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The Vetting: Obama's Favorite Congressman Hangs With Commies ^ | 3/12/2012 | Breitbart Team

Posted on 03/12/2012 9:32:06 AM PDT by mojitojoe

The Vetting: Obama's Favorite Congressman Hangs With Commies... VIDEO

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Breaking News; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: Illinois
KEYWORDS: 2012; bebreitbart; birdsofafeather; breitbart; breitbarttapes; communism; communist; communistparty; communistpartyusa; cpusa; dannydavis; dannykdavis; democrats; frankmarshalldavis; iambreitbart; illinois; marxist; nakedmarxist; nobama2012; obama; obamatruthfile; progressiveparty; socialistdemocrats; unclefrank; vettingobama
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To: mojitojoe

21 posted on 03/12/2012 10:08:16 AM PDT by Brown Deer (Pray for 0bama. Psalm 109:8)
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To: Brown Deer

How much more evidence needs to come forth for people to get it, that he is a devout Marxist. He all but admitted it in his book. WTF!!!

22 posted on 03/12/2012 10:12:54 AM PDT by mojitojoe (American by birth. Southern by the grace of God. Conservative by reason and logic.)
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To: kcvl

Sen. Joe McCarthey was right. We didnt listen, we didn’t act.
Joe died at 48 years old in 1957, that was just 2 years after Edward R. Murrow assassinated his Joe’s career and person. That put an end to shining a spotlight on the infiltration of the communists.

He was best friends with Joe and John Kennedy. Both were very anti-communist. Five years after Joe died of liver failure, JFK was assassinated. I think that was the event that marked the end of the Democratic party as a legitimate constitutionally based party.

Shortly thereafter LBJ took their first step toward socialism and communism with his “Great Society” or “Great Socialism Plan”.
Democrats are Communism.
Have been since the sixties.
And like Krushev said, they have buried us.

23 posted on 03/12/2012 10:16:24 AM PDT by RavenLooneyToon
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To: Brown Deer; mojitojoe; onyx; penelopesire; maggief; hoosiermama; SE Mom; Liz; rodguy911; ...
Congressman (commmie ?) Danny Davis


But with the destruction of the USSR in 1991, the CPUSA has been forced to change it's appearance from one of a secretive society bent on the internal destruction of the United States to one that is more Politically Correct and bent on the internal destruction of the United States.

Today, the modern CPUSA claims to peacefully fight for equality for all workers while wanting to replace Capitalism with Socialism.

The claim of being peaceful seems to fly in the face of the facts that the CPUSA's youth group, The Young Communist League (YCL) , lists the ruling class as their enemy and have a local branch that supports violent revolution, only if it can be successful and if it leads to a Democratic, just society.

Knowing all of this about the CPUSA, who would want to associate with them?

A Democratic Congressman of course...

According to a posting on the CPUSA news, People' World, Congressman Danny K Davis, Representative of the 7th district in Illinois, is the keynote speaker at a CPUSA event this Sunday called:

"Tea party" Congress can't stop the fight for equality!"

Here is a screen shot of the event listing (click to enlarge):


24 posted on 03/12/2012 10:19:33 AM PDT by STARWISE (The overlords are in place .. we are a nation under siege .. pray, go Galt & hunker down)
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To: mojitojoe; Berlin_Freeper; Hotlanta Mike; Silentgypsy; repubmom; HANG THE EXPENSE; Nepeta; ...

The comrad of Congressman Danny Davis who attempted to attack the reporter:

John Bachtell

Email Address:

John Bachtell is Communist Party USA Illinois organizer and a member of its National Board. He is active in labor, peace and justice struggles. He grew up in Ohio and currently lives in Chicago with his family.

Video: Communist Party U.S.A. in Solidarity with Occupy Chicago

The Occupy Chicago crowd of several thousand giving a “warm welcome and overwhelming applause” to John Bachtell from the Communist Party U.S.A.

25 posted on 03/12/2012 10:30:29 AM PDT by Brown Deer (Pray for 0bama. Psalm 109:8)
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To: woweeitsme; LucyT; onyx

I agree! I think this is far more damning but getting much less attention. I suspect the reason it is getting less attention is because it IS more damning. The MSM wants this one to just go away. The other one they built up then said it was much ado about nothing.

