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CNN via BREAKING on Drudge: White House releases Obama birth certificate
CNN ^ | 27 APR 11 | DCBryan1

Posted on 04/27/2011 6:09:26 AM PDT by DCBryan1

Edited on 04/27/2011 6:22:09 AM PDT by Admin Moderator. [history]

(CNN) The White House released President Obama’s original birth certificate Wednesday.

The surprise release follows recent and sustained remarks by businessman Donald Trump, among others, that raised doubts as to whether the president was born in the United States.

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To: Responsibility2nd

And what is the explanation for this, because that’s news to me.

841 posted on 04/27/2011 10:07:17 AM PDT by Pyro7480 ("If you know how not to pray, take Joseph as your master, and you will not go astray." - St. Teresa)
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To: piytar
""THE" is mispelled as "TXE." Only truly odd thing I see so far. And again, probably nothing..."

That can happen sometimes when you print a document from Adobe Illustrator to PDF if there's a conflict with the font used in a text box.
842 posted on 04/27/2011 10:07:40 AM PDT by mike182d ("Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?")
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To: butterdezillion
This paper has no border or seal on it. This is a photocopy, not a certified copy of a birth certificate.

One of the things always manages to startle me about Birthers is their never ending ability to self righteously combine abject ignorance, with frenzied speculation, and spin yet another conspiracy theory out of absolutely nothing.

This paper has no border News flash: Its 2011, not 1961, or 1661. I was in court 12-15 years ago, and a bailiff, who at least had the excuse of being elderly, tried to lecture the District Judge, and informed her that her arrest warrant was legally invalid, because it didn't have a border around it. She brought him up to speed pretty rapidly, on the fact that while it was long traditional to have printed borders around fill-in-the-blank preprinted government documents, they were not legally required, and he could either serve the arrest warrant she had just printed on a laser printer, or she could summon another deputy to serve it. (She didn't add "And arrest you for contempt" but the look on her face implied it.)

or seal So, what kind of sealing wax do you use when sealing documents? Fuchsia? Butter? How long are the ribbons attached to the seal on your drivers license? What color sealing wax should be on this document, I mean in Birther World?

If you think that the Registrar in Hawaii still uses an old fashioned seal, and not a stamped certification, and that BO's folks are so stupid that they did a high profile release, knowing that anyone with 1% of Buckethead's ability, and a current Hawaii birth certificate, could immediately prove that that BO had just released a fake, then why not do the leg work, prove it is a fake, and become the most Freeper in the world?

Can't you see that whining about no border, and no seal, just makes you look like a paranoid loon?

Of course not. If you could, you wouldn't be a Birther.

843 posted on 04/27/2011 10:07:51 AM PDT by Pilsner
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To: All

I’m just going to say one thing about this debunking. I have the same concerns I had with the Polarik(sp?) analysis. Many of the things some are looking at, such as image artifacts, etc are not the best to use and can actually lead you to a false conclusion when you are dealing with an image of an image. In this case, this is supposedly a copy of a document > scanned > uploaded. That is three layers of ‘processing’ through computer programs that can add in these artifacts or other oddities. Those kind of ‘proofs’ only really work on an original, not a copy of a copy of a copy.

If you want to debunk this, focus on factual issues or things like the infamous “Buckhead” discovery regarding fonts that aren’t correct (non existent for the time, etc).

Playing around in Photoshop or Illustrator only reveal oddities that may have been put there though the multiple scanning and copying processes.

844 posted on 04/27/2011 10:08:02 AM PDT by mnehring
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To: tirednvirginia

I can hear it now, it is forged.....whatever. For some, this is the only bone they have to chew on. It is their claim to fame. If they bury this pork chop bone..they got nothin’....this should be amusing.

845 posted on 04/27/2011 10:08:05 AM PDT by DallasSun (Courage~Fear that has said its prayers.)
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To: mandaladon

Several possibilities:

1. They went in an in box in birth order but filed from the top of the pile down.

2. More than one person was filing that morning.

3. Some klutz dropped a stack of papers and picked them up out of order.

I don’t see why this is a big deal.

846 posted on 04/27/2011 10:08:10 AM PDT by Coyotehockey
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To: DCBryan1

Am I the only one that thinks it’s odd that its not on microfiche?

847 posted on 04/27/2011 10:08:26 AM PDT by Diggity
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To: Pilsner

848 posted on 04/27/2011 10:08:43 AM PDT by commonguymd (Freedom is a myth anymore it seems)
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To: All

Whoa. I was listening to Rush just now...and he was talking about an email he received from someone who said that this document is an obvious fraud...and here’s how you can check.

Download the PDF from above and open it in Adobe Illustrator, and you can see all the layers showing how the document was pieced together.

So... I did. I downloaded the file...and opened it in Illustrator...and indeed... this document has been pieced together. It’s a layered file. You can click and hide various layers until the screen is blank.

Now... look. I’m tired of this stupid argument. I really am. But as a graphic artist, I can tell you that if someone scanned in an image and saved it as a PDF, it would have been a solid, single layer. The only way that I know of for it to be broken down into layers is if it had been manipulated and created digitally.

