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Why Obama Shouldn't Be President

Posted on 10/01/2008 8:53:38 PM PDT by The_Macallan

Barack Obama Was Wrong - The Surge Worked In Iraq:

* US casualties are down almost 80%, violence is down even more to the lowest levels since the war started and it's directly due to the troop surge that John McCain was among the first to support. The surge worked, Al Qaeda In Iraq is being neutralized and stability and cooperation is growing among Iraqis. Barack Obama was wrong to oppose the surge and was wrong when he said it wouldn't work and was wrong when he said that it would make the violence worse.

And now, faced with the undeniable success of the surge, Obama has the audacity to simply distort the truth, in an interview aired the very night that John McCain accepted the Republican Presidential Nomination, saying that "nobody anticipated" the surge would succeed like it did. John McCain thought it would work, knew it would work and that's why he pushed for it from the very beginning.
In Barack Obama's First Major Foreign Policy Decision As US Senator - He Voted Against The Surge And He Got It Completely Wrong.

FannieMae former-CEO's Golden Parachutes Landed Them Right Into The Obama Campaign:

* John McCain was right to co-sponsor a Senate Bill to reform FannieMae's recklessness back in 2005, to head off the coming subprime mortgage meltdown. That bill was blocked by Senate Democrats. The Chairman & CEO of FannieMae at the time, Franklin D. Raines, soon took an "early retirement" amid investigations by the SEC for "accounting irregularities" and was sued for his mismanagement of FannieMae, lawsuits which he just settled this year by paying out millions in penalites. Raines is now one of Barack Obama's economic advisors.

And another former FannieMae Chairman & CEO, Jim Johnson, led Barack Obama's vice-presidential search committee. In 2004, a Federal Investigation found during Johnson's tenure, FannieMae had improperly deferred $200 million in expenses and later found that FannieMae substantially under-reported Johnson's compensation to the tune of almost $20 million. Investigations have also shown that both Johnson and Raines received below market-rate loans from Countrywide Financial because the corporation considered them to be "FOA's" - "Friends of Angelo" (Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo). Coincidentially, Barack Obama has received more money in campaign contributions from FannieMae/FreddieMac employees than ANY other Senator or Representative in the past 20 years except for one, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd.

Allowing Born-Alive Babies To Die Is Not Part Of A Woman's Choice:

* When asked by Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren "When does a baby get human rights", Barack Obama said glibly that it was "above my pay grade". How can a man who wants to be President Of The United States say that questions about Human Rights are "above my pay grade"? Barack Obama, while Illinois State Senator actually voted several times to allow newborn infants, babies born alive who survived late-term abortions, to be neglected, denied medical care, starved and killed in hospitals as a form of "reproductive rights" and "women's choice".

Even dogs would have more rights than babies who survive abortion under laws supported by Obama. Barack Obama voted on record to say that those living breathing infants do not have human rights and yet he didn't even have the courage to answer that same question at a time when the people of the nation he wants to lead are all watching and listening. That's just shameful cowardice.
We Can't Protect Human Rights If We Can't Protect Human Life.

ALL Americans Will Pay For Obama's Tax Increases:

* When taxes on business go up, customers pay for that tax in higher prices in goods and services. Barack Obama's tax increase on business will be payed by everyday consumers and that affects EVERYBODY. Obama also wants to double the capital-gains tax on investments. When capital-gains taxes go up, it stifles investment incentives which is a direct hit for any middle-class folks with stock investments, and an indirect hit to anyone wih an IRA, 401k or pension because of the stifling ripple effect it would cause in the markets.

And Barack Obama has even admitted himself that he wants to double the capital-gains tax NOT to raise revenue, but rather to get even with people who make money on their market investments - he said back in April 2008 that he wanted to raise the capital-gains tax NOT to increase revenue but simply "for the purpose of fairness". How is it "fair" to punish people who invest their money and put their money at risk in the stock market? If anything it punishes the entire market and everyone who has any investments in the market (including IRAs, 401ks, pensions, etc.) will be punished by a stifled stock market that is smothered by higher taxes "for the purpose of fairness".
Taxing "The Rich" Does Not Create Jobs Or Wealth For The Poor.

You Don't Control Spending By Creating New Spending Programs:

* Barack Obama's own campaign website details no less than $200 Billion per year in new spending programs or over a quarter of a trillion dollars in new spending in just his first four years as President. $85 Billion-a-year in income-tax credits to non-payers of income-tax, $65 Billion-a-year "global poverty tax", $65 Billion-a-year gov't health care plan, $30 Billion-a-year for "free" college tuition, $25 Billion-a-year increase in foreign aid, $18 Billion-a-year in education spending, $15 Billion-a-year in green energy, $5 Billion-a-year universal mortgage credit, $5 Billion mortgage bailout plan, $2 Billion-a-year "Clean Technologies Venture Capital" slush fund, $3.5 Billion for a national service plan, $1.5 Billion "paid-leave" funded by the gov't. Put it all together, and we are talking about a $200 billon plan, $800 Billion over four years.

