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Tea Party strategist predicts 'tremendous gains' for candidates ^ | 09/26/10 | Jordy Yager

Posted on 09/27/2010 12:03:33 AM PDT by Syncro

Tea Party strategist predicts 'tremendous gains' for candidates

By Jordy Yager -

09/26/10 12:25 PM ET

The head of one of the most powerful U.S. Tea Party movements said on Sunday that candidates under the burgeoning party’s umbrella are going to make “tremendous gains” this November because they have “turned the political system on its head.”

Longtime political consultant Sal Russo, a leading strategist within the Tea Party movement and the head of the Tea Party Express, told Bob Schieffer on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that his organizing group is so strong -- raising more than $5 million so far for candidates in this election cycle – because it is “the purest form of democracy.”

Up until recently the Tea Party movement has largely been scattered with little organized message and no major spokesperson to put forward its message or defend its positions in the face of critics.

But Russo and a growing contingent of others have begun to shift that by taking the helm of the movement’s messaging operation. Russo said on Sunday that he is unhappy with the perceptions of the movement that have been painted mainly by liberals. But, he added, the movement’s principles will overcome these misconceptions.

“One of the things that we’ve had to face since the beginning is that people have tried to demonize the Tea Party movement with a lot of false accusations,” he said.

“First it was that we’re all astro turf…then we’re a bunch of crackpots and nuts, then we’re a bunch of racists. And this movement keeps growing because it grows on the fundamental principle…and that is a belief that the federal government has become too big [and] too intrusive.”

Read the rest at TheHill.Com

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“We’ve turned the political system on its head,” said Russo. “And what’s done that is millions of Americans…have gotten involved in the campaigns. So we’re now winning Senate seats and House seats that people didn’t even think were possible 18 months ago.”

1 posted on 09/27/2010 12:03:39 AM PDT by Syncro
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To: Syncro
This is ONLY the beginning. We must DOUBLE our good results in 2012 as well, and work twice as hard during the coming 2.3 year lame duck phase of Obama Administration. That is when they will really go fascist on us. You just watch.

These elitists who HATE the people and HATE America? They are NOT going to like having their crown kicked off this November, and are going to take it deeply personal...with all kinds of tricks up their sleeves, some constitutional but often many others, NOT.

2 posted on 09/27/2010 12:21:16 AM PDT by AmericanInTokyo (They should count their blessings The American People are going to take power from them peacefully..)
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To: Syncro
And people thought conservatism was dead in California.
3 posted on 09/27/2010 12:24:21 AM PDT by Carry_Okie (Managing "The Environment" is the power to control the entire economy.)
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To: AmericanInTokyo
One of the most important things to do is straighten out the voting system

In Calif, mark a box on a DMV form and you are a voter.

ACORN is all over with new names and responsible for hundreds of thousands of illegal votes.

Millions of illegal insurgent criminal alien colonists have been stuffing the ballot boxes with illegal fraudulent votes.

The GOP doesn't seem to care as they want the faux votes too.

Thanks for your comments, right on!

Coming later this month, Tea Party Express IV: Liberty At the Ballot Box!

4 posted on 09/27/2010 12:27:22 AM PDT by Syncro (Tea Party Express IV: Liberty At the Ballot Box!)
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To: Syncro

“In Calif, mark a box on a DMV form and you are a voter.”

Isn’t that the Motor Voter law that passed under Clinton’s watch? If so, it’s in every state. I know it is the law in Oregon. For some time, Oregon gave illegals driver’s licenses, so we have our fair share of illegals who are on the voting rolls. However, in the mid-2000s, Oregon was deemed a national security threat because so many illegals were coming here from all over the country to get driver’s licenses. The feds pretty muched forced the state legislature to overturn that law.

“Coming later this month, Tea Party Express IV: Liberty At the Ballot Box!”

Are you speaking of voter fraud? If so, it’s already happening in Houston! I don’t think this is the “transparency” that Obama was speaking of, though. ;o)

5 posted on 09/27/2010 12:37:54 AM PDT by dixiechick2000 (Remember November...I can see it from my house!)
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To: Syncro

I suspected as much (out of Callyforunia). The SOBs. Yes, SO MUCH ELECTORAL, THIRD-WORLD LIKE CORRUPTION has to be cleaned up. This is all about power, and seizing it from the elites non violently, while we have a chance, God Willing. (see tag line).

6 posted on 09/27/2010 1:52:59 AM PDT by AmericanInTokyo (They should count their blessings The American People are going to take power from them peacefully..)
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To: Syncro

I have been telling everybody I know that I have been attending Tea Party protests and that I support their cause. So now people are coming to me, asking me what all that Tea Party stuff is about, usually with a hostile attitude. They are frustrated at the Tea Party’s success, and they want to prove that it is full of dangerous radicals.

