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  • GOP Congressman Slams Leaders on Immigration Stalemate[2013]

    03/18/2016 3:52:21 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 4 replies
    A House Republican lawmaker ripped his own party’s leaders on Friday amid reports they would not move on immigration legislation this year. Rep. Joe Heck, who represents a Las Vegas-area district, said in a statement that it’s “very disappointing” House Republican leaders “may punt the issue until 2014 for political reasons.” “It’s extremely frustrating and very disappointing to hear reports that the House does not plan on voting on immigration reform legislation this year,” he said. “This is yet another example of the leadership vacuum in Washington that rightly has so many people frustrated with this dysfunctional Congress.”
  • Todd Akin a Tea Partyer? Not So Much.

    05/21/2014 4:13:24 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 14 replies
    Slate ^ | David Weigel
    Vox attempts to explain the media narrative of the day—that "the Tea Party will lose three primaries"—but this is a subject that defies simple Voxplaining. Here was the original lede: After some Twitter-shaming, the article has been edited and the "Tea Party" candidates are now called "right wing." That's a blander term that covers basically everyone who irritates the Republican Party's establishment. Still, the back-of-hand calculation that "the GOP would control the Senate today if not for the Tea Party" has never seemed right to me. Below, I've ranked the candidates mentioned by Vox. No. 5 had the least claim...
  • Kansas City hopes to show it's got what it takes to host 2016 RNC convention

    04/26/2014 7:56:10 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 10 replies
    GOP ^ | Brendaliss Gonzalez
    Kansas City had its chance on Friday to show members of the Republican National Convention committee that it has what it takes to host the 2016 convention. Members of the mayor's task force for the Republican National Convention met with members of the RNC Committee during their first visit as they narrow down the list of contenders to host the 2016 convention.
  • Santorum Snags Angle

    02/01/2012 7:31:01 PM PST · by writer33 · 16 replies
    National Review Online ^ | 02/01/2012 | Robert Costa
    Sharron Angle, a Nevada Republican and tea-party favorite, will endorse Rick Santorum. She issued the following statement to National Review Online: Rick Santorum and I have known each other for years. He is a strong fiscal and social conservative who stands on principles above politics. He has never wavered in his support for family values understanding the impact that strong families have on a prosperous economy.
  • Angle to McCain: Wait a minute, you campaigned for me in 2010.

    07/28/2011 8:55:40 AM PDT · by old school · 37 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | July 28, 2011 | Mark Tapscott
    Angle has now released a response, which, among much else, reminds McCain that in the end the Hobbits actually won the day and saved the world. The former Nevada GOP senate nominee called herself a "TEA Party Hobbit."
  • McCain vs. the Tea Party

    07/27/2011 11:53:56 AM PDT · by Windy City Conservative · 209 replies
    Mr. McCain mocked Tea Party-allied Republicans in the House for believing — wrongly, he said — that President Obama and Democrats will get the blame for a default if Republicans refuse to increase the nation’s debt ceiling. By that flawed logic, “Democrats would have no choice but to pass a balanced budget amendment and reform entitlements and the Tea Party Hobbits could return to Middle Earth,” he said, quoting a Wall Street Journal editorial. “This is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into G.O.P. nominees,” he jeered, referring to two losing Tea Party...
  • Sharron Angle No Longer Running for CD2

    05/26/2011 5:24:55 AM PDT · by sf4dubya · 22 replies
    KOLO8 ^ | May 25, 2011 | Staff
    KOLO 8 News Now has spoken to a person in the campaign who says Sharron Angle will not run for CD2. Published reports say that Angle believes the Special Election is making a mockery of the election process.
  • Angle to run in Nevada special US House election

    04/29/2011 12:38:09 PM PDT · by SmithL · 41 replies · 1+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 4/29/11 | CRISTINA SILVA, Associated Press
    Tea party favorite Sharron Angle says she is running as a Republican in Nevada's first-of-its-kind special election to replace U.S. Rep. Dean Heller. Angle told supporters Friday she needs to raise $150,000 immediately to win the seat. Heller is heading to the Senate . . .
  • Aides: John Ensign to resign Friday

