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Taglinus FreeRepublicus - 37th Edition
FreeRepublic ^ | April 18 - May 3, 2004, A.D. | Numerous Freepers

Posted on 05/03/2004 6:35:39 PM PDT by jigsaw

Taglinus FreeRepublicus (37th Edition)

Recent taglines exhibiting Freeper wit, compassion, curiosity, brilliance, etc.

I think, therefore I love America.   ~LurkedLongEnough

Do not be fearful. God is with you.     Gerish, 04/16/04

In the class warfare Kerry is inciting, will no one tell him he's unarmed?     alwaysconservative, 04/18/04

Oliver Cromwell: The original weaponeer of Mass destruction.     ApplegateRanch, 04/18/04

Jamie Gorelick: Never was conflict of interest so appropriately named.     Colonel_Flagg, 04/18/04

More people have died in Ted Kennedy's car than in this tagline.     Corin Stormhands, 04/18/04

If Iraq is Bush's Vietnam, then Ted Kennedy is Bush's Jane Fonda.     Cosmo, 04/18/04

The Wolves are at the Door... Hey, Kids! Your lunch is here!     Drammach, 04/18/04

Because Democrats are liars, they assume Republicans are too...     ErnBatavia, 04/18/04

All these sKerry pictures - It scares me out the heck. ~Esther Ruth’s 4yr. old son [with a yard full of ‘daniel lions’!]     Esther Ruth, 04/18/04

Try the waffle house Senator Kerry - the Whitehouse is already taken.     F.J. Mitchell, 04/18/04

Tagline under development... check back later.     freedumb2003, 04/18/04

Any help with Blender 3d is NEEDED URGENTLY =o)     GeronL, 04/18/04

Please pray for our patriot armed forces in harms way - and the families awaiting their safe return.     glock rocks, 04/18/04

Difference between a democRAT and a battery: At least a battery has a positive side.     HighWheeler, 04/18/04

From the Radical Islamic Dictionary: Truce - noun; try to kill the infidels later.     Keith in Iowa, 04/18/04

Don't like war? Then choose your burkha S, M, L.     Ligeia, 04/18/04

My wife wanted to go somewhere she'd never been - I told her to try the kitchen. ~Henny Youngman.     mean lunch lady, 04/18/04

Remember Fabrizio Quattrocchi - Hero.     motzman, 04/18/04

Socrates, Cicero, Taglinus.     NicknamedBob, 04/18/04

All in all, I was just another brick in The Wall....[Referring to Gorelick.]     Paul Atreides, 04/18/04

Did Schroedinger's cat have 18 half-lives?     petuniasevan, 04/18/04

Puns are bad, but poetry is verse.     SAMWolf, 04/18/04

Quick, act casual. If they sense scorn and ridicule, they'll flee..     small voice in the wilderness, 04/18/04

Remember 9/11 in November!     SwinneySwitch, 04/18/04

The only difference between Communists, Fascists, Nazis and reporters is the color of their shirt.     T'wit, 04/18/04

Submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.     The Mayor, 04/18/04

If my deepest, darkest despair had choreography -- *this* would be it. ~Tom Servo.     TheBigB, 04/18/04

Member: Viking Kitty Society; Member: Troll Patrol...     trussell, 04/18/04

Keep looking.... the next tagline might be funny.     widgysoft, 04/18/04

Shhhhh! This tagline is on a secret mission. If I told you what it was, I'd have to kill you...     WinOne4TheGipper, 04/18/04

Clinton brought us Bush.     1smallVoice, 04/19/04

If a liberal network falls flat on its face and no one is there to hear it...did it make any noise?     Baynative, 04/19/04

Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought. ~Pope JPII.     big'ol_freeper, 04/19/04

Resolve to perform what you must; perform without fail that what you resolve.     Centurion2000, 04/19/04

The 9-11 commission members have penis envy.     cyborg, 04/19/04

Fortune for the day: Look distinguished, not extinguished!     Darksheare, 04/19/04

I'll let my sledgehammer figure it out it for me.     Fixit, 04/19/04

Y'know, crime just don't pay like it used to..............     gonzo, 04/19/04

In Memory of RJayneJ.     jigsaw, 04/19/04

My book is out. Read excerpts at     JoeFromSidney, 04/19/04

2004 is the year the Yankees will win the World Series and GWB will be re-elected!     Lucky2, 04/19/04

