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Kentucky elections officer wants eligibility investigated
WND ^ | 4/10/09 | Bob Unruh

Posted on 04/10/2009 11:09:45 PM PDT by pissant

An official in the office of Kentucky's elections chief has referred to state Attorney General Jack Conway for investigation the issue of Barack Obama's eligibility to be president.

In a letter to Conway, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Leslie A. Fugate noted the issue of "President Barack Obama's eligibility to be on the ballot in Kentucky."

There was no immediate word on the status of any investigative work that might be launched by investigators for Conway, the 49th attorney general for Kentucky, who was elected in 2007 and has made targeting cybercrimes a priority.

If a formal investigation actually is begun it apparently would be the first time the many lawsuit plaintiffs across the country would see a door opening to some answers about the murky circumstances surrounding Obama's eligibility to be president.

Among the typical responses to eligibility challenges WND has reported was a federal judge's dismissal of a case because the issue already had been "twittered."

Further, lawyers hired to defend against such cases also have begun threatening sanctions against plaintiffs' lawyers unless they agree voluntarily to leave the issue of eligibility unquestioned.

"Because our office does not have investigative powers … we are referring the matter to your office," she wrote.

The letter followed a visit to elections officials by California attorney Orly Taitz, who is working through her Defend Our Freedoms Foundation on several court cases challenging Obama's eligibility.

A committee of concerned citizens accompanied Taitz to Fugate's office to ask that the eligibility issue be investigated.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption
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The marxist fraud must be booted out before he can do more damage.
1 posted on 04/10/2009 11:09:45 PM PDT by pissant
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To: pissant

So if BHO is proven to be the Kenyan he is ..........?

2 posted on 04/10/2009 11:12:45 PM PDT by Squantos (Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet)
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To: pissant; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; BP2; Polarik; SatinDoll; ckilmer; Candor7; patriot08; Red Steel; ...


3 posted on 04/10/2009 11:19:51 PM PDT by justiceseeker93
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To: pissant

Where was this person when Obama applied as a candidate for the presidential primary and as the Democrat nominee for President for the general election in November?

4 posted on 04/10/2009 11:20:39 PM PDT by Paleo Conservative
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To: pissant
I agree.

This unprincipled, illegitimate, un-American usurper, has to be removed, or he will see to it that we go down first.

We are in the fight of our lives Americans. Eagles Up!

5 posted on 04/10/2009 11:24:54 PM PDT by Semper Mark (Obama bows down to men with sheets on their heads - The NAACP should be outraged!)
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To: justiceseeker93

Thanks for the ping. :-)

6 posted on 04/10/2009 11:30:17 PM PDT by Red Steel
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To: pissant; Liz; AT7Saluki; writer33
...the murky circumstances surrounding Obama's eligibility to be president.

Hussein's eligibility is still MURKY? This can't be good...

7 posted on 04/10/2009 11:41:56 PM PDT by Libloather (Tea Totaler)
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To: pissant

A Kentucky Fugate? Is she a Blue Fugate? I know that’s pretty obscure, but do a web search. Peculiar symbolism there, blue. Is somebody’s leg being pulled?

8 posted on 04/10/2009 11:47:16 PM PDT by RegulatorCountry
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To: Squantos

Then the real problems begin.

I do not think FReepers and “birthers” have thought this through any better than the left-wing crazies who wanted to impeach Bush for “war crimes”

Second in line would be Vice President Joe Biden. However, the argument could (and should in that case) easily be made that Biden is “poison fruit” of the poisoned tree.

In other words, since he was Obama’s choice as VP, his (s)election is invalidated, because he was part and parcel of the same ticket,fraudulently foisted upon the American voting public.

Guess who that leaves us with?

Speaker of the House of Representatives, “BoTox Queen” Nancy Pelosi.

If she was found ineligible owing to any related conspiracy in the matter of b. Hussein, it gets worse...

The mantle would fall next upon the shoulders of Harry Reid of Nevada - the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

The future of our Executive Branch Leader is even further up in the air if “Dingy Harry” were to be disallowed.

The line of succession parades through the SecState, Mrs. Bill Clinton, and “TurboTax cheat” Tim Geithner, the SecTreas.

Since they were selected for the WH cabinet by zer0bama, they too, will be disallowed, since they represent decisions made by an invalidated occupant of the Oval Office.

In point of fact, the only passably decent and palatable leader among ALL of the cabinet members is the lone holdover from the George W Bush administration - SecDef, Robert Gates. Unfortunately he would suffer the same stigmatization as the rest of the cabinet secretaries.