26 posted on 03/12/2012 10:33:00 AM PDT by mojitojoe (American by birth. Southern by the grace of God. Conservative by reason and logic.)
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Gnashes teeth in helpless frustration....

27 posted on 03/12/2012 10:35:49 AM PDT by Danae (Anail nathrach, ortha bhais is beatha, do cheal deanaimh)
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To: AtlasStalled

Nothing to see to see’s just another guy in the hood!!!

28 posted on 03/12/2012 10:37:11 AM PDT by Hotlanta Mike (TeaNami)
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To: lonevoice

We are all Breitbart now.
We have to be, the MSM only wants to cover up and hide. It’s up to us. If we don’t do it, it won’t get done.

29 posted on 03/12/2012 10:39:21 AM PDT by mojitojoe (American by birth. Southern by the grace of God. Conservative by reason and logic.)
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To: mojitojoe
President Obama continues with this 2004 video of Obama. Danny K. Davis caught walking out of the offices of the Communist Party USA, Obama says "He shares our values".

It's a shame the suck ups at the New York Times - the golden boys of the Democrat-Media Complex - didn't find these clips themselves. If President Bush had met with equally extreme men on the 'right' the little sh*ts would have found it - and covered it.

All that time reporters from the New York Times and Washington Post spent in Alaska must have frozen the 18 brain cells they share.

(Sorry about HBO Bill Maher words - but we need to speak their language to help them understand us...)

30 posted on 03/12/2012 10:40:34 AM PDT by GOPJ (Democrat-Media Complex - buried stories and distorted facts... freeper 'andrew' Breitbart)
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To: mojitojoe
from Terror Support Suspects Moved in Obama “Orbit” – Why is Nobody Surprised?

"...on the Committees of Correspondence Membership [for Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organizacion Socialista del Camino para la Libertad], Subscription and Mailing list were Alice Palmer, Danny Davis, Carl Davidson, Marilyn Katz, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn."

Alice Palmer served in the Illinois Senate from 1991 – 96. In 1982, she and her husband, Buzz Palmer had established the Black Press Institute which would go on to influence decison makers such as the Congressional Black Caucus.

Palmer had close close ties to the former Soviet Union and the Marxist-Leninist regime in Grenada, which was overthrown by U.S. troops in 1983.

In 1995 she introduced her chosen successor, Barack Obama, at a gathering in the Hyde Park home of former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. D.S.A. member and long time Obama friend Quentin Young was present at the meeting. He stated that both Obama and Palmer were present. He also described Obama and Ayers as “friends”.

Following the announcement that she was standing down from the Senate, Palmer announced her run for congress, and employed the young Obama as her chief of staff for the campaign. However she was badly beaten in the primaries and sought to stick with her Senate Seat. However Obama refused to step down and went on to win the seat, souring the relationship between the two. Also in 1995, Palmer and Willie Delgado joined the Chicago New Party which then endorsed the two in their campaigns. Recall that Joe Iosbaker and his wife Stephanie Weiner were members of Delgado’s campaign team.

Danny Davis is an openly socialist Democratic member of Congress, representing the 7th district of Illinois.

In the late 1970s he worked alongside Communist Party member Harold Rogers and former communist Milt Cohen on a “Citizen’s Committee”, supporting Timuel Black in his unsuccessful campaign for State Rep in the 22nd district of Illinois. Further, Davis was on good terms with the Party, presenting an award at the 1998 Peoples Weekly World (Communist Party USA newspaper) banquet, and sponsoring a bill drafted by supporters or members of the Communist Party.

Davis was an early supporter of Alice Palmer in her bid for Congress. He is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Davis joined the Chicago New Party (along with Barack Obama) during his successful Congressional 1996 campaign on the Democratic Party ticket.

New Party News Spring 1996 page 2, Danny Davis center, Barack Obama right

Carl Davidson is a Pennsylvania-based acivist and member of the National Committee of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

He was an early leader of Students for a Democratic Society.

In the mid 1990s Carl Davidson was leading activist in the Chicago New Party, where he worked closely with fellow New Party member and candidate Barack Obama.

In late 1993, along with Danny Davis and Barack Obama, Davidson was always a signatory to letters sent by Progressive Chicago, sister-organization of the New Party.

