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A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....10-29-02
DaisyScarlett and Billie | Written by daisyscarlett

Posted on 10/29/2002 5:53:45 AM PST by Billie

Today is a Special Kind of FR's Finest, and a Special Kind of FReeper is in the spotlight. We know that you will agree when you read today's story.
~ DaisyScarlett and Billie
FReeper since 3-25-01

Central Valley California

Patriciaruth is shown here at a Fresno Support our Troops Rally last year with her dear FRiend, mtngrl@vrwc, who not only helped her get around in Fresno to order the silk for Operation Silk Scarves but also helped pay for the supplies initially.

A Patriciaruth Mini Bio:   Florida and California raised; B.S. in microbiology; VISTA Volunteer; medical technologist; post graduate work in neurophysiology; doctor of medicine; married 22 years to a savvy, funny and very sweet guy; AAFP member; NRA member; AUSA member; retired from family practice since disabled four years ago.
Patriciaruth enjoys the people who post on the Daily Dose as she is also a loyal supporter of President Bush. She especially appreciates being able to keep up with current events and join in the lively and informative discussions at FreeRepublic.
There is much more we could tell you about this Finest FReeper and perhaps we shall at a later date. But for now, she requested that her time In the Spotlight be shared with all FReepers who came through for our soldiers and "have every reason to be very proud of their certificate".
Patriciaruth, we are very proud of YOU, too.

Today we are very pleased to present A Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Defense to Free Republic.

This certificate was mailed to patriciaruth in specific appreciation for "Project Silk Scarves".

Patriciaruth and her Merry Band of Patriots (almost all of whom are FReepers) are largely responsible for Project Silk Scarves. However, Patriciaruth feels that this certificate should be shared with all members of FRee Republic who sent letters and care packages to our troops in the field last Christmas either through the projects she coordinated or on their own.
Our story begins in August of 2001. In patriciaruth's words:

"Project Kosovo Care Packages"

"When President Bush went to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo in May of 2001, I was ashamed to see how starved the soldiers were for appreciation from the people of the United States. They were in harm's way and had been given no news coverage or outpouring of gratitude from U.S. citizens as they deserved. So I started the project (Project Kosovo Care Packages) to let them know that they deserved to be remembered and they deserved our support and gratitude."

Patriciaruth appealed to fellow FRiends for help in an article posted on the FR Forum on 8-09-01... Project Kosovo.
The response was terrific. Soon FReepers were sending contributions and donations both to patriciaruth and directly to Kosovo. Patriciaruth wrote:
"Our care packages went to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo and were received by the 101st Airborne out of Fort Campbell, KY, and the 10th Mountain Division out of Ft. Drum in New York. Many of these soldiers went on to Afghanistan after receiving our care packages."
"Those care packages contained candy, videos, paperbacks, magazines, playing cards, and notes from school children, among other items. We sent over ten thousand pieces of Halloween and Christmas candy and hundreds of candy bars. We also sent over 100 videos and uncounted paperback books."
Some of these videos and paperback books are listed in the update link that patriciaruth posted on the FR Forum:
News From Kosovo 10-23-01
The response from Kosovo was rewarding. Here are some words of patriciaruth from the above link:
"The Chaplain at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo has kept me informed about the Care packages that we started sending to our troops before September 11 and continued to send afterwards. He said that the most appreciated gifts were candy bars (Snickers was a big hit) and movie videos."
This is part of a letter received from the Chaplain that Patriciaruth shared in the above link:
"What a great blessing you all are for sending those is a tremendous hit with the soldiers - especially the videos...we are also looking forward to the Halloween stuff...and of course Snickers around here are like gold...I have to be careful and not walk around with the box itself or I will be tackled!"

FReepers who sent donations to patriciaruth included:   mawmaw1; tyen; MJY1288.
Some FReepers who sent individual Care Packages to Kosovo were:   kitkat; pissed off janitor; 2jedismom; Mama_Bear; Mntgrl@vrwc; Esther2; MadEagle; and Clintons are white trash.
Patriciaruth would also like to mention and thank Hillary's Lovely Legs who organized and sent many Care packages with the support of the Guild. (Note: The Guild will be highlighted at an upcoming date and their contribuions will be expounded on at that time. Additionally, though many FReepers were eager to join patriciaruth's efforts, it is equally important to mention that there are many FReepers who prefer to support the troops privately, and this in no way is to take away from those individuals.)

Project Silk Scarves

"Project Silk Scarves"
Since the feedback from the troops was fantastic and the response from FReepers enthusiastic, patriciaruth decided to do a special Holiday project. She wanted to send Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa presents for the troops in the field.