All great change in America begins at the dinner table. ~Ronald Reagan.     MNLDS, 04/19/04

I never knew how good Hunt's ketchup was...     NewLand, 04/19/04

Aesop never spoke about the persistant rabbit.     Only1choice____Freedom, 04/19/04

Worst idea I had since I picked the fight with that kid outside of the Karate School.     Owl_Eagle, 04/19/04

It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. ~Kahlil Gibran.     Pan_Yans Wife, 04/19/04

Let others praise ancient times; I am glad I was born in these.     rdb3, 04/19/04

What's the Magnitude and the Amplitude or your Attitude of Gratitude... Dude? USA! USA! USA!!!     SierraWasp, 04/19/04

Fabrizio Quattrocchi: "Adesso vi faccio vedere come muore un italiano."     So Cal Rocket, 04/19/04

Tagline for demonstration purposes only. Not for internal consumption.     speedy, 04/19/04

Yep. We're sitting in traffic so they can fund the Public Transportation Utopia...     TaxRelief, 04/19/04

Message to Senator John F'ing sKerry: Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.     upchuck, 04/19/04

I also post under another name...who am I? [HINT: I'm NOT TLBSHOW :]     Van Helsing_Liberal Slayer, 04/19/04

Marg bar Estebdad! [Down with tyranny!]     Vigilantcitizen, 04/19/04

Bush's Viet Nam?! Shut up, Teddy; Iraq isn't even Bush's Chappaquidick!     VRWCmember, 04/19/04

One OKC bomber's fortune cookie said: You will hurt your foot. Sadam's statues have feet of bronze.     WhiteyAppleseed, 04/19/04

John F. Kerry is a true Leftist idealogue — a true Leftist believer.     Wolfstar, 04/19/04

The lib turneraitor.     537cant be wrong, 04/20/04

If we are not 'one nation under God,' what are we?     Aeronaut, 04/20/04

Knowledge is power, power corrupts... So study hard and be evil.     cavtrooper21, 04/20/04

Liberals are the crab grass in the lawn of life.     Charles Martel, 04/20/04

Most of us would rather be ruined by praise, than saved by criticism.     ChevyZ28, 04/20/04

I'm just here to Mosh!     CholeraJoe, 04/20/04

Fortune for the day: "Now, do you think we have anything more than BOINNGGG?!" ~dating advice movie.     Darksheare, 04/20/04

The Barbarians are at the Gates. Don't give Kerry the key!     eyespysomething, 04/20/04

GOD is working in secret, behind the scenes even when it looks like nothing will ever change! ~JM     GrandMoM, 04/20/04

Muslims - they say they are a peaceful, loving people. Hogwash.     GulfWar1Vet, 04/20/04

Friends don't let friends go left! nor Moderate!     iamright, 04/20/04

If "Iris7" upsets or intrigues you, see my Freeper home page for a nice explanatory essay.     Iris7, 04/20/04

Government: half parasitic, half incompetent.     jaykay, 04/20/04

I will defend America everytime! ~President G.W. Bush. I will turn America over to the UN! ~J.F. Kerry.     Kaslin, 04/20/04

Please stow all Kerry-on luggage in your forehead compartments.     keithtoo, 04/20/04

I am thankful for government waste. Just think if we got all the government we paid for.     Lawgvr1955, 04/20/04

I don't do nuance. ~GW Bush.     lorrainer, 04/20/04

And much it grieves my heart to think what man has made of man.     mcshot, 04/20/04

Not Walmart greeter material.     mommybain, 04/20/04

King Vanity Parking Only all others will be towed.     oceanperch, 04/20/04

Go mac and you will never go back!     primatreat, 04/20/04

France: fighting for international irrelevance for more than 200 years.     Professional Engineer, 04/20/04

All war presupposes human weakness, and seeks to exploit it. ~Clauswitz, On War, 1832.     PsyOp, 04/20/04

Heard the one about the dyslexic devil worshiper? He sold his soul to Santa.     SAMWolf, 04/20/04

Everyone has a freedom of choice, but not of consequences.     Spunky, 04/20/04

I'll stand barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip ... I'm a redneck woman!     Tax-chick, 04/20/04

Let me know when the Million Muslim March protesting the killing of Christians and Jews is.     WV Mountain Mama, 04/20/04