    04/21/2011 3:59:24 PM PDT · by Danae · 83 replies
    Politico ^ | 4-21-2011 | MANU RAJU & JOHN BRESNAHAN
    Nevada Sen. John Ensign (R) plans to announce Friday he will resign his Senate seat, aides said Thursday. Ensign has been under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee over whether he violated Senate rules during his affair with Cindy Hampton, a former campaign aide. Hampton’s husband, Doug Hampton, was Ensign’s deputy chief of staff during most of the extramarital relationship. Read more:
  • Sharron Angle 2012

    04/07/2011 4:57:41 PM PDT · by Son House · 34 replies
    Alias: Son House | 4/7/2011 | Alias: Son House
    How about it? Seems to me, instead of having some opportunist take advantage that Republican men are too soft and weak, let's have one of the Ladies, that made us all proud, run instead. Yes, a real good, verifiable conservative.
  • Tucson shooting victim blames Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle (*BARF*)

    01/14/2011 9:50:08 AM PST · by markomalley · 179 replies
    Politico (where else) ^ | 1/14/11 | Kendra Marr
    A wounded survivor of the Tucson shooting that critically injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is blaming Sarah Palin, House Speaker John Boehner, Fox TV host Glenn Beck, and former Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle for the tragedy. “It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target,” Eric Fuller said in an interview with Democracy NOW. “Their wish for Second Amendment activism has been fulfilled — senseless hatred leading to murder, lunatic fringe anarchism, subscribed to by John Boehner, mainstream rebels with vengeance for all, even 9-year-old girls,” he added, referring to the death of Christina...
  • Reid: My Victory was "Child's Play," My Campaign was "Terminator-like"

    11/15/2010 12:43:52 PM PST · by rightistight · 40 replies
    Pundit Press ^ | 11/15/10 | Aurelius
    Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who won re-election to his Senate seat nearly two weeks ago in a tight race against Republican challenger Sharron Angle, has decided to not take the high road. Instead, he has decided to be completely smug, showing voters that Angle was, all along, right about his elitism. To see his egotism, all one has to do is take a look at his campaign site. In an article on his campaign site entitled, "Harry Reid’s near-perfect game plan makes victory look like child’s play," Reid gives himself a nice pat on the back. The article,...
  • Did SEIU Ballot Fraud Play Role in Harry Reid Re-Election?

    11/12/2010 11:03:56 AM PST · by jazusamo · 55 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | November 11, 2010 | Carl Horowitz
      Votes without voters - the notion seems like something from "The Twilight Zone." Yet this outcome, the result of a mysterious computer glitch, may have helped re-elect Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid over his Republican challenger, Sharron Angle, last week by a 50.2%-44.6% margin. Actually, the "mystery" is very likely the doing of a local of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which nationwide provides votes, money and muscle for the Democratic Party. Critics are charging that voting machines throughout Clark County (Las Vegas), where about three-fourths of the state's population resides, were rigged to place check marks next...
  • What’s Up With Nevada? [Rasmussen: some clues as to how Harry Reid bucked the election Wave.]

    11/08/2010 12:24:43 PM PST · by SeattleBruce · 103 replies
    Rasmussen Reports ^ | 11/7/2010 | Rasumussen Staff
    While public polling generally gave a good projection of what to expect around the country in Election 2010, that was not the case in Nevada. Rasmussen Reports' final poll on the race showed Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid trailing by four points and the Real Clear Politics average showed the Democratic incumbent down by 2.7 points. When the dust settled, however, Reid won by 5.6 percentage points. After every election, polling firms review the things that went well and those that didn’t to learn and make modifications. In this process, Nevada seems like an ideal place to start. That’s especially...
  • Losses by tea party-backed candidates in Del., Nev. and Colo. cost GOP shot at Senate control

    11/07/2010 6:55:55 AM PST · by upchuck · 159 replies
    Washington Examiner/Ass Press ^ | November 7, 2010 | PHILIP ELLIOTT
    Tea party-backed candidates helped and hindered Republicans, injecting enthusiasm into campaigns but losing Senate seats held by Democrats in Delaware, Colorado and Nevada that the GOP once had big hopes of capturing. Republican leaders and strategists are muttering that the same tea party activists who elevated Speaker-to-be John Boehner and the party to power in the House simultaneously hobbled the GOP's outside shot of running the Senate. Tea partiers largely spurned establishment candidates in the GOP primaries and helped nominate Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, Sharron Angle in Nevada and Ken Buck in Colorado. All three lost on Tuesday. "You let...
  • Harry Reid’s victory may have been due to violation of federal campaign laws