The most likely scenario is the Pelosi would be confirmed to the office, having been duly elected to her position, and who she might select as her VP is anyone’s guess. I guarantee it would be no more palatable than Biden. As the principle idiot responsible for drafting the “stimulus package” Pelosi is no less a nightmare than zer0.

An argument could be offered for a “special election”, or for the complainant/aggrieved status of John McCain and Sarah Palin, who were the duly elected/selected Pres. and VP candidates for their national party’s ticket. They lost, but if their opponent had no right to be on the ticket , there is again another argument to be made...

How would this be resolved, and who would be empowered to resolve it? We should make no mistake, the Democrat Party controlled House, and Senate-in-stalemate would not be doing the American public ANY favours whatsoever.

On anything more than just a cursory look, it should be evident that we as a country are looking at a genuine crisis - and one of EPIC proportions...unlike the manufactured “worst since the great depression” crisis/catastrophe that zer0bama has been flogging incessantly since he took office.

Were zer0 proven to be ineligible and impeached/forcible removed, I fear that a racist element would quickly boil over in urban areas. Black voters in general went to the polls for Hussein in an overwhelming majority - 85% to 90%.

A certain proportion would not simply “let go” peaceably, no matter what sorts of pleas for order were made, nor by whom.

It would be much better to put this whole mess on hold long enough to clear the decks in 2010, re-establish a GOP majority in Congress, and be able to operate from a position of strength.

Then, Conservatives would have greater Representative say-so over the outcome of such an unprecedented set of issues.


9 posted on 04/10/2009 11:50:08 PM PDT by AmericanArchConservative (Armour on, Lances high, Swords out, Bows drawn, Shields front ... Eagles UP!)
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To: AmericanArchConservative

Good points all yet if such was to occur I think (IMHO) a new election would have to be accomplished due fraudulent election process.......not succession to the throne sort of event at all IMO. Thus Speaker would still be and Precedent would have to require a new election with Biden , Pelosi and all DNC involved in the act of subversion , fraud etc ....... we’re not accepting the “we are shocked and unaware that BHO was not a citizen of the US” etc etc ......

stay safe !

10 posted on 04/10/2009 11:56:23 PM PDT by Squantos (Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet)
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To: LucyT; STARWISE; Calpernia; BP2; FreeManN


11 posted on 04/11/2009 12:00:13 AM PDT by hoosiermama (Berg is a liberal democrat. Keyes is a conservative. Obama is bringing us together already!)
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To: pissant

Best hope is 0bomo is exposed as fraud and cannot run in 2012. I hope we can do it sooner. We shall see. Unfortunately I think 0bomo birth certificate only has embarrassing stuff on it but he was still born in Hawaii

His university transcripts are also embarrassing probably showing him taking black studies, Arabic and Palestinian courses at Columbia and not getting good grades. Making the next question “He got into Harvard law due to affirmative action?”

12 posted on 04/11/2009 12:03:00 AM PDT by dennisw (0gabe our very own Kenyan subprime president)
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To: dennisw

Now wait a minute dennis, your very own tagline implies that Obama is a Kenyan. Doesn’t it?

Forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted something.

13 posted on 04/11/2009 12:14:00 AM PDT by Semper Mark (Obama bows down to men with sheets on their heads - The NAACP should be outraged!)
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To: dennisw

“but he was still born in Hawaii”

By the way...I wish he had been “still born”.

14 posted on 04/11/2009 12:31:22 AM PDT by Semper Mark (Obama bows down to men with sheets on their heads - The NAACP should be outraged!)
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To: AmericanArchConservative

Don’t I remember Pelosi signing something validating Obama’s eligibility? If he is ineligible, doesn’t that subject Pelosi to something for signing off on those papers?

15 posted on 04/11/2009 4:14:11 AM PDT by Calpernia (Hunters Rangers - Raising the Bar of Integrity
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To: pissant

All Obama had to do was provide his birth certificate...and this matter would be resolved.

The fact that he will not...and the refusal of federal judges to act on the matter....has escalated this issue.

Good to see that the state of Kentucky may be investigating this issue

16 posted on 04/11/2009 4:24:21 AM PDT by UCFRoadWarrior (The Biggest Threat To American Soverignty Is Rampant Economic Anti-Americanism)
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To: pissant

More people need to step forward to replace the ones that have gone silent recently.