In September 2002, Davidson was one of several Chicago area residents, including Marilyn Katz, who first came together as Chicagoans Against War in Iraq. Former colleague, and now Illinois State Senator Barack Obama spoke at the organization’s first antiwar rally. “Good, that put him on our side, and some of us organized a fundraiser for him for his Senate race,” recalled Davidson late.

Marilyn Katz is a Chicago-based Public Relations consultant. In the 1960s she was an organizer of youth gangs and communities. Along with Davidson, Katz was a member of Students for a Democratic Society.

While serving as National Political Secretary for Democratic Socialists of America forerunner, the New American Movement, in the 1970s, Katz was also a prominent pro-abortion activist.

She has worked closely with Barack Obama since meeting him through his position at the lawyers firm, Miner, Barnhill & Galland in the 1990s. “It was through the law firm that Mr. Obama met Marilyn Katz, who gave him entry into another activist network: the foot soldiers of the white student and black power movements that helped define Chicago in the 1960s.”

In 2007 Katz spoke alongside Committees of Correspondence leader Manning Marable at a Movement for a Democratic Society conference in Chicago. M.D.S. is affiliated with the newly-revived Students for a Democratic Society – of which Katz was herself a former member.

In October 2008, Katz was one of over 4,000 people to sign a statement supporting former Weather Underground Organization terrorist, Bill Ayers. In 2009, in another display of her support for her former colleague, Katz put her name to the Progressives for Obama website.

Bill Ayers is a former leader of the terrorist Weather Underground and a close associate of President Barack Obama.

As you read above, in 1995 Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer chose the home of Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to introduce her chosen successor, Barack Obama.

Obama was also to write an endorsement for Bill Ayers’ book, “A Kind and Just Parent: Children of Juvenile Court”. In turn, Ayers hired Obama to head the Annenberg Challenge, a $50 million fund. Later, Ayers worked with Obama on the board of the Woods Fund, together doling out millions to leftist causes.

In 1997, Michelle Obama, (then Associate Dean of Student Services and Director of the University Community Service Center), invited Ayers to speak on juvenile justice. Ayers was joined by Barack Obama who also spoke during the event. As recently as 2002, the two spoke together again at a public gathering in Chicago entitled “Intellectuals: Who Needs Them?”

In 2007 both Bill Ayers and Carl Davidson were present at the Movement for a Democratic Society conference at which Marilyn spoke.

Finally, Bernardine Dohrn is the wife of Bill Ayers, and herself a former terrorist as the acknowledged leader of the Weather Underground Organization.

Chicago gang leader Mike Soto claimed that Dohrn was a violent maniac, stating that she had said to him, “let’s pick up arms, let’s blow up this country apart until we take over”.

Dohrn also spoke at the same event as husband Ayers, and Obama at the 2002 “Intellectuals: Who Needs Them?” conference in Chicago. In 2006, Dohrn, along with Ayers, Noam Chomsky, Mike Klonsky and Howard Zinn were elected as board members of the newly launched Movement for a Democratic Society. The following year she was a featured speaker at the Michigan State University S.D.S. reunion.

Also in 2007, Dohrn spoke at the Left Forum, successor to the Socialist Scholars Conference. Also that year, Dohrn and husband Ayers travelled to Cuba to a conference on “Useful Art”, or “art that includes aspects of social activism”. As of 2009 she was a member of the Editorial Board of the Socialist, Chicago-based journal, In These Times.

Nobody should be surprised that the Chicago terror support suspects should come from Barack Obama’s “orbit”.

The Chicago far left is more incestuous than (fill in the name your least favorite backward rural U.S. state). If the F.B.I. digs deep enough, this story will lead them very, very close to the President of the United States of America.

The question is – will they have the courage to do it?

Their oath of service demands that they do.

31 posted on 03/12/2012 10:44:05 AM PDT by Brown Deer (Pray for 0bama. Psalm 109:8)
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To: mojitojoe

Birds of a feather flock together . . . known by the company he keeps . . .

32 posted on 03/12/2012 10:44:17 AM PDT by AtlasStalled
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To: STARWISE; LucyT; thouworm; mojitojoe; Brown Deer

(from Ace’s board)

More background on Dr. John Lumpkin, the holdout juror’s former boss:

Lumpkin came from a well known Chicago Communist Party family. When John Lumpkin unsuccessfully stood for Alderman in Chicago’s 7th Ward in 1979, the “Committee to Elect Dr. John R. Lumpkin” was led by several Communist Party members, as well as activists Timuel Black and Quentin Young.

