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What Chicago Democrats are planning to do to out Republicans Mark Kirk and Aaron Schock
Hillbuzz ^ | 12/18/09 | Hillbuzz

Posted on 12/18/2009 10:24:08 AM PST by American Dream 246

This Wednesday, we went to a big Christmas party here in Chicago — one of the ones we weren’t invited to last year — purposefully — because we worked for the McCain campaign and were thus branded “traitors” here in Boystown. So, we were punished, and cut off from the really good parties, where all the really interesting people go for the holidays. This year, because so many people realize what a mess the current administration is, suddenly people don’t mind so much that we were DeMcCrats for McCain and remain Democrats for Palin (though that last one does make smoke come out of most of their ears).

Here are a few things we’re going to tell you in the hopes that some of you can get it to the right people and stop disasters from happening in the future. We are giving you clear and present warnings of what Democrats are going to do to bring down two Republicans in the future — one next year, and the other when he himself tries to run for the Senate. Both of these disasters can be avoided if these two men just came out of the closet.

We are, of course, talking about Mark Kirk and Aaron Schock.

Kirk’s case is more pressing because Alexi Giannoulias, the scion of the Broadway Bank mob banking family, is poised to win the Democrats’ nomination. The plan is to out Kirk during the general election to suppress conservative vote, and thus ensure Giannoulias carries the state. One of the key factors being considered is that, while Giannoulias is not black, and the black community will be upset a black candidate is not replacing Burris, black voters will turn out to keep a gay man from being elected to the Senate. They will turn out to vote AGAINST Kirk, not FOR Giannoulias. Homophobia will help drive their vote, the same way it did in California to pass Prop-8. There is nobody on Earth the black community loves to stick it to more than a white gay man. They will vote gleefuly, and thanks to ACORN, often.

We were told at the party on Wednesday that we need to figure out who Mark Kirk shares a home with in Washington. Apparently, that man may also be another member of Illinois’ congressional delegation. We were told that during the general election the Giannoulias campaign will release, through surrogates, lurid details of exactly what goes on at the home Kirk shares with this other man in Washington. It was implied this other man is in fact another gay Illinois Congressman. Apparently, it’s all between consenting adult males, so there are no Mark Foley scandals heading Kirk’s way, but he’s going to be painted as an untrustworthy liar…he’ll be ridiculed and mocked for his dishonesty, and his marital failings…and Republican voters that need to turn out to defeat Giannoulias will sit their butts home, the way they enjoy doing when they think they are “teaching the GOP a lesson”. It is exactly what happened with Jack Ryan all over again.

Someone in the GOP, take Kirk down now before you select him as your nominee. Find a man who can actually WIN…someone who conservatives will come out and support, but someone who black and Chicago elitist voters don’t feel any personal mission to “stick it to”. Blacks and elites won’t be motivated to come out in full force for Giannoulias, because they will not like the fact a black is not replacing Burris in “Obama’s seat”.

The only way these people find motivation to vote is to “stick it to Kirk”. That phrase kept being used over and over again on Wednesday.

We have no idea who Kirk’s “roommate” is in Washington, DC. It sure would be interesting to chime in if you know — because in a few months, this is all people will be talking about. Democrats at the party said the Senate seat is in the bag, because Kirk will go down in flames.


The other interesting bit from the party was about Aaron Schock. It is an open secret he is gay…and we finally got confirmation that Democrats do, indeed, have photos of Schock out in Chicago with other men. We’ve been hearing for months this was true, and we’ve seen Schock with our own eyes out in Boystown, having very indiscrete times with Aberzombie sorts of guys. Apparently, he has a boyfriend back in Peoria everyone knows about too. Dems we know here in Chicago had asked us to try to get pics of Schock in MiniBar or other spots in Boystown, but we never got pictures of him. Well, we found out on Wednesday that others do have the pictures. But, they will be held for years until Schock tries to run for Senate himself.

By then, very foolish advisors in the GOP will have set him up with a fake wife, and maybe even a kid for a prop. But those pictures of Schock in bars will always be out there…and then when he runs for Senate…BOOM…another Jack Ryan, another Mark Kirk. It is widely expected Schock will run for Senate in 2014, to challenge Dick Durbin.

We believe if Schock comes out now…or even waits until just after the 2010 election, he can run in 2014 as an out and proud gay man and win that Senate seat. We promise you, if he does this, we will personally campaign for him. By all accounts, he is a decent and smart guy, and is certainly hard-working.

But he is putting Republicans at great risk by posing for photos with big-busted beards poolside, trying to deflect the truth about his homosexuality. Schock needs to come clean and not lie to voters. He crossed a line with those poolside photos: before then, he hadn’t denied he is gay or done any Rock Hudson, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Liberace subterfuge. But, now Schock is lying to voters with his denials…while these photos are definitely in Dem hands just waiting to be used.

With so much time between now and 2014, who knows what else Schock will do to make the lies even more blatant…which will only succeed in making voters angry at more Republicans being outed…not the way to build trust in the conservative brand.