    11/07/2010 4:17:40 AM PST · by Suvroc10 · 58 replies
    Examiner ^ | November 7, 2010 | Marc Schenker
    Harry Reid’s victory over Sharron Angle this past Tuesday may have had a great deal to do with the senator’s campaign breaking not only federal campaign law, but, just to make things worse, criminal law also. According to the Justice Department itself, as recently as this past Friday, it is currently looking over a complaint that Angle’s lawyer has filed, demanding that Reid be investigated for what appears to be coordination between his campaign and a corporation, Harrah’s casino in Las Vegas. The complaint is based on damning e-mails that were exchanged between executives at Harrah’s casino and a staffer...
  • Justice Department Weighs Voter Intimidation Complaint Against Reid Camp

    11/07/2010 12:48:17 AM PDT · by rikkir · 31 replies
    Fox News ^ | 11/5/10
    The Justice Department is reviewing a complaint from failed Republican Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle after allegations that Sen. Harry Reid's campaign engaged in voter intimidation and broke campaign finance law in his re-election campaign. Laura Sweeney, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department, told on Friday that the department is reviewing the complaint filed by an attorney for Angle that followed a National Review report about internal e-mails among Harrah's casino executives and a campaign staffer for Reid. The e-mails appear to show the group orchestrating an effort to push Harrah employees to get out and vote for Reid.
  • Why Angle Lost

    11/06/2010 4:54:39 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 226 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | November 6, 2010 | John Ransom
    The fear and loathing after defeat in Las Vegas don't mask the reality that Sharron Angle's campaign was just not top notch. The reasons for Sharron Angle’s loss to Harry Reid in a GOP surge year, when other conservative candidates like Rand Paul of Kentucky and Joe Walsh of Illinois won victories, are not rooted in strategy. Nor are they rooted in a flawed ideology that was too conservative. Instead, the loss was a product of simple logistical failures by the Angle campaign, failures they often were unwilling or unable to understand.“Amateurs talk about strategy. Professionals talk about logistics,” said...
  • Hans A. von Spakovsky: E-mail shows illegal activity in Reid's campaign

    11/05/2010 9:29:47 AM PDT · by pissant · 33 replies
    Wash Examiner ^ | 11/4/10 | Hans Spakovsky
    Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., may have beaten back challenger Sharron Angle and retained his post as the majority leader, but his campaign and one of his biggest supporters may have violated federal law to do so. As National Review reported earlier this week, the Reid campaign sent a desperate e-mail to the senior vice president for government relations at Harrah's Casinos asking the company to pressure its employees to get out and vote for Reid. The campaign even offered to have Reid call Harrah's executives to help give "the backing" needed to get the company working on this. The Reid...
  • Recriminations

    11/04/2010 8:18:41 AM PDT · by EternalVigilance · 3 replies ^ | Nov. 4, 2010 | Erick Erickson
    *snip* Compare this with the House campaign body, the NRCC. After getting clobbered over the NY-23 race and Dede Scozzafava, the NRCC took a hands off approach and let local voters choose their candidates. Not the NRSC. It doubled up around the country igniting a civil war with the grassroots — a civil war that would have never happened but their getting into Florida and doubling down. The NRSC’s argument amounts to telling the world that voters exercising their right to pick their candidates are stupid and Jim DeMint is stupid for siding with the voters. One final thought —...
  • Sharron Angle Accuses Harry Reid of Voter Intimidation in Las Vegas [FR cited]

    11/04/2010 1:43:35 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 110 replies · 1+ views
    Associated Content ^ | Nov 4, 2010 | By William Browning
    Sharron Angle's political team has accused Harry Reid of "stealing" the Nevada senatorial election, according to a blog on Even a popular trend on Google during the day Nov. 3 spoke of how popular Angle's argument was becoming. On election night, Angle's team filed a complaint with the Justice Department saying casino owners were told to make sure their union members got out to vote on election night, as reported by Yahoo! News. Free Republic even posted pre-election polling data versus actual returns and made the revelation that Reid's son, Rory, is the county election commissioner for Las Vegas...
  • How Harry Reid Won Re-Election

    11/04/2010 6:07:46 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 68 replies
    CNS News ^ | Michael R Blood
    Las Vegas (AP) - Republicans said for months that if the Nevada Senate race was a referendum on Harry Reid, the unpopular Majority Leader would lose. Reid didn't let that happen. He adeptly painted opponent Sharron Angle as an extremist immediately after she won her primary -- and proceeded to make the contest as much about her awkward and unconventional statements as Reid's own troubles. Then he deployed his secret weapon: a powerful turnout machine that brought Democratic and Hispanic voters out to the polls in droves. Reid's relentless TV ad assault against Angle and his powerful get-out-the-vote effort were...
  • Nevada FReepers,Any News On The Ried Voter Scandal? What Is Happening In Las Vegas&Reno?