After a bit of thought and investigation, patriciaruth decided on Project Silk Scarves. Here is why she chose silk scarves:
"...., when I asked my cousin, now an army Colonel, what the troops might like for holiday presents, he said that the most appreciated gifts during the Gulf War were silk scarves that the troops wore under the LTB (load bearing equipment) to take the friction off the neck, shoulders and back while hiking to prevent chaffing. He suggested black, brown or camouflage for color as they wouldn't show the sweat or dirt so much, and silk because it is lightweight and warm for the coming winter. He recommended 18 x 48 inches."
Patriciaruth then went though "channels", requesting permission from the Army Officer that coordinated bulk mailings. She received this letter of permission:
"Good Afternoon (patriciaruth's real name): Your offer of 200 Silk Scarves is accepted."
"...Per my corresponding with my point of contact in theater...Command would like to distribute them to outlying sites pulling duty on holidays...."
"Please inform me when you are ready to ship the Scarves, and I will provide a Donation Number and the stateside ship to address."

Donations for Christmas.....11-14-01
The above link includes an appeal for help with Project Silk Scarves from FReepers. Here is some of what patriciaruth wrote:
"Now we are at the point where we have obtained enough silk for over 200 scarves and some lovely ladies in the rural town I live in are sewing the scarves, and they should be ready to send in 7-10 days."
"The black silk, high quality for durability, cost almost $2500. Mtngirl@vrwc and I have put it on our credit cards, and are now asking the ping list and anyone else who would like to join us for donations."
"If you would like to have one or more scarves sent in your name with your personal message to one or more soldiers in the field, or would like to join with someone else to send a scarf, then we need to hear from you in the next few days. Each scarf costs:   in fabric, hiring seamstresses, and postage, about $15."
On 11-25-01, patriciaruth once again appealed to FReepers and her Merry Band of Patriots.
Holiday FReepmail for Our Troops Needed
She wrote:
"I am hoping that many of you can immediately send me Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa or Happy Holidays cards with personal messages for the soldiers, family photo, child drawings, or other inventive flat/thin decoration with your name for me to include with the scarves. Each scarf will go in a ziplock bag for the soldier to store and keep it dry, and the cards and messages will go in the clear baggies with the decorative part showing. The baggies are 5 x 6 1/2 inches, so the holiday card should not be larger than that if it can't be folded."
"Contributions totalling around $3,000, as I recall, for the silk scarves Christmas project for our troops were made by these FReepers:

mtngrl@vrwc; jtill; 2jedismom; mama_bear; cantfindagoodscreenname; Kathy in Alaska; Kayak; swheats; esther2; materetmagistra; McGavin999; calypgin; OhioWfan; reaganite; Bigg Red; Cool Guy; Pray4USA; dodobird; Bruce Kurtz; MonroeDNA; Lakelady; katnip; JohnHuang2; dixielander; omegatoo; DixieChick2000; LiberteeBell; I be tc; SuziQ; COB1; ncpastor; zeaal; JustAmy; Yehuda; d4now; JulieRNR21; exit 148; deadhead; reborn; Alamo-Girl; potlatch; RottiBiz; bloodmeridian; Texan4W; MJY1288; jwalsh07; AquariusStar22; susangirl; Torie; Miss American Pie."
"And contributions were received from these Lurkers:

Jean in Mo, April in Texas, Dawn in Florida, JL from Texas, Marcia's family in northern CA, a firefighter in MI."
"Here are some other FReepers who helped in the success of Operation Silk Scarves:

GretchenEE; Brad's Gramma; CENTVRIO EQVITVM; katiebelle; rightonline; peach; tunehead54; sabertooth; fiftymegaton; Calico; proudofthesouth; LibKill; IowaGranny; 3D-JOY; 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub; homeschool mama; MozartLover; lonevoice; Doug from Upland; sweetliberty; Diver Dave; March I up; Snow Bunny; rockfish59; TheGrimReaper; snodog; Cannonball; Harpseal; Knighthawk; Reborn; lonevoice; Old Student; Fizzie; cowgirlcutie; proud American in Canada; Clintons Are White Trash; RaceBannon; WaterDragon; LJLucido; rodeocowboy; runningbear; SAMWolf; Clinton's a Liar; mlibertarianj; rottweiller_inc; Victoria DelSoul; afraidfortherepublic; getgoing; tiki; AbsoluteGrace; lockeliberty; xp38; Zeno44; PoorMuttly."

And now it gives us great pleasure to post this Certificate of Appreciation to Free Republic from the Department of Defense:



10-28-02 Salvation

Opinions by our own 'King of Ping'
The guy's good, folks!

Thanks, Mixer!

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1 posted on 10/29/2002 5:53:46 AM PST by Billie
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To: patriciaruth; ST.LOUIE1; Mama_Bear; daisyscarlett; dutchess; dansangel; Aquamarine; Diver Dave; ...
Good morning! This is a special day at the Finest, one that daisy and I have been so looking forward to posting. She spent so many hours gathering the information and writing it, along with patriciaruth's guidance and help every step of the way; Mama_Bear was gracious to have patriciaruth mail the certificate to her so that she could scan it and send to me for inclusion, and I got to do the most fun part: putting it all together once the information was given me. Because of the length of the tribute, we've done things a little differently, and our veterans photos are not posted today. They return tomorrow.