Now, whenever we talk about Kirk, Schock, Charlie Crist, Rahm Emanuel, and other politicians being gay, some of you out there say “that’s none of anyone’s business”. Well, it is indeed everyone’s business because these men are all deceiving the people they are asking to vote for them. They say they are one thing, but then they do another. These are all open secrets in Chicago that people feel perfectly comfortable talking about over Pilsners waiting in line for chicken satay at the buffet line of a Christmas party. There is no whispering. There’s no super-secret-don’t-talk-about-this-ever pledges. The only reason you, yourself, don’t hear these things is because you do not live in Boystown and don’t spend your free time chatting up these Dem operatives here in Chicago.

This is, indeed, how we spend our free time…and the things we are told we pass on to you.

For verification, these are the same things our straight friends also hear in Republican circles, at the events they too, go to. The last two weeks have been a flurry of holiday events. At all of them, the topic of Kirk, Schock, and others being gay always comes up. And no one is surprised — though with Schock, many women are disappointed, for a minute, and then after thinking about it they always, without fail say, “Yah, I always kind of thought that, but now it makes sense”.

The GOP at large should come out in support of Kirk and Schock, in particular, and get ahead of what the Democrats have planned. Just imagine THAT. The Republican party standing by two men who decide to be honest with voters…instead of waiting for the National Enquirer to break some salacious story about them.

Kirk is a flawed candidate without being outed as an excuse for many not to vote for him — there is no way to underestimate the hatred this man caused in many Republicans when he voted for Cap & Tax. THEY ARE SEETHING MAD AT HIM, and that is not going away. The GOP needs to get behind Patrick Hughes and Kirk needs to bow out and get his life together, if the Republicans want to do anything to stop Alexi Giannoulias, THE MOB BANK’S CANDIDATE, from becoming our next Senator.

As for Schock, he needs to just come out before the pictures of him in Boystown are dropped at some point in the future. He’s safe for now, as there does not seem to be any intent to oust him from Congress in 2010…but the file’s being built on him for his expected 2014 Senate run, and Boystown in Chicago and DuPont Circle in DC are much too attractive to a young gay man not to bet that will be a VERY thick file used against him if he continues to deny who he is and set up those Rock Hudson photo shoots poolside for the next four years.

Both of these men need to get Howard Bragman on their speed dials…he’s the man who just helped Meredith Baxter come out, and who’s helping a major rock star come out in 2010.

Bragman can help avert more GOP self-inflicted disasters, if only Republicans were smart enough to stop lying to their own voters.

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To: darkangel82

I disagree with you about Hillbuzz. I’ve been following the site for more than 18 months.

21 posted on 12/19/2009 12:47:37 AM PST by Daisyjane69 (Michael Reagan: "Welcome back, Dad, even if you're wearing a dress and bearing children this time)
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To: fieldmarshaldj

If this is true, and I hope it isn’t, Democrats may have some of theirs outed if they start outing Republicans. Presumably, they don’t want that to start happening. It could start an all-out war (pun intended).

22 posted on 12/19/2009 8:19:55 PM PST by Clintonfatigued (Liberal sacred cows make great hamburger)
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To: Clintonfatigued

The problem here is that it tends to be more damaging to ours than theirs (unless theirs represent a GOP district). Of course, a lot of our closeted ones tend to be RINOs, so they might even be doing us a favor. With respect to the allegations against Rep. Schock, if true, that could be quite damaging to him, since he seems to have a long, promising career ahead of him. Actually, what would be interesting is to have one of our guys outed and have them publicly acknowledge it, and state they do NOT support the gay agenda for marriage, et al. That would drive the gay rights lobby nuts.

23 posted on 12/19/2009 9:00:35 PM PST by fieldmarshaldj (~"This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps !"~~)
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To: Lockbar

If the Democrats had managed to recruit Lisa Madigan—as they had originally planned—to run for the US Senate in Illinois, they wouldn’t feel the need to spread such vicious rumors about Republican Candidates, because they’d actually have a Democratic Candidate who can stand on her own two feet without having to resort to such tactics.

This is a replay of what the Democrats did to Jack Ryan in 04.

And to prove the point, both Ryans are happily remarried now, and have or are expecting new additions to their families. If Ryan were to run again, people would see the SAME strong Candidate we had in 04—and the garbage the Democrats spread about him before wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

Nice try, Dems. Voters—especially Republicans—aren’t going to allow themselves to be manipulated this way again so that you can hold onto “Obama’s Seat”.

24 posted on 12/20/2009 3:05:16 PM PST by DontFallForIt
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To: Impy


I’m divorced.

Do you think that might have happened because I’m a lesbian?

Or, could it be that I actually got divorced for one or more of the thousands of other reasons that most Americans divorce over?