    11/03/2010 11:27:29 AM PDT · by TheTeaPartyChannel · 17 replies
    For those of you who live in Nevada,what has been the reaction to the Reid Scandal? Over half of those who voted must be outraged. Any news on what Angle is going to do? Anyone out there with inside information on upcoming legal action against Reid,his son and their "Political Buddies" who maintain the voting machines, PLEASE KEEP US POSTED! We Can't Have Another 2008 ACORN Election In Nevada Again!!
  • Is Harry Reid just going to get away with stealing the election?

    11/03/2010 8:59:44 AM PDT · by Frantzie · 74 replies
    Vanity | 11-3-2010 | Frantzie
    His son loses by 12 points and he wins? The other Repub wins in NV but Angle loses? The media is saying nothing. The power goes out during the election?
  • Venting about the Senate (go ahead and flame me)

    11/03/2010 7:23:28 AM PDT · by cartervt2k · 88 replies · 1+ views
    Me | 11/03/2010 | Me
    Look, this was a good night in the House, but I can’t look away at all the missed opportunities in the Senate. First off, we should be thanking our lucky stars John McCain won his primary in AZ. He sucks and is a RINO, but how would you like reading this morning that the ‘rats picked off Hayworth along with Angle going down and Christine O’Donnell losing by 17? This is a state that installed Big Sis as governor – you’re telling me they couldn’t have picked this up? I’m taking odds on anyone who thinks Buck is going to...
  • O'Donnell and Angle will be the only tea party candidates worth mentioning by the MSM

    11/03/2010 7:13:11 AM PDT · by Gum Shoe · 16 replies
    Red State Zombie ^ | Red State Zombie | Red State Zombie
    Oooh! That’s going to leave a mark! Well, it’s official: the tea party movement has left its mark on the face of the American Body Politic. Both democrats and republicans have felt the effects of the TPM, and the slap may smart for quite some time. A slap across an otherwise stuporous face is precisely what the republicans needed, while democrats will attempt to call it anything other than what it was – a sizeable rejection to their liberal socialist agenda. As I stayed up late on election night watching results pour in from across the nation, many thoughts crossed...
  • Humble Harry Reid Says Nevada Win over Angle “was not Close”; Should Not Feel “Chastened” – Video

    11/03/2010 7:03:35 AM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 44 replies
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | November 3, 2010 | Brian
    Here is video of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this morning saying his race against Republican Sharron Angle “was not close.” Reid was asked if he should consider himself and fellow Democrats “chastened” by the American people in light of the GOP winning at least six more Senate seats, and at least 60 more House seats. Reid said he didn’t think we should be using “words like chastened.” Instead, we need to be working together, he said. Reid wound up with a 50%-45% victory over Sharron Angle. Going into the Election, Reid had trailed Angle in the last eight polls...
  • Vote Fraud Woes Already Mar Mid-Term Elections

    11/01/2010 8:25:18 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 11 replies · 1+ views
    Human Events ^ | November 1, 2010 | Deroy Murdock
    NEW YORK — November 2 is not here yet, but polling problems have begun. From possibly malfunctioning ballot gear to potential fraud, the 2010 mid-term vote is marred even before Election Day has dawned. •Like jurors who deliberate before a trial concludes, some Nevadans who have tried voting early for Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle instead have seen Democrat Harry Reid’s name appear on their electronic voting machines. Some voters have complained about this apparent glitch, but how many others unwittingly have miscast their ballots? Intriguingly, these machines are maintained in Las Vegas by members of the Service Employees International...
  • Hard Data Supporting Fraudulent Activity in Nevada Election - ACTION NEEDED