Black and Young both went on to join Democratic Socialists of America. Both also became personal friends, mentors and political supporters of Barack Obama. Quentin Young was Obama’s personal physician at one stage and attended the famous meeting where Obama’s political career was launched in the home of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.


pg. 3:

Management team

Michelle R. Obama

Susan S. Sher

pg. 36:

2005-2006 Board of Trustees

Valerie B. Jarrett

John R. Lumpkin, M.D.


The Network
Jarrett is most notably friends with Barack and Michelle Obama. They have been friends since Jarrett hired Michelle to work in the Chicago mayor’s office in 1991.

She is one of the most connected people in Chicago, and now national, Democratic politics. She is still close to Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, whom she worked with for years, and she counts Chicago entrepreneur Penny Pritzker, Obama’s 2008 national finance chair, among her closest friends. She is closely tied into Obama’s Chicago network. Her father mentored Eric Whitaker and Anita Blanchard at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Both are good friends with the Obamas, and Blanchard is married to Martin Nesbitt, another close Obama friend, who served as the 2008 campaign treasurer. She served on the board of the University of Chicago Lab School with Michelle Obama, Martin Nesbitt and John W. Rogers, a friend and the former husband of Social Secretary Desiree Rogers.

(NO LINK-long article)

Chicago Tribune - Wednesday, May 31, 1995
Author: R.C. Longworth, Tribune Staff Writer.

They gather every weekday morning, as they have for years, old steelworkers who lost their jobs and their mill on one horrible day 15 years ago and have nowhere else to go now. For two or three hours, they slouch into chairs in a back office in a South Side union hall. They tell jokes, gossip about old friends and enemies, and talk about their pensions and whether they’ll ever get all the money that’s coming to them.

There’s a desk at one end of the office, beside the window, with a telephone on top and drawers stuffed full of names of other men who once worked in the mill. The same man always sits at the desk, a tall old black man, with missing fingers on both hands and a felt fedora that he wears indoors and out. At 78, he’s as trim and as straight as the boxer he used to be. He is the group’s acknowledged leader and his name is Frank Lumpkin


Becoming a Communist

Like many Depression-era workers, Lumpkin joined the Communist Party before the war, “not because I was anti-anything. I felt, let’s all be human beings. The big struggle was for equality.”

Bea Lumpkin , more openly ideological than her husband, also joined the Communist Party and, like him, remains devoted to those early ideals. Of Frank ‘s politics, she says, “it wasn’t a vision, more a sober conviction, that people could have a pretty decent life, that things could be a lot better, that people have the potential to bring about change in their lives collectively.”


His wife, after a lifetime of activism and protests for a variety of progressive causes, especially women’s rights, retired as a teacher at Malcolm X College in 1982, but still works in the schools, mostly in black studies.


A third son, John , a doctor, is head of the Illinois Department of Public Health. His mother, bemused at the idea of one of her children working in a Republican administration, insists that “he’s trying to defend the health of the people—and he makes only one-third of what he would anywhere else.”

Lumpkin , still a Marxist at heart, remains true to his belief in the power of peaceful revolution, trusting that “one of these days, things are going to be all right.”

He went one day to the University of Chicago to preach this gospel of progress through social change. A group of right-wing students came to heckle and one stood up to taunt: “I like this society. I don’t want to change.”


Section: TEMPO
Page: 1
Record Number: CTR9505310003
Copyright 1995, Chicago Tribune


MR. CHARLTON: Who were the ringleaders, movers-and-shakers of the Communist Network in Chicago?

MR. LOUDON: In post-World-War-II Chicago you had prominent leaders like William Patterson and his wife Louise, later it was Jack Kling, the Childs brothers (both later revealed to be FBI agents) Claude Lightfoot, Ishmael Flory, Milton Cohen, Abe Feinglass, Richard Criley, Frank Wilkinson, Frank and Bea Lumpkin and Ted Pearson-today its John Bachtell, Scott Marshall and his wife Roberta Wood.