Barry has been a busy boy misusing executive privileges with Homeland Security in terms of stifling people that are raising attention to his lack of valid history.

17 posted on 04/11/2009 4:31:48 AM PDT by Eye of Unk ("If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." T. Paine)
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To: AmericanArchConservative

There was some serious thought of making the election null and void and just start all over, without Barry of course.

I remember the Olympics had to do a 2 year lapse instead of the traditional 4 year venues to better coincide with the summer/winter events.

Not that I think we can hold out that long, frankly I think two months more will be pushing it. America is reaching a boiling point with Obama, everywhere I go, everybody I talk to at some point has a bad comment or view of him.

Old friends I have not seen in years that I bump into at the post office ask me who would be the best local leader in our area if we have to form up a militia. Where to meet and how to handle a loss of communication.

People are absolutely terrified that their neighbors are on “the other side” and are now afraid of being targeted by officials for any reason that would be illegal or against Obamas new laws.

And the talk also is that there is no confidence in the GOP at all, or rather what the GOP is now, Glenn Beck is the rage, people flock into the local bar and watch him on the Widescreens every day. If Glenn says jump I swear we would have holes in the ceiling around my town.

Its going to get very interesting as to what direction he leads America after the April 15th tax protests.

18 posted on 04/11/2009 4:44:22 AM PDT by Eye of Unk ("If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." T. Paine)
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To: Markos33

My tagline means that 0bama has made himself into his socialist Kenyan father who he never knew. That alone is one for the shrinks! He never thinks about the white side of his family. Only the Kenyan side

That his approach is African style socialist. That we are being ruled by a man who grew up outside the US...So did Tim Geithner and it shows. They are both damaged goods due to too much foreign influence. For president we need people who are 100% America and even Hillary would have qualified in that respect

Was 0boma born in Kenya? I give this a slight possibility. Something is fishy with that birth certificate

19 posted on 04/11/2009 5:02:47 AM PDT by dennisw (0gabe our very own Kenyan subprime president)
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To: pissant

These cases against Obomo are really starting to grow legs. If Obomo was a legitimate natural born American citizen, why did he advertise his COLB in the first place? When someone hides something, they have something to hide.

20 posted on 04/11/2009 5:15:19 AM PDT by real_patriotic_american
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To: real_patriotic_american

...... let me add, why did he advertise the COLB in the first place? What was wrong with simply producing the original birth certificate.

21 posted on 04/11/2009 5:20:58 AM PDT by real_patriotic_american
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To: dennisw
Best hope is 0bomo is exposed as fraud

Agreed! Nothing he signs would be legal. There would be a total rejection by the American People of this whole bunch, since they facilitated Obama's coup d’état.
22 posted on 04/11/2009 5:28:45 AM PDT by Beckwith (A "natural born citizen" -- two American citizen parents and born in the USA.)
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To: Beckwith

0bomo keeps his birth certificate sealed because once he opens that up there will be demands to open up university transcripts, his thesis, his admissions records for evidence of affirmative action, records from his time as Illinois State Senator and so on down the line

0bomo is an expert at getting his opponents sealed divorce records open THUS he knows better than most that he should hide everything. Keep prying eyes away from his dubious past. There is no upside for 0bama opening up anything about his past

23 posted on 04/11/2009 6:14:15 AM PDT by dennisw (0gabe our very own Kenyan subprime president)
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To: pissant

Ask the FBI what happened to the ACORN computers confiscated before the election? Are they stockpiled in Zero’s office or did Soros buy them back?

24 posted on 04/11/2009 7:47:44 AM PDT by ExTexasRedhead
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To: pissant


25 posted on 04/11/2009 2:50:35 PM PDT by Dajjal (Obama is an Ericksonian NLP hypnotist.)
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To: pissant; Fred Nerks; MHGinTN; Candor7; null and void; LucyT
Twitter this:

People are asking, "Why won't Obama produce his original birth certificate?"

Obama cannot show his actual birth certificate now, for it would confirm that he, members of his campaign, and members of Factcheck are guilty of committing criminal fraud and covering it up via obstruction of justice, intimidation, and violation of people's civil rights.

26 posted on 04/11/2009 4:32:42 PM PDT by Polarik (("Forgeries don't validate claims -- they repudiate them"))
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To: Squantos

Obama will surrender to the pirates and fight the eligibility issue until his last breath.