Feel free to call me a whatever...but see for yourself if what that person Rush mentioned said is right.

849 posted on 04/27/2011 10:08:58 AM PDT by PowerPro (Conservative Revolution Reborn! Palin/West 2012)
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To: gopheraj
If that’s true, then it should be more than 4 numbers different OR there has only been four people who got their COLBs from the time of Nordykes. The numbers are file numbers and they don’t change.

You understand that the file numbers refer to when the BC was issued, right, and not the dates when the copies were requested, which is shown at the bottom, don't you?

Seriously, it's over.

850 posted on 04/27/2011 10:08:58 AM PDT by franklog
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To: _Jim
It's a WATERMARK applied in the pdf file ...

Copier paper with green hashes is even easier to produce that result. Put book (white paper, no hashes) on copier. Make copy using paper with green hashes.

851 posted on 04/27/2011 10:09:36 AM PDT by palmer (Cooperating with Obama = helping him extend the depression and implement socialism.)
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To: piytar
Will Release Of Obama's Purported Birth Certificate Give Rise To New "Certer" Movement? / from Smoking Gun
852 posted on 04/27/2011 10:10:11 AM PDT by mlizzy (Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee ...)
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To: waxer1

This is not game, set, match. The BC# and “date filed” are still not compatible. There is still no note of the 2006 amendment that the HDOH indirectly confirmed was made to the birth record. There is no raised seal.

This photocopy could have been made on a scanner right here in my house from a photoshopped printout. There is a photo of it at and there are no cross-hatches so we know there was digital manipulation of the image. What other digital manipulation might there have been? Might the whole thing have been a Photoshop? The photo doesn’t show either the registrar’s signature or a seal and the PDF shows no raised seal so this is not a certified copy at all.

The whole thing needs to be taken in context with all his other records too: the forged draft registration, the 3 breaches of his passport file - specifically enabled by someone disabling the security protocols at the necessary times, the SSN (issued from CT where neither he nor his parents have ever lived) that Obama used on his latest tax return showing up on the SSN Verification website as never having been issued to Obama, the COLB that the HDOH indirectly confirmed in 2 ways as a forgery (and both of those ways are still true of this supposed long-form as well).

We’ve been expecting him to come forward with a forged long-form for some time now. Abercrombie seems to have prepared the way with his boastful comments at Christmas time but then he backed off when the possibility of state eligibility bills requiring the embedded transaction logs came up; and it seems he needed to get rid of his HDOH director, Neal Palafox too. Needed to get this Loretta Fuddy who is willing to break every law in the book.

What showed up today is totally consistent with what we expected. The only way to know whether we have the real story or whether he is telling the truth is by looking at those embedded transaction logs.

853 posted on 04/27/2011 10:10:34 AM PDT by butterdezillion (.)
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To: Elle Bee what gives with the fake green background that’s been added in?

854 posted on 04/27/2011 10:11:11 AM PDT by MeganC (NO WAR FOR OIL! ........except when a Democrat's in charge.)
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To: SharpRightTurn; All

Before we all go completely spastic here, we should all remember that it was the CLINTONS who were the original birthers.

Obama put a guy IN MILITARY PRISON when he asked for this proof. Are they going to release and reinstate him now?

855 posted on 04/27/2011 10:11:16 AM PDT by tcrlaf (You can only lead a lib to the Truth, you can't make it think...)
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To: DallasSun

More BS. “Got nothin’”? From a freeper for over ten years? There is EVERYTHING against this poser, but, if he was never eligible and never properly vetted, it all starts there.

856 posted on 04/27/2011 10:11:23 AM PDT by John W (Natural-born US citizen since 1955)
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To: PowerPro

‘Nother Bookmark.

May God give us strength.

857 posted on 04/27/2011 10:11:55 AM PDT by thesearethetimes... ("Courage, is fear that has said its prayers." DorothyBernard)
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To: mandaladon

It seems that the same person wrote the date of the mothers’ signatures “8-7-61”. It certainly was not written by the mother of the twins.

Perhaps it was written by a hospital clerk who only worked several days a week, going from room to room to collect the signatures as part of the filing process. The blank forms could have been attached to charts when the mothers entered the labor/delivery process. The births are less than 24 hours apart. I don’t attach any significance to the lack of continuity of these births.

Who were babies 10639 and 10640? Will we see them on reality tv someday?

858 posted on 04/27/2011 10:12:36 AM PDT by maica ( It is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in man.)
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To: Carling

because i am nuts i suppose
and why are you posting to reemphasize my distraction to off topics. thanks
what can i say i am ADHD

859 posted on 04/27/2011 10:12:44 AM PDT by mel (o fFR monthly...Do You?????)
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To: thesearethetimes...; All

I’m looking to have this debunked too. Please if someone can come up with a legitimate reason for the PDF to be a layered file, I want to know it.

860 posted on 04/27/2011 10:13:37 AM PDT by PowerPro (Conservative Revolution Reborn! Palin/West 2012)
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