    11/03/2010 2:03:15 AM PDT · by Lexinom · 128 replies · 1+ views
    <self> | 11/3/2010 | lexinom and Black_Shark
    I put some effort into compiling this data and hope it may help prove, with hard data, that the Nevada "election" was not a one-legal-citizen, one-vote affair. I believe the Angle campaign has a case based on a comparison of the accuracy of polling of other races with that of their own, where the result was well outside the MOE of an aggregate of polls. Off one pull fine. Off seven by a wide margin, not kosher. The first data points (EXHIBIT A) are from a sampling of races and the poll aggregates leading up to election day. The second...
  • Angle Camp: Not so fast

    Angle campaign private suite: "Reid never got above 46 percent of the vote and tonight he gets 51 percent? Ashjian and "none of the above" got less than 3 percent combined. Something fishy is going on." UPDATE 3 - I just met with two campaign people who said that Angle and her generals and her lawyers are huddling. They have not yet decided to concede. Campaign says that the gap between Reid and Angle is now down to 24,000 from 36,000 previously. "People's spirits up. Hope is not squashed," says one insider with the campaign.
  • Looks like fraud in spades in Nevada

    11/02/2010 10:45:15 PM PDT · by SonofReagan · 63 replies
    Me | 11/02/2010 | Self
    These results are way out of all the predicted models. In the last two weeks 95% of the polls had Angle winning .5 to 3.5%. Reid is up by 5. Looks like we could have ballot stuffin, machine riggin, vote fraud by the unions and the corrupt Reid machine. We need to look closely at Nevada and call Reid's "win" into question. We may be able to reverse the results and/or delegitamize him so much that we can at least force him out of as "Pseudo-Majority" Leader and force a fight with in the Rat party
  • Nevada Results

    11/02/2010 9:09:06 PM PDT · by erkyl · 8 replies
    Nevada Secretary of State ^ | 11/2/2010 | Ross Miller
    Election Day votes are now being posted for Churchill, Clark, Douglas, Elko, Lyon, Mineral and Washoe Counties.
  • Frank Luntz calls it for Reid based on Exit Polls

    11/02/2010 4:11:27 PM PDT · by Windy City Conservative · 86 replies
    LUNTZ CALLS IT FOR REID: GOP polling guru Frank Luntz is predicting Republicans will win seven Senate seats and 50 House spots, based on exit polls he had seen. On a conference call with associates from K Street, Luntz also said he thinks Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will win reelection.
  • Sharron Angle: We shut out the media because they're unprofessional

    11/02/2010 12:32:58 PM PDT · by Red Steel · 57 replies
    Washington Post ^ | November 2, 2010; 2:24 PM ET | Greg Sargent
    A perfect coda to the Nevada Senate race: In a radio interview this morning, Sharron Angle blamed the media for her campaign's decision to shut out reporters, slamming the press as "unprofessional" and adding that she thinks candidates should teach the media a "lesson" whenever they have the "opportunity." Angle also described that recent episode where a reporter tried to ask her questions in an airport as "an ordeal." Angle's comments came in a conversation with conservative talk show Heidi Harris, which you can listen to right here. Asked about the airport episode, in which local reporter Nathan Baca tried...
  • Stop Calling Them Sluts

    11/01/2010 5:07:43 PM PDT · by Al B. · 13 replies
    Daily Beast ^ | November 1, 2010 | Mark McKinnon
    O’Donnell likes nights on the town, Palin is a clotheshorse, Angle is “crazy,” Whitman is a “whore”—conservative women are being attacked from all sides, but voters will reward the victims at the polls, says Mark McKinnon. Nuts and sluts, bitches and whores: That’s the gauntlet conservative women must run to compete for the “honor” of political office today. While every campaign season is deemed more vicious than those that came before, the attacks this time around have reached a new low. Rather than debate ideas and policies, weak-minded opponents of strong-willed women resort to sexualized attacks—a cover to compensate for...
  • Tea Party-Backed Candidates Diverge on Foreign Policy

    11/01/2010 2:37:36 PM PDT · by La Enchiladita · 12 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | Oct. 21, 2010 | Scott Conroy
    LAS VEGAS - In the Nevada Senate debate here last week, Republican Sharron Angle had an opportunity to expound on her views on the initial decision to invade Iraq after her Democratic opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, responded to a question about his infamous 2007 comment that the Iraq war was "lost." But instead of seizing the opportunity to clarify her views, Angle essentially punted. "Well, I don't have the access to special security briefings like the senator does, and I didn't get to vote for either one of those wars like the senator did," she said before transitioning...
  • Beautiful Republican Women, and why the Democrats hate them so much