And these are just the STARTING figures. As a universal rule, gov't programs always end up costing far more than they're projected to cost when first proposed. And this doesn't even consider the $700 Billion FannieMae/FreddieMac bailout being pushed through Congress right now.
Barack Obama's Answer To Every Domestic Issue Starts With A Billion Dollars And Ends With A Bigger Government Program.

Inconsistent Rhetoric Reveals Inconsistent Resolve:

* While campaigning in Oregon in April 2008, Barack Obama nonchalantly dismissed the very serious notion that Iran is a threat to the US saying, "They don't pose a serious threat to us... Iran may spend one one-hundredth of what we spend on the military. I mean, if Iran ever tried to pose a serious threat to us, they wouldn't stand a chance". Then, just two days later, Obama proclaimed, "Iran is a grave threat. It has an illicit nuclear program, it supports terrorism across the region..." Well, which is it? Is Iran a threat or not?

Confusing statements such as this do not show a clarity of understanding nor confidence of resolve. Back in August 2007, Barack Obama stated categorically that he would certainly launch military attacks within Pakistan against terrorists without then-President Mushariff's approval or cooperation "If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won't act, we will,". Pakistan is a nuclear power and ally in the region. Apparently Obama thinks Iran is less of a threat than Pakistan because he has said repeatedly that he'd prefer to use economic santions against Iran if they don't cooperate with stopping their nuclear program - but if Pakistan is uncooperative about terrorists hiding in their mountain caves, he says he'd launch military attacks inside Pakistan.

But then, we don't even know if Obama is serious when he says he would support economic santions against Iran. Last year Obama was one of only few Senators who voted against the bipartisan-supported Kyl-Lieberman Amendment which would impose economic sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Even Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin voted for sanctions, but Obama voted 'no' calling it "saber-rattling". He says he favors sanctions, but when it comes time to vote for sanctions, he contradicts his statements and votes no. Again, Obama's recent trail of very inconsistent stances regarding the threat of nuclear-armed Islamicists (whether they be in Pakistan or Iran) is not something that creates confidence in ANY position Obama says he has regarding these threats.
Obama's Inconsistent And Contradictory Responses To These Serious National Security Threats Are Inconsistent And Contradictory With Him Being Taken Seriously About ANY Response To National Security Threats.

You Are Who You Associate With:

* In his first memoir, 'Dreams Of My Father', Barack Obama wrote about his choice of friends during his formative college years: "To avoid being mistaken for a sellout,I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.... we were resisting bourgeois society's stifling constraints." During his Community Organizing years in Chicago, Obama chose to join a group of radical Marxists founded by self-avowed Communist-supporter Saul Alinsky (who actually dedicated his book, "Rules For Radicals" to Lucifer).

Obama chose to join a radical church founded on the black-supremicist "Black Liberation Theology" teachings of James Cone. His pastor and close confidant of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is notorious for his crude, hate-filled, anti-white, anti-American sermons and for his praise of and associations with the likes of Louis Farrakhan and Mommar Khadaffi. Obama actually titled his second memoir, 'Audacity Of Hate' after one of Wright's sermons. His Church put Hamas propaganda in their bulletin - and Obama ended up getting the endorsement of that very same terrorist organization.

He chose to befriend, work with and take campaign money from an unrepetent terrorist named William Ayers who was part of the Weather Underground and who to this day proudly boasts of bombing American buildings and killing American citizens - and yet Obama still refuses to disavow his friendship with him. Obama began his early political career with a kickoff event hosted by William Ayers at Ayer's own home. Obama chose to have and maintain close personal and financial ties with a corrupt convicted Chicago slumlord named Tony Rezko who bailed Obama out of financial trouble, bought him a home and then got convicted of extortion, fraud and money laundering.

Even this year Obama chose two former FannieMae CEOs to be advisors on his campaign (Jim Johnson and Franklin D. Raines) who are each surrounded by accounting scandals and Federal investigations of wrongdoing. Raines just this year finally settled lawsuits against him by paying out millions of dollars to plaintiffs. The old adage that 'you're known by the company you keep' reveals Obama to be either an extremely poor judge of character or else is one who is simply attracted to radical, scandal-plagued friends and associates.
Either way, Based On The Company He Chooses To Keep - Barack Obama Does Not Display The Wisdom Or Judgement Expected For A President Of The United States.

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1 posted on 10/01/2008 8:53:39 PM PDT by The_Macallan
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To: All


JIHAD (CAMPUS WATCH): "INGRID MATTSON AND THE U.S. MUSLIM ENGAGEMENT PROJECT" (SNIPPET: "Mattson was one of the speakers at an interfaith gathering at the Democratic National Convention in August...") (October 1, 2008)


THE AMERICAN PROWLER - Special Report: "FINANCIAL AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" by Matthew Vadum (September 29, 2008, 12:08 am)

[Post no. 2] - ARCHIVES - Topic: BIDEN & OBAMA (aka B & O) (October 1, 2008 -- Click Here.)

2 posted on 10/01/2008 8:55:37 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: The_Macallan; MurryMom

Hussein Obomber is the most, documented, leftist. That is all...