27 posted on 04/11/2009 4:36:29 PM PDT by SvenMagnussen (Clever tagline can only be seen on the other internet.)
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To: AmericanArchConservative

NancyP, as chairperson of the Democratic Nominating Committee (different from DNC Chairman Howard Dean), signed an affidavit attesting to Obama’s nomination as the Democratic nominee for the Office of the President of the US.

That’s right, she could be charged with fraud and conspiracy if Obama is found to be ineligible.

That is why so many of her Congressional colleagues have deferred to her on Obama’s eligibility. You don’t call the Speaker of the House a liar unless you have proof.

So far, Obama has successfully hidden the truth.

Incidentally, Biden’s election by the Electoral College was a separate and unrelated event to Obama’s vote count. Biden becomes President and will probably name Jill Biden Vice President.

28 posted on 04/11/2009 4:47:27 PM PDT by SvenMagnussen (Clever tagline can only be seen on the other internet.)
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To: AmericanArchConservative
The mantle would fall next upon the shoulders of Harry Reid of Nevada - the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

The President Pro Tempore of the Senate is Robert Byrd. So, you would have the first African-American President kicked out and replaced by the first KKK President.


29 posted on 04/11/2009 4:53:18 PM PDT by Political Junkie Too (You can never overestimate the Democrats' ability to overplay their hand.)
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To: Calpernia; Polarik

30 posted on 04/11/2009 5:07:21 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (fair dinkum!)
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To: Calpernia

The same document as that from kentucky came from the state of Tennessee.

It is signed by Nancy Pelosi and certifies the Brown Clown was nominated by the DNC convention. It says nothing about qualifications.

31 posted on 04/11/2009 5:13:06 PM PDT by bert (K.E. N.P. +12 . John Galt hell !...... where is Francisco dÂ’Anconia)
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To: bert

The DNC had bilaws or rules or something that was posted here back in June or July 2007 that gave rules for nominations. So yes it would affect Pelosi signing off on it.

32 posted on 04/11/2009 5:27:12 PM PDT by Calpernia (Hunters Rangers - Raising the Bar of Integrity
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To: Polarik

But to democrats fraud on this scale is just an embarrassment, not criminal. That’s why democrat judges won’t allow the truth to surface, it would embarrass their affirmative action messiah.

33 posted on 04/11/2009 5:48:43 PM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: AmericanArchConservative

So, you would set the Constitution aside for this Kenyan klown! Figures. This is the attitude of rinos. You might want to change your name here since your obsequious pleadings betray your non-conservative nature.

34 posted on 04/11/2009 5:52:10 PM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: Eye of Unk; Calpernia; Squantos; Fred Nerks; greyfoxx39; Godzilla

Firstly - and for the record in this forum - the order of succession is as follows, by position, and person occupying that office:

Vice President - Joseph Biden

Speaker of the House of Representatives - Nancy Pelosi

President of the Senate, Pro Tempore - Harry Reid

Secretary of State - Mrs. William Jefferson Hillary Rodham Clinton

Secretary of the Treasury - Timothy Geithner

Secretary of Defense - Robert Gates

Attorney General - Eric Holder

Secretary of the Interior - Ken Salazar

Secretary of Agriculture - Tom Vilsack

Secretary of Commerce - Gary Locke

Labor Secretary - Hilda Solis

Secretary of Health and Human Services - Kathleen Sibelius

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Shaun Donovan

Secretary of Transportation - Ray LaHood

Secretary of Energy - Steven Chu

Secretary of Education - Arne Duncan

Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs - Eric Shinseki

Secretary of Homeland Security - Janet Napolitano

I know I am not the only (CONSERVATIVE) person who instinctively sees an enormous problem with this larger picture.

In this whole array we have but one “Republican”, Kathleen Sibelius, and based upon her pro-abortion record and several other criteria, I will safely assume that ALL of us in this forum regard her as an unqualified (in every sense of the word) R.I.N.O.

Robert Gates may be a Republican, but he is a holdover from the George W. Bush administration, and perhaps the only selection by zer0bama that ANY conservative in the country can stomach. Nonetheless, he was selected by, and serves at the pleasure of the President.

If Obama is disallowed as U.S. President, ALL actions taken by him since he insinuated himself into office (for the sake of this construct) by illicit means, are similirly invalid on their face.

Each and every Executive Order, every bill presented to him by Congress for his signature, every action taken and every word spoken by him to foreign leaders and dignitaries, any and every treaty, alliance, and/or trade agreement entered into him in behalf of the American people.

All are at once null and void, without further qualification.

So what then?

First and foremost, he would have to either resign, or face being forcibly removed from office.

