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  • Why do orcas start attacking boats? Scientists and sailors left baffled

    09/14/2020 7:24:29 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 90 replies
    ss ^ | 9/13/20 | ss
    Reports of orcas striking sailing boats in the Straits of Gibraltar have left sailors and scientists confused. Just what is causing such unusually aggressive behaviour? When nine killer whales surrounded the 46ft boat that Victoria Morris was crewing in Spain on the afternoon of 29 July, she was elated. The biology graduate taught sailing in New Zealand and is used to friendly orca encounters. But the atmosphere quickly changed when they started ramming the hull, spinning the boat 180 degrees, disabling the autohelm and engine. The 23-year-old watched broken bits of the rudder float off, leaving the four-person crew without...
  • Unprecedented numbers of birds are mysteriously dropping dead from the sky in New Mexico

    09/14/2020 7:20:19 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 56 replies
    ss ^ | 9/14/20 | ss
    Over the past few weeks, various species of migratory birds are dying in “unprecedented” numbers of unknown causes. And this growing number of birds in southern New Mexico that have mysteriously died have wildlife experts scratching their heads. “It is terribly frightening,” Desmond said. “We’ve never seen anything like this. … We’re losing probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of migratory birds.“ In August, large numbers of birds were found dead at White Sands Missile Range and at the White Sands National Monument in what was thought to be an isolated incident, Desmond said. After that, however, came reports...
  • Africa's Gentle Giants

    09/10/2020 6:48:17 AM PDT · by Thistooshallpass9 · 4 replies
    Does the recurrent laryngeal nerve in the giraffe's neck prove evolution true? This episode examines the evidence.
  • Wildfire prayer needed

    09/07/2020 2:48:41 PM PDT · by PrairieLady2 · 33 replies
    I'm in the Livermore, colorado area which is north of Ft. Collins. There are fires on the mountain where son in laws boss keeps cattle. They are trying to help a neighbor and the bosses cows. Pleas pray for them, they are at the thick of it. I am a few miles from the fire and the wind is blowi g from the fire toward where I am from time to time...40mph winds. My granddaughter in law had to go up and check on her animals and then she will come back down to where i am which is a...
  • Black Lives Matter Supporters Run Over and Brutally Beat Raccoon to Death, Claim Only White People Worry About Animals (VIDEO)

    08/19/2020 6:31:16 PM PDT · by White Lives Matter · 185 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | August 19, 2020 | Cassandra Fairbanks
    .Black Lives Matter supporters ran over a raccoon twice before beating it to death with a baseball bat and posting it online in a horrific act of animal cruelty. The incident took place in New York City, as onlookers watched and cheered.
  • Video vignette of my kittehs

    08/09/2020 1:46:59 PM PDT · by martin_fierro · 40 replies
    Chez marty ^ | 8/0/20 | marty_f
    Haven't seen a kitteh thread on here in awhile, so here's a proof of concept video shot today with a GoPro strapped to my head.
  • Happy Birthday, Miracle Kitten!!

    07/04/2020 3:37:22 PM PDT · by snarkytart · 23 replies
    You Tube ^ | 7/4/20 | Tiny Kittens
    Today we celebrate Cassidy aka Puff Puff's 5th Birthday and the spirit of goodness in humanity and the unconditional love and joy a pet can bring.
  • Woke white girl tries to spook horse to injury cop. Spooks horse and gets kicked. [Video]

    07/02/2020 4:20:18 AM PDT · by C19fan · 60 replies
    Twitter ^ | July 1, 2020 | EducatëdHillbilly™
    Woke white girl tries to spook horse to injury cop. Spooks horse and gets kicked. And the Gods smiled.

    06/18/2020 3:47:56 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 98 replies
    WideOpenSpaces ^ | February 3, 2020 | Craig Raleigh
    ...The opposum's ability to munch down on the annoying blood suckers took even researchers by surprise. "I had no suspicion they'd be such efficient tick-killing animals," said Richard Ostfeld, of the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York. "Don't hit opossums if they've playing dead in the road." Opossums are crazy, fastidious, grooming animals like cats, and when they find a tick, it's right down the hatch. Researchers found many digested ticks in the feces of cooperative opossums. Cheers to the guy who got that job! Ostfeld said that one opossum can kill and eat some 5,000 ticks...
  • Extend the Range of .22 Shotshells with Reverse Paradox Tubes for a Garden Gun

    05/19/2020 5:42:14 AM PDT · by marktwain · 77 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 19 May, 2020 | Dean Weingarten
    In a previous article, I commented on the usefulness of .22 LR shotshells and their limited range. Their use is severely hampered by the poor patterns produced by these shotshells out of rifled barrels. The effective range of these shells can be doubled or tripled with the use of a reverse paradox tube. The Ball and Shot gun, more commonly known as the Paradox gun, was invented by Col. George Fosbery, VC, and patented in England in 1885. The patent was sold to Holland and Holland who marketed the guns under the Paradox name.  The idea was simple: put...
  • Not Just Florida

    05/16/2020 5:28:22 AM PDT · by PBRCat · 20 replies
    Second City Cop ^ | May 16, 2020 | Staff
    Fatass has now added Wisconsin to the list of places his family has been staying in violation of the "quarantine" and "no-travel" orders he has given: Gov. J.B. Pritzker for the first time Friday acknowledged his wife and daughter were in Florida before Illinois’ statewide stay-at-home order took effect in March and just recently returned to Chicago. But don't worry! It's all because of "safety:" He said he was being “very private and very reserved” about his family “because there are threats to my safety and to their safety. “You have seen that there are people that stand outside the...
  • Fur today, gone tomorrow! Owners share hilarious snaps of their dogs before and after disastrous DIY lockdown trims

    05/08/2020 5:20:24 AM PDT · by C19fan · 9 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | May 8, 2020 | Jessica Green
    It's not unusual for animals to be pampered and preened - but with professional groomers off limits, owners are having to subject their beloved pets to DIY haircuts. Some people are clearly struggling with the task and have shared the shocking results online. Collated by Bored Panda, the photographs - taken by pet owners around the world - demonstrate why some tasks are better left to the professionals.
  • Question on liability of my GSD damaging cars on my property.

