:59:21 PM PDT · by trumptman · 9 replies · 562+ views
    El Gallo Crows | El Gallo
    There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain e-mails or through casual conversation. Since we can't keep track of all of them here at the White House, we're asking for your help. If you get an e-mail or see something on the Web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to
  • You know what? (Vanity?)

    07/30/2009 9:54:14 AM PDT · by don-o · 46 replies · 769+ views
    Little House on Unaka | July 29, 2009 | don-o
    You know what....? Is it just me or are people increasingly using that nonsense phrase? I know I hear it from talking heads on the television; (actually) I just get audio on XM radio. Today, I heard a baseball broadcaster begin an answer to a question with.. You know what...? What is going on?
  • Celtic Woman - "O America!"

    06/23/2009 9:33:10 AM PDT · by Jo Nuvark · 14 replies · 2,084+ views
    Youtube ^ | William Joseph & Brendan Graham
    "O, America!" LINK & LYRICS (Tissue Alert)
  • How many Posts/Threads/Years as a Freeper are You?

    04/21/2009 8:42:10 AM PDT · by exit82 · 328 replies · 5,569+ views
    Self | 4/21/09 | exit82
    Another day, another outrage from the Obama Administration. OK,how about a little diversion? Who is the posting champ of FreeRepublic? Who has posted the most number of threads? The most number of replies? Who has been here the longest(other than JimRob,of course!)? Check "Account" at the top of the page and let us know.
  • You flew to moon ... now save Earth

    03/04/2009 5:31:23 PM PST · by Nachum · 11 replies · 428+ views
    The Sun | 3/4/09 | GEORGE PASCOE-WATSON
    GORDON Brown last night urged America to use the drive that put man on the Moon to save the Earth. The PM called on the US to “seize the moment” and lead the world out of economic crisis with green technology. Mr Brown forecast the global economy could DOUBLE — if America, Britain and the EU worked together for a “Global New Deal”. He warned America not to close its doors to foreign competition — saying protectionism would “protect no one”.
  • Taxpayer Funds for International Abortion Priority One?

    01/26/2009 9:29:49 AM PST · by PlainOleAmerican · 3 replies · 433+ views
    One of many Bush Administration policies being immediately overturned by the new Obama cabal is the existing ban on the use of federal tax dollars to promote and fund abortions here and abroad. Obama planned to sign an executive order pouring US taxpayer funds into abortion practices all over the world on his first day in office. But as the March for Life on Washington DC was scheduled for January 21st, he decided to delay the signing of this peculiar executive order for a couple of days. The March for Life has now passed and Obama is scheduled to sign...
  • Speak Out: Thank You (Obama thanks me for letter supporting Ayers ad)

    08/22/2008 10:11:06 PM PDT · by Maelstorm · 11 replies · 150+ views
    Thank you for writing to TV stations in Virginia to ask them to take this false, discredited, and potentially illegal political attack ad off the air. Your voice can change the world, and your commitment to getting involved is helping get the truth out about this ugly ad. If you know other Virginians who are ready to help take the political process back, please invite them to write a letter like you did: Thank you for sharing your voice, Obama Action Wire From me To WAVY-TV, WTKR-TV, WVBT-TV, WVEC-TV Subject I appreciate your running the ad on Ayers/Obama Message...
  • Why are you a Republican in 2008? You Tube Contest

    07/16/2008 11:55:17 AM PDT · by Maelstorm · 32 replies · 108+ views ^ | July 16, 2008 |
    Upload a video to YouTube telling us in two minutes or less why you are a Republican in 2008. We'll select the 5 most creative and compelling videos, and you get to vote for the winner. The deadline is August 1st, so submit your video today! Why Are You A Republican 2008?
  • Barack: Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

    05/23/2008 3:58:17 PM PDT · by Nachum · 6 replies · 140+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | 5-23-08 | Dave Weinbaum
    Barack Hussein Obama is becoming less mystery messiah and more false prophet. Change? Hope? Give me a break. Even the Liberal press can't hide his specific positions and curious associations anymore. Hillary's stance that Barack is unelectable is gaining credibility as his disturbing anti-US guilt ridden beliefs are revealed. Too bad for her, but it's too late. Barring a miracle Barack will be his party's nominee. But now the electorate needs to examine Barack's positions. Some drink from the fountain of knowledge. Idiots gargle and spit. Jimmy Carter Move-On over! Obama must have crammed for his run watching old Carter...