Herein lies the first possible conundrum.

Correct me if I am wrong - anybody - but is it not true that should he fail to resign immediately (and Joseph Biden as Vice President along with him) the responsibility for removing him from office by force of legal authority wold fall upon the shoulders of the highest law enforcement officer in the land - currently sitting Attorney General, Eric Holder!?

Holder has already demonstrated his political-philosophical leanings, as well as his loyalty to Obama’s agenda. He would probably feel a tremendous amount of personal reluctance to exercise the authority of his office against the very man who appointed him to that office in the first place.

Nonetheless, he is sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as the highest law of this land. If he were to have any hope whatsoever of holding his head up among decent people in this country ever again, he would have to find himself under enormous pressure to act in behalf of the Constitution and of “We, the People” whom he is sworn to protect.

So does he remove Obama, and thus insure that he will himself sooner or later be forced to vacate the Attorney General post, as an invalid appointee? Or does he choose another direction, in apparent defiance of the will of the people and the direction of the law!?

If Holder obeys his Constitutional obligations in this scenario, who then will exercise further investigative authority and maintain jurisdiction over all which proceeds out of Obama’s and Biden’s removal?

Will that same body (The Justice Department, perhaps?) insist that all of the Cabinet appointees step down as well.

Will either Pelosi or Reid be found to have their fingerprints on any aspect of the cover-up of Obama’s origins and citizenship?

Will a Democratic Party dominated Congress exercise control over a situation which could easily permanently cripple or destroy public willingness to place ANY trust in any of them.

If Obama is established as a fraud, what is called for. A new election? How will the candidates be selected, or will we default to the same GOP ticket and the Democrat party runner-up, Mrs. William Jefferson Hillary Rodham Clinton?

She is the sitting Secretary of State, and like her or not, she is nothing if not a shrewd political operator. I would virtually guarantee that once she got wind of such an event, she would begin moving forward on two different fronts.

In the name of “political decency” or fairness or something, she would be among the very first to tender her resignation, calculated to distance herself as quickly and thoroughly as possible from the taint of such a scandal.

She would make some moving and probably tearful speech, invoke America, the Constitution, G_d, and family, common decency (remember she is shrewd!!)

Behind the scenes, her cadre of people would be moving at TOP speed to mobilize an “organic, grassroots movement” in her favor. She would want the support to appear to come from some distance away, politically speaking.

The most annoying and sickening part is that her supporters would be rightfully able to present her as a wronged/aggrieved party - a victim, cheated out of something which should have belonged to her.

SHe has played this card before, does anyone out there seriously think she would not play it now - from an infinitely stronger position of legitimacy?

It would also be reasonable to expect that all the dirt we all know her to have on her political opponents would come out of the dusty files and at risk of seeing the light of day, she would get a lot of “independent” acclaim, and lobbying in her behalf.

“Power abhors a vacuum”, and Hillary abhors being anywhere near power and not holding the reins.

We as Conservatives should not make the same mistake twice of underestimating our opponents and overestimating the strength of our own position.

We underestimate Hillary at our own extreme peril. WHere there is a will, there is a way, and it has long been obvious that she has a will to power.

Before a situation like this develops, we ABSOLUTELY MUST have a plan.

If we FAIL TO PLAN, we are essentially PLANNING TO FAIL.

Pointing our fingers publicly in this situation would not be good enough.

Saying, “We’re not those corrupt guys over there in that party...” would also not be good enough.

Howling about the wrong done to us all, and identifying every Democrat with Obama will not be good enough...

We have to (by we, I mean our Conservative elected leaders in the GOP) have an actual, workable plan. We must recognize that this is a transitory state which has never before existed in the 233 years - long history of our dear Republic, and we must collectively be (like Reagan was during trying times) the voices of calmness and consistency, the voices in favor of order and reason, the advocates for confidence and good cheer.

We should do well to remember who we are. We are America, and the whole world would undeniably be watching - watching to see our example, watching to see if we negotiated our way through a potentially grave crisis with maturity, gravitas, and clarity of vision - or if we would revert as so many nations have before, to the worse angels of our nature.

WE MUST HAVE A PLAN. It must be BETTER and MORE APPEALINGLY articulated than the plan the Democrats will offer...

Be sure that they will offer one...and expect that it will be a lie (or a series of lies), but know that presents no problem for them.

They’ve been lying for decades. They have no problem continuing to do something they have done for so long, and they certainly have no compunctions about engaging whatever “spin” may be necessary to market their lies.