    11/01/2010 3:55:56 AM PDT · by Redmen4ever · 86 replies · 2+ views ^ | 11/1/10 | Clifford F. Thies
    In the 1980s, a Pantene hair product commercial featuring a gorgeous woman with the name Rula Lenska and a slight, very sultry accent opened with the line "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
  • Candidates Hustle to Get Out Nevada's Vote

    10/31/2010 9:14:27 PM PDT · by Saije · 16 replies
    Wall Strett Journal ^ | 10/31/2010 | Brody Mullins
    As the final lap approaches, both sides have shifted their focus to what strategists call the ground game. For Mr. Reid, the Culinary Union, which represents most of the card dealers, bellhops and other casino workers on the Las Vegas strip, are working to make sure their members take time away from work to vote for Mr. Reid. The National Education Association is helping get Latino voters to the polls. And the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has made three rounds of calls to government workers asking them to vote Democratic. Mr. Reid is also relying on...
  • Democrats, GOP close in Nevada early vote margins

    10/31/2010 6:34:26 PM PDT · by deek69 · 23 replies
    Mercury News ^ | Sat Oct 30 2010
    LAS VEGAS—Nevada Democrats appear to have nearly kept pace with a surge of Republican enthusiasm in early voting, confirming a tight race between Republican Sharron Angle and Majority Leader Harry Reid. It's clear Republican voters are fired up to deny Reid a fifth term, but Democrats are turning out in significant numbers, too. Preliminary figures show Republicans turned out 37 percent of early voters in traditionally Democratic Clark County, several points above the party's registration.
  • Reid: We Must "Stop the Tea Party from Taking Over our County"

    10/31/2010 5:41:18 AM PDT · by therightliveswithus · 65 replies
    Pundit Press ^ | 10/31/10 | Aurelius
    With just two days until election day, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is clearly desperate to stop Republican challenger Sharron Angle. Anyone looking at his campaign website can tell that it is dripping with fear and panic. Take, for example, an article entitled "The fight for Nevada." You may think it is logical that Reid would at least try to promote the things he has said that he has done for Nevada. Nope. The entire article is a vicious attack piece against Angle, full of lies, mis-characterizations, and desperation. The very first sentence, in fact, ends with this statement...
  • Stifled by feminism

    10/31/2010 2:06:22 AM PDT · by Scanian · 6 replies
    NY Post ^ | October 29, 2010 | SUZANNE VENKER
    Republican Sharron Angle famously told Sen. Harry Reid to "man up" during a Nevada debate this month -- the implication being that Reid is a wuss, or not man enough to do his job. You'll get no argument from me, but I did note Reid didn't fire back at his opponent. That's because feminists have taught him well. When faced with whether or not to make a disparaging remark about the female gender, most men know to keep their mouths shut. In politics today, women can do and say whatever they want about the opposite sex, but men can't do...
  • The assault on the ladies of the right

    10/31/2010 2:00:23 AM PDT · by Scanian · 7 replies
    NY Post ^ | October 29, 2010 | Michelle Malkin
    My military friends have a favorite saying: "If you're not catching flak, you're not over the target." This campaign season, conservative women in politics have caught more flak than WWII Lancaster bombers over Berlin. Despite daily assaults from the Democratic machine, liberal media and Hollywood, the ladies of the right have maintained their dignity, grace and wit. Voters will remember in November. When "comedian" and "The View" co-host Joy Behar lambasted GOP Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle this week as a "b-tch" who would be "going to hell" for using images of illegal-alien gang members in a campaign ad, Angle...
  • With Angle Up 4, NYT on Harry Reid: ‘Some Republicans Fear Losing Such a Powerful Ally in...

    10/30/2010 12:50:40 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 36 replies
    CNSNews ^ | October 30, 2010 | Terence P. Jeffrey
    Complete title: With Angle Up 4, NYT on Harry Reid: ‘Some Republicans Fear Losing Such a Powerful Ally in Washington’ In a classic example of liberal media bias, the front page of the print edition of today’s New York Times carries an above-the-fold story about the Nevada U.S. Senate race--headlined, “In Nevada, It’s Hold Nose and Cast Vote.” At one point, the story says: “Some Republicans fear losing such a powerfully ally in Washington—no matter that his name is Reid—at a time when Nevada is in precarious economic shape.”But the story does not quote a single Republican from Nevada or elsewhere, or site a single...
  • Angle: 'Shock and awe' coming to Washington