    03/06/2008 10:05:44 PM PST · by Nachum · 63 replies · 4,529+ views
    Velvet Hammer ^ | 3-6-08 | self
    1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer. 2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes. 3. You have more wives than teeth. 4. You wipe your butt with your bare left hand, but consider bacon “unclean.” 5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide. 6. You can’t think of anyone you HAVEN’T declared Jihad against. 7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing. 8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting...
  • The Price of Annapolis...Lebanese democracy.

    12/01/2007 3:40:17 PM PST · by shield · 9 replies · 211+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | November 30th, 2007 | Lee Smith
    WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Saad al-Hariri's Mostaqbal party agreed to a constitutional amendment that would allow Lebanese Armed Forces Commander Michel Suleiman to be elected president. Up until now, Hariri and his March 14 allies (the date of the 2005 Cedar Revolution) had resisted Suleiman's candidacy; Lebanese democrats are generally loath to have military men serve as President of the Republic, especially after the last nine years of former commander Emile Lahoud's presidency. But more importantly, Suleiman is Damascus's number one choice to fill the now vacant spot. So why have Hariri and his colleagues, including Druze chieftain Walid Jumblatt and leader...
  • Owen Wilson hospitalized (alleged attempted suicide)

    08/27/2007 6:15:19 AM PDT · by RDTF · 77 replies · 1,940+ views
    Variety via Drudge Report ^ | August 26, 2007 | not specified
    Actor Owen Wilson was taken to a hospital in Santa Monica, Calif., Sunday, according to a story Drudge Report linked to on Sunday. According to the report, Wilson was transported to St. John's Hospital. Citing sources, The National Enquirer and Star magazine said the star of "Wedding Crashers" and "Starsky & Hutch" had cut his left wrist and taken an undetermined amount of pills. He was found by a family member who called for help. Santa Monica police confirmed only that the actor had been taken to a hospital, reported. "On Sunday Aug. 26. 2007 at 12:10 pm officers...
  • "Those who cure you will kill you..."

    07/04/2007 2:14:12 PM PDT · by Keli Kilohana · 1 replies · 205+ views
    Zarr Chasm Chronical[sic] ^ | 7/4/07 | Keli Kilohana
    "Those who cure you will kill you..." So, what's new?
  • Got $2,200? In this world, you're rich

    12/26/2006 7:37:43 AM PST · by shrinkermd · 54 replies · 2,255+ views
    Marketwatch ^ | 13 December 2006 | Staff
    The richest 2% of the world's population owns more than half of the world's household wealth.... ...The research indicates that assets of just $2,200 per adult place a household in the top half of the world's wealthiest. To be among the richest 10% of adults in the world, just $61,000 in assets is needed. If you have more than $500,000, you're part of the richest 1%, the United Nations study says. Indeed, 37 million people now belong in that category.... ...Half the world, nearly 3 billion people, live on less than $2 a day. The three richest people in the...
  • You Have Two Cows

    10/23/2006 8:12:27 PM PDT · by onyx eyes · 19 replies · 1,056+ views
    Subject: Politic World Explained with Cows DEMOCRAT You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. You feel guilty for being successful. Barbra Streisand sings for you. REPUBLICAN You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. So? SOCIALIST You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor. You form a cooperative to tell him how to manage his cow. COMMUNIST You have two cows. The government seizes both and provides you with milk. You wait in line for hours to get it. It is expensive and sour. CAPITALISM, AMERICAN STYLE You have two cows. You sell...
  • Oil Falls 3 Percent, Healthy Inventories Weigh(More Good News For Consumers)