Above all else they regard holding power as their birthright, and they will neither relinquish nor share it willy-nilly.

We must have a plan - without one, we might as well all stay home. Not having a plan got us here in the first place, because we perhaps just assumed we would triumph because we were right.

3 - 2 - 1 -

Confer, consult, and discuss!


35 posted on 04/12/2009 12:32:32 AM PDT by AmericanArchConservative (Armour on, Lances high, Swords out, Bows drawn, Shields front ... Eagles UP!)
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To: AmericanArchConservative

BTTT for morning read......thats a big brain bomb and I am off to bed.......Stay safe !

36 posted on 04/12/2009 12:35:45 AM PDT by Squantos (Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet)
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To: AmericanArchConservative

Sounds like a plan to me, right now we do not want to waste a crisis, in the upcoming tea parties the word should get out about expressing the facts of Obama’s failure to be a leader of the people, of dereliction of office and misuse of executive privileges.
What would it take to stop the piracy off of the Somali coast, sailing the USS Constitution out with a volunteer crew while defying calls to stand down like Obama has instructed the Navy?

Old Ironsides is a rally image I am using for the cause, the cause that Obama is evading because of his natal and religious loyalties.

37 posted on 04/12/2009 12:42:56 AM PDT by Eye of Unk ("If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." T. Paine)
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To: MHGinTN; All

Bite your tongue and don’t be an ass!

I am the furthest thing from obsequious.

My pleadings are for common sense and measured, reasoned actions as opposed to a headlong rush with no contingency plans - which would surely doom us as Conservatives, to failure.

This is TOO IMPORTANT for us to fail - don’t you agree?

We will probably NOT get a second “bite at the apple”, so to speak.

By that, I mean that if our actions are poorly conceived, poorly planned, or poorly executed - it may bring such significant discredit upon all of us that we would sacrifice all of the “political coin” of credibility we may have left.

Though they may be dying, we presently have the mainstream mass media lined up in ranks for zer0bama, and against us.

They will readily associate us ALL with the most marginalized of fringe groups, just like they have tarred members of nearly every Gospel-of-Jesus-believing, pro-life church member with the scant handful who have killed abortionists and blown up clinics -

and of course, we ALL handle poisonous snakes on weekends, abuse our children by spanking them and denying them scientifically sound medical care in favor of “antiquated” “faith healing”.

That is how bad, how severe their “spin” will be to protect one of their own - especially their “chosen” one (barf!)

They will drag out every stereotype in their playbooks to use against us, to vilify us...and remember please - they have no compunctions about lying or fabricating stories from whole cloth if it suits their agenda.

If they dared to do so against George W. Bush (the “Rathergate” phony memos), there is little to stop them against us.

They have their operatives everywhere, and they will try as hard to trash us as they did Sarah Palin, and Joe the Plumber

I am DAMN sure not a rino - not now - not ever

NO way, shape or form. No how!

Learn to read before you EVER write another post like that to me; don’t be an idiot!

I stand completely and utterly for the US Constitution, and it grieves me to no end to see zer0 use it like toilet paper on a daily basis.

I advocate nothing so much as having a well and fully developed plan BEFORE we go on the attack.

“Half-baked” will not work. Our opposition is too shrewd, and they have already done too much to consolidate their own grip on power.

If they succeed in hijacking control of the census and its results, and giving away money to ACORN, even the midterm elections may not sweep the bass turds from power in the Congress, but if we cannot gain control of House and Senate...

Let me put it this way, Facts and truth be damned, (because that is the Democrats’ attitude) do you think that with a party majority behind them, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are simply going to roll over and give up? I don’t.

We will have to fight them for it. We need a plan, because right now, they have superiority of numbers, and that could trump us.

Look at the order of succession for the Presidency (my post #35). Pelosi comes right after Biden, and Reid follows her.

They are sadly, not so different from the group that had to be dragged into voting to impeach Bill Clinton (and Republicans had a majority at that time, even) and they could not be persuaded to remove him from office in the face of what should have been adequate evidence.

That situation was different of course, but a similar problem exists now - persuading the majority in power to do what is right - especially when it is against (the interests of) their party remaining in power.

Remember this, if you remember nothing else...I am talking about our need for a strategy.

Not just ANY old strategy, but a strategy for success.

We have our principles and that is good - great, or even laudable. But we must have an effective way to spread them and see them implemented.

Try reading my post # 35 and then get back to me. We need to think ahead - think of what comes “after”, or we will be perceived as creating a new problem as bad as the one we set out to solve.