This represents a great opportunity. I explain to them that I support the Tea Party because I think that expanding government spending is a bad idea, especially when the country is already so deeply in debt. I explain to them how removing capital from the market through government borrowing, and the looming taxes to pay for it all, is causing the recovery to stagnate.

I limit myself to this one point, and then point out that the Tea Partiers are the one group that in consistently against expanding federal spending, and that is why I support them. I talk about how all DC politicians, but especially the Democrats, use the excuse of Keynsean economic theory to do what they always want to do, which is to buy votes with our money. Even a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal has to admit that massive government spending is not working out in this particular case. At the end of the conversation, I have them agreeing with me, and agreeing that the Tea Party is not a radical organization at all.

So, when somebody asks you about the Tea Party, take it down a notch, and talk in measured tones. If we talk to “civilians” like we talk to each other, we wind up sounding like nut-jobs to their ears. I pick one point, and make it. But I think the most persuasive part of the conversation is that I am a Tea Partier, and I am also a polite and reasonable person. This completely destroys the MSM meme that we are all a bunch of raving lunatics.

And that will translate into votes in November.

7 posted on 09/27/2010 6:10:40 AM PDT by Haiku Guy (Anything not about elephants is irrelephant.)
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To: Syncro
When are you guys coming to NV?
8 posted on 09/27/2010 8:57:34 AM PDT by sweetiepiezer (Sharon Angle has the Right Angle-We are Angling for Victory against Reid.
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To: sweetiepiezer
Is supposed to be announced today.

Do you know these guys? I know a couple of them of them.

Dear Patriot,

Hi, this is Western Representation PAC Co-Founder and Executive Treasurer Roger Stockton.  You may not know this, but my native State of Nevada is the only State in the union that offers voters the option of voting for "none of these candidates".  Harry Reid has made this a large part of his re-election strategy.  He has literally spent millions of dollars using propaganda to paint Sharron Angle as "whacko". 

While we wish that people would make an informed decision and ignore the Reid lies, my neighbors are starting to tell me that they are strongly considering casting a protest vote for "none of these candidates".

I've seen Reid successfully use this strategy before.  When he beat John Ensign by less than 500 votes in 1998 more than 8,000 people voted for "none of these candidates".  Now I'm seeing the same signs of dissatisfaction that I saw in 1998.  Many good conservative groups are running ads in Nevada but most of those ads focus on attacking Reid.  Many of the people I talk to will never again cast a ballot for Harry Reid but still need to be convinced that Sharron Angle isn't the monster that Harry Reid is trying to make her.  

I've known Sharron for a long time and I can tell you that she is honest, smart, and humble.  She isn't afraid to talk about long-term solutions to problems that would be painful for many.  Tackling problems like Social Security and Unemployment takes courage and Sharron Angle has it in spades!  Reid has taken many of these honest positions and debates out of context to make her seem dangerous. 

Somebody needs to tell Nevadans the truth about Sharron Angle. For months our team has been telling anybody that will listen about what a great candidate Sharron Angle is, but it has become clear to our team that we need to put this message out in a big way.  We are working to produce a new radio ad and a television ad that is our testimonial to the attributes of Sharron Angle.

We conservatives must not allow Harry Reid to win in November. 

Western Representation PAC
PO BOX 50655
Sparks, Nevada, 89435

Thank you for your support,
Roger Stockton
Executive Treasurer Western Representation PAC

Paid for by Western Representation PAC.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Contributions are not deductible for tax purposes.

This is an email I got from them. You can ask them to get on their mailing list if you wish I am sure.

Just go to the hotlink above or This One.

Thanks for the comment sweetiepiezer!

9 posted on 09/27/2010 10:39:16 AM PDT by Syncro (Tea Party Express IV: Liberty At the Ballot Box!)
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To: AmericanInTokyo
I suspected as much (out of Callyforunia).

It's nation wide.

See page=#5

10 posted on 09/27/2010 10:42:35 AM PDT by Syncro (Tea Party Express IV: Liberty At the Ballot Box!)
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To: sweetiepiezer; All
I found this at CNN. They know more about the next tour than I do! And it's from last Wednesday:
A source with knowledge of the upcoming tour tells CNN that the bus trip will last approximately two weeks and will culminate on November 2, which is Election Day. The source says that the tour will end in Nevada, homestate to Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, who faces a challenging re-election this year. Tea Party Express has targeted Reid in its previous tours.
Well if that is true, it most certainly will come to Nevada, but I don't know the date unless the next sentence is true.

This "source" also says that the tour will end on Nov. 2, election day.

11 posted on 09/27/2010 3:31:33 PM PDT by Syncro (Tea Party Express IV: Liberty At the Ballot Box!)
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