    10/02/2006 5:33:33 PM PDT · by kellynla · 4 replies · 443+ views
    Reuters News Service ^ | Oct 2, 2006 | Matthew Robinson
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil fell 3 percent to $61 a barrel on Monday as healthy fuel inventories in top consumer the United States countered plans by OPEC members Nigeria and Venezuela to trim output. U.S. crude settled down $1.88 at $61.03 a barrel, after dipping as low as $60.90 after BP said it had restarted production at the Lisburne oil field in Alaska over the weekend. London Brent dropped $2.03 to $60.45. BP shut the 30,000 barrel per day (bpd) field last week after discovering a gas leak in a pipeline. The oil major has been restoring output at...
  • All You Need Is Ubuntu (Says Bill Clinton)

    09/28/2006 1:44:07 PM PDT · by blam · 140 replies · 2,530+ views
    BBC ^ | 9-28-2006 | Sean Coughlan
    All you need is ubuntu You and me, me and you, lots and lots, for us to do By Sean Coughlan BBC News Magazine Bill Clinton told the Labour conference to get into ubuntu. Eh? Ubuntu. That was what Bill Clinton told the Labour party conference it needed to remember this week. "Society is important because of Ubuntu." But what is it? Left-leaning sudoku? U2's latest album? Fish-friendly sushi? No, it's a word describing an African worldview, which translates as "I am because you are," and which means that individuals need other people to be fulfilled. The former president, husky-voiced...
  • Drug Can Help Cut Diabetes Risk, Say Researchers

    09/15/2006 6:43:46 PM PDT · by blam · 9 replies · 663+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 9-16-2006 | Nic Fleming
    Drug can help cut diabetes risk, say researchers By Nic Fleming, Medical Correspondent (Filed: 16/09/2006) A drug that improves the body's ability to turn sugars into fuel can substantially reduce the chances of people at risk of Type 2 diabetes developing the disease, according to research published yesterday. In a large international trial volunteers with "pre-diabetes" taking rosiglitazone, sold under the brand name Avandia, were 60 per cent less likely than those on placebos to develop the full disease. The drug, already prescribed to those with Type 2 diabetes, was also found to help patients return to normal blood sugar...
  • The Path To 9/11: Thank You, ABC

    09/12/2006 6:56:04 AM PDT · by forty_years · 3 replies · 462+ views
    War to Mobilize Democracy ^ | 9/12/06 | Andrew L. Jaffee
    Despite attempts by Democrats to stifle free and open discourse, "The Path To 9/11" aired last night, and again last night. Instead of succumbing to threats from Democratic senators and President Clinton, ABC allowed Americans to make up their own minds about 9/11. Some Democrats feel that the mini-series unfairly blamed the Clinton administration for allowing Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda to fester unchecked. But the shrill tone of Democratic objections to the docudrama belies Freudian under-currents of very real fear that Americans might know the truth: The Clinton administration was too distracted to take action against al-Qaeda -- too...
  • "Time Line" (test model only)

    09/07/2006 10:54:12 PM PDT · by Ken H · 51 replies · 851+ views
    FR | today | FR
    This thread is to serve as a file for the known information on the time line, and for adding new information as it becomes available. Please include link to source of your information.

    09/07/2006 12:16:24 PM PDT · by shrinkermd · 103 replies · 6,534+ views
    September 7, 2006 -- AN infuriated Warren Buffett has renounced one of his granddaughters - telling her she is no longer his relative "legally or emotionally" because she took part in a documentary about the lives of the very rich. Nicole Buffett, the adopted daughter of Buffett's son Peter and biological daughter of Peter's ex-wife Mary, was featured in Jamie Johnson and Nick Kurzon's documentary, "The One Percent," which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival this year and is a follow-up to Johnson's "Born Rich." Enraged that Nicole not only participated in the documentary, but also plugged it on National...
  • Fruity Hitchhikers Leave You Heaving

    08/14/2006 10:57:09 AM PDT · by blam · 29 replies · 1,498+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 8-14-2006
    Fruity hitchhikers leave you heaving 14 August 2006 Beware the mild-mannered melon. Researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found that since 1973 the cantaloupe melon has been responsible for at least 28 outbreaks of food poisoning in the US and Canada that have left more than 1600 people ill and at least two dead. Of these outbreaks, 68 per cent occurred during the last decade, with Salmonella being the predominant culprit (Epidemiology and Infection, DOI: 10.1017/SO950268805005480). The actual number of cases could be far higher, since one-offs often go unreported, say the researchers. "Fruit...