Mrs. Heinz-Kerry's husband wants teh-rayz-ah your taxes.     alnick, 04/21/04

Gaza -- Too small to be a country, too large to be an insane asylum.     Alouette, 04/21/04

Hey...who stole my tag line earlier today? Give it back!!     AmericanInTokyo, 04/21/04

Kristen Breitweiser didn't want to learn how to land the 9/11 Commission; she only wanted to steer.     an amused spectator, 04/21/04

Care package--> socks-2.50, razors-7.50, letter from home-priceless.     armymarinemom, 04/21/04

When Tim Russert gets under the desk to interview liberals; Who holds the microphone?     Baynative, 04/21/04

Senator, do you know there's a girl found dead in your car?     bellas_sister, 04/21/04

Next up in the hiring process is the polygraph. Time to practice. Yes No Yes No No No No.     big ern, 04/21/04

Think what your actions say to your soldiers.     capydick, 04/21/04

Knowledge is Good. ~Emil Faber, Founder of Faber College.     Clemenza, 04/21/04

CLICK HERE for my CARTOONS ->     counterpunch, 04/21/04

Where three or more terrorists with a mission are gathered ; we have a 'weapon of mass destuction'.     cricket, 04/21/04

John ''Fedayeen" Kerry - the Mullahs' regime candidate.     F14 Pilot, 04/21/04

We can't all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by. ~Will Rogers.     FourPeas, 04/21/04

Cornell: Hotbed of Liberal Fascism!     GeronL, 04/21/04

Question: "When does a Lying Lunatic Lib like Woodward or al Querry stop lying?!"     Grampa Dave, 04/21/04

With justices in their pockets, crackpot Liberals never have to persuade their countrymen. ~A Coulter.     Gritty, 04/21/04

I find this tagline high-spirited and a genuine toe tapper.     GSWarrior, 04/21/04

Oh yeah? Well if you do it again, I'm gonna have only one word for you: 'Outta here.' ~Paul Sr.     Guillermo, 04/21/04

You make me learn by rote 6,666 verses of the Koran and I may kill you too, Allah be praised.     Helms, 04/21/04

Death is better than taxes because death doesn't get worse every year.     HighWheeler, 04/21/04

I'm with the Federal Bureau of Mattresses and Pillows and I'm here to check your tags!     Hot Tabasco, 04/21/04

Rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~Orwell.     in the Arena, 04/21/04     jennyp, 04/21/04

Political correctness is intellectual terrorism... ~M.G.     kstewskis, 04/21/04

We'll be home before peace breaks out in France.     Liberty Valance, 04/21/04

On Paper, John Kerry is the Perfect Candidate, His Record Shows he's Been all Things to all People.     MJY1288, 04/21/04

Ted Kennedy...traitor to the USA, responsible for the deaths of US troops....Mike1sg.     mystery-ak, 04/21/04

In honor of Cesear, Eagle Scout, Marine private WIA Fallujah Iraq on 4-13-04.     notpoliticallycorewrecked, 04/21/04

Don’t let your worries get the best of you, remember, Moses started out as a basket case.     NRA2BFree, 04/21/04

Chain tagline. Copy or bad luck will follow.     petuniasevan, 04/21/04

Have you thanked God again today that George W. Bush is our President?!     Prov1322, 04/21/04

Now I know why liberals hate guns... they keep shooting themselves in the foot!     rintense, 04/21/04

To the 9/11 Commission: It was Al Qaeda, stupid!     Rocky, 04/21/04

On the advice of my lawyer, this tagline has no comment.     scarface367, 04/21/04

Every generation of Jews has to learn its own Aleph Beis. learn how to shoot, Abba Kovner.     SJackson, 04/21/04

You guys must have had a big bowl of stupid this morning. ~al baby.     Slings and Arrows, 04/21/04

Mischief! Thou art afoot. Take thou what course thou wilt. ~Othello.     Smokin' Joe, 04/21/04

I suppose JFnKerry might have fought well; he just doesn't have the convictions of his courage.     squarebarb, 04/21/04

During the cola wars, France was occupied by Pepsi for six months.     stands2reason, 04/21/04

Cannot rate this Reserve Freepers fitness: Not observed on this thread.     Tallguy, 04/21/04     Tennessee_Bob, 04/21/04

Defeat J Frondeur Kerry.     ThePythonicCow, 04/21/04

Mahmoud Zahar, step right up! You're the next contestant on "Who wants to field test a Hellfire?"     thoughtomator, 04/21/04