25 posted on 12/20/2009 5:38:43 PM PST by DontFallForIt
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 15 | View Replies]

To: Impy

And while we’re at it, why not speculate about the fact that while I’ve dated since my divorce, I still haven’t remarried. Again, think that’s because I’m a lesbian, or maybe just because I haven’t found the right man yet?

Let me guess. Since I’m just plain “Jane Q Public”, you’d probably be willing to give me the “benefit of the doubt”. However, if I were the same person BUT a public figure, then...well, of course, everything would be a SCANDAL, wouldn’t it?

26 posted on 12/20/2009 5:38:47 PM PST by DontFallForIt
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To: DontFallForIt

I don’t care enough about liberal DIABO tool Mark Kirk to care let alone argue about whether he could be a homo. If he is is the evidence will come out.

If he’s being falsely accused I have no sympathy for him (I would for the decent Republican Schock). Kirk deserves every rumor that you could monger about.

27 posted on 12/20/2009 5:54:49 PM PST by Impy (RED=COMMUNIST, NOT REPUBLICAN | NO "INDIVIDUAL MANDATE"!!!!!!!)
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To: DontFallForIt

BTW I’m just telling you what I heard, some people said that the marriage seemed like it could have been a “beard” deal. It never entered my mind prior to that. Bottom line is he’s RINO slag. If this could bring him down so we nominate a real Republican I think that’s terrific. I never intimated something ridiculous like everyone who get’s divorced is gay.

You don’t need to have any kind of simpatico feeling for Mark Kirk of all people. I’m sure no one thinks you’re a lesbian.

28 posted on 12/20/2009 6:05:40 PM PST by Impy (RED=COMMUNIST, NOT REPUBLICAN | NO "INDIVIDUAL MANDATE"!!!!!!!)
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To: Impy

Bottom line is he’s RINO slag. If this could bring him down so we nominate a real Republican I think that’s terrific.

So, Impy, you’re basically saying that you’d be happy to see another good man get ripped apart in public for a rumor—including all of the pain that watching that would cause his loved ones—because you think he’s a “RINO slag” and you want to see a “real Republican” nominated?

“Real Republicans” DON’T win elections that way. Think about that.

29 posted on 12/20/2009 11:08:20 PM PST by DontFallForIt
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To: DontFallForIt; rabscuttle385; fieldmarshaldj

He’s a socialist infiltrator in my party therefore he’s not a “good man” towards his constituents and that’s the only thing that matters to me. Maybe he loves puppy dogs and donates bone marrow to perfect strangers. I couldn’t give less of a damn, he votes like a democrat.

I’m for anything that will bring down a socialist. Politics is a war fought with votes and the other side (the side Kirk is on, the socialist side) doesn’t believe in rules of engagement which is part of the reason they usually win. I doubt he as his “loved ones” are in any “pain” only worried that “bigots” might not vote for a perceived ponce. It’s amusing to see socialist democrats try to sink a socialist “Republican” they only hurt their own cause. I’ll be a happy spectator if anything comes of this. (For the record I’d gladly vote for a small government conservative fruit and I don’t think blacks will turn out in greater than expected numbers just to vote against a gay)

Maybe he is light in the loafers, maybe not. Don’t care. They don’t just make up gay rumors for everyone. The ones about Mark Foley that existed for years prior to his coming out turned out to be right on the money.

And I don’t think he’s a RINO slag newbie (didn’t notice at first you signed up just now to defend Mark Kirk) I !know! he is and so does everyone else at this forum, you’ll find little love for him here, no IL freeper is gonna vote for him in the primary and half won’t in the general if gets the nomination.

Are you by chance a Kirk staffer?


30 posted on 12/21/2009 1:08:06 AM PST by Impy (RED=COMMUNIST, NOT REPUBLICAN | NO "INDIVIDUAL MANDATE"!!!!!!!)
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To: 50mm; darkwing104; Impy

SNIFF, post 29 and upthread

31 posted on 12/21/2009 1:13:10 AM PST by rabscuttle385 (Purge the RINOs! *
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 29 | View Replies]

To: Impy

I think your colors are showing, Impy. I hope no one’s paying you alot of good money for this “strategy” that you’ve concocted.

Basically an “04 Democractic Redux on Ryan” hoping that Kirk’s Republican opponents will hop on board, huh?

Whether you’re the former or the latter, it’s obvious that you don’t understand the way “REAL Republicans” think.

First of all, “REAL Republicans” are a heck of alot smarter than you are, can VERY easily see through your little game, and actually find what you’re doing, well...insulting because it’s so transparent.

Second, “REAL Republicans” are honorable. Winning something this way is PETTY and WEAK—and therefore, not even worthwhile.

Like I said before: think about that.

32 posted on 12/21/2009 6:00:59 AM PST by DontFallForIt
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To: DontFallForIt

You aren’t fooling anyone troll.

33 posted on 12/21/2009 2:51:38 PM PST by Impy (RED=COMMUNIST, NOT REPUBLICAN | NO "INDIVIDUAL MANDATE"!!!!!!!)
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