MR. CHARLTON: Who were the prominent African Americans in the Chicago network?

MR. LOUDON: In the 40s they included William and Louise Patterson, Ishmael Flory, Claude Lightfoot, Frank Marshall Davis and Oscar Brown. Vernon Jarrett (father-in-law of Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett) and future Chicago mayor Harold Washington were close to the network as was future Obama friend Timuel Black and close Obama associates: former Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer and one term Illinois Senator Carol Moseley Braun.

MR. CHARLTON: Can you tell me something about the Jarrett family?

MR. LOUDON: Vernon Jarrett was a prominent Chicago journalist who used his columns to promote Barack Obama during his 2004 Senate run (Jarrett died soon after).

In the later 40s Jarrett worked in at least three communist influenced or controlled organizations in common with Frank Marshall Davis — the two worked together on the publicity committee of a communist controlled Packing House Workers strike support committee in 1948..

After that Vernon Jarrett ran a black oriented radio program in partnership with Communist Party member Oscar Brown-later a famous jazz musician.

The Jarretts were family friends with the Bowman family and Valerie Bowman became Valerie Jarrett through a five year marriage to Vernon Jarrett’s now deceased son.

Valerie’s mother Barbara Taylor Bowman runs the Erikson Institute in Chicago. Tom Ayers, father of Weather Underground terrorist leader and Obama associate Bill Ayers served on the Erikson board as did Bill Ayers’ wife Bernardine Dohrn. Bill Ayers claims to be a friend and Hyde park neighbor of Barbara Bowman, who incidentally is an adviser on early childhood education to the Secretary of Education.

Valerie Jarrett hired Michelle Obama for a Chicago City job in the 90s and became a close friend and advisor to both Michelle and Barack, leading to her current job in the White House.

33 posted on 03/12/2012 10:47:32 AM PDT by maggief
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To: woweeitsme

“Now THIS is a lot better than the other video. Of course, I’m sure Obama would just say that his politics have “evolved” since then.”

And the media will declare how courageous he is for being able to change. That was what America hoped for, after all.

34 posted on 03/12/2012 10:50:14 AM PDT by EQAndyBuzz (Solyent Pink is Sheeple!!!!)
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To: mojitojoe

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Great work Mr. Breitbart. I only wish you were here to take it to them in person.

May God rest your warrior soul, and may He guide the course for those of us who remain in the fight.

35 posted on 03/12/2012 10:50:22 AM PDT by thesearethetimes... ("Courage, is fear that has said its prayers." Dorothy Bernard)
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To: Bitsy

“The people sadly didn’t care.

And, they didn’t think it would be THEIR wealth!”

Totally agree on both counts. The people don’t get upset until the enemedia tells them to be upset. Otherwise, they’re buried in their smart phone, or watching the real housewives of Stubenville, or some such thing.

In my opinion, the left has out flanked the right in America. The right took care of their own kids, while the left moved into the void in public education. Now, a majority of people under 40 not only accept socialism, they see it as a superior system. They desire socialism!

Given this is still the remnants of a representative republic, we are out numbered, and the majority rules. I will vote Republican as long as I’m allowed to do so. And I will watch with sadness and bemusement as America snuffs out her own liberty.

36 posted on 03/12/2012 10:50:54 AM PDT by brownsfan (Aldous Huxley and Mike Judge were right.)
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To: AtlasStalled

Wow. All I could think of is Breitbart, watch your back ...

And then I remembered.

God bless you, Mr. Breitbart, wherever you may be.

37 posted on 03/12/2012 10:55:18 AM PDT by LibsRJerks
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To: Hotlanta Mike

Saw a ‘guy in the hood’ holding up a bumper sticker that said:

Da bro gotta go!!

Guess that’s why Obama felt the need to recently start African-Americans for Obama.

38 posted on 03/12/2012 10:57:27 AM PDT by MissMagnolia (Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't. (M.Thatcher))
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To: ETL; Nachum


39 posted on 03/12/2012 11:00:48 AM PDT by Albion Wilde ("The facts of life are Tory." -- Margaret Thatcher)
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To: MissMagnolia

Yes, I saw that too. Can’t disagree with that.

40 posted on 03/12/2012 11:02:41 AM PDT by b4its2late (Patience is not a virtue, it is a waste of time.)
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