    05/03/2020 4:07:53 AM PDT · by Enduro Guy · 69 replies
    We live on 15 acres pretty far out in the country and have a free roaming German Shepherd Dog that's quite the guard dog, to say the least. Our driveway is at least 750 feet long from the county road to our garage where I have a "BEWARE OF DOG" sign. Our GSD is friendly to aloof with people, but ferocious towards vehicles. Recently he bit and pierced two front tires of a visiting friend's car as they were parking by our garage. That cost me $350. He's also done this to one tire on my nephew's truck. My nephew...
  • Bill Belichick's dog Nike gained tons of IG followers after viral moment in draft

    04/29/2020 5:03:02 AM PDT · by C19fan · 13 replies
    Sportsnaut ^ | April 29, 2020 | Jesse Reed
    Going viral is good for social media accounts. Just ask Bill Belichick’s dog, Nike, who took the 2020 NFL Draft by storm and now has thousands of followers on Instagram. During the draft, right after the New England Patriots made their first selection — a shocker all by itself — the broadcast went to Belichick’s home where he was doing the draft from what appeared to be his kitchen table. Instead of Belichick sitting there, it was Nike in the chair staring at the computers — setting the NFL world into a frenzy on social media.
  • Meghan Markle says she 'understands' elephants after spending time with them in the wild in never-before-seen interview to promote Disney nature documentary two weeks after its release

    04/20/2020 8:34:39 AM PDT · by C19fan · 25 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | April 20, 2020 | Jennifer Smith
    Meghan Markle gushed over elephants and how she 'understands them' in a never-before-seen interview that was taped last summer and aired on Good Morning America on Monday, a day after she and Prince Harry said they would no longer talk to four British newspapers. In the interview, Meghan said she was 'grateful' to have been involved in the Disney+ documentary Elephant which she hopes will teach people how similar humans are to elephants and how 'connected' we are. The film is her passion project and marks her return to showbiz after shunning royal life.
  • Tommy Sotomayor Talks About His Love For Joe Exotic & More! Hilarious Monologue

    04/09/2020 11:14:26 AM PDT · by Morgana · 3 replies
    Random Randomness w/ Tommy Sotomayor ^ | April 9, 2020 | Tommy Sotomayor
    Tommy Sotomayor Talks About His Love For Joe Exotic & More! Hilarious Monologue Fast forward to 3.55 to avoid Tommy's Intro Tommy gives his opinion on the Tiger King
  • The Trap-Proof Mouse

    03/07/2020 10:15:00 AM PST · by Mr Ramsbotham · 92 replies
    Self ^ | 03/05/2020 | Henry Noel
    At some point in mid-January, a mouse found his way into my house. This isn't an unusual occurrence. Over the past ten years I've dealt with mice on at least five occasions, including one in which an entire family set up housekeeping behind the kitchen counters. So I know a thing or two about catching mice. Namely, you spot one, set a trap, and wait for the inevitable. It never fails, or so I thought.
  • Nancy at the SOTU

    02/05/2020 8:44:45 AM PST · by SaxxonWoods · 42 replies
    Unknown ^ | Unknown | Unkown
    Nancy at the SOTU for your viewing and sharing pleasure. Put this side by side with Nancy tearing up the speech.
  • Today at Lunch I Was Living THE CHILDREN OF MEN BY PD JAMES.

    02/01/2020 1:32:26 PM PST · by Chickensoup · 42 replies
    Children of Men by PD James ^ | 2.01.2020 | chickensoup
    Today I went to lunch with a new Ladies Who Lunch group. This group was socioeconomically upper middle class, aged 50 to 74 Caucasian, all married, some on second marriages, and all were parents and most were grandparents. These women spoke tenderly and lovingly with tears spilled at times, over their ....dogs. Not that I want to dismiss dogs, wonderful pets that they are, but the care that these 10 ladies and their spouses lavished on their pets was quite something to behold. They mentioned their children and grandchildren, but the pictures that were brought up on their phones to...
  • Hamilton girl battling stage 4 brain cancer surprised with 'real unicorn in real life'

    01/23/2020 7:36:33 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 16 replies
    WLWT ^ | Jan 20, 2020 | Jatara McGee
    A Butler County girl currently fighting cancer received the surprise of her life courtesy of the Butler County Sheriff's Office. Naomi Short, 8, was surprised this weekend when she got to meet and ride a unicorn. The animal, named Anna Marie, is part of the Sheriff's Office's mounted patrol. "I'm obsessed with unicorns," she said. "I've always wanted to meet a real unicorn in real life. It was so pretty and magical." Short was diagnosed with stage 4 pineoblastoma, a rare brain cancer, in October. The sweet but sassy third-grader just completed radiation and starts chemotherapy Friday at Children's Hospital....