Churchill: "Given a choice between dishonor and war, you chose dishonor. You shall have war."     Timeout, 04/21/04

Daisy cutters trump wiretaps everytime!     American_Centurion, 04/22/04

Imagine if we had FR, talk radio and Fox during the Tet different history would be..     blanknoone, 04/22/04

Islam is a deadly plague; liberalism is the AIDS virus that prevents us from defending ourselves.     clee1, 04/22/04

I joined the redlipstick boycott of MSNBC.     Dolphy, 04/22/04

Reporters aren't stupid .. they just think YOU are.     EDINVA, 04/22/04

Julius Rosenberg's soviet code name was "Liberal."     fat city, 04/22/04

ABCNNBCBS: An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.     ForGod'sSake, 04/22/04

Who stole the fire truck in Poynor TX?? They need it back, please.... thanks.     GeronL, 04/22/04

Want to see more U.S. soldiers stay alive? Drench them in prayer.     GretchenM, 04/22/04

I'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter.     GummyIII, 04/22/04     heleny, 04/22/04

Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it one.     kanawa, 04/22/04

Poets and philosophers should NEVER pretend to Engineering... especially SOCIAL Engineering!     King Prout, 04/22/04

No tagline here... move along.     Lurking in Kansas, 04/22/04

Terrorism is a disease, precise application of superior force is the ONLY cure.     Magnum44, 04/22/04

Training a child in red diapers is the cruelest and most unusual form of abuse.     MegaSilver, 04/22/04

Why vote for Bush? Imagine Commander in Chief John F’in al-Qerry.     nutmeg, 04/22/04

No complaining...Thanks be to God.     pbear8, 04/22/04

You know you're hooked when you post messages to see your name in print.     petuniasevan, 04/22/04

The UN did such a great job with the Oil for Food program, let's let the run the whole country!     Private_Sector_Does_It_Better, 04/22/04

I love freedom.     PureSolace, 04/22/04

Evil is out there, and evil wishes to attack us. ~Lt. Gen. J Vines, commander, 18th Airborne Corp.     Ragtime Cowgirl, 04/22/04

Still waiting for my paycheck from Mr. Scaife...     tgslTakoma, 04/22/04

@Kids [And Grown Men] Do The Darndest     YaYa123, 04/22/04

Telling the truth means you never have to change your story.     anonymous_user, 04/23/04

It's not hard to meet expenses, they're everywhere.     b4its2late, 04/23/04

Arrogance often covers a minimum of intelligence     crusty codger, 04/23/04

Somebody is behind this... ~George Soros.     danneskjold, 04/23/04

In Memory of Pat Tillman ---- ---- ---- American Hero.     Dog, 04/23/04

John F Kerry; Repeat to thyself often: The Mississippi is not the Mekong Delta.     GeronL, 04/23/04

The more you try to change my convictions the more resolved I am to keep them.     JamesA, 04/23/04

Kerry is the female version of Hillary. ~FReeper Paul Atreides     Rebelbase, 04/23/04

Strength and Honor, just call me Buzzkill for short......     reluctantwarrior, 04/23/04

Life ain't fair and I'm glad.     SF Republican, 04/23/04

John Kerry has more positions than a veteran prostitute.     smith288, 04/23/04

Rest in peace Pat Tillman- You're a great American.     WinOne4TheGipper, 04/23/04

The proper response to gay marriage is laughter.     Aeronaut, 04/24/04

Pat Tillman took a bullet for me and mine. RIP Ranger Tillman.     big ern, 04/24/04

What's worse is that as soon as some jarhead turns water into wine, the EPA is going to get involved...     BlazingArizona, 04/24/04

If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.     Drango, 04/24/04

There isn't enough Levitra on the planet to keep Kerry in this game...     Libloather, 04/24/04

I used to have a handle on life, but recently it fell off.     petuniasevan, 04/24/04

Resign and testify you feckless, duplicitous, devious traitor. Yes, Jamie, I mean you!     prairiebreeze, 04/24/04

Damn the stoplights, full speed ahead!     Professional Engineer, 04/24/04

That poor guy's so dumb, if he was ever reincarnated, he'd probably come back as himself.     redhead, 04/24/04

When it's watermelon time in Germany, I'll meet you on the Rhine.     snopercod, 04/24/04