    10/30/2010 10:58:10 AM PDT · by nhwingut · 15 replies
    CNN ^ | 10/30/2010 | Jessica Yellin and Kevin Bohn
    Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) -- Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle on Friday night declared "there is going to be shock and awe in Washington" after the election. During a rare appearance open to the media, Angle also mocked one of President Obama's phrases, promising "we're going to have a teachable moment." The woman who could unseat the Senate's top Democrat vowed that conservatives will demand that Congress use its lame duck session to repeal health care reform, which she called "Obamacare," and permanently extend the Bush tax cuts
  • 8 News NOW-Review-Journal Poll Shows Tight Races (Angle+4, Heck+10 over Titus)

    10/30/2010 7:27:47 AM PDT · by Palmetto Patriot · 2 replies
    8 News ^ | 10/30/2010 | Staff
    The latest 8 News NOW-Las Vegas Review-Journal poll shows several tight races leading up to election day. The polling of 625 registered Nevada voters was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research from October 25 through October 27.
  • DeMint: No regrets about pushing conservative Senate candidates (DeMint leading the way)

    10/29/2010 5:51:29 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 29 replies
    The Hill, Washington, DC ^ | 2010-10-29 | Michael O'Brien
    Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) said he had no doubts about supporting Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell and other Republicans in key primary races this year. DeMint, the leader of the Senate Conservatives Fund, a political action committee that pushed through conservative, Tea Party candidates through GOP primaries earlier this year, said he was proud of his efforts. "I'm glad I did this," DeMint said Thursday evening on CNBC. "I came into the Senate with 55 Republicans, and I'm afraid that not enough of them believed in free-market capitalism and limited government."
  • Angle / Reid contest down to the wire (Taiwanese animation) LOL!

    10/29/2010 10:59:48 AM PDT · by Frantzie · 12 replies
    NMA World Edition (Taiwan) ^ | 10-27-2010 | NMA World Edition
    NMAWorldEdition — October 27, 2010 — The contest is close for Nevada's senate seat, a race that pits Majority Leader Harry Reid against Tea Party challenger Sharron Angle. Many voters blame Reid for Nevada's unemployment and housing problems. Angle, meanwhile, is campaigning on an anti-immigration platform. Some of her more colorful gaffes include describing a room full of Hispanic college students as Asian. She also described herself as the first Asian lawmaker in Nevada's state legislature. The anti-abortion candidate also said rape and incest victims should make lemonade out of a lemon situation. Despite her seeming missteps, Angle has...
  • As Reid Falters, Schumer Subtly Stands in the Wings

    10/29/2010 10:40:20 AM PDT · by jedgarlives · 19 replies
    "Yet given his own deep political ambitions and drive, Mr. Schumer is also very carefully laying the groundwork to move on a moment’s notice to try to secure the top Democratic job if Mr. Reid is defeated on Tuesday."
  • National Football League Backs Reid Over Angle; Invests $340,000 to Save Incumbent Congress

    10/29/2010 9:25:44 AM PDT · by roses of sharon · 53 replies
    The National Football League’s political action committee—Gridiron PAC—has weighed in on the hotly contested U.S. Senate election in Nevada that pits conservative Republican challenger Sharron Angle against Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid. The PAC has given $10,000 to Reid—the maximum it can give in a single election cycle—and no money to Angle, according to Federal Election Commission data compiled by The NFL’s PAC also contributed to other incumbent Democratic senators facing viable challengers this year, giving $5,000 to Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas; $5,000 to Russ Feingold of Wisconsin; $5,000 to Barbara Boxer of California; $5,000 to Michael Bennet of...
  • Why a vote for Sharron Angle could steer Senate to the left (with RAT Dick Turbin in charge?)

    10/28/2010 10:10:56 PM PDT · by Libloather · 61 replies
    Las Vegas Sun ^ | 10/28/10 | Karoun Demirjian
    Why a vote for Sharron Angle could steer Senate to the leftConservatives’ effort to oust Reid might result in more liberal action on weighty Nevada issues By Karoun Demirjian Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010 | 2:01 a.m. While Republican Sharron Angle has called Harry Reid a liberal voice for special interests, it is Angle who may become the best friend of liberals in Washington should she defeat the majority leader. As the Senate’s top-ranking Democrat, Reid serves a dual role in Washington: representative of Nevada and chief driver of the Senate agenda. Take Reid away and there will be a new...