I have added several names to this post, and some of you may be wondering why you're getting pinged for the first time. For those, let me say that today's honoree made a special point to mention and thank each and every one of you who helped her with Project Silk Scarves and Project Kosovo Care Packages. She wanted very much to share with ALL of FR the Department of Defense' Certificate of Appreciation that she received for FReeRepublic earlier this year.

2 posted on 10/29/2002 5:57:08 AM PST by Billie
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To: Billie
Too awesome for words!
3 posted on 10/29/2002 6:00:53 AM PST by anniegetyourgun
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To: Billie
Hi Billie!

Let's start off with a big cup of Coffee

4 posted on 10/29/2002 6:02:22 AM PST by The Mayor
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To: Billie; patriciaruth
This is terrific! FReepers have got to be the most patriotic and giving people in the country, and patriciaruth tops the list. You guys are great!!


5 posted on 10/29/2002 6:06:18 AM PST by ladtx
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To: Billie; patriciaruth
6 posted on 10/29/2002 6:07:18 AM PST by The Mayor
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To: Billie; All
In memory of my fellow Vietnam helicopter pilots who were killed in that war the following were lost on OCT 29. God bless them all.

1967 1LT Thomas J. Chiminello -- 57 MED DET, Age 24, San Antonio, Texas
1967 WO1 Forrest D. Rains -- 57 MED DET, Age 21, Columbia, South Carolina
1969 WO1 Conrad J. Wheeler -- D/3/5 CAV, Age 28, San Marcos, Texas
1972 1LT Dexter B. Florence -- D/17 CAV, Age 25, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Memoriam to 1LT Florence: Died of wounds sustained in action in Quang Ngai, South Vietnam.

Dexter was a hero in every sense of the word. He loved his country, and served it proudly. He was taken from us too soon, as were 58,000 other brothers, sons, fathers. From Dexter's family to the other families who lived through what we is our sincere hope that they all find peace and comfort somehow, that their loved one was indeed a hero, and that there are so many people who DO appreciate and understand their tremendous sacrifices.

Tacie Florence -- Sister



7 posted on 10/29/2002 6:08:34 AM PST by ladtx
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To: anniegetyourgun
Thanks, annie - we thought so - have been waiting to post it until everything was 'here' - MB got the certificate Saturday or Sunday and emailed it to me.
8 posted on 10/29/2002 6:12:13 AM PST by Billie
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To: The Mayor
How wonderful to see your lavendar china cup this morning, when I didn't post it! Great to see you, R!
9 posted on 10/29/2002 6:13:20 AM PST by Billie
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To: Billie
Good Morning ALL it's a beautiful sunny day in Memphis.

Congrats Patriciaruth

Coffee's on

10 posted on 10/29/2002 6:16:10 AM PST by GailA
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To: Billie; patriciaruth
11 posted on 10/29/2002 6:16:31 AM PST by lonestar
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To: patriciaruth; Billie; Mama_Bear; daisyscarlett; dansangel; JohnHuang2
patriciaruth, let me join this little lad in thanking you for all that you've done ...... for FR and for our military. How glad we are to have such a special person here on FR! With people like you among our Finest, it's no wonder FR is the wonderful place that it is!

12 posted on 10/29/2002 6:18:07 AM PST by kayak
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To: patriciaruth

King's Canyon National Park sunrise

13 posted on 10/29/2002 6:20:44 AM PST by lodwick
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To: All
Thank you for the ping; we honor our troops and to those Freepers who asked for our involvement - we thank you for letting us participate.
14 posted on 10/29/2002 6:23:49 AM PST by Peach
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To: Billie; patriciaruth
What an Honor to be here this morning!


I got goose bumps reading everything you have done.

I Salute you and all that were involved..

GOD Bless America!

15 posted on 10/29/2002 6:24:28 AM PST by The Mayor
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To: Billie; JulieRNR21; daisyscarlett; whoever; ru4liberty; MeeknMing; WhyisaTexasgirlinPA; LadyX; ...

Patriciaruth, congratulations on a job well done!

Thank you freepers for making it possible!

16 posted on 10/29/2002 6:30:27 AM PST by COB1
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To: COB1
Morning COB, thanks for the ping.
17 posted on 10/29/2002 6:37:23 AM PST by HoustonCurmudgeon
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To: ladtx
Good morning, ladtx, I agree. When I was reading the draft from daisy, my emotions were running high, thinking of all that patriciaruth accomplished, with the help of her fellow freepers and friends. The reward for everyone's work is the satisfaction that 'they done good' - they done REAL GOOD!! :)
18 posted on 10/29/2002 6:39:19 AM PST by Billie
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To: Billie
Thank you for the ping, this is wonderful. Patriciaruth is such a warm and caring person, it's so nice to see her recognized and just like her to want to share the spotlight.
19 posted on 10/29/2002 6:39:37 AM PST by MissAmericanPie
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To: patriciaruth
Congratulations! Special thanx for all you do. I stand in awe of your energy and stamina.
20 posted on 10/29/2002 6:41:00 AM PST by Iowa Granny
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