The more you love God, the more you hate sin.     The Mayor, 04/24/04

It's not my SUV....It belongs to Tuh Ray Zuh.....What a real man this guy is....     ThreePuttinDude, 04/24/04

aut viam inveniam aut faciam [where there is a will - there is a way.]     TrueBeliever9, 04/24/04

History has a long memory - but still repeats itself.     VRWCTexan, 04/24/04

Podesta about Bush: "He's got four years to try to undo all the stuff we've done." [TIME-1/22/01.]     windchime, 04/24/04

Proud father of death from above.     armymarinedad, 04/25/04

LESS government please, NOT more.     BenLurkin, 04/25/04

Thank Goodness for SUVs - otherwise the last Ice Age would never have ended.     BenLurkin, 04/25/04

Eliminate genocidal terrorist military dictator Kim Jong Il ASAP.     dufekin, 04/25/04

Preempt and Prevent---then Destroy.     eleni121, 04/25/04

When life gets complex, multiply by the complex conjugate.     explodingspleen, 04/25/04

Editor - Johnny P News []     johnnyp16, 04/25/04

Mr. Kerry, why did you remain in VVAW after the assassination plot meeting?     jwalburg, 04/25/04

Some folks should worry less about how conservatives vote and more about how to advance conservatism.     k2blader, 04/25/04

Out of the NIC, into the Router, out to the Cloud....Nothing but 'Net.     knews_hound, 04/25/04

Stay well - Stay safe - Stay armed - Yorktown [I miss ya harpseal.]     Lazamataz, 04/25/04

Entrenched DemocRAT union-backed bureaucrats quietly sabotage President Bush every day.     Matchett-PI, 04/25/04

They are all Pat Tillmans! ~Rush.     mystery-ak, 04/25/04

O Promise of God from age to age. O Flower of the Gospel!     NYer, 04/25/04

The opposite of authoritarianism isn't Libertarianism, it's anarchy.     olde north church, 04/25/04

A government supported artist is an incompetent whore. ~Heinlein.     petuniasevan, 04/25/04

How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie-Roll center of a Tootsie-Pop?     raynearhood, 04/25/04

We can't let Kerry win - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.     ride the whirlwind, 04/25/04

It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen. ~Aristotle.     Sender, 04/25/04

If you don't stop and think, then it doesn't matter whether you are a genius or a moron.     sinclair, 04/25/04

Quisling - from Vidkun Quisling [1887-1945], a synonym for "traitor."     Thom Pain, 04/25/04

So what are you expecting from NPR - the truth?     WorkingClassFilth, 04/25/04

Linking to the actual article to help save the universe [conservation of clicks, etc].     Zeppo, 04/25/04

Air America - at least Al Jazeera can pay their bills to stay on the air.     .cnI redruM, 04/26/04

Western Civilization is aborting, buggering, and contracepting itself out of existence.     ArrogantBustard, 04/26/04

This jihad has been brought to you by the "ROP"-a-dopes.     Brad Cloven, 04/26/04

Everything is forbidden except when expressly permitted.     Leisler, 04/26/04

Dwight Eisenhower: "I will go to Korea." John F. Kerry: "I will go to Paris."     Mr. Silverback, 04/26/04

How am I supposed to rule the world when I'm surrounded by freakin idiots!     Pharmer, 04/26/04

So you're a feminist - isn't that cute!     reagan_fanatic, 04/26/04

Freepers tend to eat their own. ~Sean Hannity.     Rebelbase, 04/26/04

JFinKerry used the words Medals and Ribbons interchangeably before he didn't.     weegee, 04/26/04

Maybe Urban Outfitters should sell t-shirts that say "Voting Democrat is for Old Dead People."     weegee, 04/26/04

Be faithful in little things, for in them our strength lies. ~Mother Teresa.     WVNan, 04/26/04

I would keep plenty of pig fat and wine available to give a decent burial.     Banjoguy, 04/27/04

I'll take Things Nobody Knows for $300, please, Alex.     birbear, 04/27/04

I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive. ~Thomas Jefferson.     Capitalism2003, 04/27/04

ALL ABOARD <train whistle> - - next stop, Damascus.     ch53gunner, 04/27/04

Note to Terry McAuliffe- Thanks for the early primaries!!!!!!     eureka!, 04/27/04