We have to be prepared with a solution - offer a clear path through the mess, basically. If we do not show leadership, why should we expect to lead?

I am no rino - I am more Conservative than anyone I know - bar none...I am to the right of Barry Goldwater, Sr.

But I am a thinking Conservative who likes our side to win. I look at what we have done right, and what we have done wrong in the past for instruction.

If we seriously want to WIN, against the kind of opposition we are facing, we better be nothing less than ready, or they will destroy us.

We cannot telegraph our punches, we cannot leave any stone unturned, or any argument unaddressed. We cannot leave them an “out”. We must be ready to seize the opportunity and destroy them - and “look good” doing it.

We have truth and honor; they will lie at will and distort on-demand. We have to have that “something extra” to succeed.


38 posted on 04/12/2009 1:28:15 AM PDT by AmericanArchConservative (Armour on, Lances high, Swords out, Bows drawn, Shields front ... Eagles UP!)
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To: Fred Nerks

I’ve seen this, and it serve to further underscore his fraud, Pelosi’s fraud, and the rest of the DNC power brokers

39 posted on 04/12/2009 6:18:13 AM PDT by Polarik (("Forgeries don't validate claims -- they repudiate them"))
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To: AmericanArchConservative

Words, just words. You make all those claims but are missing the point of birthers standing up for the truth, and this affirmative action fraud has you willing to set aside the simplest Constitutional requirement and focus on other struggles, thus agreeing to accept his lie and negate OUR Constitution. Sorry, you don’t strike me as genuine. You have the twang of an Arlen Specter pleading ‘Scottish Law’ in order to not vote for the obvious.

40 posted on 04/12/2009 7:44:04 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: MHGinTN; Fred Nerks; greyfoxx39; Godzilla; SENTINEL; reaganaut

And you are the one who IS genuine here?

ROTLFMAO! A genuine FOOL perhaps.

Get over yourself, or chill out and kiss my grits.

Never at any point have I suggested “setting aside” the Constitution, nor am I by a hellaciously long stretch, guilty of “ignoring the claims of the birthers”.

Arlen Specter - so far as I am concerned, the sooner he is unemployed, the better. He can go to hell...and you can bloody join him.

Sorry, you do not strike me...

as having the proper focus to accurately determine who IS and who is NOT - Conservative - based solely upon your subjective view of whether or not they set about achieving the goals of upholding the Constitution using YOUR approach.

And that is what it is all about, your argument.

You have not leveled a single claim against me that would stand up to scrutiny, except were you to assert that I was an advocate for being methodical, and doing as much as possible behind the scenes and below the radar for the longest time possible.

I advocate as stealthy approach as is possible for as long as reasonably possible (four years is too long - we do not have that long to act in order to preserve our constitutionally established representative republic from partial or total socialist destruction) because I believe it is necessary to achieve victory.


Flatly stated, because we have enemies foreign and domestic who oppose us. Our especial concern right now is those domestic enemies who are in the process of disassembling our structure of check-and-balance government.

They are the ones who will leave us vulnerable to our foreign enemies.

We have those domestic enemies in our midst - even among our conservative movement. They are working actively to sabotage our efforts.

I am not one of them - not in any way whatsoever.

At rallies and tea parties and protests, they will be the ones who are acting up, attempting things which violate the law (like trying to destroy public property, or inciting others around them to riot).

They will be the ones carrying signs reading [for example] “Kill a faggot for Jesus”, or “Death to Obama/Pelosi/Reid”. Anything they can do to associate us with extremism as it is portrayed by the manistream media, is what they will do.

They will also, of course, be trying mightily to identify individuals in positions of leadership and/or power within our midst, in order to isolate them, separate them from the group, attack and discredit them, find a means (legal or illegal) to immobilize them by freeaing their financial assets and/or detaining them indefinitely on some spurious charge(s).

They understand completely the chilling effect that this often has on opposition. They will do it with vengeful and wanton glee. It may inevitably happen to a few among us, but by exercising an intelligent strategy, we may together minimize the numbers and mitigate downward to nothingness any of their desired effects.

They will try to sabotage any initiative petition efforts by signing phony names and addresses to petitions in order to invalidate our labors out of hand. I believe that there is nothing they will NOT stoop to, because we are bound by morals and ethics, by an innate sense of honesty and fair play, while they are absolutely not.

They accuse us of every despicable behaviour under the sun, all the while doing exactly the same and worse behind closed doors. When publicly questioned, or presented with facts, they of course label us as “racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes” - or “haters” in short.