3 posted on 10/01/2008 8:58:15 PM PDT by Libloather (September is Liberal Awareness Month.)
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To: The_Macallan

Came to me in an email;

Much is made of McCain’s age. Has anyone brought up the
fact that Obama smokes and both of his parents died at an early age.
Plus Biden has had two brain aneurysms which could have
killed him.
If they both died while in office that would leave Nancy
Pelosi as president. I can’t think of a better reason to
vote for McCain & Palin.

4 posted on 10/01/2008 8:58:15 PM PDT by umgud (In a crisis, dump gold, buy lead)
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To: The_Macallan

Just google Saul Alinsky and read about his opinions regarding the role of a community organizer. That alone should make any American shudder in contempt at the thought of 0bama as Commander in Chief.

Saul Alinsky revered Lucifer as the first community organizer.

Maybe I should listen to my mother when she proclaims that 0bama is the anti-christ.

5 posted on 10/01/2008 9:01:18 PM PDT by tamster
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To: The_Macallan
Among many, many other good reasons (like he's an abject marxist and has willfully associated with and benefited from militant anti-Americans for years):




6 posted on 10/01/2008 9:05:48 PM PDT by Jeff Head (Freedom is not free...never has been, never will be. (
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To: Cindy


1.) COLB
Proven fake by more than one source
2.) Sketchy childhood
We know some details - Lots of gaps - muslim?
3.) College thesis has vanished
Was it anything like Michele’s?
4.) Overseas travel
Pakistan? Why? On what passport?
5.) Law records
What cases did he represent?
6.) Senate records disappeared
What was he trying to hide?
7.) Associations
Rev Wright, Ft Flager, Ayers, Rezko, Davis, Michele etc.
8.) Senate voting record
That speaks for itself
Who would his choices be?
10.) Proven Liar
11.) Inexperience
12.) Racist, Sexist, Radical, Marxist views

B Hussein scares the hell out of me.
Keep the community organizer out of the White House

7 posted on 10/01/2008 9:09:38 PM PDT by mouse1 (10/1/08 A SAD DAY FOR AMERICA)
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To: umgud
This may be macabre, but I'm glad McCain is as old as he is. I don't trust him, and I think Palin would do a much better job. So, at least I can vote for Palin, and stand a reasonable chance she may end up in the big chair. Eh, at very least, she will be setting up for a ‘12 run.

As for Obama, it doesn't matter, what ever happens it's Bush's failed administrations fault. May as well get used to that story line. Over and over and over and over again.. Bush's failed administration.

They make me sick.

8 posted on 10/01/2008 9:10:39 PM PDT by chaos_5
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To: umgud

exactly - Pelosi, two heart beats away from president.

9 posted on 10/01/2008 9:11:16 PM PDT by mouse1 (10/1/08 A SAD DAY FOR AMERICA)
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To: The_Macallan

Like it’s going to make any difference...

10 posted on 10/01/2008 9:37:40 PM PDT by El Sordo
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To: The_Macallan

The one to hammer home is the letting babies die. Even liberals I know can not defend it.

11 posted on 10/01/2008 9:46:59 PM PDT by nOOb 4 Sarah (Go Sarah Go!)
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To: The_Macallan

Every day, Obama’s poll numbers are growing higher and higher, the Sheeple are falling for the lies and deceptions. What can we do? Our only hope is that Gov. Palin will destroy Biden tomorrow and show up the DIMocRAT ticket for the Commie Muslims they are.

12 posted on 10/01/2008 9:49:40 PM PDT by FFranco
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To: Libloather

If an Obama Presidency occurs, his term will be mired with investigations into this Fannie Mae stuff. That’s a given. And all the people around him who will be in legal trouble. It will be a mess on a grand scale.

13 posted on 10/01/2008 10:26:43 PM PDT by Hildy ("We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.")
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To: The_Macallan

Under “You are who you associate with”: Isn’t Obama’s memoir entitled “The Audacity of Hope” not “... of Hate”. Otherwise, a great article!

14 posted on 10/04/2008 10:37:18 PM PDT by chris14
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To: chris14

Yeah, you're right. Typo on my part.

But my title is actually a lot more accurate!

15 posted on 10/05/2008 3:18:51 PM PDT by The_Macallan
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To: The_Macallan
Our Country Deserves Better than Barack Obama for our next president & Commander in Chief.

The Our Country Deserves Better PAC has one objective: to defeat Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. We won't be subtle or vague - America's future is at stake, and it's time someone stood up to Barack Obama and told the American people why this man cannot, and must not, serve as our next Commander in Chief.

We are going to give the American people the truth in no uncertain terms because that is what they expect, but haven't been getting from either the news media or many of our political leaders.

Visit our website for more information!

Obama Says A Baby Is A Punishment
Obama: “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

Obama Doesn’t Want His Daughters Punished with a Baby

CNN on Obama’s Infant Born Alive Act Rejection

Jill Stanek on Obama and Born Alive Infant Protection Act (MUST SEE)

Obama Cover-up Revealed On Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Bill

Explosive Audio Found Obama arguing against BAIPA

Babies left to die!

16 posted on 10/05/2008 3:19:47 PM PDT by narses (Obama and Osama both have friends who bombed the Pentagon.)
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