CAUTION! People May Be Dumber Than They Appear In The Forum.     Flyer, 04/27/04

This is not my tagline. It belongs to my family.     GaltMeister, 04/27/04

Iconoclast and proselytizer for the US Infantryman.     Hurtgen, 04/27/04

I don't see what we did wrong. I'm not defending the mistake, we just followed the rules.     Libertina, 04/27/04

Member of the Free Republic War Babies' Live Thread Reporting Service.     Maigrey, 04/27/04

You all have my eternal gratitude and prayers of thanks. God bless you all.     mhking, 04/27/04

Is Arlen Specter a conservative Republican? Umm... "Not proven."     MNLDS, 04/27/04

I just discovered my family owns an SUV.     petercooper, 04/27/04

Education will never become as expensive as ignorance.     petuniasevan, 04/27/04

For where God built a church, there the Devil would also build a chapel. ~Martin Luther.     Polyxene, 04/27/04

Today we did what we had to do. They counted on America to be passive. They were wrong. ~R. Reagan.     Ragtime Cowgirl, 04/27/04

To say "Kerry is toast" is to insult bread.     Sabertooth, 04/27/04

</Kerry>     Sabertooth, 04/27/04

US Marines have done more for world peace than all the Ben & Jerry's ever made. ~PJ O'Rourke.     SquirrelKing, 04/27/04

What great fortune for government. That people don't think...Der Fuher... [hummmm...]     stopsign, 04/27/04

If getting 3 Purple Hearts got Kerry OUT of Vietnam, returning them should have sent him back.     syriacus, 04/27/04

I was swimming with dolphins whispering imaginary numbers in the fourth dimension.     Tax-chick, 04/27/04

For my brother, and my country. ~Ranger Pat Tillman to Sgt. Joe Bush.     threat matrix, 04/27/04

Nihilism: absolute destructiveness toward the world at large and oneself.     tkathy, 04/27/04

If you can read this, you didn't go to DC public schools.     YourAdHere, 04/27/04

• © • ™ • ® •     7.62 x 51mm, 04/28/04

PS, Kim Jong il's son WAS busted by Japanese police, on his way to Tokyo Disneyland.     AmericanInTokyo, 04/28/04

Must get Moose and Squirrel. ~B. Badanov.     BunnySlippers, 04/28/04

He's clerking for me...     ChuckShick, 04/28/04

Operation Flatlujah.     ChuckShick, 04/28/04

Fortune for the day: Beware, my coffee has become weaponised and was used to take down net servers.     Darksheare, 04/28/04

Never surrender, this is for the kids.     FreeAtlanta, 04/28/04

Those people with no honor have no idea how to treat honorable people.     Gabz, 04/28/04

Wesley...gone. Hillary......not gone enough!     HardStarboard, 04/28/04

Chalabi Republicans: Soft on Treason.     JohnGalt, 04/28/04

Accumulating FRequent FReeper miles.     lysie, 04/28/04

There is ONLY ONE good Democrat: one that has just been voted OUT of POWER ! Straight ticket GOP!     MeekOneGOP, 04/28/04

Make welfare as hard to get as a building permit!     petuniasevan, 04/28/04

I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. You will service US.     sauropod, 04/28/04

Legislation [California]: "The process by which energy is quickly transformed into solid waste."     Seadog Bytes, 04/28/04

For the remainder of this thread, I wish to be known as: "Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy."     TheBigB, 04/28/04

You can run; but then you'll only die tired. ~Spectre T-shirt Logo.     Nip, 04/29/04

I let my mind wander and it didn't come back.     petuniasevan, 04/29/04

Leftists claim Bush is a terrorist. So why aren't they trying to appease him?     Prime Choice, 04/29/04

This line for terrorists, all others prepare to be searched.     Regulator, 04/29/04

The only good thing about living in Europe was finding out that we captured Saddam two hours early!     Rutabega, 04/29/04

Benedict Arnold was also a hero....before he became a traitor.     Seadog Bytes, 04/29/04

Question Liberal Authority.     VisualizeSmallerGovernment, 04/29/04

You're not the boss of me.     BigWaveBetty, 04/30/04

Vote Bush. He's Earned It.     ChadGore, 04/30/04

Boycott everything French forever. Including their vassal nations.     EternalHope, 04/30/04

USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...USA..USA...USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!     FlashBack, 04/30/04

We are beyond right and wrong -- the scariest words from the radical left.     GeronL, 04/30/04

Go with Courage, go with Honor, go in God's good Grace. Come home when you're done. We'll be here.     HiJinx, 04/30/04