Contrast the difference between the actual proven behaviours of Barney Frank (may he rot in hell) versus Senator Larry Craig of Idaho and the unfounded accusations made against him as a perfect example.

Why in hell is “Chappaquiddick Ted” Kennedy not only still serving in the US Senate, but getting lauded on a weekly basis for the last two decades?!?!

Their “prime mover” is the naked lust for power and control, and they do not care what they have to do to achieve it, exercise it, and hold it.

They do not believe they sould be held to account for the “perks of power” they enjoy while they misuse it.

They are insufferably arrogant, elitist snobs who believe they absolutely DO know better than you do how to run your life and spend your money, run my life and spend my infinitum, ad nauseum...

They are not qualified to be our “moral compass” any more than I am qualified to be yours, or you mine

I am not in the least bit acquainted with “Scottish law”. The only law which concerns me here is ANY/ALL of that which falls within the purview of the United States Constitution, as applied in an originalist manner without prejudice and without any imaginary “umbras” which lefties are so fond of finding.

My ultimate goal is to see “b.-’HO” either resign in disgrace under threat of impeachment and removal, or be forcibly removed from office based upon sound investigation and a mass of undeniable evidence presented in embarrassing breadth and depth with cold-eyed clarity in full public view.

Along with him, I want to see Vice President Biden and every cabinet appointee resign or be removed - even including SecDef. Gates., who is probably one of only two who are qualified for their position (the other possibly being Shinseki in Veterans’ Affairs - maybe).

If Pelosi and Reid have their fingerprints ANYWHERE in the whole mess, the full extent of their guilt ought to be exposed, and they should all be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, go to prison, serve full sentences, and NEVER, EVER be eligible for a position of public trust again.

The same goes for Hussein, Biden, and all who are legally culpable.

To achieve such an end, we have to cross every ‘T’, dot every ‘i’, all the way down the line. We have to understand that our opponents - our enemies - are already fully prepared to use the legal system against us.

They will twist, distort, coerce, extort, bribe, call in favors...the fight will have to be fought on an uneven playing field, and if we fail to recognize that, and have plans to counteract it, we put ourselves at greater risk.

The question is not whether to fight the battle or not, but how to fight the battle in order to win.

What is so wrong, or so hard to understand about that?


41 posted on 04/12/2009 10:06:08 AM PDT by AmericanArchConservative (Armour on, Lances high, Swords out, Bows drawn, Shields front ... Eagles UP!)
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To: AmericanArchConservative
;^) You are coming in focus. Keep spittling these long tirades, it does help exposure. How soon until you revert to the 'You said'--'I said'/'I wrote'--'you wrote'?
42 posted on 04/12/2009 10:32:04 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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Obviously there are none so blind as...

If you choose to see me as anything other than the hardcore capital’C’ Conservative that I am now, and have been for over 28 years (My first vote was in the general in 1980 for Ronald Reagan...) then it is your shortcoming, not mine.

I’m no FR newbie. All here (agree with me on a subject or not) who know me more than in passing say that my FR “handle” is accurate.

Those who know me in real life consider me the most Conservative person they know. My lib brother thinks I’m a stereotypical Conservative. He won’t even talk with me because of my Conservatism, and its sharp conflict with his liberalism.

If you’re so myopic you find fault with my pitching for a stealthy, strategic approach to succeed in toppling zer0bama from an office he hasn’t the skill, or the legal right to occupy, that’s not my prob.

Storming the beaches at Normandy and pushing the Germans back inland was urgent too, but there had to be a plan

{I think we have the same - or similar basic goals of bringing Conservative principles back to the forefront of leadership. Where we differ is on how to make it happen.}

I want his useless ass out of the WH and gone - along with every other traitor we can round up. Looking at him...listening to his moronic sound bites that say nothing, brings me to the point of puking, or breaking things.

You’re clearly not a strategist, probably not a strategic thinker.

No spittle, no “exposure”, only common sense. Uncommon for you, it seems. Nothing to “revert” to.

I am the Conservative I am (always have been) without need for your approval - earned my bona fides long ago.

I’ll leave you be, won’t bother to read/comment on your posts; you go do whatever...

My time is too important to waste on petty agent provocateurs like you.


43 posted on 04/12/2009 4:56:50 PM PDT by AmericanArchConservative (Armour on, Lances high, Swords out, Bows drawn, Shields front ... Eagles UP!)
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