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Protecting Afghani Dancing Boys Culture – raping young boys- shouldn’t be our mission
Coach Is Right ^ | 5/13/2012 | George Spelvin

Posted on 05/13/2012 7:02:27 AM PDT by IbJensen

While our corrupt U.S. media bash every thing our military does, however minute, they spike any stories that depict the true Afghani culture that our soldiers are confronted with every day while in that country. Ann Barnhardt’s hard hitting four part series of youtube videos on Islamic sexuality brings home to audiences what our media refuse to tell you. Any type of charge against especially Catholic priests regarding pedophilia is reported over and over, yet when it comes to Afghanistan media hypocrites aren’t telling it the way it really is according to Barnhardt.

BACHA BAZI is practiced by wealthy Afghani men, especially warlords, who appropriate poor little boys aged around 11 years to 16 for their own sexual exploitation, and the government just looks the other way.

What our soldiers are up against could very well be the disgust and disillusionment over what’s known as the Dancing Boys Culture in which poor developing boys are taken from their homes, often with their fathers approval because the family needs the money generated from this sick practice.

In this Clover Films documentary, at his own risk, the film maker takes viewers through just how these little boys are taught to dance, sing, ring bells taped around their little wrists and tiny ankles in front of grown men who vie for their company with money thrown at their feet! Don’t watch this video if you get upset easily, but the average American just is not being told what really is going on over there. No wonder some soldiers snap.

America‘s Joan of Arc’s last video in her series shows the dark side of Middle Eastern sexuality that our media keep from us. ” There is no compromise for that,” she says. Her 2011 series brought gasps from her audience when she described what was done to babies. Going where no one else in our media will go, her strong Catholic faith is giving her protection and courage to expose the truth, the whole truth, and nothing else but to a public deceived by the media. Stunted by far left ideologies and political correctness, our main stream media are building so much distrust that people are turning away from their drivel.

The nation’s fastest declining industry is the newspaper industry, and unless broadcast news starts telling viewers the truth, they shall meet the same fate. Barnhardt’s expose of the Dancing Boys Culture of Afghanistan is a striking example of the media’s failure to inform with the truth.

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: afghanistan; bachabazi; dancingboys; depravity; itsanafghanthing; pedophilia; sexwithboys
This cesspool isn't worth any more of our time and men. Let's drop a large bomb and leave.
1 posted on 05/13/2012 7:02:44 AM PDT by IbJensen
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To: IbJensen

Islam is an insane rape and murder cult, and has been since Mad Mo.

It’s a disgrace for the U.S. military to knowingly prop up this “culture.”

2 posted on 05/13/2012 7:07:01 AM PDT by Travis McGee (
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To: IbJensen

O.k. YouTube has already pulled the videos to the links that you posted. Must be protecting the Religion of Piece(s)©

3 posted on 05/13/2012 7:25:50 AM PDT by Minutemen ("It's a Religion of Peace")
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To: Minutemen

Afghan “Dancing Boys”

4 posted on 05/13/2012 7:33:34 AM PDT by Minutemen ("It's a Religion of Peace")
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To: IbJensen
Was given this information approximately nine years ago, IbJensen. Will not view the videos because I trust you and the person who informed me, and yes I would be and was repulsed when told of this practice. Have not discussed (so much) what is occurring because the practice is so dismaying (along the lines of what you mentioned) and agree with your comment of This cesspool isn't worth any more of our time and men. Let's drop a large bomb and leave. Have been thinking this for a long time. Thank you for stating it.

Nothing will change the moslem culture, though the American people need to be told the truth. It is doubtful it will happen (regrettably). Beginning to think many, in the media, approve of this practice, since it is they (the media) refusing to report it. And (yes) it is the lame-stream that is saying nothing.

5 posted on 05/13/2012 8:10:57 AM PDT by no-to-illegals (Please God, Protect and Bless Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen.)
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To: Travis McGee

Dancing boys as shown in this movie?


6 posted on 05/13/2012 8:18:31 AM PDT by Ruy Dias de Bivar
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To: IbJensen
"I have always given it as my decided opinion that no nation has a right to intermeddle in the internal concerns of another;
that every one has a right to form and adopt whatever government they liked best to live under themselves;
and that if this country could, consistently with its engagements, maintain a strict neutrality and thereby preserve peace,
it was bound to do so by motives of policy, interest, and every other consideration.
- George Washington, from Letter to James Monroe, August 25,1796.
7 posted on 05/13/2012 8:31:42 AM PDT by GBA (Read: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn)
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"The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible.
So far as we have already formed engagements let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop."
-- George Washington, farewell address, 1796.
8 posted on 05/13/2012 8:34:23 AM PDT by GBA (Read: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn)
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Personally, it is beyond surprising there are few to none who will lead by stepping forth (in our nation) to repel the invaders at the highest levels of our government and the invasions of our neighborhoods and culture. The reasoning the masses have not stepped forward (unless one can consider the TEA Party as stepping forward) does lay in the culture nurtured since the time of WWII. When someone did tell the truth, after WWII, that individual was silenced eventually and the practice of silencing people who long for Freedom, Liberty, and Justice to flourish continues. Whoever is pulling the strings (tin foil hat now on) is winning, in the plan, to unravel any meaning of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice. Today Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. Liberty is just another word for I want what is yours. Justice is just another word (backed by our Courts) of what you have actually belongs to someone else. It is a pity for should these new meanings of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice continue unabated, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice will be no more. And then America will be no more. Cannot understand why so many Americans either do not care or think another meaning of the words (Freedom, Liberty, Justice) mean what they (the words) do not mean.
9 posted on 05/13/2012 8:51:08 AM PDT by no-to-illegals (Please God, Protect and Bless Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen.)
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To: Ruy Dias de Bivar
It was also part of The Kite Runner
10 posted on 05/13/2012 9:18:36 AM PDT by USNBandit (sarcasm engaged at all times)
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To: IbJensen

Does anyone think that the msm would EVER report on the abuse of children by gay “parents” right here in the USA?