Don't expect reasonable conduct from human beings; most are candidates for protective restraint.     jaykay, 04/30/04

Admit it. Amendment XIX is very much to blame [and men are to blame for that.]     newgeezer, 04/30/04

John Kerry fits the description: Upper crust society is a bunch of crumbs held together by dough.     petuniasevan, 04/30/04

War is God's way of teaching us geography.     SAMWolf, 04/30/04

The demodemons are ANGRY at the administration? so pray tell what is new?     suzyq5558, 04/30/04

It is our Heavenly Father who gives "Rights" not man or governments.     thatcher, 04/30/04

JohnFKerry: A Bad Bottle of French Whine topped with a $1,000 haircut.     Use It Or Lose It, 04/30/04

John Kerry: An old creep, with gray hair, trying to look like he's 30 years old.     BigSkyFreeper, 05/01/04

Liberal democrats could give the Al Qaeda hate lessons.     DaBroasta, 05/01/04

Fortune for the day: I call upon the gods of STERNO and MATCHLIGHT to take care of the evil DUers!     Darksheare, 05/01/04

Torquemeda. Confederate flag waver. And a really nice guy.     Hacksaw, 05/01/04

Proud member of the Half Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.     IncPen, 05/01/04

I won't be happy until they put cream cheese in a spray can.     Jaysun, 05/01/04

Obsessive grammar freak since 1959.     jimtorr, 05/01/04

Mr. Ed and Wilbur's wife had a kid named John..     JoeSixPack1, 05/01/04

I'll go back to sitting in my corner now.     Just Another Lurker, 05/01/04

If Kerry can't deal with the "Republican Attack Machine" how is he going to deal with Al Qaeda?     McGavin999, 05/01/04

This week is Last Call for Cruise Registration. Don't be Left Crying on the dock, Doc. Sign on NOW!     MinuteGal, 05/01/04

In Pelosi, Kerry and the Blow Fish [Kennedy] We Trust.     MN_Mike, 05/01/04

Liberalism is the end result of too many people peeing in the gene pool.     reagan_fanatic, 05/01/04

Democrats AND The Partisan Press are the REAL enemies to freedom in the world!     Sister_T, 05/01/04

It's only called golf because all the other 4 letter words were taken     stylin19a, 05/01/04

Will Rogers would slap John Kerry senseless.     Texasforever, 05/01/04

Don't let tragedy steal your trust in God.     The Mayor, 05/01/04

I'm so glad Goober Pyle is the Governor of New Mexico, aren't you?     vandykelastone, 05/01/04

Kerry says he doesn't own an SUV- the SUV in his driveway is a figment of our collective imagination.     Victoria Delsoul, 05/01/04

Float like a butterfly, sting like a B-52.     Alouette, 05/02/04

If Mecca and Medina were vapourized, would radical Islamists "Get The Message"?     Don W, 05/02/04

I looked out and saw rifles everywhere. That's when I felt safe.     EggsAckley, 05/02/04

Kofi Annan: The Lawn Jockey at the Intersection of Corruption and Lies.     get'emall, 05/02/04

Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences. ~Robert Louis Stevenson.     neutrino, 05/02/04

I am planting a garden. The rabbits think I am setting out a buffet.     petuniasevan, 05/02/04

Liberals really aren't bad people. It's just that they know so much that simply ISN'T true!!     GeorgeW23225, 05/03/04

I used to be schizophrenic, but we're ok now.     SAMWolf, 05/03/04

Vote Quagmire...Vote Kerry!!!     ShandaLear, 05/03/04

If there were no problems, politicians would have to invent them... wait, they already do.     tdadams, 05/03/04

Failure is not an option - it’s built into the software.     Aeronaut, 05/03/04

Have you hugged your kids today? Have you thanked someone in the Military today?     pghkevin, 05/03/04

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Dedicated To All Our Troops And To Their Families.

Thank You For Your Courageous Dedication And Work.

You Are In Our Prayers Every Day.

God Bless Each And Every One Of You!

1 posted on 05/03/2004 6:35:40 PM PDT by jigsaw
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To: .cnI redruM; 1smallVoice; 537cant be wrong; 7.62 x 51mm; Aeronaut; alnick; Alouette; ...
Thy tagline art above!
2 posted on 05/03/2004 6:36:23 PM PDT by jigsaw (God Bless FreeRepublic.)
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To: FreeAtlanta; freedumb2003; Gabz; GaltMeister; GeorgeW23225; Gerish; GeronL; get'emall; ...
Thy tagline art above!
3 posted on 05/03/2004 6:37:12 PM PDT by jigsaw (God Bless FreeRepublic.)
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To: MegaSilver; mhking; MinuteGal; MJY1288; MNLDS; MN_Mike; mommybain; motzman; Mr. Silverback; ...
Thy tagline art above!
4 posted on 05/03/2004 6:37:52 PM PDT by jigsaw (God Bless FreeRepublic.)
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To: sinclair; Sister_T; SJackson; Slings and Arrows; small voice in the wilderness; smith288; ...
Thy tagline art above!
5 posted on 05/03/2004 6:38:32 PM PDT by jigsaw (God Bless FreeRepublic.)
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To: All
Thou art all most welcome.   :-)
6 posted on 05/03/2004 6:39:14 PM PDT by jigsaw (God Bless FreeRepublic.)
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To: jigsaw
You never miss, do ya jiggy? I appreciate the mention.

A.K.A. Sleepy Brown

7 posted on 05/03/2004 6:41:46 PM PDT by rdb3 (Let others praise ancient times; I am glad I was born in these.)
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To: jigsaw

And thanks for keeping these tagline lists! They are always a blast!
8 posted on 05/03/2004 6:45:03 PM PDT by freedumb2003 (Tagline under development... check back later)
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To: jigsaw; SAMWolf; snippy_about_it
Thanks, Jigsaw.
9 posted on 05/03/2004 6:47:43 PM PDT by CholeraJoe (Not Scottish. 3/4Welsh, 1/8Cherokee, 1/8Swiss. We're Archers and Infantry. Too short for the Cavalry)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: jigsaw
Thank you, Jigsaw!

This is a great list!

10 posted on 05/03/2004 6:48:50 PM PDT by neutrino (Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences. Robert Louis Stevenson.)
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To: jigsaw
Thank you, Jigsaw!

This is a great list!

11 posted on 05/03/2004 6:48:53 PM PDT by neutrino (Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences. Robert Louis Stevenson.)
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To: jigsaw
Thank you for the nod, and the ping.

I'll look forward to reading them all. Freepers are the best!
12 posted on 05/03/2004 6:48:53 PM PDT by GretchenM (Want to see more U.S. soldiers live? Drench them in prayer.)
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To: jigsaw
ROTFL...excellent as always, Jigsaw! :-)
13 posted on 05/03/2004 6:50:04 PM PDT by TheBigB ("Any moment now, unspeakable horror! Trust me!" -Tom Servo)
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To: jigsaw
You make me smile jigsaw, Thanks for all your hard work!

14 posted on 05/03/2004 6:50:29 PM PDT by The Mayor (Don't let tragedy steal your trust in God.)
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To: jigsaw
Amen to what you said in #1!!!

My goodness... What a long list it's gittin ta be!!!

Here's a knew one fur ya!!!

15 posted on 05/03/2004 6:53:01 PM PDT by SierraWasp (Two... Four... Six... Eight... We don't wanna mitigate!!! GovernMental EnvironMentals are insatiable)
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To: jigsaw
thank you, jigsaw...

16 posted on 05/03/2004 6:53:14 PM PDT by glock rocks (Please pray for our patriot armed forces in harm's way - and the families awaiting their safe return)
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To: jigsaw
Finally, I've become something. My head is sooooo fat now. 'Kind of makes me wish I had loyal minions........Oh...MY...God! I'm starting to feel like Kerry!
17 posted on 05/03/2004 6:58:05 PM PDT by Leisler (Everything is forbidden except when expressly permitted.)
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To: jigsaw
hmmm... which one, I wonder?
18 posted on 05/03/2004 6:58:36 PM PDT by King Prout (poets and philosophers should NEVER pretend to Engineering... especially SOCIAL Engineering!)
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To: jigsaw
Uh oh.
Ya found me.
19 posted on 05/03/2004 7:00:27 PM PDT by Darksheare (Fortune for the day: Bad server drive, no tagline for you!)
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To: jigsaw
Thanks, Jigsaw!! (in my best muhammed Ali voice) "You are the greatest!"
20 posted on 05/03/2004 7:10:08 PM PDT by reagan_fanatic (Liberalism is the end result of too many people peeing in the gene pool.)
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