11 posted on 05/13/2012 9:19:29 AM PDT by rhinohunter (Not voting for how)
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To: IbJensen

On September 12, 2001, we should have nuked Kandahar.

12 posted on 05/13/2012 9:20:37 AM PDT by samtheman (
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To: IbJensen

ISLAM DELENDA EST - because of what Islam is and what Moslims do.

13 posted on 05/13/2012 9:22:02 AM PDT by GladesGuru (In a society predicated upon freedom, it is necessary to examine principles."...the public interest)
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To: IbJensen

I worked in Saudi and came away with the strongest impression that gayism is rampant and wide open.

They just don’t consider themselves gay.

14 posted on 05/13/2012 9:46:54 AM PDT by marron
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To: marron

I’ve been told they only consider it gay if you receive.

15 posted on 05/13/2012 10:27:51 AM PDT by driftdiver (I could eat it raw, but why do that when I have a fire.)
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To: marron

“They just don’t consider themselves gay.”

Is it true that in Islam the only person considered homosexual is the “the taker”?

I have spent some time on the facebook forum Islam and Christianity. I posted the story about the Grand Mufti declaring that it’s ok for 10 year old girls to marry. The answer I got back (from a Saudi) is that the Koran or the Bible do not specify how hold a girl must be to marry. I have since been banned from the forum because they can’t stand the truth...

16 posted on 05/13/2012 10:30:18 AM PDT by vanilla swirl (searching for something meaningfull to say)
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To: IbJensen


17 posted on 05/13/2012 12:24:03 PM PDT by gibsosa
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To: IbJensen
Let us not say we were not warned:

"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.

Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.

Winston Churchill, 1899

Ah, but even before Winston so presciently described this EVIL cult-cum, political system, posing as a "religion," one of our very own, John Quincy Adams had this to say about the "Religion of Pieces."

"John Quincy Adams on Islam circa 1830:

"In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of the lineage of Hagar [i.e., Muhammad], the Egyptian, [.....]

Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion.

He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind.


Between these two religions, thus contrasted in their characters, a war of twelve hundred years has already raged. The war is yet flagrant ... While the merciless and dissolute dogmas of the false prophet shall furnish motives to human action, there can never be peace upon earth, and good will towards men."

Meanwhile, whether he is a closet Mooselimb or not makes no never mind as Barack Hussein Obama continues to appease, defend and at times appears to support Islam/Sharia.

In the news of late:

America’s top military officer condemned in the strongest possible terms a Defense Department course that taught troops to prep for a “total war” on Islam using “Hiroshima”-style tactics.

“It was totally objectionable, against our values and it wasn’t academically sound,” Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters at a Pentagon press conference on Thursday.

Dempsey and his staff launched an investigation into “what motivated that elective to being part of the curriculum,” as he put it on Thursday, and the general also sent a letter to the heads of every military service and regional command instructing them to jettison any similar material, AS PER A WHITE HOUSE DIRECTIVE ISSUED LAST FALL.

Ah, nuttin to see here folks; just move along.

Oh, and don't forget to stay home in November: would not want y'all to vote for Romney, cuz as we have been told by some Freepers, Mittens is much more dangerous and a "threat" than O'Bummer is.

18 posted on 05/13/2012 2:07:29 PM PDT by Conservative Vermont Vet (l)
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To: IbJensen

Boys of the Taliban
Dec. 29, 2006

19 posted on 05/13/2012 2:25:56 PM PDT by donna (The fruits of Feminism: Angry fathers, bitter mothers, fat kids and political correctness.)
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To: IbJensen
To say that Afghanistan is backward is a huge understatement. Tribal elders contacted American medical personnel about a very personal and secret problem. The problem was their tribe was shrinking because the women weren't having children. The medics agreed to test the men to see if there was some kind of a fertility problem caused by Russian chemical weapons employed against the locals during the Russian-Afghan War (1979-1989). Testing revealed that the men of the tribe were healthy.

American nurses interviewed the tribe's women about their sex lives. The nurses found that the Muslim practice of female genital mutilation rendered the women hostile to sex. However, their biggest problem was their husbands preferred sex with sheep or goats or other young boys or adolescent men. Their husbands did not understand that sex with their wives was necessary for reproduction and continuance of the tribe.

All this was reported back to the tribal elders: Your tribe is going extinct because your women are not bearing children. The reason why is the husbands are not having sex with their wives and are buggering animals, boys, or men. The elders told the husbands who were shocked and offended that they should be having sex with women (wives included).

20 posted on 05/13/2012 4:14:25 PM PDT by MasterGunner01 (11)
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This isn’t 1796. Islam and China are both on the rise and we can no longer hind behind the British Navy.

21 posted on 05/14/2012 12:07:55 AM PDT by rmlew ("Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets, domes our helmets, the believers our soldiers.")
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To: rmlew


22 posted on 05/14/2012 5:17:32 AM PDT by GBA (Read: The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn)
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